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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wrecking overnight: local students stranded and struggling to find places to sleep what forced the freshman from e the heat and humidity giving thousands of students the day off. the local schools close today pick medical marijuana now legal in ohio but why you won't be able to get your hands on it right away. first, let's get a check of your weather and the heat is closing at least 16 school student. >> good morning everyone, that is absolutely correct. we have heat playing a major affect and
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storms will impact your evening drive. we are looking toward a wet weekend. we have a lot to talk about. current temperatures right now 80 degrees in cleveland. 72 worcester -- wooster . you can see we are already off to a warm start. highs today reaching the upper 80s around 90 degrees at the highest. good news: it will not be as hot as 94 like we hit yesterday but we are are staying cloudy by lunchtime and in the storms will ramp up by the afternoon. thousands of students have the day off because it is just too hot in some of those schools. >> we have schools closing running the bottom of this screen. >> reporter: a lot of the schools affected are older buildings. this one here in old brooklyn may have been a little bit more than the ones affected, while
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they provide little relief for all of these teachers and student in these classrooms affected by the heat. one parent said her teacher said -- child's to set was 100 degrees in the classroom. this affects 13 schools in northeast ohio. hundreds of area kids now with extra time at home a school officials wait for conditions to change. the reason for the condition: decision : many of the schools do not have window units and what the heat index expected in the 90s it all becomes a safety issue. spence we -- parents we spoke to were not happy but they understand. >> how can you imagine the children focusing on class work and there hot. >> reporter: again takes constellation schools are affected by the shutdown and there are some other public
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the schools affect and head to our website. -- , you can head to our website. this is really not the greatest of for the semester for freshman at john carroll university. some of them were left scrambling to find places to sleep and it is all because power was out in the dorms. a lot of them turned the area he can't even swipe into the dorms to get the things. >> i can't get any of my stuff. i just have my wallet and i'm trying to find somewhere to sleep. >> so you can't get back in your room?>> no. it is a freshman thing.
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will let you know as soon as we hear from the. now let's get a check on traffic -- them . now let's get a check on traffic pick we have an accident at 490 eastbound. the right lane is locked at warrensville center. let's head outside to get a look at our odot view . there are flashing lights on the screen. crews are on sc like the left 2 lanes are the only lanes open. we are working to get more information about this crash. we will keep you today with the information and let you know what is going on in that area. it has been years in the make and it is starting today, medical marijuana is legal in our state. the patients will still have a hard time getting our prescription -- getting a prescription . select today is
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the start of a lengthy progress -- today is the start of a lengthy process. levers will be picked in the next -- members will be picked in the next 30 days . right now rules are producing, prescribing and distributing cannabis are unclear. state leaders are purposely moving slow hoping to avoid of the problems many other states have had so we can't celebrate just it -- >> can light up a joint freely without being arrested or charge -- charged, you are wrong . it does not give permission for anyone to possess, smoke, use any form of marijuana for any reason medical or just freedom. >> several cities likely would have passed -- lakewood have
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marijuana. ohio is the 25th state to legalize it. we have new study released just overnight. >> yes, it says more college students are using pot. back in 2013 30 percent admitted to smoking marijuana compare that to 30 percent in 2006. arc -- on the upside, narcotic uses down . say they use prescription stimulant drugs. the study has been released by the university of michigan. new developments on a shooting right outside a development. a guy was shot right outside of the police station. he was able to walk in and tell officers what happened.
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condition. >> [ video playback ] >> more trouble for this dispatcher involved in the tamir rice case. she was recently suspended for a week. she was disciplined for being rude and unprofessional to a 12-year-old girl assaulted. she also took the call that came in before police shot and killed tamir rice 2 years ago. the city confirmed that she failed to relate to police that he may be a kid and let his gun may be fake. today donald trump will be in cleveland. >> he is attending several private fundraisers and is expected to speak at 2:00 this afternoon. this event is not open to the public, but is open
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fundraiser. we will bring you the latest updates on our app. still ahead: kelly rebuffed is still looking for -- ripa is looking for a new cohost. we're also talking about the most interesting man in the world. a new man is taking the role
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good morning and welcome back. you know he is the major game player today. not only
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hit 94. today will not be as hot. highs nearing 90. along the lake shore we could hit the upper 90s. the further south you move, upper 80s with a few of us possibly hitting the 90 degrees mark but again not as hot as yesterday. >> we're keeping our eyes on an accident hundred and 80 eastbound. crews are on the scene. the right lane is closed. we are making calls to find out let you know. in case you missed it, your next iphone is going to be missing one big thing. >> the ceo says it is the best phone they have ever created but it doesn't come without controversy. the new 7 and 7+ will not have a headphone jack. the core wireless headphones
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wireless headphones that you have been seeing all around, those are not included. they are air pods in cost $150. the most interesting man in the world is retiring. >> a new guy is taking over the title. the man you know that has been doing the beer commercials has been replaced. a french after is coming in taking over refresh the campaign. he will be more active and adventurous. they say the sales are down and they hope this will bring them back. time 4:42 on your thursday: itt tech lawsuit. why some former employees are suing the
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plea wally congressman is trying to get -- wally congressman is trying to get
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breaking news this coming into the live desk: 2 homes damaged. a large tree came crashing down overnight. taking a look at live pictures. one of the homeowner -- homeowners tell us that tree is over 100 years old. police are on scene and have told the homeowners they will have to stay out for a while until they can assess the damage. lawsuits are in effect after itt tech closed there campuses.
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notice. this is asking for wages and benefits that would have been paid in that notice period. a 2nd baby is born in miami with the zika virus. the mother was infected in venezuela and she gave birth here at us. she has issues with muscle tone and calcium deposit in her brain . a lot of talk this morning about what this florida congressman did. this representative brought a container filled with 100 mosquitoes and took it to the house floor to speak about the virus there fighting in his state. congress blocked a billion- dollar bill because it included provisions. we may see the first muslim
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court judge. many are praising this decision saying it will help ensure fair administration of the law. with only the blue -- a few more months left it is unlikely this nomination will go forward. check this out, this was nothing but a water main break, a huge the street quickly turned into a lake. it was a 12 inch water main break that was the cause. that will be a long cleanup. let's go ahead and take a look right now at your radar and your satellite. no rain on it right now but we are seeing bands of clouds move through. as we head throughout
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talk about the temperatures because that is one of the major factors on why some schools are closed today. these are feel like temperatures . 83 degrees is what it feels like in cleveland. 80s ashland. 81 new philadelphia. 79 akron. it is 4:48 in the morning and it is already off to a warm start. as we head chances are going to go up and here's a look at why. high pressure is trying to pump in some of this moist air. a cold front will give us the energy we need, a zeal to spark off those thunderstorms this afternoon. that will move through and behind it a 2nd cold front. that cooler air all the way to the rest -- west will not reach us until about sunday. this morning we start off
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30 clock we start to see -- 3 or 4 clock we start to see the showers building and persist. we told you about an accident at the top of the show 480 eastbound near warrensville. they tell us a motorcycle was involved in this accident in the right 3 lanes are blocked. the driver was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. you can see right now. an accident reconstruction team is also on the scene. it is not really causing any traffic issues right now, but that can definitely cause backups the longer the crews are on scene. they are not sure when it will be clear. colin kaepernick jersey is now the nfl top sellers this following backlash after he refused to stand during the national and to protest racial injustice and police brutality
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donating the money earned to help improve communities and it shows people believe in justice and equality for all. he started this last month in several athletes have voiced there support for him. professional football is back. the nfl season gets underway tonight and it will be a rematch of last year's super bowl. timber is hosting the carolina panthers. kickoff is set for 8:30 sunday but the team has picked it's captain. the name jumping out, rg3. they also voted hayden, thomas and davis as captain. the indians got back on track last night. the win 6 - 5 over the astros. the indians will wrap up the series against the astros today
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pitch is at 12:10 and the tribe now have the 5 1/2 game lead in the al central. starting a brand-new season with the show live with kelly without a new cohost. >> she is turning you -- to you for help. you have a chance to sit in and cohost the shelf. you have the sin and a video -- send in a video and tell her why you what if you got paid to live in one of the most lavish palaces in the world? >> buckingham palace is hiring . they are hiring a live in housekeeping assistance. you will be responsible for 775 rooms, a post office and a movie theater. there is also 40 acres worth of gardens. it pays about $22,000
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provided, you get a place to live and it is a palace. the final day to apply for that is september 19. >> 775 rooms? >> yes. watch the downtown abby to see if you can relate to let life. still ahead that could cut your risk of cancer. as we head to break, a look
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good morning and welcome back. we're talking about temperatures and heat and also the storm threat. storms are moving in all thanks to a cold front pushing down on us. let's talk about atmosphere will be primed for those storms. i am thinking around 3 pm is when we will start to see isolated showers. that will extend into the early evening hours. overnight we will begin to dry out. this morning we should start off drive but this afternoon be prepared for those storms. warrensville police are investigating a crash on 400 a
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live look from our odot cameras of the scene . you can see all of the right 3 lanes are blocked. the left to lanes are open and traffic is moving. we're told a motorcycle was involved in this crash in the driver was taken to the hospital with severe injuries the. they're not sure when the lanes will reopen. another police officer arrested for drunk driving over the holiday weekend. pulled over early monday morning. he is currently under it in a straight of leave while police investigate this. in akron officer also arrested. they say his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. now to a drug bust: it brings in a couple hundred pounds of cocaine. >> 2 men are being charged with one of the biggest bust in northeast ohio. this shows the 200 pounds of cocaine seized.
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than $3.6 million. they say all of this was found inside of a semi-. the semi was parked behind a commercial building on saint clair. these 2 men 154 in the other 58 are behind bars . here's what were working on: a deadly shooting on a phoenix highway. what police are learning about
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it is the day many ohioans have been waiting for, medical marijuana is now legal in our state, but can patients actually get there hands on it? we are live were schools are closed today because it is too hot in the classrooms. first, we're in the weather center tracking temperatures for you. how hot is it
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>> that is the question. good news, it will not be quite as hot as yesterday but enough heat that you will want to stay hydrated. let's take a look right now at those headlines. again, the heat is responsible for closing the schools. storms will impact that afternoon and evening drive and we are in for a wet weekend ahead. here's a look at current conditions: 79 degrees in cleveland. it is pretty warm as we head throughout the remainder of your day 80s. yesterday we hit a high of 94 degrees. today, not quite as hot but we will get close. we start off with a few peaks of sunshine. after that we lose it to showers and thunderstorms. we're still keeping an eye on the accident on 480 eastbound . the right 3 lanes are blocked at warrensville. a motorcycle was involved in a crash. the driver hit a median and was


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