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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we lead this broadcast with a so much in northeast an inmate. the summit county sheriff's office reports that two inmates escaped from glenwood jail friday afternoon. the two inmates, daniel parkins and jason shockly, posed as trustees who had privileges of carrying trays to the van in a jail parking lot. when they got there, they dropped the trays and bolted. perkins was located and brought into custody. shockly is still out there somewhere. if you see him, call any police
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thank thanks for being with us on this tuesday afternoon. and in another news, a local restaurant uppes the ante by offering a $10,000 reward for information into a shooting at a lorain taco bell. august 14th, robert neesak was shot in the drive-thru. and in addition to the taco bell bell reward, the lorain police are offering $5,000 for information in the case. the total reward money am to $15,000. and in cleveland, in the meantime, police are investigating another case of smash-and-grab and thieves hit the food mart on cleveland's west 49th street. and they used a minivan to crash through the brick wall of the neighborhood store. the van was left running in the parking lot white will thieves got away. among the items stolen were cigarettes. and nearly a dozen firefighters in tampa are back on the job, thanks to federal
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and the repository reported the cuts were because of a $5 million budget deficit and that $1.4 million grant from fema was made public nearly two weeks ago. it was approved by the city council last night. and let's check in on the weather situation with my friend and yours, somara theodore. how are we looking? >> we're looking beautiful out there. you step outside. it's gorgeous and you can look at the radar and it's dry. barely seeing the clouds in the sky and tons of sunshine. let's look morning and talking upper 50s. and now, we're climbing towards the high, 78 degrees in kirtland; 78, euclid; 76, bedford and in the 80s in menner and we head into the areas of west side, 76 in new london and 75 in westlake. andwelling top, elyria and --wellington, elyria, and avon lake in the upper 70s. and these temperatures are going to climb into the low 80s. and some of us are warmer than
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looking at a projection of 82 and that is in ashland. still not agreeing with the model and showing some class. 75 degrees and 83 in parma. and then we go to canton and abron. upper 80s as well and overall, a beautiful day ahead of us. and we're expecting rain that is returning to the forecast. we'll talk about that in the full power of 5 weather. back to you for now, leon. >> a local animal shelter is nd legged friends and they're impacted by massive flooding. more than two dozen puppies and dogs survived today in geauga county. and in louisiana, the pets were rescued by acadia animal aid. the group has taken more than 150 animals from flooded shelters. the president is in louisiana visiting the areas affected by the historic flooding last week.
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residents. mark gonzalez is in east baton rouge, parish, with more on the story. >> reporter: from the flood water to everything it destroyed. >> and it looks like a bomb went off. >> reporter: president obama visiting baton rouge to get a firsthand look. >> and part of the message the president will take to louisiana, the united states government and the american people will stand with the people in baton rouge as they rebuild their community. >> a community reeling from the storm that more than a week ago, hit neighborhoods not more than 30,000 rescues, killing at least 13 people and damaging an estimated 60,000 homes. >> we want the names to come in and louisiana needs this. needs this assistance. it's widespread and not just baton rouge. >> reporter: president obama facing criticism for not cutting his vacation short n. an interview with msnbc, louisiana's governor defended the decision. >> we have to take hundreds of local first responders, police
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security for that type of thing. i would have those people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president. >> reporter: at the same time, the governor praised donald trump who visited on friday, saying his fromness brought much needed attention to a cast iser that many feel was largely ignored. but not ignored by fema. unlike the slow federal response of katrina, agents are here processing more than 110,000 people who registered for help replacing all that was lost. marcy gonzalez, abc news, east baton rouge, parish, louisiana. and here in our area, the northern ohio residents are paycheck up with red marks on their skin. the new bug invading the area is leaving people itchy and irritated about that, of course.
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gorilla, has zoo shall ifs deleting media accounts. >> and donald trump continues to push for the minority vote. and the race for the white house continues and so does the news at the noon hour.
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mosquitoes have -- west nile mosquitoes -- parma, euclid it's unusual -- [ indiscernible ] [please stand by-audio issues]
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. well, a pennsylvania man is
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between two pittsburgh buildings for more than four hours. the police say the man was trying to impress a woman by jumping from one building roof to the next and the man missed his target and fell between the two buildings. he was wedged there for hours. rescue crew his to breakthrough brick walls to get him. the man was taken to the hospital and there is no word on his condition, but he was trying to impress a woman. and a massachusetts high school student accused of raping two of his will serve probation in ohio where he will attend college. david becker sexually assaulted two students while they were sleeping after a house party in april. police said he denied assaulting one victim and thought the action with the other victim was okay because she did not stop him. and a judge sentenced him to two years of probation. and another life sentence for a rape conviction is
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this afternoon. this after stanford university's swimmer blocked -- brock turner was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman and they were both drinking that night. now, stanford university is banning undergraduates from drinking hard liquor on the campus. it includes hard alcohol with more than 20% alcohol by volume or 40 proof beer and wine on campus are still allowed. >> and a petition to block texas' controversial campus carry gun law has been request filed by three university of texas professors to block the state's controversial campus carry gun law. that allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns on public college campuses in texas. the professors claim the law violated the rights under the first and 49th amendments and the texas law allowing licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns on college campuses took affect this morning in texas.
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voters, and hillary clinton continues to block off questions about her e-mails. the race to the white house goes on. abcs maggie rooley has our story. >> reporter: wowing an enthusiastic crowd in akron, ohio, last night -- . >> i just get the feeling we're going to win in a landslide. >> reporter: donald trump again asking african-americans for their vote before a mostly white audience. >> and we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down street without getting shot. >> reporter: he's expanding his plea to hispanics as well. rick kline said trump's outreach to minority voters is for white voters. >> he wants to cut into the margins and give as many white voters comfort in a campaign that is expand -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and trump appears to be softening his firm stance on why immigration and accusing the democrats of rigging the election against him. and he asked supporters to make sure they watch the polls.
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know what i'm talking about, right? you know what i'm talking about. >> there are circles on the right wing in particular that feel like voter fraud is a rampant issue that needs to be controlled. >> reporter: meanwhile -- [ indiscernible ] controversy over hillary clinton's e-mail continue and they were released by a conservative watchdog group show a closer relationship between the clinton foundation and -- [ indiscernible ] secretary of state's view. and on jimmy kimmel -- >> yeah. >> i mean i heard that. >> and so -- [ indiscernible ] i tonight know. and what is -- meanwhile, both trump and clinton are preparing for the main event this fall, and there is little doubt
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presidential debates ever. [ indiscernible ] >> yes, they are. and the clouds and sun. we're in for a beautiful afternoon and let's get to the radar. and actually -- [ indiscernible ] and no matter. and the clouds in the sky and that should give us a lot of sunshine and help us to warm up. it was a cool start and, in fact, because we didn't have clouds in the sky, we could not trap much of the heat and and we called it radiational cooling and we're seeing it dry and expecting it to stay that way. and again, this morning, it was cool and that is -- [ indiscernible ] down to about 51 degrees and along the morning in the low 50s, making it feel like a fog day. now, we're heading to the 8s, 79 in euclid and 82 in menner. eighty degrees in peninsula and
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ashland, 78; and into elyria 76 degrees and as well. and taking our -- so often to the evening and daytime. that is -- [ indiscernible ] going to be a cool start for you and -- [ indiscernible ] phenomenal weather here in east ohio and all three are not moving and -- bridging us the skies to the west and thunderstorms. the cold front is heading towards us. the future cast with the time stamp on here. 6:15 p.m. and still quiet, a few clouds making their way through and we're dry and clear and cool overnight and by tomorrow afternoon, our chances of rain go up into early thursday morning and we could be waking up into showers if you're an early bird and by thursday afternoon, the threat and thunderstorms will be most prevalent. the power of 5 seven-day
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it's not that -- and into the end of the weekend. we're nearing 90 degrees. and that is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. remember, you can catch all of our weather updates by tuning in to cleveland star 102 and 98.5wncx cleveland's classic rock. and let's transition here from weather to our pet-of-the- week and we have two beautiful kittens. >> and two very sweet kittens appropriately named kisses smooches. >> oh. and they're sweet. they're four months old. i brought them because we're celebrating the end of summer as well with the cat days of summer promotion and this weekend, friday and saturday only, these guys normally $95 will be $5. >> huh. >> and it's a petite type, no pun intended, to think about bringing a cat or kit tone your home and we rarely drop for kittens but we want to see all of them get into a home as
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dolls. whoever takes them will be really, really lucky. >> and they have a very calm demeanor. >> -- [ indiscernible ] >> all right, let's look at that and -- [ indiscernible ] friday and saturday. and also, i mentioned, right now, we're out of the 9, 12 shot stop at st. clair and that is downtown. and this is the last time of the year for that, too and assumer is event is fun there and we're there with dogs and cats available for adoption. >> and thank you, every tuesday. >> and for you at home, please stick around. we'll have a last look at weather and news updates after
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. >> wt thing outside. >> and i will hold you to that. >> and that is another thing.
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. this is sarah carns with tuesday. [ indiscernible ] >> sarah, it you for having me. my name is bob and i am a administrator for nuremberg paris, tyler and mccarthy. i have been with the firm over 14 years now, and i would like to speak today about work- related injuries. fortunately for most of us, we get up and go to work every day. we come home at the end of the day without incident. and occasionally -- on occasion, unfortunate things happen and sometimes people are injured on the job most injuries, fortunately, are relatively minor and don't require much in the way of medical attention; however, for
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is slightly more significant or significantly more than just a minor bump or a bruise, medical attention is required. most employers when you are injured on the job, will reject you for immediate evaluation or assessment injuries at a physician or clinic of their choosing and that is find to get an initial assessment or evaluation for documenting the injury; however, with what most injured workers don't know and what everyone should know is that i compensable work-related injury, you can treat with whatever doctor you choose as long as he is ohio bureau's worker's comp certified. he can suggest or recommend who you treat w but they can't direct you or treat you to -- the sunny position you're not comfortable with and to learn more or if you have any questions, look us up on the
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us at 216-694-pooh-pooh. >> thank you for tuning in to this week e decision with nuremberg paris. for more information about nuremberg paris, log on to their website at we'll see you next week on
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