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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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for more on the conditions. >> and september the deadliest record on record for overdoses in cuyahoga county. the staggering amount of money spent to process these cases. good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. hurricane matthew continues to pound florida's coast. >> it is bringing pounding wind and rain and a new level of fear in an area used to hurricanes. it was downgraded to a category 3 but it is still a monster at nearly 300- fema says they haven't seen a storm this strong in a decade. the damage is expected to be as severe as andrew in 1992. four states are under a state of emergency, north carolina, south carolina, florida and georgia. overnight hundreds of thousands of people lost power. the death toll in haiti up to 283 people. >> we have live team coverage of the massive storm. somara theodore is tracking matthew for you but let's start
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smyrna beach, florida. we are hearing so many reports of high winds and the damage is pretty incredible. let's go right to lauren now. >> reporter: good morning. the eye of hurricane matthew is still 50-miles or around there off the coast of florida but the impact of the category 3 hurricane with 120-mile per hour winds is really being felt here with pelting rain, major gusts and power outages. hurricane the brutal conditions intensifying as the eye of the storm pounds cities. overnight violent winds along the beaches. gusts in some places clocking in above 70 miles per hour. the storm bringing the look and sound of fireworks in the form of downed power lines, thousands facing outages. officials fearing up to 3 million may end up in the dark. the national weather service saying matthew will be
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florida's governor making this dire warning. >> unfortunately this is going to kill people. >> reporter: already, it has. matthew taking the lives of more than 100 people as it swept through haiti. the death toll there is skyrocketing as the floodwaters are he seed. matthew battering the bahamas before heading to florida. residents thursday preparing, filling up the final sandbags. stores were boarded up, their shelves bare. more than 3 million people ur the carolinas. some refusing to go. >> everyone left town and everything is boarded up. now we are just waiting. >> reporter: and many are getting out, clogging the highways for miles, while near 4,000 flights have been canceled. and a major concern now, the storm surgement where i am along the coast of florida is expected to be 6 to 10 feet or more. here there is a waterway behind me. residents have feared this will continue to rise, flooding
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submerged i. live in new center in a beach, florida, i am lauren lyster, abc news. >> you can hear the wind in her microphone. other southeastern states are getting ready for the storm to head their way now. >> yes. somara theodore is tracking the path if morning. >> take a look at the map. lit up in reds, greens and purples, all types of warnings as a result of hurricane matthew. look at th entirety. take a look at this. if i put the measuring tool on, the center of the storm is 37- miles away from the coast of melbourne. that is where the most intense wind speeds will be seen. 88-mile per hour gusts near the center of the eye wall. we will keep an eye on that. as far as the track goes, it will continue to coast along florida through georgia and south carolina hugging the coast there. the reason this is so important
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what we would get is not only the battering rain and storm surge, but we also get tornadoes and severe weather in the upper right hand quadrant of the storm. we will have to keep our eyes close on that. here at come we are very different, tranquil and completely dry. we expect highs today in the mid to upper 70s and tons of sunshine. we will continue to track matthew as the situation grows dire. we have an eastbound at broadway avenue. making calls to find out more on that one but right now we are getting reports the left lane is blocked. 480 looking okay. 77 to 271 you are looking at an 8 minute ride and 63 miles per hour. here is 77, the odot live shot at 77 and pershing, showing the north and southbound lanes flowing okay. back to you. a cleveland police officer involved in a crash overnight sending him to the hospital. i am following the latest
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this happened at east 140th and st. clair. the officer in a marked car when it happened, the other vehicle a minivan. that driver given a field sobriety test and arrested. the officer was taken to university hospital with very minor injuries. we will keep you updated. we are only in the first week of october but the cuyahoga county medical examiner's office says there have already been 14 deaths related to opioid overdoses. now we saw record high numbers. nick foley is live in cleveland. the medical examiner's office is overwhelmed with cases. >> reporter: they are of the they have seen hundreds of fatalities from the heroin- related overdoses. there is a record month already and we have several months to go. medical officials simply saying they have seen numbers they have never seen before in.
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related overdoses and all types of opioids. this year, more than two months ago we have seen more than 380. that is more than one overdose per day in cuyahoga county alone. surrounding counties like summit have also seen a huge spike. we talked to one man a former addict himself. he said the key to lowering the numbers is to connect with the users themselves, give them hope and get at the real reason they are abusing the drugs in the first place. >> we come alongside them and we show them what worked for us. they need to know it is possible to stop. >> reporter: a dire problem to say the least. as we told you just before, 14 overdoses and fatalities from those overdoses in just october alone. you can expect the record numbers to increase more as we get to the end of the year. nick foley, newschannel5. 6:06 is the time. today friends and family will say their final good-byes to a euclid football star that died
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two weeks ago. andre jackson took a hard hit in the midsection. he was taken off the field and two days later he died because of complications related to the injury. the viewing is today at noon to 6:00 at roger's funeral home in cleveland. his funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in starlight baptist church in east cleveland. the indians beat the sox in the first game of the alds series last night 5-4. >> but th we face them again at home this afternoon at 4:30. ho you is the forecast looking for the game, somara? >> it is looking absolutely beautiful out there. temperatures rising into the 80s this afternoon. by first pitch at 4:38 p.m. we should see that drop off to 79 degrees. tons of sunshine. the rain chance comes in later in the evening so it is good the game is in the afternoon. terrence? speaking of winning, coming
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having a hard time finding any other team to play. while their rivals are forfeiting games. >> plus the office of a notorious and controversial website raided. why the head of back paige is under arrest. >> and first, a new -- backpage is under arrest. >> and more coming up.
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well, the impact of hurricane matthew being felt up and down florida's east coast. more than 3,000 customers don't have power and dangerous wind forces threatening the city as the storm passes through. let's go live to nico, florida. describe what you are seeing right now, jason. >> reporter: we have taken shelter behind a very sturdy building here in nikko.
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we are seeing pounding rains and fast winds. we are at a mobile home park. you can see the structures back here are flap in the strong winds we have. and palm trees, as well. you can see how powerful this wind is. trees are down all over the area even though the eye of the tomorrow has passed through our area. people are being battered with the strong winds and rain bands as we are still feeling very much the affects of hurricane matthew. we are waiting on word as well
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possibly be safe to come back to their homes, but clearly that is not going to be now or any time soon as this storm continues. for now, we are live in nikko, florida, i am jace son lamb, back to you. >> thank you. we have an update on the texas boy currently in tacoma after being severely -- in a burned. >> caden and three other boy were playing in the shed when they accidentally set the building on fire. that is when kayden has been burned badly. one boy has been charged with 1st degree arson. police have not released his name. the fbi says the people that stabbed ten people in a mall had become recently radicalized.
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started failing college and withdraw from his friends. he started asking people if they were muslim. an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. we are learning a new jersey train accelerated before it crashed last month. devices on the train showed it was moving at 8 miles per hour and sped up to 21 miles per hour before hitting a platform at the hoboken terminal. one person was killed and more than 100 other were hurt. the ceo of the under arrest.-- andorra. the website notorious for adult interactions. the texas attorney general says adult and child trafficking victims have been forced into prostitution for the site. can have 16.
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the forecast, somara. >> good morning. we have been talking about matthew, current wind speeds 123 miles per hour. the eye just off the coast of melbourne, florida. but let's check the track of the future of hurricane matthew. interesting things going on in the atlantic. we actually have another hurricane out there. her name is nicole. a category 2 storm right now. the reason this is so integral to the path of matthew is because it wi affect on it. when we get two hurricanes that get this close together that impact one another we all the this the fujiwhara affect. matthew could work to absorb nicole or it could bump it. we look at this and we can tell that nicole is going to impact matthew by changing its trajectory. we push here further in time. notice initially starting down near florida and working its way through daytona beach and jacksonville and savannah, georgia.
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speeds are picking up in areas like brunswick, charleston, north carolina and wilmington, north carolina and turning back down and curving toward the bahamas. we will keep our eye on this. it could change. it is a few days out. nicole is working to bump matthew and keep it in that area close to the bahamas islands and florida. here at home a different set up. a cold front is getting ready to pass through. warm air is lifting in front of it. it will be warm today. as we air to interrupt the summer- like weather pattern we have been feeling the past couple of days. today you are looking good. no rain to worry about until the late hours. probably around 10:00 to 11:00 we will see sprinkles pop up. then bands of showers will move through early saturday morning and it should clear out by lunch time. the whole saturday won't be a washout. sunday quiet, much cooler and
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a major change there. kristin? all right, somara. we are getting busy on the highways. here is 480 and warrenville- center road. at least 480 is looking fine now. heading to the map, this may get in your way home from the tribe game. the game start 4:38. but right now 90 westbound at 77, that will be closed to the southbound there. the start time is game. the closure ends saturday night at 7:00 p.m. to get around that hop on 90 still. then you will want to use 71, jennings freeway, 480, get back on 77 that way. let's check this with jon rudder in airtracker5. jon, are you flying over an accident right now? >> reporter: i am, kristin. a one car accident we are keeping our eye on on 490 eastbound. not too serious. one car involved.
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and traffic is slow as you get past the accident. fire and ems have left the scene already. the right lane is slow back to the 90 eastbound ramp to the innerbelt bridge. but not a terrible impact. it is still early for your morning commute. a pretty long line of cars are backing up in that area. with lekeep you updated on -- we will keep you updated when this clears. back to you. a former university of richmond football player he says he suffers from lasting affects of concussions sustained during his college career. he said he suffered at least five he claims were so severe they ended his football career. he is more than one of a dozen former players bringing federal lawsuits against colleges. one washington state football team is proving to be fearsome. >> they are so good and powerful their opponents are forfeiting even before hitting
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murphy high school outbooted its opponents and now other schools don't want to play them. >> we can't put our 5'8", 125- pound quarterback against their nose tackle that is 6'50" and weighs over 330-pounds -- 6'5" and weighs over 330-pounds. he will with out that kid in the hospital. >> so has scored one point against them. they are too good. >> my goodness. an 8-year-old boy given a day to put his cancer in the back of his mind. how air force pilots made his creams come true. >> plus, a controversial halloween costume pulled from big name stores' websites. how it got there in the first place. >> and you are looking at hurricane matthew as it continues to slam daytona beach.
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monster storm for you.
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hello, everyone. it is 6:23. thank you for joining us. we have to give a big congratulations to the cleveland metro park, named the best in the nation. they got the 2016 national gold medal award for excellence and park reaction management.
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reaction. this is the fourth time the cleveland metro park association has won this award. kristin, i know you take your little ones there. well, let's take a look at the we are looking okay. 90 and fulton but the center lane is starting to get very busy. at least we don't have to battle the fog like we saw earlier or any rain. take a look outside. a live look at downtown. it is beautiful out there. progressive field getting ready for the game. first pitch at 4:38 this afternoon. the weather will be looking great. let's go ahead and take a look at the current temperatures. you can see how it feels in the live shot of downtown
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cooler than yesterday. 47 in wooster, 54 at ashtabula and 51 in millersburg. again, it is a very cool start but we are warming up nicely here. yesterday the nigh was 81 degrees. i know, i played it a little safe yesterday. i went 79 although my gut was telling me go 0. today i am definitely going 80. highs reaching the upper 0s for most neighborhoods but the chance of us hitting 80 is likely. into tomorrow morning the rain chances begin around the hour. the creepy clown threats across the country are provetology be too much for one ohio school. the canfield school district southwest of youngstown has banned clown costumes for halloween festivities. the traditional dress-up day will continue, but no clowns will be allowed. well, wal-mart, target and amazon have pulled this controversial costume from their websites. it started after getting complaints the costume is offensive to the transgender
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this is called tranny grannies for men and the company calls it manny granny on its own website but there are calls to pull it off the websites. 6:26. an -year-old boy battling cancer has his wish -- an 8- year-old boy battling cancer has his wish come through. >> yes. the air force let him be a pilot for a day. he was escorted on humvee and sworn in. he also had his own wing man for the day and he loved every minute of it. >> it is really exciting, most spectacular thing i have ever done. i feel special because these people made it special. >> you are special. the experience was arranged and paid for by the foundation which helps terminally ill children.
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treasurer has turneders into ac -- turneders into ac -- turned herself into akron police. what she admitted she stole. >> and more on hurricane matthew and who is getting the brunt of the powerful storm, next on "good morning
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hurricane matthew slamming florida. live pictures here showing daytona beach taking a serious beating. 26 million people in this storm's path. >> and breaking overnight a cleveland police officer involved in a crash. what we know about the other driver and the test he was given at the scene. then our indians win a big post season victory thanks to some sluggers. they just have to keep that lead in the finals. good friday morning to you. the bi matthew. the killer storm weakening overnight to a category 3 hurricane. >> it is still incredibly powerful slamming southern florida with whipping winds, relentless rain and the eye wall is miles offshore. >> yes. we have meteorologist somara theodore tracking its path but first let's go to corrina pysa monitoring the situation all morning long. >> we know the storm is responsible for more than 300 deaths in haiti, now
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rains and winds. here is video from people in florida giving you an idea of the intensity of the winds and the rain is just coming down in sheets. now, the governor of florida calling this a monster. people were told to get out. for anyone that didn't, brevard county fire and rescue saying it is too dangerous to respond to emergencies. let's show thousand video telling people to stay inside -- let's show you this video telling people to stay inside. matthew battering 500-miles of coastline, the strongest storm they have seen in a decade. more than 300,000 customers are in the dark. and that number keeps going up. ohio edison crews are heading to florida to help restore power. somara, the government calling it the monster it really is. >> it is a monster, especially for the eastern side that doesn't see as many storms at
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lighting up by the national weather service. here is a look at matthew. wow, check this out. from these center of the storm pictures it is only 31 miles off the coast of florida. you can see where the worst of the rain bands are setting up. the heaviest rains are off the eye wall of the hurricane, not only that the worst winds which tells me titusville along 95 and daytona beach will see the worst gusts out there as we head through the next couple of hours. get it -- but i will tell you we have seen gusts upwards of 60 to 79 miles per hour in cape canaveral. we will keep an eye on this system. and we are reminding everyone, at 7:00 p.m. the left lane of 77 north to 97 eastbound will be closed. the story this morning as far as the traffic is concerned, big congestion. 90 eastbound well beyond fulton in the eastbound lane,
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prodway avenue. let me show you -- broadway avenue. let me show you what this looks like. this is 90 and fulton. all lanes are stacked up and that is likely because of the vehicle issue there. airtracker5 jon rudder is there. >> reporter: yes. the left two lanes are blocked and traffic is slow, down to one lane as you approach this accident. one car in th eastbound the left two lanes blocked. the last couple of minutes it is really starting to back up. here is fulton and 90 with the long line of traffic building in this area. definitely impacting traffic. we will keep you up-to-date and let you know, corrina, when this is cleared. back to you. >> thank you, jon. into the live dteing overnight a cleveland police officer -- into the live desk overnight a cleveland police
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east 140th and st. clair involving a minivan and the officer's marked car. look at this here. the driver getting a field sobriety test of the he was detained. the officer suffering minor injuries. he was taken to uh. we are making calls on this and will let you no he when we learn more. cuyahoga county is ground zero for the heroin epidemic. >> the stunning new numbers breaking a record. nick foley live with more on the fight to stop the daily overdoses. >> reporter: this is a topic all too familiar for us. the heroin barrage really taking over northeast ohio. it has been for some time. not appearing to let up any time soon. in fact, new numbers we have show it really is getting worse. for months we heard about the stronger batch of heroin hitting the streets in the region. that is making a big impact. the cuyahoga county medical examine's office says 5 -- examiner's office says 52
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from heroin or opioid overdoses. here is a video of ems responding to an overdose call in the last 24-hours on superior avenue and 15th. the man lucky ems responded as first responders were able to save him with narcan. as for the devastating seventy, it matched the previous record of number of deaths in august. this year's total, at least 385 overdose fatality, well over the 228 in 2015. now, will come in that make september going up higher, adding to the totals, as well. reporting in cleveland, nick foley, newschannel5. 6:35 right now. new this morning, a warning to all drivers in the shaker heights area. be careful where you park. police say someone is stealing tires from car, four tires from three different vehicles were taken. this happened at an office on chagrin boulevard. if you know anything give
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recognize these men. they are accused of following and attacking a man on the rta redline. they followed him to west 25th. two men saw what was happened and chased them off but they got away before police arrived. the backlog of rape kits in ohio is going down. three years ago a exclusive newschannel5 investigation revealed thousands of tests sat on shelves for decades. now the attorney general says 14,000 kits have been tested and there are dna hits than 4,200 of them. let's talk more about the parma school district right now. they are still trying to figure out how to get out of the red there. the school is facing a $15 million budget gap right now. this he need to come up with a plan to make up the deficit by the end of the month. we are learning more about how they got into this mess in the first place. the district went over budget three years in a row. >> it it just appears -- it
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finding out -- that now we are finding out weren't sustainable. >> it isn't about placing blame, the school board says but finding a solution. the noble peace prize announced and the winner is not who experts expected. more on this pick. >> and the parking downtown is always tricky but during the indian play-offs games it is nearly impossible. tips to keep the prices down. >> and we continue to follo this is a live look at naples, florida. we will have more on the storm when "good morning cleveland"
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welcome back. dry conditions and clear skies on friday. looks like all sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. i will nudge it a bit for tafew neighborhoods taking it to 80 degrees -- for a few neighborhoods, taking it to 80 degrees. >> not too bad. well, look at this congestion. air tracker 5 is checking in with jon rudder. he is flying over it earlier.
6:41 am
relief soon. >> our indians are off to a great start in the play-offs. >> they were dominant winning game one of the alds. finally, francisco lindor there. it is out of there. >> the tribes will try to do it again, first pitch at 4:30 at progressive. >> and if you are heading to serious money to park. during yesterday's game spots were going for as high as $75. the best advice we can give you, take a cab, uber, a lyft or the rapid transit always great option. give yourself plenty of time to scope out the cheapest spots. and check online. some have apps that let you
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search for a missing malaysia flight 370. where investigators are now focusing their efforts. >> and you think your kids are safe and sound at day care. are they paying close enough attention to keep them out of
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this morning all eyes are on hurricane matthew. the storm is at its peak as it slams into florida. corrina pysa is tracking the human aspect of this historic storm. she will have more on the intact but first somara theodore with the weather impact side of this thing. yes. let's show you the radar. these are the areas impacted. you can coastline up to north carolina, we have warnings and watches issued, showing improvements south of tampa there that have been lifted as the eye continues to meander up the coastline. here is something very intriguing. we have the heaviest winds now getting ready to impact titusville. it is this outer eye wall that is going to see the heaviest rain bands and the highest wind gusts. a category 3 we are talking about. wind gusts up to 120-mile per
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stuff. as i said earlier, it is not just the wind gusts and rain we are dealing with but the severe weather that comes along with a storm system like this. if you were to split a hurricane into four quadrants, it is that right upper area that will see the severe weather and tornadoes likely heading to georgia and south carolina. that is something we have to keep our eye on. here at home the weather set- up is totally different. we have warmer air moving in because of a high pressure system. the co change the game for us at home. we have been seeing warm conditions. i am talking 80s. the normal high for this time of year is 67 degrees. with rewell above that but this -- we are well above that but the cool air behind this front will change this imagine for us. we are still dry and quiet. enough sunshine to get us to 80 degrees, the forecasted high i have but as we head into tomorrow the change comes into affect. along the periphery of the cold
6:47 am
set up. notice, pretty light to moderate showers. we are not expecting heavy rain here. the good news is your sad will not be a wash -- saturday will not be a washout. by lunch time we will see the rain and cloud debris move out and we will see improvements in the conditions. a cooldown is in affect. 62 at the most on saturday. upper 50s for your sunday. >> thank you, somara. we are getting reports in the akron area of lights out here at 224 around george washington boulevard. zooming into that area, you can see the yellow we are seeing on the map. there may be traffic lights and calls coming into the akron police department with wires down. no other issues in the area. remember, the closure at state route 14 at lake rockwell still closed, detour 303 to 44. let's check the delay on 71 northbound.
6:48 am
usual at west 25th street. let's check on 90. we were seeing congestion there. here is airtracker5 with jon rudder. well, kristin, the tow truck is there finally removing the vehicle. they finally getting things moving in that area but traffic is not so much in the way of moving. a long line of traffic and the left two lanes blocked on 49 east eastbound under broadway, the lanes are pretty much stopped in that area. they are removing the vehicle right now but we are still seeing significant delays in this area. corrina, back to you. >> thank you, jon. following the latest on hurricane matthew at the live desk, florida getting hit really hard with incredibly strong winds and heavy rain caused by hurricane matthew, the government calling it a monster and expecting it to be devastating.
6:49 am
an idea of the intensity of the storm. look at the rain. the winds are strong. the storm is downgraded to a category 3 as we pull up the video for you. millions told to evacuate. more than 300,000 without power. matthew is expected to be a day's long event moving on next to georgia and south carolina. we are getting a better idea of the devastation it left behind in haiti, as well. we are want to see those images. just awful seeing this here. we have been killed. you can see all the damage there. it breaks your heart to see it. terrence and jackie, i know you have more to talk about about the evacuation orders. $2 million people were told to get out. be -- orders. 2 million people were told to get out. emergency crews said if you didn't get out at this point it is too late. if there is any kind of emergency the crews are not able to get to those people
6:50 am
told to stay in their homes right now. again, matthew downgraded to a category 3. don't think for a second it means that this storm will be any less impactful. winds off the coast at 120 miles per hour right now. we are hearing reports of very strong gusts there on the mainland, so, terrence and jackie, to you. corrina, in florida alone there are 2,500 national guard officers there to help out and there are more on the way. >> there are still plenty among those dealing with the intense condition, abc's lauren lyster has been outside of the storm all morning long in new smyrna beach. you are just north of the eye of the storm. we are hearing there are wind speeds up to 79 miles per hour. what does that look like on the ground? >> reporter: yes. what that looks like is pelting rain because the rain is violently pushing up
6:51 am
this was a calm river just 24 hours ago. take a look at it now. it actually has the appearance of waves. the wind has it picks up is slapping the water up onto the shore. the dock there is completely submerged. you know, hours ago i was on the dock and you could walk out there and maybe the water came up to your feet, but now it is totally under water. you can see why people here are concern bed about the coastal -- concerd coastal flooding in this area, 6 to 10 feet of storm surge or more as one of the threats as the conditions intensify as hurricane matthew gets closer. >> lauren, plenty of people are still waiting thought storm. have you heard from any of them? talked to any of them as to why they didn't evacuate? >> reporter: so, the people that i spoke to actually were taking precautions. i have seen reports that people didn't evacuate.
6:52 am
area did not have mandatory evacuations. not too far off on the other side of the waterway near the coast, near the beach, they were evacuating. we met a number of those people yesterday. you will see them here on this side waiting out the storm. some were safe, and were concerned about their property but they knew they needed to do the responsible thing. in addition, we saw lines and hordes of people stocking up on water and food. store shelves bare. we have seen the images. rely following the precautions that they were encouraged to do in most cases from our experience. >> lauren, thank you for keeping us posted all large long. we appreciate it. >> stay safe, lauren. now to corrina. >> thank you. back here cleveland police officers involved in a crash overnight sending him to the hospital. following the latest at the live desk, this happened at east 140th and st. clair. the officer in a marked car when it happened. the other vehicle was a miff. the driver was given a field -- minivan.
6:53 am
sobriety test and the driver was taken to uh with minor injuries. we will keep you updated. we are only into the first week of the month of october but the cuyahoga county medical examiner's office says there have been 14 overdose deaths related to heroin and opioids already this september. >> yes. we have nick foley live in cleveland with the figures. >> reporter: the heroin epidemic has put a strangle the numbers from the medical examiner'sst showing it is worse. a record number of fatalities from heroin related overdoses this year and increasing by the day. to put things in perspective, in 2015 alone there were 228 heroin-related overdoses from heroin, carfentanil and fentanyl, heroin-related deaths. this year, more than two months to go, we have seen more than 380, more than one
6:54 am
months, more than 50 deaths in august and september, both records. the medical examiner says september could have more overdose fatalities once the toxicology reports are finalized and completed. 14 fatalities from heroin overdoses in the month of october, on pace from 60 in the entire month. nick foley, station stay. it is 6:54 on your friday. friends and family will start to a euclid football star that died after getting hurt in a game. andre jackson took a hard hit in the midsection, taken off the field and two weeks later he died because of complications related to the injury. his viewing is today from noon to 6:00 at roger's funeral home in cleveland and the funeral is tomorrow at starlight baptist church in east cleveland.
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count indictment including charges of kidnapping and rape. police say he took a 12-year- old from willowway last month and she was found in a home in euclid. officers are looking into whether or not the two met on a social media app. the morning sprint continues in 60 seconds. if you don't follow us on twitter, be sure to find our
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new overnight, debris found on an island are said to be part of the missing malaysia jet. the latest find is part of the plane's wing. the winner of this year's noble peace prize just
6:57 am
columbia president's juan manuel santos is the winner. the country voted to reject the peace deal with leftist rebels meaning the peace he worked toward won't actually be happening. now they want action before a cease fire ends at the end of the month of the no one is sure when that will happen. let's get a check of the forecast with somara theodore. >> one time look at matthew. friends and family in titusville, this is where they will be seeing the strongest move in. you can see the eye wall off the coast there. we have reports of 102 gusts in cape canaveral. strong winds. here at home tranquil and temperatures reaching in upper 70s today with lots of sunshine. >> thank you, somara. we are starting to see relief on 90. right now seeing congestion at 71 and west 25th. the disabled vehicle on 90/490 eastbound at broadway.
6:58 am
but the good -- lanes were blocked but the good news is the car has opinion towed so good news there. >> we will keep you updated on hurricane matthew. >> and we will see you in 23 minutes with another news
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good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane matthew hits florida. the eyewall brushes the east coast right now. the deadly storm unleashes its fury overnight. with dangerous winds topping 120 miles an hour. igniting power lines. now fears of life-threatening storm surge and waves up to 25 feet high. >> unfortunately, this will kill people. president obama declaring a state of emergency. more than 3 million people forced to flee from florida to north carolina. >> too risky to stay. >> shelters filling up. airports shutting down. flights canceled and disney world closing for only the fourth time ever. the massive destruction in


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