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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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bullets fly out of barbershop. four-year-old con the crossfire. this is video of a chaotic scene unfolding you can see police cars lined up with yellow police tape blowing in the wind. >> the little boy was waiting for his father to get a haircut when he and two others were shot. a gutwrenching moment as his father watched in horror. joe panik >> is was the first on scene. robbery gone wrong. >> reporter: police continue to collect evidence on the scene. they had storer avenue blocked off for about four and -- four hours. witnesses on scene say that gunfire rang out for about two minutes in this situation. you can see that right now they are outside here at prodigy cuts barbershop where the shooting
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a four-year-old boy was struck in the gunfire. he was in one of the barber chairs when this whole thing place. here is what happened just a few hours ago. >> it was crazy. there was a lot of people out here. >> reporter: the gunfire here at prodigy cuts barbershop left windows shot out and showcasing spread across the street. three armed gunmen entered the barbershop just before 8:00 tonight. the shop owner who was also armed police weapon starting an exchange of gunfire. sitting in this barber chair was struck during the crossfire. a 24-year-old was hit in the back to go see sobered witnessed the whole thing. >> it sounded like fireworks. i saw the guy in the gun in the flash coming from the barrel. >> it was like hysterical when i got up your. this of the bullets with pastors. >> reporter: bernards for
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the barbershop when the shooting started. a shooting just a block away killed one and injured two others back in march. both fathers feel extremely fortunate there five -- their children were not hit. >> i'm thankful that it did not happen to any of them in my condolences and prayers go out to the family of the kid that got shot. >> i will not ever have one of >> reporter: the four-year-old in 24-year-old are in stable condition at this hour. police say the 16-year-old suspect drove himself to metro
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>> obviously proper precautions are not taken and something that the parents need to be accountable for. thompson is in stark county jail and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. megan hickey news 5. it will take $1 million for a rocky river man for a man to get out of jail. his bond was reduced but he will have to wait until after a bond hearing. he is accused of shooting his daughter in the
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he is a flight risk because of a phone call he made from jail. his attorney says he is a us citizen and has health problems. in ohio man who pleaded guilty to raping a 17-year-old and live streaming that assault on periscope was been nine ault years behind bars. prosecutors say 29-year-old raymond gate, the teen, and her friend were hanging outside at his house when he forced himself on the teen and friend lifestream that. somebody in another state saw it and call police. wanita pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. a cleveland family is reeling after learning that there are 32-year-old transgender niece was killed. it has been four days since officers found brandee bledsoe dead in the driveway. frank wiley got a chance to sit down with her family tonight. >> reporter: for the family
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makes sense. she painted on walls and her face. that's the part that made loved one service. >> i love you brandee. >> reporter: the police report is short and called. head trauma victim in the driveway dead body. officers called andrea cragin and detectives pulled it medical gloves and she knew. >> i never thought i would be sitting here. this is what i see on >> reporter: police said the deceased was brandon bledsoe 32 years old. about a year ago he began transitioning into brandee. >> we adjusted and i tried to understand as best i could. i loved him because he is like my kid. >> reporter: she met from nebraska and 2012 leaving this world a different person. even changing folks along the way. >> if a person is happy and
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>> reporter: why would anybody want to hurt brandee she wondered. >> nobody deserves to be hurt. >> reporter: police continue to search for answers. if you know anything give them a call. we are live in cleveland frank wiley news 5. we have heard it time and time again that addicts epidemic leg in ohio. >> their families are hit just as hard if not worse. is heartbreaking video is proof of that. this is going to be hard to watch. >> mommy died last night. okay? mommy died last night. okay? >> you mean my mom? >> yes. >> how?
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[crying] >> command post a that video on facebook after telling his eight-year-old son that his mother had just died of an overdose. he is hoping to share the impact that heroin has on families. >> i am going to be honest with my son. do you kn maybe in the future when somebody tries to offer him some drugs or whatever the case may be whatever the situation may be my son will think about this. he will see what it did to his family. and what it did to his mother. >> the video you saw was posted two days ago and is -- has been seen 30 million times. we have a few showers
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as expected there is nothing heavy here in the lightning. temperatures are still mild. the front is coming in so much these temperatures going down. low to mid 50s by the time you get up and go tomorrow and then temperatures are not going anywhere. this is what we will chat about. rain tonight, a cooler thursday and a frosty friday. plus your tribe forecast updated coming up. i was in shock. at first i thought somebody was taking it. it rolled straight back into the pond. >> a major automaker tonight warning owners how to prevent their car or truck from rolling away after you thought it was an park. tonight my and squeezes -- my
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makers samsung are pulling out all the stops to make sure that the phones do not start fire in
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potentially deadly brake issues forcing toyota to recall 300,000 previous sedans worldwide. it covers 2016 in 2017 models. the parking brake can stop working in the car can just
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owners will be notified in november and toyota dealers will fix it for free. now to an exclusive investigation into safety concerns over some of the more popular cars and trucks on the road. >> on your side chief investigator ron reagan joins us tonight. there are reports of vehicles actually rolling away after they happen parks. >> reporter: chrysler tonight is telling me the report you are about to see is a cautionary tale that requires drivers to pay attention. it involves several models and one the death of one of hollywood's brightest stars. anton yelchin was one of hollywood's brightest stars starting most recently in the star trek remake. he was killed outside of his hollywood hills home after his 2015 jeep grand cherokee reportedly rolled backwards pinning him against the skate last june.
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investigation it is the same model included in a nationwide recall just two months earlier. sean kane is a nationally recognized auto safety advocate. >> chrysler has claimed that the problem is related solely to the driver not using the shifter properly. >> reporter: it is an electronic shifter unlike conventional gearshift drivers are familiar with. more than 800,000 vehicles are affected including 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees plus three 2014 dodge charger is in crisis read hundreds. -- chrysler 300's. we found that the company is now facing additional rollbacks involving another popular model. >> what's going on? >> my truck just backed into my pond. it stopped my truck right here and find out and is an park.
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-- watched helplessly. it rolled straight back into the pond. it was a 2015 ran 1500 pickup. brand-new. >> i was in shock. at first i thought somebody was taking a. >> reporter: we then two more similar complaint filed with the national traffic safety administration within the last year and we found something else. one year earlier. this april 2014 letter from chrysler to federal regulators describing a defect existing in 2014 ram 1500 trucks. the transmission case in as many as 125 vehicles may have been improperly machined and this letter from federal regulators the vehicle may rollaway increasing the risk of
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>> reporter: the truck to started rolling. it literally just started rolling. it rolled straight back into the pond. >> it was like -- i was just like -- >> reporter: and you are watching it just think. >> i cannot even move from up there. it leaped into the water. >> reporter: chrysler says there is no and complaints filed with rick -- federal regulators are not reliable because they are neither better nor verified. safety advocates are urging federal regulators to dig deeper. >> what we're looking at is complaints that do not match up against human factor problems. >> reporter: federal regulators have not launched an investigation into parkers complaint and chrysler says the vehicle was subject to a 23 point inspection and the
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operating next -- instructions i'm chief investigator ron reagan. samsung is taking the risk that the galaxy note 7 phones may burst into flames so seriously that they are sending fireproof shipping kids to people who need to return them. first there is a static shielding back for the phone that goes into a small box which goes into another box and then the schick -- shipping which is lined with ceramic fiber paper to campaign -- to contain extreme heat. they say the kids are required by the government. if you have a samsung galaxy -- it's hot. rain is here. >> we saw frank in the live truck getting rained on.
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bringing the rain that is bringing the chill that is bringing the process. in the power of five we will show you. watch my phone if it starts to smoke. thank you very much. showers are moving in now. cold front abeche where it is in a moment. basically fort wayne with the showers are not extreme there's really no lightning here we had some thde and northwest earlier this afternoon but it is now primarily light rain. it is hit and miss not a widespread rain event but you will see hour by hour. once the rain coming in at 11 back 15. the morning commute let's bring it on. cleveland is really driving -- drying out. the best chance for morning showers during the rush would be from around trumbull county
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millersburg. everybody dries out here as we head toward the afternoon. sunshine will come after. enjoy the mild it is going away for a day or so. it is moving through detroit now through fort wayne in indianapolis. temperatures are really falling. these temperatures are in the 30s and 20 spec in the dakotas and i will tell you what. they have midwest and the western great lakes. also the northern and central planes. we will see that kind of chilly air tomorrow night into friday morning. 67 degrees right now with a few showers and winds out of the southwest. currently we have temperatures in the 60s everywhere you go. acronym canton are middle and upper 60s. with those showers for cleveland.
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maximum sustained winds 130 miles per hour headed to bermuda and out to see. it will not impact the us. here is the front coming in the chill is on tomorrow. you will need coat tomorrow. what it -- omaha in waterloo and chicago up to the north shifts into ohio tomorrow night into friday morning. it is going to be a forest a start. the afternoon we have some coming out 50s to start and 50s to end. 55 tomorrow with early showers staying breezy and chilly. acronym canton 53 to 55. a 2 degree difference. let's show you friday 54. you will be in the 50s for the tribe game. should be dry just where your
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we know homes get burglarized all the time. >> what happened to one woman some might be a first. >> my house was stolen. >> it's the first time in my many years i have heard of the tiny house or even a house that was stolen. >> melinda's new house which is a tiny house was almost done and it vanished. thankfully whoever stole it did not get very far. shfo in a shopping center parking lot. thankfully nothing is missing or damaged. coming up in sports what to watch for in the alcs. one national baseball analyst dick in the indians to get to
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>> it doesn't make you brenda mahal to face their hitters. they are really good. >> before we talk about that we have news from the ballpark. danny salazar will not be in the alcs roster. forearm injury. he crushed 10 homers and four postseason games. the indians are not far behind. this series is setting up to be a slugfest. i spoke with former analyst alex cora about what to expect. >> a lot of people don't understand that the cleveland indians are a tough team to match up with. peter francona loves the
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lefty in the fda demonstrated in 70% of their at-bats he has it. it's a bunch of switch hitters and a bunch of athletes and i've been saying all along the last two weeks. they hit the ball out of the ballpark but they run the bases well they don't strike out we know salazar and carrasco is hurt but patient wise pitching wise he knows how to use the bullpen and they are a lot better than other people think. >> how to they win the series in the postseason? >> they have to keep the ball in the ballpark. that is very important against the blue jays. go from there. it's going to be a great series and i flipped a coin and i came
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>> i know you are heroes cleveland and i got a chance to catch up. with francisco lindor. it has been great. we are having a blast. hopefully we can see them in the world series. for now it is anymore it is paquito. >> start times for games two and three of the alcs were released tonight. came to saturday 4:08 and 8:08. game one is friday here at progressive killed. we will be back after the
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that is it for you. do not leave your phone on your desk and walk away. >> we took a lot of pictures. 55 degrees tomorrow and a frosty friday morning but a cool tribe a victory night on friday evening.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. you know, there's so much going on in the world right now.


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