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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, tracking hermine, the powerful system is now off the coast but still threatening with storm surge and beach erosion. we'll look at the warnings still in effect and the damage already left behind. breaking news, more missiles launched from north korea but this time it happened just president obama. overnight, the white house responding. sales soar for colin kaepernick's jersey after he refused to stand for the national anthem. plus another professional athlete takes a knee in support of his protest. road to recovery, dale earnhardt jr. out of the driver's seat, the lingering health issues causing him to miss the rest of the nascar
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. a good monday morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. we begin with hermine battering beaches and causing dangerous conditions on this labor day. tropical storm warnings remain in effect for parts of new england, but overnight they were cancelled for new york city and points south. >> here's what the storm left behind on long beach island, waves essentially carved a cliff right into the beach. >> right now on radar hermine is a post-tropical storm hundreds of miles off shore with near hurricane force winds. abc maggie ruly is tracking the storm and the damage it's causing. >> reporter: hermine continues to batter the northeast. >> you can feel it in the house when the waves hit the pile and shake. >> reporter: now a post tropical cyclone, the former hurricane is churning up dangerous waves and
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currents. >> life guards have been very careful with keeping people out of the water. >> reporter: governors are taking emergency precautions. new york city beaches are shut down for the second day in a row and new jersey has declared a state of emergency in some coastal counties. crews have been working through the weekend building up sand dunes to keep the storm surge at bay. >> exploding power lines and causing death. >> i look out my window and we have an ocean on our front porch. >> reporter: hermine then turned towards georgia, the carolinas and georgia with torrential rain and caving in this giant sinkhole. >> thanks, maggie. where the former hurricane goes next could impact millions of people. >> paul williams is tracking the
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diane, nick. still concerned about hermine although tropical for quite some time now. still causing additional influence right along the coast. it's going to cause four main concerns. this will affect folks from virginia beach to ocean city, atlantic city, all the way up towards long beach. and this impact is going to bring with it erosion along the coast and very strong winds. here's the tracking of the storm. it's expected to hook away from the east coast eventuall move back out towards the water but it's going to take a while, from tuesday going to wednesday we'll watch for that hooking pattern. in addition, we're looking for widespread beach erosion along the coast, and then watching for stormy weather throughout the midwest courtesy of this front. breaking news from north korea as it test fired three missiles. this happened as major world
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obama meet 50 miles away. engaging in rocket tests especially when the world's eyes are turned to northeast asia. the u.s. is condemning the missile launch saying it violates u.n. security council resolutions and also poses a threat to aircraft and commercial ships in the region. meanwhile at the g20 summit economic talks in asia veer to have to a discussion of ending blood shed in syria. president obama met with vladimir putin. both men have agreed t cease-fire in syria which would allow humanitarian aid to reach hundreds of thousands of civilians. in other g20 news, there's a lot of talk this morning about what happened when president obama arrived. the chinese apparently did not provide the president with a staircase to leave air force one or a red carpet which some are calling a deliberate snub.
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spend labor day off the campaign trail after making his first direct pitch to an african-american audience. trump visited a predominantly black church in detroit over the weekend, telling the congregation he was there to listen and learn and said the nation needs a civil rights agenda for our time. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> meanwhile, trump's campaign manager is insisting that his immigration policy has never changed, saying, trump will build a wall at mexico's expense, but a new abc news poll shows nearly 80% of voters do not believe he will get mexico to pay. hillary clinton is attending
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now. clinton has been raising millions of dollars with the help of hollywood a-listers but she's been accused of ignoring the press. it's been 275 days since she's held a full news conference. now running mate tim kaine is coming to her defense. >> she's talking to the press, hundreds of interviews. i'm doing the same. the labor day to election day stretch is going to ramp up even more. >> the clinton camp is not saying when next press conference but she is now using a bigger plane that will accommodate the traveling press core. oklahoma regulators have ordered more than three dozen disposal wells closed after a powerful earthquake. the wells are associated with fracking. one person was injured in saturday's quake and at least 14 buildings were damaged, but officials were breathing a sigh of relief that the destruction wasn't worse. still ahead, dale earnhardt
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track for now. he's talking about his lingering health concerns and future in nascar. and the manhunt is on for a murder suspect, how he made it out of a police interview room while handcuffed, ahead. plus a speeding car smashing through buildings, trees and a
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police in wisconsin say a driver may have been going as fast as 100 miles per hour when he crashed into two buildings, a fence, a light poll and a tree,
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100 feet from the crash. nfl quarterback colin kaepernick's protest against police racism and brutality is paying off in a manner of speaking. sales of the number 7 jersey is top for his team and fifth in the league. santa clara's police chief is vowing to provide a safe environment as his police union threatens to boycott 49ers games. u.s. soccer star agnaw gives a nod to kaepernick. she knelt when the national anthem was played in chicago. the world cup olympic champion said as a gay american she knows what it means to have the flag not protect your liberties. giant container ships operated by han jin are sitting
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there are no guarantees they will be paid. the goods includes auto parts, toys, furniture, tvs and clothing. the los angeles sky scaper is now the tallest building west of the mississippi. besides its 100 foot height, it's also unique because it doesn't have a flat roof for merge helicopter landings. the 73-story tower is expected to hope next "don't breathe" earned $16 million through three days. "suicide squad" was second at $10 million and "pete's dragon" at $6.5 million. high seas rescue more than two dozen people on a boat that's sinking fast. and a late night thriller in double overtime.
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watch this. a dust devil rips through a licensed marijuana farm in oregon. one of the cannabis plants was uprooted and some pots thrown around but otherwise there was no significant damage. strong winds could be a problem for northeast this morning along with the wet roads along the coast. flooding is likely along the gulf coast and roads are likely to be wet in the western mountains. >> if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in new york, boston and miami. police in nevada are desperately searching for a murder suspect who managed to escape shortly after he was arrested. >> this is alonzo perez handcuffed in an interview room just before he vanished on friday. police believe he's armed and dangerous, and three days later
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>> reporter: a massive manhunt for the suspected murderer seen here in custody moments before making a mysterious escape. >> he was in handcuffs and when the detective stepped out he actually twisted the handcuffs until they broke. >> reporter: that's when 25-year-old perez made a break for it, fleeing this police compound on friday undetected and stealing a truck from this nearby rental company. >> this is extremely rare. in fact, we don't ever hear of quite frankly, handcuffs aren't made to break. >> reporter: perez is wanted in the shooting death of mohammed robinson. this morning the victim's sister says she's both furious and frightened. >> i want him found and i want him to pay for what he did. >> we'll have much more on the manhunt coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america." there were more carnival accidents this weekend. four people suffered broken bones while on the moonraker
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memphis. the ride's operator allegedly released the safety restraints too soon. in chicago six children hit their heads when a roller coaster stopped suddenly. the industry says injuries remain rare. the passengers and crew of a sport fishing boat were given a helping hand by a commercial fishing boat. it crashed into rocks and was of the sweet marie rescues the passengers and kept them on board until the coast guard could arrive. dale earnhardt jr. says he hopes to be back on the track next season. he spoke sunday in south carolina after announcing on friday that he's done for this season due to conduction-like symptoms following a june crash. earnhardt missed time on the track four years ago following two concussions.
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good, but earnhardt says he still has the passion and desire to drive. serena williams has picked up one record and is well on her way to two more with her straight sets victory. williams has now won more matches in grand slam singles events than any other woman and as many as any man. if she wins the u.s. open, she'll have the most championships and the most u.s. open titles. it's a busy time of year for sports. besides and baseball. >> let's get more from our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. max and the coach here with you. what a scene sunday night in austin, texas. number ten notre dame invading texas land. we pick it up late. after the go-ahead touchdown, texas has their extra point blocked. and shawn crawford takes it back
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an instant classic. and the texas fans can't believe it. so we go all the way to the second overtime and tyrone swoops, he was the starter last year, back-up this year. he was the star and the hero sunday night. three rushing touchdowns including this game winner. 50-47, charlie strong, my goodness, what a win. if you thought it was over for yasiel puig, not so fast, my friends. trailing the padres 2-0. two on, puig who was lights out, he gets a home run, first since july 4th. dodgers win. their lead in the nl west now three games over the giants. if you have a little room left after all the barbecue labor day, florida state/ole miss 8:00 p.m. eastern on espn. >> that's going to do it for us.
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time to check the pulse starting with the nba player putting basketball on the sidelines to care for his wife. >> new orleans pelicans guard jrue holiday is taking an indefinite leave as his wife battles a brain tumor. lauren holiday, a former u.s. women's soccer member is 8 child. the brain surgery is scheduled six weeks after their daughter's breath. >> he says my wife is the most important thing in the world to me and comes before anything else. texas is leading the way in great football pictures from the weekend. >> check out this shot from a high school football game in suburban dallas. it looks like the quarterback had a ghost blocker but that's actually just the helmet of his real blocker after it was sent flying. no photo shopping there.
4:23 am
looks more like a break dancer in this photo. this happened during last night's notre dame/texas game right here on abc. the player did a one-handed flip to avoid a tackle and score notre dame's second touchdown. >> here's some video on this play. you can see he's running with the ball. he gets hit in the legs, then pulls out some jgymnastics skills. unfortunately, it was not enough to win the game. texas overtime 50-47. now, when you have too much time on your hands, you watch stuff like this. >> this is a live stream from jackson hole, wyoming. thousands of people have been watching it when it's live but the big question is why. some people think it's because somebody posted one day that they were going to do something in front of that camera, but -- >> they didn't. nothing happened.
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tuning in and the more people get sucked in the more it becomes a thing. people are watching this and nothing is happening. >> what if something really exciting happens? we don't want to miss it. will you feel bad if you miss it when something finally happens? >> it's one intersection in the sleepy town in the west. >> yeah, but you don't want to miss that one opportunity, do you? >> i don't know. more news after this. and we'll be watching that in the mean tile. everyone kno recommended by doctors. my mom does it, my sister does it. so what do they do? they go and change everything. are they crazy?! but guess what? it worked! it. worked. weight watchers members have lost 15% more weight in the first two months on the beyond the scale program than on our previous program. i am the better version of myself. this isn't a diet; this is a lifestyle change that works. join for free and get a free starter kit.
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the u.s. is condemning north korea's firing of three ballistic missiles off its east coast during the g20 summit in china and say it poses a threat to aircraft and ships. president obama met with vladimir putin and agreed to continue talks aimed a a cease-fire in syria. president obama admits grave differences remain. beaches in the northeast are closed today as what used to be hurricane hermine sits off the coast. the storm surge is creating dangerous rip currents. today's weather, a few showers, thunderstorms off the gulf coast and rain and maybe snow in the northern mountains and the west.
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life to touching hearts and minds around the world. >> mother teresa is officially a saint, canonized by the pope just 18 years after her death and that's lightning fast. >> reporter: to many, she has long been a saint. more than 100,000 worshippers packed into a sunny st. peter's square for the cannonization of mother teresa. pope francis telling the adoring pilgrims that the new saint was >> she was an amazing woman and that's really important that this day has finally come for a lot of people. >> reporter: the so-called saint of the gutter was born in 1910 in modern day macedonia, but it was in the slums of calcutta, india that she found her life's work. she died on 1997 and was put on the fast track to sandhood by
4:29 am
the tiny nun who won a nobel peace prize was not without her critics. some accused her of wanting the spotlight, of poor and unhygenic medical treatment and of trying to convert those under her care. none of that mattered to the masses on st. peter's scare which included 1500 poor and homeless guests who, after the cannonization, were treated to pizza, courtesy of st. 18 to become a nun and never saw her mother and sister again. >> and to become the most famous albanian to ever live. that's making news in america this morning. >> have a great monday and a
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new at 430 teems, a tense -- 4:30, a tense standoff ends in twinsburg. two people now dead. what police say happened to the suspect after he allegedly killed another man. >> and t house. candidates making stops in ohio today. where they will be celebrating their labor day. first, lots of people with labor day plans. they want to know what that forecast is. let's go to janessa webb who is in for somara this morning. >> and good morning, everybody. we're off to a wonderful start. clear skies across the board on your labor day. nice temperatures out there across northeast ohio. we'll continue to warm up once again into the 8s.


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