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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with what turned out to be a very start to our work you are looking at a live radar picture of how we are looking from space right now as rainfall has moved into northeast ohio we appreciate you being with us here you are also getting a live television look from our vehicle, storm tracker 5. it is out and about on a wood street. that is how we are looking right now. -- on a wet street.
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right now. let's get more information on that they. >> good afternoon leon. it is definitely a soggy one with a lot of rain across the radar. the good news, none of the storms are at severe status. we're just seeing a lot of moisture fall. we were tracking an earlier this morning and right now it has finally push toward the east . you can see on our lens there a lot of moisture that is taking over the area, also low- cloudy after the rain pushes through. this is the first push that we will see this afternoon and then we will dry out for your evening. that is good news if you have late evening plans. i want to show you where the bulk of the moisture is currently hitting. all morning long it has been from avon lake to lorain county. these are heavier cells for the medina area . you can see just a little bit of lightning that
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there is a lull in our weather pattern, a dry slot from hudson to twinsburg as northern sonic county -- summit county is finally getting a little bit of a break. we will see more more -- one more push of this wet weather this afternoon . behind that is this cold front. we're stepping out of the 80s and the bubble of warm air that you experienced over the weekend, we will track and cooler air. right now 64 for the rain escort millie -- currently falling in medina pick let's break it down hour by hour : the rain pushes in and out fairly quickly. it looks like by 5 or 6:00 we will be sitting under mostly cloudy skies. this is just round one. i will show you when our next front of purchase. spackle we will touch bases with you stormy -- shortly -- we will
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shortly . gunfire erupted in dallas this morning. police shot and killed the gunman as he opened fire and killed several people there. >> early this morning panic breaks out in the shopping center parking lot in houston texas. >> it went past my face literally. i could tell the shots were coming from this direction. >> i could hear the ways, a bullet going -- going through my window. >> reporter: many of the victims were sit in their cars when they were shot at. 6 people are now at the hospital. 3 others were treated at the scene. one remains in critical condition. >> the shooter was engaged by the police department and was neutralized. >> reporter: the houston police department says they will not identify the gunman or specify
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lives in the neighborhood and detail -- he is a lawyer and there were issues concerning his loss -- law office . >> investigators are processing the scene, checking the shooter's park for additional weapons -- car for additional weapons and making sure there is no additional shooters. firefighters were working hard overnight. there was a fire at madison avenue and west 74th street just before 1:00 this morning. the fire neighbor say it was the 2nd fire at that location in a 24- hour period. the house is vacant. track at another -- at another cleveland house there was another fire that police deem suspicious because they had a murder there just a few days ago. arson investigators are on the seam trying to piece together -- seen trying to piece together whatever they could find. police believe a man was shot
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collapsed in the street and pronounced -- and was pronounced dead at the hospital . we are working on the facts and we will give them to you as we get them. students at euclid high school return to classes today with heavy hearts. a you split -- a euclid high school football player died after an injury during a football game. andre jackson was kicked or need during a special team's play in he was taken to the hospital but released in today's later he died -- and 2 days later he died . the euclid high school football team slated to play friday for the school's homecoming game. however, we're told that game is now in question. right now a protest is underway for a teenager killed by police in columbus. outside of columbus city hall demonstrators are demanding an independent investigation into the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy,
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boy was shot by police after he ran from an officer investigating an armed robbery and that the boy pulled out a bb gun that looked real. authority said the investigation is ongoing. in the meantime in charlotte, officials in north carolina are lifting the curfew . the midnight to 6 am curfew went into effect friday following protest over the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott. the incident and charlotte led to days and unease in the city. the situation led to city officials declaring a curfew. the statement released by city officials urge to the community to come together and show their unity in a peaceful and legal manner. straka local group is preparing for -- and local group is preparing for a vigil showing solidarity with protesters in charlotte as well
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-- tulsa . the raggedly -- the rally is scheduled for 4:00 at the african-american cultural
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sports bands across the world are remembering a golfing legend, arnold palmer the king of golf he died last night in pittsburgh. he became a fan favorite in the 1960s winning a record 62 pga tournaments and 7 major championships. earlier he served in the us coast guard and by the way was stationed in cleveland. almost parmer -- arnold palmer was 87. the sports world is morning the loss of a baseball pair was considered -- player who was
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in a boating accident here key was 24. investigators do not believe alcohol nor drugs were affect your in the crash. none of the 3 were wearing a life jacket. miami marlins's a small team remember the young picture as a rising star -- pitcher as a rising star. >> he would watch the little kids pay -- play little league. that is the joy was a with. >> it is a tremendous loss and my heart goes out to his family . >> jose fernandez was starting a family of his own. 5 days ago he posted this photograph on instagram. it is of his girlfriend pregnant with their trial -- child . tonight will be a big one hillary clinton and donald trump. they will set the stage for the first presidential debate. we will take a look at past
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let's get a taste of some other. >> everyone is looking for fall. i will show you some of the coolest temperatures we have seen in the last several months . your full 7-day forecast is
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a news alert: in lorain county the wellington police department has issued a warning on it's facebook page. they want people to know they will not tolerate creepy clowns in their community. this follows reports around the country of people dressed as clowns loring children into police say anyone caught trespassing while dressed as a clown will be arrested. steubenville police are investigating reports of what they call a crazed clown chasing people with a machete. police say they are not sure if someone was playing a copycat prank or wanting to hurt people . right now officers are reviewing surveillance video for clues. there is some speculation that recent clown sightings could be
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it. that 37 year anniversary -- the 37th year anniversary is set to be released next year. we're taking a break right now i will go to stephanie ray most. stephanie, -- ramos, stephanie what can you tell us about the debate? >> we know hillary clinton and tonight they will be side by side for the first time trying to prove they are the best person for the job. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are both expected to lay low as they prep for one of the most highly anticipated events of the political season, their very first one-on-one presidential debate. overnight donald trump prepped
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advisers anticipate what is to come. >> all we are asking is if donald trump lies that it is pointed out. >> will donald trump be fact checked on the spot? the clinton camp hopes show -- hope so . >> i really don't initiate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual facts checkers. >> reporter: the debate will be divided and 6 is for a total of minutes to respond to a question. the audience is instructed not to bill or cheer. for clinton, she may be a veteran for her team says they just don't know which donald trump will show up tonight. >> you have to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes out you -- at you . i am drawing from my experiences in elementary school. >> reporter: as for donald trump, don't forget he went up against the army of republicans in the primary.
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back. >> your for the my hands as fastball. nothing also small. i guarantee you there is no problem. >> reporter: if we have any moments like that tonight we don't know but as they head into the showdown polls show hillary clinton and donald trump are in a virtual tie. now that we have digested the serious side of the presidential debate it is time to relive some of the funniest, memorable and perhaps oddball moments. there was the debate between mitt romney and president obama. listen to mitt romney speak to the president as if he is his dad. >> you will get your chance in a moment here crime still speaking. >> hold on one 2nd. >> mister president i'm still speaking.
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was more to what was being said. let's take a look at another one of those memorable moments.>> the education, what is the 3rd one -- let's see . >> or jane's brain freeze. >> that we could possibly do -- we have done everything that we could possibly do -- >> statement will probably one of the most awkward moments in presidential's debates is when candidates invade each other's space. >> we will shake on this thing. >> no, i want your signature. >> can you get things done? i believe i can't. >> proving like there is nothing like debatable debate to lighten up the presidential debate. let's check on the weather
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there right now for the greater cleveland area and across northern ohio. right now you're seeing mostly cloudy skies with a little bit of a light drizzle that is happening. it is due to the cold front to our northwest. ahead of that front is the moisture and that is why everyone is getting any will opportunity of a little bit of rain right now. i'm going to show you exactly where the heavier bands are, the darker greens and yellows. that is southern wayne county as twinsburg, the hudson area, you are seeing heavy downpours. great news: we're not seeing any lightning associated with a self. -- with these cells . these cells are moving fairly quickly east about 25 miles-per-hour. temperatures across the board: over the weekend we were talking about the 80s, upper 70s and most spots. that bubble of warm air has been should did to a cooler
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right now greater cleveland, 64 . inland locations you are waking up to temperatures in the upper 40s this morning. these temperatures that we are seeing, we haven't seen them the school in about 3 months. let's show you from your future cast so you can plan out your afternoon. i still want you to have your umbrella handy throughout the 3 to 4 a clock our -- hour . we can see the raindrops here but it wl quickly. let's not cancel your evening plans. by 7:00 we are dry and that is a little bit of high-pressure, partial clearing throughout your evening. take a look, overnight lows are on the chilly side. we are looking at upper 40s. i'm going to show you the 7-day forecast coming up with temperatures definitely on the cool side and more wet weather.
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sweater weather is back in the forecast. we will dry out by tomorrow.>> we will take it when we get it. take care. be well. >> closed captioning is brought
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jacob wolf is from lake health. he joins me to explain how he utilizes thank you so much for being here today. i want to start off by talking about what is naturopathic wellness? >> it is a distinct healthcare field that focus on deeper aspects of health. it is not just physical but mental, emotional, lifestyle causes. we try to find obstacles to peoples health. i look at the deeper aspects and focus on prevention and try to not put a band-aid on the
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the root cause of the disease. >> for those who don't really know a lot about this, tell me what is the difference between naturopathic medicine versus traditional medicine. >> they are very similar. i use similar diagnostic techniques, but i use a difference therapeutic method and focus more on natural therapies expect give me of examples -- give me examples of some of the type of treatments you use ? >> i see patients of all different homeopathy, different overall -- herbal therapies. many of my patients come to me for acupuncture and different chinese therapies including cupping. >> you are one of 30 practicing oriental medicine practitioners in the state of ohio. tell me more about the practice of traditional chinese medicine . >> most people think of it as
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whole system of health. there are different things like cupping and herbs and diet factors that we can use there as well. >> thank you so much for being here today. if you would like to schedule an appointment, logon to their website.
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it's september 26th. time for new viral videos "the list." >> did i miss that? >> a woman in labor is told to get in line at a hospital, so she's -- >> having to deliver her child in the back of a vehicle. >> the chaotic scene leading to a whole lot of outrage. the the world are about to go wing to wing in the number one wing suit race in the world. >> i know they race. the president of the world wing suit league reveals even more about the china grand prix. >> they are going to hit a target this size. >> and intriguing experiment has millions wondering. how a suspicious diner is lighting up the internet. plus, the buzz word for your


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