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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  September 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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strike good morning, breaking news: a 13-year-old boy pulled a bb gun on officers in columbus and is shot and . police say king pulled a gun from his ways been as officers -- waistband as officers chased him. 40 minutes before the shooting, officers were called to an armed robbery. officers found 3 males matching this assessment -- subscription.
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scene and bring you new information on the story all morning long. this is an all-too-familiar story. for us in cleveland, they are moving the gazebo where tamir rice was killed by police officer. >> that gazebo is being taken apart peak by piece and will be taken -- piece by piece it will be taken to a museum in chicago. we have been seeing this image quite a lot. yesterday as you saw, we did see rain. you're looking at the satellite and radar and there is no rain in sight here current
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lot like yesterday. we're not seeing any problems. we have overnight closures happening right over 490. that is going on through friday morning. this morning again through 6 am. let's check out state route 82. our odot camera showing us we're looking 5. this is the area they are doing the resurfacing work. th october. investigators are on scene right now. a trooper chase- leading to a crash at the bottom of the north on 77 representative at 241 . the driver was ejected from the vehicle. the road is closed and traffic
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a classmate was hit and killed by a school bus. the entire community is left stunned by this incident. police are still piecing together what happened. port that good morning, such a sad day in this community -- reporter: good morning, such a sad day in this acumen the.-- community . police will rele at some point today, but this community and classmates already know who he is. we spoke to several witnesses yesterday after this accident happened including some that were on the bus right here at this intersection. police are not saying much about the investigation. we are told the boy was riding his skateboard along the sidewalk, leaving the school and attempting to exit here on greenwich road.
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. they say the driver stopped and looked before turning right. >> he came flying down here, attempted to stop, tried to catch his skateboard but he ended up tripping falling right in front of the bus. i heard him try to say stop but it was too late. >> such a horrible tragedy. investigators expect to talk to the bus driver did a as well as -- today as well as look at some surveillance video [ audio playback ] >> that is part of the 911 call that led police in ashland to an awful scene. the woman called satan great held her captive. what he fell
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her captive. when he fell asleep he grabbed his phone. what officers got to the home they found 2 other women dead in the home. there was another woman found dead at another location. >> right now he is in jail on an adoption -- abduction charge. a special team hurst university was called in to observe a crime scene. it has been almost a few years since police have gone on the record about what happened to this woman who died after her family called for a mental health assistance. the officers suggest she
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negligence. is your kids school making the great? >> today's the day will find out. >> reporter: state officials want parents, students and schools to remember that the testing system is in transition. they will leave scores will -- they believe scores will improve over time. new this year, letter grades for 6 components. district upgrades will not be given up until 2018. according to there setting the bar higher for students to be considered proficient in the subject. in the past 80 percent of students with score that, but this year it shows less than half students scored proficient in some subjects. i'm checking the state's website and we will let you
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come down. the same drink a day may take the pain away may no longer be true. why a glass of wine is not good for you and it is not what the doctor ordered. olivia pope we're talking to
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good morning, welcome back. 4:39 is the time. if you will be a part of your morning rush, you are going to look at temperatures in the 50s to start. it is pretty cool in cleveland but pretty cool and a lot of
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dropping down to the low 50s impossible upper 40s. you are hitting the road in dry conditions so that is good news. we will not see rain until saturday. that is good news. yes. highways look good. we're not seeing any accident. we have a little bit more later on in the show. are you a wine drinker? well, you mi have your next glass.>> wine could be bad for you. >> this is completely depressing , despite common belief that wine is good for your heart, a new study proves otherwise. scientists warn it could increase in risk of developing an irregular heartbeat because alcohol enlarges the left upper chamber. the study found one glass a day gave you a 5 percent higher chance of having
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>> women can lower the risk of skin cancer simply by using a stronger sunscreen. this is according to a new study by the american academy of dermatology. researchers followed 14,000 women for 10 years. they found those who were at least spf covered reduce there risk of melanoma by 13 percent. >> the researcher job keeping inside the line. it is 4:41 right now. a car fire caught on camera. wait until you hear what the driver says smart this. plus ford is moving there car production across the border . how many jobs that will
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trump rally? >> donald trump in northeast ohio for the 3rd time in 10 days . he rallied supporters at the canton memorial civic centers -- civic centers still playing off of hillary clinton's remarks that his supporters are deplorable. >> i call people who are supporting me as american , and i will not stop campaigning for every last american vote in every last american city right up until november 8.>> donald trump also alluding to clinton's health wondering if she can stand for an hour in the hot and packed civic center like you did. you can't go to canton without visiting the pro football hall of fame. he did best that -- just that.
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close up look at the lombardi trophy. hillary clinton's doctor giving her the all clear. she was quite wobbly as she left the 9/11 ceremony sunday. her official diagnosis is pneumonia. aside from that her doctor is saying she is healthy enough to be president. as for donald trump's health is discussing it with doctor oz. his campaign is downplaying the interview. the campaign will also release a health summary on donald trump most likely this week. now to breaking news: at least 6 people are dead and more than 150 hurt in a train accident in pakistan. opacity -- a passenger train
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local media reporting many people are still trapped inside overturned carriages. rescuers are still out there trying to get to them. it is now up to a mexican judge to decide whether el chapo guzman will be extradited back to the us. his extradition halted after his attorneys appealed it. he is facing charges including murder, money laundering and an attempt to distribute cocaine. deliberating september 26. now to the check of our thursday forecast. >> i want to start off with talking about the temperatures. since we don't have to think about rain i want you to know the jacket is necessary. yesterday morning we started off pretty worn -- warm but this morning places like ashtabula are down in the 50s. again, a brisk start for a lot of us this morning, but a dry
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any rain. cloud coverage is minimum and it will be as we head throughout the day. our next rainmaker is on the way. you can see it will arrive on saturday. here it is right now just leaving the 4 corners. it will continue to traverse and head straight toward northeast ohio. that may put a little bit of a damper on our saturday but not the whole thing being a washout. future cast, 6 am notice where the temperatures are. depending on where you wayne county, upper 40s then we head into the afternoon we are we will rise to the mid-70s. it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. we will get a lot of sunshine. as we head into friday we will start off quiet. there are a few things i would love to point out. one being the wet weather chance over the weekend. sunday we should be drying out
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upper 70s. major highways look find out . we do have one closure to talk about because of that overnight incident. it does impact traffic. let's had outside and check on our own view. on and off ramps will be closed. traffic will get by without an issue. there is just a lonely car out there. ford is moving the rest of mexico. the automaker is now saying no jobs here in the us will be lost. they are moving productions of other vehicles to the michigan plant. that is where the focus is made right now. this morning the secretary is being asked to do something about data caps . they claim they discourage people from using broadband and watching internet tv whenever they want
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them -- netflix is going after the low data caps calling them extremely limiting. now to that samsung note phone. the software update will rollout first in china. samsung recalled 2 1/2 million note 7th after dozens of reports -- reports of fire. you're looking at new video of a car fire. look at those flames. the driver told police he thinks his galaxy s7 exploded. he was driving down the highway at the time. right now investigators are looking into the exact cause. we will keep you updated. is 4:49 on your friday and donald trump may take a hit from a new card game. >> it was created by linkedin
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offend of the republican presidential candidate. this game is called trumped up cards. proceeds will benefit charities that are already working to keep america great. time now 4:50. thank you for joining us today. who interrupted donald trump when he started talking about cleveland naming a street after the boxing promoter, the horrible crime he committed in the same place he is being honored. as we go to break, and look at how wall street
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strike good morning, welcome back let's get a look at those highs -- good morning, welcome back. let's get a look at those highs. looking at mid-to upper 70s. we have a cool pocket. it tends to stay on the cooler side in areas like beachwood. the further south you go the warmer it will be. akron, canton, alliance, upper 70s for you. is a pretty calm commute. we're not seeing many issues. 9 am to to that 30 p.m. -- 2:30 p.m.
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here because of paving work we are if you missed this yesterday, in just 9 days september 24, the eastbound inner belt bridge will be open to traffic. this is coming after 6 years of construction and closures. keep in mind, once it opens, the inner belt will not be 5 lanes of traffic at first. crews still have to work on the surrounding roads. the rest of the lanes will open late next month. now 2 new an exclusive investigation: a woman who was forced to cancel her voter registration because her stalker tracked her down using public voting records. we shared her story with lawmakers. we pushed for answers and a bill was passed creating an address confidentiality program . it went into effect just a few days ago and it protects victim of stocking -- victims of stocking and also domestic
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fear that people will find them just because they want to exercise there right to vote. >> victims can apply through the secretary of states office. the victim needs to set up an appointment before the october 11 voter registration deadline. you can find a link with all of the information on our newsnet 5:. he says he is the one who went to the fbi and triggered an investigation flying j. he is now talking only to news channel 5. he was in court yesterday and his attorneys argued morgan stanley unfairly fired him. he says when the fbi recordings are finally released they will be very revealing. >> it will betray what mcconaughey and dicaprio
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street. >> 10 former employees have entered guilty pleas and are cooperating with federal prosecutors. here's a new one this morning, parter cedar avenue will be named don -- part of cedar avenue will be named don king way. this is where he stomped a man to death because he didn't pay a $600 gambling debt. new this morning: we're getting our first look at who could be inducted into the pro football hall of fame next year . >> 94 players and coaches are nominated this year. the first-timers on the list
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now, a student hit and killed by a school bus and his former classmates are dealing with the tragedy. could this accident have been avoided? >> plus, how our schools doing? why your kid's school could see lower grades this year. >> we are waking up to cooler
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that is the big question. somara theodore has the answer. >> let's take a look at the satellite and radar. yesterday afternoon we had rain move through. a lot of areas got heavy downpours. some of us still a few showers. as we head through the day we're not worried about rain. temperatures will be the headline. remember when we started off with temperatures in the 40s? this morning a few of us will reach that. ravenna 51. 51 cleveland . here's a look at your hour by hour forecast. we will answer the question right now, it is getting warmer but still very comfortable. we will have a nice amount of sun but you will see some clouds this afternoon. a quick peek of the highways. if you taking 480 eastbound


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