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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and 5:00 and now at 6:00. we are learning more about exactly what happened. >> news channel 5 homa bash is live on scene. homa, you spoke to some witnesses there? >> reporter: yeah, we did. they heard the same thing we did over the last hour, explosions coming out of this scrapyard that is still currently in business. now, we want you to take a look back here. that fire is mostly out now. cleveland firefighters on scene, mopping up the hot spots. but i want to show video we shot over the last hour. you'll see these huge flames and smoke filling up the sky all over midtown cleveland. that huge black plume of smoke. this happened at a scrapyard called american iron and metal on east 55th and marquette right off cleveland's east side. we were getting calls from all over as people saw that huge plume of smoke over the sky during their evening commute. down here we kept hearing small explosion after small explosion.
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caught the nearby cars on fire. as you can imagine that it is almost expected in a scrapyard filled with metals and flammables. luckily no injuries to report though. again, you can see that fire is out pretty quickly. now, a former worker and witness told us what happened, his dad was inside at time. >> a big van came in with a tank in it. they went in to squeeze it and to put it in the pile, it blew up. >> it was scary because i could have been in there. i could have been in there. and that would have scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: again, that was a scary scene just over the last hour. but you can see over the last few minutes that cleveland firefighters, they have put this fire at this scrapyard out. the smoke has pretty much cleared from the air and they are just mopping up the last hot spots. when we know of a cause, of course we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. live in cleveland homa bash news channel 5. okay, now onto the other big stories.
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no vehicle is off limits. >> catalytic converter thefts are happening in an alarming rate. they are happening nearly a dozen in just the past few days here. replacing it will set you back hundreds of dollars. news channel 5 tracy carloss is digging into the costly crime. tracy, you learned that police made an arrest? >> reporter: yeah, north royalton police made a discovery of these stolen catalytic converters that could be convicted to the ot >> it makes your car immobile. >> reporter: if your catalytic converter is gone, you'll know it. starting a car doesn't sound like this anymore. >> we went to use one of our delivery trucks and we heard a drag noise. >> reporter: victor fragapane says that their family bakery depends on their two vans to make daily deliveries. victor explained to me that it cost $8,000 for the repair.
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we had to use a smaller van. it was a big inconvenience. >> reporter: from north holmstead to shaker heights where four were stolen from this rta parking lot. the culprits are on the move. i discovered a family from new york had their catalytic converter stolen from their van at this west lake hotel parking lot. the crooks are taking the part for the precious metal and scrapping it for about $50. >> the state has set up if you come in and you scrap almost anything that you have to provide photo i.d.s. a lot of these scrap dealers are recording you now and that makes it if we can pin it on somebody that it will make it easier to make a case against them. >> reporter: north royalton police are building a case against these three. police stopped a car early sunday morning for a registration violation. inside lieutenant dave loading told me they found drugs, catalytic converters, and the tool needed to cut through the
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surrounding communities to let them know what we had discovered. these six catalytic converters found in the trunk of the car. >> reporter: and now north royalton police told me that they are working with other departments around the area all on this case. live in cleveland tracy carloss news channel 5. our brother died alone in a cold dark basement. >> a powerful plea from a caused by heroin. now that lake county family hopes that the words in the wake of a loved one's death will spur others to act. new at 6:00 tonight, chris -- kristin bolt spoke to the family member. they wrote an obituary in today's newspaper? >> reporter: yes, it was three simple paragraphs, yet they painted a very dark realistic scene of how heroin destroys a
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aaron benadin who died in a basement of his home. his body was not found until the next day. >> there was no way for children to console. >> reporter: tucked away inside today's news herald on the middle of the page is this obituary. written about this man, 42-year- old aaron benadum. >> his worldly positions will fit in a trash bag. >> reporter: the author, aaron's older sister. >> our brother was a win addict, who like many others before him and sadly many more after died becoming just another statistic. >> reporter: but with her stark words printed here, jessica harper desperately hopes her brother's death saves someone else's life. because she does not wish this pain on anyone else. >> it's not fair because he was more than this. he was more than this to me. >> reporter: jessica believed in her brother and knew that he could become a firefighter.
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going hey, guess what, i want to be an addict. >> reporter: but ten years ago she says that he started down a dark path. first stealing painkillers from her, then switching to heroin. >> he hated heroin, he hated being an addict, but the addiction was so strong. >> reporter: aaron lost out in the end, as he was found dead in the basement in wallabe. >> it filthy. >> reporter: now a little bit of comfort that jessica has is knowing that she tried to help her beloved brother. she hopes that it will motivate addicts and their loved ones to keep trying too. >> it is never, ever too late to try to help them. >> reporter: jessica tells me that she also lost her parents and stepsister to drug overdoses. now the family will hold
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i'm kristin bolt news channel 5. we will stay with it. could a dietary supplement lead to a heroin relapse? one mother says that a popular painkiller derailed her son's sobriety. >> it is natural and for the most part, legal. 24-year-old zachary zein started using heroin as a teenager, but he has been sober for three years. things took a turn for the worst when he started taking shots of energy drugs called chill. and they contain an extract from cradum. >> it gave him that opioid effect and triggered that craving. >> zachary's mother said that they had no idea that they consider it an addicted drug. they consider it a dietary supplement. but the agency warrants that it has serious side effects including hallucinations. kradum is banned in six states. the ohio attorney general's office is considering pushing
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sexual predator is back behind bars after police found him living in the woods behind the elementary school in north ridgeville. police say that he failed to report as a sex offender after being convicted of raping a child under the age of 13. if your child attends the the school, that police would like you to report to them and report any suspicious encounters. the fbi went to talk to a man and a woman who visited a cleveland girl was held for several hours. >> agents say that it is likely that the couple may not have known that the child was there. she was abducted from her west 104th street home back in may. now, take a good look at these surveillance pictures of the alleged kidnapper and his car. seen driving a 2002 or 2003 chevy malibu with a mismatched driver side fender. now the same man is accused of trying to kidnap an elyria girl back in february.
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apps played a role in both cases. a $20,000 reward is now being offered. well, you saw this story first on our news net 5 app. police arrested a 19-year-old after a standoff at a home on the east side of cleveland. that man wanted for allegedly murdering a 17-year-old girl over the weekend. news channel 5 was the only station on the scene as police raided the home for evidence. our megan hickey was there and spoke to investigators today. megan, >> reporter: police tell me that the 19-year-old woods was hiding in the home and he was arrested on a warrant for aggravated murder. brianna nicole died from a gunshot wound. the teen's body was found saturday morning in east cleveland. police tracked down woods at a relative's home tuesday morning. and after a short standoff, he was arrested. we were the only crew on the scene as investigators told several -- pulled several bags of evidence from the home. >> whenever we have a tragedy
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you know, to the break of exhaustion in an attempt to try to bring some closure to the case. >> reporter: now court records show woods has a history of assault and aggravated robbery with a firearm. live in cleveland megan hickey news channel 5. still ahead at 6:00, more people are packing heat at the airport. >> they sure are. a record amount of weapons were seized by security in just two weeks. plus this. by air and by land, officials are trying off an out-of-control weed here in the metro marsh, but not everyone is cheering. coming to the rescue, a local animal shelter is taking in pets after the historic flooding in louisiana. now these animals need a new
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only on 5, our cameras were rolling on a controversy over the skies today as the helicopter sprayed weed killer over the 700-acre marsh in hopes that the native plants grow back. now, rob, the response was mixed while some neighbors say it will breathe new life into
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their neighborhoods. >> paul kiska has been following the story with more on this live report from the mentor marsh. paul? >> reporter: well rob and danita, by land and by air, officials are trying to wipe out this evasive plant. but not everybody likes the plan. this helicopter sprayed weed killer over the mentor marsh today. the goal? to wipe out fragmites, an evasive plant that chokes out native ones. some neighbors tell me that th poses a potential health risk. that spray aqua nea contains -- contains phosphates. a representative told me the spray is safe and approved by the epa adding killing off the weeds will allow native plants to grow back and thrive. while some neighbors tell me that they worry about the chemical, others say they are not concerned about the spray drift near neighborhoods. >> i would like to see it back
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cat tails. that's the way is suppose to be. be -- that's the way it is suppose to be. >> reporter: that helicopter was out here spraying late this afternoon. the rest of the week they will be spraying from the ground. live in the mentor marsh, paul kiska news channel 5. if you are heading to the airport, here is an important reminder. weapons aren't allowed in your carry-on bags. for the second week in a row the tsa has seized a record mb talking 81 guns. last week alone. several of them were loaded. this year nationwide more than 1,900 weapons have been seized. that's 400 more than last year. agents are finding knives, swords, and throwing stars. we checked in with cleveland hopkins as they have seized six, which is on par with last year. have you seen this llama? the humane society says that
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the animal is believed to be in the area of state route 619 and state route 44 in marlboro. now if you see jewel's, don't chase him. call the stark county humane society. >> oh jewel's, we want to find you. >> right now northeast ohio volunteers called to action to help victims of that historic flooding in louisiana. an animal shelter taking in dogs from flood shelters. >> i believe they're going to find homes. derick waller is live at dogs have arrived. i can hear them. >> reporter: they have. you can see them right here, the dogs have arrived, 27 dogs from lafayette, louisiana now here. many of them might be up for adoption soon and many of them are puppies. puppies set free after a 10- hour drive north. wilkers took in these dogs from
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louisiana area and then brought them here to giaga county. julie cortido helped pack up the pups, destined for the humane society's rescue village for one simple reason. they have the space. >> you know, their only option is to transport or euthanize. these relationships are so important because we have a place to send them. >> reporter: the rescue village has hundreds of volunteers and 31 paid staff who will provide veterinary care for to make sure they are healthy. >> we just said yes right away. let's do this. let's bring these animals up here. we will take care of them, we will give them the vet care they need. >> reporter: the executive director hope brustein is not planning on keeping the dogs for long, but they made room. >> i know these dogs will get adopted. and to know that and to be able to come to this celebration garden and to be able to say look what this community did.
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>> reporter: now amidst tragedies, this is one moment of celebration. and these dogs, they might be available as soon as it is a weekend. this one is paulie. that was not the case a few minutes ago. but again that they will get him all cleaned up, ready to go. some of them could be ready this weekend. derick waller news channel 5. all right, in and out chamber of commerce is kind today out there, you bet it is. >> he's got a friend. >> i think so. i think so. excellent weather as rob said. look at this. if you are not loving this northern ohio weather, i don't know, maybe you like winter. that's coming. but right now we're enjoying just some high clouds overhead on our live cam. and dry weather on the power of five. we've got our little radar beams going around. they cross, they don't miss any rain drops.
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this evening or overnight. or even i'm thinking tomorrow during the daylight hours it should stay dry. 78 in barberton. 81 comfortable degrees in jackson, canton, alliance 80. 82 in masselin. swinging up to parma, 77. we've got 81 degrees at hopkins, 76 currently in avon lake. great weather out there. 80 in canton, 79 in rivenna. we've got a couple of 80s in 81 in hopkins. 44% with dew points in the 50s. that's the kind of summer air that you would love if you really hate the humidity. this is your day. tomorrow though the humidity returns. today we hit 83, the average is 80, 58. the low is 63, which is where we should be. 93 the record high on this date in 1954. thunderstorms are here. we are going to circle them right there. these storms and this little frontal boundary will begin to move our way.
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the earliest tomorrow night. i think that thursday is when their best shot for the strong storm is during the afternoon and evening. there is the moisture and the front lining up, coming in, kind of monsoonal from the pacific ocean all the way into the central plains. this guy has done his job with the high pressure. low humidities with the high. it's been a great weather for us the last couple of days, but it will pull away. allowing some moisture to stream in. again tomorrow night and especially on thursday some showers and storms as the one or two of those storms could be severe during the afternoon on thursday with damaging winds, the main threat. tonight 62, clear skies. it'll be staying quiet tomorrow, bring it on up, 87 with a cloud/sun mix. notice during the afternoon the humidity is going up. 62 overnight for akron. we will go 88 tomorrow with sunny skies. muggier, your seven-day forecast, let's show it to you.
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83 friday. 84 on saturday, and 88 some dry weather on sunday.
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another late night for the indians here tonight with the solo shot while you were sleeping last night. the seven and a half game lead for al central. they'll play again tonight at 10:05. >> i have not heard too much about it, but cleveland is my team and that's where i want to be and everything like that. but that is not even in the ballpark for me.
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>> what is he talking about? josh gordon in tampa today with the heat index over 110. gordon answered questions today about report that other teams have been calling the browns to see if he is available in the trade. interesting story as he said that cleveland is my team. all right, the countdown, that's my good friend who will have more from practice today in florida. >> thanks, guys, they included their first with the buccanee the heat index is north of 100 degrees as they were both in full pads, but they stayed up tempo with a great performance. the -- they did get off to a good start today on both sides of the football. he looked very good at quarterback, making the quick decisions, the ball is not hitting the ground much at all. and it was great to see josh gordon, hopkins, gordon, and all out there for the browns offense with the success
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secondary. joe hayden was back, matched up with mike evans, having an interception of his own as did the new starting quarterback. all in all a solid day for the browns out here as they would put in a lot of good work to get back there tomorrow against the bucks team -- bucs team in preparation of pre-season game number three. back to you andy. >> all right, thank you very much. don't forget here is our browns programming over the weekend, building them up at 11:00 on sunday morning at 11:30 and their dog report as they will be with me to hang out. and they will recap game three and we will look ahead to game number four, which will be right here on news channel 5, it is great to see the wide receivers out on the field together. man, week five when gordon comes back from suspension, how option will it be? >> to be a full pad. >> tomorrow they are not in full pads, but today is a hitting day, so you lose 10 pounds out there easy, right? >> yes, you can. [ laughter ] >> save that for tomorrow. all right, thanks for watching news channel 5 at
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tonight, donald trump taking aim. new and scathing attacks on hillary clinton. amid new reports about who got to meet with clinton while she was secretary of state. and tonight, clinton herself responding to trump's claims about her health. also tonight what we've now learned about the deadly police shooting. the young father, who was deaf, pouring through police videos. was he trying to use sign language when he was shot? the state of emergency. the wildfires tonight. also, the severe storms hitting the middle of the country this evening, as president obama visits the flood-ravaged south. the uproar tonight. the student athlete who walks free, accused of sexually assaulting two of his classmates. the judge tonight under fire. and american families fleelsed again?


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