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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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into a new school year and tonight we're investigating one local charter school network where staff members say they just got word their jobs might be eliminated. >> six of the eight schools in the state at risk of losing position, 2 4, 10 at the cleveland preparatory school. it's a sensitive topic for employees. me it's not a good work environment. they said they people insecure and some folks feel like they're being taken advantage of. >> made me feel like maybe i was lied to. >> reporter: we spoke to employees who did not want to be identified but said it's a big problem for all position, even those who are salaried. >> sometimes they work up to seven days a week and for the
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for five days. >> reporter: one employee tells news channel 5 there are some staff who work up to 20 hours extra every week and are never compensated for it. according to the department of labor under president obama's new overtime rule bang december 1st, it is illegal for someone who earns less than $40,000 to make them hours a week. this does not apply to building leadership. that being said 24 positions are at risk of being eliminated. the school said quote, this reduction has not been finalized. they said those who may lose
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notice. >> it's most unfortunate. >> >> reporter: the source tells me they were supposed to open this school year. parents were told the schools were not opening until 2017, that school year. i asked if that was a factor and they said there was no correlation, but a different employee said that is not that enrollment is too low and that is why the system is making cuts. >> it is no secret that ohio has had problems with charter schools. >> the governor apoint the husband of his chief of staff but resigned in disgrace after lying about grades to make this
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were. the scandal has called for a grand jury investigation. >> we called the state department of education and found the person overseeing school of choice is steve gratz. >> our charter school troubles are far from over. just this week ohio republicans moved to block charter school evaluations by delaying them for further review. >> it jeopardizes $71 m the evaluations were supposed to bring more accountability to the system. the first round of reviews, which are now required to include online and dropout recovery programs were supposed to be completed by october but monday's vote that delayed them. these evaluations were part of a sweeping charter school
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kasich last fall. now to another problem. the heroin epidemic. a man is accused of selling deadly drugs. david hollister sold heroin and fentanyl through this spring and sold it to a man who suffer lad deadly overdose. today the u.s. attorney's office issued a nine indictment against him. the number of heroin deaths in cincinnati has now topped 60 cases. all but one person has been revived with one or sometimes several doses of naloxone. they're working to track down the source of those drugs. police think it's been cut with the so-called elephant heroin.
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overdoses this week complete madness. addicts don't realize they have heroin cut with the elephant drug. that breaks down to eight deadly overdoses every day. deaths caused by fentanyl overdoses more than double the number we saw in 2014. despite governor kasich said he's seen efforts in our state's antidrug efforts. the goal is to improve communication across jurisdictions in the battle against opioid abuse. ohio is participating because it was among five states with the highest drug overdoses in 2014. the heroin epidemic
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states has top doctors reaching out. the u.s. surgeon general warned doctors about the opioid dem mifnlgt he said help understands the desire to keep patients out of pain but warned we arrived at this point on a path paved with good intentions. now to new information on the east cleveland merger. if they describe to annex, each counlo they've even put together a list of demands. derrick, no doubt this is all about the benjamins. >> reporter: all about the money. they said they still want to get paid even after a merger with cleveland. that and other demands means those negotiations are just as bad off as those boarded up buildings behind me. >> it's sad.
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>> reporter: boarded up homes and neglected streets is not what she remembers growing up. cleveland doesn't have enough money to provide basic services. >> i hope if it is a merger, it's for the right thing. >> reporter: but powell things elected officials are in it for a payday. this memorandum appoints three people to a merger committee to enter into negotiations but then this makes a demands including an incentive payment of $10 million from the state of ohio, some from land bank and income tax breaks for cleveland residents. they want to continue their controversial red light ticket program and creating an advisory council with the same level of compensation. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you're laughing.
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compensation. what are they gaining out of it. it's money. >> reporter: he advised council against making the list. >> it's a list, kind of a cooky list. >> it's not a starting point for negotiations. >> reporter: and i did reach out to every member of east cleveland city council, all of whom voted for the plan. i was able to get in touch with massments wheeler said he's against it but wanted to show a unified face so that's why he voted for it. live in east cleveland reporting. >> let's go to mark. >> our first warning for ash
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county. these storms are starting to exfloat. there's denmark until 4:45. notice just to the north of that -- i'm going to turn the lightning off, we're seeing denmark with heavy rain. north kingsville, bushnell corners, almost into another cell. the main threat from this storm would be damaging wind gusts. let me show you and see if we can see any type of wind. i'm going to bring up the velocity. we've got some bright reds near denmark, not a whole lot going on. there may be a report of a 40 to 50-mile-an-hour wind coming in. we have other storms firing
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burton. we'll slide you down to portage county, garrettsville. no thunder or lightning there. no lightning popping up on that cell but that is new and these things are developing quickly. damaging winds would be the main threat. let's go down to -- look at all the lightning. as i sh almost to uricsville. no severe warning on that yet but we will continue to watch as we go through the evening hours. let me put a loop on that. here's one near con shock ten. right here, avon. there you go. you're getting some moderate rainfall.
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one along route 20 to kipton and damaging winds could pop out of any of these cells. we are under a slight risk in yellow. let's show them to you. there's the yellow zone. that's the slight risk. damaging winds. there's a smacialtion very small chance that one or two weak little tornadoes could drop but we're not worried about that. all in all things are looking good as far as folks. keep your storm shield app going and my twitter feed if you're going to a high school football game. all right. cloud cover. there you go. there's our severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 p.m. for ashtabula county. the long awaited pivot. >> donald trump changes his stance on immigration but will his efforts to win broader
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cost him the die-hard deportation advocates. >> and despite trump's new softer side, clinton's strongest words against trump's historical political movements. >> plus, the company make the epipen vowing to make this more affordable and our investigation into some far cheaper $600 two-pack the epipen it now
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donald trump campaigning in announcing a softer stance on immigration. >> it was the general election pivot the republican party has been homing for. john you asked trump about it. >> trump is backing whoever his plan adopting instead a plan that will sound very familiar to his gop rivals.
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million vote. in the primary he won 14 million. at what point do you start going after that 60 plus million you will need in november. >> i don't want to cater to just anybody, i want to do what's right. do we tell them to get out or work with them and let them stay? >> reporter: trump backing off deport. >> we are rounding them out in a very humane way. >> reporter: in favor of -- >> they'll pay back taxes. they'll have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. >> reporter: if it sounds familiar eye believe they should pay some back taxes, pay a fine. get legalization. >> reporter: trump telling me monday he had to be true to himself.
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i feel. >> if you ask any trump voter, the only thing that links them is the immigration. the other thing he has to be careful of, he's supposed to be the tells it like it is politician. now if he makes this major shift on this issue, it's problematic. >> reporter: john weaver tweeting out who need as policy shop when they take-- and take john kasich's view. >> one person hop doesn't buy the softer side is hillary clinton. she held a rally in nevada where the race is pretty tight. at that event clinton spoke out
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fooled that the real campaign slogan shouldn't be make america great again. it should be make america hate again. >> from the start donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> hillary clinton also facing some of the demic -- democratic nominee hasn't held a press conference since last november. she's been focusing on fund raising. >> con shock ten county, there we go. there it is, this storm cell here is producing quite a bit of
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hail and gusty winds, moving off to the east at 25 miles an hour. right in this area. i wanted to show you where there could be some hail moving right along that route six corridor toward pier pond. lennox. there's our hail signature. other cells are starting to pop in geauga county. you can see that storm is beginning to pop, there we go, north of burton, south of chardon. that has -- this is eventually into newcomers town. we're seeing some storms develop now. look at this, western suburbs of greater cleveland, north
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bay village. there's some moderate land. overland to pittsfield. there could be some developing hail inside this storm. i think the primary threat from any severe storm will be damaging straight line winds of 50 to 60 miles an hour. 91 degrees. ashtabula just dropped to it's a hot and muggy day. there's our severe storms, not widespread if you're headed to a thursday night football game. keep your storm shield app on your phone and your mark j twitter feed. not a lot happening back to the west.
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the evening. 7 p.m. there's not a lot of activity out there. most of you staying dry by 9:00, 10:00. there you go beginning to dry you out. so good news there and sun coming out for your friday. your overnight low also drop down to 70 degrees. the threats of rain and thunder are small. if you get gully watchers it could be a
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two weeks from today it will be easier for people to rely on medical marijuana.
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>> reporter: what the cities are talking about is a moore pra torrey yum. the latest city to move forward with one, avon lake. >> we don't want to issue building permits. >> reporter: the moratorium means for six months city will hold off on certificates for the cull ti or sale of the drug. it does not ban the use of prescribed marijuana. avon lake is not alone, brooklyn and lakewood adopting similar moratoriums saying dispense ris are expressing interest and they need more time. >> we are waiting to see how this law place out.
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considering the moratorium. to read these in fucialtion head to our -- full, head to our website, still ahead, a security guard standing at the front door of a building. a new trend where security guards are hired without proper licenses. >> plus, outrage athlete given probation after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two classmates. >> a petition is circulating to
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weather wise two severe
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it is mainly damaging winds and that's the main cell. there's a little bit of spin. that warning goes until 5:45, moving toward pier pont. that's moving right toward the pier pont area and across the state line. there's the state line into western pa. could they form a weak tornado, sure. this will not be an indiana situation in northern ohio. currently coshocton county until 6 p.m. that includes southern tuscarous. we've got some reds next to the greens.
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it's not sing rapidly, so we'll keep an eye on that. western suburbs lake wood around brought 20. west lake you're driving out. here's heavy rain. cleveland, you're going to encounter some slower travel, another cell trying to pop to the north and west of wellington near columbia station. other cells struggling but we'll see what they county. 91 cleveland. 92 akron. 88 in the help diana -- medina area. lower middle 80s at 8. upper 70s at 10 p.m. there's not a big chance at strong storms but one or two as we're already seeing could become severe. let's track some tornadoes from yesterday. property owners across indiana
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created at least five confirmed tornadoes. there will be more. the biggest so far an ef3 that hit kokomo in howard county, indiana, north of indy. only 10 to 15 minor injuries. that is amazing. five separate crews with the national weather service are out there right now still surveying damage to see how many tornadoes could there be a dozen, sure. indiana wasn't just the hardest hit area. here's defiance county. debris scattered across roads in at least four different towns and several mobile homes were damaged. no word -- well we do know lap
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security guards working without a license. it's a growing problem right here and elsewhere. >> they said they need your help to crack down on it. she explains how this situation puts you at risk. >> reporter: security guards. it seems like they're every where these days, office buildings and every one like this but the problem, according to jeff dutton of the ohio department of public safety is that more and more do not. >> people who are out trying to do this kind of work without taking those basic steps, that should be a warning sign to everybody. >> reporter: they're like this man. just today a judge found him guilty of working as an armed security guard at bars and clubs without lap license.
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>> we know it's an issue everywhere. >> reporter: last year in trumbull county this man got sent to jail for running two unlicensed companies and he even forged his ohio license certificate. each individual guard must be licensed. in order to get lap license guards must go through an extensive firearms check and have proof insurance. without lap -- a license -- >> if you're not willing to submit to a criminal background check and not willing to get insurance, then you could be a real risk and real danger to somebody. you don't want somebody who's providing security with a weapon on their belt and a badge on their shirt having no
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tip line for guards who are operating illegally. a controversy over the epipen is growing tonight. we're helping you save money by revealing some cost saving alternatives. >> we're taking a look at some of the statements the presidential nominees have made. >> first, here's a look at your
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we'll keep an eye on strong storms. ashtabula, coshocton county. the severe cell is in western pa pa. so the warning for ashtabula
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rainfall. we'll swing down to coshocton county. that's been canceled. this cell is weakening. here's the strongest storm we have getting some lightning, moving out of lakewood. there's some heavy rainfall i- 90, west out of downtown. this cell is going to come rumbling right into downtown cleveland in the next 10 minutes, newburg heights that will shift east over the course of the next 20 to 30 minutes. could this ab see -- be a severe store, we'll see. grafton, lorain. there's some moderate rain in yellow. tiny bursts of rain.
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grafton. a slight risk for storms. the heat hand humidity in
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we're following breaking news out of ohio city on west 25th near clark where police are on the scene of what appears that be shooting. this car is riddled with bullet holes. witnesses at the scene say they
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confirmed that. we'll bring you any developments on now an in-depth look at how the company that makes the allergy epipen is responding to the price hike. >> the company announced programs to help people pay for the lifesaving medication. >> reporter: allergies send the company is responding. mylan pharmaceuticals announcing a $300 savings card but not reducing the drug's list price. according to the company's list price, this is why. >> had we reduced the list price, i couldn't ensure that
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gets one. so we went around the system. >> reporter: a two-pack jumped from $100 in 2009 to $600. >> the technology hasn't changed. meantime, the price sup 400%. she blaming the healthcare system. >> the system is broken. >> reporter: some parents whose children rely on pippen footing the bill. >> the financial burden is unbearable >> reporter: sarah jessica parker said i have ended my relationship with mylan and senator joe man chin, the father of the owner. a senate committee gave
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families struggling with the price. there are some alternatives but they may not be for everyone. one option is asking your doctor to write a prescription for the generic adrenaclick. you can find it for as low as $140 at walmart. every injector directions. this one makes a lot of folks nervous. it's filling manual syringes with epinephrine, yourself. you need to get training and there are risks involved in trying to get the exact amount of medicine. this option also can't be used in most schools. the cost for individual syringes as opposed to an auto injector, about $50.
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downtown cleveland where two minutes ago their visibility was seriously decreased from heavy, heavy rain. the rain beginning to fade and you're beginning to see clouds coming in behind that main cell that is moving through greater cleveland right now. let's show it to you on the power of five. it's isolated activity. there's no widespread storms. all thunderstorm warnings have expired or been canceled. greater cleveland down the i-77 corridor toward newburg heights. it is moderate to heavy rain fall. west siders are drying out. lakeside you're dry, brooklyn. now bedford heights, cleveland
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euclid areas. westview, columbia station. lorain county. there's hard scrabble and liverpool. all of these cells moving basically slightly north of east. another cell not severe but heavy rain over wellington and pens field. we'll watch and see if they develop into something stronger. we are in the bull's-eye. you see that yellow? that is the best midnight. so far so good. we've only had a couple cells get out of control and there's not wide spread coverage. 91. it is hot and muggy in cleveland. so next hour you will see the temps 78 to 80. 92 akron. 92 mentor. 89 in fremont. so the soup is here, meaning the hot and muggy air.
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lift the air. we've got some i-77 picks from 30th. look at that rain coming down. look at the wetness. a lot of glare coming in on the back side. it's a slow go for our traffic friends. here we go to our big board weather maps. the humidity is in place. the moisture is there but there's the atmosphere over northern ohio. we've got a weak front that will arrive later on tonight. until the front goes by we have to include an isolated storm chance. 10:00, 11:00, storm shield app keep that ready and keep the twitter account online so any watches and warnings will come to you instantly.
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cleveland for the next 30 to 40 minutes, a little bit dicey. the high moving away. the front will slip in and drop south and that means for tomorrow drying out and good news for your friday. dry weather, little less humidity and middle 80s, so if you want to take a hooky day, maybe tomorrow is the day to do it. maybe golfing, frank i don't golf, frank. i caddy. notice tomorrow lower and middle 80s a couple of upper 80s but the humidity should be lower with isolated storms area wide tonight. look at tomorrow mainly sunny skies. 85 tomorrow. tomorrow should be dry. 84 for solon's high, but the
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tonight and there's not a lot of them out there. no major tornado outbreak here unlike last night in western ohio. >> thank you, mark. a 17-year-old girl gone in the blink of an eye. >> but she did not have to die. the disturbing thing we learned about her accused killer and the one thing that could have prevented her death. >> staff members for one local school system said they're we're going straight to the top to get answers about the layoffs. >> we're keeping the presidential candidates honest to separate fact from fiction. wait until you see what we've
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tonight we're looking into donald trump's claim that a
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>> and whether hillary clinton blurred ethical lines. >> $400 million in cash. he denied it was for the hostages but it was. >> reporter: donald trump claiming $400 million paid to iran back in january on the same day five americans were set free were in his word as ransom a claim the obama administration denies and one politifacts started digging into. looks fishy. >> reporter: plymouth fact -- politifact saying once the american prisoners were headed back, it was more like leverage and trump owe myth the back story rates his claim has mostly false.
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the ethics agreement which was not to take any action on the part of the state department which mixed foundation business. >> reporter: former michigan governor jennifer granholm after another debate on whether clinton blurred the line on the foundation and her time as secretary of state. >> she's mission point. there was supposed to be a firewall between the two interests and the emails show blurred lines. >> reporter: 44 questionable emails uncovered by a watchdog group makes granholm's claims mostly false that the clinton foundation may have violated its memorandum of understanding by not disclosing certain
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years. that's it for live at 5. >> a terrifying ordeal at a salon sending women into panic mode. >> and why police feel more women could face a similar situation. >> we're digging into circumstances surrounding the death of a 17-year-old girl and the one thing that could have
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live, always investigating, always on your side, news channel 5 starts now. >> a weather alert. you could hear the thunder
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almost,000 energy cuss -- 8,000 energy customers. >> traffic seems to be moving okay. chief meteorologist mark johnson using the power of 5 to track those storms. >> first things first. yesterday indiana, northwest ohio, devastating tornadoes. we are not going to see that type of devastation here even though we are under a severe thunderstorm ris income yellow right now you can see there's not a lot of widespread coverage. had two warnings. ashtabula near pure pond, coshocton county. those storms have either weakened or moved away to another state. we had a cell that moved flew downtown cleveland.


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