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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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imagine this. after hours of studying and pays out thousands of dollars in tuition suddenly finding out your school is closed for good. students from itt tech woke up
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with partial degrees. one student said she finished her courses but she won't be getting a diploma and that's not right. >>reporter: at least not right away. this morning she learned the day she's been working towards for years has been canceled. the invitations to the ceremony are in the mail, the gown already ordered. and the cap. >> but i had to keep every day the promise i made my mom. when my mom was on her deathbed i promised to her i would graduate. and the fact i can't even walk across the stang skr -- stage and get something thofs supposed to be given to me is haert breaking. if i wouldn't have looked at
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current students were told that classes were still on until this morning's startling news. >> i can't believe it. i was hoping that this was not one of them. >>reporter: but today the campus was locked along with campuses in other areas. this saturday's graduation is canceled and now she can't access her transcript. >> it's like you've paid your money but that's it. >>reporter: itt tech did not return our call for comment. >> you can send me letters about my bills but not something as important as i don't have a graduation anymore. and not the morning of. >>reporter: i spoke with representatives from other universities. they're looking into transfer
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are no guarantees all credits will transfer. new tonight, her abilities to see the future may not help her out of this one. a psychic is facing numerous charges including theft and tell communications fraud. she's accused of stealing a million and a half dollars from people. she would come up with grim predictions to get client toss pay she could spend more than 30 years behind bars. more than 40 police officers raided a field party over the weekend. it was a party expected to attract over 1000 nung amish. sheriffs notified -- parents notified the sheriff's office. some were accused of resisting
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we're waiting on more information about the man found dead in a park today. it's still unclear what led to the man's death. and we have new information tonight on a story we first brought you back in may. a jury convicted a man of child sex trafficking. he was arrested for paying for sex with a 14-year-old. this case was unique because it was the first time in our area that the person was charged. according to testimony, he continued to have sex with the teen even after he knew her age. he will be sentenced in december. ohio's attorney general is fighting to stop the release of the final autopsy reports of the eight family members murdered in pike county earlier this year. releasing the information they
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they claim the coroner is improperly withholding those reports. no one has been arrested. the issue of trance trance bathrooms -- transgender bathrooms leaves one community up in arms. it's happening at brook side high school in sheffield. parents received a letter saying high school boys can use the ladies room and vice ser sa. we took superintendent who says schools are making another option available for students bothered by the change. >> we have students who won't feel comfortable. so we've offered them the family style restroom as well. >> the rest wooms that are not private all have stalls so there is a form of privacy there. summer might be over in the
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feels like summer around these parts. 90 degrees for a lot of the you today. cleveland 94 and 94 in akron as well. it's our 27th 90 plus degree day since early may. it's still very warm. a lot of ground clutter here. you can see the humidity on the the nearest shower is over here south of pittsburgh. that is it. so we're dry. your hourly weather taking us up to sunrise. low 70s for the akron, canton area. we're tracking heat and humidity and some weekend heavy rain. more coming up. well this is a stunning, and i mean stunning report that shows an outstanding debt road
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more than a billion dollars. >> with a "b". they're scrambling for solutions on how to pay that down. how did we get here? . >>reporter: leaders are blaming it on new big projects like the new convention center in downtown cleveland. but the report clearly shows they need to stop accruing more debt and figure out ways to start paying it down. >> we wt what the impact is of those numbers. >>reporter: it's a rorts called dealing with debt. numbers could stun the taxpayer. they have over a billion dollars in debt. the report prepared shows interest payments are skyrocketing. >> the estimated payment will be
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service. it will climb to 100 million by 2020. >>reporter: the report was generated after budget talks showed the county had dug itself into a hauj hole. county leaders won't be digging any deeper. >> they are able to issue additional debt, but they won't. >>reporter: it shows other well. there is a good reason, though, that theirs is lower. >> we have a few other working projects and activities that are contributing to our overall growth and success. the convention center is oneover those activities.
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taxpayers for money. >>? >> there's no plans on that. >>reporter: this tax issue will be front skrp center in the upcoming budget hearings in november. only here, dozens of people's names may have been used in letters to show support for the proposed pipeline. a local attorney tells us he is investigating the people whose name was used without his permission. >> i don't have a typewriter or xhurt to -- computer to make a letter. >> we tracked down a group who said they generated those letters with approval. with just nine weeks until voters cast their ballot for the next president, a new poll shows
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are dead even. trump tops clinton nationwide 45% to 43%. national poll standings really don't mean much. it's how the candidates stand in each state. clinton has an edge over trump in swing states. it's a steal no baseball player or fan ever wants to see. a local concession stand for a little league w how it added insult to injury. finally hermine is weakening. she'll be out of the picture here in the next couple of days. what stays in your picture? more heat and humidity and 90-degree temperatures. coming up. doctors are now being told
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with traditional flu vaccines. and toddlers can be mischievous. this toddler got a ticket.
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the capitol ro tun da re -- rotunda reopened to visitors today.
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set to be done before the presidential inauguration in january. little league's baseball just got more expensive. >> sure did. somebody burglarized maple wood park monday afternoon. damages came up to more than $1,000. we're live there right now where recovery is slow. >>reporter: guys, the kids in th to 14 years old. but the kids responsible for the crime, not much older than that. >> they raided the two buildings in here. >>reporter: monday, someone stole his faith. >> they emptied half of this on to the floor. >>reporter: three teens stole
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>> they took ten dozen baseballs valued at about $40 a dozen. >>reporter: they shoved the stuff into bags and left a trail clear to the other side of the field. >> disgusting. you steal food from other people and just go center a picnic somewhere. >>reporter: a party to the tune of $1,500. >> what's the point of stealing from others? there near the cameras? the thieves chopped them and the power. no power, no alarm. >> this is getting ridiculous. what's going on with the world? . >>reporter: whoever did it hit a sprint after clearing this gate. they're asking for donations and for anyone who knows anything to
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skyrocket. fbi background checks have hit an all-time high every month this year. since there are no industry stats on gun sales, those numbers are used as an indicator. mass shootings have helped drive gun sales. we are hours away from apple's big event tomorrow. >> rumors are already lots of rumors about what they may unvail. -- unveil. many think it will be the newest iphone. many think it may come without a headphone jack. it would mean anyone getting the iphone would need new earphones. besides the headphones, the
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typical. faster, more memory, and better cameras with great filters. >> i said lines, not lies, by the way. bad news if your kids hate shots. flu mist should not be used this year in the u.s. doctors are looking to give the vaccine only as shots. in the past few years, they say the mist has not protected a new study reaffirming what we know about a link between obesity and cancer. the study was first done in 2002. people with excess body fat were at a high risk for some cancer. this year's study added cancers to that list, liver, gallbladder, and thyroid.
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body fat triggers chronic inflammation. this is exciting. nasa is about to go on a chase in space. they will launch a spacecraft to go after an asteroid. it would take the hunter seven years to reach a rock. it will then vacuum up a handful of gravel and bring it back to earth three years later. that sounds like a video game. >> that we >> that's an atari video game. >> all right. yeah. that's pretty cool. it's a full blown astride. it's full size. so that's quite a feat. if nasa can land something on that. >> i would search for it.
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70s and 80s. let's go. 'few clouds overhead right now. a nice night to be in cleveland. the humidity is hanging tough. there's a live look at downtown cleveland. traffic moving well and bright, bright lights over downtown. dry weather. we've got typical ground clutter around the radars. no rain anywhere in the viewing area. nearest rain showers back here. green bay back into minnesota and wisconsin there frtd most part for another couple of days. we'll see an isolated thunder cell or two tomorrow afternoon and thursday. but all and all, we're in the clear for the next few days. we've got the 70s and 80s in the area. dew points have gone up since 6:00 p.m.
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know it is muggy. frontal boundary are right here. it's stalled out. showers and storms are riding north andestward along it. there's a severe thunderstorm watch back here in yellow for portions of iowa. nothing touching us right now. we are under a dome of high pressure. one slice of it up and right there is hermine weakening. look at all the moisture coming in off the atlantic. yep. here's the high and here's the high. not going to make much profession. so tomorrow we stay in the 90s with isolated afternoon storms. a better chance for rain and
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bus stop tomorrow, warm and mum i had. coming home, 90s with an isolated storm or two. here you go. 94. we hit 94 today. we'll do it again tomorrow. hazy sunshine and isolated thunder during the afternoon. 69 for akron and canton tonight. here is your seven day. thursday, 92 with one or two storms. storms stt heavy rain for saturday and then dry and sunshine for sunday. we know litters is wrong, right? >> yes. don't do it. bullet a crack down in dc went a little too far. public works crews came across trash. it had a name on it so they sent a citation. but she's just a toddler. >> she's not a criminal.
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about picking up trash. >> her parents figure the envelope somehow fell out of their trash. it was forgiven. public works apologized. indians in a battle to the finish. you need to clerk this out. look at this bling. is that he jit or what? >> oh,
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the indians but the rally wasn't enough. it turned into a three-run shot. no magic tonight. the indians lose 4-3. the tribe still leads by four and a half in the central. >> they had a night like we did last night and for the most part they kept us off the board. >> check out this bling. real or not? richard jefferson snapchated it tonight. ul he may have jumped the gun a little bit. we'll find out if it's the real deal carson will get the start against the browns at quarterback. >> i'm not worried about philadelphia. they have a good team. i know that for sure. they have good players on offense. carson's a talented young man. but it's going to be about us. >> on saturday, there's a ufc
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for a title in the ring. there's an up and comer. >> rosbury is from cleveland. he started when he was 14 years old and his liech changed. >> i fell in love with boxing. i'm a warrior. it's like a way for me to vent. >>reporter: the first time he stepped in the so sure. >> nervousness and doubt, you noi. should i be here? . >>reporter: he's now a professional boxer with a 3-0 record. all knockouts. >> i've always be boxing. this is what i'm born to do. >>reporter: it helps him avoid the negativity in the neighborhood where he's from.
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violence about nothing. it don't hold me down. it makes me want to work hard. >>reporter: his passion drives him. >> every time i accomplish something, there's a goal checked off the list. so that's my motivation. i just keep going. >>reporter: he's trained by brothers. they taught him the skill. >> he's without a doubt the most talented boxer i've ever trained. >>reporter: more importantly, th >> he's like a son to me. >>reporter: with support in his corner, ds not just a sport. it's a mentality. >> any challenge, i'll make it through it and conquer it. >>reporter: now he knows he belongs. he's aiming to be a part of the sport forever. >> i was very confident. of course i want to win a world
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>>reporter: he's looking to set up his fourth professional fight
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thank you for watching. >> have a great night.
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andy sam beryl. dave salomoni and animals. muse infrom desiigner. and now, prepare yourselves. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you. i'm overwhelmed. that's very kind.


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