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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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avoided? >> plus how are all schools doing? schools report cards have been released why your kid's school may get a lower grade this year? thank you for joining us this morning, it is thursday, september 15 thank you for joining us let's go ahead and take a look at those temperatures. we are off to a start. 56 in medicine. orwell, 46 degrees to start. 52 toward peninsula. 55 ridgeville. wash fill -- westville center . it is chilly
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we are waiting on the sun. highs today will climb into the 70s. that is not bad. we're looking at the mid-70s. we will start off with a lot of sunshine and then high clouds will start to make there way in. those are the clouds that look like cotton candy. >> i can follow that talking about cotton truly early -- candy early this morning . we do have one accident but i'm not too concerned. it looks li street. that is and summit county. elsewhere, drive times look good in the akron area. look at that, this is just a 4 minute commute for you here. let's check on 70. 4 live looks. our odot camera showing we are trouble-free. a traffic stop overnight turns into a chase leading to a crash and a huge mess on the roads. look at this, the chase ending at 241. the car crashed
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traffic violation, hitting a poll, destroying the traffic control box. the road is now closed north of 77. keep in mind, traffic lights are out because of this. many students returning to class in complete disbelief this morning. >> one other classmates was writing his skateboard when he was hit and killed. >> reporter: as you can imagine, this community is still hurting following this horrible accident. students expected to arrive in just over an hour from classes just as usual. the classes begin literally a few hundred yards from where this all took place. the investigation is expected to continue today as police will talk to this us driver a little more. the accident happened on greenwich road shortly after classes let out
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filled with eighth-graders from the middle school and it happened. witnesses tell us the boy was riding his skateboard down the sidewalk along the exit road. when he got into the intersection he trip and ellen to the path of a turning bus -- and fell into the path of a turning bus. >> this is a close community. it will hit our community peered a hard -- pretty hard. everyone knows everyone . doing that, these are really tear at your heart. >> reporter: there is a makeshift memorial on the norton high school sign as emotions are still very raw. officials tell us from the school there will be grief counselors on-site for those students who need help processing this tragedy. [ audio playback ]
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woman who said she was held captive by suspected serial killer in ashland. we are now hearing the 911 call that not only saved her life it also led police to 3 bodies. she told police the suspect, gray used a taser to hold her hostage. >> when he fell asleep she got a hold of his cell phone, that call lasting 20 minutes and as you can clearly tell she feared for her life. >> [ audio playback ] >> moments later police arrived falling the woman -- finding the woman and gray inside along with 2 bodies. the program director of the house says he does not know how gray got inside because he is homeless. gray led police to a 3rd body. as a right now, he has not been
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being held on an abduction charge. investigators did identify one of the 2 women found dead at the at home as they sleep -- as they cease family. -- stacy stanley. >> her family tells us they are unhappy with how police handled this investigation. she was last seen a clerk at the gas station tells us she was seen with a man which led them to the house where her body was found. >> have you ever seen a police out here? >> no. because we would have probably got in trouble for trespassing. >> the other body has still not been identified. this morning, new grades for our schools will be released , but the report cards might
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for the schools and the districts. sarah phinney is looking into us -- into this for us this morning . >> expert patients are higher because of the common core test. the report card -- expectations are higher because of the common core test. the today -- later today . last year improvements were made but failed to get better grades because of the scale change. districts are bracing for lower scores the leaders say don't sweat it for testing system is in the midst of a change and they believe the scores will improve over time. we will have to wait until next year to see district grades. i am also monitoring the
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released tomorrow which is today. i will be hitting the refresh button and we will let you know when the scores will,. >> at least -- when those scores will come out . >> at least they have great animation. officials say they have had to use narcan 9 times this week . >> so far this year there have been 46 cases in this area. police officers are now using new devices when they have to administer narcan during those overdoses. these gloves will protect officers from possibly getting poked by a dirty needle. in case you have grocery shopping to do today, we have the perfect place for you.
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public square. is a part of downtown days. that is kicking off at 10:30 this morning. later you can taste local craft beers and seasonal food from 5 until 7. you can also take part in the playhouse square wine walk from 5 until 8. we have more events in detail on our news at 5 after. let's get a degrees out there this afternoon . it will be breezy but person -- perfect weather for all of those activities. we will see a nice sun and clouds mix so you will not have to worry about too much rain. new this morning: is your kid's barbie doll spying on you? white top firms are facing fines -- why top firms are facing
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in this mornings gma first look, a terrifying new crime called virtual kidnapping. listen to this voice of a professional kidnapper. judy says a man called her cell phone claiming he had her daughter. she asked us to hide her identity to protect her family. >> you thought you heard her daughters 4th me. >> reporter: then he gave to the only 60 seconds to get into her car and drive to the bank. judy ran to her neighbors house. >> she was shaking and i knew she was out troll. >> reporter: she told judy to hang up and call 911. >> even now that i know it is a hoax, i don't think it is funny.
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just coming into the live desk: you are looking at inviting -- item found off of tanzania just confirm to be a part of the malaysian flight. it has been identified as an outboard flap. the search for the plane is the most expensive the plane disappeared in march 2014 with 239 people on board. also, at least 6 people are dead with more than 150 hurt in a train accident in pakistan. the trains collided. -- 2 trains collided . a train was stopped so they could remove a suicide victim when a 19 carriage passenger train crashed right into it. rescuers are out there trying to get to people still trapped.
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florida. a 32-year-old man is now under arrest for setting a fire at a mosque on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. he is now facing arson and hate crime charges. the orlando nightclub shooter, omar manteen, attended that mosque. it is still not clear if that is connected to this case. the republican congressman is now backtracking. he originally told cnn that russian hackers hacked the rnc and he meant to say republican political operatives were hit. the rnc denies there system was hacked -- their system was hacked. donald trump hitting hard here in ohio. this was his 3rd trip in the last few days. he played on hillary clinton's remarks. >> i call people who aren't supporting me american citizens
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will not step campaigning for every last american vote -- stop campaigning for every last american vote , in every last american city right up until november 8. donald trump also made a date at clinton's help saying the civic center was hot and he would wonder if she could stand there for an hour. donald trump also campaigning in flint michigan but it didn't play in his the water crisis but then started bashing clinton and the pastor who invited him cut him off. watch this: >> hillary failed on the economy just like she has failed on foreign-policy, everything she touched didn't work out, nothing. >> mister trump i invited you here to talk about the water crisis and not to get a political speech -- give a political speech .
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the water crisis but he was abruptly into -- stopped when hecklers started shouting at him. a new poll in the battleground states gives trump a small lead over clinton in ohio and florida. thousands are without power this morning after a hit taiwan. take a look at this wave crashing into the coast.winds are so strong they knocked this man off his bike . he was inches away from being hit by debris. it is the strongest typhoon to hit taiwan in more than 2 decades. think about when we get a big wind gust here in ohio.
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hours. these are very strong winds sustained . let's get a longer look -- a look closer to home. we are waking up to drier conditions. 59 degrees right now in downtown cleveland. that is not the case for a lot of neighborhoods this morning. this is on the warmer and. we're seeing temperatures -- end. we're seeing temperatures in the 40s. is arriving this weekend and it is moving in a little further west. as we head towards your weekend is when we will see your neck best chance for rain. notice the timestamp, 7:30 a.m. , 7:30 a.m. temperatures in the 40s, climbing to the comfortable middle 70s. will also see dry conditions extending through there on into your friday. that is always a nice start to
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toward friday at 1030 -- 10:30 a.m. we're still dry with temperatures in the 70s. saturday's definitely a wet one but sunday we are looking on the driver side especially justin -- drier side especially just in time for the home opener. and this is 71 right up state route 82. remember they are widening that eastbound on wrap. it is not impacting traffic. i have an update for you as far as masillion wrote . it just opened back up. it was closed for some time, but it is open to now. the sheriffs office telling me the ramps to 77 are still closed. i will let you know soon as they open back up. it is time to spruce up your resume. companies are
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employees ahead of the holiday season. upses adding about 95,000 word -- seasonal workers . toys "r" us is taking online applications. earlier this week we told you target is looking for about 70,000 temporary workers. be careful when you pick up those hot holiday toys. some big companies are getting find for spying on your kids -- fined for spying on your mattel, hasbro and -- are paying thousands of dollars in fines. you have a violation of the children's online privacy protection act appearing in there toys that use wi-fi.
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. he qualified in the men's 400 meter prelims finishing 3rd in his heat yesterday. he also placed 5th in the men's 200 meter race. he is from bowling green. he plans to run on mount union tracks -- mount union 's track team next year. coming up: the cleveland indians are hot again and the 2017 schedule is you can plan your spring and summer. get those calendars ready. question for you: if your goldfish was on his deathbed, how much would you pay to save him? you will not believe how much one woman spends to keep our friend around. >> you have to take care of
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welcome back everybody the cleveland indians are bouncing back after 2 straight losses in chicago. they beat the white sox 6 - one. they will wrap up there -- their series in chicago today . first pitch is at 2:10 this afternoon. thinking of the tribes, they have already looked ahead to next year releasing the 2017 schedule. the home opener is april 11 against the white sox.
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i won't say the words but hopefully we won't because we are still in northeast ohio. let's take a look at what you need to grab as you head out the door. temperatures this morning are so cool that you might want to grab a jacket. we're talking upper 40s low 50s by this afternoon those numbers will rise to the mid-70s. it will be beautiful, nice mix of sun and clouds. make sure you have your sunglasses any walk and enjoying the sunset. no issues for you. our drive time for 80 eastbound, 77 to to 71 still at 8 minutes looking good. our other drive times, we're not seeing any issues on 90, 77 and 480. outside and have a look and 90 right now. everything is showing we are a
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just reopened after an overnight incident involving -- road just reopened after an overnight incident involving police. 8 dogs have been put down at the lake humane society shelter. this brings the total to 60. they are being put down because of something called distemper. >> the decision was very hard to make but we had to look at the entire population. >> each animal that comes into the lake humane society is vaccinated upon arrival. other local shelters have similar protocols in place to try to avoid any outbreaks including this one of distemper. trending, we want to know what you are thinking about:
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save your pet -- link -- lenghts would you go to to save your pet? will this woman in england has a fish that had a pebble stuck in his throat here to pay $500 to get it removed. he has been healthy and happy since the surgery. this is a fancy breed of the goldfish. that is prior this person -- why this person probably went through the troubles. a glass of wine a day my not keep the doctor away. we will tell you how it really
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[ audio playback ] >> a chilly 911 call. a woman makes a daring escape and exposes and alleged serial killer. and also a student hit and
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student and -- students and staff get through the day. a 13-year-old boy shot and killed in cleveland. he reportedly pulled a bb gun on officers. police were chasing 3 suspects when one of them pulled a gun from his waistband. that is when king was shot multiple times. 30 minutes earlier officers were called to an armed robbery here police say they saw 3 males matching the suspect description and they tried they ran off. witnesses say it appeared to be a handgun at the scene but they later discovered it was a bb gun. we want to show you what it looks like outside to help you start your day. gorgeous sunrise. >> absolutely beautiful. i am so in love with this. i actually get so excited. we don't have any windows in the studio so i loves eating these
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let's take a look at the current conditions. in that specific spot, 59 degrees, but my other neighborhoods, ashtabula county and wayne county, we have those cool spots. you are waking up in the upper 40s. it is chilly out there. as we head throughout the day the temperatures will rise. we will see the highs reach the mid-70s, a nice mix of sun and clouds will greet us this afternoon. we are talking rain chance is coming up later in the show. that is coming up your weekend but now let's throw it over to traffic. we have no issues we have one to tell you about an summit county. long shire drive at orchard view, not on the highway so it should an impact your commute on 76 of 77. an update to masillion road , you are back open for a good portion of the early morning it was closed after an overnight incident. those ramps talked to 77 are closed. let's check on 76. traffic is getting by without any issues . it is going to be a tough
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kids. one of there classmates hit and killed by school bus. >> the entire community left stunned by this incident. nick is live this morning. >> reporter: police say this accident happened when the student fell off his skateboard and was struck by a bus. the investigation will continue today, but some of the community is wondering if the board the boy was writing is safe to have on campus near cars an investigation is looking into this accident that happened yesterday afternoon. they are not releasing the identity of the student only saying he is 16 years old. many of the students and people around here already know who the boy is. greenwich road was closed as several departments assisted norton fire to process the scene. the boy was writing a 2 wheeled
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parents we spoke to wonder if students should be allowed to have these boards on campus. >> there are only 2 wheels. both of them will swivel. it is not a safe board for kids to have.>> reporter: police will continue to interview and talk with the bus driver as well as look at surveillance video near where this accident took place. [ audio playback ] >> that is part of a chilly 911 call from ashland. this woman says gray held her captive and when he fell asleep she grabbed his phone and called 911. it took police 20 minutes to find her. when they did find her they
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the suspect has not been formally charged with the 3 murders. right now he is in jail on an abduction charge. we're working to learn the names of 2 the. one-woman has been identified as stacy stanley who disappeared last week. as for the remains found in richland county, a special team was called in to preserve the crime scene. this is the same group that collected evidence after the fatal plane crash in akron last year. here's what the rec center looks like now. it is in the process of being taken apart. you becoming -- it became a memorial to tamir rice when he was shot and killed by police officers 2 years ago. it will be shipped to a museum in chicago. is your child's school making the grade? today is the day we will find out. school districts get there report cards.
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say the report cards are not a true picture of how schools are performing. officials want the public to remember that the testing system is in transition. they say the scores will get better over time. expectations are higher because ohio's adoption to common core. new this year are letter grades for 6 categories. last year's school report cards saying the data should be caution. also calling on policymakers to find ways to limit -- standardized test so students can spend less time preparing and taking them. i have checked the states website all morning for the new report cards and right now the page says it is closed for maintenance. my economic agenda can be summed up in 3 words: jobs,
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>> donald trump talks about the economy and canton. it his 3rd trip in northeast ohio in 10 days. he rallied supporters telling them he will crack down on any company that moves jobs overseas . he also brought up hillary clinton and her health. >> it is hot, and it is always hot when i perform because the crowds are so big, these rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd. i don't know fo able to stand up here for an hour into this? i don't know>> clinton will return to the campaign trail today. she has events planned in north carolina and dc. said sunday she has been at her home in new york resting. she left a september 11 memorial early sunday. her doctor says she has a mild warm of pneumonia. she is not contagious. her campaign also released out her medical information to show she is
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better helmets and better treatments: coming up, just how much the nfl is pouring into
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good morning. welcome back. it is thursday and we are hitting the road to this morning. we don't have any rain to think
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the sun doesn't officially arrived until 7:08. it is a cool morning but we're getting at the yellow light. make sure you have your shades handy because we will have sun glare. >> it makes it worse because a lot more cars will be out on the road before the sun rises. we are okay right now. we're starting to see the congestion right on 71 as you approach the anabel bridge and right around west 25th street i will tell you when eastbound inner belt bridge will reopen. let's get you caught up on your health headlines: the nfl announcing a huge concussion initiative. they are investing hundred million dollars in focusing on 2 big improvements. first, 60 million in funding to improve equipment maybe a new helmet in the future and then $40 million going into medical research into head injuries
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diagnosed, and how they are treated. last year the nfl settled massive lawsuits from former players with brain injuries. they say the apple a day -- an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a glass of wine may do the exact opposite. a new study says it can increase your risk of developing an irregular heartbeat. they say alcohol and large is the heart's oak bluff her chamber which causes it to beat off rhythm -- large -- enlarges the heart's upper left chamber which causes it to beat off rhythm. we still have lots to get to this morning. philip your coffee club -- cup or glass.
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-- we will be back with the
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good morning cleveland and all of east ohio we are working
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and what kind of grades schools are getting. >> let's begin with our meteorologist somara theodore. good morning, i'm really excited to help you get out the door because we have good news. i know it is off to a chilly start. i feel like i'm talking the same forecast i gave you on tuesday. remember when we saw temperatures in the 40s? the same thing is happening this morning but we don't have any rain to deal with. high pressure is the dominating feature. remember why i always say high-pressure works for us because all of the air molecules can move around, it is very compact so everything is settled. a low system is approaching us and that warm front will being us showers and thunderstorms as -- bring us showers and thunderstorms as we head through your saturday . notice, there is no green on the screen at 8 am. wear seat -- we're seeing temperatures pretty cool in
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by this afternoon temperatures will rise to the 70s. still no green and clouds so that means will get a lot of sunshine to warm us up. let's take a sneak peek at tomorrow morning. it will be a cool start, but a dry one. your power 5 7-day forecast: saturday will be the wetter of the 2 days. sunday morning we may see some lingering showers, but i'm pretty sure -- i feel very short that by the home opener things will in perfect conditions -- condition for the -- to win . we do have an accident on euclid avenue reddit 66th street. that is coming in right now to the traffic center. i will let you know more about it. on 71 northbound from fulton to 90 is at a 3 minute commute.
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and west 25th and that is stop go -- stop and go traffic . a routine traffic stop turning into a chase injuring leading to a crash and a really big mess on the roads. the chase ended at the bottom of the northbound 77 ramp at 241, masillion road when the car crashed injecting the driver. the driver sped off after a traffic violation, hitting a pole, destroying the traffic control box. masillion road is now back open . the ramp are still closed. the morning sprint continues with nick foley.>> reporter: the norton community still in shock, understandably this morning, on the heels of a 16- year-old's death after he was struck by school bus. officials are starting to arrive this morning on the heels of this horrible tragedy. an investigation into this accident continues as police looks at surveillance video and
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the accident happened shortly after classes let out. the bus was filled with eighth-graders from the middle school when it happened. police say the accident happened when the boy fell off his skateboard and was struck by the bus. investigators are not releasing the student's identity although classmates and community members know who he is. you are taking a look at the makeshift memorial on the norton high school sign where we saw a mother and 2 students placing something on that memorial in student killed here yesterday in the accident. counselors will be here on school property today. they are to help with students grieving from this tragedy. it has been almost 2 years, but the cleveland officers involved in anderson's death are finally going on the record about what happened. she died in police custody after her family call for mental health assistant. they filed a lawsuit alleging a
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but the officers are denying there actions caused her death thing anderson contributed to her death through her own negligence. the former head of the united steelworkers union is facing federal charges accused of stealing $185,000 from the union. he served as president of a local chapter for 17 years. he is pleading not guilty. part of cedar avenue in cleveland could soon be named as don king way. there's just one problem, it is the same spot legendary oxime promoter said the man did not pay $600 gambling debt. according to the plain dealer, cleveland city council originally wanted to name a section of shaker boulevard after king. no word on why they now want to move it to cedar avenue. police are busy dealing with the heroine crisis. they have had 9 overdoses and just the past week.
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so far they have had 46 suspected overdoses. police are taking a new step 2 detect themselves. they now have several resistant gloves for all of it's offices. a cause -- cost $80 a pair . these gloves will protect officers from getting stabbed by a dirty needle. school report cards will be this is what you will find if you try to look it up right now. districts are bracing for lower scores than in past years but leaders say don't sweat it that the grades will improve. they are in the missed of a change. new this year are letter grades in 6 categories. last year the cleveland metropolitan school district made improvements in case through 3 literacy and on-
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i am also monitoring there twitter account. we will let you know when this report cards,. big inner belt bridge announcement: in just 9 days, september 24, next saturday, the ease in a belt bridge will be open -- east inner belt bridge will be open for traffic . when it first opened it will not be it will be just to. crews are wrapping up work on surrounding roads. the rest of the lanes will open up next month. whenever it is pretty upset saying the city wants to cut down dozens of trees so they can park construction equipment . they blocked off for acres of wooded area. they are considering cutting down all of the trees to put in a gravel parking lot. the city tells us it is also looking at other sites as well.
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having a similar problem. trees are being cut down for a project. the leaders say it will be replaced. the city will plant 100 a new 80 new trees along the seat -- street when the city is finished with they are project. aji digby qualified in the men's 400 meter prelims in the special olympics. he finished 3rd in his heat yesterday. he also placed 5th in the 200 meter race. digby plans the indians finally getting a win in chicago. they beat the white sox 6:1 last night. they wrap up there series in chicago today before facing off with the tigers here at home this weekend. don't go anywhere, the morning sprint continues in
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staying on top of breaking news: an officer involved shooting in columbus leaves a 13-year-old boy dead. to king pulled a gun from his waistband -- king pulled a gun from his waistband. in response officer shot king multiple times. he died at the hospital. 30 minutes before this happened, police were called to the scene they say they saw the 3 men matching the description. they tried to talk to them but they ran off. police say they found a handgun at the scene but it was later found to be a bb gun. an arrest in a florida arson case. this 32-year-old man is accused of setting fire to a florida mosque. that man is facing arson and hate charges. the orlando nightclub shooter
6:55 am
is not clear if that was a factor in this case. el chapo could soon be in the united states to face charges. a mexican judge will decide if he should be extradited. he is charged with murder and smuggling drugs in california and texas. his attorneys are trying to fight this exhibition -- extradition saying the us does not have enough evidence . a football player turns himself into police. if fellow student is accused of him -- accusing him she is angry with how police emory university have handled the case. he has been released on $5000 bond. he will be back in court today. a republican congressman is backtracking this morning. he told cnn that the russians hacked the rnc. he is now saying he misspoke and then to say republican political operatives were hit pick the rnc denies it's system was hacked. it looks like hillary clinton has work to do when she
6:56 am
shows the national race -- poll that shows the national race is tightening. a new poll of battleground states giving donald trump a small lead over clinton here in ohio and in florida -- and a near tie in florida . ford plans to move there production of smaller cars to mexico. they are moving production of other vehicles to the michigan that is where the focus is currently made. today the president will do something no president has done before. he is creating a national monument in the middle of the atlantic ocean. it is about 5000 square miles off the coast of new england. the white house says it will protect the water from commercial, fishing and also drilling. let's get one final look at whether. temperatures rising to the mid- 70s. you don't have to worry about rain but you will be contending with a lot of sunshine. make
6:57 am
roads are okay right now. you are looking at the congestion on 71 writer west 25th. i just checked your drive times on 710 and it is an 8 minute commute. we do have one accident on euclid that is at 66th street. coming up on gma: a teenager is suing her parents to get childhood photos taking off -- taken off a facebook society we live in so i can't wait to hear what all of the legal analyst have to say. clearly she has a case if they're allowing her to sue them? >> that is coming up. thank you so much for joining us on your thursday morning everybody. i will see you in 2 weeks because i'm going to tokyo. >> i might go with you. >> you guys are going to find
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everybody.>> take it easy. >> closed captioning is brought to you by: carpet country flooring and design center.>> that morning cleveland has been brought to you by precision door . call today for same-day
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton release new details about their health, but is it enough? trump only shares his details with dr. oz. as he takes a swipe at clinton's stamina. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> plus new informati returns to the campaign trail today. up in flames, the new video of a samsung phone exploding at a restaurant as the government says it's now investigating more models of the popular phone. samsung firing back overnight. breaking right now, capturing a suspected serial killer. a woman's terrifying 911 call as she's trapped with the suspect. >> i've been abducted. >> desperately pleading for help, the killer sleeping just feet away. >> is there any way you can get


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