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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's september and time for great viral videos "right this minute." with heavy breathing and adrenaline pumping, a thrill seeker is about to do -- >> something you've always wanted to do. >> the moment he realizes he's going to regret it. >> oh! a chill lion warms up t >> doesn't that make you think of a house cat? >> see the main attraction on a safari close encounter. why do you think it would be okay to hang out with a 13-year-old girl home alone? >> it's a bad day when you're busted by crime watch with chris hanson. now he kicks off season two of the hit show with a warning about predators lurking on social media. >> there are many more places
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>> we've got christian ali, charity, gayle and nick breaking down the best from the internet -- >> including a grandma on a virtual reality roller coaster. see the moment it's -- >> looks like she's about to go. >> down! >> ah! [ laughter ]. this is the star, you can only see part of his goes by abuse. he has a plan. this is the day he's going to jump. >> okay. has he done the research? can he jump far out enough? >> estimates it's about 100 feet high and you can see -- >> you can hear his breathing so quick. getting obviously quite nervous. >> this is foolish. the fence is there for a reason. >> he can stop right here.
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you already scored, man. >> it's something he's always wanted to do. >> he made a huge mistake. >> oh! >> did he hit or just miss? it looks like he just missed it. >> he must have every single bone broken. >> i was waiting for the bad news to hear he was taken to the hospital, all this and his back is sore and he got scraped up, but that's it. >> no. >> he literally by the skin of his back just missed that rock. >> let's call it quits right here, brother. if i'm his momma, sister, cousin, friend, don't do it again. >> he won't be trying that jump any time soon. this is what he likes to do. he's been doing this for ten years. this is almost the time where
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calling this little girl brave. she is 6 years old. watch what happens when these robbers storm into their business. look at the robber with the ax. you see that. the little girl rushes towards him and pushes at him and darts out of the way. >> fearless, right at him. did that slow these guys down at all? >> not much. you did see him walk back hands and holding his other hand up. >> scum bag. >> what were they after? >> not sure what they were after but they came in armed. i mentioned an ax. check out the crowbar. the other man in the corner. >> i was in the corner over there and just got taken down. they kicked me in the face. >> the little girl is all right, right? >> yeah, she is more than all right. local news outlets caught up with her and her mom in school
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situation. >> why did you hold his legs? >> why did not not run out of the store? you went inside the store. >> it was my grandpa. >> man, glad he didn't swing that thing at her. he was armed with an ax. move oing over to australiae have surveillance of these robbers. they smash into the jewelry store. all that glass on the ground. they suddenly start pointing it. and they're pointing it at the attendant in the store. they push them into what looks like a back room and the other is just snatching jewelry out of the case. >> they have pillow cases in their hands. you never know, maybe someone will recognize the design. you never know. >> all this is under investigation. now, both of these videos come from safaris in africa.
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these guides are so cool and so brave and they don't flinch. i know this is a lion, but doesn't it make you think of a house cat? >> yeah. cat does that every morning. >> safari is here. people are in a car. why don't i get up, stretch and give them something to shoot. >> wow. right up to the car. >> the guide does not move. hey, what's up? >> i'm just a hood ornament. ignore me. >> these two have had a long time relationship. the lion cubs, hey, pete, you want me to do a scratch? okay. roll over. got it. >> none of these people smell tasty. this leo pard gets really close. look. >> have you had a leopard do that? >> oh, no. >> of course. none of the trees are giving any shade. that land rover will be awesome. >> this lays down right next to the guide. >> again, it's pete. it's the same guy. these cats love pete.
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century, you have to have the mandatory one of these, selfie. >> selfie. >> there is no shortage of idiots in this world. sadly many of them have a license. sports cars in birmingham uk racing down the road. these guys are driving like complete muppets. >> they're boy racers. that's what we call them in the uk. they go racing, tearing through the city >> the more dangerous the move, the funnier they seem to think this is. >> but they get away with it. >> well, kind of. this video was posted by the driver of this car to a vw fan site. police have seen it and they are investigating. >> they won't be laughing for
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>> this video also not funny from new york. the new york sp club, a car club was out on a popular route. they come up to this hair pin turn and many pull off into the hair pin. but one does not. >> oh. that's a ford focus rs. there's another angle of this incident. sounds like they are on their radios. listen. >> after you hear that radio transmission, you do see at least one car back up away from the road. the club says that's an x club member in the blue ford. they do not condone this kind of behavior.
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today's fresh videos -- >> oh! >> a face mask that's anything but relaxing. >> she's having -- an interesting time pulling this thing off. >> what happens when the facial won't leave her face. and a policeman thinks he's got a handle on his weapon, but -- >> maybe he gets too complacent? maybe overconfident? >> why his skills are about to get shot down. >> oh, you idiot. >> oh! if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world.
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gi closed captioning provided by -- "name your price tool" phase. whatever. when something like this
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>> in brazil we see this police officer sitting in that chair, fudging around with his -- >> handgun. >> you would think if you're a police officer, you've had quite a bit of training, especially how to safely handle your weapon, but this guy, i don't know what he was thinking because right here -- >> oh, you idiot. >> he literally shot himself in the foot. >> literally. the leg was the best t could happen. he was real close to something else. >> with all their training, hey, don't mess with it sitting there between your legs. >> it's the first thing they teach you, respect the firearm. he's just acting like it was a water pistol. >> i'm sure his fellow police officers will not let him live this down. >> moving on to brazil from china. the driver of this vehicle decided not to stop.
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tries to get away from a check point, they're not going to watch you go by. they're going to jump on your hood and stop you. >> it's crazy. third or fourth time we've seen a video just like this coming out of china. what are these people thinking? >> and you see inside the driver and the passenger, the driver's girlfriend, they do eventually stop. >> this is incredible. >> and eventually they are arrested. i'm sure whatever they were as bad as what they were going to have to face because now they both have been banned from driving, their fined and they were briefly detained in custody. give yourself a nice facial and nice mask, get those impurities out, right? well, cachet had an interesting experience with that. >> [ bleep ]! oh! >> is that a mask?
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mask it is, but it is super attached to her face. >> ah! what the [ bleep ]! [ laughter ]. >> that is not the way you're supposed to react after a mask. >> oh my god! >> girl, you have to pull on that thing and rip it off at this point. >> you're right. pull it all off. oh, n this has gone viral. let's check in after a minute. she does eventually give us a very short review, very short. >> my eyes watering. then back to the screaming. [ screaming ] >> that is probably supposed to
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brags type of effect. it is probably pulling her skin off. >> it almost pulled her brain out. >> ah! ? nice notes for strangers. >> be nice to everybody. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, the hit show that's all about bringing the drama and nailing suspects -- >> has a new twist coming to their second season. >> it was a horrible mess. >> now "crime watch daily" tells us why this time we better watch our backs. >> if you're a bad guy you better be afraid. if you're a bad girl, you should also be afraid. plus, hold on to something. it's pretty intense. >> see why this morning's speed flying session is sure to wake you up. of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night
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cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. guys love those kind of crime shows on tv, right? the best crime show out there, crime watch daily. it's a huge hit. has a new twist second season. >> why do you think it would be okay to hang out with a 13-year-old girl home alone? >> the guy who nailed more dirt bags than mcgruff the crime dog is chris hanson. >> what do you make of this? >> a horrible lasting judgment. >> to catch a predator, he is still at it. he nailed more than 300 of these dirt bags. chris is now at the helm of
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the show. >> you see how this looks for you to come over and visit a 38-year-old, sent him a picture of -- >> yeah. i didn't realize i sent it. >> how did you not realize? >> it's the first time for me. >> fascinating, isn't it? to tell us more about his new gig on crime watch daily with chris hanson, he is joining us right this minute. how do you handle these guys you know, whether they're a child predator or bank robber or murderer, you have to listen and get inside that person's mind. even though they know they're in a bad situation, you listen to them. and they have a story to tell. in eight cases out of ten, they will tell the whole story. >> how does it feel for you now to have another platform to go after these guys? >> there are many more places
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and so i thought it was time to go back out and do it. crime watch daily is the perfect place to do it. the show also allows me to do some of our signature enterprise, investigative, hidden camera work like the queens jogger. >> chris, you mentioned the new york jogger. you actually have an exclusive interview with her dad as part of the show. >> i think the person either saw her somewhere routine, rolls to the other end and met her head on. >> whoever did this probably had some wounds himself. that's one of the things the police want to get out there. that's why it's important to get this story out on a national platform like crime watch daily.
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and producer. she is joining us right this moment. >> if you were a criminal, who who would you dread most coming to your door? we couldn't think anyone other than chris hanson. we really feel like we have the best crime fighting coach on tv. we also added some new contributors. elizabeth smart will be working with us this year. she specifically wants to go after these sexual predators with chris. she is a very brave girl. >> sounds like people should be afraid of crime watch daily if yo >> you know what, if you're a bad guy, you should be afraid. if you're a good guy with bad thoughts, you should also be afraid. if you're a bad girl, you should also be afraid. >> breaking news. >> season two of crime watch daily with chris hanson premieres monday september 12th. as the sun peeks up over the horizon, people like me have a
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jamie lee needs a shot of adrenaline straight to the central nervous system. >> hold on. it's intense. this is one of the most incredible ones i've ever seen and we're away up into the air. we look like we're just going to be cruising. let's get straight away exciting. let's go straight down this wall. you think he is going to hit it, he doesn't. pulls up just in time. skimming his feet on the floor. just now, another barrel roll over to the left. look out! oh, no, it's a wall. now we can see that the big car, maybe he is going to cruise down. now gets so close to the ground he can run his fingers through. after basically giving me -- pulls back on the breaks and relaxes.
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>> he cruises through the air and so gracefully and slowly. getting close to trees which enabled me to calm down, when he was by the looks of it, just missing these rocks. just missing these walls. i'm just going to stick to it. dude behind the camera wants to find out -- >> what happens when a man took hurricane. >> the world celebrates.
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candy to eat. for some people, interactions with their in-laws are something like a hurricane. >> so what happens when a man took her mother-in-law in a hurricane. >> the world celebrates. >> there you have it for just 2
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straighten my hair. >> that was worth the $2. >> this next video features grandma with the virtual reality headset -- >> oh, yeah. she is riding a roller coaster. >> oh! >> i love the clash of technology and old school. i love that. >> he is in for the long hall. down. >> ah! >> the neighbors are like, wow. granny is having a good time. >> that's why they're still happy after 40 years. >> where are you? >> i don't know. but it's beautiful. >> virtual reality to just plain old reality. >> disaster written all over it. don't do this. don't do this. >> the reality is grandma should
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>> round and round and round we go, where we stop -- >> we all know. >> oh! >> just as they tell her to go faster, she goes down. >> everybody is fine. there was none of that slap sound. that's our show. join us for the next episode of
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