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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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planes collided midair over rugged terrain in alaska. the cause is unknown. investigators believe only one plane had equipment that allows them to track aircraft nearby. authorities in georgia say they're fortunate there was no fire and that the planes didn't collide over homes. abc news, cleaning up this morning in southern arizona from the remnants of form newton. it drenched the southwest after making land fall in mexico as a hurricane. thanks to the sandbags there was minor flooding in arizona even though some areas got as much rain in a day as they usually get in a month. the flooding in greece was serious after torrential rain there. the floods destroyed homes and businesses and swept vehicles out to sea. at least four people are dead.
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a half inches of rain fell in one hour. there's been an arrest in phoenix after three million dollars in property was stolen from drake's tour bus. he entered the bus and took a briefcase filled with the property. video from tmz shows drake reacting to the theft after the concert. the property was recovered. houston's mayor is calling the school board to reject a it's offensive and inaccurate. in the book they're portrayed as people who want to destroy western society. activists say the book promotes the worst kind of stereo types and has no place in schools. >> if it's allowed in texas classrooms, it will teach a generation of students how to discriminate against latinos. >> the board is set to review the book for use next year.
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museum opening. others will also attend. the obamas will also be featured on the cover of essence magazine promoting several stories inside on them. and michelle obama will also be on the cover of "instyle" with an interview on a variety of subjects. and a five-year-old boy in texas has a lot of new fans this morning because of his extraordinary show of patriotism caught on camera. >> this is royce wood row thompson stopping to put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance. he was running late, but when he heard his classmates reciting the pledge, he stopped to honor his country. >> his mom snapped the photo and later asked him why he stopped. he told her, like, duh, that's
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>> i love when kids say stuff like that. there's a great viral video that went around that were apparently children of military service members and they're all swinging on a swing set and they hear the national anthem playing in the distance, and each one of them one by one stops on the swing set, gets down, puts their hand over their heart. >> my kids do it in a british accent. >> i pledge allegiance. it's lovely. >> coming up, why one world war she was a service pilot in the air force. why was she kept out of arlington national cemetery until now. and a break in a cold case. why the fbi is now excavating a hillside near a school. >> first, here's a look at
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we have news of a possible break in a cold case in california involving a college student who vanished. >> the fbi is excavating a hillside near her school calling it a crime scene. >> reporter: investigators in a new search for kristin smart. she vanished after a party two decades people. police never found her body but a fresh look at the case leading them here. police dogs trained to find human remains zeroing in. >> we want to be here 24 /7 working on it and make that in person notification that you've found her yerks and that's the end goal. >> reporter: police long call third down man a person of
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seen with kristin. the smart family hiring a private detective to follow him. but florez denied involvement and was not charged. no physical evidence ever tied him to kristin. smart's parents saying we are confident that the person of interest will soon be held accountable for taking her life and harboring her remains. investigators blocked off an area. they say dogs zeroed in on three locations and they're hoping they find something before the fall semester weeks. abc news, california. world war ii pilot, elaine harmon got her wish to be buried at arlington national cemetery. she was one of the women the air force service pilots a group of female pilots who flew military planes in noncombat missions. >> they were not eligible because of a military regula regulation. something her family worked hard to change.
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country so much that she was willing to risk her life for it. her time wasn't just a page in the history books. it was a job that she did that she felt compelled to do and she did it every day knowing that it was dangerous. >> and it took an act of congress to allow her burial at arlington. >> it's amazing it took that long, and that much effort. and the flag that became a symbol of america's unbreakable spirit after the september 11th attacks and it's now been found. >> a photo was taken on that day showing three firefighters raising the american flag at ground zero. then the flag disappeared for years until a mystery man turned it over to officials in washington state. it will be unveiled today at the 9/11 memorial. >> that flag. the photo is so iconic, and there are statues replicating
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gone for this long. >> it's unclear how it ended up in washington state. and right now the beacon lights down in new york city have been lit ahead of the anniversary of 9/11 on sunday. >> the tribute debuted on march 11th, 2002, six months after the attacks. it's carried on as an annual tradition ever since. coming up, the much anticipated unveiling of the iphone 7. >> hear the one thing everyone is about what the phone does not have. you're watching "world news
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iphone 7. >> but it seems the one thing everyone is talking about this morning is what the new phone doesn't have. >> reporter: expectations were running high as apple announced the new products wednesday. the most anticipated? >> it's the best iphone that we have ever created. >> reporter: apple's iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. the now water resistant cell phones will come with new dual cameras, a redesigned forced longer battery life and the most talked about new feature. the elimination of the headphone jack. instead it comes with ear pods that connect to the lightning port. also air pods. a concept some believe will take users time to get used to. >> the removal of the headphone
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weeks or months. anyone who updragrades is going have to adapt. >> reporter: apple is also getting an upgrade for the watch. you're probably wondering about the cost of the phones. the iphone 7 starts at $649. the plus, $769. preorders start on friday, september 9th. abc news, los angeles. how many iphones have they sold since they launched in 2007? >> about a billion. >> how many cameras does it have? >> two. >> how many mega pixels? stop looking at your notes. >> i don't know, but i know you get a 10 x digital zoom. >> how many l.e.d. lights on the flash? >> probably -- this is not --
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coming up, another much anticipated launch. the new cast of dancing with the
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>> sounds like a throwback song. >> it does. >> we are days away from the premier of season 23 of dancing with the stars. >> and an early cast party gives us a closer look at the contestants and professionals. sandi kenyon was there. >> reporter: it was billed as a cast party and the foot work looked pretty fancy for contestants who haven't been
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>> we had our second rehearsal yesterday. he's been awesome. he's in it to win it. >> vanilla ice and others found a respite at planet hollywood before resuming their rehearsals. >> i'm doing it for my mom. my mom passed away about three years ago, and i wanted to -- i promised myself i'd keep doing things to make her proud, and she would be tickled pink to see me doing the show. it's out of my comfort zone. >> repor won gold at the olympics in rio. will that help her win the trophy? >> it helps being flexible. >> reporter: for another member of team usa, the stakes are higher. swimmer ryan lochte was caught in a lie in rio, claiming he had been robbed when he hadn't been. is this a dance toward redemption for you? >> you know, i think so. you know, what happened, it's in the past.
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skills or what little i have. but, yeah, this is a redemption. >> reporter: this season marks the return to derek huff paired with marilu henner. one of two tv icons in this cast. >> it all feels like a dream right now. >> reporter: maureen mccormick will be known as one of the brady bunch, but she's such a good support. she doesn't mind people coming marsha, marsha, marsha. she told me i could say it if i wanted to, but i fig dwrured i' give her a break. >> totally would have gone for it. our thanks to sandi kenyon.
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this morning on "world news now," the presidential candidates hoping to make an impression. >> last night donald trump and hillary clinton did their best to look like commander in chief. making their cases on issues of national security on the same stage, but not at the same time. could this be a preview of the debates to come? >> and a senseless shooting in it highlights the surge in the city's gun violence. a man shot while mowing his lawn. and a six-year-old attempts to stop a group of ax wielding robbers. she lunges in an attempt to protect her family. >> then his larger than life story is the stuff of legend, and now a motion picture is set to release tomorrow.
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caliber rise to telling the story. the difficulties he faced in telling the story. from abc news, this is "world news now." i'm jealous. you get to hang out with tom hanks. you already saw the movie. >> good morning. i'm nick watt. >> i'm diane macedo. i'm jealous of nick. we will get to that in a little bit. we begin hillary clinton squaring off on national security. >> they made back to back appearances in new york last night fielding questions about their experience and judgment to be commander in chief. trump offered a tough critique. >> and clinton is promising no boots on the ground in the fight against isis. >> reporter: hillary clinton first to take the stage. the democratic nominee on nbc news's commander in chief forum fielding questions from current
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>> i take it very seriously. always have. always will. >> reporter: the iran nuclear deal. >> i said we have made the world safer. we just have to make sure it's enforced. >> reporter: and how to defeat isis. pledging air support and training but -- >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: both clinton and donald trump will be asked to not attack each other. clinton still landed a few jabs. >> the is play into the hands of isis. going after american muslims, defaming a gold star family. >> reporter: and trump came out swinging repeatedly taking aim at clinton. >> i have great faith in the military. i have great fate in the commanders but no faith in hillary clinton. >> reporter: speaking to a room of veterans when asked about his comment that he knew more about isis than military generals, trump said this.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reloosed to rubble. >> reporter: when asked about sexual assaults in the military, trump said he stands by a tweet in 2013. >> 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military. only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? >> well, it is a correct tweet. part of the problem is nobody gets prosecuted. >> reporter: abc washington. a top mexican official is out of a job this morning apparently due to donald trump's high profile visit. the mexican president, enrique pena neito accepted the resignation of his finance minister, luis videgaray was the arc terkt of trump's visit. he was looking to build bridges but he was criticized for not rejecting the comments about building a wall.
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encounter with a russian jet coming within 30 feet of the navy aircraft. a similar incident occurred in april. american officials have labeled the latest incident involving the two jets, quote, unsafe and unprofessional. the crew of the u.s. jet tried to contact the russian crew, but got no response. hopefully the spirit of cooperation between the u.s. and russia will be more evident tomorrow in geneva as the countries try to bring an end to th john kerry is set to meet with his russian counterpart for discussions. the u.s. had hoped to announce a deal at the g 20 summit but talks fell apart. in chicago residents are on edge following the deadliest month in two decades. after surpassing 500 homicides this year, there was another senseless shooting in the front of the victim's home. here's alex perez. >> reporter: it takes seconds as
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bikes ride past him. what happened next, a cruel symbol of the gun violence plaguing chicago. one of the men returns, wrestling him to the ground, shooting him and rifling through his pockets. then getting back on his bike and riding off. he was wounded but able to stand and staggered across the lawn. he walks to a neighbor's door. no answer. he sits o for help. >> it's ridiculous. you're not even safe in your own yard. >> reporter: the shooting more proof of the violence gripping some chicago neighborhoods. >> this is not an individual thing. it happened to all of our grandfathers. it happened to all of our fathers. it's happened to all of our sons. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 shootings in chicago just this year. 500 people killed in the wave of violence. 90 dead in august alone.
3:06 am
it's a society issue. impoverishes neighborhoods, people without hope do these things. you show me a man without hope, i'll show you one willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it. >> reporter: and the neighborhoods of the victim, with this appeal to the young men on the bikes. >> if you can identify the young man. do the right thing. it's coming. who said he's in the hospital doing better. and in fair condition. alex perez, abc news, chicago. flash flood watches remain in effect for parts of arizona as newton moves through the state. the storm brought heavy rains. residents were ready for the most part. sandbags kept waterways within the banks. the biggest effect in arizona was the muggy weather. u.s. olympics simmer lochte
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he'll also be banned from the 2017 world championship meet next july. lochte and three other american swimmers claimed they were robbed at a rio gas station. the story kept on changing and turned out not to be quite true. 49ers quarterback, collin kaepernick thanked fans for making his jersey the number one seller and says he'll donate the proceeds to charity. he said he's grateful to those supporting hi protest he'll continue the protest through the season. selling a unique building in central ohio is proving to be no picnic. that's because the seven story office building is actually shaped like a picnic basket. the company that once head quartered there made them, but current buyers aren't impressed. it went on the market 18 months ago were $7.5 million. it can be yours before 5 million
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experts say it's best hope is maybe a hotel or a convention center. otherwise, it's just a real estate picnic basket case. >> oh. >> nice. >> good job, lloyd. >> coming up, congress fails again to pass legislation dealing with the growing zika virus. but it wasn't for lack of trying. why this florida congressman showed up on the floor of the householding a container of mosquitos. >> and the challenge of portraying an american hero on the big screen alive with strong opinions about how his story is told. so how did tom hanks satisfy the director and the hero. and check out our behind the scene pics on instagram.
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a tv woman was charged with breaching the peace after she was caught on video kicking and trying to trip syrian refugees trying to flee from police last september. she later said she regretted her actions. under hungarian law the charge of breaching the peace carries a max yum sentence of two years in sentence. armed men invaded a father's
3:13 am
this six-year-old girl rushes in trying to stop a man from hitting someone with an ax. she's later led out of the shop. she said she only wanted to help. in australia this frightening smash and grab was caught on camera. there's two masked men, one armed with a sledge hammer and the other with a handgun. they smash through glass cabinets and three staff one employee opened the safe at gunpoint. police are searching for the robbers. ? cincinnati an unprecedented move to stem the soaring number of drug overdoses. anyone who turns in heroin or other potentially deadly drugs won't face criminal possession charges. there's one more powerful than
3:14 am
returned frth longest summer recess in 60 years and the first thing it did was fail to pass a bill to address the zika virus crisis. >> the third time wasn't a charm for the funding package. as marci gonzalez reports, yesterday's debate wasn't without theatrics. >> reporter: a plea for zika virus funding. >> i rise with about 100 mosquitos. >> reporter: a jar of mosquitos brought onto the house floor by a republican congressman f florida as he condemned lawmakers for not passing a bill that would combat the virus. >> can you imagine the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these mosquitos were outside the jar not inside. members of congress would run down the hall to be tested. they would spray themselves before coming down here. this is the fear of floridians right here. >> reporter: with new zika virus cases in florida and at fort brag. mosquito spraying ramping up across the country.
3:15 am
bill failed in the senate. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: democrats blocking it because of an included provision that keeps money from going to planned parenthood. >> the house did its job, and the senate has been blatantly political with zika virus funding. >> reporter: the cdc said it's out of money to fund zika virus. it's critical to protecting americans, especially expectant mothers. >> if the now, then six to mine months from now we'll see babies being born with severe brain damage. a birth defect preventable. >> reporter: congress has until the end of the month to pass funding for zika virus or risk a potential government shut down. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york coming up, the veteran accused of bilging more than
3:16 am
pictures show him running and roller stating. why now he says he deserved the money. >> first, it could have been one of tom hank's greatest acting challenges. we'll hear from him and the hero
3:17 am
3:18 am
? even for the most talented a-list actor, it can be difficult to accurately portray an american hero, particularly one with a larger than life story. >> even more of a challenge is when the hero is captain sully sullenberger who is very much hanks how to do his job. hanks and sully first met randomly at ans a car party. i said how are you holding up. he knew and made the adjustment to being a celebrated celebrity. >> people call you a hero. >> i don't feel like a hero. >> there's been talk in the press already. >> i'm overwhelmed by the
3:19 am
>> reporter: how did you deal with it? >> with some difficulty and a lot of help and over a period of time, you learn how to become a public figure. there's going to be renewed clamor for sully yes. >> reporter: are you scared about that. >> no. it comes with the territory. i think it's important that people know the story. i think as a matter of historical record, if nothing else. >> houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: hanks has real man turned real men heros. >> i'm the captain. >> reporter: why do you think you always get picked to play this kind of role? >> i think i'm an ordinary looking guy. i'm just this dude with a big ass and squeaky voice and my father's nose. if you look at who they are, jim
3:20 am
astrona astronauts. captain phillips -- >> i need to know who's hurt and how badly. >> reporter: how do you make the movie when everyone knows the ending is happy? well, they handle a part of the story i'd never heard before. the aftermath. >> i couldn't sleep the first nights more than a few minutes at a time. >> you stated it was a dual engine failure due to multiple bird strikes. >> reporter: and the grueling 15 whether sully was heroic or fuel hardy in the 208 seconds between the bird strike and hitting the water. >> and was the process with the ntsb as antagonistic as it seemed on film? >> the process is. the individuals were following their mission. their charter, it was to find the truth. >> let's get into how you calculated the parameters. >> there was no time for calculated.
3:21 am
four decades. >> you're saying you didn't -- >> i eyeballed it. >> reporter: the ntsb was not consulted. eventually they came to the same conclusion, hero. >> it was not possible to practice a water landing. we were not trained for this. the only training for this was a theoretical classroom discussion. >> reporter: water landing was the only option. he nailed it. that's my favorite bit. classroom discussion. so he's there, 15 5, one of the most popular cities in the earth, flying a plane. >> and it was as though he'd done it a thousand times. >> sully hates being interviewed. >> he was pretty good. >> i said, you know, do you like being interviewed. no, i hate it. i said you're good at it. yes, i am. i trained myself.
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limited time offer in stores now. all right. time for the mix. we start with kind of a romantic story. a couple was given a wedding gift by their aunt. they were told don't open it until your first disagreement. very important instructions. >> nine minutes later. >> no. actually, they waited nine years. plenty of disagreements. some big, some small. they were too stubborn because they felt it was a relationship failure if they opened it. finally they decided let's go for it. when they opened it, they found romantic gifts. she gave them money, but there was instructions. this is telling kathy is to get a pizza or something you both like for dinner. there's another one telling the husband to run a bath for her.
3:26 am
money and other gadgets. bubble bath, for example, for them to do nice things for each other and remember that whatever disagreement doesn't matter because they love each other. >> they waited nine years to each it? wouldn't curiosity kill you? >> good thing she didn't give them cheese. that would have been weird and smelly. >> i feel -- i think that's a weird thing t i find that odd. i think you give a gift -- >> i don't think she imagined they were going to wait nine years. she probably thought about a week. >> that's a weird story. moving on, a rice football player whose name is calvin anderson, do you remember the rubics cube? we attempted to do it. this guy can do it behind his back. >> without looking?
3:27 am
memorizes where all the colors are, and then he does it behind his back without looking. >> wow. >> so he has a photographic memory. >> and he's not peeling off the stickers and putting them back on like i used to do. that's good, but -- >> 45 seconds. >> it's impressive. but can he peel an orange with his toes? >> good, can you? >> i can. >> i don't know if i -- part of me another part doesn't want to see it. >> the skin is looser. >> how did you figure it out. >> i grew up in malaysia and didn't wear shoes and didn't use my hands. >> we're moving on. meiriam webster is in a twitter
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this morning on "world news now," squaring off, donald trump and hillary clinton talking national security back to back. clinton making a definitive statement on the use of force in the fight against isis as donald trump talks about his own security briefings. >> the remnants of hurricane newton bring heavy rain as residents hope their preparation pays off. and the veteran who billed taxpayers out of a million and a half tax dollars. >> he claimed he was disabled. but he was caught on camera walking. >> and kanye west's fashion show disaster. people felt like they were kidnapped. stuck on buses in new york traffic, and the models and extras forced to wear skin tight clothing and winter coats
3:31 am
skinny." it's thursday, september 8th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. we begin this half hour with the precursor to the first presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton weighing in on national security. >> clinton took the stage first. she acknowledged about makes mistakes but insisted she's careful with handling classified information. she defended the iran nuclear deal and she vowed to keep boots off the ground in the fight against isis. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> clinton also said it was a mistake to vote for the invasion
3:32 am
responsibility for supporting the war. >> after vowing to boost military spending earlier in the day, donald trump launched a blistering attack on the generals. >> he said they've been reduced to rubble under president obama, and he suggested he would replace them if elected. he also shocked many by offering a glimpse into the classified briefings he's received as a nominee. >> what i did learn is that our leadership, barack oba follow what our experts and intelligence, it's there for a reason, what our experts said to do. and i was very, very surprised. in almost every instance, and every pretty good read of body language. they were not happy. i could tell. >> trump praised russian president, vladimir putin for having control over his country and on illegal immigration he
3:33 am
military were special cases and should be allowed to stay in the country legally. president obama and the philippine president have met informally before a dinner in loas. earlier this week he used foul language when referring to president obama which caused obama to cancel their meeting. the leaders exchanged pleasantries and entered separately and were not seated next to each other. >> the attacrs troops to fired on a convoy. carrying the americans they managed to speed away without injury. the state department is condemning the attack, but says it was likely a case of mistaken identity. >> the attack was connected to the breakdown of command and control among south sudan government forces, and we have
3:34 am
incident and punish and hold accountable those responsible for it. >> according to the state department, the u.s. has changed some of its security measures as a result of the incident including changes to the movements made by embassy personnel and enforcement of a preexisting curfew. >> three people were killed while two planes collided. the planes were on final approach to the same runway. the small airport does not have a control tower. an instructor and student pilot were in one of the planes. turning to the weather. newton's momentum is running down. the former hurricane is weakening, no longer even a tropical storm after bringing heavy rain to the southwest. but it packed quite a punch in mexico. abc has that story. >> reporter: tropical storm newton on the move. >> the way the rains are coming down, it almost looks like snow. >> reporter: one city getting
3:35 am
>> it's really insane how hard this water has been coming down here. >> reporter: newton first made land fall in mexico tuesday morning as a category one hurricane. winds of 90 miles per hour. soldiers patrolling flooded streets. families spending the night in shelters. at least two deaths in the country now being blamed on the storm. as residents in arizona prep sandbags and track newton's every move. in the midwest, a separate system is bringing flooding rain and damagi w >> right now it's a matter of running around, cleaning up, getting stuff off the streets. >> reporter: in southern arizona, normally dry river beds are rushing rapids. officials here and all over the southwest are watching the storm closely. abc news, arizona. the worst seems to be over after a wildfire in northern
3:36 am
residents forced from their homes by the saddle river blaze are being allowed to return after firefighters made progress. the fire is now 50% contained. some 48 hours after it broke out. three homes were destroyed. the cause is under investigation. heavy rain in the milwaukee area brought flash flooding last evening. many roads were impassable. cars had to be towed away that tried to go through the water. winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour. there are reports of power outages and some afternoon and evening activities were cancelled. more heavy rain in the upper midwest today. some of it coming from what was once hurricane newton. there's a chance of showers in northern montana. the houston area, south florida and late in the day in western new york. a heat wave in the south and mid atlantic region with temperatures in the mid 90s today with high humidity. it will feel even warmer. every apple product announcement is carefully
3:37 am
weeks of rumors. i merged rumors and weeks. it's weeks of rumors and build up. they want everyone interested. >> and guess who spoiled the surprise yesterday? apple. this tweet giving details of the iphone 7 before the official announcement was made. >> whoops. >> and even before that, amazon listed accessories for the new device. >> the new iphone does not have a headphone jack which allows it and the new apple watch to be water resistant. it's also offering wireless headphones. >> you know, i don't need my phone to be water resistant. i need it to be smash resistant and child resistant. >> i would like it to be all of those things resistant. i have broken my phone, dropped it in water. i've gotten it stolen and lost it. >> but these ear bud things without -- i mean, are you telling me you're not going to lose those within nine minutes
3:38 am
i would need some sort of tracking device on those as well, which i also need on the phone. i leave a trail wherever i go. coming up, the veteran who walked away with $1.5 million taxpayer claiming he was disabled. he was then caught on camera running and roller skating. hear why he said he deserved the money. >> and the author of "eat pray love" has left her husband who was one of the book's main inspirations. she says she's now in love with her friend. ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by american
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you are looking at the largest and most expensive destroyer ever built for the u.s. navy. the uss zoomwelt left the shipyard yesterday for the home port in san diego. the ship which is more than 610 feet long and 81 feet across cost $4 billion to build. house lawmakers issued a subpoena to the department of veterans affairs. it comes after documents show
3:43 am
hospital ballooned to almost $1.7 billion, nearly triple the original estimate. the subpoena includes couples showing v.a. offices nationwide spent millions of dollars on or the work and ornamental furnishings. the house committee says the v.a. hasn't been transparent about spending. another $1.5 million of the v.a.'s money ended up in the pocket of one veteran who apparently lied about being disabled. >> he's now behind bars but here's david wright. >> reporter: there's dennis paulson arrived in a chair for a checkup. later they followed him and found he could walk just fine. and play pool. >> by the time he was caught, he defrauded more than $1.6 million from the government. >> reporter: a whopping sum he ripped off from taxpayers.
3:44 am
appearance on the price is right. paulson was living a double life. he was diagnosed with ms, but he clearly hadn't lost permanent use of his hands and feet like he claimed. after he was convicted he sat down with us for an interview. >> we wouldn't even be discussing this if i want to afghanistan or iraq and got my legs blown off, competing at the invictus games. >> reporter: i think there are a lot of vets who would be offended by that. >> what i'm saying is they get looked at as inspiring, but i'm a the disease? >> reporter: he's now behind bars. disability fraud costs hundreds and millions of dollars a year. prosecutors say what makes this case unusual is the fact that paulsen got away with it for more than 20 years. thank you, david. 20 years. when we come back, kanye west's
3:45 am
>> and the custody battle between madonna and guy ritchie is over. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:46 am
3:47 am
? >> time now for the skinny starting with kanye west season four fashion show. a bit of a mess. you could say. >> yeah. the rapper showcased his collection at a private show on new york's roosevelt island yesterday featuring an array of multiracial woman. amid a backlash >> some critics said the casting call was discriminatory. but now they're focussed on a new issue. that's many are saying the show was a hot mess. guests say they were trapped on buses from manhattan for more than an hour. >> the show started 90 minutes late, forcing models and extras to stand in their shoes and winter coats in the summer heat. some even passed out. attendees took to twitter to
3:48 am
the editor and chief of soul collector tweeted it feels like we're being kidnapped. >> another one posted this photo saying the bus is glamorous, especially when the bathroom door opens and nearly slaps us. >> one said yeezy is basically a middle school field trip. >> some of the designers put the models in shoes that no one could ever walk in, even if a trained model can't walk in the shoes, normal people like me are falling on their face and in outfits they can't walk in. >> i love it when fashion people get worked up and cross. >> google tim gun kanye west if you have a couple minutes. >> make it work. >> it's worth it. >> make it work. i love tim gun. >> so do i. next, the bomb shell announcement from the author of
3:49 am
>> the author revealed he's leaving her second husband for her female best friend. she said it was her friend's cancer diagnosis that made her realize she's in love with her. >> gilbert has since separated from her husband of nine years who was the man she met and fell in love with in her 2006 memoir, "eat, pray, love". the book was turned into a movie in 2010. >> gilbert says raya and i are together and i love her and she loves me. i'm walking through this cancer journey with her not only as her friend but as her partner. i'm exactly where i need to be. she continues to learn more about herself and explore. >> absolutely. >> eat, pray, love. >> next to the custody battle that's now settled. >> madonna and ex-husband guy ritchie settled their fight over their 16-year-old son rocco.
3:50 am
ritchie's attorney says rocco will stay in london with his father where he's enrolled in school. >> rocco is said to have gone under the strict disciplinarian, very controlling parent style. it's reportedly why he chose to live with his father. after having a falling out with his mother during her world tour. >> m a kid to leave saying a parent is strict. >> i'm surprised she's strict. >> that doesn't surprise me. that kid wouldn't have survived a minute in my household. no portuguese parents for that kid. >> is that a portuguese parents that are strict? >> yeah. they're really strict, but now it's great. now i get it.
3:51 am
teenager. >> he couldn't have survived in a scottish household as kid either. >> no kid likes strict parents. >> finally, they're hoping for an offer they can't refuse. >> the owner of an iconic house is back on the market. this time for $195 million. >> hang on a second. more importantly, the swimming "the body guard "with kevin costner. >> you're full of knowledge about this house. >> i went there the last time they tried to sell it. the estate is set on six acres of land including 50,000 square foot main building. 30 bedrooms. 40 bathrooms. takes two hours to show buyers around. the current owner bought it in 1976 when he was 31. he listed the home two years ago
3:52 am
>> there's a nightclub in the basement. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain,
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3:55 am
as a viewer it's hard enough to keep up with the kardashians, but can you imagine how hard it is to keep up with them. >> this morning the unsung heros we've nevese
3:56 am
3:57 am
process you go through to establish that trust? >> a long one. >> it has to be a concern for people that famous. >> yes. breaking news involving youtube this morning. the song see you again by wiz khalifa featuring charlie puth is only the second video to ever hit 2 million views. -- 2 billion views. >> want to guess the fir it's now up to 2.6 billion views. my guess is it's because of the amazing dance moves. it means there's only one thing left to do. ?
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, hillary clinton and donald trump are talking military matters. clinton lays out her plan to defeat isis while trump takes aim at the country's military brass. both candidates say they have what it takes to be the commander in chief. outrage in chicago over this shooting incident that was caught on camera. the windy city's summer of violence showing no science of coming to an end. use of force by some officers in california are being called into question this morning after a man's try leapt arrest and the video of it surfaced. hear what the cops are saying happened before that video started. and on a much lighter note, some foul play at a major league game last night. we're going to need one more,


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