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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> don't take the bait. talk about the economy and trade, things that resonate with ohio and middle class
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down. reality is, trump is going to do what he feels at the time, which may include the theme of a rigged election. john kasich saying this morning on cbs, knock it off. >> to say that elections are rigged and all these votes are stolen, that's like saying we never landed on the moon. that's how silly it is. the problem is, it creates i worry. that's a big fat joke. >> so it is hard to believe that a debate cycle that actually started with the republicans 439 days ago here in cleveland ends tonight not in vegas. rob. >> here we go, the third and final showdown starts at 9:00 p.m. you can see is here on abc. we'll have analysis following that debate and then we'll have local perspective and fact checks on news 5 at 11:00.
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debate for ohio's senate seat. they face off at 7:00 p.m. again, you can see that right here on news 5 and news 5 cleveland, our very own danita harris, one of the moderators. the rigged election claims are forcing local election boards to respond. the cuyahoga board of elections tells us it's increasing security to work with police to make sure they can respond problems at the polls. while trump and clinton are preparing for the debate tonight, they've got other people on the trail campaigning for them. clinton's running mate is stumping in ohio today. he told a crowd that hillary will be strong at the debate tonight. he also talked about how trump claims of a rigged election could impact the election. >> we have to win big to show what we have raised and what we
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win big to help other great candidates get elected. we have to win so that when donald trump complains at the end it was so unfair, nobody will believe him because the margin is big. >> he was also stopping in springfield before heading to north carolina. clinton will be back in cleveland two days from now. her campaign told us that yesterday, but so far they have not released any further details about the visit. as soon as we know them, we'll let you know he news 5 app. donald trump isn't forgetting about ohio. he'll be back holding a rally at the delaware county fair in the afternoon before taking off for stops in north carolina and johnstown on friday. police are making a huge bust getting drugs, guns, and criminals off the streets. they're not done yet. i'll tell you who they're
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a life shaver becoming more available here in ohio. how females can get their hands on the drug that could save the life of a loved one addicted to drugs: and we were told to stop using our galaxy note 7 because they could burst into flames. now some want to know why they were still charging them for
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citywide roundup, police trying to stop drugs in the city. >> they are sending a message to those in the illegal drug business. we are live at the police department. >> tracy, they made dozens of arrests so far. >> reporter: yeah. those arrests are still counting. they're still looking for people after complaints have come in to here to the -- as well as city hall about drug trafficking. 49 arrests and counting in operation exodus. $30,000 in cash, 1300 grams of heroin and cocaine and this collection of weapons. jim told me they arrested a dozen members of the gang.
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and poison to the community, but they're violent people. violent people. they have a long felony history. >> police targeting 19 houses including one down the street from where david schmidt is rehabbing this house. >> the owner of the house has had cars stolen. a couple doors down has had cars stolen. i've had metal brakes that were chained to the house stolen in broad daylight. i had several people come up to me and thank me and said thank we couldn't send our kids outside to play. we would be intimidated by these individuals. >> reporter: some people were still afraid of talking on camera in fear of retaliation. news 5. nearly 1400 pharmacies in ohio now offer the drug that can reverse opioid overdoses
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a law passed last year that let's pharmacies giving it to users and their family or friends without a prescription so they can help in case of an overdose. rite aid and giant eagle were added to the list. only four counties don't have pharmacies that offer it. the fcc is find -- fining t- mobile for not telling the whole truth. their policy was to slow down speeds for users but didn't tell customers what would trig that's true slow down -- trig that's true slow down -- trigger that slow down. those who use more than 26 gig a bites a month may see the slower speed? galaxy note 7 users just filed papers in federal court today to sue the tech company claiming they kept charging them for the phones and their plans when they couldn't use them. samsung stopped making and
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the galaxy note 7 after batteries catching fire and a fix that didn't seem to work. the company isn't commenting on this pending lawsuit. out of the classroom and on to the picket line. >> professors at the 14 state owned university in pennsylvania are on strike for the first time in the system's 34-year history. faculty has been rallying for a contract for over a year. they want changes to health benefits and salaries, but negotiations reached an impasse late it also affects more than 100,000 students. some of them joined their teachers on the picket line. >> we want quality education. we want to fight for our professors contracts and we don't want to, you know, go to class and -- while they're out here fighting not only for their own contracts, but they're fighting for us. >> despite the strike, students are being told to report to their classes unless the
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>> it is a great day today, but you remember all that sunshine? it's vanishing. in a lot of spots it has. i have a shot of cleveland now. oh, the clouds are moving in. >> that's the tail of what is to come. >> there is a sliver of sun there. you may be seeing more sun where you are, but here's your weather story. look at all the rain taking aim at you and me. yes, indeed. the leading edge of the showers now -- and aloft, but legitimate rain here, this is the i-75 coulder tore. we have a while to go before we see it let me show you what's going on right now. that's a tornado warning extreme southeastern kentucky. look at that hook echo from our cincinnati radar. that could be a significant tornado right now moving off to the east. it will slide south of cincinnati the way it's looking, into covington, kentucky over the next little child.
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weather here. this is your severe weather zone, if you will, the darker green. this is just general lightning and thunder. so here in northern ohio, not so severe, but it's all about the rainfall. let's time it in. 7:00 p.m. tonight. now, this model i'm using now is slightly sooner in arrival time. i would say that any time after 10:00, we could see a shower west of cleveland and interstate 71. i'm betting that most of the rain after midnight. look at that large area of heavy rainfall moving through canton taking us up to 6:00 a.m. it's a very soggy morning community for many of you. allow a few extra minutes. mid-60s along the lakeshore. cleveland, mentor, 64, norwalk, a little warmer inland. akron, a comfortable 70 degrees. we've got mid-60s at hopkins.
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at 9 miles per hour. when you have a dry northeasterly breeze coming on shore, it tends to erode away the raindrops and hold it back for a little extra time. i'm thinking in earnest, 11:00, mainly after midnight. so you have a few more hours. pressure, 30.10. your almanac today, 7 2 degrees the official high. the arming is 61 -- average is 61. here's this low pressure lined up and then the cold front behind it brgi chilly air for friday and saturday. a lot of rain though. i want to show you expectations. we're going to go with a half an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall between now and, let's say, let friday into early saturday morning. i mean, that's pretty significant stuff. so we're going too get a lot of -- to get a lot of wet weather. cloudy, 57. tomorrow, more rain showers. a little thunder, cloudy and cooler. 62.
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friday, a few showers. 54. chilly saturday, 52. late showers sunday.
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a little deja vu as the indians are trying to finish up the series against the blue jays. they had a chance to do it last night but lost.
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indians got off to a good start. carlos santana with a solo home run to give the indians a 2-0 lead. that was stalled by a coco crisp homer in the 4th. the indians have a lead in the 9th inning. the indians are trying to win it all. the browns remain winless many you can't put that all on their rookie quarterback. he was thrown in the role after the quarterbacks went down with injuries. he's each week. the browns game against tennessee, the usc product through for two touchdowns. he is far from perfect as he looks away to the bengals, the browns next opponent is going to continue to focus on the process. meanwhile, his teammates says he's doing his job the right way. >> they have a lot of very physical defensive players, a
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for us, you want to stick to our game plan and our process. >> he's playing better every week. it's impressive to see a rookie do the things that he does, commit minimum self during the week to practices and meetings. you can see it showing up on the field, too. he's playing really well for anybody, not just a rookie. if you want a real inside scoop on the browns, make sure you check out the huge show this f of check it out. how about them indians, guys? >> my palms are sweating. >> all right. is it premature if we go to the 7 day now to talk about game win and game two? my wife is probably screaming right now saying don't talk about it. >> don't talk about it? >> i'm with your wife. >> hypothetically, if they are in cleveland next tuesday and wednesday, you're looking at
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60s. just hypothetically. >> tuesday night, the cavs lift the banner and it would be game one of the world series next door. >> three more outs. >> we're so close. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. we'll have your debate results
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tonight, breaking news. what we've just learned about donald trump's strategy for tonight's debate. he also plans to bring president obama's half brother from kenya. and the clinton camp tonight. what they made sure would not happen right before the debate starts. also tonight here, the massive gas explosion. we have the pictures. witnesses smelled gas right before. tonight, many injured. the school shooting. suspects opening fire on students leaving class. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. on the front lines tonight. our team right there, the oil burning in the fields of iraq. the assault on isis. the american troops helping. and the attack elsewhere tonight, outside a u.s. embassy. this truck barrelling right into a crowd. and just in tonight, the verdict in the rape case against


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