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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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-- 500,000 dollar bond charged with aggravated vehicle homicide. he spoke only to his lawyer on saturday and did not enter a plea deal but did deny using drugs while driving. according to a police report, he was under the influence when he hit trooper of a let on i-90 west -- trooper velez when he hit the trooper on i-90 west. this is video of him taking a field sobriety test near the scene of the crash. police later took him away in handcuffs. trooper velez was a 27 year veteran. he graduated from the state highway patrol academy in 1989 and is survived by three children. family and friends are still in shock that he is gone. >> it hurts. it hurts. it hurts. you know, he probably wasn't paying attention and now i have lost a brother.
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are going to lose him through the courts. >> memorial services for trooper velez are set for next week visiting hours at wednesday afternoon at the lorain county community college. funeral services will also take place there on thursday morning. trooper velez will be laid to rest at calvary cemetery in lorraine. lauren wilson, news channel 5. court at the end of the month. police officers are recovering after a car crash into their cruiser saturday afternoon. it happened on -- happened on west 3rd and frankfurt. a woman drove through the intersection and hit the left side of the police car. the driver and both police officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word yet on possible charges . new developments in the deadly police shooting of a 13- year-old in columbus. police just arrested a man in
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robbery charges related to the shooting of tyree king. braxton told officials he was with king when the man robbed a man at gunpoint. braxton and king took off. king was later shot when he failed to drop his weapon, which ended up being a bb gun. back at home, downtown, you may run into problems. rapid lines are out of service until 3:30 am sunday because of a mechanical issue. the trains are being replaced by buses so customers should write -- weight on rail systems for those shuttles to come around. a cloudy and wet saturday. will the second half of the weekend be a repeat? >> we hope not. we have too many fun events with the browns hope open era. we know we need a brother -- a better weather day for them to win at home. rain from looking -- looking much better.
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really lightened up. notice the activity back toward toledo. we have the official front hanging in the wings in the back west of us. we're still looking at additional rounds of thunder and storms. the bigger amounts are done. here is a look at mental right now. this is it over new philadelphia. alliston, and carol thin. at this point, it is light to moderate pockets recently. it is mainly on the light augusta, carrollton, brown. new franklin is going -- it's going to skew close to you but away from home. temperatures in the 70s, not bad. a few 60s sprinkled in. tonight, clouds will keep us in the mild 60s but tomorrow, we may have sunshine. we will timeout our rain for
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for now, back to you. tomorrow marks the beginning of national heroine awareness week. the effort led by u.s. attorney general loretta lynch aims to educate the public about the dangers of opioids and try to find solutions to the drug crisis. the number of heroin overdoses continues to skyrocket right here in ohio. it took 16 doses of narcan to revive a woman in warren and normally it just takes one or two doses to reverse the drug effects on a person. >> r usually stocked with eight to 10 doses of narcan but even that was not enough days ago when rescue crews administered 16 doses because the drugs being taken are so much stronger and sometimes mixed with animal tranquilizers took >> when they put that on board, it many times takes more doses because there is so much in the system. >> reporter: a youngstown woman was discovered halfway in her car's trunk in a fast food
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warren police told us next to her was a box containing needles, a spoon and a wet cotton ball. also in the car, too young children. for portland city ems, they carry two drug boxes per ambulance, which is four to six doses of narcan. first responses gave the overdose reducing drug until someone improves. if they run out, they call for backup. are they awake? are they talking to us? if nothing improves, we also have to say, do we think it's a drug overdose or is it something else? is it a stroke or diabetes? >> reporter: most patients do not have side effects when given narcan. now to some disturbing new comments on the campaign trail tonight. donald trump's working more outrage hours after his big birther backtrack. his supporters called sarcasm but clinton supporters are
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white house. >> not one more american life should be given up in the name of open borders. >> reporter: donald trump come a back on the stump and back on track with a signature issue. >> every day, our border remains open, innocent americans are needlessly victimized and killed. every day, sanctuary cities are left in place, innocent americans are put in harm's way. >> r seemed to -- to suggest that clinton was up into danger when she took away details. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want you to have guns. see what happens. it will be very dangerous. >> reporter: it's not clear if this is just rhetoric as trump has accused hillary clinton of denying the second amendment, which she denies but she does want stricter gun control. >> mr. president, not only do
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>> mr. trump, can we -- are you going to apologize to the president? >> reporter: donald trump has yet to explain his abrupt reversal. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: after years of suggesting president obama was not a natural born american. explain at the first presidential debate, now just a week from monday. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. massachusetts senator elizabeth moran is in the buckeye state campaigning for hillary clinton. she visited ohio state university saturday afternoon to per -- present her plan to make community college free. warren is scheduled to speak at cleveland state university on monday. we have a link for the details on our app and bernie sanders will be in akron.
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september but downtown cleveland is celebrating oktoberfest. thousands of people are packing public squares saturday's for the beer festival. many of them donned their favorite german attire. the family friendly event features german food, beer and live music. >> this has always been a family tradition. >> going on here with my mom. my dad and my sister. it's awesome. >> reporter: and you still have time to check out the celebration. oktoberfest continues tomorrow from 9 am until 4 pm. oktoberfest originated in munich, germany. many flocked to the city to celebrate the annual beer pilgrimage. police have tightened security at the festival amid terrorism scares. southern germany was rocked by a series of attacks this past summer. still ahead, a scare at the
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the incident and why it might have saved lives. and they goldrush to our west's working additional showers and even a few thunderstorms even -- in the overnight hours. i break that down next in your forecast. and deal or no deal? why those free tvs may not worth it after all. but first, here is a look at tonight's winning lottery numbers. you are watching news channel 5
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now to some more breaking news. this timeout of north carolina, at least four are dead and dozens more hurt after a high school football team's charter bus crashed on the highway. investigators believe eight higher on the bus blue and caused the driver to lose control and slam into a guardrail. it's unclear if any of the students are among the dead. the fbi is investigating jersey beach town moments before thousands of runners were set to take part in a charity race. the bomb went off right around 9:30 am in seaside park. it blew a big hole in this garbage can but did little damage otherwise. the bomb exploded along the scheduled route of a charity run to benefit u.s. marines and sailors. a delay in registration for the race is behind schedule and
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>> had the race gone on time, many people what has been around that area where the explosion did take place and there would have been massive injuries. >> the race was canceled. the fbi says there is no threat to public safety in the area. if you have ever considered buying something because of a free promotional deal like a gift card or tv, beware. consumer reporter john matarese has a caution about signing for deals so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: michael and jackie conor are making their fourth trip to their local at&t store. they are trying to get the free samsung tv they were promised when they switched to at&t wireless. >> they had a sign that you also qualify for a free tv. >> reporter: so they made the switch. then, to avoid mistakes, ask
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salesman fill out all the paperwork. >> reporter: state -- three months later, still no tv. >> they said everything was in order and we would be hearing from samsung and receive the television but we have yet to receive the television. >> reporter: i get complaints every week about promotions gone awry. they be it's a free gift card for switching cable service or a free set of tires. how can you protect yourself and make sure you get what is promised? says when applying for they've all of your paperwork and take pictures of signed forms with your phone. write down the names of everyone you deal with and look for loopholes that could disqualify you. we contacted the at&t corporate office where a spokesman offered a full investigation. >> it has all been very frustrating. i don't like promotions but it sounded good at the time.
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after several months, don't give up. contact the state attorney general and the bbb and file complaints against all involved businesses. the gorilla shot and killed at the cincinnati zoo earlier this year has become an internet sensation but now, con artists are trying to profit from his death online. kyle zimmerman bought a t-shirt honoring the guerrilla and the seller list of the website for $25 but the purchaser $600. >> it's as quantity one, shipping $600. i had accepted the terms and conditions of the seller and this was on me. >> he tried to reach the seller but the seller deleted his account after the transaction and the website did agree to refund the shipping fee after his complaint was filed. we are hours from the 68th annual emmy awards and we will have complete coverage of the
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red carpet arrivals begin at 7:00 followed by the award ceremony at 8:00 and jimmy kimmel returns as the host. we had a cloudy and rainy day here in ohio. in pennsylvania, a possible tornado. >> we got lucky. we had the same opportunity of seeing strong to severe thunderstorms spinning in the atmosphere. we had pretty strong winds. it happened just east of us but we just got beneficial rainfall, some of us picking up an inc thunderstorms. notice now, it is much lighter. east of home, you see here in butler county, is where that tornado was cited on the ground in atwell crossing. pennsylvania is close to home so
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the area, touch base with them and make sure they weren't impacted. no severe weather for us now and no severe weather expected overnight or for your sunday rainfall. currently, it is pretty light. not a lot of thunderstorm activity today but we did see a little in the overnight hours. for right now, we have moderate to light rain, mainly light now. powerstation and valley view, carrollton has light rain moving off to the north and east. we get moderate pockets that show up. this is headed toward brown and august continuing to move out for now. still some developing showers and thunderstorms from the official front back in the west. you can see some activity toward toledo. we will see another round but i do think there is a possibility in the morning hours. i will time it out that much better conditions in the afternoon. 73 degrees cleveland, 74 degrees
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we do have added cloud cover. overnight lows are going to stay on the mild side. we should be down into the 50s for your overnight lows but here and now, we have 73 degrees to contend with as you step outside. the dew point helping that very high at 66% and a stronger southwest wind. we are keeping that moisture content a little higher but that does drop off behind the front. feeling more summerlike because of those numbers. let's talk additional rainfall. 11:45 pm, you can see it pretty much keeping up. just light chances. even as we push toward 10 am tomorrow, there is not a lot to show you. further south and east, the better opportunity for seeing an additional thunderstorm or two but most of us drying out. by the time the browns game is over and the indians are hoping for a win, it doesn't look like any additional problems. if you want to get out in the yard tomorrow, the weather will be cooperating much better for us.
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kirkland, 10 am to 5 pm. 10 am, 73 degrees with a rain chance, by 2 pm, a little sunshine and a high of 78 degrees. for the drive, taking on the tigers again, 70s for you as your rain is ending. mostly cloudy conditions. as for the browns, it could be wet. the top tailgaters may get wet but dry by gametime. our seven-day forecast, shin look at next weekend. 88 degrees on saturday. that is not football weather. speaking of football, it's time for sports and you have football and baseball news. >> reporter: a bittersweet day for the indians. they lost carlos carrasco for the year.
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brought to you by brunswick auto mart. >> reporter: the indians cannot catch a break. carlos carrasco done for the year after a right-hand broking. he suffered a nondisplaced fracture days after another catcher suffered a non--- nondisplaced fracture. now, carlos carrasco goes down. look, it's okay to feel like it's gloom and doom. injuries are piling up. a team that finds a way. they have done it all season and today was no different. after he got injured, the coach told the bullpen to put their seatbelts on. they are all going to pitch and we're going to win. kyle crockett getting some help from his defense. a diving catch here. lay it out. beautiful grab. the indians were a no-hit in
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andrew miller doing his job, pitched two innings and struck out three. hosing -- jose ramirez one of the best in baseball, right on cue reaches out, puts it through and all game. it's the indian's 10th walkoff win this season, tied with the astros for the most in the majors. they also broke a record for most pitchers used in a shutout, 9. reporter: college football, baldwin-wallace and john carroll in the cuyahoga fourth year in a row. as for boldin -- baldwin wallace, their quarterback was a standout but his road included a few detours. >> reporter: i just kind of -- >> i just had this end goal to be a starting college quarterback. >> reporter: senior robbie flake and didn't take the straight and narrow path. after a career at rocky river,
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he was a third string quarterback his freshman year. >> that summer, a week or two before camp, they called me and said we don't really need you on the roster. so i took a year off from football. i really just reevaluated what i wanted to do and wallace seemed to be a good fit. >> reporter: he wanted to be part of a division i program but says he is very happy where he is at. >> i was a coming out of high school. i thought all that mattered was divisions. but it's about the ball on the field. >> reporter: as a back up last year -- after serving as a backup last year, he is finally starting. >> he has grown so much over the course of his college career. >> a 33 yard touchdown. >> now, it's fun to see him reap those rewards and play because he has got a gift. >> it's everything i have
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year and i couldn't be more excited. tomorrow, the browns have their home opener against the ravens. the browns countdown at 7:00. at 11:35 pm, sports sunday and a breakdown of what happened against baltimore. join us on ms. channel 5. one more look at the weather after
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the seven-day forecast showing the morning rainfall tomorrow with a high of 70 degrees. should be good by gametime for the tribe and the brownies. look at that. summer is back for a little bit. thanks for staying up with us. have a good night and we will
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[theme music ends] woman: wait. sid wants, sid gets. - [elevator bell dings] - he doesn't care what the network thinks. [groans] then what's the point of discussing cast changes with him? - he's just gonna do what he wants regardless. - [presses button] [mouth full] as always. [creaking, rumbling] - [gasps] aah! - aah! is he dead?! is he dead? [sighs]
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he dead? hey, good morning, martha. - is he dead? - is who dead? no, i'm just... is he dead? is he dead? is he dead? [lowered voice] castle, something's wrong with your mother. you're just realizing this now? - no, no. shh. listen. - martha: is he dead? is he dead?! oh! she's doing 48-hour first line. oh, that's right. you haven't lived here while mother is preparing to open in a play. for getting into character. is he dead? [laughs] okay, so, this is normal? she's an actor. what's normal? i call it "48-hour first line" because for the two days prior to opening night, she will say nothing but her character's first line of the play. okay, that's unique. - mm. - is he dead? but doesn't her play open next month? that's right. it's previews that are two days away. oh, no, that is odd. [cell phone vibrates]
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- is he dead? - yes, unfortunately, martha -- right. never mind. be honest. when you vowed "for better or for worse," you really had no idea what you were getting into, did you? hmm. [chuckles] - ? is he dead? is he dead? ? - see you, mother. ? is he dead? ? is he dead? - ? is... ? - [door opens] we can stay at a hotel. that way, you don't have to listen to her say that line - over and over again. - no, it's okay. i mean, we're gonna manage. it's just, your mom's kind of -- annoying? yeah, i know. trust me, we're getting off easy. one time her opening line was, "come on, baby. i'll make it worth your while." - [laughs] ooh, i see what you mean. - yeah. most awkward parent-teacher conference ever. - hey, lanie. - good morning, you two. - this is -- - sid ross! the creator of "saturday night tonight." yeah, not to mention all the movies he produced. - the man's a mogul. - so, what happened? he was strangled with his own tie and then thrown down that elevator shaft - from the "s.n.t." studios on the seventh floor. - [camera shutter clicks] his body was on the roof of that elevator for hours
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like some jack-in-the-box from hell. - time of death? - based on lividity, - between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. - [cell phone vibrating] looks like sid was burning the midnight oil. let's check with security, see if they know - if anyone else was in the building with him. - [cell phone beeps] considering where we are, maybe one of sid's employees killed him. yeah, well, ryan and esposito are bringing his wife in now. maybe she knows who would have done this to him. everyone was scared of sid, but they didn't know him like i did. they thought he was just a cold, tyrannical dictator. sounds like he had enemies. ohh. after 35 years of making and breaking careers, you... you're bound to piss off a few people. anyone at "saturday night tonight" studio? yeah, was he having trouble with any of his employees there? i don't know. maybe. uh... eh, sid called me last night. it was odd. uh, he said he was going to be working late. - and that's unusual? - no.


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