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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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standing by. >> and janessa webb is in for somara this morning. >> and we off to a crystal clear start and high pressure is the theme of the week allowing us for more sunshine across the board and temperatures slightly cooler and dew points down for leg and geauga and 52 are thage county thing yes calming down from west to east and score for millersburg and i want you to get ready for temperatures returning to lower 80s across the area this afternoon and we'll see the feel-like temperatures in the hour and most of us in the upper 70s and this is the high pressure making its way in here and that is still across the earn
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your workweek and by 2:00, the clouds splitting a part by 79. >> and let check on drive times and we are clocking in at an 8- minute commute and so far so good, 13-minute ride and 32 minutes to the interchange and 90 and 77 and pershing looks quiet and 77 and harvard, the north and southbound lanes look good, guys. >> and we continue to follow a terror investigation into the new york city area and five more possible explosive devices found and one detonated overnight and officials say two men found a backpack in a garbage can much about 9 last night and called police come they saw wires and a pipe
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backpack. at the same time, five people were taken into custody in connection with saturday's bombing in new york city. abc news reports investigators are looking into links between that blast in saturday's explosion in seaside park, new jersey. both used the same cell phones and there is surveillance video of a man at both 23rd street where the bomb was placed in chelsea and 27th street where a pressure cooker bomb was found. and this comes as world leaders gather for the u.n. general assembly in new york city. we're monitori terrence. and this morning, we're following new developments in the case of a suspected serial killer. sean grate and we're learning the number of victims could be growing. >> investigators confirm that they're looking into two more cases now and meg shaw live at the courthouse for us and grate is going to be back in court today, meg? >> reporter: corrina and terrence, grate is to appear in court at 7:45 via skype and he'll answer to kidnapping and
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now telling police that there could be more victims. we're told police are now looking into the murders of at least two more women. a 2007 murder from marion and another from 2015 in mansfield. no charges have been filed in those cases yet, but the ohio attorney general's office said the bureau of criminal investigation was in marion county on friday, and we're now told the fbi is also assisting in for murder and kidnapping after police discovered the bodies of missing women stacy stanley and elizabeth griffith on tuesday in a vacant home. a judge set his bond at $1 million. so, as you can imagine, this case is far from over. a lot of investigating left to do and i will attend the arraignment hearing this morning at 7:45, and we'll bring you the latest information once i can. meg shaw, newschannel 5, live
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>> and we there will be increased police patrols in and outside of lakewood high school. the school officials found a disturbing message in a restroom on friday referencing a columbine-style shooting. at this point, police are still investigating that threat. and meantime, an akron man shot and killed by akron police. >> and witnesses said he was carrying an assault rifle. and police say it started when an argument between neighbors on florida avenue yesterday. the 61-year-old suspect allegedly slammed the neighbor's arm in a car started reaching for a rifle and did not put it down when police asked him to. >> and i didn't know which way they were flaying. and police are investigating a i possible assault and a woman said that three men held her at gunpoint
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atm and they sexually assaulted her. if you know anything, call police. and. >> right now, a man is facing several charges for a deadly drive-by shooting in ohio city and this happened in august near west 25th and clark. gordon fired two shots at two men in the car killing one of them. and they ended up crashing the car and gordon is due in court at 8:30 this an incident that happened near the mu in, i lot. officials say a 23-year-old man was injured on or near the tracks at the south harbor station. and they had to suspended service on the waterfront line but it was back up and running at the end of the game. and we're working to get an update on the man's condition this morning. new this morning, ohio ranks number four when it comes to catalytic converter thefts, according to the report from
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than 1400 were stolen and that is they're up 23% nationwide and the car part contains medals that have expensive recycling values. and also new this morning, avon lake coming up with a new way to track vicious dogs. the chronicle telegram reports the city coming up with new legislation for handling dog attacks and they created a map online about where dogsly that are dangerous and nuisance, name and breed. two separate attacks in 2015 had residents pushing for stricter dog law. >> and we this month is national suicide prevention awareness month and designed to promote awareness and resources around suicide prevention. over the weekend, the group dancing for life taking steps to bring awareness to the growing problem. the founder is a local stated representative who lost her son to suicide and she played a key part in getting house bill 28
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universities to have a suicide prevention program on the website. >> we need to do a better job and that means parents, that means adults and that means schools and society. we need to do a better job on teaching children how to cope with items in everyday life. >> and suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10 to 24-year-olds nationally and here in ohio and if someone who needs help, call the national suicide hotline and that is listed on your screen. in the race to the white house, both campaigns are busy trying to win votes in the buckeye state and elizabeth warren campaigned for hillary clinton and touted clinton's plan to make sueition free at community colleges. and republican candidate donald trump plans to return to our state on wednesday. he's scheduled to attend a lunchtime rally in toledo.
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first presidential debate and it's feeling a lot like summer as we transition into fall this week. >> and temperatures in the 80s and we should be at a nice crisp 73 degrees and we're seeing some cooler air this morning and for the kids returning to school and this morning, lower 60s at the bus stop and we'll see temperatures warming up by recess and get ready for it. more sunshine in store through and the time now is 5:08. i'm corrina pysa. >> and this is what is coming up for you. we're warning you about the samsung galaxy phones and one man is suing the company. you may not believe what happened to him. >> and new developments in the minnesota mall stabbings. why investigators think it mean an act of terrorism.
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. breaking overnight from the live deck, a scary crash on the east side sends's juvenile to the hospital. it happened at east 93rd and buckeye. the overnight news tracker was
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tan car completely ripped off and a red truck flipped over, damage to the front and back and luckily, we're told, that juvenile's injuries are minor. and this morning in minnesota, officials say the stabbing of 9 people at a mall is a potential act of terrorism. it happened saturday night and an offduty police officer shot and killed an attacker inside the store. investigators don't believe the attack is related to the new york and >> and i am hopeful that once we're able to figure out what the motivation was for our attacker here, we'll be able to say again definitively what, if any, connection there might be. >> and isis claims the attacker was a soldier of the islamic state. right now, the fbi is digging into the attacker's past to see if he has links to isis. and in new jersey, opening
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christie's former aidess. prosecutors said lanes near the bridge were closed for political revenge against a local democratic mayor who did not endorse him. christie himself might be called to testify here. north carolina's governor officially withdrawing a lawsuit over the state's bathroom bill, filed in response to the department of justice suing the state. the lawsuit asked the federal government to rule. it bans people from to the biological sex and the federal lawsuit against the state will continue. and scientists are recording the lightning strike as the longest bolt. it stretched 199.5 miles. >> wow. >> and almost over the entire length of oklahoma. they confronted the longest recorded lightningfla issue in france and lasted over 7 seconds, janessa. >> wow.
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dangerous and good thing we're not seeing any of that and we don't have it in the forecast the next five to seven days and that is as the high pressure is building and we're off to a cooler start and might need a light coat handy. 58, good morning elyria. upper 50s and we had reports of mid-50s for way county this morning and good morning, ashtabula at 63 degrees and dues are starting to slide down a bit and the to be uncomfortable and you will need to be hydrated throughout the day. and the high pressure is allowing for all of the sunshine to grasp northeast ohio for the next three to five days and jumped a few clouds into the south. most of the moisture we get can has a track to the eastern seaboard and you can see
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nice and clear. and we should be at a nice 73 degrees, folks, and we're seeing highs about few of to six degrees warmer that am formal -- than normal. i want to break down the future cast. we're not going to see all bright sunshine this morning. the high cirrous clouds are working their way in to inland areas and that includes by 8:00 a.m. in akron and canton and they're in and out quickly and have an outdoor lunch here and greater clevelan 80s by the 1:00 hour. the peak of daytime highs is going to touch down here by 3, 4 and you can see wayne county to akron, 82 and that warm air in place and the temperatures for lower 60s and an overnight low and this is a pleasant, quiet week across the board and i want to mention thursday
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could hit 90 degrees and greater cleveland, 88; more sunshine for friday night football, 84 and we will track a few rain chances for your saturday. >> and doesn't feel like fall to me. no issues on the roadway and starting out looking at the odot camera and that angle showing 71 at dennison avenue and to the maps about closures that can get in your way and wooster street still closed and the metro area into downtown, the ride on 71 looks good, no issues on 90 and 77 getting by without an issue either. over to you. >> and we have to check on new video this morning. a small plane in arizona catching fire and crashing into a home. and look at that. it was carrying four sky divers
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the pilot was able to parachute out as well and had minor burns. those inside the house are okay, too. >> and home is destroyed. the ntsb is now investigating. >> and amazing now that everyone is okay. if you think that is wild, look at this and this is a florida man suing samsung. the battery defect is linked to the phone catching fi exploding and samsung recalled a million note 7s in the country because of the problem. and one of the hottest topics this morning, of course, is the emmy awards. >> and there were plenty of top moments and the nice big winner was the people versus o.j. simpson and including one for sarah pahlsson, who got emotional defending the real life character she played. >> and the more i learned about
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two-mytension -- dimensional cutout in the news, the mother of two who woke up every day and put both feet on the floor and dedicated herself to making an unconscionable wrong, the more i had been recognized that i and the rest of the world had member superofficial and careless in my judgement and i am glad to be here today in front of everyone and tell you i am sorry. >> and what a moment there and not to be here, by ellen degeneres. she ordered pizza when hosting the emmys? jimmy kimmel announce heads mom made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the audience and they rode bikes through the crowd and handing out lunch bags and hoped no one had a peanut allergy because he
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and bazooka bubble gum. how they surprised a longtime baseball fan. >> and a toddler in trouble. why one mom called 911 on the
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. welcome back. time now is 5:21. and a mother in arizona is getting national recognition and called police to teach her three-year-old daughter a lesson about seatbelt safety. >> and we don't know what other
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they can run into the back of mom and hit the side of the car and you know what, if we're not buckled? our body is going to hit something. and we don't know what that is going to do. >> michelle called police when her daughterup buckled her seatbelt during a ride home. and she tried to explain it to her daughter herself but figured the police would re- enforce the message, which, as you heard there, they happily did and her daughter promised the officers she would always keep her seatbel >> and interesting how the news crew just happened to be there during the time when it was all taped, unless it was a cell phone video and i am not sure. and dealing with fog some in spots here. shardon-akron and canton area and a reminder, too and 271 north and southbound between 303 and the turnpike and we're down to one lane in each direction. it's going to go on until noon today and that closure
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for live looks and 76 in the area and you can see in some of the spots, foggy. >> and reduced visibility to a quarter of a mile for inland locations and you're waking up to copdeposition on the car and that is due to the cooler surveys and the humidity levels. folks, they are still upper 50s to lower 60s and that is why we're seeing the cloudy skies now and the fog taking over. and that is going to lift to the north as we step int and the clouds split apart here by 8:00 p.m. and 64 degrees, temperatures warming up by noon into the upper 70s and we're going to sit in all of that sunshine by 2. >> and lawyer. in case you missed it yesterday, check it out and this is the browns honoring one of the greatest players in nfl history. a statue of jim brown stands in
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and the brown sculpture weighs more than 2,000 found pounds and whaty great moment that was yesterday. >> and the indians have the day off to recover from their loss against detroit and the tigers beat the tribe 9-5 and they started the series with cams caps city and first pitch at 7 continuetime. and boo zacha -- bazooka bubble gum is making prom juicy and he was cleaning out the home in texas when he discovered a binder of baseball cards collected as a kid and you just fill out a scorecard for two games and they support it in the mail and with five gum wrappers. >> the deadline didn't have a year on it. >> and i felt if i wrote the scores in and support it in by
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somebody. >> and i. ed to do something for him to make that situation for fun. >> and he won the contest and 59 years later, he's a tour guide now at texas rangers stadium. and how great is that? >> that is awesome. >> and does it make you wonder how many other contests are there from the '50s and '60s never won? >> and hold on to stuff. you remember, tootsie pops. if they free one. i tried to use one on the other day, it didn't work. and gas prices soaring across the southeast and the six states facing a shortage now. >> and a group of people show up to the brunswick football game dressed in back and they're taking a knee for a local player. >> and this is a look at last night's winning lotto numbers.
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. new at 5:30, a suspected serial killer back in court. i am live in ashland where sean grate is expected to enter a plea in hours. >> and breaking new details in the new york city explosion. five people are in police custody and more explosives were found in new jersey. the possible link between the cases. >> and the queen of hearts is still hiding in garrettsville.
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$3 million and how you can win the money and doesn't that sound good, janessa? >> and talk about the fog this morning. >> we're seeing low visibility across the board and to a quarter of a mile and this is affecting more sheltered and inland locations. the copdeposition is very hi -- condensation is very high this morning, mixing in with humidity levels in the upper 50 ands to 60 ands. and that -- and 60 ands. and that will calm down and as you're driving this morning, in is a real quiet week across nowhere ohio and soaking up the last few days of summer. just won't quit here by noon and 79 and degrees. kristen. >> and thank you so much, jan assess. and we're trouble free. overnight, though, we have a closure to tell you about.
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here. 271 southbound, right at 480 and that right lane is going to be closed again. the start time, 7:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then you have 480 westbound at 271. the right lane again, closed same timeframe 7:00 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. to 6 a.m. and let's head outside and check on the odot cameras. 76 at battles and akron and, wow, you can see how foggy it is in that area. a reminder, yeah, janessa said take it slow. another tip, use the low beams and over to you. and we continue to follow a terror investigation into the new york city area. five more possible explosive devices found. one of them detonated overnight and it was all caught on camera. wow. officials say two men found a backpack in a garage can in elizabeth, new jersey, before 9 last night. the mayor said that five devices were found inside.
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processed and more information will be released once the area has been cleared. also breaking overnight, five people were taken into fbi custody in connection with saturday's bombing in new york city. abc news reports investigators are looking into links between that blast and saturday's explosion in seaside park, new jersey. and this comes as world leaders gather for the u.n. general assembly in new york. security is being beefed up and we'll keep you updated. terrence. and an attack at a mall in as terrorism, too. a man stabbed 9 people before he was shot and killed by an offduty police officer. isis is claiming it inspired the attack. police say the suspect made reference to allah and asked at least one victim if he was muslim. and the officer was just shopping in the mall. he confronted the man and police are calling him a hero who was in the right place at the right time. >> and. >> one man is dead after being shot by an akron police officer.
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this started as a fight between two men on florida avenue yesterday. the 61-year-old suspect allegedly slammed his neighbor's arm in a car door. when officers got there, the man reached for an assault rifle in the van and officers told him to stop but he didn't. >> and an officer told him to drop his weapon three, four times. >> and the officer had nothing else to do but the -- to fire shots at the suspect. >> and now only one officer fired shots and he's on paid leave investigated, terrence. >> and in a few hours, grate will answer to kidnapping and murder charges and meg shaw is lee with more. police believe he has more victims. >> reporter: we're being told that he is now telling investigators that he could be connected to the deaths of at least two more women. a case from 2007 and in marion and another case from 2015 in mansfield.
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charges have been filed. the ohio attorney general's office is confirming they're investigating these claims after bci was in marion county on friday and we have confirmed that the fbi of cleveland is involved in the case and they tell us they're an assisting agency and the 40-year-old is charged with two counts of murder and one kidnapping for the deaths of stanley and griffith and grate is the suspect in richmond county but the prosecutor has not filed official charges and he is back in court this morning and will be arraigned at the police courthouse at 7:45 and via skype and i will attend the hearing and give you the latest as soon as i can. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and thank you, meg. to breaking news now. at least three attempted smash- and-grabs overnight in
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lope max store and come our overnight news tracker arrived on scene, the atm van was tight sitting in the parking lot and another one at the family dollar. we found two holes in the building and gasoline, everywhere. and a minivan was left in the parking lot and a third possible smash-and-grab on buckeye and east 93rd. no word on if anything was taken there or if all are related. we'll keep you updated, corrina. >> thank you. and this morning, overland superintendent apologizing for a football game that turned into a brawl. the chronicle telegram reports the game between oberland and wellington had to be called within 9 minutes left on the clock and players on both sides were ejected and the decision was made to win the game. wellington was winning 37-zero. and a brunswick football player got backup in the game. he said the teammates sent him racist and threatening messages after he didn't stand for the national anthem last week. and according to the medina gazette, 20 people showed up to
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and took a knee during the national anthem. the school and police are investigating the threats. >> spent this is getting more interesting. the queen of hearts strong in garrettsville. there is no winner. >> exactly. >> and nobody won the drawing so that means this jackpot is up to $3 million and can we get some of that, please? three cards are left and tickets are on sale at the bowling ally this week and nearly sold for last night's drawing and people came from as far as canada to play. and still to come, problems at the pump. what is forcing some gas stations to shut down on the east coast. >> then. >> and i have to get to the -- . >> and not a problem. the absolute least i can do and i am going myself, anyway. >> and how about some car pool karaoke on the way to the emmys
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first, today's techbytes. >> a possible glitch for the new iphones and some say a hisses sound seems to start when there is a heavy processor workflow like with video games. >> and it's not is -- from apple which started distributing the 7s this weekend. >> and the ride hailing service lyft is picking up passengers in san francisco and phoenix with driverless cars. >> and they expect lyft to rely on self-driving vehicles the next five year night on twitter. >> and twitter got a shout out on the big show and leslie jones talked about the twitter hack and that they're protecting something now that no one wants to steal and they should protect her twitter account instead. >> and she made desperate pleas
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. good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb and we're looking forward to some more sunny skies throughout the afternoon and you're. >>ing reduced visibility to near zero for sheltered areas and no advisories or warnings just yet but as you're stepping out, be aware of it. by the noon, lifting to the north and allowing more sunshine to ira peer here and they're back in the lower 80s.
5:40 am
and this is what people are dealing with. at 76 in battles avenue in the akron area and rough to get by. the visibility is going to be an issue for your commute and i will give you more details in just a bit. and all across the south, it's the same thing. gas pumps covered with bags and some stations just shut down. >> and it's a mess. at least six states dealing with a gas shortage and that is because of a spill at a key pipeline in alabama. it was shut down and the company still scrambling to get it online. >> and it provides gas for an estimated 15 million people and they're rising at some stations that ran out of gas. and. a piece of harry potter history is up for sale. >> and the house on privett drive is on the market. and this house in the uk was chosen to be the home for the first harry potter movie. you remember it in it even has
5:41 am
like the books and it was used in the first movie and after that, it was on the set. the owners are asking for $653,000, 150 pounds and get that money ready. >> and i don't remember that home. and that is where harry potter lived when he got his letter that he was accepted to hog a warts and lived in the cupboard -- hogwarts and he lied in the cupboard under the stairs. and it's 5:41. you can't stop ohio state. now, how the team is being rewarderred for the this weekend. and that is next on good
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. breaking overnight, another blow to syria. the cease fire is rapidly coming undone. eight people are dead afr first aerial attacks on the rebel-controlled areas of alepo. the new violations follow tensions between the u.s. and russia. the u.s. military said that it may have unintentionally hit syrian troops during a raid on isis over the weekend. more than 60 soldiers have been reported dead. corrina. >> all right, sarah. 5:44. and classes are cancelled at clinton college in south carolina. two of the students are among four people killed in a bus crash on saturday.
5:45 am
the bus was carrying the football team to an away game. investigators believe a tire on the bus blue out causing it to swerve and hit an overpass. 42 people were hurt in that crash and eight of them still in serious condition. and a bus crash in washington, d.c., injured 20 people yesterday. police say a van crossed into an intersection hitting the bus. only one of the injuries, though, was serious. a seven-year-old boy was thrown forward on the bus. he hit a pole. police say he was memory loss, terrence. and l.a. hosted the first pro football game the first time in two decades. but, the california heat put a damp or the party. 170 people were treated for heat-related issues during the ram's game. it was so bad at least the 14 people had to go to the hospital. and temps inside hit about 98 degrees and about 90,000 people were at that game.
5:46 am
that i am naive. >> share main car, best known as liesel in "the sound of music" has died and hear family said she was dealing with complications from dementia. shoo got out of the movie business and started her own interior design business. the clients included michael jackson, too and she was 73. and this week is opioid and hearn epidemic awareness week. president obama calling on the country to remember victims in the drug crisis solutions to the problem. this week, u.s. attorney general loretta lyncm is expected to announce a new strategy focusing on strategy prevention, enforcement, and treatment. and we have new information on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the new york posts the private server was targeted by hackers four times and claims reporters in china tried to break in three times and a russian computer tried to access it once and this happened while
5:47 am
hacking attempts were successful. and top would trump is facing heat about his comments against clinton and guns and in florida. he said her secret service agents should have her gun -- their guns taken away and see what happened to her. mike pence is defending trump's comments. >> and the point he was making is that hilary clinton has had private security now in her life the last 30 years and would deny the right of law- abiding citizens to have a firearm in their home to protect i think what he was saying is if she doesn't have that security, she would be more supportive of the second amendment. >> and at a new cbs poll shows the presidential race is getting tighter when you just look at battleground states. they are tied with 42% of the vote each. and switching gears here and talking weather. it's a beautiful morning and look at that shot there of cleveland and we're dealing with fog in a lot of places, janessa.
5:48 am
western locations and that includes elyria, north ridgeville, sandusky and you're waking up to clear skies and that is our inland and sheltered areas and southern geauga county and we're seeing low visibility to a quarter of a mile near zero for stark and summit county. as you're stepping out, get prepared for that and take it slow on roadways and as you can barely see in front of you and that is due to dew points an top notch and the temperatures are mixing in with 60s for greater cleveland and 65 for canton and we're look at another day, folks. of our temps back in the lower 80s and the front moved through yesterday afternoon and dew points, the moisture in the air have no the bummed a bit and 62 for summit county and that will continue to rise throughout the afternoon and still, that uncomfortable air in place and
5:49 am
high pressure to the west and this will steadily build throughout the next three to five days and allowing us to be on under a very quiet weather pattern and lots of sunshine across the board and have an outdoor lunch, maybe a picnic tonight by 5:00 and in the lowerrity'. and clouds are creeping up throughout the early morning and late morning for stark- summit county and they're in lower 80s by 1:00. and daytime highs, they should be normally at about 73 and about 9 to 10 degrees warmer and that is than normal and this trend, man, it continues and summer doesn't want to give up here and look at the first day of fall. a moment of silence here and that is near 90 for thursday afternoon. kristen. >> and that is not acceptable. >> not acceptable. and you mentioned the fog there and this is our traffic
5:50 am
with it and yeah, certainly portage,sta, county and most blanketed entirely with fog and visibility is going to certainly be a challenge this morning as you make your way into where you need to go here. 71 north and southbound and until noon from 303 and into the turnpike. we're down to one lane in each direction. keep that in mine. and let's show you what it looks like at 76 and 77 in akron and, yes, put on the low beams and it's rough out win and big rewarder. the buckeyes jumped up to the number two spot and many people thought playing oklahoma on the road would be a tough test and passed with flying colors, and alabama still holes the number one spot. the browns had a hot start against the ravens and that did not last long, though and they blew the 20-point lead. >> and that is hard to watch. mon of the most talked about
5:51 am
and procedure tried to throw the ball at an farm and -- . >> the ref called a taunting penalty and browns were forced to replay and with an interception on the next play and ending the game. >> and the browns also got a little banged up. the quarterback hur his left shoulder but he was able to stay in the game. the defensive lineman left with a hand injury and the center was taken to chest and ribs and they watching him overnight. and it's not just the browns, the patriots quarterback was taken out after a nasty hit, too and that means kent state alum and he could get the chance to return to his roots and where's the team's emergency quarterback and kent state's quarterback for three years about of he switched over to wide receiver. >> i.5:51 is the time now -- 5:51 is the time now and we
5:52 am
the night was fun and he got a ride from james cordon and there was carpool karaoke. >> and the bang, bang, bang, here we go. [ singing ] >> then something happened. cordon left kim mel on the sidewalk and look who picked him up. jeb bush making a cameo, saying he was driving a limo sunday night since he's between jobs. >> oh,. >> and the most to broadcast. >> and julia lewis dreyfuss won hear fifth straight emmy for veep and ended with a -- with a tribute to her father. >> and i would like to dedicate this to my father who passed,way on friday and i am so glad that he liked me because his opinion was the one that really mattered. thank you so much.
5:53 am
she's won the outstanding lead actress in the comedy series six times now and that beats candace bergen and mary tyler moore. >> and such a touching moment and can't help but get emotional seeing her and herring her talking with about her father. >> and don't go away.
5:54 am
. good morning, everybody. we're getting ready for more sunshine across the board for your monday afternoon and then look at your seven-day forecast. and the temperatures are on a trend by 85 and that is wednesday afternoon. the first day of fall near 90 in some spots, folks and friday night football is looking nice and clear. and we're tracking a few storms for saturday.
5:55 am
easy. -- janessa and folk is what we dealing with and that is into portage county, star county and parts of wayne county. and really dealing with visibility issues and heading outside. i will show you four live looks of 76 and you see some of the spots especially at 76 and 77 and looking rough. over to you. >> all right. >>. and i a killer with a history of violence from texas to massileon is sentenced to life leroy rogers pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated murder and other charges. in exchange, prosecutors took the death penalty off of the table. his trial was supposed to start tomorrow and rogers shot and killed 23-year-old ke in, dra carns and another and touched their bodies. his criminal history includes murder, rape, and aggravated assault. and ohio middle and high schoolers can earn college credits for free but it's
5:56 am
school district and allows them to take up to 30 credits at no cost and it has to be taken by someone and the programs becoming too expensive. >> and four men from northeast ohio will get the congressional medal today and one of the highest given to civilians and they're all in their 90s, originally from puerto rico, fighting in world war 1, 2, and the coran war and it's happening at the and did you get engaged over the weekend? and we need to you come to the tv now. >> and a local photographer might be looking for you and he put this picture on facebook and that she was walking on the east 9th pier saturday when she spotted the couple and has the picture of the entire proposal and get it to the couple here and if this is you, if you know who this is, we're putting information on how you can
5:57 am
looks like she said its. >> and appears that way. what a sweet gesture by the photographer and we want to get the pictures to them. the lakewood schools is high alert and a threat in the school bathroom. >> and we staying on top of breaking news. more explosives found in new jersey and we have the latest
5:58 am
5:59 am
explosive devices found in new jersey. one detonating near a train station and why they might be linked to new york. >> and new developments in the case of a suspected serial killer. he'll be back in court today. the number of his victims, why they're growing. >> and it's september 19th. and we're looking there and that is what it looks like. is that's beautiful shot, though? and some of us, unfortunately, waking up to some fog and our weather and traffic team is standing by to get you started. janessa week -- webb and good morning. >> and into the west, avon lake with westlake and you're seeing the high pressure building and i want you to come to the screen now and i will show you the exact locations where we're seeing the reduced visibility to near zero in some spots and as you step out, we have nowhere and southern portions of wayne county and do up to zero for summit and stark
6:00 am
areas of geauga county and did everd in thely a rough go of things as the clouds are in place and our humidity levels in the lower 60s and that is why we're waking up to foggy conditions and temperatures, though, across the board. a cooler start and 59 for lake county and throughout your afternoon, though, you're going to see the high pressure building and that is going to allow for more sunshine and really across the board and by the noon hour, most of us in the upper 70s to lower 80s and and you mentioned the fog, reduced visibility on 76 and 77 and mostly concerned about 76 right now and in portage county, tire mark county and way county, dealing with the visibility issue and your ride on 77 if you're coming in to the greater cleveland area and not seeing too much of an issue when it comes to fog there and that is mostly the southern counties and this is 76 at 77 and barely making out the cars


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