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tv   Live on 5  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hero. law enforcement in their patrol cars adorned with blue striped flag estate court -- flags escorting the body of their fallen trooper today. >> troop the -- the trooper was hit yesterday traffic stop. derek has new information about the man arrested in this case. >> reporter: that man arrested has been charged with felony aggravated vehicular homicide. according to court documents he was on drugs. this is video of the 37-year- old undergoing a field sobriety test and being taken away in handcuffs minutes after state troopers say he hit and killed one of their own.
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valez. he was on drugs when the accident happened. around 1:00 on i-90 westbound near warren road. while valez was off the roadway conducting traffic enforcement. >> there is no way to express the great human being he took. >> reporter: today hundreds of friends, family and law enforcement lined the south lorain streets to welcome home his body from the medical examiner's office. >> he >> reporter: he plans to follow in his godfather's footsteps. >> you would never in a million years think he would be gone. here he is now. >> reporter: the highway patrol sergeant assigned to the case is asking the judge to consider a high bond when he goes before a judge in cleveland tomorrow morning. live in cleveland derek waller news channel 5.
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his records. here's what we found out. he has a criminal record that dates back to 2007. charges include drug possession and theft. his driving regard has over a dozen tickets for speeding, not staying in the proper lane, running a ready light, and not wearing a seat belt. tonight emotional support of support for the trooper will play out on a high school football field. paul is live from the stadium in amhurst with a previe what's planned tonight. >> reporter: the trooper's son plays on the football team at amhurst high school number 43678 lasting night he told his coach he wants and desires to play in tonight's football game. he is getting a lot of support. classmates of the trooper's son, christian r going all out to show their support for christian. the sophomore plays on the football team. he told his coach he wants to play in tonight's game. so, number 43 will take the
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doing his job on i-90. to honor his dad's memory and to support christian, students are the blowing up 600 blue balloon. after a moment of silence tonight during the game the balloons will be launched. everyone is encouraged to wear blue tonight. amhurst athletic director told me both teams want to show support r family. >> it is not just our students that want to be involved. adam howard reached out to me and asked if their students could be involved. we'll do a combination of both teams as well as both sets of students from both schools on the field for the balloon launch and the moment of silence. >> reporter: the ad at amhurst high school told me he came to school today for half a day. when he walked out of school he got a standing ovation.
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>> thank you very much. new developments in the case of a suspected serial killer in ashland. shawn great appeared in court for the first time accused of killing three women and kidnapping a fourth. the judge set the bond at $50,000. >> rep since this story started to unfolded we are hearing the voice of the suspected serial killer. a short time ago a judge told shawn grate his charged with kidnapping and two counts of murder. >> reporter: wearing a yellow jail jump suit from the ashland county jail he answered questions from the judge during
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today prosecutors confirmed the identity of a second woman found inside the home. her name is elizabeth griffith. stacy stanley was the other woman. prosecutors say a third body has not been identified but was killed in june and found in that wooded area near mansfield. this all came to light because a fourth woman called 9-1-1 and said she was abducted but was able to escape. he is ch for that. the prosecutor elaborated on that part of the case in court a short time ago. >> you sexually assaulted another victim as charged in count one of the complaint. suspect was held by the defendant for a period of days. >> reporter: another hearing is scheduled for shawn grate on monday morning. it is not clear at this point
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at the white house. live in ashland bob jones news channel 5. breaking news a cleveland police officer was just charged with negative homicide. for unknown reasons the officer shot his gun while arresting brandon jones for a reported robbery at a grocery store last year. jones was killed. jones charged at them with a weapon. if convicted officer buford could spend six months in jail. turning to the he was making a major announcement about the so- called birther movement. tonight there are a lot of reports the press was duped with a bait and switch. rob howard has the details. >> reporters assigned to today's news conference inside donald trump's new washington, d.c. hotel are saying they were duped. trump showed up an hour late and proceeded to speak about the hotel and his success in building i. it lead up to the brief comment
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>> president obama was born in the united states period. >> after the news conference journalists from abc, cbs, the daily beast started tweeting donald trump refused to take questions and took the cameras on a tour of the hotel. security left the reporters locked in the ballroom where the news conference was held. donald trump was standing on collapsed and brought down the curtain and american flags with it. reporters shared on twitter once the pool cameras realized what was happening they deleted all of the footage in the hotel in protest. all of this after five years of questioning whether president obama was born in america. today the congressional black caucus is calling the reversal disgusting fraud.
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disgrateful when the she said he was the loudest birther in the nation. today she said trump owes president obama an apology. adding trump is feeding into the worse impulses in our nation. she addressed her recent bought with pneumonia. >> i know i should have followed my doctor's orders to rest. my insixty -- instinct was to push through it. that is what women do every single the good news is my pneumonia got republicans interested in women's health. >> reporter: clinton has been getting help on the campaign trail with the president and first lady campaigning for her across the country. so is her running mate tim kaine, senator warren and bernie sanders. >> president obama has no reaction to trump's comments during a meet target white house today.
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they are supporting an issue both presidential candidates oppose. >> the trans pacific partnership. the ultimate hot potato this year one that will require bipartisan, which is something kasich ran for the white house on. >> reporter: governor john kasich taking the podium in the white house briefing room after meeting with president obama to talk about the trance pacific partnership trade deal. the 12 nation deal are open up american goods countries. kasich urged congress to take a stand. >> i believe there are people in the house and senate that will play pure politics with our future to take care of her ourselves. >> reporter: kasich would not be baited in the white house to talk about the presidential race. he said donald trump closing the gap is rooted in one thing. >> there is no enthusiasm for hillary clinton. there just isn't. i don't know if it will change. that's her the challenge. >> reporter: kasich said he'll
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the polls for rob portman. as for the top of the ticket. >> you said you are not voting for hillary clinton? >> no, i'm not voting for hillary clinton. >> have you decided what you'll do in the voting room? >> i think my actions have spoken louder than my words. >> gary johnson? >> i have not gone there yet. it is a long way until election day. >> is it still possible you could vote for donald trump? >> very unlike toly. too much water under bridge. >> reporter: tpp faces an uphill battle in congress. president obama is pushing for a vote after the political election. our weather is looking good out there. >> it is looking great. it is warm out there. it is 82 in cleveland and akron. 82 canton. it will be a quiet evening for your high school football and brad paisley concert and trace
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fest. friday night football rain chance after midnight primarily. you'll look dry although there will be clouds in and out. you are in the 70s but 10:00 p.m. lower 80s at 6:00. mid 70s by 8:00. by 10:00 lower and middle 70s. development causing big problems in one community tonight. >> local homeowners say they are being squeezed out. the ultimatum they are facing. the through threat russia is posing tonight that has the whole country on high alert. a medical break through in the fight against zica. a look at the scientist behind
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u.s. officials have been accusing russia of trying to cause problems in trust elections this year. >> there are reports that u.s. intelligence agencies are stepping up their efforts to fight back.
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intelligence focused on putin and russia viewed as assertive and ambitious encountering u.s. leadership and national security interest around the globe. russia's activity includes an effort to undermind confidence in the upcoming u.s. presidential election. as chairman of the house homeland security committee detailed on cnn. >> the idea of a foreign power like russia, a foreign advesary attempting to elections told us that the motivation was to undermind the integrity of the american political electoral process. >> reporter: source tell cnn that they are expanding resources aimed mosque cow to
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house intelligence committee allen shift said putin has taken russia in a hostile direction. the u.s. is directing more resources and focused towards russia and that's a necessity. russia's cyber threat is a particular concern. the deputy director of the nsa told us that russia today has alarming capabilities. not just to hack places like the democratic national committee but homeland via khyber -- cyber attack. >> you are saying foreign actors are the key of shutting down u.s. infrastructure. >> yes. >> reporter: some say the renewed focus is late and allowed moscow to gain an advantage. >> the failure to resource our intelligence agencies via the russian problem is coming home
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a very large way. >> u.s. intelligence officials deny they ever took their eyes off russia. russia's next steps are hard to predict partly because president putin keeps his decision making within a small circle of aids. department of justice is working on focusing on drug addiction. today president obama designated september 18-23. a week of action national heroin and opioid awareness week. on tuesday attorney general lynch will host a town hall at madison central high school in richmond, kentucky. u.s. attorneys across the country will direct hundreds of events next week in cities, schools and prisons. there is a break through tonight in the fight against zica. philadelphia-based lab is opted -- reportedly testing a vaccine now. doctors say they are seeing a good indication that the
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target the zica virus. what makes this vaccine so unique is it is entirely synthetic. >> doesn't grow. can't replicate or spread to other individuals. navy seals rehearse. they don't always necessary shoot somebody. we are rehearsing so when they encounter a real pathogen they'll be prepared. >> f.d.a. will determine when used by the general public. it is a big weekend. brad paisley is here. the browns play sunday here at home. i think tomorrow looks like great day to go to a movie. >> great day if you are a duck. there will be hours between the rain showers to try to get things done. you'll have to really watch our radar storm shield app to keep things in perspective as to what time you have to get outside and whether the rain is
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>> we missed you. did you learn anything while you were gone? >> yes, i did. >> can you share? >> no. let's look at what is going on outside right now downtown cleveland looking good. we have sunshine galore out there. we should continue to see clouds moving in and out. if you are worried about rain this evening don't. we are dry. here's the first wave of rain along this warm front. that will come in after midnight tonight. the second wave of rain closer to the actual cold front that's comes in during the day tomorrow. so, your weather headlines basically for your saturday, saturday showers and thunderstorms. let's get right to it. currently dry in the power of 5. clouds will be in and out through the evening hours. here's wave number one along the warm front. here's the cold front here. that front is such a slow- moving front we'll have several batches of rain showers with embedded thunder saturday
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morning. finally the front moves through sunday late morning into the early afternoon. lower 80s elyria and medina to akron and canton. 84 dover new philly. it is warm out there. tribe game will be dry this evening. get out and cheer on the first place indians. we are talking 80s. that was the wrong graphic my computer loaded. we are talking low aridisol to tart the game. with temperatures falling through the 70s through the ball game. 2:00 a.m. a few showers towards the islands. 6:00 to 7:00 scattered showers and thunderstorms. noontime to lunchtime you have a shot of a few hours of dry weather. more rain coming in for 5:00 and 6:00 and 7:00. tribe game at 4:00 tomorrow
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we'll try to keep things dry. stay up to date with the latest. there is our tribe forecast. 70s mostly clear with rain overnight. i should have taken today off, right? 78 for brad paisley at 7:00. by 10:00 p.m. 69 degrees. concert should be dry. just a slim chance for a shower. mainly west at 10:00 p.m. 60s tonight. clear and cool. should be a great night tonight. although showers and thunderstorms coming in during the afternoon. my computer and i are having an argument. it should be rain and thunderstorms tomorrow with highs in the upper 70s. rain moves in tomorrow 78 degrees with rain. i'm batting a thousand. we better go to commercial
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>> reporter: samsung says it will have new folks -- phones inner toes by next wednesday. besides replacement phones the company is offering gift cards,
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credits. chipotle is testing drone drive delivery at virginia tech. you order your food from a kiosk. it is prepared from a chipotle food truck on site. then delivered by drone a few hundred meters and lowered to the ground. >> it starts here and spreads everywhere. it will be a good idea. >> that will be cool to get it deliver and i don't have to drive here anymore. >> supplying data to the federal aviation administration to determine if food delivery by drone will become wide-spread. tiny houses creating big problems for people in one community. why homeowners are saying they are being unfairly squeezed out. criminals getting a second chance. how colleges and universities are helping some create a brand
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our top stories at 5:30.
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killing an ohio state trooper has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. the trooper was standing along i-90 when he was struck. records show the driver of the car was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. a special honor for the trooper. lawmaker officials will create a tunnel for football players to run through on the field at the high school. his son played for the message for his father on triter. donald trump admitted today president obama was born in the united states. he blamed hillary clinton for starting rumors about the president's citizenship. president obama asked about the comments. he responded by saying he was confident about where he was born. people living in a west side cleveland neighborhood the elevators they feel like they are under attack. >> letters are going out
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to fix. jonathan walsh is joining us live from paraffiny. neighbors say they are not sure how these letters are getting written up in the first place. >> reporter: this is just one of the letters sent out by the detroit community develop organization -- development organization. basically the guy two says he got this letter says he doesn't reminded reminders about the neighborhood and making sure it is okay. he says what is in is concerning and it is false. >> i think i'm being harassed my the city. >> reporter: joe told me he lived on paraffiny in this home for the past 23 years and hand been bothered about his property. he got this letter two weeks ago from detroit shoreway that left him. >> angered. >> reporter: the letter claims there is high grass, weeds, junk and debris. when i went there i didn't see that. he explained he didn't do
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the letter arrived. he uses firewood that he uses for heating. the letter says there was an inoperable vehicle on the property. joe showed us otherwise. so this is the inoperable truck. >> correct. >> reporter: there is some rehabbing and new development happening in the neighborhood. so i talked to detroit shoreway and reps told me they are only trying to help people maintain their homes and find them resources for doing it doesn't matter the income, race or age. they want open communication with neighbors. people like martha who lived here 40 years are worried these letters are a way to get older residents to think twice about living here. >> i hope they leave us alone and we can stay here in our homes. let us fix them up as we can. >> reporter: joe hopes the letters don't get to the point of violation notices. >> end up fining people to
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>> reporter: when i asked detroit shoreway about concerns over getting old residents out here they said absolutely not. they welcome the new development. they understand it will be a mixed bag of homes in this neighborhood and throughout the area. they want to protect all properties. we'll stay on top of it for you. live on the west side jonathan walsh news channel 5. columbus police along with the mayor of the city with people in the neighborhood where a 13 year-old was killed this week. a vigil was help last night. he was killed after officers say he pulled a b. b. gun on police. multiple 9-1-1 calls now highlight the confusion for dispatchers who spoke to the man. saying the teen and others robbed him of $10 at gun point. >> it was like pistol.
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they shooting. >> family claims witnesses are telling a different story about what happened. they are calling for an independent investigation. officials in akron giving homeless people two days to remove their belongings before evicting them from public property. this all after people who lost their belongings during sweeps of homeless camps lost a federal lawsuit under a settleme record can get a fair chance at an education. here's how. this after more than 80 colleges and universities signed a fair chance for higher education pledge. meaning those schools will now commit to adopting admission practices that don't disquality fie applicants because of their criminal past. it is the weekend. we have a lot going on. >> we have a lot going on weather-wise, too. if you are worried act your
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everything is dry cleveland, akron. 80 wooster to youngs town. we are warm. we have clouds in and out. here's the first wave of rain here. that wave of rain will likely reach us well after midnight. this is what we'll see on our radar through 10:00 and midnight. your hour-by-hour showing 81 at 6:00. tribe game 79 degrees to start. midnight we'll start to see the returns on the radar coming in from the west with an isolated thunderstorm. a better chance towa bottom line you are in the 70s all evening long. your high school football game, your tribe game, your brad paisley concert thumbs up. everybody is dry. a teacher in trouble tonight for how she punished two of her students. what she is accused of doing and the fall drought from her -- fallout from her behavior. a look at one of the best places to view the change of season. leon takes us on a memorable trip. here are your winning lottery
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i have learned this lesson so i'm not going to say send me your moon picks tonight. your full moon picks. tonight is the full harvest moon. clouds will be in and out. you should get a picture of that. last night it was almost full. tonight is the official full moon. of the moon up in the sky. nice shot of a beautiful monarchs. they are getting ready to migrate here. we see a lot of them this time of year across northern ohio. we have a tomato worm eating up these tomatoes. interestingly enough we have a fly that laid eggs on that worm. that's nature at work there. i don't think that tomato worm
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full moon picks to mark johnson weather on facebook. stay with us.
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there is a definite change in the air. the sky has a different look. temperatures definitely trending down. >> you can feel it. fall is approaching. it is easy seen in certain areas. leon bibb is taking us to one of his favorite places to watch
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week's mahoes. >> a favorite place this time of the year. we are on the page of the calendar when summers loosens its grip and autumn begins the slow step to center stage. when i see a season turning from summer to autumn, i know where i must be. i would like for you to come with me. and together we can listen to nature talking to us. >> reporter: nature is like a model on a fashion runway strutting an easy step, showing off seasonal wear. in these parts shelfing summer wear for autumn's wardrobe. the cleveland metro parks the season, one piece at a time, will be fully dressed for fall. those who work these forests and waterways of the cleveland metro parks know full well seasonal change is coming because nature talks. >> the length of night starts to turn some thing like trees into a mode of self preservation.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: jen is excited about nature. her job as a cleveland metro parks naturalist is also her passion. >> this land reflects nature's mind set. jen's too now that autumn is slipping in. >> we hear these all these insects that reminded of that time that summer is over. >> reporter: we humans are not alone, animals and plants feel it. what we learned in holds true. in ohio we actually see noticeable changes in our four seasons. lucky us. so it has come again. the metro parks forest is beginning to show off. summer is exiting. autumn is on the way. >> in fall time it is gorgeous. i bring a camera up here. i'll take picture. it is gorgeous. >> reporter: cleveland metro parks 18 reservations are
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in the city. long before there was a cleveland or recorded human history this landscape was carved out by glaciers. >> ice moving slowly along but powerful enough to carve the land and till certain areas and make this landscape what it is that we know today. >> reporter: as summer loosens its hold, the animals of the forest and waterways respond. they are settling in for autumn. the today from the rocky river reservation squeaks the season. he and all the creatures make ready for autumn preparing to buffer themselves for what comes later. nearby a harmless spider dropped in on us running my hand but offering no comment.
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complicated spiders. we need spiders. >> reporter: her passion is these woods and waters. and all of nature's unfolding in its inevitable way. >> as you were looking at that your eyes were glowing. i mean there is a bell ringer. >> keep waving. he is preening and flew up all of his flight feathers. >> reporter: maybe i count the seasons comings and goings, they are as reliable as the babel of the rivers through the reservations. you know the park's founders had something when they're marked these greater cleveland lands and waters to be set aside for all of us and all who follow us. the old rocky river cuts a watery path through the metro parks. although the metro parks has
5:48 pm
here way longer than that. in fact, if you went back several thousand years this is exactly what you would see right here. >> stacked along beside us are layers and layers of our history piled on top of one another. >> reporter: that's why we hole -- hold on to it. you see, this is part of our natural history. in his famous poem the author wrote whose woods i think he written he would have said they belong to the people. because they do. and of course to the wildlife, which know as home these woods and waters of the cleveland metro parks. which in late summer, early autumn put on quite the show. a colorful show with nature's music and the great performance. even know as summer eases off the stage and autumn laces up its dance shoes for its
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in northeast ohio you have complimentary tickets for great box seats at any of cleveland's metro parks 23,000 acres. this is leon bibb, by the way next year as a park, cleveland metro parks celebrates 100 years. i'll save a seat on the aisle for you in the woods. >> my favorite season. i look forward too the show every year. >> it doesn't get any better than that. >> you quoted think i know. he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with? >> snow. >> oh my gosh we are transitioning. >> hot, dry summer. what does that mean for the colors? >> that will be coming up in october. we need the rain. but we also need those warm, sunny september days and the cool 40 to 50-degree nights. that's when you get great fall
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nice job mr. bibb. >> thank you. cleveland live downtown. eis going to be a great sunset. we have high thin clouds floating overhead. no worries about rain as i have been mentioning through the evening. here's a dry radar screen. we call it the power of 5. coming later here's the rain drops coming in. moving in toward western ohio. a lot of this will fade out. after midnight we'll likely see the rain. keep an eye on that. the high for the overnight. the warm front is bringing in the first wave of rain. as the cold front slowly approaches tomorrow it is on and off rain and thunder. if you need several hours of dry weather in a row, might be hard pressed to get it. here's 2:30 a.m. notice showers over the lake and over cedar point. by 7:30 we have more showers and thunderstorms moving through. there is 1:00 p.m. we get a few hours of dryness around midday before showers and thunderstorms move back in by mid to late afternoon.
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and thunderstorms saturday overnight. even lingering into sunday morning. your friday night football. let's give you a whole bunch of forecast for what you may want to do tonight and this weekend. friday night football dry. rain chances very low until after midnight. we are talking 70s through the entire ball game. tribe game looking good in the 70s mainly clear to start. rain arriving after midnight. let's hope it is not a 19- inning ball game. only then will rain possibly become a problem. 7:00 p.m. for brad paisley 78 to start. you are around 69 by 10:00 p.m. again the rain chance very, very slim. you have a great shot of dry weather for the entire blossom concert tonight. 70 degrees tonight. clouds thicken up. rain arriving after midnight. tomorrow showers and thunderstorms hit and mess rain through -- miss rain. through the day you may have
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festival. here's akron-canton 67 tonight. rain after midnight. tomorrow round of rain with a few claps of none. thunder. you are not going to have solid dry weather through cedar point on saturday. we have browns taking on the ravens ravens at home. 1:00 p.m. it should be a dry game. i'll sunday maining morning 78. 82 monday. 79 tuesday. lower and middle toll through friday. exclusive five on your side investigation tonight. >> new details behind a man around a recent amber alert. remembering the ohio trooper killed on the job. what we have learned about the man behind the wheel. that's next at 6:00.
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teacher in big trouble tonight for how she handled two students who opted not to say
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students in california are fighting back. they are outraged after a teacher lowered their grade for not participating in the pledge of allegiance. since the first day of school both students chosen not to recite the pledge during their first period class. when the girls they saw their participation scores were lowered from a five to a three. teacher offered this explanation which the students recorded. the girls were moved to another
5:57 pm
with the teacher. that's it for live on 5:00. let's send it over to rob and frank for a look ahead at 6:00. new allegations about the man who triggered an amber alert. >> our chief investigator has been digging. what he found even shocked us. tonight a look at what we uncover and how it put innocent children in harm's way. new information about the identity of one of the victims of the ashland murders.
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exclusive 5 on your side investigation tonight has
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about the man behind a recent amber alert. >> 40-year-old william robbers was captured tuesday after he kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter monday night outside of a kmart. dash cam video shows police pursuing roberts after a chase that ended with the girl being found safe. the story does not end there. >> chief investigator ron reagan is joining us live. you uncovered disturbing details about roberts background. >> r is a convicted mild molester. that didn't stop him from gaining custody of his two young daughters. >> reporter: police video shows roberts being captured after kidnapping his 15-year-old girl. records show in 2005 roberts was charged with child molestation. it involved a young girl and he


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