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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. a fierce historic debate. >> well, donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> she doesn't have the looks. she doesn't have the stamina. >> hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head for the first time in front of their families in what could be the largest audience ever. >> whoo, okay. >> trading blows on >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax, so -- >> that makes me smart. >> the war on terror. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> and iraq. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved over and over again. >> wrong. >> both candidates getting personal. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening i'll be
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>> why not. >> why not, yeah, why not. join the debate by saying more crazy things. amidst the attacks making their case to the voters. >> i prepared to be president and i think that's a good thing. >> i think my strongest asset may be by far is my temperament. >> our powerhouse political team here this morning breaking down the crucial first showdown on a special edition of "gma." and good morning, america. what a showdown last night. you know, i've been involved in every presidential debate going back 30 years. never seen anything like this. it was fierce, personal. both candidates relentless. >> this race is like none we've ever seen before. >> absolutely. >> no question about that, unusual race, unforgettable debate. let's look at hillary clinton. she stopped by a watch party to celebrate her performance.
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his. he went straight to reporters in the spin room to declare victory. >> last night's debate expected to grab historic audience, the debate generating nearly 7 million tweets, yes, becoming the most tweeted debate ever. an estimated more thank 100 million people watching it live almost 20 million engaging on facebook. >> super bowl numbers and that conversation was so much about those viral moments, donald trump sniveling. many people wondering if he had a cold. lot of sniffling going on. a lot about the candidate's facial expressions to clinton's looks of disbelief. >> much to discuss the morning after. both candidates heading back on the trail. there's hillary clinton's plane ready to take off and both vice presidential candidates are standing by right now to weigh in. but first abc's tom llamas is at hofstra university where they
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>> reporter: robin, good morning to you. what a night in front of that massive audience, hillary clinton called donald trump a racist, a sexist and said he was not releasing his taxes because he wanted to hide his tax rate. now, donald trump said hillary clinton is not healthy enough to become president and said after 30 years in public service she has nothing to show for it. the first presidential debate turned into a backyard brawl. >> so when you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn't end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not. >> why not, yeah, why not. >> reporter: early on clinton painting trump as a rich kid who turned into a ruthless businessman. >> he started his business with $14 million borrowed from his father. and he really believes that the more you help wealthy people, the better off we'll be and that everything will work out from there. i don't buy that. >> reporter: the candidates repeatedly interrupting each
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>> she tells you ow to fight isis on her website. i don't think general douglas macarthur would like that too much. >> next segment -- >> at least i have a plan to fight. >> reporter: clinton putting trump on defense over not releasing his taxes. >> but he to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: but trump winning over the crowd when he said this -- >> when she releases her e-mails that have been deleted as soon as she releases them i will release -- i will release my tax returns. >> reporter: clinton addressing her e-mail scandal. >> you know, i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again i would obviously do it differently. but i'm not going to make any excuses. it was a mistake and i take responsibility for that. >> reporter: but then trump hit
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pushed the notion that president barack obama was not born in the u.s. for five years knowing it was a lie. >> i was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. >> i'm sorry, i will let you respond to that because there's a lot there but we're talking about racial healing in this segment. what do you say to americans -- >> well, it was really -- i say nothing. i say nothing. >> reporter: always trump struggled clinton took >> he has really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> reporter: the republican nominee maintaining he was against the war in iraq though no proof of that exists. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely -- >> wrong. >> proved. >> i was against the war in iraq just so you put -- >> the record shows otherwise but -- >> the record does not show
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>> reporter: but trump taking his own shots reminding voters of clinton's recent health issues. >> i've been all over the place. you decided to stay home. >> reporter: but clinton turned the tables on that attack. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and, yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> reporter: trump also questioning clinton's appearance and stamina. >> she doesn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina to you need tremendous stamina. >> reporter: clinton responding with a list of accomplishments. >> as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents and an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. >> reporter: then clinton
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harshest attacks on women. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> reporter: now i caught up with trump after the debate and he told me the reason why he did not bring up bill clinton's past infidelities after hillary clinton attacked him on those comments on women. here's what he said. >> mr. trump, how do you think you did tonight? >> i thought it was great. i mean, i got everything i i got it out other than the transgressions of bill but i thought -- and i didn't want to do it with chelsea who i think is a very wonderful young lady. i didn't want to say what i was going to say with chelsea in the room so maybe they're well off to bring chelsea all the time. >> reporter: now trump did have one complaint. he said his mike was defective and wondered out loud in the spin room if that was done on purpose, george. >> done on purpose. okay, tom llamas, thanks very much. let's move to hillary clinton right now back on the campaign
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westchester county airport, clinton's plane is there and their team seemed pretty buoyant. >> reporter: they're already declaring victory and the plane behind me about to take off in a couple of hours for what her campaign is calling a battleground blitz off the trail so long prepping and heading off to six states in four days. i want to show you from video from last night. hillary clinton at a watch party celebrating there with former president bill clinton. her hands in air. experience. she says she was on that stage. she got to get out the points that she set out to make. her campaign on the other hand using much stronger words. one source telling me donald trump was unhinged, another one telling me that he bailed, that he melted down before 100 million people. we all know that hillary clinton in these mock debates had practiced for what she said could be two donald trumps showing up. george, her team last night very much feels like a donald trump who went off message was the one
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you think they'll highlight on the stump and ads from that debate? >> reporter: what, are we just a few hours after this debate and we are already seeing the effects of what happened last night. the pro-clinton -- pro-hillary clinton super pac haste new ad out and have a clip of him talking about his temperament and hillary clinton herself, her team has a new web video out where they are talking about donald trump basically his calling her miss piggy so i think we're seeing this in effect. big moments for them. >> it has just begun. over to michael. >> all right, thank you, george. abc's team has fact-checked the candidates' claims overnight and joining us is jon karl with the results. good morning, jon. >> good morning. >> how are you doing? a lot of key statements. the birther question, questions about iraq. you're here to fact-check them. we heard what donald trump had to say. >> no question there were
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most came from donald trump and the biggest were on those two subject, first of all the birther movement. he once again claimed it was the hillary clinton campaign that started the birther movement. this is simply not true. this was a fringe movement until donald trump took it mainstream. that's simply false. when it comes to the iraq war he once again said he had been adamantly opposed to the iraq war from the start. the only definitive statement on this comes from that famous howard stern interview where he said i guess so favored the invasion. he points to an interview that he did in january of 2003 on fox news but even that interview is not decisive. here's what he said there. president bush has either got to do something or not do something, perhaps, because perhaps he shouldn't be doing it yet and perhaps we should be waiting for the united nations. not a definitive statement. simply another false claim. >> toeing the line and facts
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what about that? are those true or false? >> yeah, this was a point -- let's replay the moment from the debate. this is what hillary clinton said. >> donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. i think it's real. >> i did not. i do not say that? and i think -- >> i do not say that. >> okay, so what did he say? he treattweeteds the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese noncompetitive. so, yes, he did say that, now, many years later he said it was a joke but no question he did say it was a hoax created by the chinese. >> all right, now let's turn to hillary clinton. were there any statements she made you had to fact-check? >> yes, absolutely. one of the big ones was on this tran trans-pacific partnership. here's the moment. >> the facts are i did say i
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i was not responsible for, i concluded it wasn't. >> well, she didn't simply say that she hoped it would be a good deal. she said emphatically this tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements for free, transparent and fair trade and said it over and over again she favored this deal and eventually when it came, she opposed it. >> thank you very much. we'll talk to both candidates, mike pence standing by in our studio and just moments ago i spoke with hillary clinton's running mate virginia senator tim kaine about clinton's performance. i asked him what he thought was her best moment last night. >> well, i think her best moment was at the end of the debate when donald trump was challenged on really stupid comments he'd made about her looks and he tried to change it and say, no, i was talking about her stamina and she said, you go to 120
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house committee for 11 hours then you talk to me about stamina. that was such a strong answer and the other thing, robin, that was great about it is i was watching it on a channel that had a split screen and in that moment, hillary was going strong and ready for another four or five hours of the debate and donald trump was on the ropes and he was out of gas. hillary answered questions and donald avoided them and hillary told the truth and donald told some whoppers and he just seemed rattled the longer the debate wore on so i think it really showed her off as prepared to be commander in chief and president. >> as expected, trump did push clinton on a number of topics including trade and many believe those were among his best moments. how do you respond to that? >> i will say at the beginning of the debate he was on the attack. now, he wasn't laying out his own plans or policies, about the only policy he laid out in the 90 minutes was this massive tax cut for folks at the top. he was attacking on trade, but
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if he doesn't like what we're doing with respect to trade, why is he making all his products overseas? he's part of the problem, not part of the solution. and -- but, you know, i'll give him credit at the opening he was attacking hard but he wasn't answering questions when it got to his tax return, when it got to why he had perpetrated this bigoted lie that the president, president obama, was not a u.s. citizen. it was just very, very hard for him to respond. >> and secretary clinton did has over his comments about racism and america. do you think that will resonate with voters? >> you know, i think her pushing him, i think, was effective. but, robin, in some ways i think the more effective part of it was just watching him struggle with an answer. >> senator kaine, you step into the rein next, the vp debate is coming up. based on last night, will you change your strategy at all in
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>> no, you know, it's a debate that's, again, i think, robin, it's fundamentally about vision. our vision is we're stronger together as a country and the plans that we have on the economy, on our safety and security and on the kind of community we create all fit under that vision for the country. the trump ticket has a different vision, donald trump decided when he ran for president to write a book and he put out that book and it's called "crippled america." that's how he sees the nation we're living in different nation stronger together and that's what we're going to talk about next tuesday. >> we're looking forward to that debate. senator tim kaine, thank you very much for your time. >> all right. thanks, robin. >> take care. >> you bet. >> and george is with the man that tim kaine will be facing in the upcoming debate. >> donald trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence. thanks for coming in. >> you bet. >> you heard senator kaine said donald trump was on the ropes and out of gas, rattled telling whoppers. your take on the debate. >> i think donald trump had a
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but what you saw donald trump do was go out on that national stage against somebody that's been in politics for the last 30 years and demonstrate that kind of energy that kind of leadership that's created all the momentum in this campaign. i mean we've seen literally, you know, crowds across the country, the likes of which i've never seen in my lifetime and i think it's because they see in donald trump the kind of leadership and to really turn this country around. >> he did make the case for change last night. how did that other the that senator kaine talked about, the birther issue, calling it a lie and mr. trump was asked why he continued to raise questions about the president's birthplace until a couple of weeks ago yet didn't answer why did he keep raising the questions? >> i think, frankly, the media kept on raises it in this campaign, george. donald trump has been focused -- >> he was the one that refused
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and abroad growing the economy and having tougher and smarter trade deals and, frankly, as it continued to come up i think he just decided that we'll just make it clear and state his position and he did that again last night but i think what was great and you even hear some of his harshest critics saying at the top of the debate he focused on this economy from the outset and on the fact that hillary clinton and her husband was president signed in nafta a disastrous trade deal that's cost millions of jobs in this country and in donald trump you'll have someone that will fight for the kind of jobs and opportunities and trade deals that will put america first and i got to tell you, you know, the pundits will have all their different views of this but i know that message resonated all across america and particularly in places like pennsylvania and ohio and michigan that have been so hard hit by these bad trade
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one of his top advisers rudy giuliani said he should get guarantees from the moderators before agreeing to another debate. was lester holt fair and will he go through with the next two debates. >> i was disappointed that lester did not get into some of the issues that have been so much in the forefront of hillary clinton's candidacy and an fbi investigation that clinton foundation pay to play, that whole took place in benghazi and libya. that never came up. we saw other issues, but, look, what impressed me the most about last night was that donald trump took command of the stage and i think the american people saw his leadership qualities and i think that's why you're going to continue to see momentum grow. >> governor pence, i'm afraid we're out of time. to ginger. tuesday trivia brought to
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good we're seeing 73 degrees with mostly sunny skies. rain back in the forecast for your wednesday, thursday, and friday. looking into your weekend. a high of 69 sunday afternoon. mostly sunny with our day time highs. more fall-like 71 going into next week. a cooler weather pattern going to continue to enter. look at the overnight lows, 50s and cooler air in place. coming up new angles with our debate roundtable and the
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the trumps to the clintons and the moments they crossed paths. we'll break down the candidates' body language with their faces and posture and what it was really saying talking to the experts about that. so much debate fallout right here on "good morning america." >> how are you doing, george? are you awake? are you all right? ? ? ? one smart choice leads to the next. the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice.
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. 7:23. i'm sarah phinney. we're getting our first look at the man who police say shot his daughter twice overnight. this is 63-year-old jamal mansour. he's in police custody. rocky river police tell me the shooting happened on vine court near tri-city park about five hours ago. his son is making a frantic call mansour's 27-year-old daughter is being treated at fairview hospital. her condition is unknown. and our overnight news tracker first on scene of an apartment fire on cleveland's west side. and this happened on west 112th in cliffton. intense flames shooting out of the windows. a woman has minor injuries and two men are in critical condition at metro. it appears the fire started on the second floor and no word on a cause yet. >> and we're back in two minutes with weather and
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. good morning be i'm janessa webb. are you ready for more sunshine in store for your tuesday afternoon? look at our day time highs, folks. they are more seasonable, 73 degrees and you're going to notice that breeze picking up out of the southwest this afternoon. and about 10 to 15 miles an hour. and we are tracking our next front and it will provide us with cloud coverage going into tonight. partly cloudy skies. 53 degrees and this is going to be about a 16-hour window where we have mostly sunny conditions before the rain tracks in and still in the forecast. thursday and friday and never too early to look at the weekend and that pick day is sunday, 71. and looking good. still tracking the incident the ---- the turnpike on temperaturera. and -- on-ramp and interestingly enough, we are
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bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. we're just opening up on pennsylvania avenue right next to the white house, so if i don't get there one way i'm going to get to pennsylvania avenue another. >> another first in a debate last night, the first time a candidate has ever promoted one of his own hotels in a presidential debate. win or lose he is going to washington, d.c. or another. that huge showdown overnight getting major reaction as you can imagine. hillary clinton and donald trump sharing the stage for the first time going head-to-head. both candidates got personal. they discussed war and terror, taxes and race relations in this country. who came out on top? our political team is breaking it all down this morning. i know one team that did not come out on top, the saints, monday night football, 0-3 now. not that i was watching. >> maybe anot a lot of people
7:31 am
we're both in mouring and suffering, robin. after the debate came the late night laughs as usual comedians giving their take on the face-off and we'll have all the best moments. here's some right now. take a look. >> meanwhile, hillary was so prepared my new nickname for her is preparation h. >> oh. >> yeah, that was pretty good. pretty good. >> one of the lines. >> we have much more on that coming up. as we get closer to election day in november, j amy is tracking the conversation and she -- you have what america is talking about. >> a lot were talking and tweeting and taking to social media last night, in fact, nearly 7 million tweets sent during that 90-minute showdown, the most tweeted debate ever and one thing capturing everyone's attention, i know that you all saw it all that sniffling from donald trump. you remember that? we heard it a lot throughout the night and the reaction on social media to his runny nose was huge but the top moment on facebook and twitter overnight, not about
7:32 am
isis but temperament. take a look at this graph from facebook. this is the moment at about 80 minutes into the debate when trump said his strongest asset is his temperament. in fact, rick leonleona lin-man tweeting when i have the right temperament gets the biggest house laugh, it's not going your way. >> which candidate did everybody talk about the most? >> which one do you think, mike julia louis-dreyfus. >> donald trump. >> you would be correct. yes, donald trump dock the social conversation, 62% of tweets were about him, just 38% were about hillary. even his vocabulary getting a lot of attention online. i'll have to admit i looked up the word braggadocious. i didn't think it was a word and that was a trending search after it's something he said he was not. >> i always -- i thought that was a word. >> sounds like it's out of "mary
7:33 am
of those thing. >> all right. what about hashtags. every time you have something big like this they're generated. >> #unlikedebateguests and seemed focus on secretary clinton. one tweeting unlikely debate guest, hillary's e-mails which was a bigtopic. >> earlier you talked the sniffling. >> it happened apparently the moment that got a l even earning its own twitter handle. what is it? trump's sniffle and generating pretty funny memes. there he is with a box of clean nick and another showing him wearing a breathe right nasal strip so maybe he could take one home and have a better time of it next debate. >> i don't know if this was supposed to be funny but, of course, people came out with memes. >> it was highly watchable. >> that's you george and robin
7:34 am
dowd join us now. late night for everybody out here and people watching at home. i was listening to you guys and i agree with your analogy, matt, what you are were saying after watching the debate like watching a fight. it went the distance. it was not a knockout punch but tell us the highs and lows. >> he scored in the first few rounds when he was on the economy and actually had a good message going about her -- she's represented 30 years nothing has changed but as the debate went on she won round after round after round and ends up winning on points in perceptions of herself but she raised doubts among undecided voters with him. i think in the end what this will do, it won't move a lot, it'll move it by a safety. >> the undecided voters because we wake up this morning and her campaign is saying she won. his campaign is saying he won. it's those undecided voters. do you think it moved the needle at all. >> i think it d i think it moved it a few points but keep in mind this is the first gail of a three-game series and martha is about to do the second game.
7:35 am
anybody. >> bring kleenex. >> okay. maybe for me. >> yeah. >> they did say they might be seeking guarantees from the moderators next time. let's at the cause on some other substance. a lot of foreign policy discussed. you traveled with hillary clinton covering the state department. real focus on iraq as we talked about before donald trump whether or not he did oppose the invasion and made some points about who was responsible for pulling the troops out of iraq. >> yeah, and she immediately said, george bush troops out, not leaving 10,000 behind. in fact, george bush did have a plan to pull those troops out, but i think everyone in his administration at that point wanted them to actually stay. wanted to leave some sort of presence. and they did not negotiate the so-called s.o.f.a. status of forces agreement so said they couldn't stay. they didn't negotiate very hard to keep those troops there.
7:36 am
iraqi oil. >> yeah and i don't know how you take another country's oil. you just can't do it and take the oil from a sovereign country and even if you wanted to how do you do that? do you put u.s. troops around protecting the oil fields? that was another moment. >> also on foreign policy he said the most important issue is nuclear armament but there was some confusion. at one point he seemed to say he wouldn't use nuclear weapons first which president obama hasn't done but said we have to leave everything on the table. >> i tnk table were saying he said what and then oh, no, wait. and we had no idea what he was talking about in the end whether he wanted no first use or whether he didn't want any no first use. maybe the next debate it will come up. >> deal. it's a deal. >> keep that secret. >> i'll keep them secret. absolutely. >> i'm saying, martha, my dressing room this morning and we keep talking about it being a fight and the latter part of it,
7:37 am
fighters who knew they didn't deliver the knockout pump and were starting to go after each other. did it help or hurt anybody. >> i love that analogy. i love that. >> i think he had the most -- most thing to gain in this and he didn't do it. i mean as i say she's going to get a safety on this because of his preparation, he got sacked in the end zone and lost. that was two points and i think that's the difference in a race that's a three or four-point race that's a big deal. >> which has more moments to go back to and exploit in the debate biggest debate. >> okay, thank you, guys, both very much. over to michael. >> all right, george, boxing reference, football reference, a lot going on over there but we have a lot going on over here on our big board. the biggest names at last night's debate, melania trump and body language, how did they come across? our insiders will join us and talk about all that stuff.
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. hmm. what should we discuss here on the big board? could it be a debate addition, michael? let's do it. a team of insiders. jon karl here at the table. all eyes on the candidates last night. but there was also a lot of talk in the audience people strategically placed there by both campaigns from family members to celebrities and, jon, we saw president clinton, bill clinton right there in the front played? >> you know, the clinton campaign suggested that he wasn't going to be there. they suggested he would be watching in a hotel room. i never thought that would happen. i mean, the trump family was there. of course, bill clinton was going to be there. and i think it would have been very strange if he wasn't. i think it played very well for hillary. >> we saw watching at home the two families meet each other and cross like that and so what was the atmosphere like? >> wasn't that an incredible moment? >> it was.
7:41 am
each other and then go all the way down greeting all of the trump children. >> very cordial. >> incredibly cordial. >> this is somebody that donald trump has called a predator so it was quite a moment to see this kind of, you know, friendly -- it was interesting, chelsea came in later. she wasn't part of that, you know, part of that. >> a lot made about chelsea and the relationship. >> they're close friends and they remain close friends. >> good for them. now, also jonathan, no gennifer flowers but the campaign invited mark gamesmanship, does it make a difference. >> this is not a boxing match. i liked your analogy earlier but mark cuban was there, we talked to him trash-talking donald trump and said he was there to trash talk donald trump. it's notable, though, that it was the clinton campaign that played this gamesmanship at the end. he was there front and center for all the prime trump spots taken up by the family, of course, gennifer flowers, that was a little bit of getting in their head. she didn't actually come.
7:42 am
the candidate's body language and how it could influence voters. how did hillary clinton and donald trump come across to the millions watching last night? our body language expert chris ulrich is here joining us live. we watched the debate last night, donald trump, what stood out? >> well, when we watched donald trump initially when he walks out into the room in the initial greeting as they're both walking out and meet, he's left of picture and on top of it that gives him a power position being left of picture. we see the pats her back. he looks dignified but then we see the different tale of trump from the powerful trump to the switch for him. we start to see micro expressions as hillary's attacks hit him. these micro expressions happen in 1/15 of a second and show contempt. a half smile of the face to one side. marking moral superiority and better than you. how -- a smugness hitting him as well as disgust. he'll show us disgust and as
7:43 am
literally see on his face perceptually that he's being affected. she's getting under thin suchis >> the split screen so we were able to see how the candidates were reacting when the other one was talking. what did you read into that for both? >> well, for hillary one of the things she was able to do was when she spotted -- when he would attack her, a lot of types what she normally does we see her lips vanish and disappear when we counters it with a smile and comes across perceptually like you're not getting to me and saw joe biden do it in the vice presidential debate with paul ryan. you're not getting me with your attacks. very different. comes across more likable. on top of it she does these -- this gesture called a basketball steeple. it's a steeple, it's power but with compassion and stays open here and what it allows us to
7:44 am
points and was able to get rid of some of those gestures that negatively impact her and undermine -- >> what is it called. >> basketball steeple, right. a steeple. we three power zones,neck, chest and naughty bits. we're in it together, part of the group and with the audience. >> i got to watch my facial expressions and my hands now. >> i know really. i'm sitting on my hands now and hadn't mentioned. >> 1/15 of a second. be careful. >> how about -- thank you. how about the big laughs? you know the late night comics, they had a field day like trevor noah wasting no time taking aim at the candidates. abc's mary bruce is joining us and, okay, mary, what stood out to you? >> reporter: well, last night's debate was like christmas for late night comics and like eager little children they couldn't wait to unwrap it all and rib right the candidates, no one was
7:45 am
noah had to suggest about donald trump and his little cold. >> and i'm not trying to start rumors but trump was sniffing a lot in this debate and someone needs to look into that. >> perhaps we'll be talking about that later. hundreds of companies are doing this. our country is in deep trouble. >> just absolutely brutal and i have a feeling you'll be hearing about that little sniffle quite some time. >> well, you know, mary, if comedy can help shape an election, everybody looks forward to the comments afterwards and really can affect the public opinion. is there one punch line that could live on and continue to go? >> reporter: well, in addition to that sniffle i think all the badgering, all of the interrupting back and forth that certainly is going to give "saturday night live" a lot of good fodder this weekend. >> we were just thinking that, mary. "snl" is like going, yes, yes,
7:46 am
this. >> they'll have so much fun with his facial expression and the enoughle. and this is tremendous amount of material that will go on until the next debate. >> till the next debate. looking forward to that one too and thank you, mary, thank you, chris and john and coming up everything about last night's debate was big and were the super bowl size watch pears swayed? the hugely popular mommy blogger with a whole new take on
7:47 am
7:48 am
not good. then we switched to new mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. ? "eye of the tiger" and we'll stick to the fight theme. probably the most watched in history -- >> probably? >> we'll wait for the final numbers coming in. a lot of super bowl size watch parties and t.j. holmes was at one of them in pennsylvania. hey, t.j. >> good morning, george. i found out last night that politics and pilsner go real well together.
7:49 am
oldest in philadelphia and found out folks weren't there to make up their minds, they just had to be a part of last night's big political party. trump tacos and hillary hoagies at mcgillen's old ale house. >> any time hillary mentions the word e-mails or e-mails are brought up that's a dollar. >> in bars with tv screens that normally would have been dedicated to monday nht football, they're coming to watch politics. >> we're political headquarters. >> reporter: parties popped up all over the place. the circus atmosphere occasionally drowned out the conversation. >> macy's, tax return. >> reporter: one eagle fan longing for the days of yore. >> thomas jefferson -- >> that's who you think should be president. >> reporter: it wasn't immediately clear how many mines were changed by the debate. >> i thought donald trump absolutely crushed hillary tonight. >> obvious that hillary won that
7:50 am
agreed they want to do this party again. you said you watched this one in a bar. where would you like to watch the next debate? >> if it's like this, in another bar. >> it was one of those things -- kind of like the super bowl. some don't want to watch the game but be part of the event. >> do a drinking game on the enoughles. >> next time, next time. that's the political party i want to join. >> which one. >> the one you were night. >> that was just drinking. no drinking game, just drinking. not me, of course. >> no, never, t.j. coming up in our next hour much more on the debate and hear from the voters who could decide this election. will probably decide this election and tom hanks, how about that huge wedding surprise? ah. we'll talk about that and much
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
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six is greater than one, changes everything. ? back here on "gma," straight to san antonio, texas, where four to even eight inches of rain fell. 40 water rescues and this morning cedar rapids, iowa, all eyes there as the river will crest and should see flooding. great preparation they did there. still on flood warning and still go downstream through the
7:55 am
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7:56 am
. good morning, 7:56. i'm corrina pysa with terrence lee. the parma school district leaders are proposing dramatic cuts. >> and they have dozens of teacher layoffs and the closing of five schools, too, because of a $15 million budget deficit district. under fiscal watch by the state and acquired a balanced budget plan. to the state on october 17th. another public meeting is he and right now, police are searching for a man who posed as a police officer and assaulted a nine-year-old girl. the massileon independent reports the girl was walking home from the library around 6 last night near second street and cherry road when a man pulled up in a black pickup truck with skulls on the side. he said he was a police officer and told her she was reported missing. that is when he grabbed the girl and pulled her into the truck and assaulted her at another location and let her
7:57 am
call police. and that forecast with meteorologist janessa webb. >> and it was a soggy monday with overcast skies and the weather has -- the script here and we're going to stay mostly sunny today and 73 degrees and so these are temperatures that are more seasonable. that cool air is in place and partly cloudy now. we are tracking our next cold front. it will provide us with widespread rain for wednesday and the clouds will creep in here throughout the overnight. and rain moves wednesday-thursday and more on the isolated side for the connect robber erroroff of your weekend. here it comes. 59 degrees with mostly cloudy weather. kristen. and looking at the traffic map. we're delayed in our usual spots, 90, 71, 77 and 271 and 480. we have one crash here on 90 westbound at center street and let's go -- let's go to this area, 80, the turnpike and 77 southbound, and there is no congestion there and into the
7:58 am
on-ramp and however, use caution in that area. i will leave with you a look at 71 and west 25th. still congested and hopefully we'll see a reprieve the next half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the candidates clash. >> typical politician. all talk, no action. >> maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. >> clinton and trump tangle over tax, trade and terror. taking personal jabs. >> the only secret is he has no plan. >> hillary has experience but it's bad experience. it? we have what our focus reveals about which candidate changed minds. say good-bye to perfect parenting. stop putting yourself under so much pressure. no more tiger mom, no more helicopter dads. why one of the most popular mommy bloggers says it's time to embrace being average. surprise photo bomb. tom hanks crashes this couple's
8:01 am
and get ready, the stars of tim burton's "peculiar's" new movie here live. they're here to say -- >> both: good morning, america. ? hearty little group out there. >> it is. >> i know. you saw that. good morning, america. a lot to get to. of course, is talking about last night's debate. debate about one in five americans who were surveyed say they might change their mind, move off one of the candidates so based on what they heard last night, the big we is did they? >> we'll hear from one focus group of undecided voters in the key swing state of ohio and find out if they were persuaded. cokie roberts and jon karl are here to help break that down. >> now i'm conscious of our body language after the segment. >> i am too. i was like did i hear that right? a lot going on.
8:02 am
we have more undecided voters in our marquee area. who is still unsure? looking at that group we will find out live. >> that's right. late night for them as well but now let's start out with amy and the morning rundown. >> surprise, surprise, we begin with hillary clinton and donald trump getting back on the campaign trail today after their feisty debate showdown. reaction is pouring in after the candidates clashed on everything from trade and taxes to their temperaments. let's check in with both campaigns beginning with cecilia vega and the clinton camp. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. you can see hillary clinton's campaign plane right here behind me. she takes off for north carolina later this morning. her campaign right now is very much celebrating her performance on that debate stage. sources using the word unhinged to describe donald trump saying he was easily provoked and unprepared. one of the moments that they are pointing to right now, donald trump on not releasing his tax returns, take a listen. >> or maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you
8:03 am
he's paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: but, amy, after all that time off preparing, the plane ready to take off. her campaign says she's headed for a battleground blitz, six states in four days, amy. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. this morning donald trump lester holt saying he did not ask clinton about her scandals and abc's tom llamas has more from the trump camp. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. as you would expect donald trump is declaring victory this morning. he told me after the debate yesterday he felt he was fully prepared and he was happy with his debate prep and his campaign manager saying this morning that trump showed a lot of restraint and really good temperament while hillary clinton looked a bit glib. now, one of trump's strongest moments when he said that hillary clinton had supported
8:04 am
jobs in this country for years and years. here's what he said. >> you called it the gold standard. >> well, i hoped -- >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> no. >> then you heard what i said about it and all of a sudden you were against it. >> reporter: and even though after the debate donald trump said he had no complaints about the moderator, this morning he is saying the questions he got towards the end of the debate were much tougher than the ones hillary clinton was asked. amy. >> all right, tom llamas and we have more debate analysis coming up. undecided voters in just a few moments. turning to other news, hundreds of home are threatened as a wildfire burns out of control in california's santa cruz mountains. dozens of families are being evacuated. about a thousand acres have burned so far. and the miami marlins have returned to the field for the first time since their star pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boat crash. every player wore his number 16 jersey which was retired last night and then dee gordon left off the first upping with a home
8:05 am
experience of his life, crying as he rounded the bases remembering his former teammate. after the game players gathered to toss their hats onto the mound as a tribute. well, one week after the police shooting in charlotte, north carolina, an emotional plea for peace from a young girl. 9-year-old deanna oliphant climbed up to the podium while many called for the mayor and police chief to resign, she simply urged city leaders to stop so many parents tearfully saying -- we need our fathers and mothers by our side. very powerful. speaking of powerful i know, robin, you were upset point sames loss. there was a beautiful display of unity during monday night football when those two rivals, the falcons and saints joined hands after the national anthem to form what they called a circle of togetherness to raise awareness about racial inequality. a coach reportedly came up with the idea. the players were quick to support it and that game marked
8:06 am
saints returning to new orleans following hurricane katrina, so, robin, i would say everyone on that field was a winner. >> absolutely. i was there at that game ten years ago, amy, and it was a real moment for that whole community and steve gleason blocked a puptsz and now he is -- facing als, it's just so -- ah, thank you for that and it was a real moment to see those two teams out there. we didn't talk about the big -- yeah, something else. "pop news." >>'m debate, this just in. "dancing with the stars," fun news, it was face-off night last night. stars pairing off taking on the same style of dance in duos and we know it takes two to tango but also takes two for a bromance no matter unlikely that might be. and that is certainly the case when it comes to vanilla ice and former texas governor rick perry. these guys love each other. dancing the paso doble it
8:07 am
sashaying off into the sunset though someone had to win. len decided the tiebreaker went to ice, ice, baby but that could not rain on the love parade. >> it was awesome. so, listen, he's a good man. we're friends and probably starting a lifelong relationship going forward now. >> hey, from the ice man keep those and keep grinding on. because that's all you got to do, man, show up and blow up. holla. >> there's just so much there. >> so much going on. lifelong, yeah. >> rick perry is such a good sport. a year ago he thought he would be in that presidential debate stage last night on "dancing with the stars." >> i like the jacket. >> yeah. >> yes, shine on -- what was it, shine on. >> please don't repeat. move on, move on. >> unfortunately, the bromance
8:08 am
home in tonight's elimination show so -- >> i don't know because he was last week too and didn't go home so who knows. >> he's a survivor. >> persevere. so we'll keep you posted on that bromance. also in "pop news" this morning, exciting news from "modern family." the show announcing it has casted its first openly transgender child actor. 8-year-old actor jackson malarger will guest star. he plays lilly's new friend tom accordg cam and mitchell overhear lilly insulting her pal and have to take a quick look in the mirror before teaching lilly about accept tars. jesty tyler ferguson tweeted super proud of this week's episode of modern fam. #equality. >> they do a good job in "black-ish" also in tackling tough, controversial issues and finding the humor in it and educating us. >> opening up a conversation with our kids which is critical. so looking forward to that and
8:09 am
officially hopping from children's books to the big screen. the film adaptation of beatrix potter's children book will star rose byrne alongside casely ridley and "great gatsby" actress. but peter will be voiced by james horton for the live action film which starts in january. unclear whether we will see peter and mr. mcgregor doing car >> just has positive energy. >> all the way around. >> look forward to that and that's the happy edition of "pop news." >> we needed that. >> i had a feeling you might. i'm not going to debate you on that. >> oh. so close. so close. coming up, the candidates making their cases, nearly one in five voters saying they could change their minds, were they swayed last night? can we have the picture of our texas people here? >> texas girls take new york
8:10 am
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8:14 am
welcome back to "gma." a little more there of hillary clinton and donald trump going head-to-head last night. of course, the two locked in a dead heat. that was before the debate. we'll see if it made a difference in nearly 20% surveyed said they could change their vote based on the debate. amy upstairs with a group of undecided voters and checked in with a focus gro amy. >> with exactly six weeks to go until election day undecided voters have two debates left to pick their candidate. it looks like last night didn't do much to convince that group which way to vote. >> typical politician, all talk, no action. sounds good, doesn't work. >> so a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes. >> reporter: the candidates set out to win people over,
8:15 am
five whose votes are still up for grabs but at a focus group, neither candidate came on top. >> how many say neither? >> reporter: this swing state nearly 500 miles away from the first presidential debate these undecided voters rated the contenders in realtime. here you can see their instant feedback on what the candidates were saying. donald trump starting strong, especially among men, when touting his business background. >> you have to stop these countries from stealing our >> reporter: and hillary clinton's strongest moment talking about safety according to the women in the group. >> if you're too dangerous to fly you are too dangerous to buy a gun so there are things we can do and we ought to do it in a bipartisan way. >> reporter: another key moment for trump when he talked about repairing the country's aging infrastructure. >> we have a country that needs new roads, new tunnel, new bridges, new airport, new school, new hospitals and we don't have the money. >> reporter: for clinton when she spoke about women and the
8:16 am
national minimum wage and also guarantee finally equal pay for women's work. >> reporter: but across the board voters saying that the trump/clinton face-off didn't change their minds. almost all the voters leaving exactly as they arrived. >> how many saying they still basically came in the way that they're leaving the way they came in? undecided? slightly leaning or slightly leaning left or slightly leaning right? >> reporter: what was missing. >> neither one earned my of undecided voters here behind me. let's see a show of hands. how many of you made up your mines who you'll vote for based on last night's debate? one. two. i have to ask. what's it going to take to decide? >> less celebrity, less kardashian out of trump and less bernie, less liberalism out of hilla hillary. >> there you go. >> might be waiting a long time. let's bring in cokie roberts and jon karl and, cokie, i want
8:17 am
stamina, look, women. and donald trump is doubling down on that again this morning. that woman who hillary said he called miss piggy, the former miss universe, he said this morning not apologetic on "fox & friends" she won and gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem. >> yeah, i don't think that works terribly well with women and, you know, actually i think more than undecided voters with these candidates needed to do last night was to get their own voters very there and i think he probably got them more excited but hillary clinton's voters were not there and i think she probably did achieve some of that, particularly among women. i mean we're looking at our abc poll that shows him having 73% of noncollege educated white men. she has 57% of college educated white women which is great but not anywhere near as big as his. when she starts talking about trump's relationships to beauty
8:18 am
college educated women saying, oh, do we really want that in the white house? maybe i better get more energized and out there. >> and, jon, this morning you're hearing about donald trump complaining about the mike. saying it was maybe fixed and not liking lester holt. how hard will they push this going into future debates getting guarantees from the mod raters. >> when you have won the game you don't complain about the refs and they were complaining and as you mentioned about the mike. everything else. clearly that's a sign they think they did not do well. rudy giuliani as you pointed out in your interview with mike pence suggested trump might not do the next interviews unless he is guaranteed better treatment from the moderators. i think it's very much an open question. >> cokie, going back to you -- sorry, did you want to respond? >> well, i think that we did see a lot of thin skin on donald trump last night and he had done well earlier in the debate, but
8:19 am
got very upset and really kind of went off and he kept it up afterwards about her ads. i mean, he's a candidate for president. you expect negative ads when you're a candidate for president. >> all right, cokie, thank you. jon, thank you. >> a lot to talk about what is night. a lot more coming up. coming up that popular mommy blogger who is saying good-bye to the pressure to be perfect.
8:20 am
? ? ? ?
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8:23 am
oh, my good . good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. lots of sunshine in store for your tuesday afternoon. look at the day time highs. they're more seasonable. 73 for greater cleveland. and there is a southwest breeze that is going to kick up. ten to 15 miles an hour. tonight, the cloud coverage starts to work back in. partly cloudy skies. our overnight lows, they're
8:24 am
closer to the lake. 53 degrees. all right. everybody, there's a lot of advice out there to be a better parent. ilana wiles is sharing her tips in "the mommy shorts guide to remarkably average parenting", say that fast three times, everybody. we'll talk to her in a moment. first here's a look at her approach. >> i'm ilana, this is matthew and harlow. >> the form he mom entrepreneur and talking about raising kids on her blog mommy shorts. now putting back the curtain. in her new book, "the mommy shorts guide to remarkably average parenting" advocating a laid back approach to parenting is one of the greatestist goes you can give yourself. wiles calling out attachment, free range and helicopter parents saying put labels aside, we all have the same issues.
8:25 am
to hand over the ipad so you can get dressed in the morning or if your bathroom sink looks like a scene from "the bachelor" or if your toddler's dinner is mostly ketchup. ilana wiles, thank you for joining me. and, you know, i love this book. i wish you would have written it a long time when my girls were really small. you talk about helicopter parent, tiger parent, free-range parents, you say let it all go, embrace being average, what exactly does that mean to you? >> i think there's so much pressure today that a lot of moms actually feel like bad parents so i think embracing remarkably average is actually aspirational. i think if you can, you know, you see all these perfect pictures of parenting on instagram and things like that and, you know, those people are just good photographers and they're good art directors. they're not necessarily having a different experience than anybody else. >> you take 20 pictures just 0 get that one right that looks like your kids are behaving. >> i do it.
8:26 am
but almost seems counterintuitive. have no expectations. you know, have selective memory and what do you mean by that? >> well, by selective memory i took my kids to an amusement park and we had a fabulous time the whole day and at the end my oldest daughter flipped out because we were leaving and had a total meltdown. i can choose to remember it as the meltdown at the end or i can remember her beautiful smile when we were on the she -- and everything was great so it's kind of like up to me what i take away from that day. >> in other words, you just look to take the positive out of it. >> yeah. >> which i love that. and, you know, ilana's new book available and out right now. make sure you get that and i
8:27 am
. it's 8:27. i'm sarah phinney at the live desk. we're getting a look at the father police say shot his daughter twice overnight in rocky river once in the head. this is 63-year-old jamal mansour. he's now in custody. the shooting happened on vine court near tri-city park early this morning. mansour's son is making a sister had been shot in her room. investigators said that the 27- year-old is now being treated at fairview hospital. her condition is unknown. and our overnight news tracker first on scene of an apartment fire on cleveland's west side. and this is happening on west 112th in cliffton. intense flames, you see there, shooting out of the windows. the woman has minor injuries and two men are in critical condition at metro. it appears the fire started on the second floor, about you no word on a cause. and we're going to follow this.
8:28 am
with meteorologist janessa webb. >> and good morning, everybody. the forecast is looking ideal across northeast ohio today. the sunshine is out and about. our daytime high of 73 and more seasonable air, kind of cool air even for overnight lows and we'll track in partly cloudy conditions throughout the evening and that is dued to the next cold front that will provide us rain here for your wednesday and it ling every thursday afternoon. we're stepping out of the 70s tomorrow and into the and it's never too early to look at the weekend and saturday is mostly cloudy. the day of the weekend is sunday and mostly sunny skies. >> and looking forward to that weekend and no major issues on the highways but usual spots where we see that congestion and by the way, down to one lane on 71 and still, when you're dry, 16 minutes and normally we expect that delayality 12 miles an hour and
8:29 am
and on to west 25th and we're
8:30 am
? [ cheers and applause ] welcome. our great audience as you can hear. [ cheers and applause ] their dance moves during the commercial break. >> i was told during the commercial break i had a perfect dance partner here so we tried our moves out over there. you're actually -- you are excellent of the i can't keep up with you, ma'am. too much for me. [ applause ] >> so adorable. >> i'm going to talk about what i'm bringing to the table. we talk about how loud the audience is and kind of plays into this because i have twins, you have kids.
8:31 am
there's this mother who has these twin kids. when they fall asleep she dresses them and puts them in these poses and she posts all these pictures on instagram. i don't know how she gets her kids to stay asleep. look at some of these poses. >> they're really amazing. >> and they're asleep. >> totally sound asleep. >> she has over 13,000 instagram followers. >> that happened to me once in college with a marker. >> actually that was a "friends" episode. >> usually when you're in college you sleep that deep because of another reason. not because you're tired. >> slept like a baby. >> but i just know my kids would never -- i don't think i could get them to stay asleep and put them -- >> not like that. not anymore. >> those pictures are so cute. >> speaking of cute. >> ah. >> how old are your girls now? >> the girls will be 12 next month.
8:32 am
time flies. >> try to put them -- >> too late now. it's too late now. they're all over the place. they don't sleep if one place anyway. i put them in a pose they kick me? still in the same room, right? >> no, they are not in the same room. they don't want to share -- they haven't wanted to share the same room since age 3. >> a lot of twins feel comfortable in the same space and going to the same schools and colleges. >> they don't want to dress alike. they don't want to -- they separate bidrooms. they're in separate classes enlike it. they have any friends. they are like we're twins but i'm not like her. >> but you all have very, very blessed. i have nieces and nephews now having children of their own. in fact, this is the latest addition to our family. >> oh. >> that -- named after my daddy. lawrence, little lawrence, he came about a month early but he's home now and he's healthy so -- >> cute. >> i know.
8:33 am
pose something like that i have to talk to my niece about this. >> aunt robin. that's got to be pretty cool. >> he's going to learn someday that's a very cool thing. >> you have something -- ageism. >> since we're talking about age, would you like to tell people your age? well, the governor -- i know. no. the governor in california, jerry brown signed a law that requires the industry website imdb -- do you know what that stands for. >> i don't. the in >> movie database. okay, they ask them if you say, take down my age from that database, i don't want my age on there. not just actors but anything -- anybody involved in a film. can you take your age down, would you do that? do you mind if people know your age. >> i think it's too late. if it's not imdb, it's wikipedia or something else. so own it, love it. >> absolutely. >> i'm going to get in trouble for this.
8:34 am
people should have the right. >> you should have the right. >> because you do see ageism around the world in hollywood too and so people feel that if you don't have your age out there it could possibly help. >> i was going to say i'm going to get in trouble. i know ali is sleeping right now and doesn't hear this. >> look at me right now. whenever you have to preface it with that, it means don't say it but you do as you want to do. >> whose advice do i take. >> ours. >> do it, do it. do it. to -- thought about adjusting her age because she knew it would be written about. >> you know what -- >> but she did not. >> i have a spare bedroom. you come join me, man. >> yeah, i'm with you on. i can't believe you went there. i can't believe -- you better hope she's sleeping because you're going to hear from her if she's not. she will call and let you know. i don't mind telling my age, i'm
8:35 am
>> i own it. >> we just celebrated your 4th birthday in thank you very much. >> you look amazing. >> i know. not bad for 4, huh. >> kind of mature for 4? a show of hand, publicly would you want to reveal your age? a show of hands? yeah, see there. >> what are you going to do? the alternative -- >> that's right. >> i love it, though. i'll do it but if push came to shove, i was just joking. >> right there, when i she was like i'm not giving it up. >> a lady never tells her age. >> a led never tells her age. beautiful. >> i say age is just a number. >> i say the same thing. >> touche. [ applause ] >> and, lara, what do you have? >> i have a cute story. tom hanks is at it again. he lives locally in new york and hangs out in central park a lot. i did a story about him returning a young lady's college i.d. >> right. >> he found it while he was
8:36 am
was able to contact her through social media and now this couple getting married. they're a beautiful young couple taking pictures in between the wedding and the reception taking some shots in beautiful central park and it was the ultimate photobomb. take a look. >> hey. >> oh, my god. >> hey. >> you are very beautiful. by all means. i'll do that right here. what's your name? >> elizabeth. >> elizabeth, my daughter's name. [ applause ] >> he posed. [ cheers and applause ] they like it. he's just a great guy. so nice. he spoke with them. you saw there was a video. there was a videographer for the wedding. there was a photographer so it is all captured and we tried to talk to the couple. they're on their honeymoon. >> good for them. but it's such a special memory.
8:37 am
nicer. >> i wish you all were here when tom hanks was here a few weeks ago for the movie "sully." he was hilarious. >> he's a nice man. >> down to earth. down to earth. >> if you happen to stroll through central park eyes open, people. >> you never know. it's new york city. [ applause ] hey, coming up, we're -- we have a denim lab. a denim lab. who knew that. >> and a "pop news" lab. we're so trends. >> yes. >> this fall. when it comes to denim. yeah, we are.
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back to " . good morning, everybody. i'm janessa webb. and 73, mostly sunny and we'll track in more rain on wednesday- thursday. look at the weekend, mostly cloudy for your saturday and a
8:41 am
>> that weather brought to you by carmax and devo, of course, lara. >> ginger, we know a dog shot gets me every time. thank you. welcome to our denim lab. scientific lab of denim here on "good morning america." we're checking out the hottest new technology in fashion with "good housekeeping" magazine's style director, lori bergamotto. welcome, lori. >> thank you. so good to see you. you look fabulous. thank you for having me. >> with white. last i checked we are or not allowed to wear white after labor day. >> i'm so glad you asked, lara. >> please. >> let's debunk. you can absolutely wear it through the fall and into the winter and we're going to show you why it's so key with new denim innovations. here on tatiana she's in a regular pair of white jean, we'll pour a little dark soda on her. i know, sorry, sorry. >> all in the name of science. >> you can see the residue that
8:42 am
happened to us all. this is why old navy, genius innovation, these jeans are their stay white jeans and you can see i'll pour it on sam. see how it beads up. isn't that to cool then you would just take a paper towel and would blot this. >> it beads right off. >> we tested these in our textiles lab and this -- >> have you a lab too. >> we're known for our lab, lara spencer but this also will continue after which is great because sometimes that wears off on these old navy one, it will not. >> white in the winter, you don't want to get the slush or the fall kind of dirt. >> brilliant and under 50 bucks. >> i love it. thank you, lori bergamotto. in what about this? there's something about pockets and where the placement is. >> yes, so now that i'm a mom i understand what happens to your behind after a little age, a little gravity gets involved, right? i know. >> i know not of what you speak.
8:43 am
>> for some of us gravity takes hold so what we love about michele here is that she's so graciously volunteered as an audience member today, i think we have a before shot of her in the jeans that she came with this morning. now, miss michele, if you will please turn around to see the booty this morning. these are the nydj jeans. >> you got a free butt lift. >> if you turn around one more time. i want to point something out. the uplift strategically placed. >> you have a great booty. >> doesn't she and makes everything look more rounded and 300 squats a day or buy these jeans and has compression in here so everything else gets nice and sucked in. >> turn around first of all. we won't look at your freezing rain fannie anymore. you have a great shape. sometimes we love the spandex in our jeans but kind of loosen up and then no matter how great a shape you have, they get a little -- >> they get a little saggy. >> i don't think that will happen with these.
8:44 am
it's like -- >> exactly. and the darts, where the darts are also another thing that will prevent that from happening. >> how do you feel. >> i feel good, really good. >> you get to take those home. enjoy. >> so, lara, i'm so glad you were talking about the feel of jeans and what they feel like. because a lot of women don't like to wear genijeans because feel like they're binding into them. lee dream jeans our model kylie is wearing a so do >> oh, my gosh. >> this is that stretch thing but i just like it so comfy but then i don't want -- >> you're going to love this. on the inside it's lined with yogurt ba pants so feels like yoga pants but feel how soft. >> that is fantastic. >> online reviews people are going bonkers for these because they are so k comfortable.
8:45 am
that was an unfortunate moment too. >> it feels like a yoga pant. >> can i see, wow, they feel carly fioromfortable comfortable. >> absolutely. >> and, again, under $50. okay, so this is really awesome and another innovation. this is like a glove and i know she's not wearing jeans but wear with me. these are smart leggings. you know sometimes there's vanity sizing. don't know what size you are so lillian, if you press that button, this is connected to a free app on your smartphone. smart leggings. body and you can see that it's measuring all of her contour, all of her size sflz where do we find these? >> on like a and they will recommend what size you are in a catalog of brands. >> that's unbelievable. >> so you don't have to remember am i zero in this, am i 10, there's too many numbers and this figures it out for you. >> lori bergamotto has her ph.d. in denim. amazing stuff.
8:46 am
>> we have a little present. >> everybody in the audience, yes, you too is getting one pair of jeans so enjoy. thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> professor, professor. >> thank you. >> coming up on "good morning america," the stars of the new tim burton movie are with us. don't go anywhere.
8:47 am
8:48 am
butterfield, eva green and ella pump necessary from tim burton's new movie "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children." we'll tell you about that bed of nails but first a clip from the movie so take a look. >> peculiars have been persecuted through the ages. hence, we live in places like this. i'm a type of peculiar called an ingrain. >> you turn into a bird. >> well, i do.
8:49 am
and their main skill can the manipulation of time. we choose a safe place, a safe day and create a loop. >> what do you mean. >> a loop reserves the last 24 hours, reset the loop and the day is yours to live in again. [ applause ] >> eva, you're so good and i love the description of tim burton. tim burton calls your character scary poppins but i wonder did you get a maternal feeling with all the young co-stars around. >> yeah, of course, she can be quite tough. she's very strict. she has lots of rules, but she has a big heart, you know, and those -- my character has to look after those gorgeous children who had those weird abilities and, yeah, she's very maternal. >> very maternal and, ella, i know you have a cool superpower. >> uh-huh. >> you don't weigh anything. >> huh-uh. >> you can control air but you have to wear these boots and it looks so -- they're heavy. they're uncomfortable.
8:50 am
you get used to them i guess after six months, slightly weighted. but i guess the hardest part was the floating, yeah, and the underwater stuff. >> underwater -- speaking of underwater you did your own stunts. >> yes. >> and you were champs to do this but underwater -- how hard is it to be underwater with no contacts? >> tricky. we're in this tank and paint all the walls of the tank green so you have no sense of depth anyway in and you can kind of make out where the other person is just vaguely blew the blurry water. >> have to keep your eyes open the entire time. >> what kind of training do you do for that? >> no, i couldn't swim before i did this movie. >> i think that's a little dangerous. >> no, i learned -- i can swim i just sort of drown and so i had to practice swimming but we did
8:51 am
training and got used to the masks. >> you had asa there. he would have been the hero in "step up." here's a question. >> both: what's your peculiar talent? >> their peculiar talent is to be really cute and do a spin so, eva, what is your peculiar talent. >> well, i can make myself invisible. >> really. >> yeah, i can and i'm not going to do it right >> you're so good. you did it and came back. we didn't even see it. and ella, your talent? >> take your pick. i can do weird things with my eyes. sorry if that freaked anyone out. >> you can't swim but can you do that. >> uh-huh. >> that's a good one and asa, what about you? >> i got various kind of useless peculiar talents. i can type the alphabet fast, in
8:52 am
>> really. >> you have to take my word for it. >> we want to get this in. we have this bed of nails and i think you'll do something with this. >> you're the man. >> and these are real, people. >> i guess. this is what we do, right? >> i need to help you. >> i'm in your hands this time. don't drop me. >> this is like -- okay, you have a friendship thing here. >> all right. i guess we just down like this whoo. not too bad. holy -- whoo. that's not too bad. not too bad. >> that's not too bad. >> hey. >> they have peculiar talons, everybody. "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" hits theaters this friday. make sure you check it all out and everybody stay right there. we'll be right back. you let me know. come on.
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how does this sound fly to new york, stay in a hotel. get $500 spending cash and see one of music's biggest acts performing live on "gma," well, just go to to find out how to enter "gma's" fall concert sweep sstakes presentedy carmax. "good morning america" brought to you by the university of phoenix. we rise.
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>> yes. have a peculiar tuesday, everybody. bye. . good tuesday morning, it's 8 perks. i'm corrina pysa. parma school district leaders
8:57 am
schools because of a $15 million budget deficit. y that under fiscal watch by the state and are required to submit a balanced plan to the state by the 17th. there is another public meeting held on october 4th. and police in massillon are searching for a man who posed as a police officer and assaulted a nine-year-old girl. the massileon independent reports that the girl was walking home from the library around 6 last night and she was on sick street and cherry road when a man pulled up pickup truck with skulls on the side. he was a police officer and told her she was reported missing. that is when he 49ed her and pulled her into the truck, assaulted her at another location and let her go. if you have any information, call police. and get a check on the forecast with janessa webb. >> are you waiting for sunshine here across northern ohio. yesterday, soggy and warmer's home podge of different weather
8:58 am
where we have seen sunny psychos, 73 and seasonable air. you will notice the prose picking up out of the southwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. we're tracking the next cold front partly cloudy and the clouds will work from west to east. this afternoon, the temperatures are in the 70s and waving goodbye. sixtys for daytime highs and 36 hours here by friday and we'll set under mostly cloudy conditions. and thank you. let's get a final check of the there and the eastbound lanes, crocker to the inner belt. congestions on 77 and central interchange to 90. it will take you 38 minutes, checking cars for 52 miles an hour and look at 71 and you approach the 71 belt bridge, we're still congested.
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