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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  September 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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. the survivor of a terrifying car jacking now sharing his experience and hopes others will learn from his ordeal and not fine themselves in similar situations. >> and a new group is looking in collected in ohio. what that means for those of you battling student debt. and first, a live look outside from the homestead falls area. you can see the blue skies in the trees up ahead. the gorgeous weather weekend counsel continuings and -- weekend continues and happens to be a labor day weekend. i'm nick foley with janessa webb and you walk outside issue you had the cool start and it's warming up nicely. again, another gorgeous day as this weekend continues.
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warm-up across northeast ohio and we're not seeing clouds out there. just beautiful blue skies from lorain and doesn't matter where you're at and this morning, we're off to a fantastic start. the temperatures are slow this morning. we had locations in the upper 40s, lower 50s and right now, look at that. greater cleveland. good morning. 73 degrees. 57 for lake county and even ashtabula. you were into the lower 50s about an hour ago and starting summit county currently at 73 degrees and dew points down manageable throughout your afternoon. and now, we were under the debate yesterday why of it was a pool day. i will put you back in the pool this afternoon as our daytime highs, they return to the 80s. and show you the peak of our high temperatures hour-by-hour, whatever you want to do outside by 3:00. most of us at 81 degrees and
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and beginning with breaking news out of north ridgeville. police from several area departments on the scene there and seem to be focused on a house near leer-inationel road. no word what police were responded to here, butinaries heard what sounded like gunfire around 6:00 this morning. >> and i woke up shaking and she was shaking. i went to go to the bathroom and he said not to go outside and he said that is gunshots. and i am like no, not here. happen. >> and we're making calls. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more about this incident. >> was kind of glad when they pulled up in the car. i didn't want to get shot. >> and elsewhere, the victim of a violent car jacking speaking only to newschannel 5. a man says that he was pumping gas in east cleveland when two men held him at gunpoint, stealing his cash, phone, and lexus.
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>> reporter: this richmond heights man who wants to be called jay is riding his motorcycle home tonight and not his 2009 lexus gs-350. after he said two men held him up at gunpoint at this euclid avenue sunoco station. he said that is fine. >> and i was glad when they pulled up in the car. i didn't want to get shot. i was not hurt. >> reporter: jay told police the armed car jacking took place around 10 8:45 last night. the whole -- 10:45 last night and lasted more than a mi closed the door and started it up, the guy opened the door at gunpoint and told me to get out. i exited the vehicle, another guy came around from the back of the car. went into the pockets, tooing my money and phone. >> reporter: he has a replacement phone, and we were there as he got word from an officer his car is recovered in cleveland already but the expensive after-market rims and tires are gone. surveillance cameras are positioned all around the gas station parking lot but jay has
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bold crime last night, he is worried the gunmen will car jack someone else. >> and i am anxious to get the videotape from the store. >> reporter: the gas station manager said there is surveillance video of the car jacking in action, but. >> not handing it over, and it's unclear if east cleveland police have seen it either. when we see it, you will see it as well. derek waller, newschannel 5, east cleveland. >> thank you. and another area community uniting against violent crime, paying respect to the 11 women found in and around convicted killer anthony soul's home in 2009. neighbors cleared away garbage and debris from a memorial dedicated to victims. volunteers planted trees and flowers around the site, determined not to let the victims be forgotten. >> all we did today, we took a stand and we got up early in the morning to take care of our community for the 11 women who were brutally killed here seven years ago.
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2011, and he's asking for a new rile and wants the at the same time conviction overturned. >>. and ohio has a new advisory group to watch over the collection of student loan debt. it's run through the state attorney general's office and will keep an eye on all public colleges and universities in the state. the goal is to make sure the debt collection process is fair and transparent. the panel will make sure they get all of the information they need before signing up for the license. and there ar that is just over two months. here in ohio, those voting absentee will be able to get their ballots sooner. the applications are being sent out this weekend and in ohio, you can vote by mail or in person without haveing to provide a reason. early voting begins on october 12th. and another sign the election is getting closer. more campaign stops in our area and hillary clinton and tim cape will be in cleveland
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stop by the city's labor day festival at luke easter park. if you are interested in attending the event, we have a link to rsc -- rsvp and meantime, bill clinton will be in ohio tomorrow and he'll be at an afl-cio labor day picnic in cincinnati. and on the other side of the equation, republicans are making stops in ohio mike pence dropped by the ohio state campus yesterday. and he tailgated ahead of the ohio state bowling his appearance was not announced by trump campaign ahead of time. his big 10 allegiance is with the hoosiers and he also went to law school at indiana university. and again, thank you so much for spending part of your sunday morning here with us. and coming up later, one of the area's most familiar amusement parks preparing to shut its doors for good in days. >> and a woman devoting her entire life to the less
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more on mother theresa still ahead. >> and we are sitting in all of the sunshine and my seven-day forecast. i will show you when a few raindrops move back in along with the 90s.
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. good morning, everybody. there is my favorite flower. nick, there she is. hibiscus looking gorgeous out
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the vegetation and plants looking fabulous. and a little bit of rain we have been experiencing the last three weeks. now, we are seeing just high pressure that is currently building. the tradeoff is deaf in itly cooler temperatures. folks, we have not seen temperatures this low since may. orwell, you're 47 degrees around 7:00 a.m. this morning. that cooler air for eastern locations, ashtabula, 49 degrees and the weather is going to be quickly here and we're sitting in nice blue skies and looking at day time highs. look at this. the forecast, 80s. and they're back in full affect from mansfield to the medinaiary. 82 degrees and temperatures are warming up. there is that light breeze. if you're heading to the lake today, great boating conditions. 82 for greater cleveland. if you need the heat, you need
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and despite theiary, warming up nicely. and labor day marking the end of the summer season and marking the end of popular attractions and in cleveland, tomorrow is the last chance to catch a movie at the omnimax theatre at the great lakes science center. after the screening, the theatre will close for renovations and is expected to reopen for mid-october says the clinic foundation dome theatre. it will feature the world's first giant dome laser system. >> and geauga system closing tomorrow. this shutdown is for good and it's working with bainbridge township and the city of aurora to redevelop the property. the wild kingdom opened on the former seaworld site in 2005, the adjacent geauga lake amusement park closed after the toss thousand dollars'sson. and another -- after another 2011 season. and this panda bear was
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be hand raised by zookeepers. tomorrow will be the last day you'll be able to see her before she's relocated to a zoo in oregon. and as we head to break, this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. welcome back, 10:14. the catholic church is welcoming a new saint this morning. a few hours ago, pope francis
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theres away saint. to honor the mission of helping the world's poor, more than 1,000 of italy's homeless served a pizza lunch at the vatican. most assumed her sainthood was all but guaranteed. but in the catholic church to become a saint, several miracles need to be witnessed. in mother theresa's case, there has been controversy in the past over the miracles used to justify her sainthood. >> and even in india, hardly anyone believes the miracles are genuine miracles. >> reporter: despite some of the doubters, mother theresa remains revered in the world over. catholic sainthood will further cement her legacy of doing good among admirers and believers. >> elsewhere in china, president obama continues his meeting with other g-20 leaders. earlier, there were reports a deal between the u.s. and russia was ready. it would have boosted military cooperation between the two nation's in syria; hour, secretary of state john kerry said last-minute skepticism
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and we search for -- the search for two american mountain climbers is called off in pakistan. the pair from utah is well- known in the climbing community. they went missing two weeks ago while trying to climb a 23,000- foot mountain. helicopter sweeps have been going out daily to find them but no evidence was located or found. the chances of finding them alive at this point are extremely slim. and millions are being forced to change day weekend plans. the potentially dangerous storm slowly turns its way along the northeastern coast. this is a lee picture now and a picture from earlier, i guess, we should say in atlantic city area. this is live now. tropical storm hermine is bringing high winds and rain and big waves. hermine has been picking up steam since leaving florida and is expected to, once again, become a hurricane before making landfall later on.
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>> reporter: downed trees, damaged roads, and flooded homes. >> we had two in our garage cans and kitchen. probably seven, eight times during the night. we still have about three inches of water on the floor because we just couldn't do it fast enough. >> reporter: much of florida's panhandle continues to recover from the destruction hurricane hermine left behind. >> more than 300,000 experienced power loss. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: though it's no longer a hurricane, hermine is not done yet rough seas and he winds and strong storm surge threaten the coast line from south carolina to as far north as connecticut. some computer models show the storm could stall out offshore. they slammed into the eastern seaboard. >> and not only will the immediate coast line be a
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weekend, but some distance inland because of the size of the system. >> reporter: thousands of homes in the carolinas have already lost power. further north, city officials are taking every precaution. >> we can say we learned some very powerful and painful lessons from sandy. we have made a number of changes to the way we prepare for this kind of situation. >> reporter: the mayor of new york said no swimming will be allowed at the beaches on sunday and in new jersey, atlantic city officials cancelled i am mary maloney reporting. a tropical storm on the east coast as you saw there and in the midwest, an earthquake. oklahoma was hit with a record- tieing quake yesterday. the 5.6 magnitude quake was felt as far away as illinois and texas. it's believed the increase of seismic activity in oklahoma is due to disposing leftover fraking water deep underground. as a result of the most recent quake, oklahoma is calling for the temporary shut down of 37 wells near that epicenter.
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building in the west. the spire was placed on the wilshire grand tower in los angeles. it adds enough height to make the building 81 feet taller than the nearby u.s. bank tower, make it the tallest building west of the mississippi river. the wilshire grand has construction left. the billion-dollar hotel and office complex will officially open next march. and might be a nice place to visit if you're west of the mississippi. and janessa is joining us now for more of a look weather and a gorgeous weekend continues and happens to be a holiday weekend. so many people getting out and about. you have the great weather to enjoy it for sure. >> and you have to love it. a double dose of goodness here. >> double dose. >> and today, we're going to continue to see lots of sunshine across the board. not a cloud in the sky right now. no matter where you're at this afternoon. we're going to see the temperatures definitely rising. yesterday, nick, we were talking about 70s and i wasup sure if you should -- i was
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pool. the humidity was down. today, we'll be back in the 80s, the humidity rising a tad bit and it's still a very manageable across the area. take a look at greater cleveland right now. 67 degrees. folks. the temperatures have rose about 10 degrees in the last hour or so and starting to warm up. the dew points, upper 50s and not too much moisture in the air. downtown cleveland right now, 72 degrees. north ridgeville lower 70s and maybe heading to kelly's islands right now. upper 60s and some of the warmer air is tracking in. jefferson, ashtabula this morning had reports. upper 40s, lower 50s and that is the straightoff and for all of the high pressure building, the cooler morning lows inland. inland likes and sheltered
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we have storm systems trafficking across the central plains. a lot of wet weather from rapid city to billings, dealing with the tropical storm affecting the eastern seaboard and right now, the major concern is beach erosion and high waves across new york and portions of the east. hopefully that is going to start to lose the force as we head into the next few days. in the good old-fashioned sweet spot as the high pressure wants to really make an appearance throughout the labor day weekend. what do you have planned this afternoon? should see the peak of daytime highs by 4:00. you can see overnight lows, lower 60s definitely closer to the lake. and so today, we're about 5 to 7 degrees warmer yesterday afternoon and this is not akron- canton. inland areas. you're going to be near the mill. -- the middle 80s and i think
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tomorrow afternoon for your labor day monday. we're looking at many spots in the lower 90s. 58 for tonight and if you're in akron-canton, 85 degrees but the seven-day forecast, you know, i like when the weather just wants to dominate and make a full-time appearance here in it's really going to shell out here tuesday, wednesday, thursday, nick. >> back in the 90s. >> yeah, so how about go check out the indians game? the weathe and they came rolling, adding the padding to their division lead and even a familiar face getting in on the fun. the buckeyes leaving no doubt in their season opener on the grid iron. hakim dermish has that and prep football in the morning sports report. good morning, everybody. it's one of the best plays you will see this weekend. case western reserve sophomore with the putt on the sideline there and check out the moves,
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chicago and the season opener, 45 to 17 and that is how you start a sports segment. we'll head back to the football field in a moment. ohio state breaks an 86-year- old record and what happened on the high school football field. right now, on the diamond as the indians go for five straight wins. cocoa crisp dh'ing, leading off. the bottom of the first and doubles off of the wall. cocoa went three for 5 in the game and setting the the tribe. oh, yeah. making an impact. the next batter is jason kip and facing jose fernandez. one of the best in the game and goes down and gets it. his 22nd home run this season. indians down a run. give me a high five, cocoa. and yeah, top three. trevor bower gets help. ichiro with a shot to first and check out carlos santana. snares it and what a play by
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bottom 6. fraerror error ciscolin door with 6 on the night and most in the majors and right on q. and with that other hit. one run scores and another comes home with the bad throw and goes for 4 four and the indians beat the marlins 8-3, and cleveland leads detroit by 5 1/2 games in the division. for cocoa, back with the indians and making instant impact. >> and some five times and keep things rolling, you know, and definitely a weight lifted off of shoulders. >> and taking a hit, you know, and this is no one here in this game and that will tell you i am not taking a hit. and that is how i play the game and how we all play the game here. we're passing the baton here and don't worry about being the guy but worry about doing the
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>> and they will go for the sweep later today. the final cut don day yesterday in the nfl and in cleveland, a trade that has people talking. the former first-round pick justin gilbert traded to the steelers for a 20-18, 6th-round pick, meaning none of the picks the browns made from 2011-2014 are on the roster. all of them gone. and as for the draft picks in the 2016 class, all 14 of them made the 53-man roster. and ohio state had 12 players selected in draft. the buckeyes returning six starters, including jt barrett, the quarterback and ohio state opening the season against bowling green after throwing a pick 6 and with six touchdowns, including two to hb curtis samuel who had 61 all-purpose yards, three total touchdowns. on defense, malik hooker made a spectacular play and check it out. hits the i, from t. he had two of them in the game going sky
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that school record of 776 total yards of offense and ohio state over bowling green 77-10 and next week, playing tulsa on newschannel 5. >> and we between menner and saint ignacious. and menner with the ball. one of the best names in sports and to him. 47-yard touchdown. the seven-point game and the quar know what? i am keeping to myself. the 21-yard touchdown and saint ignacious defeats menner. yesterday afternoon, lake catholic taking on cleveland central catholic. didn't have enough players and several were suspended after a hazing incident in the summer and on to that field, it was cougars and josh corbin with the handoff and goes 24 yards for the touchdown and lake
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is your morning sports. have a great day. and thank you. ohio state looking good in the opener. coming up this morning, stanford swimmer convicted of rape is out of prison this morning and in his ohio hometown, protests are growing. plus, the air show continuing today in cleveland. we have a closer look at the stars of the show. and you're watching good morning cleveland. we'll be right back in just a
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. hello, it's 10:30. we start the half hour with a live look outside from homestead falls this morning. a beautiful shot and taking the image with the sun ahead and scatter it all over northeast ohio. that is what you're going to face today, wherever you might be. it's going to be a gorgeous weekend and continues. welcome back to the weekend edition of good morning cleveland. i'm we have several developing stories, including a major drug bust in cleveland and a warning for anyone planning on doing some grilling today. more on those stories in just a bit. first, a check on the beautiful weather. the power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. >> and good morning, nick, everybody. it was a very strong weather performance yesterday, but we're going to get another dose and the good news, if you need some more heat, we're tracking it in. daytime highs are going to return to the 80s this afternoon. and i know some inland areas,
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widespread and this is an equal opportunity for everybody to get back into the pool this afternoon. 73 right now for greater cleveland. good morning elyria. 68. killbuck, you're in the upper 60s and ashtabula, you're waking up to some tosthis morning. things are rising here quickly and some sun not piking up moisture here and whatever you have planned, make sure you have the sun glasses and sunscreen handy. and that peak tracks in here about the 2, 3:00 hour evening plans looking ooh. and we're still in the 70s. >> and that does no the matter what you're doing today.
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with -- and a large amount of cocaine was seized from a truck yesterday morning on saint clare avenue. investigators are working to find out who that truck belongs to. still no word on possible charges. this weekend, check your propane tank. a cleveland woman was injured after hers exploded. it happened saturday afternoon. a propane tank attached to a grill outside of a home exploded and caught on fire. the house. everyone inside safely made it out thankfully, but one woman was taken to the hospital to checked out. >> smoke was everywhere. fire and glass everywhere and it happened fast. the fire department put it out faster. >> and the fire caused heavy damage to the home and a neighboring residence. no word on the woman's. >> and around ohio this morning, protestors continue to
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turner. he was released from the california prison earlier this week three months into his six- month sentence and it's reigniting what critics consider a light sentence. turner is expected to return there for his probation. he will need to register as a sex offenser -- offender. >> pore three offender -- tier 3 offender to require him registering every 90 days us and we would anticipate a visit with us in the near future. >> and this morning, tmz is reporting they called police to help them manage the protestors gathering near their home. and they will be monitoring the home and some social media for threatening activity. and the blue angels are back and they're over northeast ohio this labor day weekend and
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and sounds from day one at burke lakefront airport. >> and it's the blue angels. they do tricks in the air. >> and they fly really super fast. >> we always come every year. >> >> is they have been amazing. >> i love military stuff, love the planes, you know, and just the history and culture out here and i love it. >> and a lot of the flights are fascinating and this is a cool way to learn about the different types of aircrafts
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>> i like them. they have my fast colors. >> and very cool indeed. if planes are not you're thing, the spirit of munich can be felt here. oktoberfest continues at the cuyahoga county fairgrounds. the annual gathering is the largest outdoor festival in our area. and the big draw is today and they're the bavarian strong man contest, a beatles tribute band and wiener dog races and tonight, you can catch a fireworks show as well and got a little bit of everything for you. the brauts continue tomorrow as well and other options today, and some music taking over the warehouse district and afro jack highlighting that show and gets underway at 1 this afternoon and until midnight. there will be a pyrotechic in show. and coming up next, the rock hall is celebrating a milestone birthday. we'll show you how it's celebrating.
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about more than just who will be our next president. we'll take a look at some of the local issues on the ballot. here in cleveland. janessa. >> and nick, i am still tracking sunny skies. a beautiful holiday weekend in store. in my seven-day forecast, if you need more heat, then 90s, they're about to take over. i will show you exact timing
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it. the sunshine across northeast ohio making you feel good and it will stick around for your labor day monday. maybe you're heading to oktoberfest this afternoon. 82 degrees perfection. the winds are on the light side, about five to 10 miles per hour. now, how you can plan your labor day monday, maybe a nice picnic. i do want to warn you tomorrow afternoon, many spots are going to be in the lower 90s. the humidity is starting to still, manageable temperatures, evening plans and back into the lower 70s. maybe you need to get behind the tribe tonight. they're going to grab the wind and see the game at 4:10 and temps in the lower 80s, nick. >> and trying to break out the brooms for sure and get the sweep. thank you. and it's not every day you get to turn 21. you call it a coming of age, a milestone, a major achievement and that is the case for the rock'n'roll hall of fame. we were there for the
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>> reporter: you couldn't miss the dance scene. >> hey, ho. >> or the blue angels flying overhead. then, there is the food. >> rock'n'roll hall of fame! whew! >> reporter: yes, the rock hall knows how to throw a party, especially when it's a milestone. >> we're 21 years old. we have had 11 million visitors, and we're going to crank another 21 years. >> reporter: as president and ceo of the rock'n'roll hall of fame greg he's talking about. >> every summer, we have people from all 50 state and over 100 countries coming to the rock'n'roll. >> reporter: that happens all of the time. >> we came as a getaway for the weekend and we're going back home on sunday. right now, we're just enjoying ourselves. >> reporter: they pick the ultimate weekend to come. >> we just came to the rock'n'roll hall of fame. this is like a bonus air show. the band. we're having a ball.
10:41 am
former indians player carlos viagra. >> and coming back. >> reporter: he will keep coming back year-after-year and on the 21st birthday, the rock hall future still there. >> the cavs winning, first place indians. the east bank has been developed. gordon square is looking great. this is wonderful in northeast ohio and the rock'n'roll hall of fame is center to yet all. >> yes, it is. thank you, jackie. and the celebration continues througho especially if you're a clevelander. the tickets will be especially priced for residents living in the 440-443 zip codes. two tickets for $20 and a valid id. if you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us or tweet us at wews.
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clinton made campaign stops in ohio this week w clinton and her running mate set to return to cleveland tomorrow. they have a look at the presidential race and a breakdown of how much more those who work in cleveland can be paying. >> reporter: good sunday morning, northeast ohio. know there is a cleveland connection. president grover cleveland made it a official holiday in 1894. cleveland was not from
10:45 am
way of new jersey. he was a democrat running twice for the white house and didn't win ohio either times and that is something the curcurrent one running for the white house campaigning in cleveland on labor day is looking to make sure it doesn't happen to her. clinton and tim kaine will appear tomorrow at the annual 11th district labor day parade ending at luke easter park. ohio had 88 counties, yes, for clinton and the democrats, it comes down to what they're able to do here. >> if you maintain the bases and get the turnout the to go down. >> and that is of iting note. and not the union leaders but the ranch-and-file and that is one of the safetyef spots for democrats -- safest spots for democrats, the support of rallying union workers. nothing is certain. >> and this is one of the votes that was reliably democrat and is up for grabs because of what trump has done to appeal to laborers when it comes to issues of trade, immigration et
10:46 am
clinton's comments on coal is highlighted in this rob portman ad. >> and we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> reporter: this is where trump sees opportunity. >> the miners and steel workers will be out of business. our manufacturing is going to continue to leave and i'm bringing it back. >> reporter: to the rescue is joe biden. remember, labor's strongest victory in the state of late was the auto industry bailout that came in the early days of obama's first term. as a result, the 2012 campaign in io >> 15,000 new auto worker jobs again. back just since we reorganized. >> reporter: it's a message he stole sold thursday to auto workers in cleveland. >> you have no -- . >> he has no idea what is made in america. he has no idea that, in fact, one thing as we know in this country, give average americans an even chance and they have never, never, never let their country down not one single
10:47 am
leaders recognize in need this year as they begin the unusual process of lobbying their own and when it comes to donald trump, they admit they didn't feel it would have to do. >> i am like a lot of people in march. i didn't think he would be here or last thanksgiving, but he's still here. >> reporter: and look for the focus to remain high as polls here in ohio shows the race to be tight. and they had it tied while the real clear politics average over the last month has up nearly four points. if donald trump loses to hillary clinton. the republican race for 2020 would begin almost immediately and some might say it has. governor john kasich started watch the week in a familiar place and that is campaigning for others. many believe that 2020 can't be far from his mind. >> he's playing the inside game and checking chips. people who supported him are
10:48 am
the campaign and so he can quietly build the network and continue that network going into 2020. >> reporter: and where is that more crucial than in new hampshire? the rnc rules committee decided last month and they will maintain the first in the nation primary status in four years. it's a state where kasich held over 100 town halls, had a formidable ground game and played second to trump. last month, i asked kasich about this. >> and because of the groundwork, that is delayed when you look at a state like new hampshire. i think you met 2/3s of people. would you consider another run? >> and that is like asking someone once they finish a marathon, you know, meet them at the finish line. and are you going to show them another one? >> i am not going to close doors or final decisions. >> reporter: he's keeping the profile up, and writing an oped in forbes how the nation can learn from ohio's business growth and another for the new york times on how to fix the nation's welfare system.
10:49 am
>> the idea of the economic model of ohio, the social model of ohio being what he would support and want to see happen nationally. >> reporter: and part of kasich's ohio, the story, of course, is that ability to determine what was the bottom dollar budget hole into a $2 billion surplus. the flipside is that a lot of cities will say the money came out of their pockets. the end result for cleveland the first time in 35 years, voters will be asked to approve the november in income tax he can. for the better part of balancing the budget through creative financing, after the state balance is bumetted in 2011, by cutting -- budgeting in 2011 by cutting the money. that was a $35 million hit at first for cleveland. and the state passed collective bargaining reforms. senate bill 5. the mayor saying at the time, it doesn't work that way. >> if -- in full affect, it would not make up $35.7
10:50 am
to grow. for the first time in 35 years, cleveland raises the income tax from 2 to 2 1/2% on an income of $50,000. that would cause those to work -- who work the city an extra 250 a year and it would generate around $83 million. the money that would offset a pending deficit e eliminate the need for layoffs and the cutting of city services and making the city's neighborhoods ripe for more investment. >> and that means you need greater services. you need better roads. inspections. you need faster codes and permits to come forward. >> reporter: the greater cleveland partnership studied the matter for three months and clop clued -- concluded the increase is the only way to make it happen whole building on momentum started. >> and to attract investment, people have to see every neighborhood in our community being as attractive and interesting for them as tremont or ohio city or university circle and that is what i think this can help to achieve. >> reporter: and this is an
10:51 am
tax is paid for by workers who don't live in the city; therefore, they won't have a vote this november. with democracy 2016, i'm john kosi consider, h. enjoy your sunday. >> and -- john kosich. and the question, will it go through by voters? jan assess is joining us now. the question is what are you going to do on this day? it's gorgeous. you have to get out and do something. >> you have to. >> right. >> and do not let it pass you by. >> right. >> and if it does, i will give you tomorrow, too. >> why not? you're in a vi >> i am. the forecast is looking ideal across northeast ohio and i hope you are all enjoying your staycation and a lot of people didn't leave because the weather is phenomenal across the area and blue skies right now and people are still talking about that and you know, i have to give my weekend and we're 17 days away. are you ready? >> and that is -- let's hold on
10:52 am
start is september 22nd. this morning, folks, due to all of this high pressure that we are currently seeing, we saw some morning lows back in the upper 40s. definitely a cooler weather pattern. that is the tradeoff for all of this sunshine and clearing for your overnight lows. ashtabula this morning around 7:00 a.m. and 49 degrees and we are definitely quickly warming up and bouncing back quickly and into 82 throughout the afternoon. the inland locations from akron and canton and the high of about upper 60s for dover, new philly and ashtabula, good morning. 66 degrees and we're getting lucky here and some storms
10:53 am
offshore now and that is still dealing with beach erosion concerns across the eastern seaboards and sustained winds. that means gusts, potentially or a constant wind speed of about 25 to 35 miles per hour. and if you have family and friends a, cross the east, make sure you're checking on them. and we continue to sigh them building across northeast ohio and that high pressure really not going to retreat about wednesday, thursday afternoon. and we remain in the good old- fashioned sweet spot, what is allowing for the sunshine. look at the highs today, aurora to redevelopys by 4:00. evening plans, you might need that light coat handy as our overnight lows are definitely on the cooler side. yesterday, we were in the 70s and 81 with sunshine galore. you better soak it in and maybe break out the grill today. great grilling weather as humidity is definitely low. and we'll be back in a few
10:54 am
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10:56 am
. all right, welcome back. as janessa joins us for a final look at weather, she continued it, had it before the break and continues with the forecast. you might as well keep saying how beautiful it is, right? >> and it's beautiful. you're soak it up and enjoying it for the labor day monday. if you have outdoor plans it remember afternoon, heating up a bit by tuesday and sitting back into the 90s.
10:57 am
moves through here. it allows us to be, temperatures above normal. 86 for your friday afternoon. and we'll start to track a few storms by next weekend. so, i really appreciate the break, but we'll chase it. >> and saw three days with 90s there. summer is not giving up that easily, right? >> no. >> and we have longer before the cooldown. >> definitely. >> and thank you very much, janessa.
10:58 am
hi, i'm sarah carns. thyroid disease affects 50 million people in the u.s. with over 80% of them being women. so, why is this such a big problem? and whyer so mean people being affected? we go to dr. keith unger, a functional endocrinology of ohio. thank you for being here today. >> uh-huh. >> and let's start off by talking about symptoms and what are symptoms? >> they consistent of inability to lose we times they're under medications and still have all of the symptoms. they don't feel like the cells and they're frustrated by that. >> and you talk about the symptoms there and why are many people feeling the symptoms and told the thyroid is fine and the blood tests are normal? >> what i see, they have not been properly diagnosed. there is a lack of proper testing. it's hard to treat something if you can't properly diagnose it and we look for the key points or the issues that are driving the thyroid problem.
10:59 am
number one, by the -- a lot of times we look for hashimoto's. ninety% of women and adult hypothyroid have the auto immune disorder. the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. we do extensive customized testing to determine the underlying causes and mechanisms. and we set them up on a customized program to balance out the chemistry. >> and what are the typical results? >> we get great results. the energy will sky rocket and they're able to lose weight wi able to reduce or eliminate the medications. >> and that is great information. thank you so much, dr. u, from ger. to find out more about -- dr. unger. if you would like more, call the doctor now. the first 25 callers will qualify and get a complimentary consultation to see if you're a candidate for the program. the visit is normally 295 and will be provided at no charge to the first 25 callers who qualify. to schedule your free
11:00 am
. >> this is our city. this is our team! this is our house. this is play angry, play ugly. play it any way you want and you will get it. >> anticipation was build


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