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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  August 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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. and a normally quiet neighborhood in brooke park finds itself at the center of a tense scene overnight. we have an update on a nearly 6- hourlong standoff between a shooting suspect and police. and the death toll rising in turkey. at least 50 peopl after a suspected terror attack at a wedding. >> and we start with a live look outside from our tower cam and there are some cloudy skies overhead and a gray overcast and into downtown cleveland and hello, i'm nick foley alongside janessa webb and yesterday at this time, we kind of had similar temperatures as we do today. >> right. >> and that is going to go up less than yesterday. >> and we're not going to see
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and the big dif rip, you're not sledding, right? >> and that is a big difference. >> and the humidity is calming down across the area and you can see the cloud cover am to the west and partly sunny skies making their way to the east. and we're calling for more sunshine but definitely a cooler weather pattern across the board. right now, 67 degrees. greater cleveland. 62 dew points right now and that is the moisture in the air and is talking about that pro, press -- oppressive air taking over. the front is starting to track in here allowing you to lose the ac and 67 for way county and lower 70s for lake geauga county and calling for daytime highs into the mid-70s for most of our area and you can see 5 live radar. the brunt of the moisture tracked to the south and we can't rule out spotty showers
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cooler air from chicago to st. louis and that is what we're going to deal with the next 36 hours and hour, today's not a bad day and you will probably have a light coat handy and i am giving you a taste of fall this afternoon. and happy to see the cold front move through for sure and thank you. we first brought you news of a standoff in brook park as breaking news last night. and after nearly six hours, a suspect confirmed dead by police to hear the condition of a man he is suspected of shooting and what can you tell us about the victim this morning, meg shaw? >> i can tell you i spoke with the police about an hour ago -- hour ago and they were unable to tell me how the victim is this morning and i am told should get an update around 11 or noon and back here at the scene, you can see where this happened.
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got a call saying a man was shot and that is when they identified him as carl atkins. he barricaded himself inside the home on richard drive. and finally, after six hours of no response from atkins, police support a robot inside and found the 37-year-old dead. he shot himself with a gun. we did talk to a neighbor during the standoff and she said in the 20 years she's lived on the streets, she has in every seen anything like this. >> and ea anything in your head and have no clue what is going on. >> reporter: we still have a lot of work to do in this case and we're waiting to hear what led up to the shooting and if the suspect and victims knew each other at all. again, still waiting on a condition from that vantage point. again, we'll keep you updated. meg shaw, newschannel 95. >> is any there are a lot of questions this morning. thank you, meg. >> and this morning, police trying to figure out what
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outside of an abandoned building and her body was found early yesterday and police have identified her but have not released a name. and a sad update to breaking news yesterday on good morning cleveland. the man found shot in buckeye has died. and cleveland police have to get a murder investigation into this case and there is no word on the suspects. the man's identity not being released. >> and to an effort to fight crime in the area. people coming awareness about human trafficking in cleveland with a fashion show. and the renee jones empowerment center teamed up with us together, a refugee resettlement agency. they are hosting the runway freedom multicultural fashion show to bring noney and awareness to the -- money and awareness to those issues. >> and earthquake warness about human trafficking in our hone communities and own backyards. we have an issue in cleveland and there is not a state or
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an issue with human trafficking. >> and we're working with groups of people oppressed or persecuted at some point in their life, had choices or freedoms taken away from them and they're at a point where they're starting a new life. in my case, they're coming to a new country and starting a new life and need help navigating that. >> reporter: many survivors, victims, and refugees taking part in the fashion show yesterday. and we have learned a youngstown lawyer held in contempt of court for wearing a black lives suing. the attorney said her free speech rights were violated when she was asked to remove the button while in court. the judge issued burton the citation based on a supreme court decision about the pans in the courtrooms. and. construction is set to begin at hall of fame village in canton and work on several major projects will start this week.
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down. the four-star hotel and conference center is to be built in that area and a center for excellence is planned that will locally house a coach's academy and officiating snout. and this is the first part of an 8-stage, hundred million dollars development plan. and a traffic alert to keep in mind if you're heading out today. several exit ramps are closed on,-77 and those ramps to and from state route 82 and pleasant valley road and rock side road will be closed and one at a time. and this repavement project scheduled to go on all week long. and watch for the detours. >> spent thank you so much for starting your sunday morning here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up, one last day of competition at the o almostics in rio. we have a look back at the big moments of the games ahead of tonight's closing ceremony yes and believe it or not, this man, 31 years old, will share how police were able to see through the clever disguise. >> and the local with earth
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sunshine. i will show you the seven-day forecast how long the 70s stick
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. good morning, everybody. and we're off to a start for wayne county. nice green grass and you will notice the temperature difference, though and yesterday, you saw temperatures in the upper 80s. today, mid-70s and if you're heading to the tribe game,
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side and more sunshine to expect as the cold front continues to make its way through. and now, nick, yesterday i was putting you back in the pool. unfortunately today's not the day for that and we'll call for a barbecue. lower 70s, cool and comfortable weather. we want to tell you about the breeze, though, that is picking up out of the west. ten to 15 miles per hour and definitely hold on to your hat today. >> and still, get out and enjoy temperatures. and overnight, the death toll rising to 50. attack on the wedding there. it appears to have been's suicide bombing and happened in the country's southeast region, 60 mimes from the syrian city of aleppo and turkey's president said there is no difference between isis, and rebels. and in alabama, police are calling the murder of five people, quote, the most hour of course homicide they have seen.
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the murders. one victim was five months pregnant and ho i phases six counts of capital murder. the only survivor, a small infant found in the home when officers, rifed. >> and we don't know exactly who the relatives are of the infant now and we're working diligently toward that. >> and so, i -- and -- . >> and the police say that multiple weapons were used in this crime, including a gun and he's in custody afr himself into police overnight. and in massachusetts, a fugitive is in custody after officers were able to see through his disguise. and he is 31 years old and was disguised as an elderly man when federal and local authorities found him. they found $30,000 inside the home where he was staying and two loaded weapons. miller was indicted in april on charges of possession of heroin with untent to distribute. and as we head it -- intent
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lottery numbers. good luck, we'll be right back.
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. 8:14 on your sunday and a tramming ending to an amber alert. the body of five-year-old alana urtle was found hours after the alert was issued. the suspect in her death was arrested. 26-year-old zachary anderson is a family friend.
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and the mother woke up to discover them gone. >> and the five football players who were arrested friday night are subject to dismissal. and indiana state police say the players were pulled over for speeding. investigators say a trooper smelled marijuana in the car. the police later searched the vehicle and found pot and an unlicensed handgun in it. >> and with the handgun. and most of the individuals were gone and all three of the things are a mix to the recipe for disasters. >> all five players are facing marijuana possession remember changes, three have been charged with possessing a gun without a license. the university said it will decide if any additional sanctions should apply to the players. and now from overnight, the brain behind some of the biggest boy band sensations died in prison. luke pearlman created a music called transcan't want inal
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street boys, nsync, lfo and take 5. he was later sentenced to 25 years in prison for running a $300 million ponzi scheme. the scheme ended up wiping out hundreds of investors. several members of the bands he produced claimed pearlman sexually assaulted them. pearlman was 62 years old. and right now, the growing wildfire in central california. the flames are 3 1/2 miles windship caused the fire to jump a containment line, prompting more evacuation orders. so far, the fires burned more than 2600 square miles. actually, 26 square miles in that brief detailed area and destroying more than 100 homes. >> and with one day to go in the summer olympics, the united states is leaving no doubt it controls rio with another dominant. ance yesterday. abcs jim a republican has the
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1500. matthew blazed across the finish line, becoming the first american to medal gold in that event since 1908. in the women's 4 by 400, the women held off the jamaican and ran home for her sixth gold medal and the sixth straight u.s. gold in the event. allyson felix has more gold medals than any other woman in olympic track and history. in the men's 4 by 400 relay, the and leshawn merrick running anchor. the women's team extends the dominance on the court, beating spain in the final game. their 49th straight win in the olympics. this is the american women's sixth consecutive gold medal. >> and i'm filled with joy that i was able to do something to make my family and friends and everyone who has been affected by the flooding proud. >> gen with joggenson overcome with emotions in the woman's triathalon.
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medal for the u.s., the first- ever gold more any american athlete, man or woman in this event. >> and it's pretty incredible to work for something for four years and you have one day to accomplish it and i was able to do it on the one day. >> and the men's one-day, repeated as olympic champion and he was disqualified for infringement and later re- enstated to take silver. what bril fabricated version of the international incident at the rio gas station, telling nbc news. >> that is why i am taking full responsibility for it. it's because i overexaggerated that story and if i never done that, we would not be in this mess. >> reporter: one day before the 2016 summer games officially closed, host country brazil has something to remember them by: a gold medal in soccer. its first ever that came with a high drama of the penalty kick which won the match and sent
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of joy. jim ryan, rio de janeiro brazil. >> and great showing for american athletes. the u.s. has a commanding lead heading into the final day of competition, as you see there. the americans have brought in 116 total medals. 43 of them gold, the closest competitor, china at 70 medals,, golds, great britain, russia, and germany round out the top five. and with the rio games wrapping up, we're looking back at the all-time medal totals for the modern olympic games. the numbers do year's games, however, the united states has the most medals of all time with 2,405. next, it's the soviet union and nearly half of that, 1,123, great britain, germany, and france are the others that make the all-time list. and there you go. centuries of olympic domination. >> yeah. and and years of modern
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and people enjoying it. >> and this weekend is about giving everybody what they wanted. okay. >> and yesterday we were upper 80s and mid-90s and really oppressive. if you're over that, a taste of fall this morning where we're seeing temperatures on the cooler side and that is a wonderful shot of greater cleveland area. >> and in have been seeing the last few days. and looking at wayne county, the front is moving across the area and you step into the mid- afternoon. the forecast today, specific for an official high. and a completely different weather pattern as that cold front continues to sweep
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summit county. still past that 70 degrees mark. you're not going to see the thermometer go up too much. the want from continues to sag south and east. that is why dew points near the mid-50s for lakeshore communities, upper 60s. the oppress of air to stark county and we sweep through. you will finally get bit of relief. and 5 live radar is not picking up any moisture and we can't rule out the possibility. and still the spotty showers and as the cold front making its way out of our area. you can see the track is towards the eastern seaboard and that high pressure is starting to build and allow us some sunshine today and a start of your workweek and hob, what do you have planned?
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the pool. how about today, you break out the grill and take in the nice breathable air across the area. and so far, the 8:00 hour, the temperatures in the lower 70s and this is not just our area. fiftys for denver; 61 for st. louis. that cooler air mass completely taking over and going to be sticking around for at least the next 36 hours. so, future casts, i can't rule out the possibility of the way across our area. the future cast is showing you around 2:00 for lake shore communities to cedar point. kelly's island and could see isolated activity. this is not heavy rain that we'll see, but just in case, if you're heading across the greater cleveland area to ashtabula, you might see an increase in clouds and a few showers. today, we're going with partly sunny, 76 degrees and that
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to show you the seven-day forecast and we're seeing the 80s. they do return by mid-week. thank you. >> and they can head over to progressive field today for the rubber match. indians and the blue jays. the indians coming back to earth after two straight walkoff victories but they made things interesting late against the blue jays and the browns back in training camp. preparing for tampa bay this week and while others use the preseason to the spotlight. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. and everybody and their mother want said to see the knowians play. a sellout. the fourth into the season. the thing is that the indians support everyone and their mother's home happy. and josh back with the team and top two, no score. two on, two outs. and jose ramirez tries the pick jump and can't get it. one run scores and this is
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top 3, 3-0, reporto and facing upton with a run or and the meatball. upton crush -- crushes it for a 2-run homer. five-0, blue jays like that and indians down 5-1 and he delivers. and jason scores with the 5-2 ballgame and loppy chisolm facing sanchez and lonnie gets a hold of one. the 3-run homer and we're teed at season. check out sanchez here and none too pleased about that one and the indians dug out, they love it. the top five, though. and eddie on win encarnacion and serves it up. the 35th homer and with the three home runs in the game. it's 6-5, blue jays. bottom 9. indians down a run and to the final out. look who steps up from the plate. we hear from the last two
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the game and indians lose 6-5, the final. the rubber game at 1:00. >> and browns meantime off yesterday and before heading to road for tampa bay. the browns will have two joint practices this coming week leading up to the preseason matchup on friday note and elsewhere, a couple of former bucko eyes playing. rookie quarterback, cardel jones starting the second half and taking on the giants. gets hit and helmet pops off here get going. and playing in the game. on the fourth on deep and he gets picked off. jones is 6ful 12 with 83 yards and beat the giants 21-0 and ted guinn jr. and against the titans. cam newton finds hadem and does the rest and blows by the defense and that 61-yard
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the panthers defeat the titans 26-16 and that is your morning sports. have a great day. and thank you. also, tripping online this morning, a world war 2 veteran making history in order to hip- hopper it and it started with a love for running and a relay race. scott got national attention running a relay race at the age of 88 and you decided to keep on going and ran three days a week beginning at the pacific ocean when he was 90. yesterday, at the finished the cross country track in saint simons, georgia. the reasons, to help raise money and awareness to bring the well, st325 vessel across the atlantic and it's the only left from world war ii fully operational. >> and give people credit that -- and sailed on them. and almost every serviceman has been on one. you know, between the world war
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>> what an amazing accomplishment there and andrews finished his run yesterday. we're calling it a run. he's 93 and deserves that respect. the day after turning 93, he finished it and raised more than $16,000 for the shift and he wants to bring in normandy, france, for the 75th anniversary of d day. congratulations. and still had this morning, riders who rely on rtas green line in for a rude awakening. what is the problem and how >> and months after a family was massacred, the state attorney general releasing now details about the investigation. you're watching good morning
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. hello, everybody. it's 8:30. and we're givi looking at downtown. the clouds are overhead and a great start to your sunday and still, should be nice out and about and welcome back to this weekend edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley. we have several developing stories for you, including a nearly six-hour standoff and police finally over, with police in brooke park. meg shaw has new details about what went on inside the home. first, a check on the weather for janessa webb. >> and good morning, everybody.
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money today. you're going to lose the ac, finally that electric bill is going to be reduced a bit this afternoon because the humidity levels, they have fallen due to that very potent cold front taking over our area. and a lot of sunshine across the board. the high cirrous clouds and we can't rule out the possibility of a few isolated showers this afternoon. and right now, the temperatures are 67 degrees and 62 dew points. this time talking about dew points in the lower 70s and so that oppressive air as the front continues to slide through, definitely cooling us off in the afternoon. and greater cleveland right now, 70 degrees and only a forecasted high today of 76. and so about a 15 degrees temperature drop from yesterday afternoon. and good morning, dover new philly, 73 degrees and ashtabula, lower 70s and you're waking up to mostly cloudy
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>> august a portage county, raven a ashtabula, you have clouds that are in tact as you make your way to the west. eerie, huron county and avon lake. north ridgeville. you're seeing a bit of clearing here starting off your morning with a little bit of sunshine. and so hour-by-hour, folks, we're definitely on the cooler side. who needs a taste of fall? you're going to get it today by 2:00. 77. nick? >> and definitely a big difference than that feels li enforcement officers from multiple departments converging on a home in brookepark overnight. after six hours, the standoff is now over, but neighbors and police are left with a lot of questions this morning. meg shaw is leave at the scene for us and what is happening so far this morning. >> i can tell you, nick, this neighborhood here this morning is somewhat active. a lot of cars driving by slowly and some stopping just to look at the house. i want to show you and you can see brooke park police still sitting outside of the home
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still smashed and a lot of debris in the front yard and police have a lot of work left to do answering questions about what led up to this entire incident that started around 7:00 and saturday evening. the police responded to the neighborhood after they got a call saying a man was shot. and moments later, the shooter identified as 37-year-old carl atkins, he barricaded him inside the home here on richard drive. police and s.w.a.t. teams trying to negotiate atkins for six hours. eventually a robot was sent inside of the home and they found atkins dead. they said he shot him with a gun. and now, as for the man that atkins was reportedly shot before the entire incident, they said -- we're told he was taken to metro health medical center. i talked to police earlier this morning and they were not able to give me an update on his , but they tell me they will have more information for me later this morning.
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and certainly a big shot to the community this morning. thank you, meg. >> and if you commute on the rta green line, you will have to take a bus tomorrow. a huge sinkhole has opened up you were the tracks. the maintenance workers were working on the line this weekend when a four-foot hole opened up. a he told us a piece of heavy construction equipment fell into the hole. rta said until it's fixed, they will run buses instead. and we're learning that four people were charged with cuyahoga prosecutor said local dye clip ings were used as -- [ indiscernible ] and more than a million doses of amphetamines were sold at the clinics owned by janet paulino. three employees, including a doctor and nurse, are also charged. the clippings have been closed -- clinics have been closed since last year. and virginia residents are recovering after a turn of events eerily similar after what happened in akron. >> will 4 -- july 4th weekend.
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four-hour period. all of the overdoses happened within a mile and a half radius and believe that the drug was laced with a powerful chemical in the case in akron, it was discovered an animal sedative called carphentanol was caught with a batch there and officials issuing a warning. a local lab detected it this week in heroin. we told you about this powerful combination last month again, when it will cause more than 100 overdoses and eight and around ohio this morning, the state attorney general releasing more information about the 8 family members that were murdered in pike county. he believes whoever killed the family was familiar with the victims and their homes. investigators believe those who live in that area know more about the murders than they were telling investigators. the investigation into the april murders is ongoing. in toledo, landlords are going to have to make changes.
8:36 am
requires the properties build before 1978 to be inspected for lead before they can be rented and properties where child care is provided need inspections and takes affect in january. >> and ohio farmers are warned about a bacterial disease that can impact their herds. the wild deer in southeast indiana tested positive for bovine tuberculosis. cows get the highly contageous disease and farmers are asked to make sure they don't come into contact with hunters should be careful by wearing gloves with field dressing, fully cooking any meat as well. and the lows of events happening around our area this weekend. if you haven't made it out to the lake county fair, today is your last chance. the fair wraps up in painesville tonight. the big events during the day are the 4-h horse show, dog show, and harness horse racing. and tone, the lake county demolition derby starts at 7. and the bell fair jcb
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will take racers to go through the east side suburbs. and fun from the event goes to support the organization's work with at-risk youth. the race began at 8 this morning and with many participants running 3 miles and biking 12, it will be going on for awhile. and newschannel 5, there she is, janessa webb. right next to mia and somara theodore. will try their hand at abouttending. the event is charitable foundation and runs from 4-9 at fredericks wine and dine in warrensville heights. >> still ahead, we're under three months away from election day. the presidential campaigns are working overtime. we have some now spending numbers to see how the candidates compare. >> and a tornado is touching down in ohio and we'll show the damage left behind near dayton. janessa. >> and we're waking up to some sunshine. sun and clouds mixed throughout
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forecast how long the cooler
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. good morning, everybody. our weather camera is telling the story perfectly out there for toledo this morning. high cirrous clouds are starting to see cumulous towering clouds for loran and off to a nice dry start.
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lake county. nice green grass. we have been dealing with a lot of moisture the last two weeks here and we're starting to settle into a cooler weather pattern and dry conditions. and today, daytime highs are 15 to 16 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon, but we'll go with partly sunny. as the front continues to move through, we can't rule out the possibility of a few spotty showers and that i will not be on the heavy side from beachwood to pepper pike and warm air is pumping in for canton and akron. >> and check out the pictures of a tornado that touched down north of dayton last night. several homes were damaged, cars and trucks found flipped on their side in the tornado's path. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] and i was mental image and damage it was. and was prepared for it. when i got home, still nothing prepares you for this.
8:42 am
that passed over us and significantly weakened by the time it hit the cleveland area and janessa joins us now to talk about more. and we don't get that many but what creates the elements perfect for those tornados? >> and we saw a volatile cold front that was forming, and we saw storms that really picked up and some rotation on the tomorrows and that is what allowed for to 60 and 70 miles per hour and we don't see it too often a tornado touching down, but just last year, we saw quite a few tornado warnings but nothing officially hitting. >> and when we see the warnings, what is the best mode of action for folks that may have something like that in your area? >> we're always saying have to be prepared for stores. have safety kits and stuff like
8:43 am
need to may be sure you have a safe spot. definitely in basements, ground level and not near windows and listen to our voices. the window warnings and advisories are issued. you don't want to be on ground level or try to be on the top sorry face. >> and an area that can sustain a lot of damage? >> and wouldn't people to be prepared ahead of time and thank you, janessa. if you let us know. text or e-mail us 5tips@news5-
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. welcome back and moving to politics with under three months before the november election. new reports show hillary clinton is way ahead of donald trump with finance spending. trump's campaign spent over $18 million in july while the clinton campaign sp the reports show that the gop's biggest donors have yet to put their money behind trump. in all, his campaign brought in 37 million while clinton raised 52 million. and as for that campaigning, the race for the white house continues its ohio focus this week as donald trump campaigns tomorrow night in akron. newschannel 5s john kosich has a look at that and more in this morning's democracy 2016. >> and good sunday morning, northeast ohio. it's hard to believe it was one month ago tonight.
8:47 am
cleveland and it was three weeks ago the dnc wrapped up in philly. four years ago, the first convention didn't get started until august 27th. and this is the longest general election campaign that was seen since 1960 and probably the only time during the campaign that you will hear a comparison between kennedy and nixon and trump and clinton. that being said, both candidates are making the most of the general election campaign time, especially here in ohio. hillary clinton was in cleveland saying don't believe >> and for anyone waiting for trump to some become more responsible, remember what a great american maya angelou said: when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> reporter: trump, men while, was in youngstown last week and will be in akron tomorrow night. he said in north carolina on thursday, he is a changed man.
8:48 am
dissipate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words ask or you say the wrong thing i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it and particularly where it may have caused knowal pain. >> the secretary of state has a message for both campaigns. she the rigged election talk. >> when allies say people are disenfranchised, that is responsible. when terrorism said the election is going to be rigged, that is irresponsible. what our political leaders should be doing is build confidence in our election system so more people will trust it and more people will come out and vote and participate in it. >> reporter: election day might be 79 days away but early
8:49 am
52 days. and -- [ indiscernible ] folks in cleveland are collecting for future. and as a result of cleveland job well done. and when rnc chair announced in july 2014. >> the republican national committee chose cleveland. >> it support a message to the rest of the world that cleveland was vetted and improved. and since they dropped, the city played host to several smaller conventions with more. and in the rnc was one thing and pulling it off without incident is >> and since the rnc, almost 60 new leads coming in and 10 of the leads came in the last week and at least were influenced. >> and just as important is the number of leads and each convention would bring. >> and the size of the business is much larger than they were a year ago. >> reporter: now hilton hotel is the major recipient of the first wave of conventions, including one this weekend,
8:50 am
next with -- attendees and one next with 1,000 there are bigger citywide conventions like content marketing world, bringing in 3500 people. a show that several years ago outgrew cleveland. >> and that is one example of a show that had to leave our city after 2011 and that is because we didn't have enough hotel rooms. we can stay with the growth and successfully am the group the next few years. >> reporter: i'm john kosich, enjoy your sunday. >> thank you. and that is the the campaigns we have seen the last few months and that is how well cleveland looked. >> yeah. >> and awesome. and -- janessa joins us now with some weather. again, you noticed the difference this time yesterday as compared to -- . >> and ladies, go ahead and curl your hair this morning. >> curl away. >> and the humidity is down across northeast ohio and that is going to be sticking around
8:51 am
comfortable in store and drawing's number of faults, 32 days away. are you excited? >> and -- very excited. >> and okay, we're still in summer, and we're going to soak up more sunshine across the areas and he cumulous clouds and you could see a spotty shower or two the front tracks south and east. elyria, 67; ashtabula, lower 70s and some lower 70s across the board and a forecasted high upper 70s this afternoon and dew point, the moisture in the air and that is backing off the oppressive state. the comfortable air throughout the afternoon and go ahead and
8:52 am
the window again. and looking at the 5 live radar, not picking up moisture and some high pressure is building and that is what is allowing for the sunshine for western communities and you sitting in the cloud coverage due to the front for ashtabula, geauga and eastern locations. it's a well-defined front as it tracks to the east and it will allow us to be under more comfortable air and sunshine. you can see hour-by-hour and not going to rule out the possibility of an isolated shower. the cool air taking charge across denver from minneapolis in the 50s and that is tracking in to northern ohio. i want to show you the shower activity and it will be light throughout the afternoon and do not cancel outdoor plans. be aware of it. from 4:00, it starts to come in from cedar point and kelly's
8:53 am
pick up activity. and by 8:00, we're seeing more widespread moisture for cuyahoga county and moves in and out fairly quickly and please take note of the overnight lows. 53 degrees and that is for wayne county. the temperatures are cool tonight and into mansfield and akron, 55 and some cool weather pattern here due to at and daytime high of 76, and that is a difference. mostly cloudy and 60s near the seven-day forecast. we're going to talk about more sunshine this week and look at this and if you need the heat, it returns. 85 by wednesday; 87 and we'll see a cooldown for next weekend. >> and looking good. thank you. and in health news, families rely on the epipen for severe allergies watch the
8:54 am
years and many insurance companies don't cover it. it's gone up more than 500% in seven years while some experts in the field say the technology has not changed during that time. the maker of the device said, quote, prices have changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides, end quote and that leaves parents scrambling to keep up with the costs. >> and that is hard to swallow. it is and we don't el kids lives are at steak, you -- stake, you do what you have tower keep them safe. >> and. >> the network is working to get the pen placed on a preventive medicine's list so that health insurance companies will be forced to cover it. >> and we janessa will join us with a final look next at our
8:57 am
. the 70s return to northeast ohio. 74by sunshine is involved by tuesday and we're back in the 80s'. >> and this week with george steph noneulous is next. we'll see -- george
8:58 am
hi, i'm sarah carns. scott defalco is here to show us an easy way to take years off of your appearance if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea, red wine or smoking. he can help you look up to 13 years younger and it takes five minutes only. welcome, scott. >> and thank you, sarah. you know, you can look up to 13 years younger with a brighter, whiter smile. i have a i wouldn't mind subtracting the years opposed to adding to them. >> and we want to know the secret. >> and this is power assault with a deadly weapons that is proven on average to whiten your teeth two shades and six shades over seven days and showing you how simple this is. the first up is the stain out swap. you will do it for two minutes and we do two things. >> yeah. >> and we lift the stapes off of your teeth and at the same time, we -- stains off of your
8:59 am
same time. the biggest advantage is men man to noence is activity. the reason you experience is because they dehydrate your enamel. we hydrate and moisturize the enamel and we'll whiten the process like this and there is some up to the gum line and no sensitivity. and once you're don with that, on average, over seven days, six shades. >> and that is amazing. seven days. >> yes. >> and how long does it last? >> lasting up to six months. another great thing, it will work on caps, crowns and veneers. anyone will tell you over time is nothing to do about it until now. >> and that is amazing. the coffee i'm drinking. >> uh-huh. >> drink all of the coffee you want and the wine, responsibly, of course. and not at work. the power swabs will take away the stains. >> and i love the tense tist issue as well. >> and that is the biggest advantage. and you have a special for our viewers? >> if you call the 1-800-663-45 spin or go to powerassault with a deadly weapons wantcom and they'll give you a chance to
9:00 am starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump shakeup. sfwla >> and believer it or not, i regret it. >> a brand-new team in charge. again. >> you have to be you. >> but with just 79 days before the election, can trump change? >> when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> or is this one more false start? plus, with new questions over the clinton foundation -- >> it was pay for play. >> and those e-mails. can hillary clinton clear the hurdle of trust? this morning, we'll talk to campaign imagine ears from both sides. and rnc chair reince priebus.


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