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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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some brought on by mother nature. some havoc wreaked by man. >> we'll be talking with chief meteorologist mark. >> we're seeing some glimpses of sunshine out there. 78 in cleveland. mugginess all around. 84 in mentor and 82 in akron. we had a few little rain showers. some thunderstorms along the lake breeze from northern lorain county into here's all that's left near bristolville. we have a brief burst of rain there. and south of fleet avenue i- 488, i-77 there a brief burst of moderate rain from a lonely little shower. here we have bigger thunderstorms. those will slide south and east. most of them will fade away from the radar. a couple of them could make it
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9:00 p.m. i've included that isolated threat for a brief shower. don't let that stop you. here we go. 79 at 7:00. 78 at 9:00678977 -- 9:00. 77 by 10:00. lows hanging in the 70s. now to surveillance that we first told you about back in june that had people here in cleveland concerned. this week a civil rights group filed a complaint against the battle mother or father police department for using po cell phone tracking technology. it mimics cell phone towers to track down suspects but critics say it interferes with emergency calls and is racially discrim any tour. they say the technology may have been used during the rnc and our investigation found that the way they use the device is illegal. the device is a small metal box
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guild they were concerned that it's often used in secrecy. they can access calls and text messages and data streams. cleveland police nor the fbi would confirm it was used in cleveland. democracy 2016. cleveland be the economy taking center stage as hillary clinton visits a local high school. she rallies supporters while promising to raise taxes for the wealthy. >> frank it's a battle over taxes. hillary clinton as you mentioned wants to raise them on the wealthiest americans. donald trump she argues want to cut them. >> how are you? >> what is this. >> hillary clinton tours a new john marshall high school.
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>> graduating high school with specific in demand skills for work force. >> i for one am proud of this high school and what it represents for the students here. >> it's the type of program she argues would be at risk in a donald trump administration. when she told this west side crowd that she'd focus on taxes for the wealthy. >> it's time for the wealthiest well as corporations and wall street to pay your fair share in taxes. >> mouch trump would save -- how much trump would save clinton argues remains unknown. >> unlike everybody else who's run for president in the last four or five decades he refuses to release his tax returns. >> she argues his tax cuts would limit jobs.
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almost 50% in this country don't pay taxes whatsoever. so again i see his growth proposals as moving the nation, growing the economy. >> 83 days and counting until the start of the election season. election day itself comes around. remember we hasn't had the conventions but john marshall school is open and this race is on. john news channel 5. another major donald trump's campaign. the candidate has appointed a new campaign manager and chief executive. hair hair is -- we're digging into this. >> back in june trump fired his manager weeks before the republican convention. now trump's senior advisor is taking over that roll. and executive chashman is now
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chief executive. paul will day on in what appears to be a diminished roll. he's under investigation for receiving millions in illegal payments from ukraine's former ruling party. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african american citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future. speak at naacp made his comments in front of a nearly all white crowd in wisconsin. a new poll shows he has just 1% of the african american vote in ohio and pennsylvania. >> fear tactics on the campaign trail it's an accusation that's been hurled at donald trump.
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story at 5:15. ohio's senate candidates will face off this fall in a series of debates. rob portman and democratic challenger strikeland will go head to head. the first in youngstown followed by columbus and cleveland. the polls show portman over strikeland by nine points. all new at 5:00. a lot years the industry exploded in popularity and the faa struggled to keep up. >> drones are being used by the ohio turnpike commission. live on 5:00 along the turnpike in. >> these drones won't be used to keep an eye on people but they will be used to keep an eye on bridges. .
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photography. but instead of just taking cool pictures what if they could keep bridge inspectors safe. the commission plans to use drones to inspect bridges next month. they would help inspectors to inspect quickly and without closing down the highway. they tell me they believe this will keep workers safe because they won't have to use trucks on the highway to see over the side of a bridge. >> it risk. who wants to dangle over a bridge? >> if it goes well odot could do the same thin. thing. they could fly drones over pileups because they could get to the scene more quickly than emergency vehicles allowing emergency responders to assess the situation. they're already using drones to
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open quicker. the same for a has mat situation where a drone -- has- - hazmat situation. >> what about finding out if we could use one? is it quicker, safer, more efficient? >> we're going to go to sandusky and see if it meets the same standards as well as the humans do. >> the drones will inspect the sandusky bridge september 13th or 14th depending on weather. >> all right paul. whether by fire or flood. >> tonight people across the nation are losing everything. >> my legs are on fire. >> straight ahead. we are taking a look flaments reducing the -- blames --
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children at an amusement park. thousand kids are doing this time after being shocked on their ride. plus cleveland helping in the mission to mars. find out what role the research center is going to play in sending humans to the red planet. and learning more about how it's going to work in june. just one month rather when medical marijuana comes to ohio. we'll tell you what major
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first the story you will only see here. after a woman asks for our help to get access to services she desperately needs. >> >> right now a cleveland community says they've been sealed off from their realtor access to a nearby pharmacy and bus stop. >> a new fence was erected in the community says there's a simple solution but it's being ignored. jonathan walsh is live on 5 now. this fence was meant to protect the community but neighbors say not so much. >> neighbors say that this
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neighborhood crime but it's blocking their wheelchair access to the side streets and the neighborhood pharmacy that's right next door. >> i'm their voice. >> sewn ya evans almost lost her voice when she suffered a stroke 17 years ago but she's speaking out today. >> this is not for me onlily. i'm thinking about our elderly here. >> neighbors tell me this chain link fence was designed to stop some thefts. neighbors are divided. >> i love the fence, yeah. we can sleep. >> it's not going to prevent that, okay? they need to get better security here. >> some neighbors say it is preventing something else, access to this side street, the bus stop and this walgreens. >> the cold is coming and the snow that's coming. it's not right.
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building approached me and asked me to leave. a woman in the front office also refused to answer my questions. >> are you nicole? >> can you step out? we can't talk to reporters. >> you can't talk to me? >> neighbors say the solution is simple. install a gate in the fence. >> i'm here to rectify a wrong. i'm here not for myself. i'm here from the -- for the elderly and wheelchairs. >> i'm still striking to get answers. -- trying to get answers. i'll let you know when we hear back. an exclusive. john tells only us that hillary clinton and donald trump are intentionally scaring voters from the poll. >> she says they are trying to spread concerns about voter access and rigged elections.
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>> the claims about a rigged election are unfounded and hurting confidence in the election system. >> on donald trump's website he's calling on voters to work as election observers to help him quote stop crooked hillary from rigging this election. they cannot interfere with the process but they can observe id checks and watch for people trying to influence voters. he said the vote cou and anyone including donald trump is free to watch. >> when hillary clinton and her allies say that people are being disenfranchised that's irresponsible. when donald trump says it's rigged that's irresponsible. what they should be doing is building confidence in the system so that more people will trust it and vote and participate in it.
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recruiting 35,000 poll workers to staff locations for 13 hours of voting. megan news channel 5. >> thank you. >> a popular amusement park ride remains closed after six children were shocked. it happened in connecticut. a loose wire underneath the scrambler ride is to blame according to inspectors. >> the most skeers injured had >> the children have since been treated and released from the hospital. this incident is just the latest in a string of rides gone wrong. earlier this month a 3-year-old boy fell from a roller coaster in pennsylvania. in tennessee three girls fell 40 feet to the ground from their ferris wheel cart. and a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide in kansas. >> that's awful. so is this.
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thick smoke filling the air as the bluecut fire tears through brush and trees. putting countless lives and homes in danger. firefighters battling the flames from the air and ground. but they about making progress. it's 0% contained. pretty hard to gauge how many buildings are burned. but this video shows an historic diner as well as a church burning. tens of thousands of people have their homes. homes they don't know if they'll see again. >> there will be a lot of family that come home to nothing. if there's a bright side, a silver lining, there are some homes that were saved. >> the firemen are doing a wopdful job. thank you. >> this story changing by the minute. coming up in a half hour we'll take you live to california to get the latest details.
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the devastating flooding the louisiana. the water starting to reseed in the north. but take a look at that video. it's shifting downstream toward the gulf and those areas water levels rising rapidly. it impacted homes and business owners say they've never been flooded before. and they weren't required to have flood insurance. some people were able to go back and sort through their as volunteers from all 50 states mobilize to help them back on their feet. let's take a look at the numbers. 11 lives claimed this week. damaged at least 40,000 homes and in one parish alone 75% of the homes. 75% were wiped out. since friday more than 30,000 people have had to be rescued from the flood waters. 30,000 people. let's take a look now.
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we'll slide over the wall here. the latest rainfall as it's continuing to move through portions of texas and into southern louisiana here. let's go to it now on the power of 5. the heaviest rain houston back to austin. down corpus christi. flood warning and watches out here. here's the area that took the hit earlier this weekend and last week. there's not a lot of activity there thankfully but fl now sliding downstream toward the gulf. these areas impacted even though it's not raining the flood waters will continue to rise. and something brand new. breaking weather news. f io -- fiona a tropical storm in the atlantic. sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. she's going to head this way and curve up toward bermuda. does not look like she will
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-- here we go. a little bit of rain activity in cuyahoga county. that is really about it as far as the rainfall goes. in fact we'll zoom on in and show you the i-77 corridor. showers pulling south of independence. near broadview heights and towards aurora. here's that line of stronger thunderstorms beginning to weaken. you can ski it as it moves but i can't rule out that they could impact greater grand between about 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. a little trough is stirring up the showers. it's going stall over us tomorrow. your hour by hour shows. 7:00 p.m. you're dry. now notice there's still a lingering shower or two really fading away. but one or two of the showers reach the south shore of lake erie.
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isolated shower. by midnight a few isolated sprinkles around. we can't remove the threat for rain overnight but few and far between. 78 cleveland. mentor 79. conton 81. 84 currently in medina and here is that trough. as the trough settles in south of greater cleveland tomorrow it will stir up one or two or three isolated storms. yo dover, wooster, mancefield. i think greater cleveland has a good chance at drier weather tomorrow. near 70 mild and muggy with an isolated thunderstorm, isolated thundershower not a storm per se maybe a clap or two of thunder. the clouds will mix. thunder south for the akron canton area.
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p.m. with that isolated shower threat. dominique and frank are ready
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people who want to bring down the call for prescription drugs in our state aren't giving up even after losing a ruling. the court found the price relief act doesn't have en they need 5,000 new ones by next thursday and resubmit. they want to skip the politicians and take the issue to voters. >> our state's highest court can let attorneys help people looking to start a medical marijuana business. they decided attorneys could not represent pot businesses or aid them since it's illegal on
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possibly changing that. an exclusive next. high-end homes ransacked by thieves. priceless memories lost. we hear from one of the victims in a string of home burglaries. a bus stop with a history of danger. we're digging into safety concerns after a deadly wreck
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live on 5 continues brought to you top stories you may soon see drones on the turnpike. they plan to launch them next month to inspect aging infrastructure along the highway. they are also considering using drones to investigate accidents. a fence designed to keep criminals out of an apartment complex is causing problems for tenants. residents contacted us because
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accessible route. we contacted management earlier today and are waiting for a response. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton made a campaign stop at john marshall high school in cleveland this morning. she was quick to criticize donald trump's plan to refill the federal tax. she talked about using that for student loan debt and new schools. you won't believe this. jewelry hitting homes during the days. >> the latest happened in an upscale subdivision in richfield and it could be connected to crimes in medina county. bob jones spoke with one of the victims. >> melvin didn't want to show his face but he invitted -- invited me in. >> they trashed the whole house. it took three days to clean it up.
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they went in our attic and went through my tax papers. my old tax papers. >> but what hurt the most was 40 years worth of jewelry that is gone without a trace. >> i'm happy nothing happened to us and everything can be replace replaced expect the jewelry. that's why it's the worst. >> a police report shows a window was removed, furniture thrown. a large stolen. >> some pieces of jewelry can't be replaced. they're invaluable, they're hair looms. >> they -- heirlooms. >> they report two other burglaries in granger and state roads that are similar. a reminder to watch out for suspicious people in neighborhoods and this warning all of the burglaries were to homes set back off the road with little to no view from the road.
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hole. >> i hope they -- home. >> i hope they get caught. please find them. >> deputies are following fresh leads and if captured melvin would like to deliver this message. >> there's better ways to make a living. >> in richfield bob jones news channel 5. always investigating. a deadly wreck at an rata stop. >> we -- rta stop. destroyed twice before. >> this stop is right near a school and a buy brar. the people -- library. the people who live here say something needs to change because it's at a point where they're afraid. rta employees still cleaning up the glass and rubble after a major accident destroyed the south shelter and took a man's life this morning. >> call was in a pile.
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>> this isn't the first replacement shelter. just a couple months ago a different accident destroyed this very stop. luckily no one was inside. but people who live around here or take the rta are worried. >> we have seen several in this area. been a lot of killings with the accidents. >> hoping for something to make the area safer:. >> a guardrail? in the front maybe. >> i took their concerns to the changes. a spokeswoman told me they are reviewing policies but she can't comment on the stop or the accidents right now. in cleveland mol mol news channel 5 -- tara molina news channel 5. >> she loves the heat and humidity well it's going to hang around dhomonique. and a couple of these. we call this an old fashioned gully washer.
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into twinsburg. northfield. wall fon hills drying out. -- walton hills drying out. there's the corridor. this could be a slow down. the rain gradually tape pers back -- tapers. one lonely little shower here. and right over mosquito reservoir a bigger line of showers and thunderstorms will try and make erie between 8:00 and account -- and 9:00 p.m. we may be dealing with an isolated shower. 79 canton. 81 o'leary. and 80 in ashtabula. notice you're in the middle 70s not a big time chance for rain. let's fill it out tonight. >> and mark you know this right here. july typically the hottest
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last month no exception. july 2016 the warmest july in 136 years. the record warm month continued a streak of ten con vektive months dating -- consecutive months. now all new at 5:00 cleveland zone research center lands a major role in the plan to send humans to mars. they've been tapped to lead the piece of technology in the launch. a universal stage adapter. this adapter will connect the spacecraft we're sending to mars to the space launch mission. it's planned for the year 2021. and right now a live look at one of the many wildfires burping in california right now as we -- burning in california right now as we speak. we have a live report from one
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this fire is 0% contained. team usa continues to dominate the medal count in rio. the latest competitors and winners that's straight ahead. but first check out your numbers.
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all facebook and twitter earlier today. there was a tornado warning. no damage reported here but this is west virginia. i posted it because of the town's names. here's the actual spin. this is hurricane west virginia right here to the north and just to the south is tornado west virginia. so it's kind of ironic. ironic that you had that severe weather between hurricane and
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we know our good buddy paul works here. cool cloud rolling over the turnpike that's those heavier rain showers i showed you. another shot of the showers bringing winds. not a veer starm -- not a severe storm just heavy rains. weather on twitter.
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it's been a week of severe weather wreaking havoc creating disaster across the nation. we have seen record-breaking flooding in louisiana that has cost 11 people their lives. today we learned of the massive relief efforts costing at least $30 million. >> and tornadoes in indiana one caught on camera there. it sent people running to their cover. it damaged barns and attached garages. no one was hurt though the damage estimates already in the hundreds of thousands of dmrars. >> and farther -- dollars. >> and farther west wildfires in california. take a look at this view people had from their homes in san bernardino county. it's from the bluecut fire that
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it's 0% contained. >> and here's a live look from the fire you were talking about. burning out of control there. these flames have forced some 82,000 people from their homes and brought more that that 1,000 firefighters to the area. the fire prompting the california governor to declare a state of emergency in san bernardino county. right now our reporter joins us live with an update >> you guys have hit on the right points here. we're talking about the massive flames, the zero containment and the damage. this is just an example. firefighters are saying that the triple digit temperatures along with the fierce winds are going to add fuel to the flames as tens of thousands of people are still being told tonight it's not safe to return home.
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bernardino county. it's sending people running for cover. >> fast moving. very fast moving. we barely got our stuff and got out. oh god i just pray. >> as others watched helplessly as the flames surrounded them. >> there was a clearing and we were there with the flames all around us. and we had to keep the windows up because we couldn't breathe. and the smoke was so thick and as soon as it clea see everything gone. >> more than 82,000 evacuated and more expected. deputies asking people to follow the mandatory orders. >> if we ask you to leave you have to leave. the worst thing to happen is for folks to wait until the last minute. >> growing nine times its size in just nine hours causing a major problem for friefs. >> it h -- firefighters.
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seen before. >> to the north the clayton fire near lake county still burning after claiming 175 homes, businesses, and 4,000 acres. arson investigators say this man damon is responsible. he's expected to be arraigned today. >> and the bluecut fire here has shut down major highways in this area. again firefighters still trying to get a handle on is right now. it is at zero containment. >> we mentioned the evacuations do families know when they can return home? >> unfortunately they do not know when they can return home and fire officials earlier this afternoon basically saying that people here should expect more evacuations. >> live on 5 from san
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>> i've been keeping an eye on the sky all day long and brought the umbrella from home. it's in the car do i need that tonight? >> no you don't. although if you're going out for dinner between 8:00 and 9:00 you may get a sprinkle on you. we've had like three storm cells across northern ohio today. and there's one of them right now stirring things up a little bit. i got this picture via twitter a few minutes ago. shelf cloud beginning to form and it's dropping down lower which kind of tells me its got some winds trying to get going here moving into twinsburg. i'm going to get out of the way. here is that storm cell. right now as its moving down towards twinsburg there's some heavy rain there. i'm going to look for some hail. and no hail really showing up. let's go to our wind speeds here.
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some stronger winds beginning to develop. this is interstate 480 the route 91 corridor as it crosses route 82 into twinsburg and it's starting to shift a little bit farther south. in this area i'd be aware of some potentially strong winds. right now it doesn't appear to be severe but we'll watch it carefully. also beginning to see a little bit of a spin over 480 sliding south and east of twinningburg. we keep an eye on that spin. the conditions atmospherically are not great for weather outbreak but that's my job to keep an eye on it. interstate 480 i'm going to drop a little. that cloud formation makes you
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storms. let's give you a street here. that little spin is over old mill road right there. and let's draw this one crossing 480. if you're south and east of twinsburg keep an you to the sky. could be some light sxng thunder there. -- lightning and thunder there. there might be some potential severe weather there. we'll watch it. zoom on out i'll see only moderate to heavy rainfall in the cuyahoga national park. again, little tiny spin right there coming out of twinsburg and that's what we're watching. give you some more stats. widen out our view. virtually dry. except for that guy right there near twinsburg. a little cell trying to develop over rock creek.
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lake. the severe weather was concentrated southern ohio today where tornado warnings were numerous. no warnings right now for the state. 80 in cleveland downtown. 84 in peninsula. upper 70s and lower 80s all across the area. an isolated thundershower possible during the evening hours and overnight lows near 70. tomorrow 85. one or two storms friday. >> thank you mark. here's what's coming up at 6:00. >> an alarming amount of deadly crashes on the turnpike is from anything that can be done to save lives we're taking your concerns to the man in charge. plus are people staging a sit out this presidential election. why there is real concern ballots won't be cast. but first the olympic games are winding down but the competition is far from over.
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the final few days.
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team usa continuing to rake in medals in rio. >> also tonight a new twist in the drama after ryan lochte said he was robbed. here's abc's jim ryan. >> track and field now takes center stage in yee owe -- rio and team usa is not the 27-year-old is the first american man to medal in the event since 1984. drama in the semifinals. falling down in the last lap of the race and losing his medal. his teammate embracing him after the meet. the men's decathlon kicked off today raining -- reigning champion ash taking the lead.
5:56 pm
and jeremy are sitting in the top ten. two americans advance to the semifinals in the women's 800 meter competition. wilson coming in second to south africa's si meshgsnya. cate grace also fast enough to make the cut. the u.s. men's volleyball team taking on po land and they -- poland and they pounded the competition. another olympic medal for the u.s. they earned a silver medal. two big noncompetition headlines ordering officials to seize swimmer's ryan lochte and jimmy feigen's passports. the olympians along with two teammates claimed they were robbed over the weekend. the judge says there are inconsistencies.
5:57 pm
patrick hickey steps aside. he is accused of illegally selling tickets for the rio games. >> and that is it for live on 5. let's send it over to frank for a look at 6:00. >> what we found to be a troubled stop on the turnpike. >> there have been nearly three dozen accidents since june in one construction zone including a crash this weekend kreerd old -- a 14-year-old died. plus a crime ring broken as a year's long investigation finds who has been responsible for a long number of smash and grabs in northeast ohio. but the search is on for more suspects. news channel 5 at 6:00 starts
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news cha
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brought to you by mr. hero. get a seven-inch chicken blt meal for only $5.99. always on your side news channel 5 starts now. part of the story tonight a developing storm in northeast ohio. mark johnson has been tracking the storm. >> when we got the photos in it looked like this as it moved into the twinsburg area about ten minutes ago. we want closer look at the cluster of thunder cells that could be potentially producing some spin. i showed you earlier a couple of frames here, a little hook right when that photo was being taken right here. there is certainly some spin right now, well just a few minutes back over the twinsburg area. now to the present scenario that spin has virtually


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