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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news yet another officer involved shooting this time near san diego. >> megan, bistabbeds are talking about what they saw tonight. >> reporter: yes, they said they did not see a weapon and police said an his 30s was act k i ratticly. he was shot and sent to the hospital with unknown injuries. crowds began chanting and demanding answers from police. >> all lives matter. we all matter. >> he failed to comply with directives he was given.
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the man was armed. we're working to get an update on the man's condition. and we have more breaking news tonight. there are multiple report former israelly prime minister has passed away. firefighters working to put out a house fire. we're told everyone was able to get out of the house. we have new information involving the man indicted in a crash that claimed a trooper's life. he was not on illegal
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gasbar's doctors said he was on a maintenance drug and it was illegal. >> folks are thinking josh is driving around thinking he's drunk or on drugs and that's not true. >> illegal drugs on the day he hit and killed trooper perez. >> the day after the accident the sheriff took him to the methadone clinic and he received a drug test. this doctor's drug test revealed what we knew it
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anything. >> josh has been on methadone for three years. >> this doctor indicates in the report he issued to us folks on methadone therapy aren't in any way impaired. the doctor controlled the dose. toxicology report on gasbar has not been completed. >> this is an accident. it could have happened to any of one of us. so i'm going to go in and show the judge the doctor's report and prove that josh wasn't in any way impaired. >> gasbar's attorney said he
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charges reduced. security video shows two men taking a pressure cooker bomb from a bag and walking away. ahmad rahami is still unconscious in a hospital. flooding from iowa. thousands of people have been those temporary flood walls at rapid falls are holding. we're about to see rain of our own, aren't we. >> yes. we have lots of rain darren bay into chicago into lower michigan already and it's going to hang around on and a off all the way into your weather weekend.
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couple of lower 60s. here we go, your head lines here, dry morning rush tomorrow but rain arriving for the afternoon and by the time your weekend rolls around, heavy rain fall for you. some of you, wow get the ducks ready to swim in the front yard. all that coming up. to california where a stifling heat wave is fueling this fire more. at least 8 homes for burn ed and p two were destroyed. take a good look at these pictures. >> a man posing as a police is
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must have scared a lot of people tonight. >> reporter: you hate to cover these types of stories. right now i'm at the police station but just a couple of blocks away is where the problem happened. >> he molded a tragedy assaulting her sexually. police when he raped this nine-year- old girl. >> like most kids she trusted cops, but a lie lured her in. >> he said he was a police officer. he didn't have a uniform on. he stated he was a officer and her parents told
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she had to go with him. >> reporter: surveillance printed out the siamang is etched in this girl's memory, ohio printed on the back window and inside the man who injured her life. >> we know him as a white man, middle aged. >> he let her go, she walked back home, her body given back if you anything, give police a call. thank you frank. we have new details on breaking knews, a 12-year-old girl missing for days found at a home and one man is in custody. the girl was last seen riding her bike on saturday afternoon. her mother believed she was
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friend's house but never made it there. she was found at a home on lake shore boulevard. >> it's definitely hard and just the thought of her being out there with an older guy, are they being held captive, you just don't know. >> the girl and her mother are with investigators tonight. no word on whether any charges been filed. the ceo of wells fargo will forfeit millions of dollars of bonuses in the midst of a scandal of workers opening unauthorized accounts.
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samsung are not over yet. >> samsung said it's investigating. they recalled two and a half million of battery phones in china but samsung said they came from a different supplier but their have been four reports in china. 132,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after a report of plastic were found in them. they have a used by day of july 2017. tyson says throw it away or you can return it to the
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taken off the role and may not know it. we're going to have a lot of rain over the next few days. details coming up in -- details coming up next and how happy is your significant other? there happiness may have a bigger impact on your well being than
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she won that debate and people saw who was ready to be president, who knew more about the issues, who felt more strongly about it and who was in it for declaring his wife the winner of the presidential debate in a stop here in ohio just a few hours ago. he had a message in mind. >> if you want to control your future, you have to vote. anybody who is doing to be 18 by election day can register and vote. >> of course there was timing
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the former president's trip, today is national voter's registration day. ohio removed the names of 10s of thousands of voters if they haven't voted in six or more years. they don't even know this happened. >> the voice their names removed. >> ryan davis is executive director for ohio coalition of homeless. >> most were new voters in 2008 and they for whatever reason just didn't vote after that. they may have decided there
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sat out the election. a lot of new voters from the obama first presidency. >> reporter: earlier this year we had to look through every person who was purged in the 2013 or 2014 election. >> he went through 50,000 purged named over the shows 30 percent fewer republicans and democrats 51 percent. he's urging everyone in doubt to reregister. >> and you have two weeks to do that. the last date to register is nose guitar 11th -- november 11th. >> donald trump thinks he won
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viewers agreed. >> last night was very exciting and almost every single pole had us winning the -- poll had us winning the debate over crooked hillary clinton. the second presidential debate will be held on sunday, university in st. louis. >> donald trump is not going to help you drive in the car pool lane. a driver tried to use the lane with a card board cut out. the state trooper pulled the
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>> that close. >> pope francis changing the way miracles are approved. they have to agree healing has no scientific or r r explanation. vatikin leaders say this makes can sayings a more transparent proc in mars. >> elon musk is working on the mars colonial suite and sees ships flying to mars in the next 100s. >> the trips to mars will be very dangerous.
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children. it would be basically are you prepared to die and if that's okay you're a candidate for going. >> so you say you're dying to go on vacation. musk hopes to get the cost under a million bucks so people can afford to go. >> they're all going today. >> are you ready to die, on to mars. >> wow. okay. >> there's still that thing about oxygen. >> that we need to survive. >> as long as they get the cost below 100 grand. >> and no spam. we don't want to go there. >> spam comes in cans and last for a thousand years.
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going on outside right now. how about a little bit of darkness downtown. >> it's dark at night mark, in case you didn't know. widely scattered darkness. >> now, it's time for sports. keep going. >> what was that terra, oh, two minutes. you've used up your time. here we go, clouds i'm thinking it will be clear for most of you tonight. clouds arriving during the predawn hours. cleveland 63. current conditions, humidity manage able winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. your hour by
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late morning early afternoon best shot of rain moving our way. this is going to slide south and my crapped over ohio for about five -- meanderer over ohio for about five your hour by hour -- i lost my mike. hold on. hold on. here's what happened. it came unflukinged. thank you. >> we've got to plug it in. >> we've got it. >> he's got the power. >> see, that's six years college education right there. no rain showers. rain showers on and off.
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friday. some of these totals approaching two inches. we get more saturday into early sunday. 52 overnight tonight. dry for the commute in the morning and the bus stop and scattered rain through saturday upper 60s, lower 70s through the weekend. how's that? some of parents but a baby boy saying he has three bilogical parents. >> he has dna from mom, dad and the woman who donated the egg. and also being around happy people can make you healthier at least when it comes
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unhappy partners rated their own health as poor compared to those with happy spouses. >> i think we should move past that. >> what do browns players do when they're off? we'll show you how one spends his time
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there's a long drive to deep right and that is gone. an drove drew row mine rubs it in
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>> 12-0 tieingers. bigger news of the night, cory will be shut down with a quad strain. the good news is it's not a groin injury. >> this will give him the chance to have a bull pen session or two and hopefully even help him. it's certainly not bad news. get to see another side. >> if you wonder what browns players do on their free time, they go to the movies and guess what you're invited. >> so every wednesday i ask a trivia question and the first
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the movie. >> deep water horizon. >> why movies. >> i love it. it's an escape. you adopt worry about nothing but the movie. >> we know he can play football, but how well does he really know movies. trivia questions. >> what kind of dog is in the mask. >> jack russell tearier. >> in the movie a night at the museum who does robin williams play.
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brown tight end isn't what he knows or how he plays, it's about giving the supporting cast a chance to spend the night out with stars. >> they're spending their hard movie-- earned money to come out and watch us pay them back some. thank you lauren. >> we want to remind you the hue jackson show thursday night at 6:00.
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i found a ball up here at the set. it could be good morning cleveland playing ball. all right. good morning cleveland 4:30. we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you for being here tonight. >>
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- j.k. simmons - from viceland, action bronson - and music from air. and now, if it's all right with you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, how you doing? thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for all the noise. before we start tonight, i have a message.


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