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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  October 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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just weeks after a state trooper is hit and killed on the side of a cleveland interstate another person killed while on the side of the road. also struck by a driver suspected of being under the influence. it's a big sports day in cleveland. browns looking for their first win. indians advantage in the post season and fans getting their first glimpse of the defending champion cavaliers. we'll have a preview. first a preview from our earth cam. shores of lake erie, downtown cleveland. sun peaking through. some cloud cover, a rainy trend continues as your weekend goes on. welcome to this sunday edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb. you get outside, and you saw some of that rain waiting for
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we're going to get that again. we just need to get through it. is sun on the other side? >> it is. just hold on. the 7-day forecast is going to show you a lot of sunshine but overnight we were tracking widespread rain so you're waking up to wet pavement once again. and overcast skies but to the west want to show you on this cam here -- let me get to the screen -- this is a little bit of hope. that is starting to break through here, that sunshine, way through. so right now ashtabula county, you're still dealing with heavy downpour but it's making its way east fairly quickly. any moisture that we're currently seeing still well off- shore. we have a spotty shower that is about to make its way into southern erie county with the clouds. they are in place here but drier air is starting to make its way in from the south, that
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week's worth of just wet conditions. temperatures this morning, good morning greater cleveland, 59 degrees. 57 for wayne county. upper 50s for stark and summit. so hour by hour, this is not a washout day. i do think we'll continue to track spotty showers to the 1:00 hour but nick, by 3:00 we'll sit under mostly cloudy skies. new information this morning about a deadly hit-and- run crash we first brought one woman is dead, another is in bad shape this morning after being hit by a driver. officials believe the driver was on drugs at this time. they were changing a tire on the side of 480 around 8:30 last night. state highway patrol tells news 5 a driver drifted to the side of the road and hit them. initially that driver, 48-year- old clark justin didn't bother to stop at the scene. >> we were able to locate the vehicle at the next exit off state road.
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the influence and is in our custody at this time. pending that investigation. >> 27-year-old tanisha matthews was pronounced dead at the scene. 23-year-old asia matthews taken to metrohealth medical center, still in critical condition this morning. cleveland police also investigating a murder on the city's east side. officers found a 27-year-old man lying in the driveway of a home on east 79th street yesterday. police say the man had been shot in the head. his name will not be released notified. looking ahead -- big decisions to be made this week in the parma school district. the district recently proposed $15 million in cuts from the budget. that could mean dozens of layoffs and school closures as well. it could also increase pay-to- play fees and eliminate educational programs like s.t.e.m. a meeting last night hundreds showed up trying to find a
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their kids' education. >> our kids deserve better. our kids deserve to be able to go to a school where they are not going to get lost in the shuffle. >> lots of tough decisions to be made. the parma district must submit a balanced budget to the state by october 17th. the next step towards that is a school board meeting tuesday night. another huge crowd expected at that meeting as well, as well as a student-led protest ahead of cleveland cavaliers had a very exciting offseason celebrating their hard-earned nba title but today time to get back to work. for the first time since that dramatic game 7 victory fans will also get to see them in action. meg shaw live at the q with a preview of that wine and gold scrimmage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's football season. football sunday. but cavs fans i know you are ready to see that wine and gold get back on the court.
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the day. annual wine and gold scrimmage tips off today at 3:30 here at the q, for those lucky 2357bz that get to the game you get to see the brand new court design for the first time. the cavs say the black perimeter was inspired from those memorable black jerseys the team wore in the finals. who could forget those? the finishing touches debuted opening night. that big championship celebration set for october 25th against raise that nba championship banner to the rafters and receive their championship rings. i know we're all looking forward to that big game and celebration. back to today's scrimmage, doors open here at the q at 2:30. again the game tips off at 3:30. if you're choosing to stay home and watch football or can't make it out in general don't worry, you can watch the game on line. nick, i feel like just
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celebrating the win. i can't believe we're back on the court already. >> seems like just yesterday we were running up and down prospect or east 9th high fiving police officers, firefighters. just like yesterday for sure. i guess the journey begins once again. thank you. the cavs not the only cleveland team suiting up today. the browns still looking for that first win of the season. they will try to do that against the redskins. they play at fedex field washington not having a stellar season so. farther far, they are 1-2 so there is still a fighter's chance. and right now indians are a half game ahead of the red sox in the battle for home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs. if the indians stay on top they have to play a makeup game against detroit tomorrow. if it matters in the last bit
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we know that, against the red sox. today's game 4:15 in kc. thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. i'm nick foley. coming up -- a initiative that could help keep drug prices down in ohio passes its latest hurdle. when you could end up seeing it on a ballot, ahead. concussions are not the only injuries young athletes face. we look into another common problem. >> on the "power tracking a few scattered showers. i'll give you exact timing coming up. in the 7-day forecast i'll show
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good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. we're off to a better start. a few showers exiting off ashtabula county and this drier air will make its way across the bigger difference today, you are going to notice our daytime highs, not in the 70s. we're in the mid-60s in some spots. especially across the lake. euclid, beachwood, pepper pike, you're seeing a south breeze about 5 to 10 miles per hour. so that's bringing your daytime highs to the lower 60s. that warm air trying to surge in here from stark, summit county, upper 60s. maybe you're headed to the scrimmage this afternoon.
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3:00 hour. fall taking a grip on us. >> no complaints still. to a story you will only see on 5 -- concussions have been a major concern for football players for decades but one couple also trying to raise awareness about the risk of internal injuries following the death of their son. news 5's lauren brill has their story. >> reporter: it's been almost a week since euclid football player andre jackson died after hit in the mid-section during as the community mourns a family, more than 1,000 miles away in florida knows all too well about the loss of a child from an injury during a game. >> he he did a crawl route and jumped up to catch a pass, over his head and was tackled simultaneously from the front and back. the look on his face i knew he was in a lot of pain. >> reporter: we spoke to kathy and brian haagen over the phone whose son taylor died in 2008
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part of their mission is to educate and provide athletes with protective gear to prevent abdomen injuries. >> a form shield that is designed to custom fit every particular person to their specific be a domal area. , with we don't know exactly what he was wearing but according to kathy and brian the proper protective gear is more commonly used on the nfl and collegiate levels. >> kids, coaches, and parents in school athletics are unfamiliar with this type of high-tech equipment. >> reporter: taylor is gone, so is andrew but the haagens don't want to see kids stop playing game their son loved but want it to be played as safely as problem.
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rib shirt, runsy where from $50 to -- runs anywhere from $50 to $90. as we head to break --
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8:15. sunday morning. the search for answers is hitting roadblocks in the deadly train crash in new
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signals and track approaching the station seemed to be normal but stuck waiting to get something that could provide key information about what happened. daria albiner has more. >> reporter: beneath a massive tangle of steel and glass, crucial evidence in the train cash that killed one and injured 114 others. >> because of the asbestos and because of the unsettled structures that we're not sure about i'm not allowing anybody to go in there. >> reporter: at this point the shear extent of th wreck hoboken, new jersey is keeping investigators from investigating even the main part of the crash. including a forward-facing camera and event recorder. officials want to know exactly how fast the train was going and if the brakes were used before it slammed into the station thursday morning. >> we got multiple walking wounded! >> reporter: investigators already recovered one of the event recorders seen here. the one kept at the back of the train, that information now being downloaded at the
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the engineer, 48-year-old thomas gallagher but there are no details on that meeting. preliminary drug and alcohol tests for him came back negative. so far witnesses say the train appeared to be going three times faster than normal as it approached the platform. [sirens] >> reporter: impact so violent part of the station ceiling collapsed raining debris on the hundreds of people standing around waiting. while the ntsb wants to get access to more of the more witnesses and reviewing multiple videos. >> our objective is as always to not just find out what happened but why it happened. so we can prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> meantime train service in and out of the hoboken station is suspended. normally it serves 60,000 people everyday. we're digging into the history of safety violations in the new jersey transit system. the federal railroad
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settle 183 safety violations but that is just since 2011. these range from employee drug use to violating railroad rules. in that same time span there have been more than 150 accidents on new jersey tracks. right now southern california is under an earthquake alert. the governor's office issuing the alert following a series of san andreas fault. it could be warning signs a major earthquake is on the way. scientists say the probability of a quake over 7 magnitude is as high as one in 100. this heightened probability will last through tuesday. in ohio a measure aiming to help control drug price ins ohio, one step closer to getting on the ballot. the state elections chief is oking the drug price relief act. to keep state agencies from
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of veterans affairs pays. tests suggest some mosquitos in miami beach may still have zika virus. preliminary tests came back positive for the disease. if confirmed it's the sixth mosquito sample from miami beach with a positive test. at least 35 people in miami beach contracted zika locally. netflix fans return to your regularly scheduled binging. you probably saw complaints on social media the last few days. it was down several hours yesterday. bad timing for that outage as netflix just released a new batch of tv shows and movies including their latest marvel tv show "luke cage" and other film favorites. had to exercise a little patience if you were on netflix
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everything is back on track yesterday. >> after i told everybody to watch netflix yesterday -- >> exactly right. we have to wait a little longer for sun. >> full force by tomorrow but today we're going to start to really dry out here. some of the models are calling for some scattered rain. i think we've already seen our last batch. >> that shot is basically what we've seen for seven days straight. >> it's gloomy but you kn it's not how you start the month -- it's the finish. we're going to finish strong by tuesday afternoon. so i know it's been a rough six to seven days, this upper level low has wanted to be the center of attention across northeast ohio and it is still lifting to the north. you can see the "power of 5" around 1:00 a.m., i was tracking the rain, tracking in from the west to east and
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over to erie, pennsylvania. temperatures, they are slightly cooler this morning, mid-50s. let's show you a wider view as the low makes its way to the north. the clouds still in place from cincy to northeast ohio. but our five live kwr5?eu6rsd -- radars with the drier air starting to work in from the south that will allow to us dry out throughout your sunday afternoon. temperatures across the board, off to a cooler start. still want to you have that light coat handy. summit county, good morning, 59 degrees. mid-50s for coshocton to wayne county. so our inland and shelter locations off to a cool start. so it's a fall-like weather pattern for sunday.
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off sunny with 80s possibly returning by tuesday afternoon. i pulled out the climate report. we have not seen that in about three years. so that warmer air going to start to track back in. let's show you futurecast. i think these models like i said are overdoing it a tad. any rain that we see throughout your afternoon, it will be on the light and isolated side. it really moves out evening and all locations should be dry. then we'll track high pressure that is going to allow for that abundance of sunshine to really enter for your monday. today 68 degrees. we have waved goodbye to the 70s for the afternoon. tonight we'll go with mostly cloudy conditions, 53 degrees. this is a great 7-day forecast here. as i said that sunshine is going to really take ahold of northeast ohio, tuesday
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look at that, by thursday mostly sunny conditions. we cool off a tad as our next front moves through. by saturday afternoon. but we are looking at a week full of sunshine with temperatures above normal. >> see, all good. amazing first week of october forecast. the indians know who and they know when but where they will open up the post season still up for grabs. ohio state rolls again, staying on course for a spot in the college football playoffs. hakim breaks down both stories in our sports report. >> reporter: good morning. trevor bower will start game one of the american league division series against the red sox and cory kluber starts game two friday. where they will be played to be determined. last night the tribe in kansas city. there was a theme going on for cleveland.
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of the year candidate rips one to right. here comes coco, the throw to the plate and coco is in there. indians take a 1-0 lead thanks to speed. davis says i'm going to get another stolen base. that he does. he's american league leader with 43 steals. four pitches later, abraham almonte, hard ball to second and they can't handle it. ohio state forces rutgers to punt on each of its 10 drives yesterday. check. jt barrett breaks the school record for career touchdown
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total offense and score 10 unanswered points. checkmate. in the second quarter yesterday, marcus stretches in for the touchdown. that is 58 career touchdown passes for barrett. most in school history. he had four in the game. now has 59 touchdown passes in 27 career games. offense is rolling. freshman mike webber gets ahol and thank you. rushed for 144 yards on 14 carries. ohio state shuts out rutgers 58- 0. next week buckeyes host indiana who beat michigan state last night. one of the best plays you'll see all weekend in this game. kent state and akron clashing for the wagon wheel. kent state down 4, nick holly to justin, are you kidding me? what a play. golden flashes take the lead.
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door step. direct snap to ben yet. michael traylor bennet doing lebron's trademark celebration. akron defeats kent state 31-27. plenty to cheer about between elyria and shaker heights. second quarter, elyria with the ball. chris at kinson powers for sixth. elyria down 114-113. the perfect pass, raiders. shaker heights with trick- eration. lining up for the extra point. hills takes another play, takes everyone out. two point conversion and game goes to overtime. shaker heights defeats elyria 36-28. >> that's your morning sports update.
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game was crazy. thank you. local restaurant helping raise money for the family of the trooper killed on the interstate. we'll share how you can take part. chaos at the q, delay at kanye west's concert causes fans to
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our earth cam in downtown cleveland. you can see the clouds hanging above the city as you begin day two of your weekend. it's going to than gloomy rainy trend continuing as you also continue your weekend. welcome back to "good morning cleveland." meg shaw has a preview of today's scrimmage. weather with meteorologist janessa webb. >> good morning. we are seeing that rain, starting to make its way east, out of northeast ohio. finally, but notice as nick said the clouds there in place. any moisture that we're seeing is on the isolated side. i'm tracking this one cell about to make its way to northern erie county. should be in and out, not really affecting much but the clouds to the east from lake
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conditions. but my hope the drier air from the upper level low will continue to seep in. you'll see patches of sunshine throughout your afternoon. temperatures off to a cooler start. elyria 56 degrees. ashtabula, upper 50s. but daytime highs are really going to struggle this afternoon. yesterday we were in the high of 66 about 3:00. closer to the lake we're talking about the lower 60s so fall trend surely in effect. lorain police speaking out about the controversial dash cam video at the center of a new lawsuit. video shows officers arrest a man and push him on the hood of a police cruiser, impact so hard it shattered the
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years ago on drug trafficking charges and suing lorain police now for excessive force. yesterday the lorain police chief addressed the allegations, has asked the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office to conduct its own review of the case. community leaders also announced they would hold forums for residents. >> none of us saw that video without angst. it was compelling, it was challenging. we're questioning how things like this could happens in our community all the time. this is not something that the officers do all the time. >> no officer has been charged or disciplined in the case. smith pleaded guilty to charges of obstructing official business, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence. elyria police still trying to track down three men accused of shooting and stabbing a man in front of his own children. lonnie williams still hospitalized, air lifted from the scene after three masked
8:33 am
attacked him. the family says his three children were even threatened by the suspects but weren't harmed. neighbors who live in the apartment building are on edge. >> i don't feel like this is a place where my kids need to grow up. >> investigators have not released details of the alleged intruders. if you have information you are asked to call elyria police. local restaurant raising money to recognize an officer killed in hero on tower boulevard in lorain is donating a portion of this weekend's sales to the family of kenneth velez. the restaurant owner says he hopes to raise at least $1,000. >> i see a lot of new people come here and they say they appreciate what we're doing. we're pretty happy. so people can come to
8:34 am
doing their part. trooper velez survived by three children. the driver accused of fatally striking him pleaded not guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide charges. moving on -- just over three months ago cavs lifted that trophy ending the drought. and made their official return to the good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the day cavs fans have been waiting for. you've been waiting all summer to see that wine and gold get back on the court, today's the day. we're seven hours away from the annual wine and gold scrimmage. of course we're looking for the familiar faces. the big three tristan thompson, iman shump earth and richard jefferson but get ready for new faces too. in the offseason the cavs
8:35 am
pick kay felder, veteran chris anderson and traded for veteran mike dunleavy. remember cavs fans, we're sit waling to add jr smith. waiting to add jr smith. lebron said jr did his part and the cavs just need to get it done. the wine and gold scrimmage tips off today at 3:30 here at the q. doors open for hour early. they open at 2:30. if you can't watch the game or don't make it here don't worry. it will be on line. nick, going back to the jr topic, i really hope that gets taken care of in the next couple of weeks because i think that the only thing cavs fans are talking about right now is this. >> it's going to get done. jockeying for position if you will. i would be shocked if jr is not on the opening day roster when they hit the court. >> reporter: if we win another championship who is going to be
8:36 am
shirt? >> right. >> you have to take care of that, right? >> for sure. thank you. kanye west developed a bit of a reputation for going on stage late but in cleveland last night's concert wasn't his fault. it was technology. stores at the q -- doors were open to open 8:00 but you can see thousands of fans were forced to wait outside for over an hour. fans say it was because of problems with devices. >> we were in line, waited like 10 minutes. they told us to come to the ticket office. they didn't work. we paid $90 for the tickets trying to get through and it's not working. >> patience was needed. eventually the problem was revolved and everyone got in. saw kanye. the show did start late though. he apologized as well. blaming it on as we said those technical difficulties. coming up next -- autumn
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patches, corn mazes, apple orchards. how about wineries? we check in with the cleveland vineyards to see how the grapes are doing this year. >> we're waking up to gloomy conditions. still tracking rain on the "power of 5". in the forecast forecast i'm going to show you when the 80s
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good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. daytime highs are only in the upper 60s. that's for inland locations closer to the lake. substantially cooler from euclid to beechwood, 64 degrees. the southwest breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour. we're seeing our last batch of rain here. it's tracking to the east. i think drier air really starts to filter in. so maybe you have an afternoon drive or want to get to th for the wine and gold scrimmage, we'll sit in mostly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the lower 60s. a lot of things are still on tap despite the soggy conditions. if you are in the olmsted falls area you can head to east river park for the annual falls day at the park. this is a family-friendly event. there will be lots of activities for kids, plenty of
8:41 am
well. 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. movie buff? there's cinema wasteland, a three-day fest celebrating the old drive in horror and sci-fi movies at the holiday innn strongsville and will showcase screenings, special guests and memorabilia. from 11:00 this morning to 5:00. also today the celebration of oktoberfest continues with all sorts of fun events this afternoon. >> there will be many activities here. how about wine? we first told but a unique vineyard a few weeks ago in cleveland. now we're checking back in to see just how the harvest is going. the grapes are mature, ready to
8:42 am
lot. now volunteers transforming it into something special. >> my wife and i live in cleveland, we really are into the greening of urban spaces. we love what is behind this idea. >> it's cool. to have an experience of growth and vegetation here where people can have access to it. >> love to see what they've done in the city. one harvested the grapes will be taken to the north coast made into that good old wine. next, voting for the next president, in 36 days. there's concern that foreign hackers could wreak havoc on
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8:45. the race for the white house -- as ohio once again will be the focus for the presidential candidates next week. hillary clinton setting r request a visit to akron scheduled for tomorrow. news 5's john kosich previews the stop plus looks at the effort to keep the election safe from foreign hackers. in this morning's democracy 2016. >> reporter: good sunday morning northeast ohio. welcome to october. that month where summer releases its seasonal grip to fall, shadows of playoff baseball creep across the infields of america and more than yearlong race for the white house winds down with the fading hours of daylight. for hillary clinton the month
8:46 am
way september did with a trip to ohio. in between though, four on weeks. true start of the fall campaign in ohio came on labor day september 5th as both campaign planes share the tarmac. what cleveland hadn't shared, the lead in ohio. it was on this day according to the real clear politics average just over three points. >> hey cleveland! >> reporter: it was a day with the cough. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> reporter: late diagnosis pneumonia. >> we love cleveland. >> reporter: ohio polling average took trump to a place he had not been yet, tied with clinton. he had a rally in clinton while clinton was recuperating. and the polling average had him with a point and-a-half lead. returned to cleveland a week to the day later his average moved up to two and-a-half points.
8:47 am
surrogates campaigning including vice president joe biden and husband, former president bill clinton. >> it's up to ohio! >> reporter: with new polling in ohio, the month ends with trump holding a 2-point ohio lead. that's important to note because the debate was key for many people. especially for women and especially as our derek waller found when it came to the topic of trump's interruptions. >> he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes >> the other thing i think is important -- >> it would be squandered too, believe me. >> it would add $5 trillion to the debt. >> but you have no plan. >> he did it over and over again. >> that's fine. >> reporter: speaking over hillary clinton at least two dozen times. >> it course turns me off. >> reporter: l mcgee was watching, with a background in computer programming, she trains minorities for high paying tech jobs.
8:48 am
off. >> my boss was in his 80s and he always referred to me to our contractors as his secretary. i was actually -- had a degree in architecture. >> reporter: before stephanie sheldon founded cleveland flea and indie foundry helping artists turn their passion into a profession. >> i think what is happening in america now is a power shift. >> reporter: she says the interrupti gender and more about discomfort. a power move she says in a tametime when the faces of authority are changing. >> it puts people who never practiced listening, never had to change their behavior for others into a position of discomfort. >> reporter: debate round two a week from tonight in st. louis. before then the vice presidential candidates go head- to-head tuesday night. that will be in virginia. and speaking of tuesday it's a week from tuesday that voter
8:49 am
voter registration topic came up on capitol hill this week during a discussion of cybersecurity and foreign hackers. in the chain that is the election process the voter registration database is the weak link. massive data ever changing connected to the internet. >> no doubt bad actors have been poking around. >> reporter: poking into more states than homeland security first knew about last month. more than 20 abc news learned. ohio wasn't one of them and the man in charge of the ohio elections says he wants to keep that it way. >> we have been working with the security, fbi, national guard, state i.t. security team and private security experts on this issue. >> reporter: husted and the fbi are quick to point out hacking a voter registration database is different from the actual voting system which is very hard to hack into. >> because it's so clunky and dispersed, mary and fred putting a msh machine under the basketball hoop at the gym, they are not connected to the internet but voter registration systems are.
8:50 am
paper ballot for 70% of the votes cast. for the 30% that will be on electronic machines? >> each one of those machines has a verified paper trail so for 100 of the votes in ohio there are verified paper trails of those votes which add to security of that process. >> reporter: the internet of the foreign hackers is usually hidity theft. intent. this year it undermine the confidence in our election system. often president obama will talk about a young child who recognized him. you know who i am? he asked. you're barack obama. do you nine know what i do? he said, yeah, you approve this message. a testament to tv ads that ran four years ago. down this year. bloomberg politics found nationally tv spending by the
8:51 am
down $400 million. obama and romney spent $249 million. and this year clinton and trump only spent $140 million. will it hold up or change as we head into what is now the final 37 days? with democracy 2016, john kosich, enjoy your sunday. crazy, just over one month from now we're going to be electing a new president. another look at weather. we had rain, we got to power through it, a lot of sunshine on the other side waiting for us. >> we have a lot the of sunshine that is going to move back in tomorrow and it will be all week long. i'm going to show you in a moment how temperatures are going to peak and then have a 20-degree fall. it's a great morning for this, nice walk, a nice run. whatever you want to do outside. that drier air is starting to work in. >> not too warm, still pretty cool. >> we were tracking on the
8:52 am
making its way to wooster and coastal communities. now you can see it's stretched across northeast ohio and really starting to fade away allowing for the drier air to swirl back in here. it was an upper level low that has been affecting us for about four to five days. it's made its way north now but it's having this affect where the cloud coverage is really still in tact. going to be sticking around throughout your afternoo when you turn on the satellite and radar, we're not picking up any moisture, any moisture that we're currently seeing, well off-shore to our north. so we are looking a-ok for the start of your morning. as that low continues to move here, ashtabula county, you're still noticing a few raindrops but definitely crossing over to erie, pennsylvania. let's look at the temperatures. right now mentor 57 degrees.
8:53 am
only looking at the mid-60s in most spots. so that cooler air tracking back in here. as the low continues to move, that drier air will continue to allow us to have high pressure building and by tomorrow afternoon more sunshine in store. so want to break it down for the futurecast. if you're going for a nice fall drive throughout your afternoon i still want to you have the rain gear handy. any showers we see throughout your afternoon will spotty side, as that drier air starts to work its way in. by tonight i'll be here once again and we'll all be talking about high pressure building and a lot more cooler air for overnight lows. look at wayne county, talking about mid-40s throughout your evening. so daytime highs, yesterday we were in the 70s, we'll cool off a tad bit, upper 60s for greater cleveland, mostly cloudy weather if you have outdoor plans.
8:54 am
the evening hours. look at this great 7-day forecast, i want to show you here monday afternoon, back in the 70s, near 80s for a three- day stretch but nick, by next weekend we'll track our next front and we'll drop about 20
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
all week long and how it's continuing today but not a washout. you can still enjoy the day. today's better, lots more pressure building, lots more sunshine. i want everyone to take note of the 7-day forecast, near 80 tuesday and wednesday but we're going to track our next front. you're going to see about a 20 to 25-degree temperature drop by saturday of next weekend. it's going to really start to feel like fall. >> but before that we're going we'll be back at 10:00.
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an easy way to take years off your appearance, if your teeth are yellowing. scott says he can help you look up to 13 years younger and, it only takes five minutes! welcome oscott. >> thank you. you can look up to 13 years younger with smile. i have a birthday coming up. i don't mind subtract the years for this. >> what do you have? >> this is power swabs, revolutionary product clinically proven to whiten two shades in less than five minutes. six shades over seven days. it's simple. you rub it on your teeth two minutes. we lift the stains off our teeth with it. at the same time we hydrate
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biggest advantage of this product is minimal to no sensitivity. other products dehydrate your enamel so you have sensitivity. here you don't experience that. notice i go to the gum line. no sensitivity. on average two shades whiter, over seven days six shades. >> only seven days. how long does it last? >> results last up to six months. another great thing, it will work on your caps, crowns very veneers. people are told there's nothing they can do about it, until now. >> the coffee i drink -- >> drink, responsibly of course, not at work with wine. power swabs will take away the stains. >> and i love that it takes away the sensitivity issue as well. you have a special for viewers. >> spotlight 5 special. 1-800-663-4517 or
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whitening and three out more. start. >> reporter: starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump's taxes revealed. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted, i will release my tax returns. >> must be something really is trying to hide. >> a brand new report reveals the document showing how trump could have paid no federal income taxes for years. and after round one in the ring, trump plays the blame game. >> boy, were they dishonest on the debate. man! >> and pounces on clinton's past in the runup to round two. >> i don't even think she's loyal to be, if you want to know the truth. folks, really, why should she


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