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tv   Live on 5  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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investigating. homeowners that say their names were forged. >> i never authorized anybody to do anything. >> only news channel 5 spoke with a brunswick man about a letter with his name on it got he says he never wrote. >> he says it was mailed to the federal government about the pipeline in ohio. we spoke with a man and did he is not the only one claiming to be a victim here? >>reporter: know. he is not. there are dozens of others who also say their name was being used fraudulently and letters to show support for the pipeline. but we tracked down a lobbying group who says they generated the letters with proper approval. >> it is crazy. i never said none of that. i don't have a typewriter. i don't have a computer. >> at the top of this official letter addressed to the federal
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over all over's name and address. at the bottom, his name is here too. >> it is news to me. >> this is what it says in the middle. >> approving the pipeline is common sense. i urge you to do so. >> the pipeline, referred to in this letter, is the nexus pipeline, with, with proper federal approval, would go from eastern ohio through my dinah county into an existing pipeline in southeast michigan. ironically, it is a project that he adamantly opposes for safety reasons. >> he tells me he has never voiced his opinion about it publicly. >> what baffles him as how someone got his name and address. and why that person put his name on here. >> i consider it to be a total travesty. >> this lobbying group, the consumer alliance out of houston, tells us they sent this letter with oliver's name on it.
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proper documentation. >> david holt is president of the alliance. in a phone interview today, he says his group made robo calls to ohio residents to ask for permission to send letters like these. in total, they got permission from 350 people, including someone in albert oliver's household. but he tells me that is not true. >> i think it is an easy way out for these people to get what they want. >> an attorney pipeline tells me that he is investigating the matter. if approved, the pipeline will be installed next year. one other note to consider. the consumer alliance says they generate all support letters with the name of official phone records of the household, not by the name of the person that picks up the phone. news channel 5. nearly 300 300 heroin overdoses have been reported in
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governor john kasich to declare a public health emergency. the coroner reported eight overdose deaths were due to heroin linked with a powerful animal tranquilizer. the medical examiner also adding that drug dealers are using the city as a test to. that drug is so dangerous that police and first responders are being warned that it could take as many as six doses of just to revive someone during an overdose. and a story you will only see here. imagine trying to learn tricks like this -- surrounded by rusty screws and broken foundation. does not sound like a place you would want your kids visiting. but people in sandusky are trying -- tired of waiting for the city to take care of this so they are doing it themselves. >> i want you to check this out for yourself. you can see why some people are calling a dangerous. they are sick of waiting on the
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some people actually started up a gofundme account to raise money to repair this skate park. >> everything is an accident waiting to happen. >> that is what locals call the sandusky skate park. >> now you have nails and wood up in the corner. >> they said they asked the city for help but nothing has changed. so now they are raising money to fix it themselves. but what about sandusky? why aren't they keeping up a city own >> we know the conditions of this park are up to the standard. >> he says they are keeping it up. and eventually, want to build a whole new park. until then, they will make this safer. >> there are certain things we can and will do in the short term to improve safety. >> the city manager told me they will have a meeting in the coming weeks to talk and get feedback about the plants in the future. but again, he said right now,
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in sandusky, news channel 5. it is the final sprint to election day. a brand-new poll shows that the race is tightening. both major party nominees kept up their attacks this week. and we're live from the newsroom with the latest. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing on battleground states as we approach the final stretch to election day. clinton is in florida calling donald trump unfit and trump is in virginia where clinton has an edge. he is appealing to veterans talking about foreign-policy. >> the debate also continues over whether donald trump should be releasing his tax returns. he addressed that concern in an exclusive interview with abc. and clinton today fired back. >> the only one that cares is the press.
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wrong. he clearly has something to hide. >> americans usually start to pay close attention to the race after labor day according to a poll. a dead heat with donald trump topping clinton by two points. 45-43. libertarian gary johnson, 7%. both presidential tickets -- and the race for the white house heats up. >> news channel 5 was the only station to speak exclusively with democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine. we have more on that conversation. >> the former chair of the dnc, tim kaine, knows it is all about ohio with presidential races. and for democrats, it is all about cuyahoga county. i spoke exclusively to the virginia senator who told me a key will be better early voting starts five weeks from tomorrow. and that is when democrats will have an advantage. as of now, donald trump is closing dance -- closing gap. >> why do you think that is?
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to be close. in april of 2014, i encourage hillary clinton to run. i encourage her to run. i said, i don't care what the poll says -- you are the winner. you are trying to do something that has never been done before. we are a politically divided nation. and no state shows that more than ohio in a lot of ways. so we have always assumed it would be close. we always assumed we would make our case every day. wh p they will realize that deportation nation is no pathway to economic success. but making investments in our people is a pathway to economic success. >> what tim kaine told me about the clinton foundation donations coming up at 6:00. that is getting attention tonight on news channel 5. we're 63 days from the election. that is nine weeks from today. >> and ohio, one of the most critical battleground states in the presidential election, still sorting out three disputes over voting issues.
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about the state democratic efforts to bring back the state's golden week. the week of early voting when people can register to vote. we appeal this case all the way to the u.s. supreme court. and ruling in north carolina showed the justices are divided when it comes to voting rights. and golden week has proven to be a popular time to head to the polls in ohio. in 2008 collection, 60,000 people took advantage of the week. in 2012, the number jumped to 80,000. the second issue has to do with the state's ballot procedures. >> there were two laws passed in 2014 regarding voters who cased absentee or provisional ballots. the laws require those voters to provide certain information that includes names, addresses, birthdays, signatures and forms of identification. without that information, the vote may not even be counted. those requirements create unnecessary hurdles according to some. some judge held up necessary
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case now. and another lawsuit pending in a federal appeals court that has to do with how our state maintained its voter rolls. >> the aclu joined other advocacy groups in a lawsuit against our secretary of state. they say that ohio is illegally removed -- eligible voters if they have not voted in recent elections. and cuyahoga county alone, 40,000 voters were removed in 2015 for choosing not to vote. most were fr p minority neighborhoods. according to a labor group that represents an artist, houston says only those who failed to respond to the notice -- mailed to the registered address, are removed. campaign definitely heating up. and so is mother nature. summer is not over. >> not at all. we got a little isolated shower cluster right here over deerfield in southeastern portage county, sliding southeast, into the salem area.
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greater cleveland, dry. same for akron and canton. we dropped to 90 degrees. ninety-three last hour. akron has gone up to 94. canton touching 90. another hot one. so middle 80s to start the game. for the tribe. partly cloudy. dry and humid. anice night for baseball. the evening -- notice, near 90 degrees at 6:00. lower-80s at 8:00. still close to 80 at 10:00 p.m. children living in fear. >> the mother powerless to help them feel safe again. >> they don't go outside. they don't play with no one. we he could be right next to us and we don't know. >> scary. the child was kidnapped, held hostage for the better part of the day. the family still double checking the locks. the child of doctor still on the run. the exclusive interview next. you as a contender for the olympics. now this college student is a
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how his conviction is impacting his neighbors. next. and a mother struggling to carry her child down a mountain after the girl broke her arm. you will not believe who happen
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back with a new channel 5 exclusive. a story every child -- parent needs to see. he is dangerous and preys on children. the mother of a child snatch him or her home back in may spoke with us. we're live from fbi headquarters. they are scared this guy is still out there. >> reporter: the reason the fbi is so concerned is because this is one of those cases where a stranger is actually >> there are no kids safe while he is on. >> christie jones asking not to show her face. anyone might be able to understand. after the ordeal that she and her little girl have been through, she is frightened. but says she is speaking out because the man who kidnapped her 6-year-old daughter from her home on west 104th in the middle of the night has not been caught. >> and she believes children
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man, caught on camera, about a week before her daughter was snatched from her neighborhood, to the abduction of a 10-year- old girl three months earlier. in that case, he tried to take a 10-year-old from her bedroom. >> he just walks in there and is willing to take someone's kid kid. who could be more dangerous? >> her daughter was taken to a house and kept in a bedroom for hours before being off in a neighborhood not far from her home. although christie is thankful her daughter is home, she explains to me that she did not come back unharmed. >> they didn't play barbie dolls or watch tv. a grown man with a little kid -- >> the fbi believes this is the man. and they believe he is linked to both cases. he is a stranger to both families. the agents told me he is dangerous. take a look at this video.
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back in may. a 2002 or 2003 chevy malibu with a different color fender. >> he is a stranger. he is a predator preying on children. it could be any of our children. he stalks the neighborhood said he goes to. he is waiting. he is watching. and when the time is right, in the middle of the night -- he doesn't care if the parents are in the house. he doesn't care if there are adults in the house or dogs in the house -- he >> there is a $20,000 reward for information in this case. if you recognize the man in that video or the car he was driving, you're asked to call police or the fbi. in cleveland, news channel 5. brock turner is now a registered sex offender in ohio. the stanford university summer registered this morning at the greene county sheriff's office. brock turner was met by cameras
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face with her sweater while he filled out paperwork. the 21-year-old has to register as a sex offender every 90 days for the rest of his life. part of his punishment after being convicted of raping an unconscious woman at stanford university. brock turner is now living with his parents in greene county. at home, being staked out by protesters. neighbors say with all of this negative attention, they have lost their sense of comfort. >> when i bought my house, the number one thing i looked at was a sex offender registry >> brock turner was released from a california prison last month after serving three months of a six-month sentence. critics felt he deserved a healthier punishment. the judges no longer hearing criminal cases and is facing a recall -- a recall campaign. turner is on probation for the next three years and is planning to appeal the conviction. we just learned a cincinnati attorney has filed a class-action lawsuit against the maker of of the epipen.
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violated ohio's consumer protection law by raising the price of the allergy medication. the cost went up 500% over the last few years. people want to recover what they call, a overpayments to mylan. and mylan was already the target of an investigation out of new york. schneiderman is looking into whether mylan pharmaceuticals added anti- competitive terms into a deal to sell at in school. the company says is contracted, it does not include purchase requirements. and it has provided more than $700,000 worth of free epipens to 65,000 schools nationwide. let's check in with mark. >> a nice look here. we are in concord. looking west over the city. blue skies. just some cumulus clouds over lake erie.
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some cumulus clouds over the lake. otherwise, a hazy afternoon in those areas. everywhere you go, we have haze. the humidity has increased. let me show you where we have a shower. right there moving into the area. almost into columbiana county. and isolated sprinkle there right along the geauga portage county line. that is about it. if you are worried about rain this evening, down, things will get more quiet. we have that little broken line of showers that came through earlier this morning. believe it or not, we have had a dew point -- 55-60 degrees at about 7:00 a.m. this morning. but then, the leading edge of the humidity came riding through. the dew point, 55-70. we call this a dew point line. attacks like a little mini front. a ripple in the atmosphere. enough to stir of showers. as soon as the showers move
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line coming in. here is hermine still along the coast, new york city, long island, new jersey shore getting 40-50 miles per hour wind gusts. all in all, it should get more weak over the next 24- 36 hours and then slide back to the west. showers and storms are here. lower michigan, back into wisconsin and minnesota. that is the next round. it will take its time coming our way. probably not going to settle in with so sunday will be the coolest weather day. until then, we had heat and humidity. some isolated storms. we have the high doing its job and keeping us dry. the wind around the high coming in this way. we're getting that transport of heat and humidity. notice isolated little pop-up cells during the heat of the afternoon. we will have those for the next couple of afternoons. 74 degrees and partly cloudy and warm. tomorrow, 93.
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the 28th day of 90 plus degree temperatures since may. 65 degrees since early may. sixty-five tonight. for akron, we will go 89-92. the seven-day does show a cooldown. lower-90s with one or two storms through thursday, friday -- friday, 84. saturday, the wettest day. heavy rain. and a cool dry sunday. >> thank you. coming up all new tonight at exclusive national investigation investigation. >> we have to stop the endless flow of secrets, unaccountable money that is distorting our election. >> more disturbing twists and turns. >> the clinton foundation cannot say they are in compliance with new york regulations. >> new tonight, only news channel 5 -- see why the money trail involving the
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and ever wonder about the gluten-free diet craze? we found out how many people are actually and tolerance. and who is just jumping on the
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it is a health trend gaming -- gaining a lot of steam. >> gluten-free. >> people have to avoid not just a diet fad. now they have a safe place to enjoy a meal at a kid safe campus. they opened the very first gluten-free cafeteria in the country. in an effort to help people battling celiac disease. it is a growing problem things to the increased amount of processed foods in the diet. one and 100 people in the country. >> -- one in 100 people in the country have it.
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of gluten. it can cause them to become violently ill for weeks. >> campus officials had to get a special certification in order to serve all gluten-free meals. >> while more americans are eliminated glued he -- illuminating gluten, there are new questions about whether it is necessary. researchers found the number of people that follow a gluten- free diet is more than three times higher than the have celiac disease. the study suggests consumers mistake gluten-free for healthy. even though there is little evidence to support this conclusion. parents sounding off after getting letters that a high school bathroom will be open to everyone to accommodate transgender students. >> and we ask around to see if the owners make improvements or if it is worth the cost they
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our top story. the mother of a 6-year-old girl that was snatched from her cleveland home fears the kidnapper may take another child. the woman spoke exclusively with news channel 5 about the frightening ordeal. she is warning parents to keep a close watch on their children because the kidnapper has not been caught. dozens of people claim their names are being used fraudulently to show supp pipeline project in ohio. the lobbying group, the consumer energy alliance tells news channel 5 that they called residents asking for permission to use their name to send the letters like these to the government. an attorney representing a pipeline group is looking into the master. and here in sandusky, raising money to repair a state park. a group says they tried to work with the city before taking matters into their own hands.
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build a new state park. and parents got a letter saying that any student that identifies as transgender and seeks out a counselor can use the bathroom they identify with. we spoke with parents and administrators. and you were told the district wants to make everyone happy? >>reporter: comfortable, was the word they use that decision. i spoke with a mother who did not want to go on camera. she told me she is very disappointed in this decision. she says her daughter already has enough going on being a high school student and really does not need to deal with all of this. >> there is no middle ground. you are really for it or really against it. >> sander willis is the mother of two high school girls that brookside. she says parents are split right down the middle in terms of how they feel about the
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certain circumstances. >> school officials tell us that four students at the high school identify as transgender. the school along with the district's attorneys decided something needed to be done to make sure all students have the rights they are entitled to. the school designated this family-style private restroom to all students who identify as transgender. when high school principal says the current bathroom situation said someone violated their ri parents it says "transgender students have the legal right to use the restroom they identify as". >> we have students that are not transgender that will not feel comfortable with a transgender students coming into the bathroom. we offer them the family-style restroom as well. >> as the rule stands, students can use any bathroom they choose. students who are not transgender who are not comfortable with the new rules may use the private family-style bathroom. the superintendent says he has
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>> at first, when you hear about it, it is concerning. >> but he says, it is really not a big deal. >> this is about letting a kid go to the bathroom where he or she is most comfortable to go. and the other kids should not look at it as a dangerous situation. >> the superintendent tells me the restrooms that are not private -- do have a form of privacy. after two years of construction new inner belt bridge is nearly complete. the bridge will be closed overnight until crews can port the final concrete deck. the bridge -- the bridge is expected to open later this fall in stages. the d.o.t. will release more information about the timeframe. that is after tonight's work is complete. people living in rocky river are looking forward to a new and improved wister road. >> the project is underway. the folks who used to frequent
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talking. we're live from there now. what do business owners tell you about the impact of this road work? >>reporter: as you said, they will get a new and improved route. business owners tell me it is the short term they are worried about. >> a sea of orange barrels -- find usually busy wister road in rocky river. now a new water lines going in. and the work needs to be done they understand, but they are frustrated. >> almost all of the people drive by. >> the owner of a bakery on the road is getting cake orders. but he is losing other businesses. >> we're about 75% down on what we normally see on a regular day.
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now. some traffic cannot go south. >> the owner of a pizza shop told me business is taking a hit. >> i will be ecstatic when this is over. >> some folks have taken to the facebook page encouraging people not to forget about small businesses during this construction project. >> i heard business was down. i like to support local businesses. so i was ordering a cake >> a new water line is expected to be here on wooster road by next year. and they will do the repaving. live from rocky river, news channel 5. the sun is beaming down out there. >> we're calling it it hot. >> 90 degrees or warmer is hot officially. ninety-three at hopkins. and 94 in akron. a couple showers here.
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to heavy rain. no lightning showing up. we have a light rain shower here just to the east of twinsburg in northern portage county. that is really about it folks. and the wider view, dry weather. ninety and hopkins. and 93 at 3:00 p.m. ninety-four currently in akron. and 90 in canton. downtown, dry and warm. around 85 degrees. we will stay all the way to 80 gauge -- into 80 degrees for the ballgame. middle 70s for overnight lows with just a few clouds floating by. >> they say a picture is worth a thousand words. and struggling to carry her child with a broken arm down a mountain?
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how one man's -- how one man landed behind bars. and your winning lottery
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in my world of weather today, should this is part of the yard. i would say, you have to mow this. maybe spray paint that. that is my opinion. and chuck enjoying himself at edgewater today. a little more minute there. love this shot from the donovan family. the sunrise over cleveland today.
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look at the sunrays coming through the clouds. like, and follow and post.
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and they say they have proof the singer was set up -- with chris brown. a woman says he pulled a gun on her. police surrounded his house, leading to a nine hour standoff
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he documented the incident. now the singer putting out a new video. >> i cannot wait until the truth comes to like about this incident. >> there you go. his defense team says they have text messages sent from the accuser to a friend that proves the 911 call was a plot to get back at brown for putting the woman out of his home. brown will be charged in court in two weeks. today so attorneys could try to get evidence thrown out for a lawsuit against the comedian. in that suit, she claims that bill cosby sexually assaulted her. his attorneys want a recording thrown out. all new at 5:00, major
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>> students returning to classes at brown university this semester will find all campus restrooms stocked with free tampons and sanitary -- sanitary napkins. school officials say they reached the conclusion that these are a necessity, not a luxury. they will be available in men, women and gentiles transgender restrooms. this change comes amid efforts in states across the nation to stop taxing feminine products including ohio. die young girl, posting a public thank you after former usc bantamweight champion, found herself in the right place at the right time. that little girl broke her arm picking up mount charleston in nevada. her mother was carrying -- struggling to carry her down. the former champ stepped in to
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during their 2-mile hike. she says she is glad she ignored all the people that told her she was too manley. a florida man flagged down a deputy and asks him to charge his cell phone. >> no big deal. it is what he did next that landed him behind bars. the man was charging his phone, whipped out a bunch of credit cards. the deputy's canine not in his name. one of the stolen cards belonged to a woman. when she learned what happened, she could not help but share this message. >> dude, use the cops to charge your phone, all the time. because we appreciate that. >> she is laughing now. the man told police he did not know he had that woman's credit card.
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this next story generating a lot of opinions. you cannot -- he cannot walk or crawl yet. but the 6-month-old from north carolina is waterskiing. like a champion. this video of him out of the ways. his parents claim he is the youngest water skier in the world. >> and this little girl from florida first took the title back in may. >> about 12 months ago. >> he has moved on. >> exactly. >> catching the 50-foot waves. >> doing his thing. yes, indeed. doing his thing. >> mom was right there. >> it was a human chain. >> just chilling like -- what is the problem? >> pretty composed. >> you know what he was thinking.
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[ laughter ] let's go outside. there is hermine off the east coast sitting there and spending bringing rain. and waves. this is the high that has been bringing the fair weather throughout the weak. still doing its job. wind from the south has allowed to hire dew point to move in. humidity increase. thunderstorm complex away for a little while longer. in the meantime, through thursday, more humidity with isolated thunder. right now, an isolated shower. i have my lightning tracker turned on. i'm not seeing any lightning bolts. we will zoom in to the salem area. one near youngtown -- over the city -- a brief, moderate to heavy downpour. another little downpour --
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9:00 p.m., we have hit and miss clouds around. if you're wearing about the game getting rained out, forget about it. -- worrying about the game getting rained out, forget about it. currently in cleveland, 94 in akron. actually, 93 at 3:00 p.m. unbelievable. ninety-one in mentor. here is the feels like temperature. in mentor, feels like 102 de should say feels like 105 degrees. it is intense. summer heat. shower and thunderstorm activity. the front will hang out here. really will not much make an route south. these storms will probably fade out the next couple of hours as they move away from the front. tonight, 74. partly cloudy and warm. if there is any rain activity now, it will last another hour
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hot. lows tonight for akron and canton near 70. tomorrow, 92. hazy sunshine. isolated afternoon storm just about anywhere. a few storms tomorrow afternoon. one or two thursday afternoon. there it is. ninety-one. they number 29. and then scattered storms friday. eighty-five on saturday. heavy rain coming in with a front. and there is 74 degrees. sunshine. low humidity. go waterskiing, little guy. we have the diaper ready to go. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> the clinton family foundation has come under some criticism since hillary clinton entered the race for the white house. and an exclusive execs -- investigation, we find that the clinton foundation incorrectly filed tax returns in new york state, essentially hiding which
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facing criminal charges tonight after he was caught drinking and driving over the holiday weekend. more than two decades since the disappearance of a minnesota boy captured the
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today a minnesota sexually assaulting and killing an 11-year-old boy back in 1989. >> the suspect described how he committed the crime with the young boy's parents in the courtroom. >> for nearly three decades, family and friends of jacob wetterling held onto hope, praying that he would come back. >> this is incredibly painful to know his last days -- last hours, last-minute.
5:56 pm
heinrich, the suspect in his disappearance, confessing in court, authorities help -- hope this will help them find peace. >> we know the truth. danny heinrich is no longer a person of interest. he is a confessed murderer of jacob wetterling. >> last week, an 11-year-old boy named jacob wetterling was kidnapped. >> jacob wetterling was kidnapped back in 1989. the case growing cold until last week. danny heinrich, who had been question, in connection several cases in minnesota, and now in jail on child pornography charges, agreed to a plea deal, leading investigators to jacob's remains. in court, danny heinrich admitted that he sexually abused jacob and shot him twice. and buried his remains twice to cover his tracks. >> the unthinkable admissions that we just heard in court should have course make all of us angry.
5:57 pm
. and there is no good answer. >> as part of that deal reached with prosecutors, danny heinrich pleaded guilty to a federal child pornography charge. and now a sentence of 20 years in prison. abc news, new york. at 6:00, a deep look at the money going into and out of the clinton foundation. >> the organization has been scrutinized for the past several months over money donated to it by foreign governme the organization failed to disclose foreign donors on tax forms. and an exclusive interview, tim kaine says the foundation has already stopped accepting foreign donations. and a man says -- a woman says a man that took her child from her home is still
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tonight, another news channel 5 exclusive interview with the candidate on the presidential campaign trail. >> there are just 63 days to go until voters go to the polls to choose the president for the next four past, a lot of focus on ohio voters. for many of those voters, the choice is not an easy one. >> we spoke exclusively with hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine. >> there were a couple of issues we needed to address with tim kaine -- related to the clinton foundation as well as the e-mail scandal. as two of the things we talked with him about in cleveland. >> . >> tim kaine has taken to the


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