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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> imagine a man walking around with in a case -- an ak-47 shooting 11 the place. 911 call finally released following a deadly crash in solon. police found a woman at the accident scene with multiple gunshot wounds. officers arrested the alleged shooter just moments later.
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>> boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: that's what sharon tells me she heard this morning sitting in her home. when she looked at of her fourth story window this was the scene. a cold ford taurus and a black sheep. the two cars crashed near the intersection around to 7:30 this morning. sharon said she did not actually see the two cars collide -- >> i just heard it. looked at her window -- >> he was already at the car and shooting at the car. i heard her scream. i said i'm going to get away from this window just in case and i heard her scream and he was -- she was on the ground and he was standing over here shooting her. >> reporter: that man is behind bars. when police arrived on the scene. --
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he had a rifle and he was taken into custody. >> reporter: right now police still believe the two know each other and they are working to figure out how the cars hit and what caused him to see -- shoot. they are investigating the crash and now a homicide after the woman died at the hospital. as for sharing -- >> you don't see a lot of that going on around here. i'm still shaken up. >> reporter: been identified as 53-year-old debra pearl of warrensville heights. the name of the shooter has not yet been put -- released. our other developing story is the weather. >> you can see the dark clouds. it has been a's -- a hot and steamy late-summer day. it is leading to severe thunderstorms.
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into the storms that will soon be impacting the orange areas. we are radar indicated which means not yet recorded on the ground that there is potential of seeing about 60 mile-per- hour winds as well as quarter sized hail. here is what the heaviest rain is impacting driving. hamlet village and social please make your way inside. if you are just outside of the viewing area they were really notice the storm kicking up here in a second. i want to give you some of these areas that will be impacted as far as location. lockhart at 6:18 and hastings at 6:24. under the severe thunderstorm warning and that goes until 7:00 tonight. i'm watching strong thunderstorms in norwalk.
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winds are staying under the severe criteria but i am watching this next line as we really have a nice ripe atmosphere because we have had a lot of sunshine here today with very high humidity. also watching a little bit of leftover rainfall that has originated near elyria and is pushing towards liquid. we have a lot of wet weather and we are expecting the storms to continue through the always check our weather app we will have a school on your screen if there's anything happening. an entire fire department is shutting down for good. we have learned that firefighters covering northville center in sagamore hills will lose their job in a little more than two weeks. the just spoke to the chief and
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after september 14 this department right here will actually continue to operate but it will be operated by macedonia employees are not the people who have in here for decades. the move closes and 88-year-old department in northfield center that has had an agreement with sagamore hills since 2010. sagamore hills pulled out of the agreement earlier this year and contracted with macedonia. voters rejected issue three of which would have continued funding the department. the 28 staffers already here were given the option to apply with macedonia but many are moving on. >> we have worked so hard at given service -- giving service to the residence. it's happening to us with us --
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>> it's reality and we have to come to grips with it. we can be proud of what we have done and how we have served. >> reporter: this really does have to do with money. governor john kasich has been on record of supporting and advocating for these shared agreements to save money. after recent spikes in heroin overdoses communities are coming together to of addiction. hundreds took part in a 5k heroin walk. many of those who participated are worried about losing loved ones to drugs. >> i have a couple friends squabbling -- struggling with it . something needs to be done. >> money raised today will be donated to a recovery in treatment center in lake county.
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basketball star dwayne wade. he's mourning the death of his cousin after she was gunned down pushing her baby in a stroller. we have the very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: enough is enough. dwayne wade took his message to twitter after a stray bullet hit and killed his cousin in chicago. the superstar tweeted in other active senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reas we did more help and more hands on deck. 32-year-old aldrich was caught in the crossfire as she pushed her baby in the stroller on the city's south side friday afternoon. an innocent victim killed in a violent crime academic -- epidemic. the murder rate in chicago is up a staggering 48% this year on thursday just one before
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chicago bulls and joined fellow players to talk about the growing violence. >> it's about coming together and understanding that it is deep-rooted. it did not start today and it won't and tomorrow. >> reporter: just hours later his aunt -- dwayne wade's mom talking cheerfully about her niece. >> she was going to register her kids at school. somebody shooting flying around one of them decided to find her head. >> reporter: suspects are being questions. the community hopes for change and swift action. coming up in the recall affecting vehicles. the important safety feature that needs to be fixed right now. is donald trump using a tragedy for political gain? why his latest we is causing
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down to the race for the white house. donald trump is taking criticism after a tweet that many say is capitalizing on tragedy and a first for hillary clinton on the campaign trail. devin dwyer has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump is back on the road in a crucial political battleground of iowa. >> african-americans, hispanics, they vote for donald trump.
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>> reporter: he repeated his new appeal to minority voters. >> what do you have to lose? >> reporter: is also taking heat over a tweet sent to nba star drain -- dwayne wade. he said dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. critics quickly accused him of racism and using a tragedy for political gain. that did not stop them from doubling down on his speech in iowa. >> more than 6000 african- americans of the victims of murder every single year. just yesterday the cousin of nba star dwayne wade -- a great guy -- was the victim of a
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>> reporter: meanwhile rival hillary clinton said saturday morning in her first national security intelligence prison. her motorcade arrived at the fbi office. she attended alone for more than two hours. tim kaine was on the trail keeping up the heat against truck -- trump. >> you look at this pattern of activity on donald trump's side. it's not the community of respect it is the division and blame game. >> reporter: elect days away. heavy rains triggering flash floods in the us. roads are underwater and it's a race against time. heavy rainfall and severe weather here in northeast ohio. watch out belleville that strong thunderstorm warning and severe weather is right on top of you now. wind and quarter sized hail. i will show you where it's
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a recall alert for gm owners. the automaker is recalling
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to fix a defect the part that could keep the windshield wipers from using -- from working. it includes chevy equinox and gmc terrain. chevy plans to cover the cost of those repairs. now to an emergency in kansas they got nearly 7 inches of rain and the city shut down in some areas. roads were impassable and lakes were created in parking lots. they were roaring rapids it ri hour. rescuers stranded residents. some even from the roofs of their cars. back here at home it was a steamy day. he said there was some severe weather that could be moving into our area. >> we are seeing much lighter rain as of now on the west side but it's prompting severe thunderstorm warnings. i will show you what's happening and interrupting some saturday
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this storm line is on the southwest of us. it's moving to the north and east. here is your severe thunderstorm warning for richland and ashland county's going until 7:00 pm tonight. it is mainly affecting richland county and very heavy rainfall in belleville. as we dive deeper i want to show you where the thunderstorm is likely heading next. this is moving off to the north and east we will see the increase in about 15 minutes in those areas. driving on 71 really going to use the windshield wipers on full blast within this lined 60 mile-per-hour winds which is prompting the severe thunderstorm warning as well as quarter sized hail. the hot steamy weather needs to bring in size -- inside. the storm is close and a lot of lightning as well which is
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severe thunderstorm prom of winds and hail's. here is another area that i am watching. here is norwalk. mylan is just starting to see this quiet down a little bit. berlin heights is the same story. very heavy rain but no severe thunderstorm warning. we are talking as much as 2 in./h. it will not sit on you for an hour but that is heavy rain in a short period of time. after three rounds. a little bit of light rainfall and that thunderstorm activity and the next chance of storms moving in in about an hour. much lighter in cleveland still some activity over the lake. the rest of the night i would stay off the lake. they will be potential for capsized boats and problems. on the eastside no current problems get everything done now.
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they start to lose their power as they shift east later tonight with the loss of the sunshine. the severe thunderstorm warning the orange thing there goes until 7:00 pm tonight. we are under flight risk for severe weather. this is the time where you have to pay attention. we do see damaging winds as a big likely had. smaller chance of extreme hail an activity. let's time it out for you a little bit. at 7:00 pm in cuyahoga it starts to shift a bit over the lake. here it is more about 9:00 we will take a look at your seven day coming up in just minutes. for now let's talk sports. we start with the number one -ranked high school
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the two-time defending state champs say there's no place like home. the eagles have won 15 straight home games. they have not one -- lost at home in 15 years. the canadian club was over the game -- the goodyear blimp was over the game. they could not be contained. 77 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. saint ann's up at halftime. after the handoff apparently wearing some sort of snow tackle clone a 26 yard touchdown. last chance for pine richland defense stepped up kicked off by shane bloodworth. a heckuva play and saint ann's winds of -- wins a thriller. cowboys quarterback tony
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weeks. the cowboys could come recalling once again to try to make a trade with the browns. perhaps they will roll the dice with dak prescott but i'd be surprised if the trade talks don't start heating up again. speaking of heating up josh gordon who has not played in two years had a 43 yard touchdown in the second quarter. cleveland. as for the low lights for protections to the offense of line. robert griffin the third got sacked five times. here's their coach and what they did to fix. >> they did not play as well. we did not play like i think we can play. we have a lot of work to do still and that's what i told the team and will continue to do better. we got to go back and fix these
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for. we have to find out where the holes are and fix them. >> indeed. join us for the browns fourth and final preseason game thursday against the bears. it will be right here on news channel 5. speaking of the bears taking on the chief today shot was wanted and they inadvertently sent the email to the whol chicago's bears must today.
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an end of summer tradition happening on whiskey island. the annual burning riverfest -- marks the burning of the cuyahoga river in 1969. money raised benefits the burning river foundation which is dedicated to improving and maintaining freshwater resources.
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and food is the focus of the festival there. the jazz and blues fest featuring local eateries and breweries and wineries taking place at northlake park until
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here is a look at your seven-day forecast. still a few storm chances for tomorrow. the rest of the day today we can see strong to severe storms. we have a severe thunderstorm warning of a richland and ashland county. it looks a little better and less organized. i'm hoping we will lose the warning early. >> we will be keeping an eye on
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. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. the midair scare at 30,000 feet. a southwest flight bound for orlando making an emergency landing. the cabin losing pressure. one of the plane's two engines torn away. the hunt for the suspects who killed a young mother walking with her daughter on the streets of chicago. star. dwyane wade's message tonight. donald trump under fire for his response to that tragedy from the very voters he's desperately trying to win over. >> it can't get any worse. what do you have to lose? >> now hillary clinton under fire too. tonight an abc news exclusive, the new e-mails. did her top aides give to donors.


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