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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fire injured three members of their own force. >> and rob that is more than half of their five firefighters on duty at the time. in the past, we have asked questions about how capable that financially strapped city is of taking care of themselves. and some investigators went back there today to ask about the latest accusations. jonathan, what did you find out? >> well guys as i stand around all of this burned up rubble right here i can tell you that it does not look like this ho soon, but i can tell you that just today that i learned about a fix that is waiting to happen when it comes to the levels for the firefighters right here in east cleveland. the big question, will it be accepted? >> i have never seen anything like that in my whole life. >> reporter: he woke up to this. his neighbor's house is on fire yesterday. thankfully that everyone got out alive. but what he saw just a handful of the east cleveland firefighters show up to the scene that he thought the city
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>> somebody is going to die because you don't have enough people to take care of the situation. >> that is not a safe level for the fire chief. >> reporter: the they told us that three received concussions and neck injuries while fighting the fire yesterday. >> the only reason he didn't go home is because he didn't want to leave them short. >> reporter: they explain that they would have four to seven firefighters on duty for medical and fire runs. last year got 6,200 calls for service. but the fire department got approval for the grant two weeks ago that would allow the hiring of up to 18 new firefighters. but wait, the chief explained that the grant means that they would not be able to lay off anyone in the department. so with more budget cuts lately, they need to figure out if they want to take the grant.
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wasn't around. the city council president would talk to me today, but no call back. and no one home at the council offices where we were suppose to meet. a frustration that the people of east cleveland are living. >> they need to do something. somebody needs to do something. >> reporter: the chief tells me that the city is actually being fined $1,250 per day for breach of contract with the firefighters when it comes staffing levels. that means that the city is getting burned if you will nearly $1 for every minute of the day. thankfully mutual aid from surrounding firefighters are helping to pick up the slack to help them out big time. reporting live here in east cleveland i'm investigator jonathan walsh news channel 5. today a shocking story that broke over the weekend. a man arrested accused of killing a total stranger after traffic accident.
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learned today that the accused shooter's name is matthew desha being held on bond. his neighbors tell us that he has struggled ever since leaving the military in 2008. investigators have been digging into desha's background. he has a history of problems? >> that's right, rob. we found the deeper we look into his background that the more issues we uncovered. turns out that desha was already facing a felony charge before the shooting this weekend. he was charged with found a .9 millimeter handgun in his car when they pulled him over in boardman, ohio last may. that's not all. officers also found drug paraphernalia and a white powder that he claimed was caffeine mixed with epsom salt. he eventually confessed that, "he used to be a heroin addict, but had been sober for a month." and just as troubling.
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serving in the marines back in 2007 when he was convicted of driving drunk after an accident. police said that he fled the scene of the crash and he caused property damage. on your side i'm investigator sarah buduson news channel 5. right now the search is underway for the robber who terrified tellers at local bank. it happened this morning at the key bank on east aurora road in macedonia. surveillance video captures the man wear and a -- a hat, and a possible scarf across his face and sounded like he had a southern accent. police searched for nearby woods and have not found him. we are learning more information about a suspicious death in lorain. we checked it out. police tell us that a man was found in an apartment at west ninth and lexington and that the man's apartment was in disarray. if this is rule add murder it will be lorain's 7th this year. before you say that's low, well the city had zero murders last
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scary situation in akron. a stranger broke into a home and startled two girls. >> tonight, they tell us that he was convicted already earlier this year of a crime. bob jones is live for us in akron tonight. what have you uncovered today? >> reporter: well rob, the suspect is a 38-year-old man who is now facing a new charge of burglary and two weeks ago, less than two weeks ago he was found guilty in connection with the case of following a police officer's wife. the most recent incident happened just before 7:00 a.m. on akron's south side. a woman was asleep upstairs. two teenage girls were asleep in the basement. police tell me that he walked into the home standing over the teens, tapped on the shoulder of the younger teen telling them to wake up. he says that the older teen had asked him what he was doing as he walked out of the house. police responded. after a short chase he was caught in the neighborhood. in april he followed the wife
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from the gym. when she got home the off-duty officer ordered him to the ground at gunpoint and he was charged with menacing for that incident. >> his behavior is showing you what they are doing and airing to the peoples houses as we have not had any where they will be assaulting them or have done anything for them to touch them to wake them up and just their mannerism would think that he's a stocker or the kind of drug problem for them that they do not know what they are doing. municipal court, he was found guilty of trespassing, and menacing for them, but they were suspended. tonight he's back in jail. live in akron tonight, bob jones news channel 5. >> all right, bob thanks. new tonight we're making calls asking questions after seeing the warning about the security of the november election. abc news is reporting that every state will need to tighten their security measures
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systems. this after hackers were able to enter one state's system and try to breach another. our secretary of state, telling us that ohio's machines, they cannot connect to the internet and that they will leave a paper trail. plus, those machines are kept secure at local level with at least two people that are present whenever they are moved. as far as presidential politics will go, the latest polls were released today. >> some bad news for the candidates with those having a negative impression of both. do they think hiding something? trump because he won't release the tax records and clinton for her ties to the clinton foundation. but the poll has clinton leading trump 46% to 39%. earlier this month she lead 50% to 37%. and now time for the power of five and a look high above the day. you can see the sun is shining for a glorious start to the workweek. not a bad monday, mark johnson? >> a little warm, but it is
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the classrooms without air- conditioning, but another beautiful night shaping up. we can just stay on this shot all night long, right? look at that it will be a great sunset. dry on the power of five. we will skim right behind that because we won't have any rain tonight and through the day tomorrow we will be dry as well. what about clouds? we've got a few little clouds mainly in western ohio and southwestern ohio. for us it is cloud free. it's 80 in cleveland. very warm now dover new philly was hot last hour. 76 degrees with a nice comfortable lake breeze in ashtabula. 78 at 7:00 p.m. if you're coming downtown. what a great night to watch the tribe take on the twins. they're going to win. i've predicted three home runs. i'll stay with the tribe that is. death leopard tonight at blossoms. 80 to start. upper 70s with another great night to sit on the lawn.
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sunrise right around 60 degrees. tonight a new life for a historic building. we're talking at lorain's broadway building, which has stood on this street for 88 years. but in their recent history the building has been vacant as we have learned of plans to renovate it. paul kiska you got a tour today as neighbors are hoping that it will be a start there. >> the broadway building has been a part nearly a century. and will it be a part of the city's future in >> time that will arrange their historic building sitting still for years. the architecture gary fisher brought us in to see the potential that it can be great again. fisher told me that plans call for converting this former hotel into 58 new apartments that could cost up to $1,000 a month. the place offers great views of the water front.
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festival sites, and even downtown. >> reporter: these are renderings of what the new apartment complex would look like and the rendering of the proposed 350-seat event center to host weddings. >> to see a piece of history become renovated and be useful to start to generate activity will be a positive thing. they told me by phone that this building will be location. >> it is located at ground zero for lorain. at intersection hub that it will be historic downtown. >> carl neilson owns neilson jewelers, a place that is family for over a century. he told me. >> we finally get an eyesore turned into a vibrant and
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for our downtown. >> and already here downtown next to the broadway building there will be development going on right behind me here putting in a roof hub and a restaurant. live in downtown roy, i'm paul kiska news channel 5. coming up tonight at 6:00, they run in when others run out. sometimes they run up. and an elite team of firefighters learned how to save lives in dangerous situations. only news behind the scenes with them. plus, heavy rain slams the state. brand new details about what people in cincinnati are dealing with today and why it could be days before they get back to normal. our andy baskin is breaking it
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covering news in ohio, police in cincinnati are still looking at what caused a spike in heroin overdoses. police are currently testing samples of heroin being sold on the streets. they believe it is being mixed with other drugs or even animal
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reported more than 174 overdose cases in less than a week. right now they say that the numbers seem to be leveling off, but we are still talking about 10 to 15 a day. and also in cincinnati, people work to clean up their floodwaters after rushing through the communities over the weekend. >> it is smelly, rob because water and even sewage filled their yards, homes, and basements last night. residents say that the storm hit with little warning, causing some scary moments as they tried to evacuate. classes schools together and officials have made the call for oral it. the damage is making it impossible for students to return. officials are hoping to get everything up and running at least by the end of the day on wednesday. i guess that they will need to see how things work out there, but sewage and floodwaters, they are just not good. >> not good. >> feast your salmon as they could use some rain out in california where it is normally dry at this time of the year. here in the midwest a lot more rain than what we need. well, we are getting moisture as far as rainfall.
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like three weeks ago. we've been adding rain, adding rain. >> the grass is very happy. >> nice and green. >> yes, baseball is great. you can put the top down on your jeep finally. they have been doing it all weekend. >> guaranteeing those home runs. the power of five. that's what we're working on right now. 80 degrees right now downtown cleveland. very comfortable weather out there with a nice lake breeze coming on shore. i grabbed the wrong clicker. i grabbed this clicker, the one that rob powers likes to play with. now i'm going to grab the right clicker. sorry about that. i'm just going to eat up sports time. >> oh. >> and the nearest thunderstorms well down to the south and well back to the west of chicago getting pounded by the heavy rain with some flood advisories out there. 80 degrees cleveland, love
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still 89 in few philly. they had 90 there an hour ago. 88 in akron. the heat is on inland away from the lake breeze. there is that northerly wind, northwest breezes at 13 miles per hour. this is where it benefits us to live right next to lake erie, cooler breezes. making it a better afternoon if you are headed to the beach. today 84. 79 is the average. 71 our low this morning, 61 is where we should be. okay, pollen count, i still have the oak mites in there because they are microscopic. k and ragweed season has started. this could be ian or hermine. we have tropical storm warnings for the outer banks. nothing inland, they will get the heavy rain and the high surf and pretty gusty winds. but this will be either ian or hermine, whichever one develops faster that it will be hermine and then the second one will be ian, all happening in the next
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tropical storm that will most likely curve back into florida over the next 48 hours to bring them heavy rain with no hurricanes expected though, at least out in the next five to six days here in the united states with the high bringing us the nice weather today and tonight it will be keeping us clear and starry. tomorrow just a few clouds, staying dry. then wednesday is when you will expect the showers and storms to arrive. here we go, the storms will arrive for you during the morning rush hour. i'm not expecting the severe weather. 60 tonight with comfortable. beautiful weather. open up the windows allow that ragweed to come in, no don't. it will be a comfortable night though. 85 tomorrow mainly sunny and warm. akron and canton at 59 tonight. 88 to 90 tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. i'm running out of time here. all right. wednesday, 79 with a few storms. 73 for friday and a great weather weekend. mr. baskin? >> how about danita first.
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did you remember this video? a truck crashing, injuring 12 people as the building would collapse. rescuers were at the scene pulling the victim to safety securing the building. today, megan hickey gets an exclusive sneak peek at a session and a story that has never been told before. >> reporter: this team works behind the scenes of some of the biggest breaking news in northeast ohio, giving me a rare look of how it is done. news channel 5 shows you the scene in october of the tavern on detroit's road. injuring a dozen people. and taking out two support walls in the process. >> and basically that they would take out the support on both of those. making the corner unstable. >> reporter: how did this truck go from here to here? it's thanks to this team. >> suring up the building with the temporary posts, in order to get everyone out safely. and to pull a car out of this
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cruising tools that might surprise you. ohio's region two search and rescue team will typically use about $15,000 worth of ropes, pulllies, and harnesses. sometimes the only thing standing between these groups of firefighters and the ground is more than 50 feet below. today i got an exclusive look at how they would train for building collapses, like the one in west lake. and the other someone is trapped in the air. >> you start to get comfortable. like i know that's going to work and to hold that building and that it will lift this object off the trapped person. >> the team even took a shot at saving me. a part to have the person will be stranded on the top of the building. >> put them under there. >> just a little bit. >> and lean away. >> reporter: scooping me into the the basket. >> now, you will be in the basket and that it will be
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and effective as chicago fire, but they will get the job done. >> bringing me safely down to the ground. >> it will be super smooth. >> we will think of some of the craziest things that you could think out there. but at the end of the day we are there for the patients. >> some are a part of the fema team to be deployed nationally at a moments notice. in cleveland heights megan
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some people need to coach them as best as we can. again, i don't want to elaborate on the decisions that were made by our staff. we are just going to move forward and coach what we have here to get these guys better. >> well the browns are making roster moves today trading andy lee the punter to carolina. the second best punter in the nfl for a 4th round pick. they let the browns needed to get the roster down to 75. kruger was a bit of a surprise. >> you know, other guys need to step up. and i say to myself, you know, a double d, you know, nate, we need to hold up the end of the bargain. double d is a very good leader on our team and a guy who is vocal. you know, people watch him. you know what i'm saying, we just know where we need to go to pick up where he left off and keep leading these guys. >> don't forget the browns play
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and we'll have the post-game show. indians are back home with a 4 1/2 game lead in the central. the tribe dropped three out of four to the rangers over the weekend. 7:10 first pitch. how about the monsters? your champion monsters with a new head coach john madden. john madden is their new head coach. >> what? >> it is not the same john madden from football, but he'll take over the calder cup champions. what a great moment as we but that moment right there when the monsters won the calder cup was awesome. i could watch that over and over again. >> why don't we? why don't we keep watching it? >> look at that, that's awesome. >> i want to know what motivated the andy lee trade today. what do you think? >> that's a great question. i mean he did not hustle. but any punter in the world will tell you not to tackle somebody during the pre-season. >> yes. it was a business decision.
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that there needed to be a bigger picture as you're talking about the analytics. we'll get their punter back in return. are you okay with it? >> it is all good. in the end it will be all good as long as we win. that's what the women are saying. >> l. all right, we'll see you at 11:00. -- all right, we'll see you at
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breaking news tonight. we're learning of the death of gene wilder. the passing of a comic legend. tonight, hollywood's biggest names celebrating his life as we learn new details about his final moments. also, the race for 2016. hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin, separating from her husband, congressman anthony we scandal. why donald trump calls this a risk to national security. shooting scare. the false report that had thousands of passengers ducking for cover at lax. running from the terminals and onto the tarmac. what really started the panic. tropical threats closing in. the dangerous weather we're tracking. plus, the system building steam as it moves into the gulf. and grounded.


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