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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pulled it up and saw it. i couldn't believe it for a moment. >> yeah, it was a surprise that showed up in one lakewood resident's facebook message inbox. someone claiming they work with the tax collection department for the city. >> and in the message they say you still owe money and want your banking information in order to pay it o. now, the real collection department is getting involved, and that's where we find our paul kiska. >> reporter: well, this facebook page looks so real that tonight tax warning people not to get fooled. >> we would never contact anyone by facebook. we would not have many friends on our tax page. >> reporter: here at the lakewood tax collection department they only contact people by mail. so when this facebook page popped up from a mary j smith claiming to be an area supervisor for the lakewood income tax department, the real tax department knew right away she was an imposter.
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they have no area supervisor, and the real tax collection department doesn't even after facebook page. >> i was surprised when i pulled it up and saw it. i couldn't believe it for a moment. the important part is to get our message out to let people know that it's not real. it is not one of us. >> reporter: pat told me the person masquerading as a tax person messaged a local business trying to get banking and personal information. >> we are warning our residents and business owners that this >> reporter: the person using a common name also claim to have worked in management at american greetings. i called them, and they never heard of a mary smith. >> the concern is that someone would fall for it and possibly give out banking information. >> reporter: tax officials told me nationally this facebook page could have originated overseas. paul kiss car, newschannel5. new at 6:00 an elderly sandusky county couple is dead after colliding with another car in york township this
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there 81-year-old lucille lepley was at 308 and 205 when she apparently missed a stop sign. she and her husband donald were not wearing seat belts at the time of that collision. a pregnant woman who was shot last night in cleveland continues to recover at a local hospital. investigators say she was shot twice in the chest inside an auto repair shop on shaw avenue. she was getting work done her car. police were to told by witnesses that a man who goes by the name "porky" may have been involved. anybody with information on the shooting is asked to give police a call. so police are looking for a man who had every intention of stealing money from a bank on monday but walked out empty handed. here is what happened. on monday this man walked up to the counter at a chase bank on kent road and demanded money
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teller told him no. according to witnesses, he never showed a weapon and was last seen running eastbound down kent road. an ashtabula county sheriff's deputy facing charms tonight after allegedly assaulting two people while in custody. now, according to an indictment, the sergeant was helping a local police department with a chase that involved an atv when the driver and passenger were taken into custody. the family of man who died in cleveland police custody in 2010 has now settled a lawsuit with the city. the city of cleveland, agreeing to pay $375,000 to rodney brown's family. he was pulled over new year's eve for not having his headlights object. in court documents police said they ordered him out of car after he failed to produce a driver's license. he then took off from officers who tased him 11 times. brown later died of a heart
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price is being honored. >> public visitation continues until 8:00 for trooper kenneth velez. a hearse carrying his casket arrived at lorain community college this afternoon. his funeral will be held tomorrow at 10:00al. trooper velez was killed along i-90 last week. law enforcement from 19 states as well as can dare coming to pay their respects. >> what you have a law enforcement officer who they have dedicated their making their, and to see all these people showing up to support to say thank you, amazing. it goes straight to your heart. it goes straight over the law enforcement officer's heart. >> following the funeral for trooper velez a procession will leave lorain community college and head to calvary cemetery. if you want to pay tribute here is the route they will take. they will take abby road north
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broadway avenue west, and finally arriving at cal var rae cemetery. counting the hours down until the fall season begins. >> fall season begins tomorrow morning. so let's enjoy the waning hours of summer. no worries about rain this evening. five live radars spinning is not going to rain on the tribe's parade no. way. tribe, 70s during the ball game. dry and warm with just a few little high clouds floating in and out. no worries. look at this. 77 for cleveland at 6:00. 75 at 7:00, 72 at 9:00. skies clear to partly cloudy. akron, canton 82 now. by 9:00 p.m., 70 degrees.
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i will have the answers for you coming up. another week, another visit from a candidate running for the white house. republican nominee donald trump was in cleveland today, his fourth trip to northeastern ohio this month alone. this morning he was trying to rally support from african- american voters in cleveland lights. the church belonging to. but he talked about jobs, education, and question and answer session. >> he lacked like someone doing what they were asking him to do. and this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. >> after his visit to cleveland this morning trump then traveled to toledo where he
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was secretary of state. we have an update now on a runner who nearly died last winter after a driver hit her and left her on the side of the road. >> she has struggled with physical and emotional. she is now signed up for a marathon even after doctors told her she may never racing a game. >> tonight we have even thatly. here's more on am. >> reporter: the famous blue line is out here at the marathon which is this saturday, and she wishes she could run in that one. but she is not quite ready yet. she's slowly but surely been running a few miles here and there, battling her way back after her leg was broken in three places and her liver was
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sheehan who fled the scene. he was convicted of vehicular assault. doctors told her that many people don't walk again after an injury like that. >> i never thought i would run a my doctor tells me now i'm not. but i can do it. i can do it. i will push myself. i will run through pain. i've ran through pain before. (s:reporter doctors have removed plates. her leg is still very stiff every morning but she is determined to work hard and get back to that rung form that shed before the hit-skip.
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thank you. still ahead at 6:00, ohio city business owners say this'. plus, a chance meeting with a local woman helped connect two people. if you see news happening you can text us, 5 tips at, or you can always
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only on 5 tonight it has been an up and coming area that has seen a lot of foot traffic. >> with new businesses and restaurants popping up along west 25th street also comes some unwanted aggression. some owners telling us that some homeless people near their business ises are accosting their customers. dhomonique ricks is live there now. >> reporter: i have seen a lot here on west 25th street. i saw people asking other people for money. i also saw police pull over and ask a woman to move along. they say she is just one of a handful of homeless people who are causing ruckus in the area. we stopped by multiple
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street. every manager, same story. not everyone wanted to go on camera but the consensus was that businesses are seriously fed up. the owner of this mexican restaurant says people who dine out on the patio are often asked for money or food. he says it's impacted his business because folks will pay for their meals and quickly move on. he says there have been several times homeless people have come inside the restaurant and locked themselves in the bathroom. he says it takes a bit to oftentimes they are yelling or calling him names. a little farther down the road the manager of this import house says most of the action is concentrated near the west side market. but she, too, has seen her fair share. >> if you don't give them money, they will say, come on, you can afford it. i had one guy who told me, watch your back. it didn't scare me. >> reporter: and many of the restaurants we spoke with work direct well the safety
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issue. live in ohio city, dhomonique ricks, newschannel5. police say a 40-year-old woman stabbed a man tuesday afternoon. they say she confessed to stabbing him because she saw him with another woman. she is currently in jail and charged with assault and possession of your help to track down the woman they say stabbed her sister's boyfriend. they say 27-year-old tie rather stabbed a man in the leg after an average. he was treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. only on 5 tonight, hundreds of boxes, possibly full of medical waste discovered. now the center of a state
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officials want to know what it is and how it is stored properly. instead, waste was put into a warehouse in walton hill. because of the situation, cleveland officials are performing tests. a police officer noticed a foul odor false alarm. all right, rob, we both love this story. it was a chance encounter that turned viral. >> well, last night i told you about a writer from virginia who gave directions to a woman trying to get home here to cleveland. he was so taken with her spunk and her personality he posted on facebook he wanted to find her to make sure she got home safely. jonathan walsh joins us with a special reunion. this woman ecstatic to know
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no idea, then our news report came on the air and our viewers helped find her. we tracked down anita at her east side home. there were screams of laughter and excitement when i showed her the selfie that jason took and his facebook post. after we kept digging and messaging jason we were finally able to get them together on skype. they laughed, they shared a special moment, and jason even said, hey, you found a new best friend. all of this is a big turnaround for anita who told actually afraid to go outside. >> sometimes people can hurt you, to that point. >> reporter: but something told to you take this trip. >> just take this trip, step out of the box, don't be afraid. >> reporter: that trip was to a gospel concert in north carolina. she went all by herself. she said it was divine intervention that she got lost and met jason. i'm investigator jonathan walsh.
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has been formed. i love it. >> he says he's going to come up to visit her and she responded, well, you know i've got directions. i can tell you how to get here. >> she has a great personality and lots of energy. >> incredible energy, great spirit, and she made our day. >> yes, she did. >> just watching that interview earlier live on 5, she just filled us all with her infectious joy. >> anita, keep that going. >> spread the join. let's show you what's going on outside. a live look at mentor again. just a few cumulu and there. image not available? what happened, ashtabula? there's lorain. there's some sunshine. there's an image. we like that. sometimes the camera just shuts down, folks. just on a whim w. ashtabula currently 75 degrees at the primary campus of ashtabula high school. humidity 65%. we've got a little wind out of the north and east at 14. there's mentor again. i wanted to show you cleveland. look at. that just some high, thin cirrus clouds.
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this is great weather for the last few hours of summertime. we have been watching all this rain, and thunder. a lot of it invading lower michigan. look. big thunderstorms there, and we're thinking, fur looking at that time radar, you are thinking you are going to getting soy this evening. uh-uh, no, not at all. we've got dry air over us. so the showers and thunderstorms fade away. they leave a few clouds behind, but even those clouds are struggling as they move into some dry air. some stable air ohio. so what does that mean to you? it means to rain for your evening plans. 81 degrees mentor, 83 wooster to canton, 82 in mansfield, 76 in ash afternoon. there is our live look at cleveland at 80 degrees. the dew point is 82. that's not bad. a north wind at 6. a feels-like temperature one degree higher at 81. 59 the low, average 78 and 54. and our record, 90 degrees on this date in 1931.
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east coast, and along the northern tier of states all the way back to the rockies they're getting just a little bit of snow in the higher elevations here. denver getting some rain showers as well. for us, look. there's the dry area, right there. there's the high pressure, sitting right over us, and it will statement we're on the warm side of this frontal boundary. the cool air is here. it is trying to get in. but until this front slides south, the cool air will stay away from us. so that means middle and upper friday, then the front drops in, and then we will cool you down for your weekend. not cold but cooler. tonight 6 2, mainly clear and mild. a great night for a tribe game. in the 70s through the ball game. tomorrow why don't we bring up 87. mainly sunny, very warm. remember, fall begins tomorrow morning at 10:21 a.m. akron tonight sit, mainly clear. tomorrow 87, mainly sunny skies
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football games, but just one or two, so don't worry about the rain. near 80 degrees. saturday, cloudy, cooler. there you go. 74. sunday, your nicest day of the weekend. maybe a few showers by next tuesday. and a cooler next wednesday. so the fall-like air beginning to show itself. >> hear that rob? >> riant time. >> mother nature knows. >> right on time. >> i'm right on time. >> yes, you have never heard about that guy. brandon guyer.
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. i don't think he's read definitely be ready on saturday. he is really studious. he's been studying to be the starter since got here. he got the opportunity 3r0eb8 sooner than he expected. >> sooner than we all expected. if you had told me that cody kessler would be starting week three of his rookie season, i would have told to you shut the front door. would comes to mind when you
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what are we doing? hue jackson told us to trust him on that. hopefully he is rate about the kid from usc. >> i just want to feel comfortable myself, going to the game, making sure i have no questions, and nothing that might catch me off-guard. i want to be able to expect everything. >> he's in this building from morning to night. we've got to kick him out. that's just the way he is. so he sees this as a tremendous opportunity. i think he wants to represent himself and and his teammates well. >> the moment is not going to be too big for hit. we've got a game plan that we think is really tailored for the things dishea w. i am excited to see how he does. >> we are, too. and cody kessler will be the browns fifth different starting quarterback in the last several games. rgiii, mccown, and now kesler. hopefully cody kessler doesn't
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brandon guyer's nickname is the pin usedda. he has gotten hit by a pitch more than any other gin baseball. 30 times this season. last night the pinata was the one doing the hitting. sends one to right, and it stays fair. coco crisp with the winning run. the earliest the indians can clinch the division is friday, and they can eliminate kansas city tonight with a win. straight wins and need the tyingers to lose three straight days and we would have our first division title since 2007. >> what do you think, can we do this? >> they're definitely winning the division. is it going to happen friday? i don't know. i think it will happen over the weekend. they're playing the twins. >> magic number six? >> yep. >> so three and three, plenty of time. >> i would like to see them clinch at home. >> that's the best way to do
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the dolphins without a quarterback, too. who did they knock out last week? >> i just like wins. >> jimmy. >> i'm ready, coach. >> see you at 11:00. >> oh, this arm. >> newschannel5 at 6:00 has been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game.
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tonight, breaking news. the mystery men. the fbi tonight releasing this image, two men, after the bombs in new york city and new jersey. they need your help. and new reporting right here tonight, amid that central question -- was the suspect acting alone? also developing at this hour, the chaos erupting in charlotte, after a shooting, a father killed. police and his family with two very different stories tonight. the new poll just out this evening, hillary clinton, donald trump. just five days before the crucial first debate. where this race now stands. and donald trump with his new outreach tonight. will it work? the pilot struck on the runway. the plane coming from behind. we have the pilot, right here tonight. and the split. brad pitt, angelina jolie.


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