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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. >> then an all-out search in elyria. and a man is caught trying to get into a bedroom window and that is where four young girls were of sleeping. what the mother had to say. >> and dozens of residents having problems with the power bills and investigators are getting answers leaders. >> and i'm terrence lee. >> i'm corrina pysa. it's september 20th and let's look outside here and this is a cooler start to the morning and a beautiful look downtown and it's hot out again, right? >> yes and it's september 20th. and you know the first day of fall is not until the 22nd and this is still with a good reason and why we're seeing temperatures high this afternoon. 61 degrees and the time is 5
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now and because, yesterday, we had some foggy issues. didn't we. five miles in canton. about a half hour ago, we checked in with you and we're down to a mile in stark county and some improvement there. portage county, though, near critical and a half mile visibility in ravena and this is a look at the day planner. it's going to be sunny and temperatures are rising into the low 80s and so, again, very warm for this time of the year and know it when it does. >> and fall thursday? >> yes. >> and doesn't feel like it and let's go to the maps now. and there are no major issues when it comes to the visibility and we're improving and i am noticing the fog here. and that is 77 and 52 and take it slow and light look at the drive times and looking okay on 90, 77, and 482 and that longest commute is from the
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throb mets, 63 miles per hour and let's go outside and check on the odot cameras and no issues in the akron area either and this is 76 at bowery and i believe this is 76 at battles and is theem light when it comes to traffic. over to you. and residents in elyria are unacy and a man was caught peeping through a bedroom window. >> and a mother said he was spying on the four daughters and police plan to release more information on the good morning, meg. >> reporter: terrence and corrina, a made a couple of calls this morning and they tell me they plan to release a sketch of the suspect. they don't know what time exactly, but they say it should be some time later this morning and after the captain gets in. this incident happened early on sunday morning around 2 a.m. and the mother of the girls who asked to not be identified said she was across the street when it unfolded and that she saw
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continued to try to open the window. that is when she ran across the street calling out for her boyfriend. and he took off through a neighbor's yard even seeing someone, telling the neighbor he was visiting a friend. >> and he was not intimidated that he was caught or scared. and he just blatantly stood there on a busy road watching four little girls. i don't understand how anyone a vague description of the man. again, that sketch should be released this morning some time. and we want to mention at this point, police in e requiria are not -- elyria are not linking the incident to one in february where a continue-year-old girl woke up to a man trying to drag her out of the bed by her fight and that man, by the way, was never caught by police. live in elyria, meg shaw,
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exclusive interview. >> the father accuseed in last week's amber alert revealed what he did after allegedly kidnapping his 15-year-old daughter. police dash cam video shows him being pulled over and he was on the run for nearly 24 hours with his 15-year-old daughter, at this point. and he said he met his daughter at the brunswick kmart, changeed the license place on the truck and the two drove around northeast ohio. he insists he did this because he learned his daughter was meeting an older man online and that he wa safety. >> and i took my kid and said you're going to foster care and she said i'm leaving with you or him. and i took her and i made a statement. >> and roberts will be back in court this morning and more from his interview at 6, and including how he got custody of the two young girls, e mean though "evening magazine" a convicted sex offender. >> spent a shooting on cleveland's east side sends one person to the hospital and that
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addison and superior and the ambulance was pulling away. meanwhile, investigators are staying back to talk to people in the neighborhood. and we're learning that person is in critical condition. terries. and people new developments in the case of a suspected serial killer. >> and we confirmed that shawn grate is a suspect in five murders. stacy stanley, elizabeth griffith, cunningham, lacy and an unidentified woman. th confessed to killing a woman there and that her body was found in to toss. >> and he took her to the residence south of the city of marion and took her into the house. he stabbed her and then he hit her in the -- hid her in the basement for two days. >> and that woman's identity is a mystery. and grate pleaded not guilty to a murder and kidnapping charge in the ashland case; meantime, the marion county sheriff said they're looking for more
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coming out in the murder casings, we're getting a deeper insight into shawn grate. we spoke to someone who said they were special friends until things took a turn for the worse. he said they were a friend for a year and a half and grate was nothing but a gentlemen until he asked him for 15 hundred dollars then it changed. he said grate snapped and sent him threatening text messages. >> and the prosecute that got me was the conclusion -- the conclusion and made the statement at the end, meet the other me come i saw that, i just got chills. >> the friendship fell apart after that. the last time he saw grate was in 2015. and last month, a human heart was found outside of a store in walk. now, police in pennsylvania are saying they recently found an embalmed body part. they're trying to determine if
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person. norwalk is going to perform dna testing, if they determine there is a link between the two, they will shift that heart to pennsylvania. and people in new london, police are investigating after the police found a pile of human bones. investigators said that they have been there in that barn for decades and now they're trying to figure out who they can belong to. with the and the timing has residents concerned with the murdering and everything. >> with the woman getting kid napped and everything -- kidnapped and everything, kind of crazy. >> and police say they have no missing person's cases to match the bones but are hopeful it could have something to do with a doctor's office that was next door. testing results will start in several weeks. >> and we police are investigating a still berth as a homicide. the 17 year old mother said that her mom punch header in the stomach before he lost is the child on sunday. she was four months pregnant.
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for an autopsy to officially determine if the still birth was caused by the assault. and a youngstown judge declared a mistrial in the case of a man accused of rape and arson. the judge dismissed the jury pool seemed to misconduct. and he is charged with sexually before -- sexually assaults another. the process of another 100-plus respective jurors will take several weeks. and 5:08 is the time. and several residents are taking to social media and complaining about the power bills. >> they called into investigators to didding into the concerns and many residents are finding hundreds in additional changes -- charges for something called a power cost adjustment fee. >> and -- being a brand new contribution house, twice as match as what we were baying
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the road. >> and the interim city manager explained that the city has its own power plant and that the adjustment fee comes from the damage power the city needs to chase and transmit for the community but it shouldn't be the reason for the higher costs and now the city is looking into this. and in for another hot one, the last few days of sum herer. >> and to be honest, not sweltering hot and a lot of us are floating in the upper 70s warmth is expected. autumn begins for your thursday and a cool down is after that and this is a look at the hour- by-hour forecast. and temperatures are rising into the low 80s and we need the rain and won't be returning until this weekend. and over to you, terrence. >> and before you head to your toaster this morning, we have an parent recall alert and why
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a major endorsement. the republican who reportedly
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smash-and-grab and happened 30 minutes ago on the cleveland- euclid border and this is on east 200th street and there is a lot of damage there. right now, we don't know if anything was taken, but we have seen a lot of smash-and-grabs the last two days and there were five yesterday on the east side of cleveland and in, kid well. we'll continue to follow the story, corrina. and to the latest in a series of terror bombs in new york and new the crime is under arrest and in the hospital this morning. and the search for him ended at a new jersey bar. the owner found the 28-year-old afghanistan native sleeping in a hallway and called police. another officer is in hot pursuit. >> and you heard like a pop, pop, pop. a lot of shot. >> and you heard people screaming. >> and police shot rahami several times and he's charged with attempted murder after
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-- bombings through a fingerprint and a cell phone attached to a pressure cooker. they found more explosives in his apartment. and police in arizona are reviewing new video showing what happened in the moments before a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. and you can see terrence crutcher with his hands up and walking back to the suv and what police heard that he wouldn't show his hands and the officers followed when the shooting investigators are trying to following out why the officer fired. >> and i will tell you right here now, there was no gun on the suspect or the suspect vehicle. >> and the officer has been placed on leave and that is protocol in this situation. the victim's family wants her charged with murder. and police have asked the justice department to do its own investigation. and the kentucky county clerk jailed for reviewing to
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spite. the kentucky aclu is cover -- suing her for $30,000. the attorneys logged more than 600 hours representing couples trying to get a license. the legal director wants the fees to send a message about the high price of violating people's rights. >> and we also facing a lawsuit, actor jim carrey. the husband of his former girlfriend said that c arr prescription drugs. saying he gave her drugs knowing she suffered from addiction and he said i will not tolerate the heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman i loved. 5:15 right now and you better let go of that eggo. kelloggs is recalling 10,000 cases of newtry grain whole
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with listeria and they come in 10-count packs with use by dates of november 21st and 22nd of next year and no illnesses have been reported so far and no other eggo products are affected. and light talk weather with somara theodore. >> and let's do it. the current time is 5:16. and the current temperature is 61 degrees out there in cleveland. and a few other neighborhoods in the 50s and light look deeper, wane county, good morning and we're looking at 58 and into coshockton. 61 and 59 in mansfield. it's a mild start and not as cold as we have seen. last week, we started in the 40s and the high pressure is the dominating feature, bringing us tons of sunshine and the cold front is approaching on your tuesday and this is what is going to happen. and it doesn't have all of the energy to cause rain activity and we're going to see probably
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from that and this is a look at the future cast. fast forwarding to 32 45:00 p.m. for your ited and we're still dry. the temperatures varying between the upper 70s and mid- 80s and everyone should reach at least 81 degrees today and we head into tomorrow morning where things get cooler in the lower 50s and this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. the first day of fall on your thursday and look at that. 88 degrees and that is fall and the good news, we should be getting refreshing weather by the weekend. >> and thank you so much, somara. and check out our odot view of 71 and dennisson. the northbound lanes hard to make out and there is a disabled vehicle there and doesn't have the lights on or anything and light go to the maps now and talk about that fog. reduced visibility and around
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77 and 62. pleasant view, canton area and that is improving, said somara and that should not be much of an issue and later on at 71 and pour 90 and and everyone and 490. during the day, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and the work is going to be off of the shoulder. and no lanes will be closed. over to you. and hilary clinton might be getting a big republican supporter. george h.w. bush plans to vote for another famous political family, the daughter of a late robert kennedy posted a photo showing her shaking hands with the former president and the caption, the president told me he's voting for hillary and bush's spokesperson won't confirm who he is voting for. >> and the stage is set. and now we know what candidates will be discussing and the first presidential debate. three topics chosen are debating america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america.
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picked by lester holt and candidates will face off next monday at 9 in new york. and folks in washington and philly have a now way to make sure they get to the polls and that is catching a ride with ube . and the company is offering free rides in the city and there is a catch if the distance or demanded drives the cost above $10. voters will have to pay the extra money. and how would you like to live in the home of a major we'll reveal who is putting the beach front property up for sale. >> and if you would rather stay in a hotel, beware of uninviteed guests and you don't want to miss this video. you see that there? >> and that is like a bear.
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how a mom stopped a man and what police are doing now to fine him. >> and we're waking up to another picture-perfect today. this is power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore. good morning. >> and good morning. check it out. progressive field. i heard a game is going down and they're going to have great weather. look at the tribe forecast as well as the visibility coming up and i want you to know that it's a dry start to your morning. there is no rain on the radar or close and this is a look at the forecast.
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pretty cool. y and and we start warming up. by 11, we should be in the upper 70s. by 2, 3, hitting our high and lots of sunshine and we'll cool off from there and we'll see great conditions for that tribe game this evening and fall is close and near approaching. we're expecting summer-like weather, kristen. >> and that is no the right. and to the traffic maps, we darn it, and the same story there, the right lane is going to be closed until 6:00 a.m. and let's go outside and check on the odot cameras and this is a shot of 77 at arlington in canton and you can make out with the shiny lights there and that is foggy, the patchy fog, though and visibility is improving in canton. over to you. and i took my kid and said you're going to foster care and
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or him. and i took her and made a statement. >> he is accused of kidnapping his 15-year-old daughter but in ab exclusive interview, william christopher roberts said that he was trying to protect her from a man she met online. he was on the run with his daughter robin for nearly 24 hours last week. >> and he said that they just drove around northeast ohio. he told us that he was prepared to have police kill him. >> i had every intense of going other day. i planned to go out in a maze. them shooting me up and that was probably better than -- . >> and he is due back in court today. we have more of his exclusive interview at 6 and how he got custody of the two young girls, even though he's a convicted sex offender. and right now, elyria police are on an all-out search looking for a man trying to get through a bedroom window. >> and meg shaw is live with more and this is the same
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on an attempted abduction several months ago. >> reporter: earlier this year, a 10-year-old girl woke up to a man trying to drag her out of her bed by her feet. and that man was never caught. right now, police are not linking that case to this latsest -- latest incident, which happened early sunday morning around 2:00 in the morning on west river road. four girls, all sisters, ages 5- 12, were in this bedroom. one of the girls spotted a man trying to t screen window. the mother of the girls who asked to not be identified was just across the street come this terrifying incident happened. >> i started asking him why are you looking a the my kids? what are you doing? and i screamed for her to get my boyfriend. once i said a man's nape, he finally just turned away. >> and right now, police have only released a very vague description of the suspect.
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planning to release a compositive it sketch later this morning after the captain gets in and if you want to look at that discretion, we have that on our news net 5 app and all, if you know anything, please call elyria police. and live in elyria, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and breaking news just in, another smash-and-grab and this happened within the hour near cleveland-euclid border and there is a lot of damage there. we don't kn taken. a minivan was left at the scene. and this story mean familiar. there were five ash sandy springs -- smash-and-grabs yesterday, most in the east cleveland and euclid area. no word on whether they're related. and now for you this morning, a new fight of cleveland city council and this is over an honorary street name. the council president tells the plain dealer he never plans to bring the proposal up for a
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name from a stretch of the boulevard to cedar avenue. it's the same stretch of road where king killed the man over a gambling debt and it's not clear why they want to move the street name. and donald trump will be back in northeast ohio this week. he was just here last week, you will remember. and he is going to be taping a town hall segment tomorrow at new spir it revival at center and the church's pastor trump supporter who spoke during the rnc. and we have 49 days until the election and so far, a half a million ohioansed" absentee ballots and more than in 2012. and they will send them out to military members saturday and for everyone else, they will be sent out in october. >> and this is the part when i say i don't want to and i am stronger than i ever found. >> and there she is.
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to cleveland. ited is your first chance to get tickets. they go on sale for members at 10 this morning and the rest of us are going to have to wait until saturday to snag a seat. and coming up, about uber prompt -- terrorism. and what they did during the bombing in new york this weekend. >> and think your boss is crazy? science might be backing you up. just how many ceo's are considered psycho techbytes. >> and in today's techbytes, good news for anyone who struggles with twitter's 124 limit. and they allow us to upload pictures that won't count toward the limit. >> and go pro unveiled the first-ever drone. it works in conjunction with a member of cameras, including the newly released hero black
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scene. >> and the karma retails for $800. >> and kanye west is on instagram, finally. it might be a bit of a letdown. the only post so far shows the car driving past the building and there is no caption. >> and that is quite deep, though and still, he picked up 1 million followers and 375,000 likes in little more than a day and she's not -- he's not following anyone. >> and those are your
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. good morning and welcome back. look at your satellite. you will notice something is dry out there and they get the high, mid-level clouds and fog, that is lower. closer to the ground. and so, let's go and peak a look at the chart and looks like tuscaroras county is getting it there and that is limiting and areas improvement and as well as summit and wayne. and you see ashtabula in the corner there and you're dropping, kristen. >> and thank you so much. and highways are looking good and go to the view and the traffic is running just fine in the north and southbound lanes and coming up, we'll see a closer look at the fog and look at where you might come across the reduced visibility on the highways and over to you. and for years, many of you
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the last telethon, we can share big health news. the fda gave the okay for the first muscular dystrophy drug, which plays a role in the growth of muscle fibers. what is next? clinical trails that will show how well it works. >> i. and the senate said that it's close to approving 1.1 bottom and that both sides jar fighting over non-zika-related to the bill. including funding for the creases and pesticide regulations. and is your boss a little crazy? >> and maybe they can't relate to what you go through every day. >> and i'm going to try and tell the story. it's possible your boss is a psycho path. and out of australia, 1 in 5 ceos are considered psycho paths, compared to the number of prisoners who are.
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can be successful because they're charming and self- centered and they don't worry about other people's feelings and don't mind putting others at risk. and refill that coffee and meet us here. and we're back in 2 1/2
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. breaking news overnight. a man is dead after a standoff in port st. lucie, florida. they were serving a court order for joshua scott when he barricaded himself inside the home and trying to get out through a window when the shootout ha he was killed by police and investigators said he was armed when a handgun and knife. and developing this morning, a new york street rattled by an explosion saturday night and just reopening to the public. this follows the dramatic takedown of the man believed to be behind the terror bombs in new york and new jersey. >> rahami was taken away on a stretcher and shot several
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during a shootout. and someone called police and they identified him through a fingerprint and a cell phone attached to a pressure cooker. he is not cooperating -- cooperating and they found more explosives in his apartment. they are looking into whether he becameeralicallized before -- radicalized before returning from a visit from 2014. he was not on any watch list and motives are unclear. also unknown is if there are more bomb find. and meantime, ube, is facing criticism this morning. the customers said they took advantage of the bombing in chelsea this weekend and that is by charging higher price. they said that pricing was in the area and passengers said that they were still charged a premium, terrence. and 5:45 is the time. a governor continues to battle his own party and this time, the chairman of the rnc and
5:46 am
jeb bush and ted cruz need to support donald trump. >> and those people need to get on board. >> and if they're thinking they're going to run again, they will review the nomination process and that is no the going to be easy for them. >> and the chief strategist said that governor kasich won't be bullied by someone who won't stand up for the party's beliefs. >> and how would you like to own a piece of political history? the artist behind the naked trump statues. you remember those and that is putting them up for auction. one of the statues made a brief appearance before police hauled it away and money raised from this option, we understand, will benefit the projects in the city. corrina. and you're starting to -- about self-driving cars on the road? and now, the government is getting involved here and the transportation will put out new guidelines and cars will meet a 15-point safety assessment and
5:47 am
pull any car off of the road. regulators want to make the goodlines flexible for companies to be innovative and safety is the number one priority. and the ceo of wells fargo is answering questions in front of congress. and last week, the company admitted that -- and they returned the money and fired 5,000 employees and they paying as part of a >> and kmart is ready to close 64 more stores across the country. and two are here in northeast ohio. stores in canton and menner are expected to close some time in december. the liquidation sales start on thursday. and it's 5:47 and time to talk weather with somaria theodore. >> it's early, 547 sometimes
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dark and winter is coming. we have to look for it to fall as fall is approaching and 61 degrees right now. the current temperature. the winds out of the southwest at 3 miles an hour and that is going to know help bring us more warmth and speaking of that, we might need it in wayne county. the touches are 54 degrees in wooster; 55, medina. and 63 into coshington and 61 in cleveland right now and so, a cool and mild start for most. the high dominating feature and keeping us quiet and dosile. and a -- docile. and the cold front is pushing through and normally brings a chance of rain, right? we're not going to see as much instability associated with the cold front and notice where the actual low pressure center is and that is far north. i am not expecting rain today and just a few passing clouds and this is a look at the
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right? and there is no green on the screen. 54 in wooster and in akron. cooler earlier than that and you want to have the sweater handy for the early wednesday morning commute and for those standing at the bus stop. like i said, fall officially starts on thursday in the afternoon and that is going to feel more look summer with the first day of fall. >> and i'm trying to wrap my head around that one. >> and the orange you're seeing, reduced visibility because of nothing and yes, to here in lake county, parts of geauga and be extra careful on 90, and not impacting speeds, though. cars going 64 miles an hour and make sure you slow it down in the eastbound lanes. the fog we were seeing in canton is not there anymore. it was around 77 and 62 and looks like it's cleared and a
5:50 am
the spots here, there is going to be shoulder work during the day. and off to the shoulder. you will notice the crews, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and make sure you give them plenty of room and let's go outside and check on the odot views and there are no issues at 90 and kenilworth and the sea is looking fantastic. >> and the browns are two weeks into the season and two quarterbacks are already out. >> and that is not good at all. josh mccown is out with a shoulder inju gives you an idea of how bad it's been for our team. they started five different quarterbacks the last five games with johnny manziel and austin daveis starting the last two games of the last -- of last season and starting the first two of this season and codie kessler starting this sunday. that gave me a bit of a headache. >> and that is enough to wrap your head around. with all of the injury issues, the browns signed the free agent charlie white, had urst
5:51 am
throughout for 2200 yards and 10 touchdowns and you don't know what is going on hap -- going to happen. >> and we let's look at the stories that will have you talking. >> and we start with a boy in pittsburgh. he's 9 and he started college. >> oh, boy. >> and come on now. and by five years old, we could recite the alphabet in five languages. get out of here. now, he's a full-time student at a local community college and he carnegie melon university. >> wow. >> is he intimidated by going to school with folks twice his age? >> usually i'm in the front of the class, so i really can't -- i decide -- out of sight, out of mind. >> and he's able to keep up and he's had as in the courses that he's taking here. so, he's more than excelling. >> and up believable. >> i will find a way to put him in the study group. what does he want to do with
5:52 am
astrophysicist. >> and they're asking if he is intimidated by the other students. excuse me, i'm intimidated by him. >> exactly. this is in the dominican republic at the nickelodeon resort and features a pool, a cell phone and life-size another added perk of butler will bring you the famous crabby patties any time you want. you can book a stay for $3,800 a night. no big deal and i think that would be so awesome. staying there under the sea? >> and you're asking me the last time. >> yeah. >> they're beef patties. the recipe on the food blog that i found. >> and i feel it should be a
5:53 am
>> and no. and still ahead, it's 5:52 and we have a lot to get to. heroin has a silent victim in ohio. how it's affecting our children.
5:54 am
. if you're heading to progressive to check out the tribe taking on kaas sunshine at first pitch. and then it will continue to set and we will be heading towards the calm night. temperatures in the 70s and this is perfect weather for a ballgame, kristen. >> and that is looking fantastic. -- fantastic. what is going on? >> and looking like a three-
5:55 am
haven't seen any issues on 90. the two bigger pictures showing cars getting by without a problem. and drivers, listen up. you're wasting your money on premium gas. many people use the more expensive blend thinking it will make your cars and trucks run better. aaa said that is not the case. researchers said using premium gasoline did not produce more horsepower, resulting in better fuel economy or produce fewer tail aaa is reminding drivers that premium gasoline is higher octane but not higher quality. the best bet, follow the owner's manual. >> what? >> we'll be back! >> what? >> reporter: protestors are demanding justice for a 13-year- old boy. king was shot and killed by police in columbus last week and police say he pulled out a
5:56 am
budget cut in half and that this morny -- . >> and according to the partners he didn't have a criminal history. he got into a fight with the neighbor. when the police arrived, he grabbed a rifle from the van. he didn't listen to officers when they told him to put it down and an officer shot him. and ohio's heroin crisis has children. child welfare advocates said more kids are put in foster care because their parents are doing drugs. ohio has 14,000 kids in protective custody, a 13% increase from 2012. and a survey found at least half of them have parents using drugs. and the heroin crisis is growing to record levels in cuyahoga county. we're on pace to have more than 500 overdose deaths this year. and cuyahoga county had 228
5:57 am
year. and some uplifting news here. four veterans from northeast ohio got the congressional gold medal. >> and this is one of the highest awards given to civilians. they're from puerto rico and they're soldiers from the 65th infantry regiment and they fought in world tar two -- world war ii and the korean war and they're in the 90s. the ceremony was held at the lorain historical society. next, a couple buys a a pile of human bones. police are trying to figure out where they came from. >> and who is watching you online. the simple steps to take right now to protect your
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>> going out and shooting me exclusive. why a father triggered an amber alert and why he said he was checking out -- saving his daughter. >> and a man is caught trying to get into a bedroom window where four young girls were sleeping. what the mother said she saw. >> and dozens of residents in painesville are having problems with the power bills. investigators are getting answers from city leaders. good tuesday morning, i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm corrina pysa and
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on this september20th and a kill -- september 20th. it's a cooler start to the morning and definitely going to warm up. we're feeling like summer out there. >> and let's see what he has there and looks like long sleeves. >> okay. >> and may be a hoodie. cool for someone out this morning and we'll look now at the satellite and radar. the dry cuns as you hit the road and we don't have any rain and one thing about the satellite, it's good at picking up the high-level clouds grounds and that is aka fog and we're looking at 4 miles from akron, not bad and canton, 5 miles and see if we can drop the name title here. we were critical about a half hour and coming back to that in portage county at 2 1/2 miles and this is a look at the hour- by-hour forecast. the numbers are going to continue to rise. low 80s into the afternoon and tons of sunshine. kristen. >> and thank you so much,


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