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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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about the man behind a recent amber alert. >> 40-year-old william robbers was captured tuesday after he kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter monday night outside of a kmart. dash cam video shows police pursuing roberts after a chase that ended with the girl being found safe. the story does not end there. >> chief investigator ron reagan is joining us live. you uncovered disturbing details about roberts background. >> r is a convicted mild molester. that didn't stop him from gaining custody of his two young daughters. >> reporter: police video shows roberts being captured after kidnapping his 15-year-old girl. records show in 2005 roberts was charged with child molestation. it involved a young girl and he
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court records show he was awarded custody last september of both his teens. [ no audio ] our investigation found roberts is not only a sex offender, his violent been well-known to the courts. it was well-known to police. in 2012 he was accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend by cutting her head off. he pleaded guilty to domestic violence and sentenced to 90 days in jail. but we found and more. a year earlier, this police report describes robert's sister alleging that her brother was going to get wasted, kill his girlfriend and
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head. he pleaded guiltity to aggravated menacing. that's not all. a judge once wrote roberts was an unsuitable parent and repeatedly failed to pay child support. how could a registered sex offender with that background get custody. we asked for answers and no one has returned our calls. roberts will be in court tuesday charged with eluding poce football. what is up tonight? >> it will be a spectacular evening. dry. we'll have clouds in and out. i guarantee dry weather until this stuff gets in here. that's primarily after midnight tonight. that looks good for your outdoor activities this evening. here it is. dry weather on the power of 5 live doppler network radar. current temperatures are warm. 82 cleveland to akron and dover new phillies. 80s elyria, mansfield, wooster. your hour-by-hour right now
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your tribe game and your brad paisley concert lower and middle 70s at 10:00. rain is coming in. for some of you it will be tough on your outdoor weekend activities that's coming up. tonight we are learning details about the debt of a -- death of a state trooper killed yesterday. the driver velez was under the influence of drug. we start our coverage with derek wall her. trooper velez is being remembered in the neighborhood where he grew up. >> reporter: that's correct. his remains were escorted via police escort from the cayahoga county medical examiner's office to south lorain where he grew up traveling down i-90, the same road where tragedy struck on thursday. >> we take care of our own.
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officers life long friend or family that line these south lorain streets today expected to welcome home state trooper kenny velez like this. >> it is devastating. things were good. then bad. it is trying times. he always ended up with a smile. he was a good guy. >> reporter: the state highway patrol said velez was hit private label killed on -- hit and killed on i-90 while on the roadway conducting traffic enforcement. the man they say ran him over. the 37-year-old is charged with felony vehicular homicide. troopers say he was on drugs. >> it hurts. it hurts because you know he probably wasn't paying attention. now i have lost a brother. and whoever his family is, they are going to lose him. >> reporter: and the highway patrol sergeant assigned to
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for a high bond when the man is in court tomorrow morning. we continue our team coverage. trooper velez's son attends amhurst high school. he plays on the football team. one day after his father died he wants to play in tonight's game. he told his coach his dad would want him too. paul is joining us live from amhurst where the school is than. >> reporter: 1400 students go to amhurst high school. tonight it feel like a close knit family. classmates of clans velez are supporting him a day after he lost his father. studentness spent the afternoon inflating a thousand blue balloons. they'll launch them before tonight's game to pay tribute to christian's dad. police will form a tunnel along with students when christian and his teammates run on the football field tonight.
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moment of silence in velez's memory. this proves to be an emotional night for the school family. >> it is a tough time. we want to do something to show our support for him and his family and help them out. >> reporter: tonight's game starts an hour from now. my colleague is out here. we'll have more on the emotional ceremonies coming up tonight at 11:00 on news channel 5. we have just learned identity of the second body found inside an ashland county home. the ashland county prosecutor has confirm had the the body is that of elizabeth griffith pictured there. she was reported missing by her family in august where she was last seen shopping in ashland. as the county prosecutor identified gift fifth inside that home the man accused of killing her was in court. our bob jones was there. it was a quick court hearing.
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court hearing the judge set shawn grate's bond at $1 million. he can not have any contact with the kidnapping victim. he was in the ashland county jail during the hearing which took place over skype. the other inside the home was 29-year-old elizabeth griffith last seen in august. the other victim was 43-year- old stacy stanley item prosecutor has not revealed how the two women were killed. grates lead them to another woman who was murdered and found in a wooded area in ashland. there is no i.d. on that victim yet. a fourth woman escaped the vacant house, prosecutors say
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sexually assaulted but escaped by calling 9-1-1 while the suspect was sleeping. this statement was released over twitter today. >> there is no reason for people in this county to live in fear. these women did not deserve what was done to them. their families want justice. i want justice. and i will not rest until i see justice is done. >> reporter: a court appointed attorney was assi today. he'll have another hearing next monday morning. he did enter a plea today. bob jones news channel 5 live in ashland. a cleveland officer was just charged with negative homicide in connection with a shooting last year. officer buford faces that charge after prosecutors say for unknown reasons he fired his weapon while arresting brandon jones. at the time jones was being
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police agents charged them with a weapon. if connect, vehicled officer buford could spend ten months in jail. we go from the big field to the little field. cleveland browns helping fix up five football fields across the
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> donald trump admitted today president obama was born in the united states. f0 now we all the want to get back to making america strong and great again. >> reporter: president obama was asked about trump's comments. president responded by saying born. hillary clinton was in washington, d.c. this morning. where she spoke at the black women's symposium luncheon. she demanded trump apologize to president obama over the birther issue. and said he promotes conspiracy theories and refusing to let them go. president obama meeting today with business leaders and some republicans at the white house including ohio governor john kasich.
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both presidential candidates oppose. >> in a year, donald trump and hillary clinton stand united for something. that's opposition to the trans pacific partnership or tpp item trade deal between the u.s. and 11 other countries. president obama meet target white house today with business leaders and republicans as part of a bipartisan approach to building support for the pact that opponents steroids. kasich called on congress to put people ahead of parties. >> i believe people in the house and senate will play pure politics with our future to take care of themselves. let me suggest to you when that's what you do when you leave washington, you didn't accomplish anything other than what? obstruct? look, i have been involved in more fights on capitol hill
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party and the other party. the end you have to accomplish something. >> reporter: the president is hoping to move past tpp after november 8th. paul ryan says the votes have not there now to pass its. look who decided to hang out. >> another fella. >> uh-huh. >> dudes news tonight at 11:00. >> be careful how you say that. five minutes. let's talk about a dry evening. we have rain coming in for the weekend. pay close attention to the timing. let's get you through it. a live look at downtown cleveland. it should be a spectacular sunset. here's akron with a time lapse
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here and there. it should be dry. dry through your evening. friday night football will be dry. dry through the apple fest and blossom's concert and high school football, dry weather there. here's the dry doppler network radar screen. things are looking great. off to the west, showers and thunderstorms here. a lot of this will fade away. but it will begin to track north and east. and the first little blips of rain will appear on our radar. most likely closer to 11:00 or midnightish. hour-by-hour 7:00 p.m. to assure you your evening will be okay. 7:00 tribes winning by now. your friday night football game is done. brad paisley is wrapping up. a few showers and thunderstorms near toledo. 80 medina. 80 akron. there is your akron shot. our cleveland temperatures are
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feels-like one degree warmer 83. a wider shot of the hour-by- hour. let's get you through more. here's 3:00 a.m. saturday. notice a lot of dryness out there. now 7:00 a.m. showers and thunderstorms beginning to take over 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. then we get a little, looks like a few hours of dryness right around lunchtime before boom! look at the rain shower activity explode by mid to late afternoon. it is hit-and-mi sunday morning. showers and thunderstorms around. the good news is by sunday afternoon, things should dry out. your tribe game sunday, you browns game sunday are looking great. your elyria apple fest for sunday afternoon looking very good. here's the warm front. cold front in between. we have showers and thunderstorms and a little humidity for your day on saturday. it is quite a bit of moisture as this slow moving cold front takes its time getting through.
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unsill sunday afternoon. that's a prolonged period where the rain and thunder will be with us. saturday storms your weather head line. tonight 70s. showers and thunderstorms after med night. you are dry for your evening plans. whatever you want to do. frank is making hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot. and bacon. 77 tomorrow. rounds of rain hit-and-miss. a few tomorrows mixing in. severe weather threat we are not expecting that. soggy weather on and off. canton. after midnight rain. 78 tomorrow. again rounds of rain with a few thunderstorms. your coaster cast for saturday it is rain in and out during the day. 76. it will be warm. can't keep the rides dry totally. browns taking on the ravens sunday. 70s, rain moving out. we are looking for a dry ball game. fingers are crossed here. and hopefully a win. mainly morning rain sunday 78.
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next friday. lower and middle 80s. speaking of the browns they are in the middle of another rebuilded in berea. >> they are doing an overhaul of cleveland's in-need high school football fields. earlier today browns vice president of operations on hand for the dedication at j.f.k. high. this is the latest of renovations all paid for by the browns. >> this is a great partnership with cleveland municipality school district, the schools and the city. these are the tips of things that make our presence in cleveland and this franchise so important to this community. >> that is something kind of great. next up for the browns the team set to renovate john adams stadium and john marshal stadium in time for the 2017 season. >> how about that? good stuff. >> i love talk high school football.
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indians have a lot of wins against against the tigers this season. a milestone game for a browns fan. he'll introduce you to a guy who has been loyal to the browns for four decades.
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dominating detroit that's what the indians have done this season. tonight indians and tiger opening up a series in cleveland. mike one of the players providing the power. three homers. 11 rbis against the tigers this year. indians are 11-1 against detroit this season outscoring them 79 to 36. tigers era is inflated. indians pitching keeping tigers in check. indians have a six-game lead on detroit. indians matching number to clinch the division stands at 11. they open up a nine game home stand tonight. browns set to play their home opener against the ravens. for one super fan sunday's game is a milestone game. when john allison walks into
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his consecutive games attendance streak will stretch to an eye-popping 300 straight. his streak started on november 30, 1975. john was 13 years old. he watched mike and the browns beach archie manning and the saints on a soggy since at municipal stadium. >> my sister was in the marching band. these why we -- that's why we went to the game. we >> reporter: and going and going and going. john is and one heck of a streak. and to put it in perspective, he hasn't missed a browns home game in 40 years. >> back in the day it was everything. when they lost your week was done. you lived and died with every
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>> reporter: john shares his passion for the browns with his family, going to games with his wife of 30 years and their two daughters. the devoted husband, father and fan always finds a way to get to the game. even that one time in 1987 when his streak nearly ended. >> my daughter was born in september. but lookly it was -- luckily it was on a thursday. >> so you were able to come to the game? >> at love people my age think he is crazy. they were never around for the good stuff. they are like why would he do that? i think it is a great accomplishment. i'm so proud. he is an awesome guy. it shows his dedication. >> what do you think you'll be thinking about when you walk in the stadium on sunday and it is game number 300 for you. >> i want to beat the ravens. these what i'm thinking.
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winning. >> here we go browns! here we go! >> the dude is loyal. he gets to every browns home game 7:00 a.m. to tailgate. he the definition of a die hard. >> final score on sunday? >> browns win.
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tonight, the breaking news. the fallout. donald trump's about face on whether president obama was born in the u.s. now, 53 days before the election, trump suddenly changes his mind. tonight, the angry reaction from members of congress. from hillary clinton. from first lady michelle obama, who late today took aim. the officer tonight, indicted. opening fire on a car full of teenagers as the car pulls away. there is breaking news coming in now. the air scare. the smoke on the plane. the passenger's battery. and it comes amid the massive smartphone recall already. the meat cleaver attack here in new york city. tonight, new images. and what we've learned about the vicious attack. and the 3-year-old adopted, who left behind her best friend in the orphanage.


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