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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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a woman dead, her neighbors shaken after a shooting that is being investigated as road rage. narcan has been called one of the most effective weapons in the world against historyin but could it be contributing to the problem? heroin. a look outside on this beautiful su of "good morning cleveland." i'm sarah phinney in for nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb. it is beautiful but it is hot and muggy out there. >> a very muggy -- are you ready to sweat -- sunday afternoon? it's love conditions, a lot of sunshine but dew point off the charts. i just stepped outside and it's not breathable or nice air we're talking about. a kind of a glossy look across
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because that hazy factor is going to continue to increase throughout your afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures on this sunday morning. greater cleveland 78 degrees. upper 70s already for elyria to richland county. good morning ashtabula, you're currently at 76. we were just talking about the moisture in the air on top notch. this is oppressive air now, for cleveland area lower 70s. you can see slightly cooler fo continue to rise here mid- afternoon. so you're going to have that ac cranking, make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your afternoon. 5 live radars not picking up moisture. just a few high clouds now for canton and akron but i'm tracking in a weak front that is going to produce a little rainfall. yesterday we had two counties under severe thunderstorm warnings. today not the case. we're just going to see
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notice the clouds thickening here but sarah, are you ready for another day in the 90s? >> no. >> thank you. we're learning new details about a woman killed by a stranger after a crash. it happened at richmond and solon road early saturday morning. the shooter is now in custody. newschannel 5's derrick waller is learning more about the victim. >> it's shocking how kit be 53-year-old deborah pearl of twinsburg shot and killed saturday morning following this traffic accident at solon and richmond roads. police say they took the shooter into custody but he hasn't been identified. they say he ran a red light and flipped his car. hers still right side up when he got out and fired. >> i'm shocked because we heard it as a very distraught piece of news to have to hear. then to boot here it is one of the nice men who said hello to
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his wife. it's just too shocking to be almost real. >> reporter: that's the terrifying scene witnesses saw before 7:30. >> reporter: 911 caller told police the man eventually put down the weapon. and he was at the scene long enough for police to quickly local harley-davidson dealership and it was a passion for motorcycles and cars siska told me she and her husband shared. >> this happy man, for the rest of his life is going to be distraught about what this day brought him. >> solon police are not publy identifying the man until chance are filed tomorrow. we'll continue to follow the story, download our newsnet5 app for the latest updates.
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and her new boyfriend has died. the stark county coroner says 29-year-old shane varner died saturday morning at the hospital. massillon police say he shot and killed tara klausman and michael lovette as they left their home last weekend. varner was tracked down and taken to the hospital after trying to commit suicide. several states are scrambling to deal with a series of heroin overdose ohio. in each case emergency crews provided the overdose antidote narcan. there's a pattern now. attics use it, overdose, revived with narcan and repeat the cycle. some say it's an enabler. that they don't take the consequence as seriously because there's a safety net.
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>> does it enable someone? yes, to get into recovery and live another day to live a happy productive life. >> reporter: some say it's not narcan, it's what happens after. first responders have few options, take the person to jail or let them go. they argue state laws need to be changed so they can bring users to treatment facilities instead. in northeast ohio today heroin is the focus of a unique car show on the west side. the no more hero from people impacted by the drug. proceeds go to the julie adams house, a nonprofit that helps women struggling with addiction. the rally is from 3:00 to 8:00 at allied building supply on brookpark road. also today -- a fundraiser for c.o.p.s., a charity that helps the families of police officers killed on the job. the regal beagle slan in lakewood is hosting, there will
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7:00 today. thank you for starting your sunday with us. i'm sarah phinney. coming up -- a new study of chicago police data is revealing an alarming trend in that city. plus a lesson in foregiveness giveness -- from a business owner targeted by thieves. >> we're tracking the heat can temperatures rising again -- with temperatures rising again to the 90s.
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we're off to a fantastic start. a few high clouds in some locations but it's going to be another hot, hazy steamy day across the board with our daytime highs already starting to warm up. good morning, greater even for lake along with geauga county. mid-70 now. i see you, dover, new philly lower 80s so we're definitely spicing up our temperatures. by the noon hour most spots upper 80s to lower 90s. if you're headed to cedar point this afternoon, sandusky, 90- degree day. closer to the lake a slightly cooler so a little bit of relief for euclid to pepper
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points at 70s range, temperatures in 90s, feels-like temperatures almost like triple- digit heat across northeast ohio. this story sounds a little like a movie plot. children living in a sewer system. you heard that right. utility workers in washington state say that really may be happening there. the workers were shocked by what they found under this 80- pound manhole cover. 14 feet below bed, clothes, toys and food. boys nearby looked to be 12 or 13 years old. they were warned about the dangers of methane gas, vermin and limited air. >> no one should be there without protective equipment on. >> they say they've seen kids running back and forth and
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slightly ajar for months. workers recently returned to the site but say the food and toys have been cleaned out and there's no sign of the boys. a couple of stranded boaters are lucky to be alive. the pair were trying to cross from one island in micronesia to another when they got off track and ended up stranded on a deserted island. wednesday a ship noticed nashing lights from the island and notified the u.s. coast guard in gwam. days later a navy air crew spotted the s.s. spelled on the beach. they were rescued friday about a week after they originally went missing. as we head to break here's a look at last night's winning
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pope francis announces he'll visit the area in italy hit by the deadly earthquake. earlier this morning the pope led prayers for residents affected by it. at least 290 people were killed and hundreds more injured in italy's central mountains. no date was given for the pope's trip. he says he'll be there as soon as possible. two nuns killed in their mississippi home will be remembered today. a wake is scheduled at the
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bible study. their bodies discovered thursday after they didn't show up to work at a healthin click. officials say rodney earl sanders confessed but gave no reason for the crime. the nuns were known for kindness, patience and dedication. >> it's hard to imagine that one who served the poor, untiringly, day and night, that her life would be violent way. >> a mass in honor of the nuns will be held tomorrow. the county where they worked is one of the poorest in the country. right now the search continues in new orleans after a small plane crashed into a lake. officials say a woman was rescued by boaters but two men are still missing. the plane went down near an airport, officials are using divers in an effort to find the men and wreckage. the woman was rushed to the hospital, her condition is unknown at this time.
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story. those fighting against north carolina's so-called bathroom bill are celebrating a major victory. a federal judge is ruling that two students and employee at the university of north carolina must be allowed to use restrooms matching their gender identity. the law titled hb2 keeps transgender people from using bathrooms that don't match the gender on their birth certificate. opponents hope this decision is a sign of things to come as the larger case against the law heads to trial >> it shows that hb2 is directly against title 9 which is a big thing so i think that is going to set a precedence for once it actually goes to court. >> this ruling will have little effect at unc, the university already refused to endorse hb2, elsewhere though the state of north carolina is already seeing fallout from the law. the nba recently announced the
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a new report shows mostly african-american men and boys have been shot by chicago police. the "chicago tribune" got the numbers after threatening to sue. the data is from 2010 to 2015. the newspaper found four out of every five people shot by officers were black. also discovering half of the officers involved were african- american or hispanic. most had years of experience on the force. the police union is on the defensive saying ethnicity, it's about criminal involvement. and dwyane wade's cousin is one of the latest victims of gun violence in chicago. the mother of four was pushing a stroller and police say she was caught in the crossfire. trump claims her death pertains to what he's saying. and that african-americans should vote for trump.
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to the family. vice presidential candidate tim kaine says the only appropriate reaction is sympathy. that trump's recent outreach to the african-american community he called insincere and hasn't done enough to distance himself from supporters with ties to the kkk and trump's belief that president obama wasn't born in the u.s. is insensitive to african-americans. here's a case of what would you do? a thief breaks into a coffee shop and runs off thousands of dollars. the owner's response could be a lesson for all of us though. >> reporter: the bitter blow of a break-in at this cafe in brooklyn, new york. >> it was between $2,000 and $3,000. >> reporter: turned into a sweet lesson of forgiveness. >> the way my religion teaches me. >> reporter: instead of a police report a different document. in front of cocoa grinder cafe on this same door that the thief broke in through.
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i would rather not know. >> reporter: the owner abdul al- anani with a letter addressed to the thief. >> maybe take a different route, of forgiveness and mercy. >> reporter: after all the thief took, al anani says he if the thief comes back and apologizes -- what would you do? >> he's hired. he needs a job, he's hired. >> reporter: abc news, brooklyn, new york. >> great story. it will be another good pool and beach day for at least part of the day. >> part of the day. i think most of the day, we're just going to track just a few scattered thunderstorms, they won't be like yesterday. i know we had two counties with
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if you are outside make sure you're staying hydrated, we're seeing humidity levels, i just stepped outside and -- it was almost a puddle. >> you could feel it. >> it's oppressive air. looking lovely across northeast ohio, our vegetation plants definitely blooming after we've been tracking that rain for -- the last two weeks. so definitely getting a good dose, you can see from our cams, just paints the picture very well, ni for wayne county but humidity levels, that is going to be the talker throughout your afternoon. i do want to look at the temperatures today. looking back in the 90s. your weekend factoid, if we hit 90 today it will be the 26th time in 2016. so definitely that bubble of warm air tracking in. 78 now for greater cleveland.
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dover new philly already starting to warm up. lower 80s. the moisture in the air and an oppressive state almost feeling like you're hitting a brick wall right when you step outside. this will continue to rise for stark and summit county for mid- afternoon. so when you mix the temperature along with dew points together we're talking about triple digit heat across northeast ohio this afternoon. so the high clouds now you can see we're not tracking any moisture here but to our west we see a front that is going to lift north and that is going to provide us with a few scattered storms for your mid-afternoon so once you see the dark clouds i want to you take it in. if you're by the pool the great news hour by hour, you can see this is going to be in and out fairly quickly. if you have evening plans you are a-ok. let's give you exacts timing
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south, a few raindrops start to work its way in from erie, huron county. the bulk of the moisture stays to the north but that is why we are calling for a little bit of isolated activity. by 7:00 we're a-ok. looking really good across the area. temperatures though for your overnight lows, we're still talking about lower 70s. definitely going to have that ac cranking with the few storms this 69 to 70 degrees with mostly cloudy skies but the muggy meter definitely on top notch. if you are over the heat and you need a little bit of relief look at this 7-day forecast. going into the month of september, back in the 70s. 49ers colin kaepernick suddenly the center of a national debate. before the game he refused to stand for the national anthem. he stayed on the bench, a move
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pride in the country that oppresses black people. he's not the first athlete to shed light on recent police shootings, michael jordan, lebron james and carmelo anthony all talked about it in the past. his decision is getting mix mixed reactions. >> it's better than violence. >> do that in your household. in house. in house. you don't do that. it's >> kaepernick didn't say if he would continue with the protests when the regular season starts. it was a tough loss for the indians and the browns, they are considering giving starters more playing time in the preseason. hakeemdermish has that and more in our sports report. >> reporter: good morning. give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. here's another really great thing, it's not as profound as
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you supply them with a bevy of opportunities to score. case in point last night in texas. carlos carrasco tossed eight shutout innings monday, not last night. bottom one bases loaded, carlo santana, can't handle, 1-0 rangers. another look, santana tries to play it off one side, eats him up. got to make that play. two batters later, mitch moreland makes the indians pay big ti texas. jose ramirez, diving stop, gets the runner at first. check out -- get out of the way man. ramirez trying to make a play, he does. great defensive play and the indians scored 12 runs friday night. couldn't get it going last night. aj griffin, gets chickenall, detroit loss of cleveland,
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starters don't usually play in the preseason game because of injury but jackson says he's considering having his starters play in the final tuneup. watch the game thursday against the bears on newschannel 5. our coverage begins 7:00 p.m. a fresh addition of the dawg pound report coming up later this morning. 11:30 a.m. turning to for st. ed's, no place like home. two time defending state champs won 15 straight home games. haven't lost at home in three years. hosting pine-richland, top ranked from outside of pittsburgh. goodyear blimp flying over the game. youngsters watched a great game. curtis, senior running back couldn't be contained. 77 yards, two touchdowns in the first half. eds up 21-20 at halftime.
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have a day kid! 26-yard touchdown and the eagles take the lead. celesta rushed for 207 yards and two touchdowns. last chance for pine-richland. defense steps up. check out due shane bloodworth. that seals it. 21-27, st. ed's. coming up, clevel towards a strike. we're looking at the decision that's need to be made this week. in solon neighbors are trying to come to terms with the murder of a woman police think
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live look on this sunday morning. it's beautiful. we have a seagull, boaters in the background. beautiful day to be outside. welcome to the weekend edition of "good morning cleveland." i'm sarah phinney in for nick foley. we have several developing stories including a local fire department shutting down. we're looking into what will happen to the firefighters there. but first a check of the weather with "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. good morning. good morning.
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ohio. if you have not stepped outside yet make sure you have the water, sunscreen handy. throughout your sunday afternoon the sky though looks ideal. it is just going to be a lot of sunshine across the board. we're tracking just a few showers for your late afternoon but definitely going to see more sunshine than rain for your sunday. temperatures across the board almost at 80 degrees this morning for greater lower 80s starting to work its way in from the south from dover new philly, canton good morning 77. even upper 70s right now for summit county. so 5 live radars not picking up moisture. you can see from the composite radar though the cloud coverage starting to work its way in for canton, massillon area, wayne county. just a few high clouds. now we are tracking a very weak front that is going to lift to the north and that is going to
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spotty showers so if you're at the pool and you see the dark clouds i want to you bring it inside where we're just going to see the storms be in and out fairly quickly. so shouldn't ruin your outdoor activity. hour by hour, hello to the 90s once again. so a hot steamy day. no right now in wayne county police are searching for a missing 2-year-old, her mother and grandmother. they were reported missing by a family member overnight. here's what we know her mother, tiana soletti's house saturday. and deputies were called to the house after that because of a possible drug overdose. a 28-year-old man was found dead. not known yet if it's connected to the missing persons case. the wayne county sheriff's department says they could be driving in a blue ford explorer. if you know anything about the disappearance call police. newschannel 5 is confirming a woman was pulled from the water in the flats last night.
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woman was drinking at the bar before she fell into the river. a good samaritan jumped in after her and performed cpr. that was before emergency crews even arrived on scene. the woman's condition is unknown at this time. but we'll keep you updated. a 29-year-old north ridgeville man is in police custody this morning. he's accused of shooting and killing 53-year-old deborah pearl after a crash. police don't think they knew each other and are investigating this as possle case of road rage. they say the suspect ran a red light, flipping his car. he then got out and started shooting. a neighbor saw the whole thing happen. >> he was already at the car shooting in the car and then i heard her scream. and at that moment when i looked back out real quick because i'm like, ok, i'm getting away from the window in case, i heard her scream and she was on the ground and he was standing over her shooting
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being identified until he's charged. for now he's in the solon jail. we're learning an arrest has been made in connection with a series of bb gun shootings in cleveland heights. police there are not releasing the name but plan to file charges tomorrow. we told you about this earlier about cars being shot out along noble road and police say some drivers reported their windows being smashed while they were stopped at red lights. moving to summit county now -- an entire fire department there is firefighters covering northfield center in sagamore hills will lose jobs next month. this is after sagamore hills decided to start a new contract with macedonia. the 28 staffers were given the option to apply for positions in macedonia. >> it's not an easy thing for
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service to our residents and we know that macedonia did the same. it's just that it's happening to us right now at this time. >> the chief says this is really just about money. ohio governor john kasich has been on the record advocating for small cities and towns to share services and save money. hundreds of southeastern ohio residents are back in their homes this morning after a chlorine cloud forced evacuations yesterday. the chlorine came from a police say the source was a puncture in a rail car. a yellow cloud of chlorine drifted across the state border closing roads and evacuating homes along the way. two workers at the plant were taken to the hospital for treatment. >> as you breathe it in you can feel it hit your lungs. you cough, choke. covering our mouths, trying to cover our noses, trying to get everybody out. >> the evacuations again were
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more tests will be conducted in the coming weeks to find out exactly how this happened and how it can be prevented in the future. looking ahead -- tomorrow the teachers union and cleveland metropolitan school district will meet. their goal is to avoided a strike. the district ceo is confident tomorrow's meeting with the mediator will work out. eric gordon says there's too much at stake for schools, teachers, families and students. the teachers union has issued a strike notice and if no contract deais strike will begin in a few days, on september 1st. if you're around northfield this afternoon you may want to bring some ear plugs possibly. thousands of motorcycles will be starting all at once. they are trying to beat a a guinness world record. proceeds go to the north coast community homes. they will attempt to beat the record at 3:00 this afternoon.
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litchfield community center officially opens. the public can walk around from 1:00 to 4:00. a ribbon-cutting, ceremony at 2:00 in the gym and there's a lot to see. our partners at the "akron beacon journal" reports the school has a planetarium now and wing dedicated to performing arts. the project cost $83 million. students start school at the end of the week. more big named politicians are headed our way. who will be in rewrite an event in cleveland history that, while most of us would prefer to forget it. >> another 90-degree day in the forecast. when do the 70s return? and the "power of 5" tracking a
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good morning janessa webb. a ton of sunshine across the board with that heat and humidity definitely in place. when you combine humidity levels in the lower 70s with temperatures in the 90s you're talking about a heat index of near triple-digit heat throughout your afternoon. so definitely warm air pumping in, definitely a pool day across northeast ohio, but we're tracking a few spotty storms around the 2:00 hour so
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clouds floating through, make sure you take it inside. it should move in and out fairly quickly today. shouldn't ruin your outdoor activities. so hour by hour, most of us going to be on the dry side but man, do whatever you can to try to beat the heat. most spots lower 90s. national dog day was earlier this week but dog owners know there's no wrong time to celebrate a man or woman's best friend. you can do some of that celebrating with your today's pet-a-palooza. dogs will be taking over the recreational area in hinckley township. in addition to swimming there will be vendors, safety demonstrations and onsite adoptions, from 11:00 to 3:00 today. an image tarnished cleveland's reputation for years. the cuyahoga river on fire but last night a special celebration shows how far our
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tracy carloss reports. >> reporter: on the banks of cuyahoga river, music, food and drink. the 15th annual burning river festival at the historic coast guard station on whiskey island. but this festival this year is about more than the pear here. it is celebrating the transformation of cleveland and the water surrounding it. it was 1969 when the river caught fire. but that was then. this is now. >> cleveland has come a long way from where the flats were popular to getting shut down to revitalization with good res brewer restaurants, breweries, the convention. >> reporter: those invested in a clean waterfront say there's still more work to do. >> it used to be a period of time where everyone said you have to choose between the environmental protection or economic prosperity which we've
10:42 am
environmental protection you get economic development. and nothing is more manifesting that concept than the banks of the cuyahoga river. >> that was tracy carloss. the money raised benefits the burning river foundation which is dedicated to improving and maintaining regional fresh water resources. if you see news happening let us know,
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this coming week vice president joe biden returns to campaign for hillary clinton. donald trump took his campaign to summit county this week. that is where john kosich talked with him. that and more in democracy 2016. >> reporter: good sunday morning northeast ohio as you wrap up august. this week the race for the white house is in full swing. the week started a discussion on race and the words were strong. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he's taking hate groups mainstream. helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> when democratic policies fail they are left with only
10:46 am
you're racist. you're racist. you're racist. they keep saying it. you're racist. it's a tired disgusting argument. >> reporter: one of trump's strongest arguments has been his stance on immigration. in support of the idea of deporting 11 million people in the u.s. illegally. this week marked what might be a pivot for trump, or maybe not. to win the general election donald trump will need more than 60 million votes, in the primary he won 14 what point do you stop playing to the 14 million and start going after that 60 plus million you're going to need in november? >> see, i don't want to just cater to anybody. i just want to do what is right. >> reporter: wednesday night though if he was not catering on immigration it was close. >> do we tell these people to get out, number one? or do we work with them and let them stay in some form? >> reporter: backing off the plan to automatically deport 11
10:47 am
deportation force. we're rounding them up in a very humane way. >> reporter: in favor of -- >> they will pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. >> reporter: if it sounds familiar -- >> i believe they ought to pay back taxes, pay a fine. never get on the path to citizenship. but get legalization. >> reporter: trump saying he had to be true to himself. >> i have to stay with what i feel. >> reporter: what he felt on immigration is what drew many of his supporters to him. >> if you as the only issue that links them together is his immigration stance. no other issue links them together but immigration. the other thing he has to be careful of, he's supposed to be the tells it like it is politician, the one willing to say whatever it takes to get it done. now if he makes this major shift on this issue, it's problematic. >> reporter: when donald trump took the stage in akron this weekend in youngstown the week before he was introduced by former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. absent from the stage?
10:48 am
when mitt romney campaigned across ohio in 2012 by his side usually senator rob portman, sometimes governor john kasich. this year for donald trump neither have been present. kasich made it clear an endorsement of trump won't be coming. >> we're like two companies, different values, vision, different operations, hard to merge. >> reporter: don't look for that to change. have you reached out to kasich or will you in an effort to resolve whatever differences you have? >> no have not reached to him. >> reporter: as for the absence of rob portman locked in his own former governor ted strickland. have you asked him to come to these? >> no, but i have a good relationship with him. >> reporter: what impact do you think it will have on his race? >> we're doing well, in ohio, florida and a couple of other big swing states. i have to focus on my race. rob has been very nice. >> reporter: a poll shows portman outpolling donald trump leading by eight point in his race while donald trump trails
10:49 am
in his. this is where he can help portman. governor kasich won the state, yes, but the orange counties along the eastern border along the ohio river are the counties that donald trump won. traditionally democratic counties, disenfranchised voters, manufacturing, coal miners, steel workers. a large part was strickland's old congressional district. the voters with whom the message is resonating with. >> i think one of the very wad things she's doing is the miners are going to be out manufacturing continues to leave. i'm going to bring it all back. >> reporter: do you have a sense that the campaign has a fall feel already and we're only at the end of august? you would be correct. both conventions were early this year in part because many of you were making your decisions early. for the first time since 1960 both conventions wrapped up before the end of july. and the candidates are making best use of the time. they have to. this may be the longest general
10:50 am
not really since early voting will be underway in five states by september. campaigning in the past waited until after labor day to get started, and they are doing what they couldn't do in august, campaign. hillary clinton's superpac made the decision last week to pull these ads off the air in virginia and pennsylvania until late september. these are two states where clinton is leading, yes, but also two states that essentially don't have early voting. ohio's early voting starts worry, it's a day you don't need to remember. >> i'll send every single voter in this state an absentee ballot request if they fill it out and turn it in there will be a month to vote without ever leaving home. >> reporter: it reduces chances of election day lines and minimizes impact of problems at the polls. something different? >> if you vote absentee by mail you can track your ballot on- line through myivote come cog
10:51 am
elections. >> reporter: roughly 3/4 of all states offer some form of early voting. with democracy 2016, i'm john cossic, enjoy your sunday. perfect day to be outside. bring water and sun screen. >> the humidity levels continue to rise. you can see a lot of people. >> it looks wonderful. >> i cannot enjoy any outdoor activities. a great day, huntington beach in bay village. be close to the water as we're talking about, 90-degree day across northeast ohio. not a cloud in the sky now. even for inland locations. picking up on radar for stark county. a few high clouds. so today 90-degree temperature, you can see we're already starting to warm up here. downtown cleveland, 79 degrees.
10:52 am
point, kellies island, already in the lower 80s now. making our -- way to the east side from mentor, euclid area, lower 80s, upper 70s across the board. even inland locations, that warm southerly air starting to move in, currently at 79 for richland county. clouds for stark county will continue to move out of the area but we're watching and that is going to spark up a little bit of rain as we step into about the 2:00 hour. so this will be on the isolated side, any storms that we do see. look at the hour by hour daytime highs upper 80s, lower 90s. don't cancel outdoor plans. by 7:00 we should be on the dry side sitting under mostly cloudy skies. i'll break this down even
10:53 am
you can see a few rain drops well to the south still on the dry side but as the front tracks in, 3:00, 4:00, that cedar point, erie, huron county you can see some isolated rumbles of thunder, should be in and out fairly quickly here. that is stark county around 7:00 p.m. everything really starts to calm down. so i know yesterday afternoon we had some severe thunderstorm warnings, some gully washers that caused he lake. today's definitely on the light side. so today will be another day of that sweltering heat. lower 90s, partly sunny for most of us. that muggy meter on top notch. this evening lower 70s across the board. 7-day forecast, if you need relief from the heat, let's go into the month of september
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welcome back. janessa has one last look at our forecast. we could hit 90 today. >> it's going to be definitely hot and steamy air in place. if you've already been outside you are probably noticing a brick wall effect here as humidity levels continue to rise. tomorrow, slightly cooler but still a very warm day.
10:57 am
for wednesday and then september, it's all about the 70s. so more seasonable air, today is about 10-degree difference -- above normal. above normal temperature-wise. the heats is already getting to me. >> that's right. >> it will do that to you. good pool day or beach day. thank you for joining us on "good morning cleveland." sunday "inside the cleveland
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les chap rouge offers preschool and private and elementary school education. sarah moga is here to tell us more. chaperone rouge. >> why the chaperone rouge? a dream school for working moms. we have high standard of education, amazing nutritional meals, indoor playgrounds and also extracurricular activities for working moms. we have soccer, baseball, ballet, carte, everything under the same roof and you don't have to worry about after school activities. >> my daughter goes there as well. it is truly a dream for working moms. can i vouch for that. tell us a little bit about what you offer that other schools don't. >> well, we offer indoor playgrounds, nutritional meals and high standard education.
10:59 am
more packing lunches. that's one of the best things. i love the nutritional meals that you serve. hot breakfast. lunch. then snacks. it's great. i love you miss moga and why you do this. your story first of all is incredible. but you have a soft spot for kids. it truly shows. you even have a special offer now. >> i have a program right now for parents. even in my offering free day care for families in financial distress and also with cancer situation. they don't have the money to pay for day care or mother in chemo, how can they take care of a child at home? >> i love that you are helping this. for more information go to
11:00 am
let's the dawgs out! let the dawgs out. >> this is home. and you always take care of home. you dominate at home. so we got to bring it when we come here. we come here because it's special. it's our house. we have to always remember that. this is where you play. this is where we protect our


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