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tv   Live on 5  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cleveland and points south and west and as you can see the heavy rain stretching into western pennsylvania towards youngstown. nothing for us but this is heavy rain. fortunately the majority of the viewing area is finally drying out. doesn't have to the commute in high school football games. notice there is some still shower activity. nothing heavy but up towards alliance we have more thunderstorms developing. in those will slide east towards akron. again not totally done with the rain threat although it will not be that big line of thunderstorms like we had between 1 pm and 3 pm. currently 81 in cleveland, 79 in akron 75 in cash. still muggy out there. your evening will be muggy with temperatures in the lower to
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we cannot totally remove the threat for an isolated thunderstorm for the overnight hours.>> mark thank you. major party nominees looking to make their way to the white house -- donald trump was back in town three days after his campaign visit right in here our area . >> the cleveland arts and social sciences academy day she held a roundtable discus and students. that he took a podium talk break their to play out his education plan. if elected president he also talked about new criticisms that he has lied about his stance on the iraq war say he approved at the time but now claims he opposed it . >> i opposed going in and i did oppose it despite the media saying -- yes/no -- i opposed
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took us out . >> we are going to fact check to make sure those claims are true that he made. meantime right now we are investigating another claim about the success of the charter school.'s faith in the system may be misguided. derrick waller is in cleveland arts and science academy. we're going to talk about the debate on whether these non- traditional schools will continue received public money diverging from public schools. >> we have done such a great job -- trump delivered that message according to state records the school is failing. the claimant are and social science academy got in f on its recent report card .
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performing schools in cleveland but he chooses to go to the one that has a letter f in student growth . >> education policy expert with innovation ohio points out those results are from a school that is run by it for private company pick we have to no longer make it profitable to fail children. >> charter school proponents said those letter grades only tell part of the story . >> what is going on here is kids are learn >> john fetzer with cleveland nonprofit breakthrough school let us tore his campus on superior. it also scored and f is student progress but parents should judge for themselves in person and look at other metrics like these eighth-grade math and english scores that are the best in the state . >> by the time i can graduates from eighth-grade wednesday going to be? >> you will be stacked pretty
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response but i never heard back. 's letter grades are based on a new standard for testing that was controversial because many schools got low scores in fact the state is thinking of changing the standard once again this year . >> continuing our team coverage of the political war right now after last night commander-in- chief -- hillary clinton held a news conference to respond to so we are live with that side of the campaign . >> after taking weeks to open her campaign to the media hillary clinton held a news conference just outside her jet in new york. trump has failed again and again she says to prove what it takes to be our commander-in- chief after he renewed his praise for vladimir putin even calling him a better leader than our own.
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does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. we don't send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil and that is not even getting into the absurdity of what it would involve . >> clinton went on to take on all republicans for supporting trump's white house bid. every member seeking the gop bid should be asked if they agree with trump's comments . criticism for letting trump off the hook by throwing softball questions. nbc has called his performance a disaster . >> will be doing our own fact checking on both nominees 5 pm . >> while president. obama wasted no time firing back at donald trump's recent critique of his administration he believes the stakes are too high for americans to tune out
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campaign staff . >> the most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow-up and ask questions about what appeared to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright lanky ideas . >> president. obama also added he is not happy with the country normalizing >> and even libertarian nominee gary johnson is taking heat after he made a major flood on live television . >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo -- what is aleppo? >> aleppo is in syria. >> it is the epicenter of the refugee crisis . >> okay.
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is happening in aleppo. it is a battleground is serious five-year-old civil war where people today are recovering from a chemical gas attack reportedly from their own government. they have been accused of targeting rebel forces without concerns for the hundreds of thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire. johnson appeared today on abc's the view to explain his confusion . >> no excuse -- i was thinking is no excuse . >> johnson tried to clarify again later in the day releasing a statement claiming he blanked and that is this that it happens . >> a new shuttle five -- a new newschannel5 exclusive regarding domestic violence. we are talking about the safe
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allows the secretary of state to shield the personal information of domestic violence items from the public. right now those men and women can register to vote without. of being found by their abuser . >> they take many steps for safety only to find out that their abuser has tracked them down through public record. this really takes a toll . >> it is one more step in trying to address these concerns about domestic violence an are happening out there in our society . >> visited days before this initiative -- before this initiative records could be found to public records . >> you won't believe this . we are only eight days into the month of september and we are seeing a spike of heroin overdoses. so far 13 overdoses have been reported with that of been happening over labor day weekend.
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is a set days as a sedative for large and it is -- sedative for large animals. last month at least 52 overdoses were reported making it the highest death rate in a single month>> imagine lying in your bed when bullets start flying to the walls of your house . >> that scenario as it played out last night for one local man . >> the bullets flew past my >> the divine intervention that likely saved him from an uncertain fate . mass confusion on a new medical marijuana law. >> one community scrambling for new officers after a flurry of resignations. tonight we know what puts the officers to quit . avoiding back to school play one thing that is making
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your kids sick .
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the newscaster fbi agents working with police tonight. trying to figure out whether a child abduction in that city was done by the same man who kidnapped a six-year-old cleveland man -- six-year-old cleveland girl back in may.>> the fbi tells me a suspect came to the window while the girl was sleeping and her parents were sleeping in another room. she was taken from the home but somehow she was able to escape. northridge police tell me they were canvassing this neighborhood earlier today passing out flyers and talking to neighbors about anything we could have seen. the fbi said they case took this unnamed suspect. is wanted in the attempted abduction of in elyria girl in february in the kidnapping of a cleveland girl in may . >> we are treating it like it could be a link. we are hopefully only looking for one individual that is old enough this bold enough to walk into homes in the middle of the night with parents sleeping an
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by dna evidence and the fbi would not say what type of evidence was collected today that they are hopeful it could lead to a break in the case. now all new it is official medical marijuana legal in ohio. but that is not actually anything in place to put the new law and practice . that process could take another year. we spoke with a local woman who doesn't want to wait because uses marijuana for medical reasons.>> reporter: she tells me actually today is not a victory is now lot you cannot legally buy marijuana anywhere in the state. nor can an ohio doctor helped get anywhere else. if they go to michigan is the answer -- think again. i know exactly what it is that helped me. >> reporter: with each step and each monday mobile task amanda can tell tells me she feels an intense amount of pain unless
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of the marijuana joint, i felt 1 million times better. at 33 this resident has multiple sclerosis. to help combat her stiffness kantell tells me she uses marijuana at least four times away. she knows it is a legal . it only allows vaporizes and edibles but she calls the new laws direction . >> i was hoping for something more protective of this right out the gate. today we start the process towards a functioning legal medical marijuana market . >> tom here it is all medical -- is an attorney . he says the
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certified by the state to be able to write a recommendation for patients to obtain marijuana for medical reasons but that will not begin for another year . >> magical has happened today. >> reporter: and for those ohio residents thinking of going to michigan, michigan attorney doug mays tells me that has its own risk . >> i would avoid at all costs causing state line because that is a very quick way to get yourself into trouble with federal government . michigan law states that only michigan residents can get a recommendation from a doctor there to use marijuana legally in that state. if you as an ohio resident eventually get the recommendation from an ohio doctor to use marijuana you can go to michigan and buy from a dispensary but again it is legal -- illegal to cross state lines with it . now while medical marijuana is a top issue right now researchers say that drug is
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college students as well . a recent survey by the 40% of college students said they have used marijuana in the last year. that is up from 30% last year. dearly medical -- daily marijuana use is up 10% . >> college students are less likely to abuse prescription painkillers then back in 2006. alcohol still the leading choice amongst students were students said they drag. these numbers may shock you. -- said they drink. these numbers may shock you . said the ohio village of chesapeake left with just one police officer after the chief of police clashed with the town's mayor over several law- enforcement issues. the chief resigned in two other officers followed suit. now there is only one officer left
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are all concerned about their safety . we actually need people patrolling our businesses. we are closed on sunday. yes we are a little bit concern . >> we are kind of looking and watching to see what is going on . but we will recruit fast . >> the city council said the next police chief -- that person has to understand that he or she has a session. kids preparing for more visits to the doctor and that is because if you do not, schools are a breeding ground for germs. we have some of the worst hot zones for germs are the water fountains . >> they are journeyer then water -- then water fountains.
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wash their hands with soap and water. >> parents need to be alerted -- they can bring home more than germs. >> [ laughter ] >> is your scalp itching yet? >> just get a bubble. >> that's right . >> it is a journey world out there . >> >> we 90 in new philly. but not here. there's your server line . >> what is going on outside? cleveland skies are brightening up a little after that heavy
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a little isolated heavy rain moving to just south of cleveland in the last hour but right now downtown dry. there is a line of heavy rain dates watch this. delaying the -- heavy rain -- watch this. delaying the traffic. we are watching another one riding along was. movement is off to the east. it could graze barberton, like it will travel between akron and canton in the next hour or so. there is more to bring out there. isolated activity lately through the evening. what stirred this up? is at the cold front? the answer is no. this is a pre-frontal trough. it is a lift that has stirred up these storms . the actual cold front is right here. that will drive in overnight tonight and that us in isolated
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let me show you the hour by hour -- 7 pm notice limited at the although down around 130 we will keep showers and thunderstorms going for a little bit . we cannot totally get rid of them even after midnight tonight. toward dawn even if you isolated showers for the morning commute mainly out the cleveland. i think the majority should be dry although tomorrow evening we will have more thunderstorms approaching from the west. hopefully your friday night football games are done before those arrived. 81 in cleveland millersburg, look at the dew point. the front has not arrived. the dew point are still in the lower to middle 70s. humanity is there. what said that's compared to yesterday -- clouds and rain shower cap this cooler. no 94 today. 70s tonight. that is there. mainly cloudy. warm and humid. morning clouds giving way to
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most likely after sunset. >> tonight isolated thunder near akron, canton. tomorrow increasing sunshine. hopefully we will hold operate in thunder until after high school public and tomorrow. saturday big rain. thunderstorms likely, 84 a look at your sunday. beautiful day. fall like 73 degrees .
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it is an iconic symbol of faith and hope during america's darkest hour and now the american flag raised by firefighters at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks is back home. it was missing for years but turned up in 2014 when a washington man gave it to police. the bike is on display at the national september 11 memorial and museum in new york . with the 9/11 anniversary
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gratitude. they have been gifting pieces of the world trade center for the last 15 years . >> this year a convoy carrying a peace to the town in canada. today they pastored new hampshire. this is a journey that tends to grow as fire departments along the route join in. this year's gift to ganter -- ganter newfoundland because that town took in 38 planes and only on 5 pm a man reading his bible shot in his own home. tonight he speaks exclusively with us about the terrifying ordeal . hot weather closes dozens of schools and stops programs family depend on. find out who stepped in at the last minute to help those in
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trying to make a connection to two abductions last year. remember this surveillance video? the fbi believes the same man who kidnapped a six-year-old cleveland girl tried to take in elyria girl and also try to take in north ridgefield child. we'll have more on this child -- story coming up at 6 pm . >> donald trump back in northeastern ohio today. he spoke at the cleveland arts and social sciences ad neighborhood. this is trump's second visit this week. this is a must when swing state for both presidential candidates. >> victims can now register to vote without fear of being found by their abuser. before phone numbers could be accessed through public record information. this initiative takes effect today. it helps domestic abuse victims . >> now a man shot while lying in his own bed .
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of gunfire on cleveland's east side last that. today despite his injuries he is grateful no one else was hurt . >> we have the story from the third district. >> reporter: this man could have been killed very easily. he was home with his mother last night when shots rang out and today he says he is actually thankful nobody got hurt or killed. when i heard the first shot company walls that is when i jumped like i never jumped so fast . >> was in his bedroom when he heard a lot of gunshot . >> i felt bullets just blind pass my head. i am talking and diving. nothing like i've ever experienced . >> reported by police they were over 30 gunshots. cars on both sides of east 40th and central, five of the bullets went through trial --
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>> i did not know exactly where i was hit. i saw the blood. i was leaving trails of blood. i was panicking because i never saw such a site before. i just ran and told my mom. mom i got hit . >> lock me he was reading his bible like he does every night before bed . he has no idea why his house or other houses were shot at. he is just thankful his mother is okay . >> i am just thankful and grateful that nobody got killed or her because it could have been so much worse . >> it really could have been. the only person injured last night was him. police got to the house very quickly but the gunman had already fled the scene. paul kiska news channel 5 .
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greater cleveland schools got the day off because of the heat. mother 20 schools in cleveland closed and others in elyria, palmer, lorraine. we got inside one school and we got details on the heat that is packing a punch. >> reporter: if i could hit you with some of this heat through your screen you would understand why school is closed today. but what about some of the programs kids rely on? empty chairs and rising temperatures at elementary . >> we have classrooms that were exceeding 90 degrees. parents were notified last night . >> reporter: it is the first time they have closed for heat. but with schools clothing disclosing without much notice what happens to the programs kids depend on like food services 6 so many low income children live here in cleveland
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lunches they get. truck but the president of the greater cleveland food bank told me they offer several services that will accommodate whatever children and families need. >> we do have kids cafis that are open today out the community where children can go in at the end of the day and get a meal. >> reporter: the united way and boys and girls club of cleveland also have programs running today and every day. for more information had to you can always check our app. >> i think it is time for the 90s to take a hike . >> they will. but i think sunday is the day you are waiting for. the lower 70s -- what you think? >> perfect . >> in the meantime a lot of humidity out there fueling thunderstorms. ashland over i 71 into just north of wooster sliding into the portage lake.
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in stark county right around canal fulton that slides over into the city of green as well as uniontown and heartfelt. heavy rainfall here. the biggest area of heavy rain to move through downfall days downtown around 2:45 is into western pa. we have had no reports of severe weather. it was a small chance we could see damaging wind gust but the rain itself stopped people. driving if you get under one of these you may have to do that. in the akron/canton area. brighton out cleveland drive. illyria 79, 79 canted. very warm and humid during evening hours. want to temperatures hovering into the upper 70s and we still have the threat work in isolated -- for in isolated thunder shower for many of us. don't put away the reindeer.
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i was a when that will happen coming up to extract new video of a murderer escaping police custody. why officers are taking heat this prison escape . and a river in russia turns bright red. we have a possible explanation for this bizarre phenomena next. at first your winning lottery numbers right there on
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in my world of weather we start with daffy dan. a beautiful sunrise this morning. then let's show this to you -- come on. there it is. po-boy it is raining ribbons of rain walking down the street. many of you experienced this especially on the east side
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cleveland got a quarter of an inch of rain downtown. i am trying to advance this. >> well it just does not want to do it. let's just bring up another picture of my puppy. i am not advancing here . >> well i have a few seconds to kill so should i start singing out the dawn? >> mark johnson weather on facebook -- like, follow, tweet. we will
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right now police in north las vegas are responding to a severe backlash against their department . >> people are outraged after a murder suspect was able to escape custody. >> reporter: we are very aware that mistakes were made. you at home are watching surveillance video of suspected killer alonzo perez. amazingly police were not picked this camera the only thing catching >> he forced it to the point using some of his body weight that it snaps the hinges . >> perez is a free to play in his escape. at 12:30 please reenter the room not noticing perez broken coffee and walk out. the camera is still on. >> we did not have anybody monitoring the live feed .
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watch your as he hops the desk inclines toward the ceiling pixie ricky takes a chair and puts it up against the wall climbs up on the chair and not sell if you ceiling tiles, climbs into the rafters and exits the building .>> reporter: please ask about perez jumping out of the ceiling and leaving the building . >> he was not seen by us . >> for days las vegas police work to find perez was arrested just after 8 pm tuesday. family of mohammed robinson murdered and the reason police arrested perez place still they echo the same question why was no one watching and wondering the same thing about the officer in charge at the time press escape. is he still on the case? >> yes . >> police say policy changes are in place and regret is replaced with resolve picks here we wish it had not happened but it did and now we take steps to prevent it from happening again . we are not perfect. the police are simply not
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charge at the time of this escape still subject to an internal administrative review. meantime something weird happening to this waterway in russia. look at that. suddenly turning red. i mean like bright red. you can see on the screen. officials trying to figure out why. russia's ministry of natural resources and environment said the color change could have been caused by a leakage from a nearby chemical plant, but they have to confirm that . >> earlier tonight people living in san jose california please have arrested a man for randomly shooting at drivers but in neighboring arizona the search for a serial shooter continues. is abc tanya bacchus . >> in san jose california appear has subsided . >> it has been really nerve- racking. all of our friends live really close by. we have our kids in the car. just not knowing what was going on. >> reporter: police they are
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shootings. the target? drivers along the stretch of blossom hill road. four drivers were hit. lewis was arrested for another crime and that led police to him . >> they got a search warrant and found a weapon and then match that weapon to shell casings found at the scene. >> we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to catch and apprehend the suspect and. continues. seven people were killed, two wounded in nine shootings between march and july. please their released a sketch up with they are calling a serial straight shooter --'s youngest victim a 12-year-old girl murdered while sitting in a car with her mother and another woman who also died . note in this community lives -- deserves to live in fear and this is an entire community issue . >> in phoenix the reward has been up to $75,000. they're hoping someone who
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and an incredible image popping up over the town of williams in northern arizona. this funnel cloud appearing as thunderstorms rolled to the area however it never touched down. her kate middleton is being blamed for bringing a stream of storms.>> right on target. when you talked about the hurricane -- >> well some of the moisture we are seeing today be from okay newton. as newton center -- it is no longer a hurricane but it is low-pressure and it moves over ohio on saturday . >> what started in cabo -- move into cleveland . >> let's take a look outside in cleveland. skies are brightening up. skies and cirrus clouds mixed in together. rains have ended downtown. after a furious drop falling on your mid afternoon. hopefully you made it home all
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akron/canton now the focus for more moderate to heavy rainfall. i'm going to go over here and track a little shower and thunderstorm activity on the radar. let's zoom on into these storms here. i will move them up and we will resume them in. akron/canton seeing the rain showers, thunderstorms moving their way. cleveland drying out. just to the south of downtown portage lake, firestone park getting heavy rainfall. nothing severe. little bit of hail and if you see any pink there that would be hail. alliance getting rain, canton just to your north -- north canton, louisville, maximo -- it is light to briefly moderate showers. i 77 is pretty wet.'s logo from akron to the canton area as the showers and thunderstorms move
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there are a few more back to the west. nothing severe from nor work to willard but i cannot remove the threat for rain and thunder as long as the thundershowers are here. i do want to show you rainfall information. these big thunderstorms came to this afternoon and they dropped a lack of rain up bite rock creek. almost 1 inch. little over 1 inch in kinsman -- greater cleveland will have seen 7/10 of an inch. kirkland health a lot of heavy rainfall just to the north of wooster 6/10 of an inch. these things are called gully washers for a reason. heavy rain made slow you down but they will be isolated storms for the rest of the evening and the overnight hours. a wider view showing a lot of clouds in the main band of showers and storms. most heavy is in western pa.
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different is still back to the west. humidity has not dropped. temperatures are down a little thanks to rain and clouds. 82 elyria 79 akron still 79 in new philly. front is here. let me throw that front on you for you. there is what is left of newton. it is a low-pressure and that will slide up to our area ready night and saturday. that will bring another round of heavy rain -- maybe two beginning friday night. hopefully after your it will be warm and muggy. tomorrow 84. morning clouds some p.m. son. them rain may hold off until after high school football game is done tomorrow evening. 69 tonight for akron tomorrow middle 80s here as well. saturday's storms are likely, rain to be heavy. 84. there is the path sunday. fall like, try 73 . >> breaking news tonight out of
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connection between in abduction last year and two other recent objections we have to start coming up. and we are asking tough questions on the newly proposed use of force policy -- how it will impact officers on the streets . >> keeping the presidential can rains honest -- what we uncovered next. -- presidential campaigns on his -- what we discovered next .
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back with politics. hillary clinton says donald trump wa trump says he was against the war in iraq. >> claims from commander. in chief getting put through this split affect truth meter . >> but i will not let the a be privatized and i do think there is an agenda out there is supported by my opponent to do just that. >> hillary clinton making that claim in front of it all this -- audience of veterans. this is something clinton and
5:56 pm
before on the campaign trail. sifting through press conferences rally speeches and jump website for answers but only finding trump wanted to give veterans a choice to seek a private doctor or the va. that proposal would not be a complete privatization of health. our nation's veterans making clinton's claims mostly false . i happen to hear hillary clinton said that i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally in iraq. look at as part magazine from zero far. you can look at before that and i was against the war in iraq . >> donald trump telling a large group of barak -- -- most damaging claim -- trump said he supported the iraq invasion with an interview in howard store. trump only started publicly denouncing the war after it
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>> it is not your typical case of credit card that. a man with a cloned carried -- credit card -- by police are warning about him tonight . >> changes -- we explain the changes to the police department and the impact. >> news channel 5 at 6 pm begins in a few minutes.
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a six-year-old child was taken from her home in cleveland and the abductor is still lose. the child escaped but he is
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police are looking into the possibility he could be connected to other cases . investigators are trying to see if there are similarities. megan hickey is live tonight. what we learned about the latest development. >> reporter: this case is so similar to the objections in cleveland and la area that today police and fbi were out passing out flyers and collecting evidence. the fbi tells me a suspect came to the wiow girl was sleeping and her parents was sleeping in another room. she was taken from the home but somehow she was able to escape. north bridgeville contacted fbi because of similarities to cases involving this unknown suspect. he is wanted in the attempted abduction of in elyria girl in february and the kidnapping of a cleveland girl in may. neighbors tell me they have never had any safety concerns and they are shocked to find out what happened to that little girl .


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