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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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a trending crime. dozens of people have been arrested in a string of smash- and-grab robberies in greater cleveland. this is leon bibb with the story. the string of smash-and-grabs is grab the attention of northeast ohio for several years. yesterday, s.w.a.t. teams moved into action. and they conducted a raid yesterday morning on pratt avenue on cleveland's east side and that raid land said five men in custody. they were part of a joint investigation conducted by pardon me achieveland, and strongsville police department
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highway patrol. the robberies detailed in the indictment go back years and spread across the region. in the thefts, over the years, more than 100,000 dollars was stolen. investigators said the thieves would take the atms and vans to safe houses and open them using blow torches. 11 arrests were made so far and there could be more. and there is a news conference underway now and we'll have an update of course later tonight. and right now, police your help locating three robbers who broke into a liquor store on the city's west side and this is at tony's market on clark avenue. they smashed the front door glass to get inside. once inside, they took $8,000 worth of alcohol. if you know anything about the crime, call cleveland police. and a 60-year-old man died after crashing into an rta bus stop on cleveland's southeast side. and the crash was at east 116th street at shaker boulevard.
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the crash had taken off from a traffic stop and hen in slammed -- he then slammed his vehicle into the bus shelter and another person was taken to the hospital. fire crews little bag a blaze in downtown area. this is at the society lounge on east fourth street and prospect avenue. our air tracker 5 reporter john rudder could see smoke from his position near burke airport where a helicopter is headquartered and no word if anyone was hurt there. and let's check in on the blake, everybody. >> and some low clouds over mentor here this afternoon and we have had some pretty sunshine mixing in with clouds today and that is expected in the forecast if ur your -- for your wednesday. in and out of sunshine and cloud cover and rain chances as well farther south and east and 81 and dry for us in cleveland and some light rain suckles, 74 for us in wooster. 76 in mansfield and a dry 79
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where it's headed. a moderate pocket is barely showing up for us here and into the north and east. you have wayne county and holmes county that is going to push that north towards tuscaroras but that is on the light side and there is no severe thunderstorm activity predicted for today. you may notice a moderate pocket of rainfall come and go and new philadelphia, 77 and driving and this is heading toward the north and east as well. straussburg, rose, you wil an increase and carrollton. as this rain slowly works its way through southern sections of home and more to come. we do expect that today will be a smaller chance of showers and thunderstorms and should keep the temperatures down at a high of 84. and we'll talk about if the recent rain made a dent in the deficit at homecoming up. and we'll touch base with you shortly. to the race for the white
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the election, republican nominee donald trump has shaken things up in his campaign. and he promoted the poster kelly ann conway to the new position of campaign manager and trump brought steven bannen from bright park news as the campaign's ceo. the nominee labeled him as traffic people and calling them winners. in the meantime, paul mannefort will stay on as the chairman. hillary clinton is gaping ground on trump throughout the country remains close in ohio. and sarah phinney previews the clinton visit. >> reporter: in about an hour, hillary clinton will tour john marshal high school here on cleveland's west side and she is expected to give a speech around 1:15. and this event is opened to the public and some people started lining up as early as seven in the morning. organizers said some students will be in attendance. clinton is expected to break down the differences between
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plans. her plan calls for the withelthyiest americans to pay their fair share. she vows not to raise taxes on the middle class and trump's stance shifted and his reforms include lowering taxes for everyone and excluding child care expenses from taxation. and both campaigns taking aim at one another and clinton saying trump's vision benefits himself and the wealthy, where trump said on the trail that clinton's idea is to punish people for working and doing business in the u.s. both -- candidates have been focusing on the buckeye state. donald trump was in youngstown on monday and clinton is expected to take the statement here at john marshal high school around 1:15. on cleveland's west side, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and many thanks, sarah and a series of public meetings about the controversial nexus pipeline is set to continue and many people are not happy about the way the public meetings are being run. reports instead
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the organizers are making residents go into one-on-one meetings with energy regulators and the entire projects a hot- button issue for years. another meeting is scheduled for tonight at wadsworth high school. and worldfires turning neighborhoods into warzones. the latest on the blaze out west. it just continues to burn and burn. >> and uber sues over new rules. why a high court wants all drivers to take an english exam. >> and deal. how the airline is making in- flight luxury affordable for the average person: back after
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. new at the noon hour, uber has launched a legal battle against new rules requiring london taxi drivers to learn english starting october 1st. london will require drivers from non-english-speaking countries to pass language higher penalties. uber is not happy about the change. and has filed a lawsuit against the new rules. the officials of the city of london say that drivers have to be able to communicate in english to discuss a fare or safety issues. uber supports the idea of testing spoken english skills and believes making drivers sit for a two-hour exam is unnecessary. uber said the new rules will affect thousands of drivers applying or renewing their existing licenses.
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more people will be flying over the labor day holiday this year. u.s. airlines expect to fly nearly 16 million passengers. now that would be a 4% increase over the previous year. the figure comes from airlines for america and industry trade group. the group said that airlines are adding extra seats for the expected increase in passengers flying. and speaking of seats, delta airlines is now offering an all-suite international flights. fliers will be seated in their own personal spaces called delta one suites. they will fit one passenger, have a flat bed seat, an 18- inch entertainment system and individual storage space. each area will have direct exits or access to the aisle. delta 1 suites will be first available on the airline's new
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] arresteddality an amusement park and what officials are saying shocked six children on a park ride. and here's my friend and yours, te, a blake. >> and eight straight days of rainfall and we're not yet done. i will tell you who has the best chance of seeing thunderstorms today.
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. there are -- the children is apart from and i believe running -- [please stand by-audio issues] >> this incident of being shocked is the latest episode. the house and he thought this wooden roller coaster in pennsylvania. and three girls were hurt in a tennessee carnival after their ferris wheel basket flipped sideways and some day, a 10-year-old was killed on the
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kansas city, kansas several days ago. and right now, more than 500 people have abandoned a ship and in-rescue rafts right now after the ship caught fire near san juan puerto rico this morning. the u.s. coast guard reports the fire was in the engine room of the caribbean fantasy, a ferry boat. the ship -- and runs in the did men can republic and there are no reports of injuries and people are getting off of the kraft now. the wildfires continue. i will give you a live look out west. you can see that part is raging and these are shots from a helicopter. live pictures, should say, right now and 26 wildfires burning. and it's -- [ indiscernible ] the governor of california
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in california and the story. and more [ indiscernible ]
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>> now 35% contained are the fires, claiming 175 homes and businesses. and 4,000 acres. arson investigators blaming this man, 40-year-old anthony pashel. >> part of the puzzle investigators have to figure out when investigating the fires is to get inside the mind of the arsonist. >> the alleged arsonist is due to be arraigned in court today. after the bluecut fire, 750 firefighters injured and crews will be 100 degrees temperatures and -- [ indiscernible ] new york. and in louisiana, they're picking up the pieces now after a historic flooding was there and that i seeing some areas of louisiana and another area is running and seven killed. 40,000 homes are under flood
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and there is historic flooding elsewhere. indiana is hit hard as well. ten inches of rain fell in some parts of indiana. the fire department and south bend indiana is working overtime because of the flooding there. and it's made 13 rescues of people. some homes are surrounded by water or they are submerged there in the south bend, indiana, area. >> and we're are lucky that track didn't head into northeastern ohio. the same low as the system brought us issues and smaller rain amounts. had it gone farther east, we would have had more. think of indiana. >> and they're trying to make the best of a very bad situation. >> absolutely. and we're on day 8 of the rain and storms. we can't get a break and a lot of low hanging clouds in cleveland are looking like they're full of water and you're right. you have a better shot here today and the farther south you aria, a better chance it's getting wet.
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the dew point and that is feeling muggy. the southwest wind, 7 miles an hour continuing to deliver that muggy air. and the heat indices, 83 and i think today's high of 84 will be like 87 and into the afternoon hours. 81 for cleveland and menner, 76 in ashland and 70 in coshockton and adding the clouds and rainfall keeping the temperatures down for the southern communities and wooster down at 74 and looks like the shower and thunderstorm activity and though for us ohio, it's just rain and pretty light, too and not causing problems other than more of a pocket there and into wooster, tuscaroras, you're seeing an increase for you as well and we're watching that to the north and tuscaroras and carol county is going to see an increase of rainfall as this shifts to the north and east. new philadelphia, the wet
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story and into carrollton and finding wet weather in place and this is getting started. a lot of activity is expected to move and that is into the north and east. for us, the rainfall made a difference. and the yards are looking green again. as far as a dent in the year, we're behind. almost an inch and a half and more in cleveland and southern six inches in mansfield and into fly inches in canton and being looks like the afternoon has the best timing for it and there is another. we want to remind you, we're on the radio, cleveland 98.2 and 95 ncx and it's time to talk with mark garden, he's talking hibiscus flowers. >> and one of my favorite times of the year is when the hibiscus starts to bloom.
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summer bloomers, terrific plants. >> and absolutely. report they spectacular? >> come in a whole host of different colors and sizes. that one gets three foot tall. >> and this is called perfect storm. look at the footage color and looks like the eye of the hurricane. >> amazing, isn't it? >> and this is taller. >> one of my favorites, challenge snaps and grow 6 to seven feet tall. >> wow. >> and the plant is a full bush and bloomings all august long and into september. large flowers, pink reds. >> and it's hardy here, although it will die back in the winter time. >> and absolutely. this is a late one coming up in the spring and doesn't grow again. and that is extremely hardy. >> and better and better every year. >> thank you, ken.
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. just a small chance of a shower and thunderstorm today and a high of 83. look at next week. >> and looking better >> okay. >> and eight days of rain. i lost count.
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. hi, i'm sarah carns. matt reader is owner of weather armor and he's here to talk about retractible awning. that is the perfect solution for outdoor living. hi, matt. >> hey, sarah, thank you for having me. >> and thank you for here. tell me about the retractable awning. >> they're easy to use. >> okay. >> if you hit the button here and watch what happens. >> okay. >> the awning is coming out on its own and stop automatically. >> yeah. >> and they're easy for people to use. the otheris in thing is that a -- other nice thing, they come in custom sizes. we can go any width up to 40 feet and we can also project out to the house up to 16 1/2 feet. and that is a very large
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deck that people wish to cover somewhere around 30 to 40 degrees cooler on a hot day. and so you will imagine the difference it will make underneath. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. >> and it will make a huge difference on how much cooler the inside of the house is. >> and yeah, good point. i didn't think of that at first and this is beautiful. tell me about different fabric options, color selections you have? >> we have over 200 different fabrics. the fabric that we use for our awnings it won't crack, rot, or mildew. you can roll them up wet and they won't mildew. >> wow, wow. >> and they come in custom stripes, patterns, solid colors. and so we have a fabric that will match anyone's home. >> and how long does installation take? >> installation takes around two to three hours, depending on the home. but all of our installers have been with us over six years and so they're very experienced. >> and that is great. what special offer do you have today? >> we would like to offer the
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today. $250 off of the purchase of the retractible awning. >> wow, and that is awesome. to learn more about your options when adding a retractible awning, log on to weather a orange
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all-new today on "right this minute." >> great viral videos on this hump day, including a hutchback surprise. >> that is mom coming up to say, hello! >> the story behind a kay beinger's close call. >> that is just spectacular. >> an rough, and then -- >> it gets scary. >> see why this is a very bad sign. >> around -- >> believe it or not, it's a rap about reverse mortgages, and -- >> the least likely guy to do a music video. >> now the internet's newest star reveals the real story behind that shoot. >> when i was off camera i ran away from those girls.


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