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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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brought to you by mr. hero. get a seven-inch chicken blt meal for only $5.99. always on your side news channel 5 starts now. part of the story tonight a developing storm in northeast ohio. mark johnson has been tracking the storm. >> when we got the photos in it looked like this as it moved into the twinsburg area about ten minutes ago. we want closer look at the cluster of thunder cells that could be potentially producing some spin. i showed you earlier a couple of frames here, a little hook right when that photo was being taken right here. there is certainly some spin right now, well just a few minutes back over the twinsburg area. now to the present scenario that spin has virtually
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little line of green, that's your gust front. it's racing out ahead and cutting it off. whatever spin was there is most likely moved right back up boo is the -- up into the cloud. now the spin is focused near aurora along state route 82. let me show you our velocity issue. see that there? that's what the spin looks like now. the gust front is feeding and stirring up some spin in here. south of aurora. you may see a lowering of the cloud base but the conditions are not favorable for any type of or the nadic development and -- tornadic development. a couple of streets. we'll show you this one here. if you're in just south of
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trail. right in that vicinity you may be seeing some very suspicious cloud formations. keep an eye on it but i'm not expecting any type of severe weather or tornadoes this evening across northern ohio. let's toss it back to the news desk. >> you consider that construction zone dangerous? >> i consider every construction zone both dangerous and something that requires additional driver attention. >> we are commissioner of the ohio turnpike tough questions after an alarming number of crashes happening in a construction zone. a zone that was the scene of a crash where a 14-year-old was killed and more than one dozen other injured. >> we've been crunching the numbers and kristin you found a jump in accidents since the construction work started. >> yeah get this, there has been twice as many crashes in
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construction free. a woman was involved in one of those crashes and tonight she is sharing her story. >> my car went straight into the back of their car. as i was trying to slow down. >> today air tracker 5 follows us as we drove the turnpike going eastbound. look here all traffic funneled into single barricaded lanes for five mile. totalled her car. >> it was a dangerous area to drive on the highway. >> heavy traffic means stop and go traffic and consequently rear end accidents. sultan tells me that's what happened to her. it's also what happened sunday when madison creagen was killed. the driver? charged.
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commissioner randy cole said about the crashes. >> our work zones are relatively safe compared to a lot of the rest of the country. but every one has more accidents than we'd like to see. >> and here is the breakdown of accidents. since barricades went up there have been 32 crashes, two of them fatal. and prior to the start of the construction in that area there were 16 crashes. >> this work zone is average with the others. >> cole tell milepost 107 to 113 eastbound has no more or fewer accidents than other areas on the turnpike. >> we're separating the traffic and having it run both directions in a separated single lane. it's the safest thing we've come up with. >> he says the problem has more to do with speeding and distracted drivers. state patrol agrees.
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>> sultan who you saw in the story says she was driving under the posted speed limit. she only suffered minor injuries. the turnpike tells me construction in the area will be complete at the end of november. and then the same work will begin on the westbound side. news channel 5. >> we wanted to give you more information about this. so we reach t out to the ohio out how many tickets have been handed out. they tell us in march they issued 38 citations. that spiked to 142 in april. the project started on april 4th. in may there were 158 citations and in june the barricades went up and 25 tickets were issued in that area. a man accused. three men on the run.
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atm smash and grabs spanning five years. with a huge break in the case cuyahoga prosecutor says he's promising at least a century behind bars. you got ahold of the indictment. >> yes. here it is. eight people behind bars, three still wanted in connection to these atm thefts in avon, parma, cleveland, township and macedonia. swat teams hit four locations and arrested three people connected to the indictment. also a dive team surfaced a rifle and other evidence from a creek. that will be used in court. officials today say the suspects caused millions in damage and theft and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from small businesses and communities throughout the region mainly in cuyahoga
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prosecutor tim mcginty says the suspects are linked to between 50 and 100 robberies. they were acted out in a sophisticated manner. >> it took 85 seconds. but the -- by the time they crashed through the window and left the lot. >> mcginty says there are three main leaders all of whom are behind bars now. and at last count they davis, elijah reed and jarel are wanted in the crimes. live in the studio dhomonique news channel 5. >> we're learning what happened in ashtabula county when a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man. michael martin had a 17-year- old against her will. took her phone and purse before taking off.
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deputies knew from previous arrests and confronted him in a car on dodgeville road. he allegedly refused to get out and pulled out a gun. he took off through several backyards before hitting a poll. he has been previously arrested for drugs and wanted on several warrants. p clantd in the -- cleveland in the spotlight again as hillary clinton flew into town on her latest stop. speaking to a packed crowd she took a tour of the school. clinton laid out her plans for tax fairness. if she were to win the election in november. by taxing the wealthy and having that money go towards education and the economy. trump didn't have any public events today but there has been a major shake up in his campaign management. he has appointed a new campaign manager as the now former is
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there are reports that paul man fort has received more than a million dollars in illegal payments from the ukraine. kelly anne con wae has been promoted to -- conway has been been promoted to manager. the local campaign trail the local candidates have set up their debate ahead of the election. republican rob portman and his challenger ted strickland will have one of those debates in cleveland. the other two in youngstown on october 14th. and columbus on october 17th. there's no word on where those debates will be held. only on 5 the unfavorability ratings of both candidates this election season could have an impact on voter turnout. secretary of state says that's one of his big fears.
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interview with megan hickey and why is turnout a concern? >> he's worried people won't like the choices and won't turn out to vote. >> the secretary of state's office is pushing early voting this year. polls will be open forever 13 hours on election -- for 13 hours on election day. and they're recruiting 35,000 poll workers. he's worried that disenfranchisement and rigged elections are hurting confidence at the polls. >> i do think they're intentionally scaring people because whether you talk about disenfranchisement or rigging an election there's no evidence of either. >> he did not shy away from calling trump's claims about a rigged election irresponsible. tonight another scam warning to tell you about
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community's generosity. a new technique to make sure that bridges across northeast ohio and the state for that matter are safe and sturdy. if you see news happening around your way text or email
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now at 6:00 a look ahead at a plan to make the turnpike safer for workers. it involves replacing some of them with drones. >> specifically when it comes to bridge inspections. if it's successful we could see drones in other situations. >> when on they were used as toys or to take cool aerial photos but now the possibilities seem endless. >> drones equipped with cameras have been used for a long time for fun. but more often they've been put to work because they can be deplayed quicker and cheaper than helicopters. now the turnpike commission will use drones to inspect bridges.
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quicker and without closing down the highway. if all goes well they could fly over pileups because they could get through traffic jams quicker than emergency vehicles. that way first spoernds could assess -- responders could assess the situation quicker. the same for hazmat situation while they could assess the situation without putting workers at risk. >> is efficient? we're going to go out to sandusky and find out. >> now turnpike officials said they don't believe safety will be a factor in this. they think most drivers won't know they're out there. paul news channel 5. >> right now there is a scam out there that's using children's organizations to starth you. -- target you.
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there's reports from painsville where the caller claims to be from a cops or kid's program and asks you to donate money. >> we're not asking for any donations right now. if you receive any phone calls from somebody saying it's on our behalf it is not legitimate. it's not from us. >> not legit. police say with any scam if it seems suspicious or too good to perm information. rel -- personal information. relatively quiet weather wise. not the case in cincinnati. heavy rains, winds, and two tornado warnings. right now we are tracking some storms. some heavy rains and chief meteorologist mark johnson joins us. >> i've been showing you throughout the 6:00 and even the 5:00 that there's a wall
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tornado. but let me say sure -- assure everyone out there no tornadoes for northern ohio tonight. here's the complex of storms right now. you notice twinsburg is dry. hudson some moderate rainfall. the little spin we saw earlier moufing south and east was -- moving south and east was chocked off by the gust fund. -- choked off by the gust fund. it's from the rain. if there is any spin it's where the gust front curves into the line right here. so there's a small amount of rotation right here. but it will be choked off right now. some heavy rain. eventually into freedom and maybe into ravenna. the atmosphere is not conducive for tornadoes. we're in the all clear. when folks see cloud formations
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send them to me and we give you an explanation. not even a lot of thunder and lightning right now. the area is dry except for that guy. that line of showers and storms. up here though we have this band of showers and storms near toledo as it moves across lake erie most will fade away. still could be an isolated thundershower lingering. we'll show you the hour by hour. here's the li now watch most of it fades out. this is backing it up to 9:30, 9:45. it does do the cleveland split here. i'll mention an isolated shower for the tribe game but most of this fading away way and dying out. definitely toward midnight, boom it's gone. small chance for an echlg thundershower coming in -- evening thundershower coming in
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lower 70s. no relief from the humidity food. currently 83. winds light, very light. calm in fanth in hopkins. -- fact in hopkins. your pollen count beginning to see grass pollen, wheat pollen is going to begin to get going over the next couple of weeks. here's the latest from louisiana and texas. most of the heavy rain today has been west of louisiana. houston to austin to corpus christi but still flooding issues. a new tropical storm fiona traveling this way and then to bermuda. does not look like it will impact the u.s. finger's crossed. as this trough settles in i can't rule out little isolated thundershowers toward canton and youngstown.
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will state dry. tonight 69 degrees, mainly cloudy, an isolated thundershower. tomorrow bring it up. toward route 30 maybe 34 a thundershower. start the game dry and mild to end. i'm predicting dry for the brown's game. 68 for akron. tomorrow isolated thunderstorms. i'm thinking midday to 2:00 p.m. 86 on friday. saturday. a few storms. sunday is the wettest day. storms likely. mid-70s. here we go brown knees. >> it -- brownies. >> it works. >> i taught my daughter that. she loves it. loves it. >> coming up why brown defensive lineman jamie meter is making his family proud.
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slider is one of the best mascots in baseball. andrew miller has one of the best in baseball. his wipeout slider wipes out the white sox. 16 pitches and got six outs. yeah folks that's efficient. making a big impact for cleveland.
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night. virtually unhittable. of the 16 he flu 11 were slidering -- through 11 were slidering. -- sliders. >> i'll take quick outs every time. you know, if i'm doing it i might as well throw as officially -- efficiently as possible. >> he doesn't mess around. you know, he puts that break a fires strikes. >> it's fun to watch. because we know he's not coming in ninth he's coming in to get us through. >> indian's have a six game lead. they continue their series tonight. preseason number two for the browns tomorrow. and the meerd man is making -- meder man is making his town proud. this is a guy who wants to be here. a guy you want on your football
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barry the running back. first time he scored many a game. he's a hard worker and he's humble. >> first team, second team, third team i'm ready to play i. don't want to get complacent. i don't feel like i belong until the season is over. >> i think you guys are saying his name a lot more. i know we are because he's second preseason game tomorrow night. the coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. kick off on news channel 5. >> you saw jamie meder's bird that's seven month -- beard that's seven months in the making. he might trim it a little bit. but that's fierce. >> i mean, you know guys. >> please none of you get that inspiration. i don't want all those beards
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madison. you with me? ? >> beard growth right here. >> but what is the rest of this? that's a whole lot of something else. >> yeah. >> see you at 11:00. >> maybe. news channel 5 at 6:00 has been brought to you by the cash
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. fire onboard. more than 500 passengers and crew told to abandon ship, racing down chutes, more than 100 injuries. the raging wildfire tonight in the west. the state of emergency at this hour. more than 80,000 residents racing from their homes. and in the s death toll from the floods. authorities say the worst devastation in this country since sandy. breaking news. brazilian authorities ordering american swimmer ryan lochte and another swimmer not to leave brazil, amid new questions tonight about their story of being robbed at gunpoint. and this surveillance image. is the order too it will? donald trump and the major shakeup tonight, and late today, trump getting his first classified briefing at the fbi.


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