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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i think what we're -- >> outrageous new video that tells an equally outrageous story. a local woman falls over her car during a field sobriety test. no surprise that woman fail that had test. she was hauled off to jail and charged with an ovi. >> it wasn't her only ovi megan has been digging into this case all night. how can this even happen? >>reporter: that woman was booked and released because it was her first ovi offense but hours later she continued drinking and back behind the wheel. it was 9:25 a.m. tuesday, streets bro police got a call about this driver.
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>> this will help keep your head still. don't move your head, okay? >>reporter: after failing a field sobriety test. >> having trouble following me. >>reporter: 48 year-old dawn fell backwards into her car. and blue .371 on her blood alcohol breath test. for most people. >> that is gonna be a hospital trip if not worse. >>reporter: even at four times the legal limit, it first offense so charged with ovi and release today a friend. that is till about 2:45 p.m.. >> we got a call reporting another erratic driver. the same officer that made the original arrest. >>reporter: this time she blew a .385. >> she did admit to some additional alcohol consumption between the arrest. >> you're under arrest. >> you already arrested me.
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ovi offense ands tonight she's off the street. >> this is a tragedy in the making and since we had citizens make phone calls to us, tragedy was averted. >>reporter: reporters county jail tells us she'll likely be released tomorrow morning under the condition she wears an ankle bracelet. new at 11, it is back to the bargaining table for the cleveland metropolitan school district an the union voted to reject a contract by a slim margin. teachers threatened to go on strike earlier this year if an agreement not reached. the district say they are disappointed. a woman forced to jump off the roof as flames ripped through her home. the friar was on the first flow -- the fire was on the first floor and she was on the second
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on her back on the concrete. she was conscious when taken to the how many. firefighters say it was an electrical fire. breaking news, day three of protest in charlotte, north carolina, over the shootings of a black man. this is live look of picture ins downtown charlotte. we're being told it's a calmer night tonight but within the last hour, curfew was issued a stop a large group of protestors from getting out of control and members of keith scott watched dash cam videos that showed the shooting. frank is monitoring these. >> relatives of keith scott, they watched that police earlier with police. two videos, they couldn't even make out what was actually in his hands when he was shot and killed by charlotte police. police say scott was holding a gun and refused to come ply. scott's family said he was holding a book. the family asked for that video
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that's not gonna happen because he does not want to hurt the investigation. scott east family said he did not even own a gun. many african americans talked about shoots just like these with good morning america. >> the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broadest american community, and that requires that requires being thoughtful about what are the specific reforms you're looking for. >> protestors, have less than an hour. streets must be cleared by midnight. charlotte's major assigned a curfew order and national guard was call inside to help police the streets. last night ended with a riot and one person shot and killed. 44 others arrested. rob. >> we'll keep an eye on this, frank. thank you.
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an unarmed black man in tulsa is now charged with first degree manslaughter. >> officer betty shelby reacted unreasonably when she shot terrence crutcher. she said she feared for her life. video shows crutcher walkerring away from her with his arpaios in the air. -- arms in the air. the officer faces three years to life if convicted. three people dead after a shooting in eastern tennessee the bathroom. police say he shot himself. he and the two others shot and killed all who worked at the plant. police say he used a semiautomatic pistol. he tried to shoot people in the front office but the actual shoot was deep inside the factory. 23 count indictment against suspected serial -- ash land serial killer in the murders of
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griffith. the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty. >> joe was in ash land all night to outline the long list of charges. >>reporter: detail charged against sean hit this close ashland community very hard tonight. the people we talked to who knew the victims say if he's convicted-over the murders here at this ashland house, he should pay the ultimate price. ashland residents continue to visit the growing vigil in front of the homes where the bodies elizabeth griffith were found last week. nicole was good friends with elizabeth. >> i wish i could have helped save her or something. she used to call me when she was sad and stuff. >>reporter: we sold her the long list of charges against suspected southeasterly killer, four counts of murder, burglary, rape, tampers with evidence, abuse of a corp. and more.
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monsters. to know we have something like that here in ashland, it's ferras wheel fizz logicalling. >>reporter: logan von and his girlfriend visit the land rain chances matt across from the scene. they were stunned by the grand jury indictment. they both fully support the prosecutor seeking the death pent in this case. >> i agree with the prosecutor saying he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent for all the things he did for the past few months. >> i don't think and have any chance with -- even with life in prison, he should be given the death penalty. >>reporter: and columbus attorney mark .r weaver is appointed special prytanea this case. charges coming up against him on september 29. reporting live, i'm joe. new tonight, a 10 year-old forced to call 911 after she and her brother come home from
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37 year-old jeany is now charged with endangering children after her daughter called 911 and told dispatchers her mom oded. it took several rounds of narcan to revive her. the kids are in the custody of her husband. this video shows the heroin epidemic having on our children. that is a mom passed out at the store from an apparent organized family dose. her two ye to wake her up. customers called 911 for help. >> very disturbing to see someone with a matter of addiction overtake someone where they're not able to take care of their child. >> the little girl is no longer in her mother's care and the woman will likely face child endangering charges. investigators don't have enough evidence to charge her with anything drug related. new video of a story we
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11. ashtabula county sheriff's office charged with beating a man in custody. the video is from a jefferson township officer. he come plied with the arrest and not charged. sergeant truckie is charged for assault, tampering with records, and felony assault. >> they guns. >> the court: a man called 911 after he's robbed at gunpoint and news channel 5 learned he's not the only one. masked men are holding up people all over the west side of lake wood. 15 minutes after that and a half mile away, uber driver ahmad was also robbed by two men at gunpoint at west 117th and detroit. >> one was a gun pointed directly at my forehead telling
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everything you had. >> his passenger was also robbed. there was another armed robbery outside a taco bell in the same area just two days earlier but an arrest made in that case. one of the unsolved robberies, they were seen driving a dark blue honda. anyone who's seen something, asked to call police. donald trump stumped through another battleground state today just one day after making a whirlwind trip around ohio. the visiting our neighbors to the east telling our friends in pennsylvania that the rioting in our streets has to stop. he was in philadelphia tonight and pittsburgh earlier to speak at a gas drilling conference where protestors gathered outside. the polls have more bad news for democratic nominee hillary clinton tonight. clinton's lead over trump is shrinking in two other battleground states. it shows trump trailing by just two point ins colorado where
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lead. it's also narrowed in virginia where it's now only six points. this comes days before the first presidential debate on monday. they scammed millions of americans out of millions of dollars. now the feds going after the people behind mail schemes. an ohio dog shelter reopens after an outbreak of a deadly disease. but not everyone is happy about it. why protestors want director to go. and after a record breaking hot late summer, more like first day of fall day, we're looking at cooler temperatures for tonight, clouds and soon to be rain fall. i'll tell you where has the best chance of getting wet coming up. and cleveland's close nit cycling community comes together to help out one of their own now fighting for her life after a crash thousands of miles away. and right now we want to
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kenneth who was laid to rest today after losing his life in the line of duty. >> he was a family man and his kids meant everything to him. >> i love him so much.
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hackers stole the personal information on a half billion yahoo accounts two years ago. the stolen info includes names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, passwords, and security questions. the hacker or hackers working for a foreign government and users should changer passwords if they haven't family is not safe from hackers. the white house is investigating a cyber attack that looks like a scan of first lady michelle obama's passport posted on the same site where colin powell's e-mails were released. the secret service is concerned. all right, we got to talk about mail fraud now because the feds are cracking down on international con artists that
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victims. they do it through mass mailing scheme ands pray on the elderly and vulnerable. they're trying to stop the fraud by the companies that help make it happen. they're some of our countries treasures but reports of sexual harassment and bullying at parks complaint include yosemity, yellow stone, and the grand canyon. women being bullied and male workers demanding sex from female workers and retaliating against the ones that said no. they're looking into communications between him and a 15 year-old girl after an interview with the girl was posted online after she talks
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point she claimed wean weenier asked her to undress. 90 dogs euthanized because of a distemper outbreak. it's back open tonight. protestors were there along with signs as the franklin county dog shelter reopened. they're calling when happened a tragedy and want this shelter's director to step down. only one dog tested positive for distemper. bicycling in cleveland is in a hospital in montana after a very terrible accident. >> back here in northeast, ohio, her friends and supporters are finding a way to standby her. a fundraiser held for shelly snyder at platform brewery in ohio tonight. she's a founding member of bike cleveland when she was hit by a car driving 60 miles per hour in montana. she suffered numerous injury ands now is in a medically
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over this city. she's made a big impact on everybody's life. i just think her positivity leaches into everybody's life and brings a smile to everybody's face. >> shelly brought people together and doing it now from a hospital bed in montana. that just speaks to the kind of person she is. >> the money raised will help pay for snyder's medical expanses, her friends hope her accident will raise awareness about sharing the road with cyclists. >> we hope she she has lots of love here in cleveland. >> lots of prayers, that's for sure. as far as making your way out and trying to enjoy this still feeling summer like weather, i think tomorrow will be another day to enjoy. >> welcome to fall. >> yeah, i know. as you're drinking that pumpkin lacks facts pumpkin late, you can be sitting in the sunshine.
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in the 60s. here in cleveland, warmer at 74 near that warm lake. dew points and pressure of moisture in the air so lack of moisture mean as real lack of chance of a good rainful amount in the next 24 hours. mother nature will try with a front. added clouds in bedford, 73 in north royalton. heading south, less clouds. 68 for jackson township. more stars in akron at 66 currently. hour by hour dropping down into the lower to middle 60s. little farther south will hold onto warmer temperatures but a mix of clouds and stars and then tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds as your warm front and cold front that is currently stationary provides or tries to provide with a rain chance. kind of squeezes out that high
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cooler air. time out rain chances for you. all that other lake eerie and south, 7:00 p.m., friday evening, friday night football and not a lot happening. if mom is sitting in the stand and worried about the cheerleaders, no real issues for us. it will be cooler so probably want the sweatshirt or jacket in case it cools down too early. little itty bitty shot saturday morning. you may see but when it comes to amounts, nothing. we need it. we're still down all across northeast ohio. a little rain also helps you keep that grass green and not cran think. -- crunchy. for the ballpark, weather cooperating for tonight and tomorrow. 10 percent chance of getting wet in the stands. temperatures, feeling good, 70s there. seven day forecast showing a
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another rain chance. looking at more of a fall pattern, maybe football weather. guys over to you. >> we know this fella. >> yes, you had a chance to meet him. >> legendary runner for this weekends akron marathon. >> he spent time visiting kids at akron children's hospital. he's the only person to ever win the new york marathon, boston marathon metal. pretty special guy. he let some children wear his silver metal, which was cool. a year after the bombings at the boston marathon, he game the first american man to win the race since 1983. running 26.2-mile s is tough but the kids he visited today are tougher. >> marathons are by choice and this is not by choice.
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troopers because they're fighting very serious issuings, diseases, and things like that, and i'm just honored to be here and spend a lot of time with them and, you know, try to encourage them to keep fighting hard. >> wow. what a great guy. well, med was also honored with the akron marathon ambassador award. the marathon is saturday morning. well, the runners are about the only guys who aren't hurt for the browns right now. we'll sit down with duke closer to the playoffs. yes, closer, talk about that
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fly ball. right field. randall back and he's out of room and it's out of here. >> out of play or is it down the line? >> carlos santana provided the offense's 34th home run and the mike with the bullpen took care of the rest. indians cut it down on their own and 5-2 over the orioles at home. the indians wrap up the home portion over the whi weekend. >> when we went into the year, everybody kept saying, how you gonna score? how you gonna score? without brown, you're thinking how will this stretch. you look up and have two guys who hit 30. it's been fun. i'm happy for carlos because he's made an effort in so many areas to be better than he was. >> he really has and the indians magic number down to
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inside a double header to win a day game and just won the night game. it's been a brutal start with the browns with injuries. your top two quarterbacks, starting center, up and coming on obvious and defense. hue jackson is now throwing a pity party. >> these things happen. maybe not to the rate. i've never lost two quarterbacks in two weeks and turn around and lose a young defensive player and here comes your receiver. no. that's a bit much. but i do know that these things happen. like i said, we wasn't gonna get them back, maybe i wouldn't be sitting here right now but we are. i think that's just part of it. >> if you like hue jackson, it was on tonight at much. here's a bit of dustin's sit down with duke johnson.
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young player? >> veteran. >> is that weird? >> yeah, it is. you kind of see the youth that we do have, it's not really that many older guys. we're probably the two youngest in the room but asked to be the leader of the team and dog it our own way. >> aaron spinier was with you guys this offseason and in training camp. did you learn anything from earnest he kind of preached to us about if you here, you here for a reason. you know how to play the game, it's football. so his jab was basically to help us with little things as far as when going to block the defender, where do you want to hit, where do you want to insert? what's your mind set? those are a lot of little things that you take for granted but everything little
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a look at power 5 seven day forecast, 80 degrees tomorrow, real small rain chances tomorrow and back a little warmer next week. >> see, rob, your 80s will be back. >> they come back on monday. >> you don't see rob's face. he's like this, oh, i'm not ready. >> 70s are fine for now. see you again soon, 80. >> i like it. >> the man is not well. he's not well.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, comedian pete holmes, snoop dogg. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from rae sremmurd and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you all for coming. very nice.


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