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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new at 430 teems, a tense -- 4:30, a tense standoff ends in twinsburg. two people now dead. what police say happened to the suspect after he allegedly killed another man. >> and t house. candidates making stops in ohio today. where they will be celebrating their labor day. first, lots of people with labor day plans. they want to know what that forecast is. let's go to janessa webb who is in for somara this morning. >> and good morning, everybody. we're off to a wonderful start. clear skies across the board on your labor day. nice temperatures out there across northeast ohio. we'll continue to warm up once again into the 8s.
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just a bit, but it will be another cool day. we have been saying all weekend long, it will extend for your monday and tuesday afternoon as the bubble of warm air continues to track in. right now, good morning greater cleveland. 63 degrees. lake county, 57. upper 50s for dover new philly to cantoniary. summit county. currently at 60 degrees. five live radar, we're not picking up moisture but ground be on the north side of us and that will track east allowing for this abundance of sunshine to continue to take over. so, what do you have planned this afternoon? look at that by 11:00. all of us will be sitting in the lower 80s. and we're talking about 85 to 86 degrees across the lake. inland locations, many spots today, hey, maybe 90. >> ninety? >> and we'll take it. the last one for the summer, right. and the developing story
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of two men who died in an apparent murder/suicide in twinsburg. one man shot another and ran into the town home on east inglewood drive. the s.w.a.t. teams showed up. police evacuated the neighborhood while they tried to get the guy to come out. >> heard some gunshots, thee or four and -- three or four, and some guy came flying down the street and went into one of the condos and sounded some hostages. >> correction, this happened on east idlewood drive. four hours later, when officers made their way in, the suspect was dead. the police confirmed that no one else was inside. we also learned the suspect had no criminal record. the minute we learn more, we'll update you on the news net 5 app. jackie. >> a perry township man is dead. according to the canton repository, his son could face charges in the death. that man was found dead at a
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son had an argument that turned physical. right now, the juvenile prosecutor is looking at the case to see what charges some can face. a massileon murder trial hangs with a -- ends with a hung jury the second time. she's accused of shooting her husband 10 times on new year's eve in 2014. the jurors couldn't decide if it was murder or self-defense. according to the massileon independent, the jury vote was 9-3 in that decision must be unanimous. she could face a third trial or prosecutors could drop charges. and right now, cleveland police are looking for a driver who ran a red light and crashed into another car killing a woman. the plane dealer reports the 49- year-old shirley duncan barns was leaving her 30th high school reunion when her car was hit by a stolen 2005 chrysler near the lee harvard plaza shopping center. barns keyed at the -- died at
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police. and now to the race for the white house. making another stop here in cleveland today. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and her running mate senator tim kaine are going to be in town. and sarah phinney is live with more where the festival starts in a view hours. >> good morning, jackie. clinton and k ooh ine -- kaine will be here to celebrate the spirit of ohio and cleveland and all-american workers at luke easter park. the stage, fencing, and bleachers are set up. clevelan circling this area and keeping an eye on everything. people are allowed in, but the event starts at two. this is clinton's second visit to cleveland in less than three weeks. in mid-august, she toured john marshal high school and held a rally there. this visit coincides with the 45th annual 11th congressional district community caucus labor day parade and festival. the parade begins at 10 at east 146th and kinsman. about a mile and a half walk to
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meanwhile, trump tweeting that the polls are so close, crooked hillary is getting on a bend and will campaign. we're learning that trump mean getting out of bed this morning to hit the campaign trail. he will be flying into the regional airport there but no word on what time. clinton will later travel to illinois for another labor day event. the public is asked to rsvp to the event here. we have a link to it on our news net 5 app. sarah phinney, live in cleveland. >> thank you. former hurricane hermine is threatening the northeast. the former hurricane did a good deal of damage, though, and hit the south, including two fatalities. now, hermine is a post tropical cyclone and following the atlantic up the eastern seaboard with sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. and the waves, treacherous rip currents are closing beaches to holiday swimmers. >> and we have many signs up
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okay to swim. we have had to tell the people and the lifeguards have been very careful and keeping people out of the water. >> crews worked through the weekend shores up sand dunes to -- shoring up sand dupes. hermine will battle the mid- atlantic coast the next few days, terrence. and jackie, it happened again. a ball hit someone in the face at the indians-miami game. lonnie chase only hall whacked the ball, the dugout behind 1st she walked out of the ballpark holding a towel over her nose. the game was delayed for about five minutes. this is the second time a person has been hit by a foul ball at progressive field this summer. july, a 75-year-old woman was hit in the face. earlier this year, the indians told us they extended safety netting in the park to help stop foul balls from getting into the seats. the netting stretches to the end of both tugouts.
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but at the same time, we always encourage fans to pay attention to the game and we make announcements before and during the game. >> and -- protecting the seats behind home plate was extended to better protect fans. and we have to talk about the game itself, now. listen to this. >> line to right! suzuki to malign. and he can't make the catch. and it's hit! lonnie chase only. and into michael martinez. another improbable indians comeback. >> this might be -- . >> and that announcer followed us around all day. >> i know. >> and this team is unbelievable. another comeback win and the indians were down 5-3 in the 9th when ramirez hits a two- out, two-run single to tie the game.
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chase only hit, and the tribe win 6-5 and they won six in a row. the indians welcome the houston astros to town tonight. the first pitch is at 7:10. and a reminder, since today is a federal holiday, the markets will be closed as well as all government offices, banks, and most schools. and there will be no mail delivery either. trash pickup and recycling collections will be delayed one day. and time now, 4:38 still ahead, mother ther esa officially became a saint. >> is come a crash and insane video of a father getting revenge at a bike race after
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. good morning, everybody. happy labor day. hopefully you're enjoying your extended weekend with all of this sunshine. completely taking over northeast ohio. so, many activities happening throughout the day. even oktoberfest. the daytime highs are in the mid-80s for greater cleveland and inland location. upper 80s, many spots in the lower 90s throughout afternoon. and you better get behind the tribe tonight, 7:10. and the astros looking good. lots of sunshine, jackie. >> and trending this morning, a bizarre scenessa a professional cycling race. >> and a spectator gets revenge by causing a crash. the fan runs across the track and molts before the cyclist comes through, he pulls the fence and holds spectators back. a few cyclers were able to go
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the fan apparently was the father of a rider who had fallen earlier in the race. >> terrible, terrence. and this is bizarre, too. during the final lap of the nascar truck race, one driver crashed into another and the two push each other to the finish line and remain size-by- size -- side-by-side and the finish was reviewed and the losing driver tackled the other. they were eventually separated and my goodness, back-to-back stories about unsportsman-like behavior. it's 4:43 and trysten thompson finds him at -- himself at the center of relationship rumors and can he keep up with all of the attention. and more fallout in the colin kaepernick national anthem. how some police are threatening to respond.
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one of the icons of the 20th century has new joined the ranks of other catholic saints. tips of thousands showed up to witness it. mother theresa is known for her dedication to the poorest of the poor and in honor, long mission organizerred bussed in 1500 homeless people and they were given seats of honor at the mass and served pizza at the ceremony, jackie. >> and today is the final day of the president obama has a few top issues to deal with. the white house said he's meeting with french and german leaders and the conflict in ukraine and the cease fire there. and both could not come to an agreement overnight. president obama's also working on increasing the fight against isis. and this morning, the u.s. spy agency apologizing for a tweet criticizing china.
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intelligence agency read classy as always, china, referencing the incident involving a treatment with president obama of reporters after president obama landed in china for the g- 20 summit. the dia said someone meant to send it from the personal account and accidentally used the agency's account. and north korea's capturing the world's attention with a show of force before the g-20 summit. >> and north korea showing its strength, firing three missiles as the g-20 economic summit contin moves comes two weeks after north korea test fired a submarine launch missile. the u.s. releasing a statement saying it strongly condemns the multiple launches. the latest one came at an embarrassing time, china, north korea's only real allyi. and a new fallout in the national anthem protest. police promise to protest the protestor. the police union are
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season's games for the 49ers because the qb refuses to stand to protest brutality and racism in the police department. the police union support a letter to the 49ers organization saying some officers may not accept offduty work to protect the stadium. the police chief ensured fans at the stadium will be safe. >> i don't support the boycott. my number one priority and responsible is to chief of police. >> and despite the backlash, kaepernick said he will continue to stand strong until he sees real change and this protest is moving to other sports. >> and a soccer star standing behind him and taking a knee. and she stood's little away from her teammates and took a knee on the field. and after the game, she said, quote, as a gay american, i
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the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties and she helped the u.s. win the world cup last year and played in the rio olympics. >> and chicago witnessed the most violent month in 20 years. ninety mores in the month of -- murders in the month of august and the city is working to make major changes. the mayor plans to higher more officers and get them on the street and the police department is down hundreds of officers. until getting by on overtime. last year, the department spent 160 million on overtime pay. and in california, a boat sized -- capsized in the france bay. the youngest is seven years old going to the er. everyone is okay this morning. the sailboat capsized minutes into the trip and those on board think the strong wind is to blame. they were in weather for more than 15 minutes.
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life vest and most had some sailing experience. and now to a life-saving rescue in the water. a group of fishermen saved 26 people from a sinking vessel near the cor nodo islands of mexico and southwest of san diego. the group pulled the sailors to safety as the boat was breaking apart and that bow crashed into rocks and started taking on water. they broadcasted for health and another boat was nearby. all passengers and crew members were able to get off cruise to bermuda, the only weather expectations or conditions you expect to deal with are heat and a lot of sunshine. >> at least you hope that is the case. that was not the case where royal caribbean cruise ship of the coast of new jersey and it was battered by 90 miles per hour winds. >> whew. >> and huge waves, too and that is because of tropical storm hermine. and this video showing the huge waves tossing the boat back and
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social media of feeling sea sick and being confined in the room and i can only imagine how tossed and turned their stomachs were, if you will. >> and more than sea sick 90 degrees winds picking up in hurricane force and dicey conditions across the area and temperatures right now for greater cleveland. 63 degrees and 57 for lake county. good mid-50s into wane county and medina. we have a storm system to the northwest and that high pressure continues to dominate our area and this next cold front looks like it will track north of us, allowing us to be under dry conditions for at least the next three days and we're talking about the tropical storm and we're dealing with massive beach erosion, tropical storm
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drafting to the north here and allowing for the moisture to enter around the new york area and talking about sustained winds. these are gusts up to about 50 to 60 miles per hour and you can see hour-by-hour closer to home and the big difference, we were seeing the 70s on saturdays and lower 80s yesterday afternoon. afternoon today and us humidity is going to continue to rise. greater cleveland. look at this. 86. akron and canton, upper 80s and in some spots, lower 90s and i think this is a great grilling day for your labor day. the temperatures still slightly above normal and top, 65 degrees. the tradeoff for the last few days is cheering of skies. -- is the clearing of skies and the temperatures cooler for morning lows and overnight.
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today? >> you know and some chicken wings. [ laughter ] >> and we'll be right over there. and look at this. a crooked sideline that is going viral this morning and we have it. it's so good. and there we go. a high school coach in south carolina tweeted this photo out. are you looking at this? and -- . >> unbelievable. and it was not a joke, terrence. the school hasn't been able to explain what some people are worried that it's going to give them a bad name. >> and some might give it all in fun and hopefully they will. i don't think it's perceived that way. >> and that is fun and funny joke. i don't think that why it makes them look bad nationally. >> and before the next timegam. >> and were you out of bounds. look at that.
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there. >> and. >> ry serious? >> yes. >> and tristen thompson spotted with khloe kardashian trying to keep up with the reality star. they were spotted in cabo san lucas on the jet skis on vacation together. the 25-year-old, though, has not confirmed he's dating the 32-year-old reality star. >> all right. >> but they were spotted west hollywood and now they're in cabo. if we see her at a game, we will know. >> and she has a type. she likes them tall. >> and that is the teen. yeah, tall guys. with lots of personality. >> it's 4:53 on your monday morning. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. this is what is coming up for you this morning. years of hard work are giving new hope for the survival of giant pandas.
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the special treat that olive garden is giving spirit of
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. wax. happy labor day, everybody. let's play your forecast throughout the afternoon and goings to see wonderful conditions warming up quickly and temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. by the noon hour, 86 degrees and this is your favorite graphic. >> and it is. love it when the bird goes by. >> and i like the coffee cup. >> and a hot day. >> and lemonade. >> it's in the shadows, okay.
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stryofoam cup. >> and hey -- . >> and it's a cookout. thank you, janessa. and first, across the country, they're getting a special treat. >> and they are. a meal hand delivered by olive garden. more than 800 restaurants are stepping in and this is the 15th year olive garden delivered the lunches. >> and this is a look at what we're working on at 5. brock turner is in ohio this morning. the new video capturing him the first time days after leaving >> and protests turn violent over a $4 billion pipeline in north dakota. why many natives are rushing and allegedly attacking construction workers and officers.
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. good morning. we are keeping an eye on the presidential candidates. >> and the democrats spending labor day in cleveland. a preview of the stop just ahead. >> and on labor day, marking the end of an era in northeast ohio. the last chance to visit wild kingdom before it closes for good. and let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist janessa webb. and let's spin it around and show our little lady over there. maybe not. >> and it's a perfect day, whatever you want to do and some clear skies across northeast ohio for your labor day. i want you to be outside and soak up all of the goodness. sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 80s in most spots today with a little bit of humidity. it should be manageable throughout the afternoon. and let's take a look right now at our temperatures. good morning, ashtabula. 54 degrees and you can see that warm bubble of air starting to


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