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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it is just awfully good this someone with the temperment of donald trump is not the head of our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> the debate full of insults to emails and donald trump's comments about women. we will show you the most talked about moment. >> and the indians hoping the rain lets up in boston. they will get another shot to take on the red sox after the weather got in the way over the weekend.
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today, somara theodore? here is a live look outside. dark but dry. let's show you the temperatures. it is a real talker today. this is winter coat weather for me. i don't know about you. i am going straight from the jackets to the coats. 37 in millersburg, 39 in new philadelphia. it is pretty chilly. the further south you go we are bordering on the 30s as we head to lorain, lake and ashtabula. start, it is a dry day so you don't have to battle any showers. we will warm things up to the low 60s with lots of sunshine. kristin? >> thank you, somara. no accidents. the highways look good. no accidents. but an update on 90 westbound to 77 westbound was supposed to reopen this weekend, well it will remain closed until 7:00 a.m.
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480. so far we are looking good in the east and westbound leaps. back to you. yes, i am very embarrassed about it. i hate it, but it is locker room talk. it is one of those things. >> he has said the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it is clear to anyone that heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> the most tweeted presidential debate started with the leaked audio women. >> however, the insults started before the candidates took the stage. two hours before he took the stage he held a press conference with women that had accused bill clinton of sexual assault. >> it was not all neglecttivity once they were on stage. the -- negativity.
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about each other. >> look, i respect his children. his children are incredibly able and devoted, and i think that says a lot about donald. >> i will say this about hillary, she doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. i respect that. >> and everyone has an opinion on who they think won. here is the poll here, saying clinton came on top, beating trump 57 and 58% said -- to 34%. and 58% said they were supporting clinton before the debate began. >> and the final showdown is scheduled to take place next wednesday, october 19th in vegas. it is the same format as the first one and you can catch it right here on newschannel5. and breaking news into the live desk, roads shut down in
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battle a fire there. everyone made it out okay. you can see all the smoke there. this is mostly just damage to the outside in the back of the home. we will keep you updated as we learn more this morning. jackie, to you. >> thank you, corrina. garfield police are investigating a horrible accident, a mother and daughter dead after they were hit in the middle of the intersection. we have meg shaw live if garfield heights this morning. meg, what point? >> reporter: garfield heights police tell me that charges have been filed against the driver in this case. a 33-year-old mother and two daughters were crossing here at east 131st at rexwood when they were hit. police say it happened around 6:30 saturday evening. city council telling us tiffany montgomery and her daughters
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daughter, kionna hayward did not survive. the oldest daughter did. the driver did not run a red light and speed was not a factor, but sun glare may have played a role. a neighbor tells us he was absolutely stunned at the news. >> she was more or less family to me because she is a nice young lady when she was telling me what she was doing with the kids. >> reporter: heartbreaki ng to hear the interview. i spoke with police this morning. they tell me they are reviewing surveillance footage from businesses around the area. again, no charges have been filed. of course, we will keep you updated on this story. live in garfield heights, meg shaw, newschannel5. we have new information about the body of a 5-year-old found in the body of drexel
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trauma, covered in plastic. the person's arms with are bound with plastech, as well. police have not identified the victim yet. a man is now behind bars accused of stabbing and killing another man. stefon anderson attacked chandler appling around 6:00. an off-duty saw the entire thing, arrested him. the indians have to wait one more day to shut out the red sox. game 4 is rescheduled -- three is rescheduled for today. tonight's game is 6:00 at fenway. by the way, tickets for the theoretical championship series against the blue jays are already on sale. samsung making changes.
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make sure their phones are safe. >> and hurricane matthew downgraded to a tropical storm but still packing a punch on the east coast. i will show you who is affected this morning.
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welcome back. we are looking at our temperatures today. we are seeing cool temperature this is morning, 30s and 40s. but we will reach the 60s for a high today. lots of sunshine expected this monday. more coming up. >> thank you, kristin. crank the heat in the cars this morning, at least for the early morning commute. the highways look good, at least on 71. there was a water main break on sperry drive, closing a portion of it but now it is reported it is back open. billy bush has been suspended from "the today show", the co-host there. there are reports nbc is working on an exit agreement
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unlikely he can recover from the controversy. and important information for anyone that owns a galaxy note 7. not only is the company halting production of the phone, but at&t, verizon and t-mobile are pulling the plug on exchanges. providers are encouraging customers with note 7s to exchange them for other devices. ahead for you on a monday, a family is being blamed for a tiny item on their house for the cause of a fire. >> and a promotions at a local restaurant backfires in a big way after a big michigan win. you don't want to miss that,
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corrinaers right now a small -- corrina, right now a small town in vermont are taling with a crash caused by a wrong-way driver. after this happened the dryer stole a cop car and slammed into seven more cars. this he were vibrant members of bright futures ahead of them. a vigil is planned for tonight at their school. we are learning new details about the train that derailed saturday outside new york city. these pictures are from the train that jumped the tracks on long island. they show the seats completely destroyed from the first car that jumped the tracks and the windows completely blown out.
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ripped off. >> around 600 people were on the train. 33 were hurt in this accident including seven trains and employees. officials have been busy overnight trying to fix the tracks before the business morning commute. and a station in new jersey damaged in a deadly crash last month will reopen today. eight of the 17 tracks at the hoboken terminal will reopen today. one woman wa hundred dollars more were injured. now that matthew is subsiding, there is new concern about the zika virus in florida and up the coast to north carolina. onlily they thought the water and winds could knock-out the mosquitoe nests but now they are thinking all this water could help to breed more mosquitoe nests. along the coast a bomb squad had to be called in after old civil car cannonballs began
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immediately get to the shells because of the riding tide. once the water goes down officials will be expected to step in and make it safe again. the first shots from the civil war were fired not far from where they were found in fort sumter. well, today is columbus day, first made a holiday by president nixon in 1971, supposed to mark the discovery of america by christopher columbus, however many have been uncomfortable celebrating a man that treated native americans poorly. many are calling this indigenous people day instead of columbus day. all right, let's go to corrina. >> yes. it is pretty cool around here this morning. 41 in elyria and 47 in
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i hope you brought in the plants. here is a look at the set up we had. we had warmer air just bind us. this cold front will push through as we head to thursday and bring us rain chances. if are now, here is a look at your hour-by-hour forecast. 62 degrees today. we start with clouds moving in and then they will clear out. we will get sunshine bumping up the temperatures a bit. that is going to be very, very interesting, nice to see those temperatures in the 60s we should return to the 70s then. here is the power of 5 seven- day forecast. highs reaching the low 60s today. definitely cool but this is the norm for this time of year. we were in the 80s last week. that was nice but it is not normal. thursday is the next best chance at shower as we head to the weekend. we are up and down. mother nature slowly easing us into heres winter-like condition, however still
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kristin is this. >> those 80s threw me off last week. the hawaiis look good. but starting today we have work on east 105th street. the right lane will be closed, a small section from park lane to chester avenue. the thing is it will last about a month-and-a-half. already work has been going on here, a little further south between carnegie and euclid, one lane down in ch through mid-november. here is 471 for live looks. it is pretty quiet out there. i have not seen issues. in west lake we have sperry drive, part of it closed because of a water main break. well, it is back open now. over to you. kristin, thank you. october is national breast cancer awareness month, the second leading cause of death among women that claims 40,000 lives every year, but there
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doctors recommend maintaining a healthy weight and staying physically active, eating fruits and vegetable, limiting how much alcohol you drink and they also say you should not smoke. you cannot necessarily prevent cancer but you can do things to greatly reduce the risk. >> great advice. thank you. it is 4:49 on monday morning. a lot of you waking up talking about the browns and the game. i know it hurt you yesterday to watch. guess what, they may hard to believe. cody kessler and charlie whitehurst were both hurt yesterday and the team had to turn to wide receiver terrelle pryor just to finish the game. they struggle once again covering the qb position. what is it with this? if the browns start a new
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jackie, this story is all over social media this morning. football fans have an intense devotion to their teams. right? hello? brown's fans. sometimes restaurants like to cash in and offer deals when the teams win but that may have backfired for the ruth crist steakhouse in michigan. they promised a 1% discount for every point michigan scores saturday realizing they would be offering cheap steak dinners. the restaurant quickly clarified on facebook the discount only applies to 50 points. half off still ain't bad. >> that is pretty good! they had to make a cap. still ahead, the indians mascot has always been very controversial. >> and what is happening to the
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segregating students by race? >> but before we go, we want to show you how wall street plans to open today.
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all right. we are back. 64 in mansfield as well as ashland.
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low 60s. 69 in beachwood and further south we will be in the low to mid 60s. so it is not looking like too bad of a day but it is a cold start. coats are a must. >> like winter coats are necessary. >> right! well, on the innerbelt bridge, the 90 westbound ramp to 77 southbound will be closed. let's check on akron. no issues on 76 or 77. still in the green. the drive times look good well. let's head outside and check on our odot view of 76 at battles avenue of akron area. very quiet. back to you. and this is a story from last month. a talmadge bus driver accused of selling gaiting students based on race. now the company is telling the talmadge express the investigation is over and the driver is being fired. the school district says it supports the decision. this month's election will
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board.-- new faces to the school board. seven of 11 of the seats on the state board of education will be on the ballots. 6 were forced to resign and one is not seeking another term. and ohio is home to 63,000 military related jobs. that adds about 11 billion to our state economy. a recent meeting at ohio state university brought together community leaders to discuss way tots bring more defense jobs and research money to ohio. a family is homeless after a devastating fire tore through their house over the weekend and firefighters are blaming this over the tv remote control. it took ten minutes for the whole house to go up in flames. thankfully nobody was home at the time but the family dog did not make it out.
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>> on the couch, which had a remote tucked down, you know how you lose a remote sometimes, was tucked down there. yes, it was a remote. >> here is how officials say it could have happened. it is possible the remote got too hot, caused a fire to spark and they continue to investigate this fire, especially when they say it started from the remote. we have those devices in our houses, everybody does. ryan lochte from the olympics to "dancing with the stars", now he is ready to add marriage to his list. in are on the lucky girl, ahead. >> and this is all anybody will be talking about this morning. the debate, especially because it happened so late last night. we will tell you about all those important moments, including who is calling who the devil. who do you think it is? let us know on twitterment we
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good morning. welcome back. we are in the 5:00 hour of newschannel5 this morning. we are seeing, calm, cloudless, skies making for chilly temps this morning. jackie, look at this. let's turn on the temperature maps. >> there you go. i told you it is cold. >> you can see, electric blankets in holmes county, winter faces in new philadelphia this morning. i am talking boots, hats weather, upper 30s this morning. highs in the 60s. you may get relief then. then we can talk, terrence. >> i need a snow suit, apparently! we are okay on the highways. in canton the ramp is closed 77 northbound to 30 westbound. what you will want to do, a little further north you can still get off on 172 and head west.


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