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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, hurricane matthew tearing through the caribbean with life-threatening rain, wind and storm surge. thousands of people bracing for the pose powerful storm in almost a decade. we're tracking the latest path. donald trump is trying to capitalize on the story that he may not h for years as hillary clinton tears into trump's business skills. and the vice presidential candidates are set to face off in their first debate. we're live with the details. in you this morning a major police bust involving an organized crime ring. an alleged shoplifting gang of thieves hitting several american cities over the years. a truck used in a smash and grab plows through a storefront and the thief gets away with an
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and we do say good morning on this tuesday and start with that weather situation in the caribbean. >> a catastrophic strike from hurricane matthew is imminent for haiti and parts of jamaica. you can see the storm on the radar swirling in the sea, packing winds of more than 140 miles per hour. overnight in jamaica the outer bands hit kingston sending a wave crashing into the coast. gas stations closed as police them to higher ground. we have this video from haiti in the meantime, taken right before sunset. the sea is already rising even with the storm well offshore. three people have already died in the caribbean because of the storm. people in cuba are also preparing for the worst by boarding up buildings and filling sandbags. the storm is then expected to head toward florida's east coast. accuweather's paul williams is tracking it for us. what can you tell us? >> good morning, kendis, diane. we take a look at the latest
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spaghetti models. most indicate we're pretty consistent with the moving across eastern portions of cuba and along the east coast possibly skipping closer to north carolina and it'll restrengthen to a category 3 by then. other news, we have severe storms expected throughout portions of wichita towards oklahoma city and up towards omaha. with this potential, this could possibly affect matthew downroad. kendis, diane. >> all right, our thanks to paul and we should note abc plans live coverage from and haiti later on "gma" but first to the political spotlight turning to the lesser known bottom of the ticket in the race for the white house. >> the vice presidential nominees are set to square off in their own lonely debate tonight and abc's maggie rulli has an preview from farmingville. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned it doesn't have quite the reality show spectacle the first presidential debate had but what we will see are two
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politicians that will take the debate stage starting with hillary clinton's running mate democratic virginia senator and former governor tim kaine. he's a formerly harvard trained trial lawyer so he's going to be ready when he lands on that debate stage. he's been in intense debate prep but he will play to that strength of being well liked and be himself. turning now to donald trump's number two, we have republican indiana governor and former 2-year congress host so will go out and be ready to debate and been preparing for this in overdrive trying to make up for what many saw as an unprepared trump at last week's presidential debate. now, we should also be able to see both vice presidential candidates go out there trying to answer to their presidential controversies that have been happening to their parties. well, here kaine will talk about
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address trump's tacks. we've seen them both be mild-mannered but rumors that he will be fiery and feisty when pence gets out there on stage tonight. now, kendis and diane, it hud be noted that when it comes to a vice presidential debate, it might not have the big-time appeal as the president's but turns 0 out to that most don't know the names of the vice presidential candidates. >> we'll findut motivates people to find out more or not. that's maggie rulli at longwood university. >> people looking for answers like who are they? you can see the vice presidential debate with tim kaine and mike pence tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. on sunday it's showdown number two for the presidential nominees. that debate will take place in stall. co-moderated by our own martha raddatz. join us for full team coverage on abc. and for now donald trump and hillary clinton are trading
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trump over those leaked tax returns that show he may not have paid federal taxes for nearly two decades but trump is touting his use of the tax laws as proof of his brilliance. here's abc's orlando that sack. >> reporter: hillary clinton is hoping and endorsement by lebron james will help her with ohio voters. >> i'm truly honored to have his support. >> reporter: campaigning in the buckeye state clinton hit her rival donald trump on his bankruptcies that she saysur president who believes that that's the way you're supposed to treat people. but you're going to very much me make sure he never gets near the white house. >> reporter: she also hammered trump on "the new york times" report that the republican nominee may have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades because of big business losses in the '90s. >> here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: on the trail in
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bragging about how he used the tax laws. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my companies, my investors and my employees. i mean, honestly i have brilliantly -- i have brill lapsely used those laws. >> reporter: trump didn't confirm that he didn't pay taxes, but previously he had scolded those that didn't. here's trump on "hannity" in 2011 >> that's the amazing thing h zero and even if you don't make a lot, you should have to pay something, just something to be a part of the game. >> reporter: and what we'll watch to see if any of these controversies as well as growing questions about his business dealings with an iranian bank make it into the vice presidential debate tonight. i'll see you there. kendis, diane. >> sounds good, thanks. the u.s. has broken off talks with russia over a cease-f cease-fire. given their bombard ofment
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discuss. 400 civilians killed there since the cease-fire collapsed two weeks ago. just yesterday bunker busting bombs destroyed one of the main hospitals leaving seven people dead. back in this country an out-of-control grass fire in eastern colorado has forced hundreds of residents to evacuate. the fire in pueblo county grew very quickly to more than 3,000 acres because of strong winds and dry conditions. authorities say the fire actually split in two and is heading in different directions. president obama has wrapped an festival in his own backyard inspired by south by southwest that's held every march in austin, the south by south lawn brought out leonardo dicaprio who talked about climate change with the president? the president said more work is still needed to combat climate change and dicaprio urged voters not to elect politicians who deny its existence. other celebrities included the lumineers and cast of "stranger
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the president appeared to enjoy the event even thoefting in this with a lego man, one of several leg bow sculptures on the south lawn. >> that's pretty good work there. >> i thought it was someone in costume. >> i thought so too. well, still ahead, ford is bringing back a classic suv. >> and new this morning a massive shoplifting ring busted. investigators explain how they hit several major american cities. plus, a tv photographer going to the rescue here smashing a car window to help a driver in a burning car. h
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facing backlash over an arrest captured on video. dejuan yourse is sitting on his mother's front porch and two officers respond to a call about someone breaking into the home. now, yourse tries to explain that he's locked out point situation escalated quickly. he was charged with resisting arrest and assault on a government official. those charges were dropped and both officers have resigned. they will not, though, face charges. protesters marched in los anle weekend police shootings. demonstrators want video released in the first case. carne he will snell jr.'s killing. he's 18 and allegedly pointed a gun at officers during a chase. there's also a man described as hispanic who was shot after aiming what investigators say was a fake gun at officers. and 16 alleged members of a nationwide shoplifting ring are under arrest in san francisco. the suspects are accused of
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barney's, burberry and louis vuitton, they grab as much merchandise as they can and run out the door. this he travel across the country to shoplift making up with up to $2 million in stolen goods. illinois is now the second state to take billions of dollars in business away from wells fargo. the state treasurer suspended $30 billion in investment ago 2i69 from the bank over its account scandal. california made a similar move last week. so ford is bringing back a classic. social media buzzing after union rep confirmed the bronco is making a return in 2018. their stock production of the bronco 20 years ago, can you believe that. no word from ford on the design but with the cameras, usb ports and navigation systems now in ford suvs you can expect a more high-tech version compared to the ones we're familiaring with from the '80s and '90s. in and out in mens and use a
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here's a radar look at hurricane matthew at this hour, the powerful storm is battering parts of haiti and gentlemjamait now. just above it you can see storm's path. and this is matthew from way above the earth. these images come from the international space station. you can see the eye of the storm and thick clues blanketing the entire central caribbean. and now for a look at morning road conditions. severe weather is a risk in the plains. gusty winds and rain from seattle to portland and all the way to southern oregon. flying, weather related delays in kansas city and los angeles. kim kardashian is back in
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police officers tied her up and made up with nearly $5 million in juliry. a police spokeswoman suggested the reality tv star might be at least partially responsible for the theft by showing the jewels on social media and by a lack of security inside the hotel. her husband kanye west has canceled this week's concerts in detroit and philadelphia to be with his wife. opening statements from the defense set for today in the trial of a father in georgia accused of deliberately leaving his prosecutors say justin harris was leading a double life and saw his wife and child as obstacles to his sexual desires. abc's steve osunsami with more. >> reporter: the opening statements prosecutors in the murder trial of justin ross harris question how he could forget to drop his 22-month-old off at day care, especially after the two had breakfast at this chick-fil-a restaurant down the street minute as way from both the day care and his office
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cooper harris was trapped in a rear-facing car seat for more than seven hours. this surveillance video shows his father checking on the car in the middle of the day. police say while his son was dying outside, the married father was sexting with other women. >> in his own words show that he's guilty. i love my son and all but we both need escapes. >> reporter: harris is charged with murder and second degree child cruelty pleading not guilty saying this was an accident. his ex-wife agrees he's innocent. atlanta. a brazen theft caught on camera in new mexico is now under review. people in this pickup truck apparently really wanted the atm in this convenience store. they slammed the truck through the front of the place. not once, not twice, three types before they finally got inside. albuquerque police say it happened at 1 a.m. on a basis street but apparently no witnesses. they have found the atm but not the truck. in california, a tv news
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hero for rescuing a woman in a car after a wreck. william hays captured the moment he used a crowbar to smash the car windows as the flames started to grow under the hood. police arrived and hays used his flashlight to get their attention. the injured woman is removed from the car. hays says he wanted to film the incident to showcase the first responders but in the meantime, he actually caught his heroics actions on tape. monday night football. >> here are our friends at hope you're enjoying the international news. right now a little break, lighten things up with sports. starting with monday night football. right to it. brrrr. randy moss, he starred for the vikings for years. should have won in '98. this story is about odell beckham jr. losing it a bit. giants down 14-3 and eli manning didn't throw that very well. uh-huh.
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beckham had just three catches for 23 yards. fourth quarter, vikings are up 17-10. jericho mckinnon, that's too easy, vikings unbeaten and win this one, 24-10. nba is coming soon. they'll practice up for it. got the bulls and bucks. dwyane w dwyane wade preseason debut at home. wade comes up with a jimmy butler doesn't it. that's two. later in the quarter, wade, trails on the play. launches a three. it's good. just under two minutes to go in the first. wade wants some more and he got it. six points for him. bucks win it, 93-91. american league wild card baseball, baltimore, toronto, that's tuesday. "sportscenter" rolls on.
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people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. ? all right, time to check "the pulse" on this tuesday. we'll start with the action on the ballroom from last night on "dancing with the stars." >> it was cirque du soleil night and one standout was james hinchcli hinchcliffe's showstopping footstep that earned him and his partners compares to fred astaire and ginger rogers and score of 28. >> big shoes to fill and i guess he did. ryan lochte and cheryl burke
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the third lowest just ahead of marilu henner and babyface who only earned 18 points. >> not good. >> not good. >> but the night also brought the first perfect score of the season as olympic gymnast laurie hernandez and partner val chapeled their inner michael jackson leaving the judges speechless. they got, again, a perfect score. a 30. no one was booted off last night but tonight, it's a double elimination. >> oh, look out, babyface. and muggles, kendis, rejoice. the harry potter movie series is coming to netflix next week. >> warner brothers is re-rel re-releasing all eight appearing in leonard and los angeles. and they will be in theaters for a week starting october 13t, net
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checking our top story, the vice presidential nominees will get their turn on the debate stage tonight. mike pence and tim kaine are expected to defend the top half of the their tickets when they square off at longwood university in virginia. thousands of people sought refuge in shelters in haiti overnight as hurricane matthew batters the country with winds of more than 140 miles per hour. more than three feet of rain is bachl the powerful storm will be off the coast of south florida by thursday night. and that said matthew's approach has florida under a state of emergency. the entire state. the same is true for 66 of north carolina's 100 counties. you see the rest of the weather nationwide. cuba is under a hurricane alert as matthew moves through the caribbean and expected to make landfall on the eastern end
4:28 am
remaining safe is heading west. >> reporter: nightfall in santiago de cuba, they're waiting. last-minute preps at this rental car place but nearby cubans relax and just wait. very aware of what this could be and fearful it could be worse than sandy. this man reminds us sandy was lethal. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: and this italian tourist here on vacation says all he can do is wait. he's fine but concerned over the less fortunate cubans who live in not so sturdy structures. >> for me i think that it is no problem. for cuba and all, there is much problem for why the house is not moved. >> reporter: we're in this neighborhood which is still in the city of santiago but in the outskirt, a neighborhood that
4:29 am
folks living here have already placed sandbags on the roofs, a way to keep them from blowing away. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: took him an hour to take down his roof but worth it because in the end he doesn't want to have to buy a whole brand-new roof. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: not easy, he says, having to buy another one so for now his current roof is on the floor tied up, held down so matthew doesn't take it. told that if things get really too crazy that we are all expected to be in one place together. just one of the warnings that we're getting at this hotel but i can tell you a lot waiting and watching to see what happens at least in the next 12 to 24 hours. reporting from santiago de cuba, hatzel vela.
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now at 4:30 students in our area are grades. >> today a major political figure talks to the union. >> and a group is planning to protest. but first, let's get a check of the morning forecast. good morning.


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