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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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head, and i just really -- scary situation. >> this isn't the first time this businessman has been the target of shady crooks. tonight he takes matters into his own hands. it's toes see why that store owner would be fed up. he has been target five different times in the last year. >> as you just heard some of those incidents did involve guns. news 5's bob jones live outside that store in akron. bob, police just released surveillance video of the >> reporter: rob, we just got our hands on that video. on it you can clearly see the image of a man throwing a rock through the front door of dollar magic. tonight that store other than says he has had enough. he is planning to close up shop and move somewhere else. take a good look. can you id the man in the tank top who tosses a rock through the door and crawls between the shattered glass in the middle of the night snow leaves moments later getting away with
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>> too frustrating getting up at 2:00 in the night and finding someone breaking into your business. it's really frustrating and heartbreaking. >> reporter: in february of 2015 i spoke with the man after a video captured two hooded man attacking him in the store. he was punched and kicked to the floor. a silver handgun pointed at his head. four months later it happened again. two crooks walked in. the owner is punched in the face, a gun aimed right at him. >> both times i got punched and the gun was right and it's just really a scary situation. >> reporter: a window remains boarded up from a break-in that happened three months later. a cash register and computer system stolen. august of this year an attempted break-in followed by that smash and grab lottery ticket thief. he tells me he now fears for his life on the job. >> every day, yeah. i fear for my life every day, leaving and coming. >> reporter: sew plans to leave akron for good and reopen in another city.
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night hasn't been enough to keep him safe. >> because if we are not safe, we are not secure, we cannot provide better service for our customer. >> reporter: and tonight he also questions whether police are responding quickly enough or doing enough to solve the cases. a police spokesperson for the city of akron told me they continue to investigate the cases and they hope by releasing the surveillance video it will help generate some leads. live in 5. >> bob, thank you. now to a story we have been digging into all day long. a brawl near parma high school that involved not just students but parents as well. it all happened on wednesday. we got our hands on the video today. dhomonique ricks live in parma. how many people were actually involved here? >> reporter: witnesses tell me they saw upwards of 40 people involved in four different fights at the exact same time. it is not clear how it started
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reports, it happened just before 3:00 on grantwood drive and west 54th street after students were released from school. a witness seen in the video trying to break up the fight says he saw innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time getting pushed to the ground. he also tells me he saw adults and students going at one another. we identified one of the parents seen in that video who admits he and his son were both involved in the fight. he says bullying and this incident stems from that. the local school board has proposed consolidating all of parma's high schools into one. parents we spoke with say they don't like that idea saying things are already bad enough. >> now you are taking the three high schools where some of these kids don't get along. they're like rivalries to an extent. then you are going to throw them in that high school where there's definitely not enough room? (s:reporter we were here today
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school. and we saw an armed officer escorting those students home as well as three police vehicles on watch. students tell us there were reports of a gun in or near the school today, and those who were concerned were allowed to go home early. live in parma, dhomonique ricks, news 5. the creepy clown sightings across the country have now made their way into ohio. >> class is canceled for a suburban cincinnati school district after a woman says she was attacked that woman says a man dressed as a clown grabbed her neck and threatened a student. people in other parts of ohio also reporting clown sightings. at least two teens arrested in connection with to clown related threats on social media. cincinnati police arresting a 14-year-old mount healthy high school freshman and a milford student. police tell us both of the teens thought it was a joke. they're both facing charge of making terroristic threats. the man accused of
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appearance in massillon court today. dennis menefee junior was arraigned in municipal court charged with first degree felony kidnapping and rape of a minor under the age of 13. he is accused of posing as a police officer and abducting that girl monday as she walked home from the library. the judge issued a million dollar bond for each charge. >> he took the seriousness of these charges and the risk of him possibly doing this to ot going nowhere. >> if convicted menefee could face life in prison without a chance of parole. also in court today the driver indicted for killing ohio trooper kenny velez. bond was also set at $1 million. josh gas par is facing two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. he hit velez september 15th. the trapper was standing outside his cruiser at the time just outside lakewood.
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are only going to see right here. her daughter's murder captured headlines. now the mother is speaking to investigators about a flaw in the. sarah buduson joins us now. we're talk about problems with protection orders. >> frank, debbie young says her daughter might still be alive if the system had not failed her. on january 7th emily young met with her estranged husband. as she was man shot her in the face and chest. now nine months after her daughter's death emily's mother is speaking out for the first time because she wants to see a change in the way protection orders are handled. a change that might have stopped wally woods. >> that night is a nature i'm never going to forget. it's a night i will never forget. i just wish that i could have held her one last time.
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had. >> reporter: so what does she think should be changed? tonight at 11:00 our exclusive investigation reveals the fatal flaw in the system that may have kept emily's killer behind bars. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, newschannel5. tonight before their home coming game family and friends will honor the memory of awe cloyd high school football player who died after getting hurt in a game last week. andre jackson took a hard hit two days later jackson died because of complications related to that injury. his family and friends will gather honoring his name, his life. that game begins at 7:00. it opens with a moment of silence. a trending crime has hit hard here in cleveland. this right here just four of many smash and grabs that have plagued our city costing business owners thousands in damage. but now a state senator thinks he has an answer to all this. senator tom pat ten introducing
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walls inside stores and lower the amount of money kept inside of those machines. he hopes to fast track that bill. he says if it isn't ready for vet at the end of this year he is confident it will be ready before next february. turns out donald trump campaigning in the battleground state of michigan. >> it stop caps off a day that began with a series of tweets in the middle of the night. john kosich live tin tech center. question. when does he sleep? >> it's many are asking after those tweets that started around 3:00 this morning. trump started with warning that if the media doesn't name sources in their stories within his campaign, they don't exist. and following them later with attacks on hillary clinton and former miss universe alicia machado who he described as disgusting. he tweeted thor those knocking him, at least you know i will be there wand awake to answer the call.
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urging voters not to cast their ballot for trump calling him a serial liar who traffics in prejudice. this afternoon in michigan trump dismissed it. >> i don't read usa today. it's not much of a nap as far as i'm concerned, and i really don't know. nobody called me. all i know is weir leading in the polls, we're dooling well. >> trump will be campaigning tomorrow in pennsylvania while hillary clinton will be making her first four weeks monday. live in the tech center, john kosich, newschannel5. markjweather, you told us the rain was spotty today. >> a little bit spotty but it is beginning to fade away for your evening hours. now, it is going to come back a little while from now but i'm thinking you have got a few hours to get outside and enjoy some of this. i'm loving to see this sunshine over akron. sun going down. clouds are breaking you know between these bands of showers. this was the band that dumped a half an inch of rain in akron.
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youngstown. half an inch of rain n cleveland. this band coming in, moving north and almost out of here. it's in euclid, in lake and geauga, ashtabula, trumbull counties pulling out of here. that's the good news. we will zoom in a little closer showing cleveland almost ready to dry out. give it another few minutes and you will be fine. current thermometer readings are sitting generally in the lower 60s, and that's the way we are going to statement as we head through the evening, high school football, look at that, just a couple of isolated sprinkles four with temperatures in the sick. more on a slightly better weekend forecast coming up. >> all right, mark. so there's a new addition coming to cleveland metro parks. a new pier at euclid beach. the 220-foot replacement will go in place of the old pier and has been in the works since 2013. after a long public process so far, three major improvements
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>> to date we've built the new bridge over euclid creek. we've made major improvements at villa angela beach where this past swim season we had a full season of lifeguards swimming. then we just opened a new manage center in the southern part of wild wood park. >> demolition of the existing pier will begin this fall. new developments in the death of a woman who died in police custody. >> the big family could finally get the answers they are looking for. plus alarge new video from lorain police. a man thrown towards the cruise sore hard the windshield shattered. what we have learned about that incident tonight. and a local boy undergoes a medical breakthrough operation. we've got his story coming up. if you see news happening, 5tips at, or you
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new developments about the death of a mentally ill woman in police custody. a special master was appointed
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tunisia anderson's death. he just found out there were no statements that in file that unfairly incripple nature the officers involved. now that means the state attorney general can now move forward with that investigation. anderson died nearly two years ago after her family called for an ambulance and cleveland police showed up. a special master did rule the medical examiner's report about her cause of death cannot be used in this investigation. the attorney for anderson's family tells us that the reason is that that report may have been viewed as containing statements now at 6:00 we are seeing some alarming new video from lorain police right here. a man handcuffed, thrown into a cruiser right there so hard the windshield shattered. it happened two years ago but now it is the subject of a federal lawsuit. derek wall ser live in door rain -- derick waller is live in lorain for us. >> reporter: frank, they admit that video is dramatic but they
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story. >> disturbing, shocking. i think it's kind of difficult to watch. >> reporter: that was the defense attorney's reaction to this dash cam video of his client having his face slammed against the windshield by officer zachary, the force so hard the glass shattered. >> i don't know what type of force it takes to break a windshield but i would imagine it's pretty substantial. >> reporter: smith' impact. he went to the hospital but did not need stitches. he was being arrested over suspicions of drug trafficking. he has been convicted before. here he is defending himself in the backseat. >> why are you doing this to me? >> you swallowed something on us. >> man [inaudible] it was a little [inaudible] all i do is get high. >> reporter: off camera they told me they had to use greater force because smith was
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the slam was not intentional. >> it's not an accident. you watch the video, and you certainly will form same opinion. in fact, it looks like he was lifted up and slammed into the windshield. >> reporter: and smith is seek monetary damages in federal court. it is worth noting that the federal department of justice completed a four-year investigation into the lorain police department's use of force back in 2012. proper training and accountability, but those problems they said had been corrected back in 2012. live in lorain, derick waller, newschannel5. it is the last day of september, which is also childhood cancer awareness month. >> yes it is. one young local boy celebrating the victory of life. we're talking about myles who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone forming cancer that typically occurs
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it can require amputation but a team of doctors at cleveland clinic proposed another route, to use the bone from myles' leg. thou they expect his right arm to continue to grow, much like his left arm. >> what's really amazing is that this bone, will, with use, eventually become more like the humerus than the fibula. it will become thicker. say, wow, you know, i didn't know that could happen. >> i didn't, either. well, myles, it's amazing, he is looking forward to halloween as well as a family trip to disney world. >> isn't that something. what a heck of a little kid. >> nice job. >> man oh man. >> all right, the mancast continues. >> the mancast. you know what, danita harris off tonight. probably taking chase for ice
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the sun is coming out in spots. look at this. it is turning into a beautiful sunset across northern ohio as we are drying out. so your evening is looking good. i know a lot of high school football games are going on tonight. the threat for an isolated sprinkle is there through about 10:00 tonight, but that's going to really be about it. you are going to see more of this than this. here is that band of rain going out over lake erie now. that is what brought a half an inch of rain to akron and now pulling into the northeastern corner of the state. mentor, burton, andover a few sprinkles. there's geneva, ashtabula. you will get a little bit of light rain but that is fading. behind it there is not much of anything. just an isolated shower chance through about 10:00 p.m. tonight. then after midnight the threat continues for another round of rain to come in, but that is after midnight. current temperatures, 60 medina
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currently in ravenna and youngstown. so the chill is out there especially if you get a little wet from the rain. if there's any little sprinkle over you make sure you pack the rain gear, wear the jeans. 63 right now sour temperature so you could see a little haze and fog settling in overnight. just a reminder, rob and frank and anticipated, halloween 30 days away, thanksgiving 54 days away, and christmas now 85 days away. the holidays fast approaching. know as we get into the cold season. and the warriors still blew a 3- 1 leading a gains the cavaliers in the finals. just a reminder, today 64 the high, 61 the low. rainfall half an inch for cleveland. here's matthew, now a strong category 4 hurricane, maximum sustained winds 140 miles per hour. for us we've got this low pressure here over louisville. it is going to move north to northern indiana saturday, and then into ontario sunday.
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drier air with more sunshine. we still can't rule out a couple of showers, maybe even a little thunder tomorrow afternoon, even into sunday. but all in all it is not the major wet weather pattern that we have been stege last few days. 59 tonight, more hit and miss thundershowers mainly after midnight. here is your seven-day. sunday a few showers, 69. monday dry, temperatures in the 70s through next week. >> mark talking basketball again. perfect segue. >> 85 days until christmas. i just check >> i would hope he's right. >> get the forecast right, get that right. it's all good. well, we'll continue to talk about josh gordon and what his head coach had to say today and speaking of what somebody said, will you need to hear what lebron james said about the deal with j.r. smith. plus we will talk indians
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what we need to do is to just close that chapter right now, you know. he is doing what he needs to do, and we need to do what we need to do which is continue to move forward. >> all signs pointing towards josh gordon has played his last game with the browns. gordon admitted into rehab. only time will tell for his future as a professional football player. don't forget browns countdown
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browns and washington. cavs hit the floor on sunday in the wine and gold scrimmage at the q. lebron made it clear he is not happy about the fact that the team and j.r. smith do not have a deal. just like last year with thompson the team does not want to get into a bidding war with itself. lebron just wants him back. >> i hate coming into another season two years in a row with one of my big guns not here. so for a leader of a team, you know, for me personally i just hate to deal he is just too big, too big of a piece for our team to to have deal with another training camp. like i said, hopefully things get resolved fast, because we know how big and important he is to our team. indians still playing with the chance of home field advantage. they are in kansas city this weekend. the a.l. d. starts thursday. we are all over the place for high school football tonight.
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mcdonald's live on your sideline tonight at 11:00. >> i'm just saying, i can open for the cavs. >> you got in the. >> i'll do it. >> what if there's somebody own? that's the problem. >> do what? >> i can bring you water. >> i'm with you.
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tonight, breaking news. authorities urging calm right now. just releasing this video. the deadly police shooting. police say he had taken a shooting stance. the sister who said she told police he had no gun. tonight, authorities also breaking, the category 4 hurricane. winds up to 140 miles per hour. ginger zee is standing by. donald trump's twitter tirade. about miss yuniverse.


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