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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it is a crime that has reveled one community and has police searching for a killer. the 5th teen-year-old boy shot and killed during an armed robbery. we spoke exclusively with them earlier today. >> i miss my son. >> a 15-year-old boy gone too soon. >> that's my baby. >> sonny patel, a mayfield heights high school sophomore was shot and killed friday while at his family's mister
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surveillance photos of the suspect asking for the public's help in identifying him here key is wearing gray sweatpants with a white stripe down the side, a black nike hoodie and a bandanna on his face. police say he barged into the restaurant shop young man once in the head, demanded money and took off. it all happened within 30 seconds. sonny was not even officially employed at the restaurant. they y and uncle that evening. sex -- sonny's father tells me his only son was truly a good kid. >> every night when i come home he asked me only one question, dad, how much -- how was your day . >> he says he forgives the man
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about what you want to do. >> a $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the family tells us they plan to match that reward. >> assault euclid woman faces charges. police say the 20- year-old woman struck a 56 your old man just after midnight on saint clair. the woman left the scene. what happened then he called police. investigators say speed and alcohol were factors in that crash. >> texting believed to be the cause behind another accident but this one injuring 2 sisters. kristin, you just spoke to the school's principle? >> reporter: yes i did and she tells me the 16-year-old made great progress and that she
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this week, but her older sister is still struggling and still in a rehabilitation center so tonight family, friends, classmates and residents are gathering to help to raise money for the girl's ongoing medical expenses. the fundraiser comes a month after the sisters veered off the parkway here at the rocky river reservation and struck a rock. that caused the card to turn upside down. 17-year-old sophia was driving. distracted by texting at the time. her younger sister was next to her. there were 3 other teenage passengers in the car and no one was wearing a seatbelt. today the high school's president sent us a statement saying both girls suffered traumatic brain injuries. she also said it is a blessing and a gift to walk in solidarity
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this benefit will go into 8:30 this evening. it is open to the public. donations are being accepted at any bank donation. as for sophia, the older sister still receiving care, the president tells me she has made improvement over the last month. a federal grand jury just added more charges against an akron man accused of threatening to kill us military members on behalf of isis. terrence mcneil is now facing 15 charges including communicating threats and violating the protection of individuals performing official duties. mcneil was ordered to undergo mental health evaluations earlier this year to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. a hearing is set for tuesday. light showers moving across northeast ohio and sticking around through the night. >> they will actually increase for us. as we get in the overnight hours we may have a rumble or 2 of thunder. for now we are
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a lot of the cloud cover is stuck covering around. we are well above average even with the rain cooled air. we have a little bit of light rain fall headed south and east in new london. you may see a real quick stray shower or 2. i think the better spot of lucas, and belleville as this pushes south and east. for the most part the rainfall will take a break and it will come back with the movement from the front. the front will slide south a little bit and then slide back to the north. summer is trying to stay and even humidity going up. we will talk about your work week and the full forecast coming up. now to the race for the right house.
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campaign trail following donald trump accusations against the media. the nominee pointing the finger suggesting the system is rigged. this is as a new poll shows hillary clinton with a slight lead. >> all stories are all made up, lies. >> reporter: donald trump on the offensive ramping up his attacks against hillary clinton, his accusers, and the media saying he is the victim of a conspiracy. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt to media pushing lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> reporter: with 23 days to go a new abc news washington post poll shows clinton with a slight edge over trump with unlikely voters. trump supporters are sticking with him. >> i think it is amazing that donald trump is as close as he is right now considering the
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i myself, i ready for revolution because we can have her in. format donald trump's running mate trying to reassure voters. >> thomas trump said in the first debate -- donald trump said in the first debate that we were respect the will of the republican. >> reporter: emails have been released by wikileaks showing that hillary clinton said people who oppose immigration are fundamentally >> to say there is no immigration that is contrary to the best values of our country there were laid out in the declaration of independence. >> reporter: the campaign continues to question the accuracy of the emails. still ahead: donald trump slamming saturday night live for controversial sketch. did it go too far? >> thank you for watching news
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an effort to reduce heroin in the area is making a difference. the program launched more than a month of growth grants -- a month ago grants immunity for anyone that turns and heroine or other drugs the city officials say no one has come forward. they say offering addicts immunity is not enough. they need to offer ways to end the cycle of drug abuse,
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cytotec county has the highest birthrate of drug addicted babies in the entire state of ohio. they are 76 out of 1000 babies are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome which is caused by mothers who use drugs while pregnant. because told -- a least a low birth rates , seizures, and assess of birth defects. wells fargo is banned from doing business with the buckeye state th -- bank. wells fargo now says it is working to win back business with ohio. next: her came matthew leading -- leaving a lasting impact in north carolina and tonight the state putting a price tag on how much damage that storm has caused and i'm sure it is a lot. >> we will talk about those numbers coming up, but right now we're talking rainfall right here in northeast ohio.
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think more will happen this week.
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right now cleanup is underway in the pacific northwest after back-to-back storms pummeled the area this weekend. heavy rains knocked down trees and brought down power lines from portland all the way to seattle. neil reports the area is not out of the woods just yet. >> reporter: it was supposed to be one of the great wind storms that never was . from seattle to portland did pack enough rain and winds and in some places reach 60 miles- per-hour. this bridge swing in the region portland oregon -- a wind in portland oregon. >> all of a sudden a tree is falling on me. >> reporter: in nearby beaverton wind destroyed power lines left thousands without power.
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oregon coast a tornado with winds up to 130 miles-per-hour , this home ripped from it's foundation. >> no one was living in it and many of the homes were unoccupied. >> reporter: in seattle a father and his 4-year-old son were injured after a branch fell on them. the boy rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. for the north a tree crashed into a home with the woman inside . fortunately she wasn't hurt. >> more wet weather is expected along the pacific northwest. high water is starting to receive thankfully in north carolina. >> this unfortunate situation just keeps going. flooding caused an estimated 1 1/2 alien dollars in damages in north carolina alone. more than
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destroyed there. it is going to be months of rebuilding. they will do it because they are strong. they are already working on ways to make their communities great again, but it is just such a sad sight to see so many of your loved places underwater and that is just starting to go away. here at home we have a little bit of light rain fall. northeast ohio was hoping for a nice drink in our yards. many of you were out mowing this weekend. opportunities to come. right now this has been the focal point. we may have a sprinkle or 2 in southern the range -- lorrain . most of this activity as it continues to shift further south and east is losing it's power. it is dying out and you're just seeing the clouds. heavier rain back west of us.
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getting wealth -- wet . next it will be danville, newcastle, coshocton, virginia. if this holds together light rain is coming our way in the next hour or 2 as this moisture continues to spread south. temperature wise you are a little cooler. we have daytime highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s but we're moving toward the sunset time now at 6:44. you are cleveland. it is feeling pretty good but look cincinnati is at 75, charleston 77, 82 nashville. this is my expected daytime high tomorrow. the summer warmth is not going anywhere and even the chance of some summertime thunderstorms of added humidity. the chance at getting wet is there but it as -- it is at about a 20 percent opportunity.
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and put it in the car. most of the rain is dying out but it will be coming back during the overnight hours to early monday. 69 downtown. acronym canton both in the middle 70s. 73 medina. 72 new london. hour by hour, it is a little more widespread overnight with only pockets of a thunderstorm or 2 including 6:00 tomorrow morning. yes, your morning commute could be a little wet but it doesn't look like a lot of rainfall. of the afternoon the sunshine is back and very enjoyable -- by the afternoon the sunshine is back and very enjoyable . tuesday and wednesday we will pick up about a half of an inch but it doesn't look like rain is exactly going away. tonight your overnight low 65.
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conditioning tonight and tomorrow. we're keeping it warm until the cold on happens by thursday, but plenty of rain chances to come. indians are 2 wins away from the world series if trevor can help cut that to one tomorrow night in toronto. he is a big dumb animal you need to babysit sometimes. that is what the teammates said but he was joking. fortunately the joke is on bauer casillas still able to pitch today. he brought the drone to explain what happened. >> it was sitting like this. upload the battery in and my finger happen to be right here -- i plugged the battery in and my finger happen to be right here. for some reason these
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all of a sudden this one did. it has never happened to me before. my fingers happen to be in the way of the prop. a cut me. a thing about me that everyone knows is i'm a big nerd and i like star wars a lot. in 2013 i saw video of these drones with led lights on the back of them racing through a forest and it reminded me of the scene where they are driving looks awesome i have to learn how to do that so i started teaching myself about it, reading up about it. i was a mechanical engineering major in college. technology in physics has been a passion of mine my entire life and this is just a good outlet for me to get away from baseball a little bit. i have thrown with it a couple of different days. it doesn't affect anything as far as my groups.
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so i don't anticipate it being an issue at all. >> according to the rules, bauer cannot were -- where a band-aid -- wear a band-aid. >> in the meantime the browns can't off the bleeding. cody was sacked take -- 6 times this game 9 catches, 75 yards and the 2 scores. they failed. browns had to go for an onside kick the last successful one was 5 years ago to this day. on the day they did it. 30 seconds to go with the handoff to duke johnson. the browns held 40 rushing yards. it is a two-point game. the browns have to go for the outside cake and it doesn't work. browns lose again with a final score of 28 - 26.
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>> i went for too early because sometimes i need to go for it. whether you you go for now and have to come back into it again, that is why did it. i knew at some point in time i would have to say take a whack at it. obviously we didn't make it they had the kick in that we tried to get the onside to give ourselves a chance. >> also browns safety jordan to get blindside hit in the 2nd quarter suffering a lacerated kidney. he will remain in the nationalos next week to take on the bengals. news channel 5 at 6 continues
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hillary clinton and donald trump will face-off for 3rd time on wednesday in las vegas, but saturday night live is not ready to let go of the 2nd debate. do you remember that one? the cast had a lot to work with including how trump looked ominously behind hillary clinton the entire night.
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playing? debate wasn't the only election skit. they also spoofed melania trump in a video. in the meantime donald trump tweeted his disapproval saying it is time to retire the boring and unfunny show. alex baldwin for perils -- portrayal stinks.
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strike here we go the start of your power 5 7-day forecast. doesn't it look nice to see 80s in october? unbelievable. for many of us it feels like summer, even humidity is going up a lot of rain chances going in and out. i hope you took care you may not have a chance in the upcoming days. >> thank you for watching news channel 5 at 6. we will see you again at 11.
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welcome to "world news tonight." donald trump intensifying his conspiracy claims. saying the election will be rigged, that the media is plotting against him, even accusing "saturday night live" of a hit job. this, as he faces another allegation of sexual harassment. while questions are mounting for hillary clinton over new wikileaks. over the edge. a pickup truck plunges 60 feet from a california overpass, slamming into a motorcycle festival, killing four. what we've now learned about the driver. double threat. the powerful storm lashing the west coast. from san francisco to seattle, hurricane force wind gusts. and one wildfire's path of destruction. home takeover. a woman brought in to help moves


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