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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. donald trump stopped in the middle of a political attack, scolded by a pastor in flint, who said, that's not why we invited you here. also tonight, trump's moment with dr. oz. how much did trump reveal? and hillary clinton, just moments ago, with her own disclosure. also tonight, former secretary of state colin hacked. calling trump a national disgrace. and calling trump's birther movement racist. and warning of clinton, quote, she doesn't look good, she's working herself to death. the tropical storm hitting the east coast right now. gusting winds and rain pounding the coast. and the other major storm baring down. breaking news in the case of the driver who police say intentionally plowed into three officers who were simply standing there. what we've now learned tonight.
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the school bus and the pickup truck. and the good samaritans. good evening. and we begin tonight with major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump, a short time ago, stopped in the mild of a speech at a church in flint, michigan, by the pastor. and you will hear what she said. also tonight, the increasing scrutiny on the health of both candidates. donald trump going on the dr. oz show, saying he had a physical, late today, hillary clinton releasing new information from her doctor. and all of this, with this race tighter than ever tonight. a new national poll out this evening showing hillary clinton with the lead nationally, 48% to 43%. but perhaps the more telling numbers, the battlegrounds tonight. trump is gaining ground in florida. he's now ahead 47% to 44%. and look at ohio tonight, trump now leads 46% to 41%. abc's tom llamas, leading us
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stunning moment, donald trump stopped cold in his tracks by a pastor of an african-american church in flint, michigan. >> hillary failed on the economy. just like she's failed on foreign policy. everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now, hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank us for what we've done in flint, not give a political speech. >> okay. that's good. then i'm going to go back onto flint, okay. >> reporter: trump quickly wrapped up and left. earlier, trump in a more familiar role, the showman building the drama, presenting the results of his most recent physical on dr. oz. >> why not share your medical records? why not -- >> well, i really have no problem doing it. i have it right here, should i do it? i don't care, should i do it? i have no problem. it's two letters, one is the report and the other is from lennox hill hospital. >> may i see them?
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those were all the tests that were done last week. >> reporter: audience members tell us trump revealed his cholesterol level, blood pressure and the results of his latest colonoscopy. and, that he takes a statin. they said dr. oz called trump's health norm am, and also this. >> donald trump said, i've always thought i could lose a little weight. >> reporter: the trump campaign has yet to show reporters those two pages he handed to dr. oz. in 2015, trump tweeted, "i have instructed my to issue a full medical report. it will show perfection." but since then, all we've seen is this four-paragraph letter. trump's doctor, harold bornstein, declaring trump, quote, "will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." >> it took me five minutes to sit right at this desk and write that letter while the driver waited. i think i probably picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own. >> reporter: dr. bornstein also performed trump's physical exam last week. the campaign unclear on whether they will ever release a more
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>> i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> reporter: in the past, hillary clinton disclosed much more about her own medical history. still, trump has long questioned her health. and now, after that near collapse on sunday, with clinton home in chappaqua, sidelined with pneumonia, her doctor releasing a new detailed health summary, saying clinton's physical exam was, quote, normal, and she is in excellent clinton is taking several medications, including for her thy rod and allergies. her doctor says her heart is healthy. as for her pneumonia, he's recovered well with andy biotics and rest, and she is fit to serve as president of the united states. >> and tom llamas back with us again tonight. tom, any word on when the trump campaign will release more information? >> reporter: david, donald trump said he will release the results of his physical later this week. but the campaign now says that's in flux, and it is unclear if
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information. the clinton campaign says trump is trying to hide something, and they're calling that letter he released back in december, the four-paragraph medical letter, a, quote, joke. david? >> tom, thank you. of course, as you heard there, the clinton camp calli iing trus appearance with dr. oz a charade. let's get to richard besser back with us tonight. first, the appearance on dr. oz today, what did you make of it? >> reporter: well, we didn't learn a lot perhaps we'll learn more. but if he he shared were the results of his most recent medical examine, that's not a lot of information. >> hillary clinton almost timing this to a tee, late today, issuing two more pages about her medical history, but are these her medical records? >> reporter: no, they're not. but here's the difference. when you combine this with what she released last year, you get a very detailed picture of her history, her family history, the diseases that run in her family, the problems she's had in the past. and we get a followup. we learn about her thy rod
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her blood clot and her pneumonia. this is the kind of detailed summary i would expect to get from another doctor. it's enough for me to evaluate her campaign saying she's fit to be president. >> rich, thank you. and to the other major development this evening, former secretary of state, colin powell, hacked. calling donald trump in e-mail, quote, a national disgrace, and trump's birther movement, quote, racist. but he also expressed his displeasure with the clinton campaign, and abc >> reporter: he is one of the most famous faces in the gop, serving under three republican presidents, but in his hacked e-mails, colin powell calls his own party's nominee "a national disgrace" and an "international pariah." the former secretary of state also said donald trump has no sense of shame. powell's e-mails were hacked in what could be russia's latest attempt to influence this election. in those e-mails, he does not
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to the worst angels of the gop nature and poor white folks." and about trump's birther crusade against president obama? >> if he wasn't born in this country, which is a real possibility, then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. >> reporter: powell writing, "yup, the whole birther movement was racist." powell also seems to defend hillary clinton in an e-mail to former secretary of state condoleezza rice, saying "benghazi is a stupid witch hunt." but the niceties end there. powell told a democratic donor that clinton "doesn't look good. she is working herself to death." and just last month, powell seemed frustrated after clinton publicly suggested he was the reason she decided to use private e-mail as secretary of state. writing that clinton, quote, "could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me into it. i told her staff three times not to try that gambit."
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endorsing in this race. >> in due course, i will, you know, express my opinion about this, but i want to wait a little longer. >> reporter: but in 2014, he wrote, "i would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend i respect." he says clinton has "unbridled ambition" and calls her "greedy, not transformational." >> so, let's get right to cecilia vega, live tonight. any response from either campaign tonight after secretary powell's e-mails were revealed? >> reporter: well, perhaps not surprisi the clinton campaign certainly wants to shift the focus, why she is still here recovering at her home. she's back out on the campaign trail tomorrow. she's got two stops, north carolina and washington. david? >> cecilia vega in chap pa ka for us tonight. thanks. to the other breaking headline at this hour. the topical storm battering parts of the east coast tonight. julia forming rapidly over florida and then blowing up the coast, gusting ones and pounding rain. straight line winds, as well,
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florida. tonight, the tropical storm is hovering with flash flood threats up into north carolina. and meteorologist rob marciano is standing by in north carolina. rob? >> reporter: rapidly developing tropical storm julia slamming the southeast seaboard with torrential rain. sustained winds over 40 miles an hour churning up the waves along florida's atlantic coast. even spawning a tornado in brevard county. winds up to 85 mileser in grant, florida, straight line winds ripped the roof right off warren kries's home. >> door started rattling really bad in the garage, so, i rolled it down. finally, when it quit, i opened the door. i saw my roof lying out in the yard. >> reporter: the storm marching north through the night. in georgia, trees toppled, power knocked out. flash flood watches in place along the carolina coast, where they're bracing for more than a half a foot of rain. the biggest fear here is flooding. >> one of the worst things for people who live on the coast, as we do, is the storm surge. >> reporter: tropical storm julia, going from nearly nothing
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year. a rare occurrence for a system already over land, all happening in less than 24 hours. julia may have gotten its name over land, but now the center is over water, which means it's not going to weaken any time soon and the low country of south carolina don't want to hear about that. we're coming up on high tide. the waves have been pounding the coastline all day. seeing flooding in charleston. see it again, i think, tomorrow. take a look at the radar. keeps rotating the heavy rain bands into south carolina. that will continue. future cast brings us offshore a little bit tomorrow, but we're going to get another five, six inches of ran. flooding is going to be a problem. and the official forecast track of the national hurricane center has this thing kind of doing loops off the coast for the next several days. so, looks like it's going to be with us for quite some time. david? >> all right, you'll be tracking this through tomorrow morning, rob, thank you. and a monster typhoon has just slammed into the coast of china tonight. among the strongest on record, winds of 190 miles an hour.
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and damage in taiwan. water breaching the sea wall of the port, tossing shipping containers like toys there. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran with the stunning images, coming in right now. >> reporter: the super typhoon was packing some of the strongest suls tanned winds on record. 190 miles per hour at its height. a wall of water lashed this fishing port as the typhoon passed directly over taiwan early wednesday. these ships crashed into other. one almost entirely on its side. a motorist struck by a piece of flying debris. blinding rain and wind downed power lines, crushing this car, toppling trucks. reports of over 25 inches of rain in 24 hours left streets flooded and mudslides blocking roads. tonight, this storm is slamming into densely populated eastern china, still packing winds an equivalent of a category 3
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coming just behind it. david? >> terry, thank you. back here at home tonight, and to orlando now. a major break in the fire at the mosque. tonight, police do have a suspect in custody, and this video showing a bright light, then a man running away and out the gate. but what police revealed late today, and here's abc's steve osunsami now. >> reporter: florida police tonight say they've caught the guy seen in these security camera videos, setting fire to this sunni m crazy. >> reporter: authorities say the man who's seen pulling up on a motorcycle and then running from the fire is 32-year-old joseph sliber, a familiar face to police, now charged with arson. it's widely known here that this was the place of worship for the orlando nightclub gunman and family. >> under florida live, he will be charged with arson and florida's hate crime enhancement will also be applied to the charge. >> reporter: ever since that painful night, once omar mateen
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pulse nightclub, worshippers at the mosque have worried even more about security. >> started with hate calls, developed, and now, somebody committing arson. >> reporter: the fire burned them out, and it just happened to be on the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks and the start of a muslim holiday. this 32-year-old has not yet entered a plea. investigators say they have taken a good look at his social media accounts and found a number of anti-islamic posts. david? we also have new reporting tonight on the driver who police say intentionally drove straight into three phoenix police officers. tonight, the suspect is now facing attempted murder charges, and we have learned more about the suspect's past. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> come forward to the microphone over here. >> reporter: tonight, a judge says marc laquon payne will stay in jail. >> i do find that you do pose a substantial danger. >> reporter: bail denied after this security video prosecutors
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three phoenix police officers. >> the suspect's actions were cold and calculated, as shown by the video. >> reporter: that video allegedly shows payne speeding and steering straight into the officers standing outside a convenience store. the collision breaks a sergeant's left leg. another officer is sent flying eight feet into the air. that officer, a rookie, working his very first shift. he's got a concussion, but still helps in the fight to get payne in handcuffs. >> you can imagine getting hit that hard. gets back in there and helps the >> reporter: police say payne is homeless and may have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. he has not entered a plea in this case, but has been in trouble before. in court documents from 1997, officers wrote payne is a very violent person who elbowed and kicked three officers during a traffic stop. he pleaded guilty. and the phoenix police chief is calling his rookie cop with a concussion a hero. and tonight, we have just learned, he's been released from the hospital. david? >> clayton sandell, thank you.
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syrian refugees into america, and how many. tonight, the obama administration is taking a firm stance on refugees, raising the number that the u.s. welcomes. by the end of 2016, the u.s. will have accepted 85,000 people who have been displaced from conflict zones around the globe, including more than 11,000 from syria. next year, their goal will be 110,000. that's nearly 30% increase. and we should note here that for more than a year now, we have been following syrian refugees we also traveled to jordan to ask, who is vetting the refugees? what we learned, next tuesday night, right here on "world news tonight" and on a special edition of "nightline." w we hope you'll watch. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the school bus colliding with the pickup truck, and the rescue. you can see the truck engulfed in flames here. good samaritans and police rushing in. just an incredible scene. also, the new warning tonight, after a car catches fire and, this time, authorities
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seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? next tonight here, a dramatic rescue in north carolina. a pickup truck and a school bus, colliding. the pickup erupting into flames with the driver trapped. and as abc's gio benitez reports tonight, that's when first responders and good samaritans run into harm's way to help. a north carolina police officer's body cam. people in the community calling for help. >> i need an ambulance and a fire truck out here right now. >> reporter: the driver completely stuck in a fiery pickup truck, after coming head to head with a school bus. >> the guy in the truck is in pinned in. he can't get out. >> reporter: you see the desperate acts of good samaritans working alongside police officers for several minutes. right there, a man trying to run from one side of the truck to the other, trying to
6:49 pm
first responders rescuing the man with heavy equipment. >> also want to thank you, as well. >> reporter: now tonight, we see their faces. three good samaritans and seven officers recognized publicly for their heroism. and david, the driver of the pickup truck is recovering from his injuries. they are not life-threatening. the driver of the school bus was cited for that accident. david? >> all right, gio, thank you. when we come back here, the new concern tonight, after a different kind of smartphoneow what's going on? and the frightening scene inside the mall here. this woman's handbag suddenly explodes. more on what happened there. and the future of fast good delivery. are you hungry right now? perhaps this drone will show up at your house with a burrito. they are testing it. we'll tell you where, when we come back. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox?.
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was charging a different model galaxy smartphone when the phone ignited. the company, as you know, already facing backlash after dozens of reported fires tied to the battery in the galaxy note 7. now, the consumer safety protection commission tonight is looking into incidents involving other samsung devices. a scary scene at a new jersey mall, when a vaping device suddenly ignites. the moment is caught on camera here. the young woman at a sunglass hut checking out when she first heard a bang and then that plume of flames erupting from the hang b handbag. a special delivery tonight. burrito by drone? a google pilot program at virginia tech is experimenting with doing just that. the experiment on the college campus now revealed. the drone flying in, lowering the package before taking off. students buzzing about what may be the future of fast food delivery. put my order in. when we come back here tonight, what happens when bruce springsteen reads your sign in
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finally tonight, born to run. especially when the boss calls you up on stage. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: a rock and roll wish granted by the boss himself. bruce springsteen spotted a fan with a sign in philadelphia. it said, "can a college kid play no surrender with you?" sure enough, 19-year-old matthew o'quinn got his big break, after traveling 1,500 miles to be
6:58 pm
? springsteen once sang a duet with a 3-year-old in new jersey. ? and danced on stage with his 91-year-old mother, adele. in this month's "vanity fair," springsteen writes, "whoever you've been and wherever you've still, born to run. sometimes, with his fans right there by his side. david wright, abc news, new york. >> 1,500 miles and he gets the duet with the boss. that's the broadcast for tonight. i'm david muir.
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. >> "the list" starts right now. >> coming up on "the list" boost your workout with these simple mind hacks. >> plus, three ways to trick your taste buds and fake your favorites flavors. >> easy way to rig your old car with cool new tech. >> first, here's what's trending now. >> how can i some. >> atm has been a major part of our financial life for a long time, but they could become a thing of the past with nearly 15% of them possibly disappearing. right now the u.s. has 400,000 atm's. half are run by private businesses who charge a fee. they put them in restaurants, bars, grory stores, and casinos. well, in just a few weeks new payment processing rules will kick in requiring atm owners to


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