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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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abstract good afternoon everyone community of norton is still reeling less than 24 hours after 16-year-old student at norton high school was struck and killed by a school bus. the investigation continues as police have yet to release the identity of student -- the student . this morning students and faculty return to the campus. student that i -- and faculty
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makeshift memorial. the school officials told news channel 5 the driver of the bus was not working today, but has not been placed on administrative leave. we continue to follow this story as well the story in the community of green, what began as a traffic stop escalated into a wild chase through part of that community. this is how it ended. trooper say it ended at the bottom of the north out my 77 representative at route 241 masillion road. the driver crashed into a pole and was ejected. we're still working on the story trying to update condition of the driver. [ audio playback ] >> it was a chilling 911 call that helped save a woman who was being held captive in a real left -- life and death situation. right now we're still waiting for the suspected serial
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. it was that man who led police to the locations of 3 bodies. the woman told police the suspect used a taser gun to hold her hostage inside his ashland home. she said when he fell asleep she got to his cell phone and called for help. on the phone, she whispered to the 911 operator that the man was lying next to her. >> [ audio playback ] >> it was moments later, police and ashland arrived and found the woman in the suspect inside the house. also found was the body of 2 women. once the suspect was in police custody he led police to a 3rd body. investigators removed that body in a wooded area behind a
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the 2 bodies of the women found in the ashland house. it was that of stacy stanley. she had been reported missing for days. the family of stacy stanley is angry with the way police handled the case of the woman's missing. the family says police did not help. >> did you ever see police on foot? >> no, because we probably would've gotten trouble for trespassing.>> grate has not en police are investigating an overnight shooting on west 28th street and division avenue. a man was shot and then attempted to drive himself to the hospital . that is when he was spotted by police and taken to the hospital by them. right now in columbus police are interviewing witnesses after the shooting in the killing of a 13-year-old boy by police. police in columbus responded to an armed robbery. police say when they are
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people, 2 of them ran off . one of them pulled what turned out to be a bb gun from his waistband. officer say they thought it was real. they opened fire killing the 13- year-old boy identified as king. police in columbus are still searching for one of the 3 suspects in this case. today workers will continue to take apart the gazebo at the rec center. it became a memorial to tamir rice. the 12-year-old that was shot and killed by police officers 2 years ago in a controversial incident. when the gazebo is dismantling -- dismantled it will be shipped to a museum and reassembled in chicago. let's take a look at the all-important forecast. take a look at that leon. everyone at home, it is absolutely gorgeous. get outside at some point today. it is beautiful. let's get to the temperatures
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think were leveling out. 71 degrees right now in cleveland. 69 ashland. lake county 72. ashtabula 67. orwell 47 degrees this morning. let's get a look right now at the hour by hour forecast. first, we will take a look at the radar and satellite we are dry conditions. you are seeing the hayes over here. that is the high clouds that we are seeing outside. here's your hour by hour forecast: these temperatures, we have a few more not just to go. you saw in cleveland and 71. we will carry ourselves to 75 degrees and then we will falloff . good news, we will stay dry. lots of sunshine to lead us into a beautiful sunset. as we head into the weekend, the rain chances are going up for your saturday. we will take a detailed look at that in your full power 5 forecast.
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today our schools are getting their report cards. it is not looking good for some local school districts. state has released the scores for each school. new this year is the list of letter grades for 6 categories that include achievement, gap closing, graduation rates. this date's report cards -- the state 's report cards have determined that cleveland is not meeting grades. cleveland city school -- schools have received beachwood -- letter f . beachwood city schools have led
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health news making headlines: the nfl is launching an initiative aimed at preventing in diagnosing
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they are investing $100 million into the effort. $60 million will go toward improving football and 5th -- equipment . 40 million will be going toward research into head injuries. lesher the nfl settled massive lawsuits with former players suffering from brain injuries. question: could the e-cigarette be lowering the risk of dying early from tobacco-related illnesses? researchers think so. this study found e-cigarette have helped 18,000 people in year and each year tobacco kills about 6 million people around the world. 480,000 people in us died from tobacco- related diseases making it the number one cause of preventable death in this country. this is a story of a health myth that has been debunked, tossed out. many of us have heard the saying that a glass of wine is good for the hot -- heart . now a new study is saying a
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chances of developing a -- an irregular heartbreak -- heartbeat . it will enlarge the upper left chamber causing the heart to beat irregularly. next we are sharing the settlement about the family of sandra bland will receive from a lawsuit. i will let you know when the sunshine sunshine will stick around and when the next best chance for rain is.
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the family of sandra bland has settle it lawsuit. you may recall a texas department of public safety officer arrested sandra bland last year during a traffic stop. 3 days later she was found dead in her jail cell. her death was ruled a suicide. her arrest and death gained national attention and caused public outrage. according to the family attorney, her family will receive 1.9 the family attorney, her family will receive $1.91 in compensation for her death. several changes will also be made regarding
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florida arson case, a 32-year- old man is now under arrest for setting a fire at a mosque on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. that man is now facing arson and hate crime charges. the orlando nightclub shooter attended that mosque and it is still not clear if that fact is connected in any way to this case of arson, but the investigation does continue. michael mccall is now backtracking. he or the rnc. he is now saying he misspoke. he meant to say republican political operatives were hit. he -- the rnc denies the system was hacked . today hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after taking several days off to recoup rate from pneumonia. donald trump is already ratcheting up the attacks as polls in the race for the white house continue to tighten. we have the latest on
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clinton itching to get back to work on the campaign trail. >> i am so much better. >> reporter: the democratic nominee was on the tom joyner morning show sidestepping accusations of criticisms from: pile -- powell . >> i'm not going to start discussing someone else's private emails. i have already spent enough time talking about my own. i am concerned with why we have seen donald trump close relationship with the kremlin. i don't think hillary clinton would be able to stand appear for an hour and do this.>> reporter: polls continue to tighten. donald trump took the results of his physical to the doctor ashok. doctor isles concluded -- doctor oz show . doctor oz
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donald trump will shut down yesterday during a political attack. >> everything she touches didn't work out -- mister trump i invited you here not to give a political speech. >> donald trump called the pastor and nervousness. >> this morning donald trump release the information that he gave to doctor oz saying he rigorous -- rigorous miss of this campaign .-- rigorousness of this campaign trail. the tribes one against white sox yesterday 6 - one.
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afternoon at 2:10. thinking of the indians, they are already thinking ahead to next year releasing there baseball schedule. the indians open up the season in texas. mark your calendars, the home opener is april 11 against the white sox. we hope it still will not be snowing at that time, but you know how things happen in early april around here. we have been snowed out around here. us back -- we cat word. i am so grateful for this weather. cleveland summers have treated me so awesome. i love it. it is still summer technically. we are headed toward fall. let's go ahead and get a look outside to you can see what i'm talking about. what is all the rain about? take a look. isn't it awesome, blue skies. we're seeing a lot of high
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like cotton candy. they are called cirrus clouds. absolutely beautiful summer day in very comfortable. i want to go ahead and take us into the current temperatures. right now in cleveland, that image that you just saw there, readings are coming in at 71 degrees. time is up 12:18 p.m.. time is up 12:18 p.m. how about elsewhere? 69 degrees you click. parma 68. orwell was downtown if you thought you had it bad, it was really chilly out there. we had for the west and it looks like new london is already hitting the 70 degrees mark as well as up toward shelby . mohican state park 67 degrees . you saw on the live shot there is no rain coming down. here's a look from the radar. we are also quiet there. we do have the clouds showing up in that lighter white gray shading there standing all the
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way down to 77. here's a look at your next rain chance: the next rainmaker arrives on your saturday. an area of low pressure was out in 4 corners earlier, now it is causing a line of thunderstorms to push through minneapolis. we will see that arrive on your saturday. for now we're not worried about that. take a look at your future cast, push forward to 1045, you saw no green across the screen which means no rain for us. county. 62 cleveland. tomorrow morning it will be another brisk morning. not quite a school, but still cold enough i would give my child a sweater will cindy at the bus stop. heading into friday evening things start to get shaky. here's the answer: we will start to see the clouds moving in with this warm front as well as that threat for showers. you really have to keep an eye
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you're already planning ahead probably looking for the weekend. thursday, today, again lots of sunshine we don't have to worry about rain. a lot of us is hitting the mid- 70 range. by tomorrow on average we're going 78 but i think a lot of us could hit 80 degrees. as we head into your saturday and sunday, there goes that rain chance i was talking about. it will be very prevalent on saturday. as for sunday, if you have afternoon plans or you are going to the home opener, don't worry i think we the temperature is very comfortable for that home opener about 77 degrees. let's go ahead and take a look at the radio. i want you guys to know you can always get our power 5 weather updates on cleveland
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it is going to be beautiful out there today. those temperatures continuing to stay steady. it is time to go here? are down to 3 seconds. be well. closed captioning is brought to you by: rite rug flooring your style at the
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today on spotlight 5 we are going to check in with retirement and financial expert bill smith. he is president of wa smith financial group and he is standing by with today's retirement tip. this weeks money tip about earning stocks. they are 2 main types of stocks you can own: preferred stocks and common stocks. there are 2 main differences between these types that you should really know about. number one, preferred stocks are typically a safer version. in good and bad times, good times being in dividend and paying and profitability and bad times being insolvency or claims, preferred stocks have more characteristics of bonds
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almost guaranteed. dividends of preferred stock are different in generally are larger than that of common stocks. preferred stops -- stocks, dividends typically will be paid before commons -- in fact always paid before commons . if they miss a payment they will come back -- the have to pay the preferred first. the preferred of when they will pay the dividend versus a common stock has to be approved by the board . this also helps with the volatility as the share prices of the preferred stock typically do not fluctuate as much. to learn more about the advantages of preferred stocks over common stocks, give my
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