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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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new at the noon hour, good afternoon, everybody this is leon bibb reporting. closed at state route 44 in kirtland hills because of an accident involving multiple vehicles and it's unclear at this point what caused the crash. we're told that there are injuries. because of the accident on i-90 at ohio route 44. traffic is being diverted to state route 2. and stay with news 5 and check with the news 5 app for updates on the story. and to the power of 5. you have sunshine darting in and out today? don't be fooled because of what sun you may have and there is
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rain is heading our way. meteorologist tera blake is here with our eyes on the radar and a close watch on the weather patterns. good afternoon, tera. >> good afternoon, leon. showers and thunderstorms are expected for your wednesday forecast. that is not here now but for days to come. find your favorite rainboots and jacket with the hood. you will need them as we progress towards the weekend. the rainfall on the west side now and with temperatures held down almost everywhere and two little 70s in there. new philadelphia and in cooler at 54 for us in mansfield; 58, elyria and diving deeper into the rain, this is moving into the north at a light to moderate pace and that is covering us here in eerie and huron county. some of the heaviest rain is heading south and sherman, you will see an increase in huron county and lighter in london and fitchfield and green witch.
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heaviest rain and no thunderstorm activity with this. we see showers in place and noticing light rain towards vermilion and we progress farther east and just starting to get ativate -- saturated in lorain and medina and wayne county. the rainfall is coming and expecting to see them, waves of rainfall over the next several days because of this guy. you see all of the turning happening here. an upper-level lows are going to get stuck and stick around prov chances. the cooler temperatures, too, today in the upper 60s and we'll talk about rainfall amounts coming up next. they're quite impressive. >> rain, yeah being here today. many thanks. >> and right now, police in massileon need your help in tracking down a child predator. the man who posed as a police officer kidnapped a 9-year-old girl and assaulted her. sarah phinney reports that police can use your help in the case and they're looking for a
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following up on police all day. so far, no arrests were made. the department is really counting on the public's help. this post now has more than 14,000 shares. many people expressing shock and anger, others commenting that they have seen the suspect's vehicle around northeast ohio and it's got skull stickers on the side and ohio on the back. the police describe a disturbing encounter monday evening. a nine-year-old girl leaving the library, approached by a scruffy beard and brown hair. he told her he was a cop but he was not wearing a uniform. her parents reported her missing. investigators said that he then forced her into the truck, drove for a half mile and then sexually assaulted her near saint paul's lutheran church. the 9-year-old was eventually able to get away and told her step dad what happened. she was taken to the hospital. if you want to take a better look at the suspect's truck, we have pictures on our newsify
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news 5. >> thank you. in the meantime, police tell us that they have received the least two dozen tips about the truck since last night. and a suspected serial killer that he can't remember the name of the first victim. the marion star reports that shawn grate thinks the woman's name was dana or diane. he was reported as saying he's not sure. he confessed to stabbing to death the woman in toss thousand dollars and dumping her body near accused of killing the same woman in ashland and mans feel. he's pleaded not guilty. and people firefighters say a cell phone likely sparked a house fire in painesville. investigators said the fire started in a bedroom on the first floor of the home on saint clare street. the resident was charging her galaxy note 7 phone in the room before the blaze broke out. the woman said she had problems with the device overheading and that the problems were reported by the maker of the phone.
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accidental. and we have told you for weeks now about problems with samsung's galaxy note 7 phones. the company recalled the device after several caught fire and today, samsung is dealing with another issue. a galaxy note 7 phone in china thick woke that burst into flames while charging. samsung previously said china was not included because the batteries and phones sold there came from a different supplier. and to the race for th declaring victory in the most watched presidential debate in u.s. history. and now, they're both launching attacks from the campaign trails. maggie has our story. >> reporter: looking like a victory rale. >> oh, yes! one down, two to go! >> reporter: with both candidates am claying they won. >> we have had some amazing
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week, calling on her team to fan out across nine battleground states by friday. from former rival bernie sanders who will campaign in new hampshire with her today hoping to rally her supporters to her side to alicia machado, the former miss universe whom trump criticized for gaping too much weight. >> maybe -- gaining too much weight. >> maybe he'll be say bagged things about me, but it's okay. i am strong. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump comes out claiming even though he's happy with the debate numbers, he's not happy with the night's moderators. >> he didn't ask her about the e-mails at all or her scandals. he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed. >> reporter: and as trump defends himself, two big endorsements are going to clinton. former republican senator john warner. >> that candidate is one that is fit and ready to lead our
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democrat since founded in 1890. president obama went on steve harvey's radio show this morning blasting donald trump about his comments about machado's weight, saying that is not the kind of message he wants his daughters to hear and reminding daughters if they don't vote or vote for a third- party candidate, that that is a vote for trump. maggie rule, washington. coming up, as we continue with news 5, missed warning signs. the father of the new york bombing suspect investigated his son more thoroughly. >> a controversial pharmaceutical ceo is auctioning off the opportunity to get even. even after raising the price of a life-saving medication. you're watching news at the noon hour. this is news 5. back in a
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. memorial services have been announced for former israeli president and prime minister shimon peree is. he passed away at the -- shimon peres. he passed away at the age of 93 after a number of strokes. a number of leaders are expected to attend hises iss on friday. and a spending bill would keep the government running through december. the legislation would provide money to fight the zika virus and provide $170 million to
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with lead-tainted water emergencies. and the man once dubbed the most hated person in america is giving people a chance to get even. pharmaceutical executive wasvillified for raising the price of a life-saving medication by 5,000%. shiquelli is auctioning off a chance to punch him in the face, literally, for a price. money raised will go to the family of his friend who died of cancer. now here's sarah ble. and being ven a few thunderstorms are starting to pop up when will you get wait? we're timing it out coming up
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. investigators continue to question the family of the suspected bomber from last week's bombings in new york and new jersey. the suspect's father sat down with abc news for his first television interview and he revealed surprising new details about his son and the father's own discussions with the fbi.
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adding he does not know the two men seen in the surveillance pictures sought by the fbi as witnesses. >> he did everything by civil. -- self. and he order an online and did it by him. >> reporter: rahami explained to brian ross his 28-year-old son had become secretive months before he allegedly planted bombs in new york and new jersey. and even changing the looks -- locks on his bedroom door >> and nobody could go in? >> and nobody could go. one time my grandson went to his room and he is screaming and kicked him out. >> reporter: the father said no oned in the family saw this coming. >> anybody see him building a bomb? >> nothing. nobody. >> and something suspicious going on in that bedroom there? >> nobody, believe me. i guarantee. >> reporter: and this is as federal agents tell abc news that they are now examining some of the radical social media posts shared by the
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visited in pakistan. >> did he ever talk to her about this? >> this is the first time i saw that. >> reporter: the father did, however, recognize one of the fbi agents at the scene when the son was shot and captured last week, and saying the same agent thought he was a possible terrorist but without introducing his son, concluded he was no terror threat. >> and you think we should have interviewed him? >> yes. >> and they never did? >> no. >> reporter: the agent conducted a thorough father recanted the original statements about his son, something the father new disputes. elizabeth herr, new york. and we continue to cover that story as well and we may all be running for cover in northeast ohio before the day is over, right? >> and rainfall and a lot of it. several rounds and days full of rain. if you have been wanting the fall temperatures for fall boots, ladies, it's here.
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you're cooler today, cleveland. the upper 60s, that is it. the current conditions for us, showing the light winds and dry. even a little sunshine and you are thinking where is the rain? and west siders are getting a lot of rainfall now. we expect to find a few inches by the time we're all said and done. and i will show you the heaviest rainfall areas coming up in just a few moments. from right now from west-east, east siders, there is the sun. clouds are advancing for us and taking away the temperatures. seventys and elyria, 58 and rainfall on the heels and fining consistent rainfall at 54. i want to show you deeper here the rain into sandusky and into groton there and erie county. this is the lightest rainfall currently that i will show you and this gets heavier into huron county and you are noticing moderate rainfall, sherman. you have the lightning tracker on and no flashes popping up
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pushing into richland county now and moderate rain expected to move in and closer to you and let's zoom in closer to shelby and show you where we're starting to see the moderate rainfall advancing east and millsboro, it's increasing for you. ontario, amoy, you're up next and case as well and that is the heaviest rainfall this far. west siders, it's shifting east and we have lorain county, and coshockton and you will see this rain chance go farther and farther east. east siders and into the locations, get those errands down. this rainfall gets closer and closer and over several states and several days as this particular upper level lows slowly migrate east and keeping the rain chances on top of us. an upper level low we cut off and there is nothing to stop it.
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weekend. coming up, the rain chances for you. the temperatures are on the cooler side and there is that chance of getting wet farther east about 12:45 to 1:00 and just as the show is ending, i think cleveland you're going to see more rainfall here into the afternoon for the kidos, akron and canton, they're going to need the rain gear as well and dry weather, too and a pop-up farther south and 8:00 for us there and wayne and and holmes counties. we have chances in and out of the forecast for your thursday and i think a chance of a few thunderstorms here on thursday evening with the day's heating. not exactly warm but impressive. we're going to have the numbers and some of the heaviest airports are the darker reds and returnels -- purples and we're looking at as much as 3 inches. and so the potential of the flooding is there and we're not thinking much in the way of severe weather which is good.
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days to come and sunshine into next week. something to look forward and we're on the radio and we'll keep you updated. and your power-of-5 radio on cleveland star 105.2 and ncx. still warm and able to get outside. angela, it's bulb had -- angelo, it's bulb-planting time. how are you, sir? >> yes. as the annuals get done, you want to prepare for the spring. >> when is the best time to get th >> you have until the end of december. >> really? as long as you can work the ground, you can plant. >> perfect. >> if the ground doesn't freeze, you can plant. one of the best ways to plant bulbs is clusters. >> right on. >> and not in a row. >> not in a row. together. >> nice cluster. like a 15- to 18-much on wide hole. when you put your bulbs, get all of the early ones, the mid- season and late. >> and you can put them in the same hole?
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and they mix up and then once you're done, you know, put some bulb tone on there. >> bulb tone. >> and pots. >> wow. >> and you can store them outside. >> right. >> and let them get cold and whenever you want them, bring them in. >> we can start them early? >> yeah. >> and garlic, too. >> and bring them out. >> and if you're worried about deer resistant, many are. >> yes. >> and thank you, angelo.
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. one of the first rhymes my mother taught me as a boy, rain, rain, go away, please come back another day. >> and that old man snoring. >> yeah. >> and we want him to stop see it stops raining, right? >> and you got it. >> i can't make it go away. not for the next few days, anyway. upper 60s, lower 70s and rain in and out and go find that polka dot umbrella and use it. we have some rain heading our way. >> and a bunch of rain falling in a row there. >> we sure do. >> and happy fall. >> and that is it for us.
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. >> hi, i'm sarah carns. scott defalco is here to show us an easy way to take years off of your appearance if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea, red wine or smokings. scot said he can help you look up only takes 5 minutes and welcome, scott. >> thank you. and 13 -- you can look up to 13 years younger with a whiter, brighter smile and i wouldn't mind subtract the years opposed to adding to them. >> and what do you have? >> this is power swabs. a revolutionary product. whitens your shades in hess than two minutes and first up is the stain-out swab.
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for two minutes and we do two things. >> yeah. >> and number one, we lift the stapes off of your teeth. the at the same time, we hydrate the enamel. the biggest advantage is meninal to no since tist. -- minimal to no since tist. they dehydrate the enamel. we hydrate and moisturize the enamel. we're going to whiten. the same process like this and up to the gum line. no since tist. and once you're --ence is activity. over seven days, six shades. >> wow. >> that is it. >> how long does it last? >> results last up to six months and it will work on the caps, crowns and veneers. anyone with cosmetic dental procedure will tell you over time the smile goes uneven and there is nothing to do about it until now. >> and that is amazing. the coffee i'm drink something. >> drink all of the coffee and wean you want, responsibly, of course and not at work and they take away the stains. >> and it takes away the sensitivity issue as well.
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call the 1-800-663-4517 or go to and they'll give you a chance to buy two kits and get one
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it's september 28th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman leaving a spa is followed by a woman in a towel. >> because there's some business out there. >> see if you can spot what's wrong with this picture. >> oh, i get it. >> a rescue team explores the hidden dangers in antarctica. how even a training still mean you're one flip from death. >> oh, no! >> this dinosaur. >> dropping knowledge made him a viral video star. now in his first interview, he shows he doesn't do it for the fame. >> he likes being a star. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle find the best on the web. including the perfect wedding


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