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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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country. and our best hope for saving lives is just -- getting very expensive. >> it's really troubling that pharmaceutical companies are taking this. >> tonight, we are investigating an alarming trend. dramatic price hikes on life- saving medication, leaving families scrambling for help. epipen. medicine increases six fold. >> now we learned one of main pharmaceutical companies that makes the reverse overdose drug, maaloxin is doing the same thing, raising the price that was drug. we dig into the impact on people here in northeast ohio. now, maaloxon is too expensive for most possibly to afford. >> kind of hard to believe. we've done a lot of stories on it. but here it s. this is truvin data. according to this, the
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pharmaceutical company, caleo, went from $750 for two injectors last year. to, get this. 3,750 this year. prices for the drug are up at a time when northeast ohio need its more than ever before. >> that's unacceptable. >> reporter: data, provided by truvin health analytics, shows the latest wholesale cost to the pharmaceutical company, maaloxon >> it's really troubling that the pharmaceutical companies are taking this time. >> reporter: it's news local governments don't want to hear. the adams board provides $100,000 a year to distribute maaloxon to folks who really need it. >> that money, coming from the health and human services levery. -- levy.
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injectable. but the price is up and up. >> the trouble is that they have nearly doubled the cost. >> now $25 a dose. as of three days ago, the kits contain though three doses, up from two, because of the fent an -- fent anil dose. -- overdose is >> it's workable for now. >> so far this year,1500 kitses have been picked up. and according to adam's representatives. >> we know it saved at least 150 lives. >> reporter: a 10% return on investment. local entities say even if the price continues to go up, they will continue to deliver. >> you can't put a price on a life. >> according to truvin analytics, the price for naloxone is up as well. in a statement the vice
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recently enhanced its patient access program. saying as a result, most patients will obtain it for $zero. dhomonique ricks, news channel 5. chilling for a lot of people in ohio and across the country. most, though, just aren't doing heroin. more commonly, they suffer injury. and become addicted to opioid pain pills, which can lead heroin addiction. when they can no longer get that filled. there are fluid injections, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. but according to business insider, health insurance companies are cutting reimbursements for these pain therapies or not covering them at all. this leaves people choosing between opioids and a possible addiction or paying out of pocket for alternative treatment.
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at experimental or investigational. >> we continue our coverage of the heroin problem here at home. a stark demonstration of what is at stake. our rob bowers is live with new information about a mass overdose. >> right now, police in that city, out in force. trying to link to a dealer, with more than 20 overdoses. and they all happened within just hours last night. they say finding the source is literally a matter of life and west side. every single person was revived. in one case, a man was found suffering from an overdose inside his car, parked in a gas station parking lot. his 6-year-old son also in the car when a man passed out. alert witnesses figured out what was going on and tried to help. >> i tried to wake him up, pour a little water on him. the child was hysterical. jumping on his dad, trying to wake his dad up. it's so sad. i don't know.
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calmed dime hymn down, gave him a toy to play with. he said, his mom is in jail. he lives with his grandma. and it's sad. >> late last night, cincinnati police tweeted this warning about suspected overdoses and asked anybody with information about this batch of drugs to call police. often, in cases of mass overdose like this, people don't even realize they're buying heroin, laced with another drug. it could be fent anil so-called car fent nil. in some cases, narcan does not work at all. meanwhile, a mystery unfolding in canton. a woman driving a minivan, shot while behind the wheel on interstate 77. now, troopers are trying to get to the bottom of why this all happened. rob powers is live -- bob jones, i'm sorry, is live at
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bob, so far, troopers have ruled out road rage. >> reporter: well, investigators feel strongly that the woman was targeted and that other drivers do not need to fear for their safety while traveling on i-77. , still, a gunman remains on the loose. and this was a very scary morning for the victim and for a stranger who came to her aid. >> i need medical. i need police. i have a girl that just came to my door, said she was shot, bleeding. >> reporter: the voice of liz lamasters, who of sleep. unaware of the highway shooting. until she was thrust into the middle. a terrifying ordeal. >> my son was up. he heard gunshots. about 10 minutes later, he said he heard somebody beating on the door. he looked out and a girl was screaming and crying is that that she had been shot. >> just before, we're told a barrage of bullets was fired. a bullet hit one of her hands. another graitzed the back of
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scene as troopers tried to figure out who fired the shot. >> she's very fortunate. especially being the one she got grazed in the head. >> the victim left the van in the middle of the highway and ran to the closest home she could find. lamasters. >> she was bleeding pretty badly. brought her in the house because she thought they were following her. >> according to liz, they were involved in some sort of altercation earlier in the canton area and believe the shooting was connected and that >> she thought it was a friend's family member. so she did have some idea. i know that there was a robbery she talked about earlier in the day. so she believed it was the same people. >> reporter: the shooting victim was released from a canton hospital today and questioned by troopers, who are also trying to reassure other drivers. >> i feel this is -- that's what we're looking at here. i don't feel there is any -- anything the motorists who are traveling up and down 77 need
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>> reporter: and the victim told liz lemasters her name. but o.s.p. is not releasing it, while they continue to investigate. troopers tell us tonight, they are not releasing any names of possible suspects. they also do not have a description of that suspect vehicle. in the meantime, o.s.p. is trying to review odot highway camera footage. live tonight, bob jones, news channel 5. new at 5:00, an important warning tonight for living in our western suburbs. a scam that could cost you hundreds of dollars. people in lorraine and elyria have already fallen victim after answering a call and being told they owed mono their electric bill. police tell us it's a phone scam. and it's circulating the area. the callers claim to be from ohio edison. in the most recent, a man threatened to turn off the power if the victim did not
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>> we can say, if someone calls you, do some research. you know, ohio edison or other companies aren't going to tell you to go get reloaded card. >> we posted all the details on our app. you can download that to get more information. learn how to report a scam yourself. mark? >> more breaking weather news out of indiana. these are the latest from tv of a tornado that touched down at about 3:30 this afternoon. that is a former starbucks restaurant coffee shop, if you will. totally demolished. notice the buildings right behind it, untouched. large tornado reported on the ground. just north of indianapolis. there was a worker inside. no one hurt, though. tornado also damaged homes in that area. we also have new pictures coming in, via twitter. look at that funnel. straight down the road.
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behind the starbucks, there's a best buy. platen corn fields, again, near indianapolis to the north over kokomo, indiana. we had a tornado confirmed touched down. more on that, and i'll show you the radar. storms headed our way as well, when we come back. tracking more devastation. after a massive earthquake today, one visitor to the area said the city is completely gone. take a lo a the look at the view of devastation from the sky. the magnitude 6.0 earthquake in central italy has claimed at least 120 lives so far. certainly not the only city there affected. the main road is covered in debris, making it hard as you can imagine, for rescuers to even get in there. so people who live there, they have been digging all day long, to pull their loved ones and neighbors from the rubble. and tonight, hundreds of rescue
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they are setting up tent cities for those left homeless. and frantically searching for survivors out there. one geologist in poland says this devastating earthquake was caused by the slow but constant shift of the african plate in europe. he says the african plaipt is -- plate is always moving by two to three inches a year. if she bares it all. this woman has no plan to change her lifestyle. >> they can talk to you on the thing. you think it bothers me? >> only news channel 5 speaks to an elyria woman, refusing to get dressed, even when she steps outside. ohio's golden week, gone. and that decision has changed the way the presidential nominees are planning their paths to the white house. we'll break it down, new at 5:00. when you head to the polls, it's all you'll be able to choose for a president. beyond hillary clinton or
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we hear -- what the libertarian candidate has to say. says polling numbers put them
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major developments from all parts of the campaign trail. >> begin with donald trump, who appears to be shifting his immigration stance. this afternoon, he's rallying people from florida. so far, he has not mentioned shifting. trump was asked if there is any part of the law he would change to accommodate law-abiding immigrants with kids here in the united states, he answered, there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to now, during the primaries, the gop nominee called for a deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented workers. he's made it clear, one part of his primary plan is staying. >> we're building the wall. the wall is going to be built. it's easy. and we're building the wall. they're going to let people come in legally. >> trump was supposed to outline his immigration policies in colorado tomorrow, but he's postponed that speech.
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the defensive. hitting back at the associated press for a report on the clinton foundation. bill clinton established that charity after leaving office. and the a.p. report looks at donations made to the foundation, while hillary clinton was secretary of state. it found that during that time, more than half of the nongovernment workers who donated to the foundation met with clinton while she was secretary of state. her aides say that doesn't tell the whole story. >> lo to draw a conclusion from that. i think it's one of the most massive misrepresentations you can see from the data. >> trump calls the move a pay for play, meaning people had to pay to meet hillary clinton. adding he want a special prosecutor to look into the case. keep in mind, trump has donated more than $100,000 to the clinton's charities, beforery ran as a republican -- before he ran as a republican.
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situation. this year, more than ever, people looking for a third party candidate. libertier -- libertyarian -- libertarian gary johnson is hoping people will take him seriously. he's got 12% support. but is short of the 15% needed. he is taking an adout on cnn, taking issue with clinton and trump's immigration policy. >> none of this is illegal. and that it's unstated. look. if you don't pay for that access. you don't get the access. >> we should embrace immigration. these are hard working jobs that you as citizens don't want. >> johnson got a big boost in ohio. they already got enough signatures on our ballot. keep in mind, though, someone could still dispute it.
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protest. all new at 5:00. we told you yesterday about a court ruling. keeping things off for this election. >> they work to woo voters in our must win state. john costas joins us. and this has changed the way we look at elections. >> before we go today. here we stand, a month remove doesn't necessarily mean, though, that on there's more time to decide. >> for the first time, since 1960. wrapping up for the end of july. this may technically be the longest in 53 years. but not really. voting will be under way in five states by the end of september. they waited until after labor day to get started. doing what they couldn't do four years ago in august. campaign.
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of when campaigns look to reach you. hillary clinton's super pack made the decision last week to pull these off the air until late september. clinton is leading. but these are also two states that essentially don't have early voting. >> ohio's early voting starts october 12th. don't worry. >> i'll send every single voter in this state, an absentee ballot request. if they fill it out and turn it in, they'll have home. >> reporter: problems at the polls. nothing different this year. >> if you vote absentee by mail, you can track your ballot online, through mile high or your local board of elections to make sure that it was received and counted. so it's just an added level of confidence and security that we're adding to the process so the voter can really be in touch with their ballot. >> and roughly three quarters
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actually mailing an actual ballot to registered voters. turning to the weather now. you're watching some rain coming in. >> storm, some rain. and tornadoes to our west. we're not going to have to deal with tornadoes tonight. so that's good news. all right? >> maybe a strong storm tomorrow. with damaging winds. >> all right. have you noticed the hume has gone -- humidity has gone up? my nose has. yeah. i'm a little sniffly today. humidity up. pollen count issues going up. here's our lorraine. clouds have moved in. they're mainly cirrus clouds. a few midlevel clouds. no rain yet in lorraine. lorain. the rain is staying mainly west. here we go. islands. a strength two alert coming in. this is very light here. the big storms are just now getting ready to cross over into western ohio. and they do have a history of producing wind damage.
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storm. look at that. two coming in. currently, there is a tornado warning here, back to the west of kokomo. this storm could move right in over the same spot. if it stays tornadic. another tornado warning right there to the east. that's the storm that produced the kokomo tornado that we saw video from. two more tornado reports from here. severe storms to our west. for us, light rain. light rain. could be a thunderstorm overnight tonight. let me hour. but once the sun goes down. those big storms to our west, lose the energy that makes them cook. so they should weaken. here are the severe storms now. coming into western ohio. watch. they're really -- there's not a whole lot going on there. notice, by 1:00 a.m., we get a little wave of showers. maybe a thunderstorm moving in. any time after, i'd say, 7:00, 8:00 p.m., there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm anywhere in the news channel 5 viewing area.
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7:00 a.m., most of that first wave of rain is gone. 87 in akron. currently 86 in cleveland. mid-80s canton to mentor to ash land. 83 currently in fremont. here's your evening. notice, isolated little lightning bolts there. not a total washout. but any time after 8:00 p.m., could be an isolated storm. the high, pulling away. quarms -- warms us up. two hours ago in cleveland. and he front in. here's the cold front. oh, man. it should be a cold front. my bad. front and right here. through chicago to st. louis. i'm not going to drop in tomorrow afternoon. concentrating some isolated storms over us. 71 tonight. a few storms staying mild. tomorrow, let's bring it on up. 89. flirting with 90s. strong afternoon storms
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in health news, at 5:00. turns out, we all know this. women face a lot of restrictions on what they can eat or drink during pregnancy. now, it looks like there's one more thing out there. a new study found eating too much fat and sugar during pregnancy could be a possible link to having children with adhd. while this connection has not been conif i con -- confirmed, researchers say it's best to use precaution. eat plenty of foods high in fiber, a -- omega 3 during pregnancy. a new study says weight gain is linked to eight more
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and ovarian. the more overweight a person is, the higher that risk. just trying to live life. but this elyria woman's penchant for hanging out on her porch naked, has parents covering their kids' eyes. she spoke frankly with us. the fair will help give a
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amid stories at 5:30. the anti-dote for opioid overdoses. has seen a drastic price increase in recent months. the nasal spray version has gone from $12 a dose to more
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departments carry narcan to counter overdoses. police are looking for a man who shot a woman. it happened overnight. a bullet grazed the woman's head. she was also shot in the hand at the time, while driving near the football hall of fame. the woman's van was found riddled with bullet holes when police arrived. police also believe she was targeted. police in elyria ar warning people about a phone cam tonight. someone is calling around, claiming to be from ohio edison, telling people they owe money on their electric bill. the scammers are mostly preying on the elderly. we have information on how to avoid becoming a victim. on our news at 5:00 app. a lorain boy says he won't let his cell bral palsy get -- cerebral palsy get in the way.
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talking about is trying to raise cash for a special kind of chair. >> reporter: yeah, frank. it's basically a chair that allows him to go off-load. but the chair is not covered by his father's insurance. so he's not letting that stop him either. >> it just frustratesheim. like, why do i need my 7-year- old brother taking care of me? and i'm 17. >> it's a question john and angie know shouldn't have to ask. >> to get out there ask see his baby brother open the gate and go in the pasture and round up the cows. his dream is to go in there and round up the cows. >> he was born with cerebral palsy. it confined him to this wheelchair. >> i struggle every day. but i get what i want done. >> reporter: austin wants this.
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version in a video on youtube t. left -- lets him go offroad. but two different insurance companies told dad that 2020,000 chair -- $20,000 chair is not covered. even though this more expensive chair is. >> it makes no sense. >> we've had doctors write letters and therapists write letters. and they keep telling us, it's considered vehicle not a wheelchair. >> reporter: so austin is auctioning off his hog rosie, hoping to be able to get it. >> i may fall 20 times, but i'll get it done by the end of the day. >> and the family also has an online fundraiser, where they raised more than $2,000. we have a link inside the news net 5 app. as for the auction. market rate for a hog is 52 cents a pound here at the fair.
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for a little more than $100. but obviously, they are hoping for someone to be a little more generous. derick waller. news channel 5. naked with no plans to get dressed. an elyria woman has been arrested for exposure, but it's not stopping her. so our carol molina looked into their complaints and got an eye- opening experience. >> reporter: well, guys, we and we were warned. annette opened her door and talked to me butt naked and said he is not changing for anyone. >> reporter: annette osborne told me she's not worried about what other people think. >> you are more comfortable answering the door naked? and you sit outside naked a lot? >> yes. yes, i do. >> reporter: even if it's making her maybes -- neighbors and the families who live next door uncomfortable.
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porch on tv. you think it bothers me is this. >> arrested days ago, for sitting on her porch naked. >> you sit on the porch naked all the time? >> yes. >> reporter: she told me she'll continue to do what she wants, wearing what she wants. which is nothing at all. and denying that what she calls self expression is negatively affecting families raising children around her. >> you sit out here when there are >> we were told there were kids and families and that it was really offensive. >> no. >> reporter: annette osborn is scheduled to appear in court later this month. but she told me, this won't change how she lives her life. she'll continue to sit outside in the nude. we talked to elyria police and they said they monitor this neighborhood closely. and the second they get a call, they respond. carol molina, -- tara molina.
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around naked. inside your home. here we go. got a few showers out there. feeder point. walk down to sandusky county. upper sandusky. moving towards mansfield and norwalk. again, these are light rain showers. and they'll spread eastward. they might even fade out. at least this leading edge. more thundery weather to the west. we'll include it into the evening and overnight. just isolated storm chances tonight. and tomorrow morning, during the rush. we should begin to dry you out for currently, it is humid out there. frank wiley. what to do. >> wow. >> this is wool. 86 in cleveland. 87, akron. 84 in ashtabula. let's show you the hour by hour. you notice all of the lightning bolts here after 8:00 p.m. this is just the isolated threat for a thunderstorm. not widespread rain. huh-uh. it's just isolated thunder chances, as temps fall down only into the lower and middle 70s by sunrise tomorrow.
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severe storms tomorrow. i'll show you those coming up. ever find that your child- proof pill bottles don't do much in the way of actually keeping kids out? one business is hoping to change that with a radical new design. somebody is -- no excuses. wouldn't be here. >> plus, a woman spent 20 years living on the streets. fighting uncle sam for what she was owed. now, she finally but first, check it out.
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all right. over the weekend, we had quite a few water spouts develop as that cooler air came in, kind of cooled us down sunday afternoon and evening. so i didn't get a chance to show those this week.
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chuck witnessed a water spout over lake erie. look at that. a distant cousin of a tornado another shot from the area of that little mini twister coming down. they need the water. the warm water and cool air above it to exist. again, they're cousins of tornadoes. and finally, here's my little dog. this is the look he gives you when he leaves you a little gift on the carpet in the house. now, can you ho >> no way. >> mark j weather on twitter. mark johnson weather on
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with teen drug abuse cases on the rise, a local drug company is going a few steps beyond the child proof medicine bottle. it's called safe rx. just line up the code. take the cap off dose. expert says this breakthrough could cut out the number one source for teen prescription drug abuse here in the country. >> this f this were used nationwide, we'd prevent 5 million kids from initiating abuse over the next 10-year period. >> reporter: right now, safe rx is working with a pharmacy to test that bottle. a washington woman, celebrating the end of a fight that has been raging on for two decades now. all that time, she's been living on the street, insisting
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security. >> now, after decades of fighting uncle sam, she finally won. we'll see how she did it. >> reporter: it's hard for 80- year-old wanda to comprehend the last few months of her life. a life now resurrected. >> living outdoors. >> reporter: a week ago, she moved into this small apartment in northwest d.c. she said the air mattress is so luxurious, she has a hard time getting out before that, she was out for 20 years. >> i can't explain it any other way. you are just scared to death. >> reporter: winter, a trained paralegal moved to d.c. and couldn't find work. she said after qualifying for social security. she disputed the check amounts. eventually, the government stopped sending her checks because they said she did not have a fixed address.
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but they were ignored. >> amazingly, winter used this dolly to haul around research. a few months ago, a social worker poured over the papers and realized winter was right. we got her this huge result in three months, which is amazing. it's incredible. >> daniella delapereda, with the legal council took the case and proved that the government owed witter around $100,000. >> friday the 19 for $999was depos -- check was deposited. >> she fears she'll waste the money and a second chance at life. the street that made her so tough also made her skeptical. >> i can't imagine handling $100,000. i've never had that kind of money in my life. >> reporter: the washington
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once the paperwork is processed. >> 20 years? she needed an advocate all that time. and finally got what she is owed. hopefully someone will help her manage all of this. >> yeah. just get her well. just -- oh, my gosh. terrible. terrible. >> remarkable story, though. i want to show you some interesting clouds over the worcester and mentor area there. first of all, there's mentor. we've got these little lines of clouds, wavy clouds coming in. just shows you if you've ever flown on a plane&had the turbulence. well, turbulence can also form clouds like this. that's the waviness of the air. and you get some condensation as the air goes up. and you get clear areas as the air drops down. so if you're a plane flying through this right now. that is a little rough. all right. weatherwise. clouds are spreading in. you can see all the wavy lines from all the wavy air. all across northern ohio right now.
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back towards sandusky, into almost mansfield. thunderstorms trying to move into western ohio. out of the fort wayne area. this storm here did produce that tornado in coquo -- kokomo, indiana. let's show you -- look at kokomo. and right now. there is another tornado warning, moving toward kokomo. there's another cell and a hook. and there's a tornado confirmed. moving right toward it again. coming in via twitter. there is an apartment complex, totally demolished by that tornado. we do have a tornado warning near defiance, ohio. my hunch is that as the sun gets ready to set, these storms are going to lose a lot of their oomph and should weaken quite a bit before they reach you and i. all right? but we'll be here if you're worried. storm shield app, have that on
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facebook. dew points, upper 60s. uh-oh. the humidity has gone way up during the course of the afternoon. here is gaston. almost a hurricane. likely a hurricane by late tonight. >> this, though, is the organized area of clouds. if it moves up into the bahamas. that is explosively quick water. and could develop into a hurricane by the weekend. headed right into miami. we're going for us, it's a fronted. right here -- front. right here. this front is going to take its time. it will be in by this time tomorrow. out ahead of it. a round of strong to severe storms for us. for you and i, mainly damaging winds. the main threat. 71 tonight. few storms. mild and cloudy. tomorrow, let's do 89 degrees. strong storms during the afternoon. it's going to remain muggy. and into the weekend. 84 friday. saturday and sunday, dry, near
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>> all right. thank you, mark. here's what's coming up at 6:00. a local sheriff, escorted in handcuffs. investigators say he stole pain pills from local police stations. and lied to cover it up. plus -- this is what is left of a city project on cleveland's west side. lots of dirt, right in front of this man's home. now, he says the city is treating him dirty. plus, a twist in the podcast serial. new witnesses stepping up to raise questions about the case. live at 5:00 returns after
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a plot twist in a murder case that captivated millions with the podcast cereal -- serial. >> two new witnesses coming forward, raising questions about his alibi. abc's lauren lifter has -- lauren lister has more.
5:55 pm
case made famous by the podcast "serial ." attempts to diss credit a star witness in the case of adnan syed. saed was convicted for the 1999 killing of high school ex- girlfriend, hay min lee. a crime he insists he didn't commit. in june, a baltimore judge ordering a new trial. >> the conviction is erased. >> reporter: asia mcclane testified at sad's hearing, saying when lee was killed, sad was with her in the library. >> i was singing in the library, bored to tears. and somebody walked in that i knew. >> reporter: but according to this report, mcclane's account is being called a flatout lie. two former classmates say, that mcclane believed so much in adnan's innocence, she would make up a lie to prove he couldn't have done it.
5:56 pm
in detail and has been corroborated. >> reporter: mcclane saying the classmates' allegations are bizarre. mcclane herself taking to twitter. what can i say, they say i'm a liar. i say i'm not. saed's lawyer says this has no bearing on the granting for a new trial. but prosecutors are appealing the ruling. and all the while, sad in custody. that will do it at 5:00. >> a missing prescription pill case. we first told you about that investigation in sandusky. >> and now the sheriff is facing dozens of charges in connection with the crime. also, caught in the act. how police busted a man breaking into a sex shop. news channel 5 at 6:00 starts
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now at 6:00, and first on 5. a prescription drug scandal, rocking sandusky. >> and i think there was some shot. >> we started asking questions, after pain pills went missing from county police departments. now, sheriff stole the medication and lied to cover it up. >> we first told you about the missing prescription pain pills during a news channel 5 investigation back in january. the pills were disappearing from sandusky county police department. >> and today, the sheriff was in court, accused of stealing them and lying to cover it up. megan hickey has been following this investigation since the beginning. she joins us from outside the
6:00 pm
pleaded not guilty to every one of the 43 counts against him. >> reporter: it was months ago that i spoke with local police chiefs calling for a renewed investigation into who took these prescription pain pills. now, prosecutors say they have their answer. >> we intrude sandusky count -- interviewed sandusky county sheriff, kyle overmyer, in 2010. still at the start of a promising career. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: but today, our cameras captured him in in chains. not alongside his deputies but escorted by them. he's one of 88 sheriffs in the state. >> most of them are fine, upstanding, hardworking men of integ rit. and -- integrity. and unfortunately, we have a sheriff charged with indictment. >> reporter: lying to doctors and pharmacists, stealing funds and tampering with records. >> we got this from the sandusky county health department. >> paul whittaker was the one


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