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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. air scare. the on-board emergency. a catastrophic engine failure at 30,000 feet. >> engine failure. lost number one engine. we're descending. >> the shocking sight out the airplane window. the cabin losing pressure. for air masks. >> children were screaming and crying. >> what wept wrong? could it happen again? a shooting investigation this morning. three people interviewed in the death of superstar dwyane wade's cousin. >> we do have a gang and gun issue in chicago. we're doing our very best to fight this. >> this morning, the new calls to stop the violence. immigration and e-mail.
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heartland, stick tock his law and order message. >> we'll use immigration law to prevent crimes. >> and the newly released state department e-mails on stained by abc news. do they show clinton foundation allies received preferential treatment from hillary clinton's inner circle when she was secretary of state. and the alphabet area. ? ? >> a toddler belting out the abcs. her intense interpretation is drawing millions. turning her into a social media star overnight. ? sing with me ? good morning erks everyone. at let's get right to our top story on this sunday morning.
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>> our own aviation expert, who you'll hear from shortly, stressed this was no ordinary emergency and could easily have resulted in somebody getting killed. as you can see from the pictures, part of the engine on this southwest flight blew apart. shrapnel may have hit the cabin. >> that flight was filled with people, including young children. the plane made an emergency adrienne bankert is there in washington, d.c. with more. hi, adrienne. >> reporter: hello. good morning. one passenger drik her young children screaming and crying. an explosion, smoke, and the plane violently shaking. this morning, stunning new i ams on an in-air emergency. >> sounds like an 18-wheeler tire blowing. you started smelling smoke.
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orlando to new orleans suffering a failure. out of the 737s left windows, the 99 passengers on board had a clear view of if mangled engine housing as oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. >> i could see metal pieces flapping in the wind. >> children were screaming and crying. >> reporter: in the cockpit, the pilots are you through an emergency checklist. >> disenganged. affected we're down to the line. >> it put hot metal into the cabin. therefore losing the cabin pressurization. people are having to get the phone oxygen masks. >> reporter: the malfunction forcing the plane to stop in pensacola. >> my ears started popping pretty bad. >> they're in an emergency desce descent. trying to take care of a sick
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landing safely in pensacola, only about 30 minutes after takeoff. southwest writing in a statement, initial reports indicate there were no injuries among the 99 passengers and 5 crew members on board. adding it's cooperating with an ntsb investigation. our flight expert, steve ganyard says these are extremely rare. most of t crew members, so thankful to those pilots for keeping them alive. >> pretty extraordinary. i can't imagine looking out the window and seeing that shredded engine. to the other big story this morning. significant developments in the deadly shooting of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. she was gunned down in chicago, the victim of cross fire, all
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police wiare questioning three people of interest. >> reporter: support pouring out for dwyane wade and his family this morning. the murder of his cousin, nyke airks aldridge, pushing gun violence into the national spot light. this morning, a call for change as chicago police search for the gunman who killed the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. >> we got a female -- shot the head. >> reporter: she was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller when she was killed, caught by cross fire. she was returning from registering her kids at school. abc news confirming the police are questioning three people. >> we do have a gang and gun issue in chicago. but we're doing our -- our very best to fight it. >> reporter: murders up a staggering 48% in the windy
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handguns. more than 2700 shootings so far this year. that's about 11 people shot every single day. >> i think it just brings to home, nobody's safe in this thing. you know, everybody is vulnerable. >> reporter: wade, who recently signed to play with his hometown chicago bulls is outspoken against gun violence. joining three other nba stars in a moving speech at the espy awards. >> the endless gun violence in places like chicago, dallas, not stop. >> reporter: just a day before his cousin was killed, he spoke at an espn town hall about the tough fight against violence. >> it's important for all of us to -- to help each other. to go back and say, can how know what? where did this start? how did this start? let's see how question change there. >> reporter: wade tweeting, the city of chicago is hurting.
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family members are lowatching t children. the youngest one just a few weeks ago. >> eva, thank you. donald trump is weighing in on the shooting on twitter and on the stump as he continues to try to reach out to minority voters. he was in the key battle ground state of iowa, where he was also talking immigration in the midst of so many questions about his apparently evolving plans for dealing with people who have come to this country david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the donald trump that showed up here was more disciplined, more policy oriented than the one we're used to seeing. reading from teleprompters, he clarified his views and expressed passion. >> in recent days, the media, as it ushlgly does, has missed the whole point on immigration. >> reporter: trump now insist his immigration plan is not just
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>> we'll use immigration law to prevent crimes and we will not wait until some innocent american has been harmed or killed. >> reporter: he cited the case of sara route, a young iowa woman who was killed by a drunk driver. who was in the country illegally. the driver posted bail, and promptly disappeared. trump invited route's family on stage. >> like mr. us down. they had him, they let him go. >> he's very positive. >> i like what i'm hearing now. i think we need to get rid of the hood lums and the drug problems. >> reporter: trump also brought up inner city violence. >> the cousin of nba star dwyane wade, great guy, dwyane wade, was the victim of a tragic shooting. >> reporter: expressing
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country. this shouldn't happen in america. >> reporter: but initially in his first tweet on the incident, instead of expressing condolences, he made a political plea. just what i've been saying. african-americans will vote trump. that initial tweet brought a firestorm of reaction. only four hours later did he finally tweet out condolences. paula? >> a firestorm indeed. david, thank you. speaking of donald trump, he had his first national security briefing 11 days ago. hillary clinton had hers yesterday at an fbi facility near her home in new york. this morning, she's facing questions about whether clinton foundation donors received preferential treatment while she was in the state 2ke79.storylin way for her.
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these e-mails show information on whether there were direct ties between herself and her family organization. this morning, hillary clinton facing new questions about whether top donors to the clinton foundation received special treatment while she was secretary of state. abc news' exclusively obtained these e-mails between doug band and clinton's inner circle. in one exchange, the foundation official suggests guests f president. on the list? executives from three groups that donated millions to the foundation. later, the official requested that one of the guests be seated at vice president biden's table. clinton top aide huma abedin says, i'll ask. she's asked to relay a message to a big sorter. she forwards it along and
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no need for action. donald trump has seized on the close ties. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> reporter: the state department denies foundation donors got any special favors. >> my work at secretary of state was not influenced by any outside sources. >> reporter: the clinton foundation says the e-mails were not part of its work. the state department and campaign say it's not inappropriate for outside groups, such as the foundation, to offer suggestionings. >> and that gets to the issue we want to dwusz martha raddatz. thank you, defvin. we want to bring in martha raddatz. you covered the state department for years. how unusual sit really to have this kind of coordination between the clinton foundation
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>> it's not uncommon that they're in touch and asking for favors. but these are between clinton foundation staff and secretary clint clinton's senior staff. that's the real issue. were they getting favorers from the state department because of their donations to the foundation. there's been nothing proven. but lots of questions about the appearance of a conflict. >> martha, the it's only august. do you think this conservative group, citizens united,ha think they may have a bigger bomb to drop come october? >> what we do know is that clipt and her lawyers say she turned over all work-lelted e-mails from her private server. yet the fbi found nearly 15,000 more during their investigation. those 15,000 plus e-mails on the server from clinton staffers will continue to drip out until election day. and, maybe even after that. >> so this issue and perhaps more not going away anytime soon.
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guidance on a sunday morning. we should say martha will have much more on the presidential campaign late their morning on "this week," right here on abc. governor chris christie will talk to martha about the candidate's shifting immigration policy. and donna brazile talks to martha as well. >> great lineup as usual. we look forward to it. it's the rare occasion when sports andol and an nfl quarterback has ignited a fire storm. colin kaepernick, the san francisco 49ers, refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest before all three preseason games. ron is here with his activism. reaction is swift from every side. >> kaepernick, who, just three years ago led the san francisco 49ers to the super bowl is well known for speaking out on social
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african-americans is drawing a huge reaction. condemnation from many. support from others. this morning, the spot light on football star colin kaepernick. for taking a stand by refusing to stand. the san francisco 49ers quarterback remaining seated during the playing of the national anthem as three preseason games. a protest he says over police brutality against african-americans. kaepernick saying in an interview, i'm not going t for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. adding to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. >> i don't think it helps the cause any. >> it's not hurting anybody. >> reporter: online, fellow athletes divided. tiki barber saying he disagrees with kaepernick's actions but defending him to use his platform and brand to make a
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agree. one former player urging him to find another way. >> you have to stand up there with your team. this game. what's going on around the country is big tharn you. >> reporter: the outspoken quarterb quarterback, who is biracial, aurve takes to social media opinion the nfl said players are enkournlgd, but not required, to stand during the playing of the national anthem. 0 years ago, an nb player was for the star spangled banner. kaepernick will not face discipline by the league or the 49ers. he says if this is the end of his career or the end of his endorseme endorsements, it's worth it because he says he did the right thing even if people disagree. >> he's going out on his own principle. and accepting the consequences. >> exactly. >> thank you, ron. let's check the weather. rob, what's cooking?
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hillsboro, a tornado. doing damage to a farm there. nobody injured. rough weather through north carolina and ohio yesterday. if you live in those states, you may have been without power for a bit of the time. let's go to the tropics. we're starting to heat things up, getting into primetime hurricane season. from now to the middle of september is when things get active. a disturbance off the coast of bermu this is the one weave been watching. it's not developed into anything yet. just off the coast of cuba. all indications from most of the commuter models bring it into the gulf of mexico. what it does after that, we'll have to wait and see. northeast gulf the greatest chances. it has to develop into something first. once it gets into the gulf, it will get into warmer water temperatures and lower wind shear.
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time to grow. it will be rain to the southern parts of florida and rain today across the i-10 corridor. very warm in what's really an endless summer across the eastern half of the country. good morning. summer continues across northern ohio today. it's going to be another hot and steamy one. lower 90s for greater cleveland with humidity continuing to rise. we will track a few scattered thunderstorms late this afternoon but should be dying down for of 69 degrees with mostly cloudy conditions. look at the 7-day forecast. the cooldown heads our way as we head into mid-week. >> we go international. because i'm standing next to the international delight, as he's known. >> oh, you remembered that. >> that's his twitter handle. >> yeah. leave that out. >> he's like, you know, it's not
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>> would you rather be the international delight or international man of mystery? >> international delight, sounds like a coffee creamer. >> love the origange, by the wa. >> you actually don't. you're mocking me. we begin with breaking news overnight from new orleans, where a small airplane carrying three people crashed into a lake near the city's airport. a private boat rescued a female passenger who was taken to the hospital. the coast searching for the two people missing. in scotland, police have arrested two united airlines pilots. they were getting ready to board the flight when they were accused of being under the influen influence. new details this morning about the the suspect in the stabbing deaths of two nuns a small community in mississippi. 46-year-old rodney sanders has
7:19 am
margaret held and sister paula merrill in their home on thursday. he has a criminal past spanning three decades. he was released from prison last december. police not yet revealing a motive. u.s. border patrol agents hit the jackpot when they stop twod men they say driving to mexico. they found money. lots of money. more than $3 million in cash. most of that money was stashed in volkswagen passat. the two men were arrested under suspicion of currency smuggling. in texas, an airport shuttle bus crashed and was mangled. it veerd off the road after it was struck by a car. the driver was insxwrurpd no passengers were on the bus at the time.
7:20 am
damage. we no which teams are going head to head in the 70th little league championship. u.s. bracket winner indwell, knock, are go up against south korea. you with watch the championship match here on abc at 3:00 eastern time. noon pacific. 00 >> the kids look like professionals. >> knave gotten better over the years. >> getter than i was, for sure. >> we know that. >> i had you play little l league? on the topic of young talent. 2-year-old violet from shreveport, louisiana, is becoming a star for her intense
7:21 am
song. ? tuv, w, x, y, and z ? >> well, i have that intensity and -- >> it does look like sara. >> i have the drama and the intensity but not the talent. this girl sounds good, as well. her mom says she sings every song with that same intensity. million times. >> coming up next, "wheels on the bus." >> i want to hear it. >> so do i. still to come, it was the case made famous by the netflix series, "making a murderer." he says new evidence could set
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good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. the sun is up and we have lots of sunshine across the board. temperatures on the toasty side for greater cleveland, lower 70s. good morning lake county, upper 60s now. that bubble of warm air will continue to surge in from the
7:28 am
upper 80s, lower 90s across the board. so bright sunny skies for the brunt of your day but that hot steamy air across the lake, dew points at an oppressive state already, mid-60s. we're looking at 89 for greater cleveland. slightly cooler from parma to pepper pike. 87 to 89 degrees. definitely toasty conditions across stark and summit county. daytime high of 92. "power of 5" is tracking a few
7:30 am
and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. and happening right now, midair emergency. a plane's engine ripped apart 30,000 feet in the sky. as the 99 passengers, many small children, on board watch it happen. oxygen masks deploy. the pilot goes into emergency mode. that southwest jet safely in pensacola, only about 30 minutes after taking off. >> they said those pilots were heroic. also right now, indefinite leave. hope solo will not play with her team, the seattle rain. taking a leave of absence just days after being suspended by the augs team. and it's back to a more normal life on earth for six
7:31 am
dome. the scientists have been living in an area with no vegetation and using space suits to go outside. one of the first things they want? we hear fresh fruit ts and a dip in the ocean sflp is that what you would crave? >> if it was paula, it would be bacon cheese burger. cupchange. >> and french fries with mayonnaise and ketchup. >> the kids aren't watching. the video music awards are happening tonight. the britney spleers make her long-awaited return. we have a preview of the show coming up. with the one and only sara haines. >> one of the most unpredictable nights of music. >> it is, it is. >> sara being there, a wild card. >> i'm the unpredictable part. >> it's either sara haines on kanye. first, the new developments involving steven avery.
7:32 am
a murderer." >> his lawyer has filed a motion. saying investigators framed him. marci gonzalez joins us with an exclusive interview. >> reporter: that's right, paula and dan. the defense has long maintained that avery was framd now, they think new science my be able to finally prove it. this morning, steven avery's attorney talking only to and talking about the new action that could set the star of the >> we the jury find the defendant, steven a. avery guilty of first degree intentional homicide. >> we'll be able to take the mystery out of this case. >> reporter: kathleen zellner filing a motion on friday. >> no one who is guilty would ever allow this to happen. >> reporter: the defense asking
7:33 am
blood found in the vehicle. >> this new test has the ability to tell us how old the blood is. if the blood is from 1996, it's planted. if it's from 2005 it wasn't. >> reporter: zellner kouptding on the same kind of second chance that avery's nephew was given. >> be honest, you went insider didn't y >> into the trailer? >> uh huh. >> reporter: this taped confession thrown out. >> if it was upheld, his confession, though not admitted in mr. avery's case, would still have been hang pg over our case. >> reporter: prosecutors stand behind their case against avery. >> common sense all point to one person. >> reporter: this morning, they're not commenting on the
7:34 am
moe motion. if the court approved this testing, avery's attorney said he would pay for it. netflix says a second season of "making a murderer" is in the works. >> zellner has exonerated other people in the past. she has quite a history. let's go to the weather and rob. >> i promised to go international this half hour. this is a picture out of umea, sweden. i've been there. these a seeing them in person is like electromagnetic angels dansing in the sky. closer to home. the winds not so bad today. firefighters, maybe working on the fires. we'll crank it up again for monday into tuesday. temperatures seasonal to maybe above average, especially in seattle. tropics here.
7:35 am
90-mile-an-hour winds. a good one. it's good because it won't hit anybody. we expected to go maybe cat 2 as it works its way out in the sea. another storm off the african coastline. this wone with a 50-50 chance o becoming something interesting as we head toward the end of the week. what could be hurricane mad lynne making a run at hawaii wednesday or thursday. that's a quick tro good morning. another hot and steamy one across northern ohio today. daytime highs lower 90s with partly sunny skies. we're tracking a few scattered thunderstorms by the 3:00 hour. tonight mostly cloudy overnight lows of 69. >> this weather report is brought to you by front line gold. >> ron, did you put something in rob's coffee?
7:36 am
electromagnetic angels in the sky. >> it's a beautiful sight. if you have ever seen the northern lights, it's a way to describe it. it was amazing. >> sara and i feel like we're surrounded by angels every day. >> i agree. dan, you're the best one. >> no, i think these guys are the best. >> thank you, paula. >> i think that might have been sar chasm. coming up on "gma," your look ahead to tonight's gmas. >> and the unusual inspiration sarah jessica parker used to create her new fragrance. what does it smell like? >> that's a tease, paula. i can't tell you. it's yummy, though. >> you gave it away. come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection
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? baby, don't you want to ? the video music awards, the vmas, with iconic performances. >> was that a real snake? >> yes. >> that's frightening. she's back for the first time in ten years. not sure if the snake is coming back. >> cow can't top that performance. we know who is opening the show as well as some of the other stars performing.
7:41 am
the unexpected. from miley's unforgettable performance with robin thick, to stage-storming kanye. >> but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: it's the awards show where anything goes. >> miley, what's good? >> reporter: and this year's vmas are shaping up to be one of the most up predictable stage may be blessed with beyonce. >> reporter: they share the spot light. is there this year, there's no one host. you're seeing a lot of different musicians and artists and actors. >> reporter: so who is in the running to steal the show? the always provocative rihanna. ? baby, this is what you came for ? >> reporter: accepting the video vanguard award.
7:42 am
yeezy. >> it don't matter though. it ain't about me. it's about ideas, bro. >> reporter: he's being given four minutes to do, well, anything he wants. for many viewers, all eyes are on britney. >> everyone is expecting britney to bring her "a" game, mostly because she's been doing that night in and night ut with her vegas show. >> reporter: can her return to the stage cap off the ultimate cop comeback? of awards to be won. and an "a" list diva duel in the making. as adele looks to say hello to a moonman or two. while beyonce aims to make lemonade out of her career best 11 nominations. and adding to the star power,
7:43 am
present awards. i'm most excited to see britney. >> deep breath, sara. >> anyone with me? >> anyone have a defibrillator? can doing nothing actually lead to something? our weekend download. >> i'm going to guess you're going say yes. >> you have to stay tuned. it's a tease. >> i do it all the time. i read that once. state farm knows that for every one of those moments, there's one of these... wild mustangs?!? i can't believe we live in the middle of all this! they're supposed to be one of the most gentle creatures in nature. really? i don' know, i read that once... that's why more people save money by combining their home and auto with state farm. here to help life go right,
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me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing
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time for "weekend download." for many of us, creativity is a key. it's hard to have novel ideas when you're constantly bombarded by e-mails, texts, tweet, status updates.
7:47 am
in emma seppala, ph.d.. your first tip is to do nothing? >> you are working on a problem, it comes to you when you are in the show, or at a time when you're not look for a solution. our brains are more likely to come up with things when we're idle. >> next you say silence is golden? >> i've interviewed some of the most creative in meditation, taking walks in nature kx help boost creativity. >> i'm a huge proponent of meditation, as you know. the final tip is engame in play? >> human beings are the only mammals that stop played in adulthood. engage if team sports, playing with your pet or your child, those are the kinds of things that may lead to breakthrough ideas. >> i love it.
7:48 am
creativity is the number one attribute ceos are looking for. emma, thank you very much. if you want to hear more of our conversation, check out my new 10% happier podcast available on or in apple podcasts. search for 10% happier. we'll the be right back with "pop news." just bought a new home for their growing family. they weighed the pros and cons, did their homework and sweated every detail. from the right mortgage company. but none of that matters very much to cody. all that matters to him, is that this is home. buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish? jet-dry? in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black.
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? as we like to say, it all leads up to this. time for "pop news." the one and only rob marciano. what to you got?
7:53 am
i'll take a break. >> celebrities are pitching in to help louisiana's flood victims. randy jack sob is co-hosting the event along with harry connick jr., both from louisiana. connick saying the concert brings much-needed attention to those in need. >> reporter: than a dozen local artists are expected to perform. more acts announced in in coming days. it will air live on bounce tv and and sarah jessica parker is known for her sense of style. she drew from unusual inspiration for her new scent. the fragrance called stash has got hints of body odor in it, but in a good way. it's supposed to be for men and women. what you to think? >> it does have some body odor. i mean, i suppose it's a good
7:54 am
you spray like this and -- like that. >> walk into it? >> you're going to get hurt. >> you never spray directly on your skin. you cloud it and you enter. zbri don't smell the b.o. >> it's a body odor. it doesn't mean it's stinky. >> it's not a body funk. >> maybe i've been changing too many diapers. >> they're not going to be bottling up that anytime >> like whiskey. >> it does look like whiskey. >> it does. >> did you say it tastes like whiskey? >> no, i got a little on my tongue. it doesn't take like whiskey. it's school season. look at this video posted by breaknoreddit. >> it's a user on reddit.
7:55 am
getting a whole lot of shut-eye. >> brilliant. brillia brilliant. >> it has high marx for creativity. how bored would you for that to have to be for that to happen to you? >> bored. >> rob? rob? >> i would have to be really bored. >> fist pump, rob. fist pump. >> rob, your smile looked plastered on. >> that's enough. that's enough. >> you're cardboard cutout. >> it was made for lighting purposes. >> it's not horrible. >> i've walked in on it on the set and it freaks me out. >> i saw you speaking to it. >> the only way to make it better is to spray this perfume on it. >> is it perfume or cologne? >> it's cologne.
7:56 am
>> thank you very much. thank you very much. appreciate that. that means i'm sorry. good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. the sun is up, it's a fantastic day across northeast ohio but that hot and steamy air definitely in place. good morning, downtown cleveland. 73 degrees. upper 60s now from euclid, avon lake to the west side. gray day to be at cedar point. great day. in the lower 70s.
7:57 am
90. madison currently 68. upper 60s from orwell to ashtabula. inland earliering tracking in a lot of oppressive air. the dew points are off the charts this morning. into the upper 60s. that will continue to rise as we head into your mid- afternoon. looking at them now, the moisture in the air, 67. add an it's slightly cooler for wayne county. going to be bringing in that warm air across the board. so five live radars, you're seeing just a little moisture for southern ashtabula county. the rest of us dealing with those high clouds so we're off to a fantastic start. looking at the hour by hour, it's going to be a pool day but look at this, by 2:00 i want to you bring it inside as we track
7:58 am
due to the front that is going to transition into a cold front. it will bring us slightly cooler air as we head into tomorrow but today that arm air pushes in from the south. to looking at the futurecast here you can see most spots by the 3:00 hour in the upper 80s, lower 90s. slightly cooler across the lake. there is that south breeze about 5 to 10 miles per hour. things really start to calm down as temperatures cool off, around the 7:00 hour but you can st
7:59 am
8:00 am
a woman dead. neighbors shook up after a woman being investigated as road rage. narcan called one of the most effective weapons in the war of heroin but could it be contributing to the problem? first, a live look outside, beautiful morning in northeast ohio. hello edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm sarah phinney in for nick foley. i have janessa webb with us. it could be a good pool or beach day for part of the day. >> tracking just a few scattered thunderstorms for late afternoon but all in all you should get to the beach. that warm air is tracking into northern ohio once again. we're talking about upper 80s, lower 90s for most spots so definitely warm air in place here. you can see we're tracking just


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