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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bauer has been pushed back to game three because he cut his pinky on his throwing hand while he was working on a drone. this is one of things we'll talk about. >> probably everybody in here probably at some point or another had a drone related problem. [ laughter ] . we had enough days off that we can flip flop them. in the grand scheme of things as long as he's okay, all it is is us flip flopping sthem.
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we'll see how he can get through with the stitches on his finger. let's send it back outside the ballpark. guys. >> you know what we need? >> we need to go to air tracker 5. >> we need quick healers is what we need. john, can you help us out with the traffic oj a busy game night? >> you need to get going traffic is starting to build as people pile into the downtown. take a look. we are just above you and traffic is really start to go build and spill over on to i-90. you can see heavy traffic on 77 as well. this area may be a little bit congested after the game also.
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p.m. at two hours after the game, the bridge will close until one hour before the first pitch. back to the ground. >> thank you very much. it is one of the more memorable plays this season. >> tonight, we ask him what was going through his mind when he crossed home plate. before we do anything, before we talk more baseball else, you know what? we've got to talk weather. mark, spill the beans. >> this is great weather for a playoff game in october. you saw the sunshine. it is currently 62 degrees downtown. pleasant for october. it's a little cool. we can't guarantee you 80 degrees. current temperatures in the 50s
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overnight tonight. you're staying dry. i would bring the coats. mainly clear. you're in the 50s throughout the entire ball game. if you're going to a high school ball game tonight away from the lake and away from cleveland, you're in the 40s. so again jackets, coats necessary. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a huge explosion that cld morning. two people are reportedly injured after they were pulled from underneath all of this rubble. debris from the house was found at least 100-yard sz from where the house once stood. neighbors homes had their windows blown out. no word of that caused the explosion. a woman is facing homicide
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in a wheelchair while street racing. she was under the influence when she and a car next to her began racing. the two cars collided and struck the man in the wheelchair while he was crossing the street. this just in. police say they have arrested three teens all in connection with the attempted luring of an eight-year-old girl. the teens have bee about or part of the incident that happened tuesday afternoon. a man approached the girl and told her he had candy and asked her to get in. the case was sentd to the prosecutor's office for possible charges. a car disappeared after police had it towed. the owner thought it was gone for good.
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department's auction list. >>reporter: i found that car intact in a police impound lot about six months after the owner said police told him they crushed it. >> that was my baby for a while. >>reporter: here it is sitting in possession of cleveland police months after being towed. the owner took his time picking it up, but was told he was too late saying it was crushed. then he saw it advertised for sale this weekend. there were expensive golf clubs and air jordans in the backseat. >> if you threw those away, that doesn't make any sense. if you knew what you had, you wouldn't have done it. i would like my golf clubs back somehow. >>reporter: cleveland police refused to answer questions about this on camera. they said he didn't have any information about the claims
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car was going to be crushed. they also don't have information about the alleged missing belongings. but now that we gave him proof the car is intact, he plans to follow-up. president obama in cleveland showing the very different side few of us have ever seen. one of those moments including the president using the phrase come on, man. how the commander in chief is trying hillary clinton. and we'll take you inside one of the hotly contested races in the state. and a live look tonight at progressive field where the indians are about to take to the field. tonight the excitement is building and so are we.
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moment rookie tyler will never forget. many are calling it the play of the season. >> it is one that added to the growing excitement that started here after their 14 game winning streak. but tyler talked with us one on one about the unforgettable winning hit. >>reporter: that's right. not only unforgettable, but it was a magical moment. the indians from behind wins but nothing as dramatic or history making as the inside the park walkoff game winning home run. the play unfolded in dramatic fashion on august 19th
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>> unbelievable. >>reporter: indians player tyler ran the bases and dove into cleveland sports fans' hearts and history. >> the rookie delivers in the clutch. >>reporter: tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 9th, he hit a rare inside the park home run. when he rounded first, you had to wonder when he thought he had a chance. >> when ich second base. i could tell the energy from the dugout and the play behind me and stuff. >>reporter: just before practice this week, he said when he came up to bat, he was just looking for a hit. it was the first walkoff inside the #35shg r park home run --
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fans loved it and his teammates won't let him forget it. >> they make fun of me about it a little bit and give me a hard time. >> how did you come up with the fist pump? >> just like that. . >>reporter: and that game winning home run came against the blue jays, the same team the indians play tonight. i asked him to in a couple of words. he told me, crazy, man, crazy. rock on. >> i love that, paul. i love it. crazy. >> unfeshthableforgettable. it's starting to pick up dwoun here. the fans are going inside and preparing for a great game. >> traffic is building and the
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>> yes, it is. >> for those looking to head down to downtown to the game or just to party with your friends, the game doesn't start until 8:08. but right now, you know where we're heading? forward a heater. >> the heater. the heat frment. >> how are the men out there. >> there's plenty of joggers i hear. hillary clinton was off the town this morning to campaign on behalf of hillary clinton. he spent much of his speech reflecting on his eight years in the white house and encouraging people to get out and vote erm. the last time the president was here was in 2012 and he says he's noticed a bit of a change since then. >> the one thing i got to say though is since i've been in in
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your step. did lebron have something to do with it? >> and the indians of course. now other speakers included the mayor. the race for the white house may be grabbing the most head kleins, but also at stake is control of the u.s. senate. one of the races is here in ohio. portman and strickland will pace off in three debates in less than a week. round one was t record deficit. he took to rainy day fund down to 89 cents. of the jobs that left ohio, nine out of ten went to other states. >> we did lose a lot of jobs because of the nature of our economy. we're a heavily manufacturing state.
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deals were detriment l. >> those two will go at it again on thursday. >> looking forward to that. if you are heading out tonight for the tribe games, sweatshirts and jeans. >> and jerseys. that's right. maybe a little stylish cap. >> i have a couple. you want one? >> i do. i didn't bring one. all right. warmth is more important. let me now. we'll show you the temperatures 62 degrees there. as we reported, the shadows are coming down as the sun goes down. no rain or frost in sight. we'll be chilly, though. in the 40s in most spots.
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of 3. there's not a lot of humidity in the air. 63 was the high today and 63 is the average. nailed that. frosty weather across much of the area except right along the immediate lakeshore. here's where we're seeing clear skies. clouds to the south and north and we're going to stay clear right in the middle. showers and thunderstorms well off into the tennessee valley and the gulf coast. a lot of weather out in the pacific northwest tonight. now, enjoy the warm air feeding in for the weekend. it's actually going to linger beyond the weekend. we'll see highs in the 70s beginning tomorrow. 74 degrees by 2:30 in the
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a few clouds tomorrow evening. then we're sunny for sunday morning. you're in the 60s there. look at this. before a few showers arrive in the afternoon, middle and upper 70s for your sunday. i'm liking that. 49 tonight and mainly clear. take a coat if you're staying out late or going to a high school football game or the tribe game. early chill for the runners at the clooef 50s during the race. 41 tonight and clear skies. 72, mainly sunny and warmer tomorrow. here's the seven day. i'm going to be with 82 monday and 80 on tuesday with a few showers. 70 wednesday and 65s. that's a good looking late october week. >> looks great. thank you. game one is just under two
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>> we'll break down this area and put the man that made pizza that was cold very cool. we'll bring in jay to break down
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here tonight. let's see if they can get things going. let's bring in the pride of northeast ohio and sports center anchor, jay crawford. you see all this all the time. one of the things going into the red sox series the indians got no respect. again as you look at this series, everyone's picking the blue jays. >> fly under the r remember this. motive the cubs, the indians currently own home field through the world series. don't discount that. that's a huge deal. secondly, i work with mostly north easterners in connecticut. ifts telling all of them, you guys are writing the indians off as the first hurdle for the red sox. this team can absolutely win it all. there's no question in my mind.
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pitching, bauer today cut his finger. what do the indians need to do to win the series. >> they have to win. they have to take game one. you don't want to have to go to toronto knowing you have to win there. even if things don't go their way tomorrow, with the they're okay. i can the indians will win it four games to two. the key is keeping the middle of the lineup silent. >> thanks for making us proud. thank you so much. >> what a year for jay crawford. >> i feel good. >> i do too.
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those teams. maybe it's the cavs victory that helped. >> thanks for watching news 5 at 6:00. >> have a good one.
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump fires back a short time ago. new accusers now coming forward late today. among them, a contestant from "the apprentice." and trump now appearing to take aim at their appearance. >> yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. also b tornadoes already. and tonight, authorities now warning of more severe weather in the hours ahead. the new video tonight. the serial kidnapper on the loose. the fbi now wants your help. images of the suspect accused of breaking into homes, grabbing children. breaking now. the faa, and the emergency ban a short time ago. banning some smart phones from all flights now. the emergency kits they're now putting on flights because of it.


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