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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now on 5, break-ins in broad daylight. what you onto he had to watch out for if you are heading to the metropark. >> and breaking here at the live desk, a scare at cleveland hopkins international airport, a frontier airlines plane leaking fuel right at the gate. hazmat and firefighters called in. they are not clear how much fuel spilled but the situation is solved. and our overnight news tracker spotted shell casings all over the road. we will let you know about this story including how bad two people were hurt coming up. let's take a live look outside. right now we are dealing with the type of weather that makes you want to stay in bed and
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>> you are so right, terrence. jd rudd has a check of the forecast. mother nature raining on our parade after that number one win. >> yes. it is 5:01. it looks like a mainly dry shot of cleveland. more rain is coming from the west, south and southwest of lorain sliding in from 5:30 to 5:45. keep that in mind. as you head back to workings i think you gear, coats and jackets. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. cooler by 5:00. i don't think you will need the rain gear then. the biggest thing i can tell you, give yourself time on the roadways and space between the car in front of you. >> thank you, jd. we have to start with a traffic alert. a bad crash closing down part of west 140th street in lorain. a van and car collided. the back of the car smashed and
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the road. west 140th is closed between triscuit and lorain in the city of cleveland. we are still waiting to hear the condition of the victims. . and another problem is west 170th to 90 with wet highways and the ponding may be an issue to counties out east. lake and ashtabula tracking speeds on 90, 69 and 62. slow it down let's head outside and check on 90 and hilliard. no issues on the highways in these areas. give yourself plenty of time. well, despite last night's loss, hour hearts aren't broken yet. no, no. we are tied with the cubs headed into game three at wrigley field. in cleveland we are ready to rally together. >> you have to keep that hope alive. in i can nick is live at progressive field. you always come through with
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it is one game. when you potentially have to play seven you can't get too high with the highs and to low with the lows, at least not yesterday. in world series history, in a series tied at one, the home team has only won game three less than 50% of the time. the indians have a little silver lining as we head to chicago. it is depending on how you look at it. what besaw at the onset. the cubs got to trevor bauer early and jake arrieta shutting down the indians hitters. the tribes managing just one hit the entire game despite scoring on a wild pitch. will the indians change their approach now that they didn't win here at home. >> the mentality is trying to win every single game. this is the world series.
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at home. >> reporter: game three of the series will be tomorrow night in chicago. here is another statistic that bodes in the indians favorment in indians history in the best of seven series when they are tied at won, this he have won game three the last two series they played in 1998 and 2007. there you go, reporting outside of progressive field, nick foley, newschannel5. >> thank you, nick. in a rail to the white hastens taking white house, tim kaine is taking to the east. >> reporter: yes. 56 years, jfk was the last planet to visit here in 19600. tonight donald trump is going to break the -- 1960. tonight donald trump will break the drought. he will be here at is spire institute at 7:00. doors open at 4:00.
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cleveland attending game two of the world series. the brown's wife snapping a picture, saying just two tribe's fans hanging out in the cle meanwhile hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama are having a rally at wake forest university in north carolina. trump will be bouncing around ohio before making his way to gentlemen knee a have a for tonight's -- geneva for tonight's rally. if you get tickets at his campaign website. you can only get two tickets per mobile number. polls show a tight race in ohio, but nationwide hillary clinton is leading. however, donald trump has said on the campaign trail that the political asylums are rigged.-- that the polls are rigged. live in geneva, sarah phinney,
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well, north ridgeville murder suspect calls 9-1-1 on himself. right now randy hamilton is in police custody, surrendering moments after telling a dispatcher he shot and killed his live-in girlfriend, 45- year-old michelle ryals. he had said to have a lengthy past in lorain county, including domestic violence and assault convictions in elyria. all convictions will one neighbor says his girlfriend knew. an off-duty police officer's gun goes off firing bullets into this cuyahoga falls day care center. yes, day care center. nobody was injured thankfully be you police are looking into possible criminal charges. the officer who works for east cleveland says he was unloading his gun at his house nearby when it accidentally went off.
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shop with the cop program coordinator took money from 2010 to 2016 and used it for personal expenses including electronic, sport's tickets and clothing. he will be sentenced december 1st. less than two weeks after 15-year-old sonny patel was shot and killed at a mr. hero in cleveland heights. 20-year-old daveion perry pleads guilty to aggravated murder to avoid being sentenced to death. he gave a prosecutors say, after he was arrested. 5:07 cleveland. we know you love to check out the fall foliage and go to the park but be careful if you go to the park to do that. team of crooks is breaking into cars at these metroparks. a woman heard oo large bang at o'neil woods, then saw a man breaking into a minivan.
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wrapped around his right arm. he was taking his elbow and broke in the driver's side window of the vehicle. >> a woman's purse was stolen. the thief came from one car while others served as lookouts in another car. the park ranger told her there were six other smash-and-grabs that day. put your valuables where they cannot be seen through the window. indians fans are having the time of their lives coming to the world series games, but they are having trouble ge nightmare. police say many ubers, taxis and limos are not following the rule, picking up and dropping off people in front of progressive during the game. the problem is they are not supposed to do that. >> he may not have known, he came up from columbus to uber here because it is busy. >> the online pickup-drop-off
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ride sharing drop-offs should not be happening anywhere near the area of the ballpark. checking the rain showers toward the metro cleveland area. you will see in the parma area about 5:22. should be in cleveland another 5:35. this will be the heavier rain working its way in this morning. here is a quick version of what the expect today. highs in the 50s, upper 50s for many of us. we will see a mostly cloudy sky, a few rain drops here and there. a br we will hit highs between 10:00 and noon, then slide off a little bit as we head into this afternoon. more on the rain and the weekend forecast, plus a look ahead to the world series in chicago coming up here in a couple of minutes. this morning cell phones dialing 9-1-1 hundreds of times. the owners unable to stop it. how you can avoid the latest hack attack. >> plus, a couple returns from vacation to find their home a complete disaster.
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suspect. we will be right back.
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breaking news into the live desk. 22 strikes were believed to be carried out by russian or syrian war planes. six teachers were killed. one of the rockets hitting the entrance of a school just as students were leaving to go home. the unicef director calling this a tragedy and said if it is deliberate it is a war cre. forced to flee their homes since the war started there five years ago. panic sweeps through a boston subway station as smoke filled the air. >> now investigators are trying to figure out what happened. commuters busted windows and scrambled to get out of the train. fear spreading because the station is a few hundred yards from where the marathon bombs went off.
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overheated. five people, including a transit officer, were treated for smoke inhalation. just a scary sight there. >> absolutely. and out of chicago a jill cell is being investigated after 20 inmate corrections officers were hurt. the cook county jail releasing the surveillance video. officials are trying to determine if the fights with are coordinate bid inmates or sparked by gang tension inside. five people are still in the hospital this morning. we have to an internet prank, attacking phones and dialing 9-1-1. starting on twitter, someone sends you a link. once you click on it your phone starts dialing 9-1-1. no matter how many times you try to hang up on the phone call it would not stop. it appears at free youtube videos, downloads and personal pages.
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links. two scientists may have found proof we are not alone in the universe. >> they found strange signals from a couple of the 2.5 million stars they studied. there is no explanation. they could be from aliens wanting us to know they are there. yes! >> scientists say more research is needed. some experts call the finding promising. others are a bit skeptical. okay. meteorol always looking at the atmosphere. what do you think? >> i think rain may be here but no ufos coming today. tague it easy on the roadways. showers and rain should be tapering off around 2:00 or 3:00. give yourself time and space this morning on the roadways. watch out for the road splash, the car in front of you blowing things back your way. be careful on the roads. high temperatures today should be warmer than the last couple
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that will be around noon and fall off a little bit throughout the afternoon. a wide view of the satellite picture showing the rain. the bulk of it working its way out of ohio. look at the this snow from the north-northeast. still i am tracking heavier rain showers over the cleveland area. here is cuyahoga county to lorain county. a few more stronger showers working their way in. this is moderate to heavy in strongsville to elyria and south of lorain, kind of toward we will keep tabs on that as it works its way in. spotty activity just to the west of the kanaan and wooster area. and canton and new philly, light showers here, and the same thing for youngstown area. the rain showers will taper off through the afternoon today. temperatures are warmer than it was at 4:00 or 5:00 yesterday.
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however the winds make it feel cooler, more like the 30s. here it is hour-by-hour. in cleveland the temperatures topping out in the upper 50s and the rain showers will taper off this afternoon. world series weather in chicago tomorrow night. wrigley will see 63 at 8:08 tomorrow. 8:08 on saturday 57. there would be showers there then. and there are showers here causing road issues. yes. let's talk about the closure on look at the bigger shot of odot. this is 71 and badgley. no issues there, as well. maybe some rain drops but nothing that will get in your way. let's head to the maps now and talk about the closure on west 140th street. west 140th closed between triscuit and lorain. a bad crash there involving a car and van still blocking that section of the roadway.
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and 90 east at front street, the left lane is closed. we have a half hour left of that closure or so. we want to show you a new video of a massive pumpkin heist caught on camera. it happened at a farm in new jersey. look at this. police are looking for the band of thieves that stole nearly 200 pumpkins. this is back and forth about $3,000. >> oh -- this is worth about $3,000. >> oh, my goodness. and speaking of robberies, nobo especially when you come home from vacation. >> oh, yes. the burglar that broke into one house is not the usual suspect. there is a lamp on the floor here and a clock flipped over and the den was a complete disaster. look at that! papers everywhere. besides snack and candy nothing was missing. then they noticed it. >> the kitchen counter was
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>> yes, poop everywhere. >> okay, christine called police. they found the suspect behind the washer using a broom and towel. you can seem him there, or her. they took the squirrel into custody. no charges were filed. the burglar was let go. >> the little squirrel did all of that? you have to hide those peanuts. that is for sure! [ laughing ] well, coming up, ladies who work year -- who do you think works more? you or your man? we will have an answer that shocks you. it has been a while since the tribes won the world series -- we don't need to remind you of that, but something has happened since after that win.
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welcome back. in the u.s. women work more than 13 minutes a day then men, in according to a survey in 13 different countries. and women use caring for children family members and more adding up to about 39 extra days a year. well, a hard working woman we all know and love, correspondent? >> yes.-- corrina? >> yes. give yourself extra time if you are heading out the door.
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of 303, not coming up as an accident yet on the newschannel5 maps. it may just be cars under the speed limit. the drive times are good on 271, north 77 and 90. let's check on the akron area. the odot camera shows we are slick but doing okay. >> thank you, kristin. at 5:24, look at how things are outside right now. not seeing too much in the way of rain falling. the rain will cleveland in the next five or ten minutes at the showers work their way in. western sections of cuyahoga county and the north olmstead area and strongsville will push their way in for the next 5 to 15 minutes with maybe moderate rainfall from time to time. temperatures around 50 to 56, maybe briefly tagging the upper 50s around lunch hour. wet and rainy through the the mid afternoon and breezy as well.
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>> hopefully it is not scary. some say is the reason it has been 68 years since we bond a world series. the 1948 world series pennant has not been seen since the historic win. the historian for the team said the next year the indians did not make the play-off. the team owners and players buried it at the home plate at the old municipal stadium hoping the elaborate the crews dug up dirt to find the banner but it was no where to be found. cue the spooky music, right? can't they get a replacement? i don't know. well, there is only one die-hard cleveland sport's fan that cannot be brought downpour be i curses. >> this fan is 104.
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she was there in 1948 when they won and she want does it again. she was born in 1912. a lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn't is her passion for the tribes. >> win one before they die. that is what i want. i think they know it now! >> she just warms your heart. i haven't met her but i love her already. this is a direct quote from emily. hit the corners. try to fill some bases like they used to. that is what i think would be the best thing to do to try to win. all right, tribe. you have to come through for emily. >> smart advice. they need to get her tickets to the next game. still ahead, he gave up his seat for kenny lofton. how the indians and an airline
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. and the owner turns the gun on thieves at a local cvs store. what happens then. and here are the winning
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there are five campaign stops in ohio today. and one of them hasn't seen a candidate since jf . >> 2019 is all even. the cubs down the -- it is all even. the cubs down the tribes to square off the series. now both teams will be feeling the weight of baseball his drive, as well. jd? a little on the soggy side for folks this morning. the good news is the rain will taper off from late morning to early afternoon. the latest radar loop showing the rain heaviest in the yellows and oranges working its way into cleveland metro as we speak. on the west side of cuyahoga county here comes the moderate rain working its way into metro. give yourself extra time and space on the roadways this
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forecast today, rain shower this is morning, slowly tapering off by the lunch hour. hour highs today will happen around noon. then we will cool a little bit by this evening. kristin? >> thank you, jd. just spoke with cleveland police. west 140th back open. it was closed because of a bad crash between triskaidekaphobia kit and lorain. and a -- between triscuit and lo and let's head outside now and check on 71 and puritan. it is shining out there on the highways. that is because of the rain. it is slick. and we are continuing to follow breaking news at the live desk. overnight hazmat crews called out to a fuel spill at cleveland hopkins international airport. the airport officials telling us it happened during aircraft maintenance at the gate there.
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plane was leaking. hazmat and firefighters came in to get things under control. it is not clear how much fuel spilled but the situation is now resolved. it was so cold, i tried to go to the bathroom in the 4th inning and i could not. [ laughing ] that tells you enough. >> we get it! it was cold, right? tmi! indians shaking off the loss with a little humor. >> yes, the indians fall to the cubs evening the series to one apiece. >> now the series moves to whigly field. but we find nick foley -- wrigley field. be you we find nick foley live at progressive field. we are not stressing about this. >> reporter: no, they are not. we figured this would not be easy.
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terry francona not sweating the losing saying sometimes you have to just give credit to the other team. the cubs watching up with trevor bauer and the rest of the indians pitchers from the get-go. the tribe also walking nine cubs hitters. in the meantime the indians were only able to get one hit the entire game. that is not going to get it done, but francona saying afterwards it is just one >> you just do the best you can and try to win the game. that is what we always do. you know, they beat us tonight. it is not just because somebody had a bad finger. they played better. >> reporter: this series now goes to chicago. this is a travel day for both teams. in world series history, the team that has gone on to win game three when the series is
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the world series nearly 65% of the time so game three will be extremely important. reporting outside of progressive field, nick foley, newschannel5. northeast ohio continues to get so much attention with less than two weeks until election day. today both sides of the tickets will be in our area. sarah phinney is live in geneva where donald trump will speak this evening. good morning. >> reporter: yes. presidential candidate since jfk stopped in the county in 1960. donald trump is making three stops throughout ohio before he gets to geneva. he will first be in springfield, then toledo and lastly here. the rally is at 7:00 tonight at the spire institute's track & field building. it is a national and international academy for high school and post grant athletes. ashtabula county republican leaders have said they initially pitched the site for
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season. meanwhile trump's opponent will be in north carolina with michelle obama today. but her running mate, senator tim kaine, will be in northeast ohio. in fact, he got into town a little early, attending a world series game tonight. from 12:15 to 2:15 kaine will be at lorain high school to encourage early voting and he is off to columbus after that. if you ar to trump's rally, you can register for tickets on his campaign website. i tweeted out a link, as well. live in geneva, sarah phinney, newschannel5. >> thank you, sarah. we have an update on a deadly robbery at a mr. hero in cleveland a few weeks back. a 15-year-old was killed. this is daveion perry. he pleaded guilty to the aggravated murder of sonny patel. he pleaded to life in prison without parole to avoid being
5:36 am
prosecutors say after he was arrested he gave them a full confession. look that the this frightening and deadly situation. this is the metropcs on cleveland's east side. watch as three guys that rob the store end up running for their life. when the robbers walked in and started taking cell phones and whatever else they could grab, the store owner turned the tables on them. >> i was going to blast them, all three of them. i had the perfect shot. my pistol got a beam i am not going to miss. the biggest chicken ran away when he saw me coming after him. >> cleveland police are going over the southfield now and are looking for the robber. >> -- over the video now and are looking for the robbers. up next, it is no secret there are less women in the science and engineering fields. are they just not interested in it or is something happening in
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of alcohol. what he did next is just shocking.
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we are 20 away from 6:00. the rain is coming down in the cleveland metro area and akron area. the showers are continuing to work their way off to the east. if you are heading out make sure you have the rain gear and the wipers are on. give yourself distance between
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here is the yellow light on for the morning rush because of the wet spots. make sure you slow it down. kristin will back me up on that. absolutely. slow the speeds. a shot of 71 and puritan showing we are looking okay. we will be talking about the drive times. >> other celebrities could learn a thing or two from michael phelps. >> yes, he knows how to keep a secret. he has been secretly married for months, even during the olympics. court documents confm his bride, nicole johnson, tied the knot on june 13th but phelps insisted he was engaged, not married during the olympic. they got engaged in february of 2015 and had a son, boomer, in may. you know little boomer. he is so popular on instagram. have you seen these photos yet? donald trump's star on the "hollywood walk of fame" broken into bits. we have the video.
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with our game two pitcher. more from the die-hard chicago
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staying on top of breaking news at the live desk, hundreds of people waking up in emergency shelters forced to flee their homes because of two strong earthquakes in italy. a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit the area and then a few hours later another 6.1 tremor. there is a lot of damage you can see there. it is hitting 45-miles from emetri earthquake back in august. take a look at this video from a "hollywood walk of fame." this camera crew had a front row seat to one man's protest. he dressed up like a construction worker, then used a sledgehammer and pickaxe to destroy the sidewalk symbol early yesterday morning. he spent five minutes trying to get the star from the sidewalk but this did not happen. it will cost $3,000 to $10,000 to fix it.
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we have a presidential nominee that has become a poster child for sexual violence. one senate candidate not going down without a fight. the third party candidate in maryland crashed last night's major party debate. flowers hopped on the stage before it while her competitors stood quietly. she was not included because she did not meet the 15% polling requirement set by oregoners. four people in vails -- organizers. tomorrow four people in australia will be honored after being killed at a theme park there. the four people died when their ride collided with another and flipped over.
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if the accident could have been prevented. well, caught on video, a terrifying field trip to the fare because a tiger, that -- fair, because a tiger, that one there, goes on attack. the kids and chaperons are watching from behind the fence a few feet away. the trainer tripped and the tiger grabbed her by the leg with his two front paws but she survived it. she is slappg after a successful surgery she is on the mend. >> thank goodness she is okay. an airline pilot suspended for trying to fly a plane while drunk. the sky west airlines flight operate bid delta was head from the south dakota to utah. the pilot smelled of alcohol when he arrived at 8:00 in the morning. he was in the cockpit going over his pre-flight preparations when police hauled him off the plane. hits blood alcohol level level was over the legal limit of
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administrative leave right no you while it investigates. let's take a live look outside at progressive field. looking nice, but if we were to zoom out you see all the rain. we see it coming down there. it is trickling. i saw a live photo. let's go to jd. he is the expert on this. back me up, please. >> looks can be deceiving on these things. look at the night tight end shot there. is progressive field highlighted for you. we have the yellows and oranges on the radar map indicating the moderate to heavier rainfall which is falling over the cleveland metro area. let's zoom this view out and show you what is happening across cuyahoga county and other areas. 5:48 on your thursday. thank you for waking up with us today. we appreciate that. as the rain moves off to the north-northeast, a few more smarterrings on radar that will
5:49 am
southwest of metro cleveland from medina back to the south along 71 heading off to the northeast. as always on a day like this, if you are heading in, give yourself extra time and space as the roadways may be slippery and there may be ponding on the roads. it could take you longer to stop with the brake lights in front of you. spotty showers to the west will continue to work their way in over the next couple of hours. from canton to new philadelphia, light, moderate rain min crossing 77 and continuing to work its way to the east as we go through this morning. a few spotty showers here, too, in the northeast part of the state which will continue as we go through the day. the rain will taper off later on this afternoon. it should be drying out overnight tonight to tomorrow. temperatures warmer than the last couple of days. hour-by-hour, despite the rain and clouds, we should be in the mid to upper 50s at the lunch hour and slowly backing
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6:00 p.m. this evening. here are the rain showers really hanging into play today. let me show you how it looks for the weekend. the temperatures will warm. 70 on saturday. that looks pretty good. >> yes, that looks really good, not just pretty good. let's head to the mans and take a quick peek of the drive time. 77 to 271 a 8 minute commute. 60 miles per hour is where you want to be, the speed limit. the drive times look 271. let's head outside and look at our odot view of 90. at west 48th street you can see the splashing as the cars zip by there. give yourself plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. the only thing that has been able to rattle the indians pitching staff in the play-offs
5:51 am
is it a bird? is it a plane? >> no, it is a drone. remember trevor bauer had to leave a play-off game early because his pinky was bleeding after a drone accident. well, one fan decided to leave his favorite player with a gift, a drone. >> here is the twitter post bar indians great kenny lofton could get here in time to throw the first pitch of the world series. his name is ken costil. the indians are giving him tickets to game 6 if needed and united airlines is giving him 62,200 air miles in honor of lofton's 622 career stolen bases. >> okay. note to self. if you see kenny lofton on a flight needing a ticket, give
5:52 am
>> exactly, my friend. going to a world series game, right, is a dream come true. >> one northeast ohio teacher has hit students to thank for making that happen. richard gage has been a teacher at struthers high school for more than two decades and is a lifelong tribes fan. when the indians made the world series one former student decided gage had to go of the he set up a gofundme account and in less than three days more than a 100 people ticket. we caught up with gain before he went into progressive field for last night's game.-- gage before he went into progressive field for last night's game. >> i am very thankful. something like this let's you no he your life has had genuine meaning. certainly i never expected anything like this in return. >> incredible. former students and friends of gage left notes about how he has inspired them. that is a teacher there you
5:53 am
well, up next for you on "good morning cleveland", feeling the pinch. special event parking problems downtown now creating big issues for local workers. >> plus, upset over their city's halloween tradition. look at these group of 4th graders. they are demanding something from the mayor of brook park. we will tell you about it in 60
5:54 am
. 5:54 in the morning. take it slow on the roadways with the showers here in the metro cleveland area, continuing to move off to the east. we will continue to see showers as the day goes on. the temperatures are warmer this morning than they were yesterday morning. we are already in the upper 40s and a few low 50s.
5:55 am
to 58 degrees. >> thank you, jd. well, the highway is looking okay. we are slick, however so give yourself plenty of time. all the highways are wet this morning. make sure you leave early. i am getting you ready for the closure on the shoreway happening tomorrow west 49th street. the bridge over the shore will be closed until halloween morning so you will want to get off at west 73rd. here is 71 at clark avenue. you can make out the rain. you have terrence. >> yes, kristin. thank you. this sounds crazy. five water main breaks in one day. this happened tuesday. the city superintendant said he had never seen anything like it and now they are trying to figure out why it happened. the lorain journal reports four of the five water main breaks have been repaired and they are working to repair the last one on irving park boulevard. the special event parking
5:56 am
some say they don't make enough money to even cover the cost to go to work. now they are asking the major parking companies for a discount. one downtown bartender working near progressive says service workers working near the gateway service district are devastating by the special event parking prices and are actually losing money just to go to work. >> we are asking $50 or $100 when we go in there and do our job, it puts pressure on us because we have to make that money back. >> it is forcing a lot of downtown workers to get a ride or take public transportation to keep their jobs profitable. now they want the major companies to help them and give them some sort of price discount on this, terrence. >> yes. well, today young protestors will take to the streets of one northeast ohio community. >> they are demanding action
5:57 am
these 4th graders from brook parke memorial grade school will march to brook parke city hall at 10:00 this morning. kid, you have about four hours. they want to persuade the mayor to extended their trick-or- treating hours by 30 minutes. right now they are from 6:00 could 8:00 in brook parke. all right. well, new numbers -- brookpark. all right. well, a new study finds women are underrepresented in high paying math intensive fields. the study is putting the blame on our teachers. researchers say when boys and girls have the exact same math achievements and similar behavior ratings, both past and present, teachers still underrated the skills of the girls compared to boys. well, next at 6:00 for you, ladies, you are working longer for less pay.
5:58 am
the amount of time you spend at the office compared to your male counterparts. >> and a bold heist in the middle of the night. look at this. pristine lines of produce now
5:59 am
welcome back.
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the indians tied with the cubs and the team rallying together as we head into game three. >> plus, break-ins in broad daylight. what you need to watch out for if you are heading to the metropark. but first, breaking news at the live desk. a scare at the cleveland hopkins international airport. a frontier airlines plane leaking fuel right here at the gate. hazmat and fire crews called in. officials telling us it happened during aircraft maintenance. not clear how much fuel spille now. and a double shooting in cleveland at east 37th street in longwood. shell casings spotted all over the road there, maybe to. we are making calls on this. we will let you know how much we know, including how bad the two were hurt coming up. but first, a live look outside on this wet morning. the weather is looking like the way a lot of people may be feeling after the long loss yesterday.


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