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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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first tonight new at 6:00, we are digging into a controversial new ruling that could have a major impact on the criminal justice system. they just ruled that some suspects who repeatedly commit crimes could not face the deeper penalties. and starting today, the juvenile convictions could not be used to increase the severity lengthen the prison sentence once the offenders is an adult. megan hickey has been digging into this decision. does this mean that juvenile delinquents will get a clean slate? >> reporter: well the short answer is yes and that legal experts tell me that it could have a huge impact on the way that we would treat the repeat offenders. >> reporter: it is hard to forget the terrifying video of the school's bathroom site that lead to felony assault charges for an 18-year-old student in west lake.
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offense. >> reporter: it turns out that the student had prior rape charges in juvenile court. the 19-year-old also had juvenile records as he was arrested for murdering 17-year- old brianna fluid last weekend. but not anymore. >> this is a very big deal. >> reporter: thaw fresh start if they have those juvenile convictions and then reoffend as adults. a notion that doesn't sit well for some families. >> that is why it is so preventable. >> reporter: but the legal experts tell me that it is different for the juveniles. >> and their brains are still developing, they don't think or
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same way. we are recognizing that we have to treat them differently. >> reporter: the judge agrees that in his experience. >> as children, juveniles have not quite had the brain capacity. >> reporter: and while he understands their concerns from the victims and their families. >> i think that children should be treated differently than adults. and i think that this decision, that it will keep that distinction intact. >> reporter: and now they join give them a clean slate. this has a chance for appeal to bring this issue to the u.s. supreme court. live in cleveland megan hickey news channel 5. and we wanted to know how many cases will be affected by all of this? legal experts we spoke with, they said that there will be no numbers available yet. they could affect many pending cases involving the juvenile crimes who may also see their appeals from the prisoners who have been sentenced.
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developing story now, where the sounds of gunfire are becoming a common place. the latest happened yesterday. the victim was a cable technician. the worker for interspace technology was robbed and shot while on the job inside an apartment complex, along east 46th street and quincy. they spent today learning how the violence is now impacting that area. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood filled with kids. it's not only a cause for a concern for parents, but for the entire community. everybody agrees that something needs to be done because things are getting worse. they are saying that it is
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their neck of the woods as they believe that they will be responsible for a lot of the recent incidents in this area as we reached out to cleveland police. they're remaining tight lipped at this hour. sources tell me that the man who was shot was taken to the university hospital as we are currently waiting for the update on his condition. live in cleveland dhomonique ricks news channel 5. police are searching for the person behind a deadly badge of heroin after a deadly spike in overdoses. three people were dead. more than 70 overdoses happening between a two-day period. a drug used to sedate elephants that is 100 times as potent as feintal could be behind the deaths. right now leaders are seeking extra funding for this epidemic. huntington, west virginia had a similar series of overdoses. 27 of them in just five hours.
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federal charges. bruce lamar griggs was charged of drug distribution after one of the persons charged in the overdose identified him as the dealer. during the series of overdoses earlier this month one man died. new video released by odot shows the moment that a woman was shot on i-77 in canton earlier this week. in this video a vehicle fulls right up to the -- pulls right up to the van. you can se vehicle get off the exit ramp. the woman was shot in the hand and grazed in the back of the head. she was released from the hospital earlier this week. more people now coming forward after a driver in cleveland heights said that somebody shot out her car windows. police tell us that the woman was driving on noble road on her way home from work wednesday night when she stopped at a red light. and then two loud popping sounds, her back windshield shot out. the shooter was nowhere to be found. now another woman is claiming
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and says that when she came outside one morning her car was covered with paint from what appear today be a paintball gun. if you know anything about these crimes you're asked to call -- to call police. it all happened at the the true north shell gas station on ridge road. now take a look at surveillance photos here of police telling us that two armed robbers entered the store demanding cash and fled on foot. if you recognize these guys you ar two people caught in the act trying to burglarize a richfield county home. deputies say when they arrived at the home on friday, they observed these two, david scott murray and debbie celeste jordan backing their truck into the residence attempting to steal a riding lawnmower. deputies say they arrested murray inside the home as he was trying to steal a flat screen tv. murray was charged with burglary, jordan with complicity to commit burglary. ohio state troopers will
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in their pockets. they're getting a raise for their first time since 2008. the union approving a new three- year contract that will give the state troopers and other represented employees a 12.5% raise. the state's controlling board will consider the agreement on monday if it is approved. it will take effect on september 29. let's get the weekend started. let's get it started outside, mark. >> here is the benefits of the cooler temps, mid-70s avon lake. 77 west lake. 81 hopkins. even downtown a nice little breeze here at 80 degrees. 83 bedford and parma sitting at 79. not so much of a benefit inland. away from that lake breeze, 87 now for jackson. akron at 88. 86 in canton. a little bit warmer there, but still humidity is down area wide. we've got dry weather now in the power of five. so your high school football
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no rain anywhere nearby. we've got some showers and storms that are trying to move north and east, but moving up against a wall of dry air. and so they are not going to make it here. here is your evening. notice mainly clear skies, all the way through 10:00 p.m. middle to lower 80s near 8:00 p.m. near 80s and a comfortable mid- 70s to end your high school football game you are planning on going to an itt technical college in northeast ohio, well you better break out the piggy bank and you've got to break it. >> all because the u.s. department of education has banned that school from enrolling new students using federal financial aide. according to, the company has been under increased scrutiny by the education department since 2014 accused of misleading students about the quality of its programs and their employment
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department is requiring the school to develop teach out plans for current students. that allows them to finish their programs at other colleges. looking ahead as high school football kicks off this week. one local power house has a loss under their belt without even stepping onto the field. a reported hazing incident at lake catholic leads to the suspension of several players. there aren't enough players to field a team, as they were scheduled to host john's tomorrow. but the alleged hazing happened during an overnight football camp. the suspension will last just this one game. the streetsboro band will be under a new leadership. the previous directors were suspended. the school board made the announcement after they said that band members were hazed while at camp. including binding students together with plastic wrap and forcing those students to jump into a pond at night. next week president joe
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buckeye state campaigning for hillary clinton. tonight's president will be speaking at events in the valley and the cleveland area. right now clinton is up by 10 points against donald trump in national polls. still ahead helping women mistake their violent paths. >> how one local organization is making that happen and the major boost that they just received today. >> and one family who barely escapes death after a tornado hit. hear how they managed to all stay alive. remember if wow happening, text -- remember if you see news happening, text or
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the efforts to open a new battered women's shelter in akron got a major boost today. >> volunteers are giving the building that will house that makeover of shorts. news channel 5 john matarese john is joining us with more. >> -- john kosich is joining us live with more. >> reporter: it is a part of a corporate wide effort to give back to the communities. they are hoping to raise nearly
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domestic violence victims up and running in an old nursing home that the city of akron donated. so that there was not a lot left over for things like a fresh coat of paint where their one day crew of five painters came into play today, giving the outside a fresh look. >> this would have cost us over $15,000 if we had to do it, but the money being saved by their volunteer works will help us buy the beds and the sheeteds and the mattresses -- sheets and the mare shelter. >> reporter: remember that women will be walking up to this place on one of the worse days of their lives, having something that is is warm and attractive to look at it will make it easier for them. on your side john kosich news channel 5. the national weather service is out today surveying areas that will be hit by the hardest in northwest ohio. county leaders are declaring a state of emergencies for the county after the twister touched down, debris was everywhere as you can see the trees on top of the homes,
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but nobody was hurt. now they will talk about their encounter with mother nature. >> reporter: describing how she needed to shield her kids in the bathroom had the storm hit. >> and you could hear all the cracking of the dry wall. my arm flew out, covering the top of the kid. >> look at these images. and that it is debris everywhere. and the family is homeless and the father, they are loss for words. >> there is so much damage and everyone is gone and they would make it. i mean that they made it. >> they are waiting to do their own assessment to make the disaster declaration.
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families that are seeing how random that it is. >> yes, 100% and that their tracks there are probably just a couple dozen yards wide. and that one house would be spared, no damage, one house was totally devastated. but it looks like it might be ef3 damage there from that home. >> wow. all right, quiet weather for us right now. and if you like some heat, the way that they do, as they do not like. >> yes, not have worked on it all summer. if they get too hot that i will be a shade darker like i would like to be. don't mess me up. >> you see, we would burn and peel. [ laughter ] >> and then we would have freckles like this. >> he is not going to say anything. >> that is a lot more information than what you would like to know. >> we will be learning more, it's about getting a tan outside, wear the sunscreen this weekend as it is still
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a nice breeze coming on shore. but just look at these pictures of downtown with a clear sky, sunshine galore. once again we will show you the flow off the lake as we've got the upper 70s to the lower 80s and their inland areas. they are in the upper 80s. a little bit warmer for the high. cleveland, it will be cooler than that, currently 81. but the rain shower activity, the closest that we would have will be near cincinnati as they would get a thunderstorm here is some flooding issues that will be going on where they do not need more rain to have those storms earlier on in the week. but currently it is 81 degrees with the northerly breeze coming in off the lake at 8 miles per hour. dew point at 60 degrees. and that will be a 60-degree dew point that will not be bad. that's better than 72. that's really humid as we will inch the humidity up a little bit. sunday will be the muggiest days of the weekend. but 84 degrees the high today. 80s is where we would average.
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day. and the oak mites, i have included them there because they are just like the pollen, high. and showing up here now. maybe that's why we're sniffling here in the newsroom or maybe that high perfume. but that they are not showing up at all. and that they still wear the high karate. thank you, it will be a little bit too much. >> and i will go with blackhawk. >> and now back to the reaction shot. normally they were on their cell phones doing just this. the world pressure, that they will take it all over the place, but that they do send it this way towards south florida of the everglades. and they could develop into a tropical storm here on the hurricane here. early next week. and that it will be something
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and it will be trapped down south now by the frontal boundary. as this front will be staying here for the next day and a half and they will fade away and allow warmer and muggier air to flow in for sunday. and even a thunderstorm or two. 65 degrees. are you googling the high karate, danita? >> i will tweet about you. >> yes, the skies that you'll need to talk about me. comfortable weather overnight and a great night for high school football and picture perfect weather. and how about 90? it will be bright sun. hot and dry and humidity will be manageable. 64 tonight for akron. clear skies, less humid tomorrow. 91, yeah, it will be hot again for your seven day. 91 on sunday and a few storms during the day. monday a few storms, 87. storms will be moving south on tuesday, 88. we are taking about canton, youngstown, mansfield, maybe as far north as medina and akron and then on wednesday, thursday, friday how about that? that's great weather right
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that is cooling off. >> yes. right back over. >> nicely done. let's get back to football. we cannot wait. andy baskin is live for us in mentor tonight. high school football. hi andy. >> reporter: yes, they are taking on another five on your sideline as we will be tailgating. the games are over there, but look at this, hey, how are you doing? >> good. >> that is a good answer. how are you? >> good. >> what do you have here? you've got the rice crispy treats. can i have one of >> no, you can't? can i have a rice crispy treat? >> no. >> they want me to eat the carrots on the other side. come back here and check it out. man, they're grilling out. they're grilling out. what are we grilling? >> hey, we've got some brats, burgers, hot dogs from the wrestling match to the football field. and they are showing our 30 years of mentor high. now their grandkids are at football field for their football stadiums. we are here with some graduates. >> i'll just give you the mic as you'll go on for the next
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indians are in texas tonight trying to beat the angers. they are riding a three-game losing streak. but corey kluber goes on the hill for the indians with a four and a half game lead in the central. we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. also tonight it's a busy night as we are tailgating here at mentor. we'll talk about that in a
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play tonight. the all-important dress rehearsal in tampa as you'll see plenty of faces tonight that you'll want to see in their games including josh gordon who will get the call tonight. as it will be interesting to see, and of course that the rookie, corey coleman. but gordon is excited for a guy that has only played in five games for the last two seasons, he's ready to roll tonight. >> we are working here at practice, back here at home in cleveland. and as much as possible to get ready for friday and into next i think that hopefully they could pick up where we left off at practice out here, and thing wills be going smoothly on friday. >> reporter: of the browns? >> reporter: the highlights tonight are of the browns as you will be able to see them here tonight. all right, we're in mentor tonight. a big night. so we would like to get a feel for their community when we will go out as we found a guy that will retire jimmy. hi retired jimmy, how are you? >> i'm just fine, i'm retired.
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coming here far long time. what makes them so special? >> the community spirit. you know, football, that it is the community. and people all come out to support it and everybody has a good time. and it is just good for the city. >> it is great out here today too as they have a little festival going on the other side. how many years have you been coming to mentor football games? >> well, i started shooting mentor football in 1972 for tv 5 and then i retired last year, so 43 years. >> you're not just an average joe as we you're retired, go back jimmy. go find a rocking chair or something. >> get out of here. hey listen, we've got a ton of games coming up for you tonight. 5:00 on your side. we're all over -- 5 on your side, we're all over the place, we'll be in aurora, twinsburg, orange, all over the place tonight. hawkin, we'll be there as well. a great time out here in mentor, a big game.
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>> i bet you that he is doing that right now. >> yes. there they are. have a great night. we'll see you at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. an abc news exclusive. the young american daughter kidnapped by isis. her parents making a direct plea to isis themselves. tonight, right here, what they say the president promised. and now, the white house responding. also tonight, the airport security scare. a man driving a truck right into a jet, terrified passengers onboard. a community in shock. two nuns murdered. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. shot by mistake. the armed robbery. the homeowner, the husband who calls police. he and his wife need help. police arrive, and the homeowner is shot by mistake. and, the tropical threat. we're tracking the system right now. getting closer to the u.s.


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