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tv   News 5 at 11pm  WEWS  October 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news out of cleveland. we have just learned that two children were shot. just arrived there on the scene. scene about police are telling me is a drive-by shooting. police were called to this home on suddenly and west 73rd just moments ago for reports of two children shot. you can see the police in the street. there are markers in the street as well. a police source tells me a three-year-old was shot in the face and a nine-year-old was shot in the back. they were transported to the hospital in separate ambulances. there are two male suspects
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no word on the condition of the children but we will stay with the story for the rest of the night. live in cleveland making hickey news 5. emotions boil over in parma amid a $15 million budget shortfall. it cost the school board president her job. it left the district making a tough choice. close the schools or cut teachers. right now tensions are still high following the heated school board meeting that was so packed. hundreds of people cannot even get in. before they got underway
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kenny bring us up-to-date on everything that happened today? truck with the situation six schools could be closed or repurposed. if that does not happen 78 teachers could lose their jobs. it was a day that started with a massive as -- afternoon protest in front of parma high school. children and parents were seen from above making their they don't want the district's consolidated and are protesting the potential cut at dozens of school protests. they believe management is to blame. >> this did not just happen last week. we are talking $15 million. where is the money? >> reporter: 100 people were left stranded outside because the house was packed. it started with the surprise
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-- petro. >> we should not have to suffer for it. we need to come together as a community and save the art's. >> have you considered the potential number of students that would choose a charter school over attending the largest school. >> reporter: they believe a huge high school will hurt the community. >> a lot of people will probably move. >> reporter: the parma schools will be asking the department of education for an extension as to win they should submit all of those budget cuts. tonight hurricane matthew slammed cuba. this is a look from space.
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can't even see the caribbean so that means the storms in practice being felt on several islands. the most recently had our -- hit our haiti and cuba. >> as of 11 pm we have brand- new hurricane warning's just issued for portions of florida from miami all the way to fort pierce. hurricane warnings in effect and hurricane watches farther north tropical storm warning south of miami into the keys. we are beginning to see some in -- impact from this storm even though it is still a couple days away. here is matthew -- a large category four storm. it has weekend as expected due to interaction with the mountains of cuba. here is smaller tropical storm nicole not threatening anybody right
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category four but maximum winds are down to 130 miles per hour. it is still a very formidable storm. the concern is every computer guidance from that comes in gets it closer and closer to shore. look how close it comes toward the florida coastline. that is incredible stuff. it looks like it will glide right along the shoreline all the way up toward cape hatteras affecting millions of people in the days to come. it is the one and only face- off between the vice presidential candidates. >> hold on a second. >> reporter: and the gloves are off. both candidates were not holding back. >> donald trump does not have a plan. >> reporter: they were trying to sway undecided voters with just 34 days until the presidential election.
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for the second spot. the vice presidential candidates took the tape -- stage for their one and only debate. both tim kaine and mike pence tried to make the case for the candidate and we had a team of people watching the debate who will break down the discussion. let's kick things off with john. it was the highlights. >> there were no zingers or fodder for late-night comics. no raised voices but plenty of raised questions related to things like clinton's and trumps foundations. hillary's emails and trumps taxes. the recurring theme was the comments coming from the top of the tickets and what has been a divisive campaign. >> donald trump during his campaign has called mexicans rapist and criminals. he has called women slops, pigs, dogs, disgusting. if you want to have is -- a society where people are respected and respect laws you
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the top the demeans everyone he talks about. i cannot believe that governor mike pence will defend the campaign that he is running. >> i have to tell you i was listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of senator mccain a minute ago. -- senator tim kaine a minute ago. he says hours is an insult driven campaign. did you just hear that? ours is an insult driven campaign? to be honest with you donald things he said you said in the way you said he said them he still would not have infraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorable's. >> just trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign. >> i'm just saying facts about your running mate. >> i'm happy to defend him.
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political analysts. talk about a twitter talker. it may not surprise you that the gop declared mike pence the winner of the debate. it might shock you to know that it -- that they did it before the debate even started. it even listed his top moments including points on the economy and hillary clinton's scandals. didn't stand up to the truth the meter into tonight's debate. now we have team coverage. what did you find out? >> reporter: we teamed up and we start tonight with republican candidate mike pence who made this statement insisting clinton and tim kaine will raise taxes by $1 trillion. >> they are advocating $1 trillion in tax increases.
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unsuccessful. >> reporter: according to them the statement is rated half true. they to call for raising $1 trillion but that's over 10 years. it leaves out that only the wealthiest americans would have taxes raised. >> let's go to the other side and talk about tim kaine. how did he had up with the truth the meter? >> reporter: he compared donald trump to president nixon on the issue of tax returns. >> they need to release the tax returns -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> gentleman -- the people at home -- >> reporter: they rate this comment as mostly false because nixon never released his tax returns during a presidential campaign. he did release his full returns
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while there is an element of truth it ignores facts that create a different impression. will have much more back checking on our website. the next presidential debate is on sunday night and it does not show any sign of lessening. president obama will be here for two days next week. we just learned that he will appear friday somewhere here in cleveland. we will give also today and explosion over an endorsement as black lives matter and other groups protested outside the police union. >> black lives matter. >> this was the scene along west 58th street as the groups protested the union's decision to endorse donald trump. it's an endorsement the protesters call divisive.
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one is calling for the union president to be fired. we have confirmed that isaiah crowell has donated thousands to the texas pollen officers foundation. the group confirmed to us that it is five figures. earlier this year the browns player reposted a graphic image on social media and it showed a police officer been stabbed. since then he has been working to show he is sorry including making a donation. breaking news out of boston involved shooting but it does not appear that anyone was hit. it happened this evening during an investigation and a man opened fire with the -- on them. one man was arrested and another was able to escape. this new video from los angeles showing the moments before a man was shot and killed by police this weekend. it shows carnell smith junior and police say he is holding a gun as he runs away from them
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after he took the gun out and turned it toward them. police started chasing him after he jumped out of a suspected stolen car with paper license plates. new at 11 tonight we are getting a look at what could soon be cleveland steel use of force policy. cleveland published them today and is looking for pat -- public comment. here are some of the keep -- previously officers were encouraged to use taxes -- tactics to de-escalate. now they will be required to. under the old policy officers could only use deadly force to protect people from immediate threats. now that is not the only restriction. they also cannot reach into cars and put themselves in the path of the vehicle. if they do need to use force
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supervisor and obtain medical help for anyone that is injured. now they have a duty to provide medical help to anyone injured. you may recall when tamir rice was shot it took many minutes for anyone to offer assistance. we have breaking news from dudley avenue where two children were shot. we are gathering more details and we will go back live in just a few moments. coming up next an international incident right here in northeast ohio a man detained with questions after a hotel clerk said he supported isis. now we have learned she is not facing charges and we are asking why. think nobody is watching your email? evidence one major provider may have been helping the government spy on you. plus the debate debrief.
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so which candidate sunk and which one was able to stay
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back to breaking news we first told you about the top of the hour. in case you are just tuning in two children have been shot along dudley avenue. megan hickey is on the scene.
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>> reporter: we have been learning more information from witnesses tonight. i just spoke with a neighbor who says she believed she watched the three-year-old child in carried out of the house behind me. we are near the intersection of dudley and west 73rd were police sources have confirmed that a three- year-old was shot in the face and a nine-year-old sean the back in what police believe to be a driving by shooting. they are in serious in critical condition. that is the late u we have. police are still processing the scene. we have markers on the ground in several officers surrounding the house. there are two may also setbacks -- male suspects there were driven of four-door jeep. live in cleveland megan hickey news 5. back to democracy 2016. we're joined by our political
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comes into play with debates. neither did any harm. >> it was a debate that really pitted these two looking at on the one side tim kaine going on the attack trying to attack donald trump and mike pence was on the defensive and did well at it. tim kaine maybe when a little bit too far with the attack approach. the audience is that they are will going after trying to get them to support clinton and on mike pence aside trying to get the conservatives to support trump. tim kaine was trying to win the argument mike pence was trying to in the audience. both reassured their bases that they are good number twos. >> you don't want to outshine your presidential candidates and i think that was the case
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more difficult task when you look at some of the things that have happened over the last week. really summer saying that may be trump should listen to mike pence before going into the debate on sunday. >> this all head into sunday night's debate number two and you can see that here. yahoo may have let the government spy on emails. this is according to reports that the company secretly that candidates millions of customers incoming emails. that information was handed over to us intelligence officials. we do not know exactly what the government may have been searching for. and other startling report about a popular truck. the ford f1 50 is being investigated for brake failures. the ntsb said break -- problems include a sudden and complete loss of breaks. the vehicles affected our the
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engines. no injuries or accidents happen reported. a brand-new reaction to this police confrontation that caused an international incident. over the summer a hotel clerk claimed the man from the united arab emirates swore allegiance to isis. now we have learned that the clerk will face charges. frank wiley set out to find out why. >> reporter: you hear it all the time if you see something say something. in this case a 911 call led to hysteria. i sat down with the mayor moments ago. he told me as far as he and the city are concerned this is over with. the clerk who cause the outrage over conversation that she heard with the muslim guest will not be charged. alexis silva texted her sister
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multiple disposable phones was pledging his allegiance to isis. she told her sister to call the police. when the police arrived the man collapsed. he was in town for medical treatment. >> you just have to be truthful to in your statements. in terms of pledging allegiance to isis that never happened. >> is the burden on him to understand that people may become -- confused? >> part of it. i think it's a learning for all of things are different for us as americans. >> the mayor also says that police consulted with five departments around the country to figure out how to handle situations like this. he also added that an apology was immediately issued after the incident took place. let's check on our weather with mark johnson. i enjoyed today and i like tonight.
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the next day. we are dry over downtown cleveland. a nice clear and starry sky. we have groundcover on the radar and that is it. the current temperatures are 59 in wooster and 60s for cleveland, akron, and canton. it will be cool but not cold overnight. 65% humidity with the dew point in the middle 50s. storms are often the midsection. they are not going to hit us for a will. impact by the time this reaches us it will be just a few isolated showers. we have fairweather and high pressure and control that is slowly inching toward the east allowing a nice little warm-up. a lot of he will touch 80 degrees on thursday. maybe even on friday. the temps tonight will drop
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city lights you are talking mid to lower 50s. it is clear and starry and staying dry. at the bus stop tomorrow you are talking 55 to 60 degrees but 70s on the way home. 77 is the high. thursday near 80, 79 friday, a cooler weather weekend with a few showers saturday and sunday. mark did not want to sit with me. green screen better than me. he is out of control.
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did in the regular season. those numbers don't count here. boy is he right. the regular season this in the rearview mirror. the wild-card game tonight for the american league is tied at two there in the 11th inning. the indians took the field today to practice and they will take it again tomorrow. this team is just getting a little bit of respect. >> reporter: it is that nationally the indians have their fair share of doubters as they get ready to take on the red sox in the al diaz. >> we have a lot of talent. maybe we are young but we have some experience. >> reporter: the recognize the challenge in game one. >> is a good pitcher. we will have to go out there and be better than him. we have to play the game the
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>> reporter: the success of the team so far this season is not just about what has happened on the field but what each player has done every time they have stepped inside the clubhouse, according to the players. >> everybody has the attitude of checking your ego at the door and playing for each other and come together as a team. >> reporter: that is why in true cleveland style this team is not afraid to be considered an underdog. no matter what, they believe. >> i would rather be an when we win it is more glory. >> it's a good team we will be facing in the first round but i believe in my tribe. >> all kinds of boston going on this weekend. the of the indians and red sox. on sunday the patriots come to town with tom brady. if you want to hear about it watch the hugh jackson show. don't forget browns count down
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good morning cleveland will have the latest on the three- year-old a nine-year-old shot tonight in cleveland. make sure you turn in -- tuning bright and early to get the latest developments. want to thank you for watching news 5 at 11:00 and we hope
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dicky: it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, billy bob thornton, kristin chenoweth and comedian ryan donahue. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everyone. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thanks for everything, really. oh, it's very nice. i'm pleased you're joining us on what is a bittersweet night for


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