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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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why law enforcement is worried. >> and thousands of homes abandoned and set to be torn down. is any work being done? our investigation follows up. >> and a statue of a presidential hopeful showing a side most of you voters thought they would never see. where you can get a glimpse of the revealing piece of art. >> and good morning, cleveland. it's finally friday and you're here to get your weekend started off right. >> and let's get a check of your forecast. good morning, janessa. >> and gearing. off to skies across northeast ohio and the temperatures are cool this morning. 62 and hopkins and dew points there. down, calmed winds and a calm start across the area and we tracking isolated storms and rain thought your afternoon. and right now, greater cleveland downtown and lower 70s.
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and going to be organized toward northwestern locations and in our severe weather threat for chicago and the central plains. some of that activity here slices in from northeast ohio and you can see the hour-by- hour by the 2:00 and try to track a few raindrops on the isolated side. kristen. >> and thank you, janessa. and zooming on out of the downtown area, i want to remind you we have some work happening here and 9:00 to 2:30 p.m., this is 71 northbound and the left lane is going to be closed. and let's go to geauga county. and 422 westbound around highway 528. you see the purple in that area. the westbound lanes are closed and a semi rolled the over overnight and they're trying to clean that up and let's go to the odot vows. so far so good. the bigger picture is looking fantastic around 71 and baggily. over to you, corrina. and on top of breaking news. i got off of the phone with
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in orville overnight. i am told the release is coming soon. this is what we know. this is in the apartment of the 900 block of north ell obey the high school and they took a approach after 3 this morning and they released homicide with a link not working and dispatchers confirming officers were there and we'll let you know as soon as we find out more information, terrence. >> a warning from the cuyahoga county medical examiner. a powerful form of heroin. dozens of overdoses in summit county made the local lab found car fen tanol a strong sedative meant to be used on large animals and going to cause more than 100ods and 8 deaths in the akron area. and controversy is growing in another school district this morning. >> the parents of the student are suing the board of education over the drug testing policy. and her son was not allowed to participate in school activities after refusing to
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she feels his policy violates the constitutional rights. >> and jump there is suspicion that somebody is -- and if there is suspicion that somebody is doing drugs and you have reasonable cause they are, i don't have a problem with it. and the way this is set up is completely suspicionless and you're doing it without cause. >> is and she's upset student activity fees are being used to pay for that drug testing. we reached out for a comment them. and abandoned, blighted homes are dangerous to the communities. >> and why the program promised to tear down 5,000 in three years and sarah phinney is following up on the promise. it's not looking too good. >> reporter: you can decide for yourself. officials say it's going pretty well. about two years ago, former cuyahoga county executive fitzgerald announced a $15 million program that would bring down 5,000 homes in three
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been demolished and there is a lengthy legal process involved before that can happen and cities have to request funding from the county to get the money. a non-profit does most of the demos. >> and i wouldn't say it's behind. we're moving as fast as the city's request and demolition. so, if you recall, that is the county and just the fun dirt. >> the past three weeks, officials say 112 properties have come down and we're told 100 more are in being demolished. if there is an empty home in the neighborhood, contact your city. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. 92i. and 5:04 now. a local fire department is dealing with severe damage. and look at this. the roof collapsed and this is video from air tracker 5 at the fire station house. it caved in. all of the debris inside and looks like a garage there. no one was hurt and thankfully we're still not sure what caused the collapse. and three men who pistol whipped and robbed a priest in
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prison. and sean newton and phillips were sentenced to 22 years yesterday. and david harrison was sentenced to 19 years. and this happened outside of the holy rosary catholic church in december and they're responsible for other armed robberies in the area and all three men pleaded guilty. and it's a side of donald trump that you don't expect to see. a revealing statue of the presidential candidate popping up in cities across the country, including here in northeast ohio. we spoke tohe the city and, nick, we're wondering why did they choose cleveland? >> reporter: the artist who created the statues is a clevelander and he's from here in cleveland heights. the only reason he agreed to do the projects if one of the statues he made was placed in the hometown. the only way you will see it this morning is if the cleveland heights police here at the department escorts you to where it sits impounded. one of five naked donald trump
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road and it was taken down in less than an hour by police. the chief is telling us the same would be done with any large object or peace place on public property. in the time it was up, it got a bit of attention like the other statues placed in new york, los angeles, seattle and san francisco. the group that commissioned the works is called underline. undeclineed, i could say, and a spokesman told us they're a protest of trump's rise up the >> and we knew from the get go they were going to be dismantled pretty quickly, but i believe that cleveland was the quickest to be taken down with very little fanfare. and so, it was disheartening for me. >> and that was the artist you heard from there who said he was a little disappointed that the statue came down so quickly. it took him six months to make the statues at a cost of $6,000. the last check, the only ones that remained were in san
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>> thank you. and starting today, ohioans will see more of trump on tv and in a pg version. reporting the first ads will start running here in the state and mostly in columbus and cincinnati but not here in cleveland and they reportedly spent $716,000 on the ads, which will air through august 29th, terrence. and it's hard to believe how fast time has flown. the balloons dropped in cleveland as the rnc came to and since the convention, we found that cleveland posted three notable conventions and with another half dozen scheduled through the end of september and they're because they lasted the rnc and they were able to pull it why off without troubles. >> and --ence is the rnc is almost 60 new leads that have come in and 10 came in the last week. i would say at least half of
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positive stories about cleveland. >> and now, cleveland has its eye set oning events, including making a pitch where the nca all-star game ends in february. >> and exciting. can't wait and. let's talk about great news for tryke fans this morning. the indians were able to remain the six-game lead in the al central and which is so awesome. we don't call them and they lost 3-0 early on and they beat the chicago white sox foe-4, terrence. >> ands news is not great for the browns and lost against the falcons last night. 24-13. fans still holding out hope for rg3 this season. the new qb threw two touchdown passes the first half for his home day bah. and we're going to add to the weekend, some fun things to do in summit county, including
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through downtown akron and reporting the new cycle track runs along south main street and the topaz trail. it's part of the city's efforts to be more bike friendly and encourage people to leave and explore downtown akron. >> and reporting the 7th annual summit for kids returns to akron tomorrow. the government organized family expo features free medical care, school supplies and entertainment for kids. and it goes from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the john f. knight cent for crowds. around 15 to 18,000 people come every year and janessa, will it be a good forecast for them in. >> and it's a sporadic forecast across the board. today, isolated activities to your saturday and we're going to see more sunshine and it's been a first wonderful week of school for the kidos. the bus stop forecast for this morning, we're still in the lower 70s with clear skies. as you head home, notice the
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popping up. hope you had a wonderful first week. >> we did have a great first week, everybody. and some of you mean recovering from the great paul mccartney show you saw last night and we're going to it will you what live music does if your health. >> and a swimmer accused of lying of being robbed. a new video causing
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. 5:13. and now from the live desk, a man in the hospital after his dump truck is hit by a train in chillicothe. investigators still cleaning up all of this mess. police say the 62-year-old man was crossing railroad tracks in his truck and didn't yield for the train. it was carrying at least cars and going with 40 miles per hour when it slammed into the truck. and the driver had to be flown from the wreckage to the hospital. and police in rio saying four u.s. swimmers are vandals not victims. >> and new video from brazil is one of the reasons why police began to question their story that they were allegedly robbed. the video shows the swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom and got into a fight with a security guard. they believe they found a --
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cover up the story. overnight, the u.s. olympic committee apologized to brazil and rio for the incident. but one member of the ioc is urging forgiveness. >> let's give these kids a break, you know. they, you know, sometimes you take actions that you later regret. >> two swimmers are allowed to leave brazil. meantime, ryan lochte is already home in north carolina. before he could be questioned and so far, he hasn't commented . and now this morning for permanently blocked parts of the law in florida that. have stopped funding to -- that would have stopped funding to planned parenthood cases. and the governor decided in the to per sue legal action. ohio passed a similar law and it was blocked by a judge and is temporarily in limbo right now. and we're learning the justice department plans to end the use of private prisons. the washington post reports that officials concluded the
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less affective at providing correctional services than those run by the government. the deputy attorney general sally yates made that announcement and encouraging officials to either review or cancel their contracts with private prisons. and right now, the federal government will be there as long as it takes southern louisiana to recover from the flooding there. the homeland security secretary johnson toured the area hit hard by those rising waters there and he said that president obama was on vacation and is getting daily what is going on. more than 900 fema agents are in the state now and hundreds more are on the way. and trump is reportedly planning to tour the area today as well. 13 people have died and thousands are still staying in shelter. and no you to california. firefighters there say the massive wildfire is 20% contained and evacuation orders were lifted for some of the 83,000 people forced out of their homes by the bluecut
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fire burned 56 miles of land east of l.a. and you have to see this dust devil here near the runway at will rogers airport in oklahoma city. looks like a tornado but it's not and that is a dust devil that forms on hot, dry, clear days and vanessa is struggling with me not to say dirt duffle i. dust devil, there you go. >> and not seeing anything like that across northeast ohio whoever still talking about moisture and temperatures today and another one in the 80s across the board and mid-80s for greater cleveland and we'll go lower 80s for inland and right now, we're off to a cool start and clear skies across the board. good morning, way county, wooster, 62; lower 60s for menner and ashtabula and that is a clear air that is in place and live 5 radar is not picking up moisture and that is going
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have storms that are brewing north and west of us this afternoon. and we'll start to track the storms moving into northeast ohio and calling them to be on the isolated side and day time high of 83 and still that warm air, humidity is definitely let up the last few days here and you can see we're tracking spotty shower the next 36 hours and this is the potent cold front that is going to slice through on sun for widespread rain again and this is that front, the severe weather outbreak for the central plains. as it inches closer to northeast ohio, i think we'll see that slight to moderate risk increase for our viewing area on saturday evening to sunday. the future cast, worry about friday afternoon and take a look. the clouds will be a mix throughout the morning and to your mid-afternoon and let's show you when the spotty
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from the west and they move in and moo of out fairly quickly. by the 6:00 hour, we should be dry and a-okay. and light look at the odot cameras and pulled up 12 for you so you can see how fantastic the highways look and the pictures are 271 and so far so good. the only issue i am seeing is on a rural highway and this is in geauga county and there was a semi that rolled over overnight on church and 528. the westbound lanes are closed and you see the purple on the screen. an option is mumford. if you want to avoid it entirely. another option for heading west, take reynolds. and there is no stopping team usa. >> with three days left in the rio olympics, we have the largest lead in the medal count. we have 35 gold medals and 100 total. china is the closest
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japan continue to round out the top 5. and one of the medals, the 23-year-old set an olympic record for a shothit throw and earning him a gold medal. 73 feet is the final distance. ten and 3 quarters inches and the event gives them 25 medals in track and field in rio. >> and look at this and bolt makes history getting the goal of beating his record did not happen and partly because it was raining and he wanted to beat the time of 19.19 sings and clocked in at 19.78 seconds and he competes in the 4 by 100 relay and that could lead to gold medal number 9 for him.
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rock'n'roll, baby and trending today. it could be good for your soul. >> okay. >> and your health. a new study said that people who dance and go to concerts regularly are happier than those who don't and more importantly, it's the people who actively participate using the music and dancing as an outlet to express their, motion. >> and i agree with that. we like to have parties in here. >> and you morning. >> i do. >> and the play list and sometimes i have a fan so my shirt can blow from the 90s. >> and show it. >> okay. >> and this is like this. >> you so that? >> and he's singing like this. >> and has beyonce fans. >> i believe i can fly. [ laughter ] >> okay. this morning, coming up for you on a friday morning, a social media site. why tweeter is cracking down. >> and if you don't have plans for the weekend, we'll tell but
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. welcome back. this morning, if you were in downtown cleveland, might see a lot of people in picture square. the american associate's event kicks off at 9 a.m. the largest effort to fight every cancer. there will be food trucks, live music and activities throughout the day. the event is free and anyone can go. >> and tgif, everybody and we
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this weekend. they're hosting the first festival of the arts starting tonight at 6:30 and hundreds of artists from around the country will be there and more than 100,000 folks are expected over the weekend and ends on sunday and cost $10, janessa. and it should be a wonderful start to the weekend here and we're seeing clear skies this morning. the vegetation has really saw the benefits of all of the rain that we have been seeing the last two weeks here and few knowally s grass for you to. >> reporter: the last few weeks of summer and before we are talking about. and looking here, we're seeing the sunshine this morning and still tracking a isolated storm this afternoon. and you have -- [ indiscernible ] the shoreway eastbound and west 45th street. still reminding you about that. the on-and-off-ramps are closed and going to be for several
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used to it. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] west. >> and seeing the heat of the drive time and looking fantastic on 90, 77 and 480 and this is that right now. 480 and warrensville center road, the traffic is building here. and twitster having a war on terror. the company announced it's suspended 235,000 accounts in the past six months for accounts since last year. and it's likely that many accounts are associated with isis and twitter announcing it's stepping up the features to fight abuse and harassment. the company is rolling out a setting to allow users to limit notifications on desktop and mobile to only the accounts they follow. and the company is introducing a quality if ther to help remove duplicate tweets, the content that appears to be auto
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stop harassment by individuals and those dreaded spammers. this is a long time coming, so many people have been asking and begging twitter to step up the harassment policies when you see so many celebs. it's completely subjected to the most vial, ignorant, disgusting comments on twitter. >> and including leslie jones. >> and get on your twitter and keep it going. and let's look at last night's winning lotto numbers. good luck, we'll see you in a
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. new at 5:30, naked and exposed. crowds gather to -- trump statues across the country. why one popped up here in cleveland heights. >> and trashing textbooks. why the brand-new works are ripped apart instead of going to local schools. >> and start your friday off with weather and traffic together. kristen byrne is watching the drive time for on you our friday morning and janessa webb has the hour-by-hour forecast. and how's it looking? >> and looking fantastic to start off your morning and clear skies. the temperatures on the morning this morning. and mid-50s for wayne county and lower 70s for greater cleveland. and it's seeing a temperature contrast there. across the board, though, the humidity is a lot better than earlier this week and mid-50s
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wonderful day to be outside for your early afternoon to enjoy all of the sunshine and unfortunately, we have storms into the northwest and the severe weather threat for the central plains and some of that activity is starting to move across northeast ohio and by this 2:00 hour to not rule out the possibility of a few isolated raindrops into the 5:00 hour. kristen. thank you so much, janessa and head to our drive on 480 eastbound, 77 to 271 and so far so good. we're travelling at top speeds. a quick look at the drive time should be about 8 minutes. the 8-minute ride, 63 miles per hour and elsewhere, we're okay and i have been monitoring the drive times and we look fantastic. ninety eastbound, crocker to the inner belt, 13-minute ride and the central enterchange to 90 and 31 minutes and head outside and check on the odot camera and this is 480 and warrensville center road and
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doing just fine. and i am following here at the live desk and continuing to work to get more information on police activity in orville overnight. investigators on scene and check out the video here. this is an apartment in the 900 block of north ellis by orville high school. i have calls to police and we're expecting more information soon here. police did make a facebook post after 3 this morning. press release hospital side is what it said. it's been deleted. dispatchers confirming that officers were out more information, jackie. and they captured the attention of the entire nation. five naked statues of donald trump popping up in five different cities. >> and nick foley is live in cleveland heights where one of the statues popped up. >> this projects actually six months in the making when the artist who created the statues started working on them. they were placed in major hubs all over the country yesterday and here in cleveland heights. that is where the artist who
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coventry road in cleveland heights and on the sidewalk as you can see, though, it makes quite a statement. donald trump, life-size statue completely in the nude. the one in cleveland heights lasted less than an hour before taken down by police. the similar pieces went down in seattle, los angeles and new york and the artist is known as ginger, part of a group calling itself in decline. the spokesmanel to us --ed to us the statues are a call for action against donald trump. >> and this is way, this is our way of protesting trump's existence and saying we're beyond dismay that he made it this far. >> and the statue here in cleveland heights remains in police custody, if you will. basically it's impounded in the police department and all were at a cost of $6,000 they can keep it with no problems. reporting in cleveland heights,
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investigation as kids head back to class. brand-new textbooks being destroyed at a recycling plant in medina and the former employee said he was ordered to grind up thousands of mcgraw hill textbooks and he asks why they were going to schools and it all has to do with money. >> and they were like well, it's the tax incentives. you make more money by going ahead and recycling the books than you would if you were to donate them with anyone. >> and we sign a contract that the books are destroyed. >> experts say the recycling write-off can be larger for companies than a deepation write-off and books are obsolete and options -- and donating 10%. to learn more about the investigation, check out our free news net 5 app. a menner football team is under investigation right now. players at lake catholic
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it happened during a football camp at john carroll university last month. university police are currently investigating this and the catholic diocese of cleveland tells us it's aware of complaints made by players and it took, quote, corrective measures with those involved. >> and. a lorain county high school is moving the football scrimmage because of a problem that was never fixed. and last season, a man's foot went and the chronicle telegram reports they are moving and scrimmaged. and the parents are worried about what this could mean for the rest of the season. >> and 5:34 is the time now. cuyahoga county promised to tear down 5,000 abandoned homes. two years later, they are finding the promise is hard to keep and sarah phinney is live new wither in. this is a $50 million project. >> there is a long legal
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the numbers are just fine. here's how it works. they request funding from the county to tear down the homes. the county gets the money from the million dollar fund and a non-profit does most of the demos. the past three weeks, officials say 112 properties have come down like this and you're going to see it in a second on east 123rd. frank curry lives in the area and is glad to see it's gone. abandoned homes like it and used to attracts crime. that is not the case anymore. >> and very nice. th i fill in the -- sit on the porch and my wife loves it now. she loves it. and the traffic either. >> we're told about 100 properties all over the county are being in the process of being torn down. and if there is an emtie home in your area -- empty home in your area, contact the city. and people thank you, sarah. new for you this morning, the city is growing and getting a brand new name.
5:36 am
instagram. the new name is cedar point shores. and it will get several new slides in the family playground next year. and two u.s. swimmers allowed to return home. coming up, the latest on the investigation into the robbery story. >> and self-driving cars in one of the most confusing cities in the world. when they hit the road next on
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. good morning, everybody. we're still tracking rain this afternoon. by the 11:00 hour, 82 degrees. still the warm air in mace and we have a system to the northwest and that is why rain is still in the forecast throughout the day. clearing up by tonight. at nine, we should be sitting under mostly cloudy skies. >> and perfect, janessa. the highways look okay. a bigger picture showing 90 at state route 2 and west 117th and spoke with cleveland police. they have a disabled vehicle and keep that in mind if that is for your commute. and new this morning for you, self-driving cars are going public. >> and uber is rolling out and pittsburgh is starting this week. six of them are on the road and plan to have 100 by the end of the year and the plate will have a human supervising behind the wheel, but the plan is for the cars to get around confusing and -- on their own.
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navigating. and amazon is officially landed in akron. and they just opened's new store near the university there. the partners at the "beacon journal" let's you pick up packages the day after you order and you can also do your returns for free. amazon only has 12 stores like this across the country. now two of them are in ohio. >> nice. >> yes. >> and it's the season for garage sales and the university of akron are getting in on what we do and we don't want them anymore. and the sale starts at noon today and quaker square. they're going over things like football and cleveland. t-shirts, computers, cameras -- again, this is today and tomorrow. you see the times there. tomorrow is 8 to 4:00 p.m. >> all right. and we know what to do this weekend. >> coming up next on good morning cleveland, block off another day in wedding season. we're going to tell you which
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. we have breaking news coming into the live deck o. controversy surrounding some
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we're learning that jimmy fiegan agreed to pay $11,000 to charity, part of a deal to leave rio after the robbery scandal. terrence, two other swimmers involved are heading home, too. >> and they were pulled off the plane in brazil. they had their passports returned last night and can leave after talking with police for several hours. they came up with a story about being robbed at gunpoint. they really broke a gas station bathroom door and they were trying to cover the u.s. olympic committee apologizing for the actions. lochte left rio before he was interviewed by police. the fourth swimmer involved is still there and is cooperating with police, jackie. and terrence, seven chicago police officers could lose their jobs after a police- involved shooting two years ago and this is dash cam video from the mcdonald shooting. the chicago's police chief said the officers lied about that shooting. he said that their reports do not match up with the video and in the dash cam video, you can
5:45 am
knife. he never lunged at the officers like they claimed. one officer was charged with murder. he is still awaiting trial. the zika outbreak continues to grow in florida. a new local transmission case was found in miami beach, a popular tourist destination. earlier this month, the cdc warned pregnant women they should travel to the winward neighborhood in miami, but it's not clear if they will expand that warning. and it's possible virus does more damage than we thought and researchers found they kill brain cells in adult mice. they're responsible for healing and forming new memories, but scientists warn that they don't know what that means for us. humans. mice have weaker immune systems, jackie. and let's talk about the race for the white house. donald trump is admitting he sometimes says things he regrets.
5:46 am
multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> he did not elaborate or mention any specific examples, but he promised supporters he will, quote, always tell the truth. >> and hillary clinton is making a promise to her supporters. major changes if she is elected. former president bill clinton said he would step down from the board and the group was not accepting foreign and corporate donations. the foundation has been a source of controversy for clinton as she takes money from foreign governments and foundations relationship with the state department. and in just over two hours from now, two nasa astronauts will step out into space. they're going on a spacewalk on the international space station
5:47 am
and that walk is supposed to start after 8 this morning. and let's talk about the weather right here on earth, janessa. how are we look something we see the moon out there. >> and that is a full moon. we have been enjoying it the last few days across northwest ohio. i'm finally seeing it nice and clear this morning, due to clear skies. the clouds have split apart and we're enjoying a clearing throughout the early morning before we start to track in a sun and cloud mix and still, that very slime chance of a few storms popping up this afternoon. and good morning, elyria. 64 degrees. lower 70s at hopkins right now and you can still see the warm air is pumping in for a dover new philly, 69 and also, dew points at their lowest and right now from earlier this week and we had that oh press of air taking over. and you see live 5 radar is not
5:48 am
last few days and they have been throughout the afternoon when temperatures hit their peak. and now, we are tracking storm systems to the northwest. and it's sparking up severe weather threat throughout the weekend for the central plains. it's disorganized and is scooting in to northeast ohio on mid-afternoon. hour-by-hour, we are -- with your morning and things rev up around the noon hour and we'll continue to track some isol activities can into 7:00. and so, this will be the case for today all the way to tomorrow afternoon before we see widespread rain take over sunday causing a washout for the end of your weekend. so, get prepared for that and this is that severe weather threat due to that cold front and i think that will change the game for us for sunday with a marginal risk for northeast ohio. so, hour-by-hour for your friday, let's finish up the
5:49 am
you can see the storm starts to track in here. a very slim chance of isolated activity and as you can see, it moves in and out by your early evening, i think, we'll be on the dry side. and 85 with mainly sunny skies, you saw the isolated showers and tonight with mostly cloudy and still cooler temperatures at 68. and the seven-day forecast will be busy on sunday afternoon. chasing storms but by next week, finally, can monday, tuesday. >> and i was going to say how many times did you get called in for severe weather this week for sure. >> and a couple of things going on, janessa. we have 422 in geauga county and the westbound lanes around 428 and that is the purple if you can make that out on the screen there and leave night, they're in the process of getting that clear. the westbound lanes are shut down. to get around, take reynolds. i want to show you what is going on outside. the odot view here at 77 south and at pershing. the far right lane.
5:50 am
scene, there is a disabled vehicle there. the problem is that this is in a construction zone. a lot of cars slamming on the breaks in that area. the photographer was driving in that area and saw the disabled vehicle and said this is dangerous. the good news is thaty saw police on the scene and hopefully they will get that cleared out of the way because it can be dangerous when it is in a construction zone and the car breaks down. jackie and terrence. >> and let's get an update on how well we're doing in the olympics. the greatest athle world is the american this year. >> and they won the second time in a row. and they saw the olympic record set back in 2004 by a czech athlete. and the decathlon involves track and field events over two days and he's just the third man to win back-to-back gold in the event. >> way to go. >> taking care of business. >> yes. >> and the american women will be racing for a medal in the 4 by 100 relay.
5:51 am
team disqualified for dropping the baton. >> and that was rough. it was determined that it was not fault. a brazilian runner bumped into them causing the drop. the atm was allowed to rerun the race by themselves against the clock and their time was more than enough to qualify for tonight's final. elyria's very own tiana bartoletta is a member of the team. and trending this morning for you, a little dog who stole our hearts have has after staying with an extreme marathoner for his entire race. and this is dobe here. he stayed with a scottish runner for a 155-mile race in china and afterwards, he decided to adopt the dog. there is a long legal process in the three-month quarantine before reuniting with the dog. the dog is missing from the shelter when the runner left him and he's set up a facebook
5:52 am
they have been through so much together. and it use ised to be saturday and then fridays became the now hot wedding day. >> and now, couples are taking over on thursdays. it might sound crazy to you, but the said 6% of couples married on a thursday just last year and this is up 4.3% from the year before. and this is why. the average cost of a wedding is nearly $33,000 in the u.s. and moving your i dos to the weekday can mean the venue, the photographer, not as much competition on the june weekends. if you're doing it on a thursday. >> and cakes are cheaper, too. >> on a thursday in. >> i don't know. >> and i don't know if that is true. and ladies, we don't know if that is true. don't go anywhere. good morning cleveland is back
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. good morning to you, 5:53
5:54 am
have. now, you have a new rape to crack those knuckles. it could be good for you. don't listen to what your mama said when she said don't crack those, right? and they looked at ultrasounds of 400 knuckles and found if you crack them, you have more flexibility affidavit says. you pull apart two joint sorry faces and lowering the pressure. and i want you to drop what you're doing now. look at this. the virginia cop getting in formation and in full unifor he's dancing to beyonce's hit forming a there and this is part of a lip sync contest at a event. and that is right there. yes. >> oh. and needless to say, he did win. >> i love that. >> and back in two and has moved down from the video and everything, janessa. >> oh, my god. >> and everyone paused for a
5:55 am
>> and my goodness. and say it one more time. >> it's coming. it's coming. this is amazing. >> and fantastic. the forecast across northeast ohio this afternoon. s a isolated it of the and temperatures in the lower 80s. a slight breeze for greater cleveland and tracking a bit of rain here will not be a washout and we'll see even a little glimpse of sunshine and why you need that heat in stark an split? >> and 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., we have construction work happening and pavement repair at 71 northbound and this is going to impact you because the left line will be closed and they're doing some work in that area. 77 south at pershing and looks like that disabled vehicle is all clear now. and this morning, a $5,000
5:56 am
killed a man in lorain on sunday. robert nisac was in the drive- thru line at the taco bell when someone trying to rob him shot and kill him. if you know anything, call police. >> and around here, we know what a gem the cuyahoga valley national park is. >> and people from out of town are realizing that, too and is attracting more toward. information on who visited last year. people from 36 states and several foreign the place. 79% of the visitors were from ohio, the big improvement from 10 years ago when 90% were from the buckeye state. >> and a another tourist attraction continues to apologize. the pro football hall of fame wants to make it up to fans after the hall of fame game was cancelled. they're giving a full refund for game tickets. a one-night stay at a hotel and throwing in tickets to the museum. a picture of hall of famers and the fans, despite all of that,
5:57 am
reviews. >> and my money back is the only thing i am affected by. i live here and the people that travel, yeah, i understand and one day, hotel accommodation is not enough. and you have people coming in here for the entire week. >> and the hall of fame said it's reviewing what happened to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >>. and this morning, you can get fresh fruits and veggies for free. the salvation army is giving away fresh produce. it's provided by the to participate, you will need a photo i.d., proof of residency and house high hold signs. the giveaway runs from 9-2. and next at 6 for you, a drug warning for cuyahoga county. a powerful sedative is being found here. >> and in one month since the rnc, what did our time in the spotlight do for our beautiful city? we take a look.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. now at 6, a new drug detected here in cuyahoga county. why law enforcement is worried. >> and thursdays of abandoned homes set to be torn down. and our investigation follows up. >> and a statute of a presidential hopeful showing a side most thought they would never seen. where you can see this glimpse. and good morning cleveland, northeast ohio. it's finally friday. and you made it through the end
6:00 am
you're here. >> and making it better than friday and if the weather is good. and what is the answer? >> and things you start off your morning for the clear skies and sunshine in the friday and up fortunately, we're still tracking isolated storms and rain mid-afternoon and 61 across the area and look at our dew points. finally in that 60 degrees and opening up the window and and picking up some ground clutter but the storms are a slim chance. we have severe weather threat is for the central plains and just northwest of us. and very disorganized and we're tracking the spotty showers starting around the 2:00 hour and you can see it continues throughout the early evening. still, daytime highs, 80s today


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