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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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protection order against him allowing him to own a gun. they just played better than we did. >> we're live from chicago where the tribe and all of cleveland is hoping for a win. voters terrified the election could be hacked. >> the election system in ohio is as secure it is a's ever been. >> all new at 5:00, ohio remains a hot spot in the presidential election. if you had any doubts our state is how many political visits we've had. just today hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine was in cleveland and lorain with minnesota senator al franken. >> and donald trump has been all over the state making stops in springfield and toledo. in a couple of hours he has a third ohio event, this wynn ashtabula. is trump pushing fears that the election could be rigged? his claims come as the fbi investigates whether russian
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the outcome. >> and that brings us to tonight's exclusive news 5 investigation. 12 days and counting until americans head to the polls in one of the most divisive presidential elections in modern history. >> fanning the flames has been all the talk lately about potential cyber hacking, even voter fraud. we had our chief investigator ron regan dig into the concerns. ron, state officials are serious about this. >> well, frank, they are. they are also convinced that states, most likely russian agents, will not pose a threat here. still, the nation's top security agencies are urging states to remain alert. in recent months, the fbi has discovered even more attempts to breach voter registration sites beyond previously known hacks in arizona and illinois. >> there have been a variety of scanning activities, which is a
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as some attempted intrusions at voter registration databases beyond those we knew about in july and august. >> reporter: plus, the secretary of homeland security is reaching out to state election officials. >> we have been working with state election officials, local election officials to help them with their cybersecurity when they ask. >> reporter: here in ohio, where the presidential race is a toss-up, election security is being closely monitored. hacked? >> well, the election system in ohio and across the country is as secure as it's ever been. >> reporter: ohio's secretary of state has even invited both homeland security and military cybersecurity experts to review potential threats. >> active voting and the voting machines themselves are not subject to cybersecurity threats because they're not connect to the internet in any way. >> reporter: plus, fear that
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of registered voteers from databases creating chaos at the polls is being addressed. >> however, we back that up nightly to make sure that even if there was a cybersecurity -- successful cybersecurity hack on our system that all of that information would be retained, and it could be recreated so that there would be no threat or no disruption to the actual voting process or to any voter. >> reporter: here in cuyahoga county with registered voters, the state's largest, election officials are staying alert. >> not only our talk about lags equipment and software but our voter registration equipment. we are working hand in hand with the it department for security. >> reporter: separate from cyber attacks, the possibility of voter fraud is described as rare, very difficult, and fully
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all right, turns out it was four hours four minutes that fans had a hard time watching. after sprinting out of the gates, shutting out the cubs 6- 0 in game one of the world series at progressive field last night the cubs took a victory of their own. but it's still pretty early in the series, and the indians had the cavs in the stands. they did come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the road. game three, tomorrow night, wrigley field, chicago. we sent rob powers there a day early to bring us a little bit of the city's flavor. i know you're doing more than eating pizza out there, too, rob. >> reporter: you know we're doing a lot more than. that remember game one in cleveland? some fans were griping about the fact they had to pay upwards of $100 for a parking
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night, and you could pay upwards of $300 for a single parking space for the game tomorrow. but that's not the only place where fans are going to be paying money here in chicago for the world series. now, in cleveland, a club might charge $0 as a cover. bars here in chicago really are going to do that. right here around wrigley field you can expect to pay a cover up of to $250 just to watch the game on tv. maybe a couple buffet, but no guarantee you are going to get a seat at the bar. a four-seat table at some establishments now going for $500, just to get a seat inside the establishment. so please, my beloved cleveland brethren, if you have a ticket, come on to chicago. if you don't after ticket, and you just want to come in here to soak up some of the atmosphere, here's a tip. stay home, spend that money in a cleveland establishment, or just have everybody over to
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on tv. or it's the great pumpkin charlie brown tomorrow right here on channel 5. that's it. live in chicago rob powers, news 5. we're here for the next couple of days. >> my man with the psa trying to save awe buck or two. let's check out rob's advice. check out the $5 watch party at progressive field. much cheaper. they're happening for all three of your admission goes to cleveland indians charities. watch on a giant screen with plenty of tribe fans while supporting local charities. everyone wins. >> $5 sounds a lot better than $2506789. >> much better. if you are headed downtown tomorrow night, you might be thinking uber, maybe even lyft. >> a lot of people using those services, but that could be a pain. ride share drivers have been creating a traffic nightmare
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and pickups. we sent our james jeer rare day to figure out -- james girardi to figure out what is going on. james, why aren't those designated areas being utilized? >> reporter: police tell us there were major traffic issues following the first two games of the world series. there were clear instructions for every uber, lyft, and limo driver. those instructions, though, were not followed. many stuck it out in the ran but were met with a flood of traffic when the game ended and they hit the street. this cell phone video taken after last night's game shows the source of the holdup. car after car, limos, lyfts, and ubers parked, waiting for passengers, making a massive headache for everyone trying to leave. >> it kind of looked like the cavs parade but with cars everywhere, like millions of
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designated pickup and drop-off spot for uber and lyft drivers on went huron in between superior and ontario streets. there were even no parking signs designating this stretch of street. but this is actually where a lot of cars were doing their picking up and dropping off on this stretch of carnegie right outside the stadium, in between ontario and 9th. >> there's so many uber drivers, it's blocking traffic. >> headache for this dispatcher trying to move cars parked illegally. >> if we have any available foot patrol that can move these cars that are now parking in three lanes. >> reporter: while it was easier for drivers to make a buck by pick up their passengers right outside the stadium, many knew they needed to head else where. >> we get text messages that will say head towards this area or that area. >> reporter: uber in a statement tonight telling me they're going to be doing all
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games included, to make sure that passengers and drivers know where to go to minimize traffic impacts. reporting live downtown, i'm james jerardi, news 5. let's check in with our uber meteorologist mark johnson. the damp chill that settled over the city has continued today. >> absolutely. we had a little spike in our temperatures early this morning in the 50s, but now we're down to 49 in cleveland, 47 akron and mansfield and wooster. clouds are hanging tough. you will notice we have a few little isolated showers, light sprinkles, too, trying to move on shore again. so we totally can't remove the threat for rain just yet. should not be a gullywasher. but still, an isolated shower or sprinkle through about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight, then we will begin to clear you out after midnight. we will be in the 40s. your evening planner shows temperatures generally in the
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so make sure you bundle up. the umbrellas, probably not going to need them, but just be prepared for the wipers. sprinkles all around. an accused abuser with a gun. >> it's a sad story we've seen unfold too many times right here in northeast ohio. next, only on 5, we're investigating the violent past of a man who called 911 to admit he shot his girlfriend. find out what happened when we tracked down the judge who gave him permission to own a tragedy when sharon bud's car was hoyt by rocks thrown by kids off a pennsylvania overpass. thou new reports that this dangerous activity is happening again on a route driven by a lot of people here in ohio. also, who's keeping tabs on your on-line activity? no one, if the ftc has anything to say about it. we break down the brand-new
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news 5 is digging into the past of a violent repeat abuser
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>> so why was that man who once had a protection order filed against him allowed to own a gun? our derick waller took that question to the very judge who granted the order. randy hamilton's offense go back decades. >> reporter: lee this is not the first time that hamilton has gotten in a fate with a spouse. in 20 10z then ex-wife filed this temporary restraining order against him but that did nothing to stop him from owning >> where is the gun at? >> it's actually in the bedroom. i will throw it in the garage right now. >> reporter: that's randy hamilton telling the dispatcher about the gun he just used to murder his girlfriend. >> send the cops now, please. send the ambulance and everything, please. >> she was in the bedroom. the bedroom door had been kicked in or broken. >> reporter: hamilton's first appearance in front of judge gary bennett was this morning.
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and assault convictions dating back decades including a 2010 temporary protection order filed by hamilton's ex-wife on behalf of herself and her two children filed in judge bennett's court. >> they were arguing, he pushed her, she fell backwards, split the back of her head open and had eight stap pass. >> reporter: that temporary restraining order said he not allowed to come near his wife or children. but the judge left one box unchecked that would have prevented him from possession firearms. >> there were no allegations of weapons. if i asked if he owned any guns and he responded, no, he doesn't have any guns, i might not have checked. that. >> reporter: that order has long since expired. but in may an "on your side" investigation found that judicial discretion constitutes
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offenders to obtain guns. >> so those perpetrators that are likely to use guns or seek guns have all the ability in the world to be able to get a gun during that time. >> reporter: i did reach out to members of his family for an interview. they declined. i also reached out to hamilton what is in the lorain county jail on a million dollars bond. he also declined my interview request. derick waller, news 5. now all new at 5:00, an interesting question. are you willing to clip in to save your addicted to drugs? 80 people have died from drug overdoses in lorain county this year. we have heard a lot about heroin lately but this problem also includes cocaine, which is making a comeback, and prescription drug overdoses. now voters will have to decide on a levy asking them to pay for new programs for addicts. news 5's paul kiska is live from avon with a look at what the levy would bring for the county. paul, the situation there is
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and they are trying to do something about it. supporters say issue 35 would save lives but opponents say it would just raise taxes. >> it is a life and death scenario. >> reporter: elaine told me the lorain county alcohol and drug abuse services agency is so busy addicts are dying on waiting lists to get treatment. the agency helps 2000 people a year but estimates 20,000 people need help. >> our hope is to help people quicker. >> reporter: elaine told me levy 35 would help more people because the money could be used to hire more people to help. >> when people need $20, $30, that might create a crime scenario. >> reporter: the five-year levy would cost the owner of a
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it would also help create a detox program. i asked her what she would say to voters who are opposed to paying more taxes. >> we're paying for it already. our jails are overcrowded. we're paying for the cost of people in jail, their entire emergency room costs, which will probably roll into higher insurance premiums. >> reporter: this voter does not support 35. >> i would not want to hard earned money to help addicts. that's an addiction. they find themselves in that situation. they should find a way to get out of it. >> reporter: now, that agency started back in 1989. this is their first tax levy. paul kiss car, news 5. services to treat addiction were redefined decades ago by first lady betty ford when she used her own struggle and recovery to create the betty ford center. later this hour my conversation
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has had his own battle with alcoholism. our uber chief meteorologist. >> he is an uber meteorologist. >> you forgot the g, goober. >> well, that works. >> kind of dreary after our tribe lost. listen, i feel good, i really do. i feel good. we can do this. >> you feel good, we feel good. >> yeah? >> it's gonna happen. >> you will tell me during the break whether you think win, right? >> i'm telling you right now. trust me. >> let's good to our power of 5 radar network. we're just under a cloud deck that stretches for hundreds of miles. the low is up here. the front went by this morning, now down along the ohio river, and now we're dealing with the clouds, the coolness, and a few isolated sprinkles. now, notice those temperatures falling from their morning highs in the upper 50s.
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now. rob powers is there live. he said it feels warmer there than it did here last night. it's 49 in chicago with a few sprinkles around. so not that much warmer, rob. maybe four degrees warmer. dreary, drizzly. we're watching a few little isolated sprinkles trying to drive across the lake, and on shore so we can't totally remove the threat for a sprinkle during the evening hours tonight, but nothing organized. no organized area of rain that's going to re down or cause to you scramble for cover. 49 now cleveland, 47 akron and canton, 44 wooster to mansfield. 48 in fremont, mid-40s for ashtabula into youngstown. 44 in ravenna. let me show you the winds. it is gusty out there. 15 miles per hour sustained winds in mentor. 16 for cleveland and medina. 18 miles per hour those winds sustained currently in the canton area. so blustery, we'll call that, for many of you.
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now, it will begin to scour out some of the clouds but not until closer to sunrise tomorrow. you have got a cloudy night tonight with a few sprinkles early on. then tomorrow we get quite a bit of sunshine, but here is the warmer air that's coming our way for your saturday. and i'm thinking lower 70s for many of us. a little boldness for mid- october. 43 overnight, a sprinkle or two, cloudy skies for the most part. 58 tomorrow, some clearing, and we will that seven-day. how long will we stay mild? what about your halloween? find out coming up. and still ahead, all new at 5:00, they are called some of the most dangerous claims this election season. donald trump saying the votes will be rigged. we put his claim through the truth-o-meter in this week's politifact fact check. plus, it's the only place many people suffering mental illness can turn to for help, but our investigation found the
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a scary situation happening in pennsylvania. troopers are searching for the people who are throwing rocks at cars. >> it's happening in beaver county on a road that many of us use to drive to the pittsburgh area. earlier this week one rock went through a car's wind shee.d it is a painfully through a windshield and hit sharon bud. it happened along i-80. she suffered debilitating injuries and lost her eye. four teens were arrested. former fremont police chief is filling in now for suspended sheriff kyle overmeyer. he faces several charges including that he stole from
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boxes. he has pleaded not guilty. republicans say voters should choose the next supreme court justice. now there are whispers they will only respect the voters wishes if donald trump wins. plus, protesters bring their demands to the mayor's office in brook park. we detail the demands straight
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our top stories now at 5:00. with less than two weeks until election day, states on for potential cyber hacking and voter fraud at the polls. an exclusive news 5 investigation discovered ohio's secretary of state invited both homeland security and military cybersecurity experts to review potential threats. we're told our voting machines are not subject to cybersecurity threats because they are not connected to the internet. news 5 is taking a closer look at the issues voters will see at the polls. in lorain county you are being
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for addicts. levy 35 could cost homeowners about $42 a month on average. it would be used to hire more counselors and social workers. on to chicago. tribe and cubs tied at one game apiece. the next three games will be played at wrigley field. the cubs 57-24 at home during the regular season. that is a record. news 5 anchor rob powers is already in the chi. he gets game. chief meteorologist mark johnson investigating where the sun is. >> don't tell me the odds. we can beat the odds. look what the cavs did. come on, we can do this. dreary and drizzly out there. little areas of drizzle over the lake, sliding is on shore here and there. so don't be surprised if you have to use your wiper blades just a little bit. still a chill out there. temperatures have fallen.
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44. so let's plan your evening here. clouds. we're going to be socked in for the overnight hours, folks, under a mainly cloudy sky. can't rule out through the evening hours an isolated sprinkle. notice 47 across the board at 6:00. 8:00 p.m., middle and upper 40s. by 10, still middle and upper 40s. the chill is here. no organized areas of rain. but we will warm you up a little bit. i have got some great news for we will tell you all about that coming up. supreme vacancy. it sounds like the empty seat on the supreme court may stay that way indefinitely. according to the washington post, senator ted cruz hinted senate republicans may not vote to fill the seat if hillary clinton wins the election. president obama's nominee, merrick garland has been waiting for hearings since
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scalia died in february. better news for hillary clinton on the campaign trail. she was joined by one of her most effective surrogates. first lady michelle obama joined clinton at a rally in north carolina. according to the latest abc news tracking poll clinton has a six-point lead over trump nationally. but north carolina still a virtual toss-up right now. well, today trump's most alarming claims, that the election is rigged, is being put through the truth-o- meter. specifically he said 8% of non citizens are registered to vote on november 8th. >> and hillary clinton's claim that her track record as senator proves that she can work across the aisle also being tested tonight. >> 14% of non-citizens are registered to vote. >> reporter: donald trump continuing his claims of rigged
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illegals are registered to vote this year. the republican candidate citing a controversial study that was later refuted by the very researches who collected the data trump is using. politifact also looked into it. >> it's inaccurate, but it is not out of thin air. but where he is getting it from, they're messing up the statistics. >> reporter: that information continuing to make the rounds on the campaign trail and leading politifact to rate trump's claim 400 bills have my name on them either as a sponsor or co sponsor. you don't get that done if you don't work with folks on the other side. >> reporter: hillary clinton said she did so by reaching across the aisle. but when politifact started digging into her track record they found much different numbers. >> a little inflated. she's somewhat correct on working with republicans, but
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>> reporter: clinton passed three of her own bills plus an additional 74 she co-spoon seempletd roughly one in four had support from a republican, numbers that only make clinton's claim half true, according to politifact. with just more than a week until election day both candidates are expected to hit those crucial swing states perhaps multiple times trying to convince the undecided voters the best vote is for them. we'll see you back here next week for another politifact fact check. >> in leaders face a constant battle. john kosich, this goes far beyond the folks running for president. >> reporter: frank, everybody wants something, and our leaders have to ask, is it doable, sustainable, fees i believe. then you have some groups that won't take no for an answer. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> reporter: there's chance, then chants.
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argue their halloween plank, extending by a half-hour this year's window for trick or treating is one that deserves immediate attention. more candy was the core of their audience, but there was more. >> they could spend more time with family and for the kids of divorced parents, they could go with each parent. >> how powerful is a nine and 10-year-old that you can difference, even at the age they are. >> reporter: so they took their petition to city hall where the mayor said he caved. >> another half-hour of candy is good for the candy company. >> god willing, if i'm still here, maybe this will sway a few votes. >> reporter: personally i would have petitioned for the full-
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but the trick or treating will go from 6:00 to 8:30, instead of 8:00. >> pint-sized protesters. all new at 5:00, a new push to protect you and your activities on-line. the brand-new rules for internet providers who have been sharing your page views until now. innocent tax paying americans bilked for millions of dollars after getting calls from irs impostors. find out why so many but first, take a look at
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it's coming. yes, tonight i unveil my exclusive winter 2016-2017 forecast. we're going to do it on
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make sure you follow that page. all right? i wanted to show you the snow that's out here invermont and upstate new york, and even into massachusetts. there's boston, and just to the west, we've got snow near springfield. now let's travel out west. we've got some beneficial rain all along the coast. sea sea, portland, medford seattle, portland, medford, even san francisco. and for us i saw a lot of leaves falling. so scenes like this from brian in new philadelphia park not going to last much longer. winter forecast, 8:30 p.m., facebook live. and we will talk about it a little bit tonight at 11:00 as
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let's your privacy. new rules going into effect that spell out how broadband internet providers can use your information. today the fcc ruled internet providers are required to get your explicit consent before using or even sharing information with a third party. now, this includes your app usage and browsing history as well as mobile location data and other information generated while using the internet. the new rules force service providers to clearly tell you what data they collect and why,
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breaches. lee. during a 25-year career as an actor steve forbes appeared in films like black hawk down and transformers. more recently the son of former president gerald ford is speaking out about addiction. first lady betty ford was a trailblazer. first when she about her bout with breast cancer. >> i will never forget them standing on the front lawn of the white householding hands, saying that. we're going to take the shame off this disease. >> reporter: steve ford said what the nation didn't know was that betty ford was struggling with another disease. addiction to alcohol and painkillers. >> we saw her losing her life but we didn't know why. we finally found the doctor that was courageous enough to tell dad and the family, your
5:46 pm
that was going to totally change the landscape for addiction. it showed that disease does not care who you are. >> your father took office at a very tumultuous time in history, to say the least, after president nixon resigned. what do you think his observation would be about our current political climate? >> well, i don't think he would be impressed discourse, the dialogue that has happened during this campaign. his best friend was tip o'neill, the democratic speaker of the house. and they would fight on the floor of congress all day long. dad was in congress for 27 years. and they would hammer out a compromise. and at the end of the day, tip o'neill would be at our house for dinner. that's how they carried on their politics back then. so today would -- he would be disheartened today to see how toxic it's gotten.
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battle with alcoholism. now 20 years sober, he's in northeast ohio tonight speaking for lacatta way which provides addiction recovery services for lorain. check this out, a ghostly glow from space. can you see that star-like object buried in the center? it spins 30 times a second, creating a deadly magnetic trillion volts of electricity. the hubble telescope took the picture. nasa added the green coloring. >> it's not really green. crab nebula. >> crab nebula. >> stay away from the thing at the center. >> i think there are aliens. that's just my opinion. in fact, they may be among us. >> your phone is chirping from
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let's show you what's going on outside. clouds are sitting on top of us. we may see a little break in the everycast here or there during the evening in the overnight. we're trying to show you some right now to the north of lake ear real. we're seeing some of the skies opening up. we've got a big swirl of air here. the wrap around air is cooler, mainly cloud. >> reporter: yes hard to see here on the power of 5. if you zoom in you can see spotty areas of drizzle drizzle from the evening forecast. midday highs today. before noontime, we had our high, 57, 56, 58, depending on where you live. akron 57 degrees, right around lunchtime. then the cool air arrived behind the cold front so temperatures have been falling. again, current temperatures 40s just about everywhere you go except right along the immediate lakeshore. it is 50 degrees.
5:49 pm
yesterday. it is now well east into western pennsylvania. so that front brought the rain showers in overnight and this morning, and it's keeping the drizzle and the cooler air in place. so tonight we're going to go with a low near 43 degrees with sprinkles and cloudy skies and an east wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so tomorrow, 58, that's not bad. we're going to see some sunshine coming out. a decent start to your weather weekend. you might need the swte temperatures fall out of the 50s into the 40s by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow evening. tonight for akron, we've got 37 to 40 degrees. yeah, cloudy skies, chilly. tomorrow we will do 58. mostly sunny skies coming out. browns sunday. yeah, browns back in town. a few showers. mainly before half time. dress warmly. 60 degrees during the morning hours, but temperatures falling through the 50s during the
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there he is. there's the dancing mummy. >> oh boy. >> saturday an isolated late shower. look at these temperatures, though. >> those look like your dance moves, mark. >> i did choreograph this mum knee graphic, thank you very much. this is me after a tribe win. all right, scattered showers on sunday, morning highs near 60 with falling temperatures through the 50s during the afternoon. now the trick or treated. the payoff with a high on monday of 62. that means your evening trick- or-treat forecast is for dry conditions, partly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. that move could get me arrested. tuesday 76. not bad. wednesday mid-60s, and then thursday rain coming in. we'll cool you back down, 59 degrees. but we're into november here.
5:51 pm
november. mid-70s. any complaints? do i hear any? >> no, that is amazing. >> due like the dancing? >> yeah. >> back to you two. >> mark's house is giving out full-size candy bars. >> bags of candy. >> that's what i'm talking about. they are facilities designed to help people get better. >> but it's what we found inside that could be doing the opposite for patients. all new, a news 5 investigation uncovers stac are not out. we are live from chicago as the indians prepare to take on the cubs in game three of the world series. and scare tactics being used to milk your bank account dry with predators doing just about anything to get to your money. what you need to know about the
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today federal authorities arrested 20 people here in the u.s. and charged another 30 overseas. they are accused of an irs scam that targeted 15,000 people. >> and the feds say that group got millions from innocent people. lauren lyster explains how they used fear, intimidation, and a network of call centers in that scam. >> reporter: first there's a phone call, and then the threats >> they gave me a number and money that i was owing in back taxes, and that if i didn't comply, law enforcement agents would be at my hospital in 30 minutes to arrest me. >> reporter: on the other end of the line a man claiming to be an officer from the irs, giving a badge number and demanding money immediately. joe severe, retired federal service employee who asked to
5:56 pm
he was turned threat. >> for nearly four years this network used a variety of schemes to trick frightened individuals over the phone by tapping into their worst fears. >> reporter: scammers told christine, california medical sales professional law enforcement was going to show up at her work the next day if she didn't pay nearly $7,000 in purported tax debt related to her cancer treatment. >> i sid ear dealing with someone that's a cancer victim. there's got to be some level of grace for this. but there wasn't. >> reporter: she paid up and once she realized she was conned -- >> i just absolutely couldn't believe it. >> reporter: officials say if you get one of these calls it is not the u.s. government. they say the government never calls and demands immediate payments like this. do not pay. report it to law enforcement. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> that will do it for news 5 at 5:00. >> let's send to the danita.
5:57 pm
need. but an exclusive news 5 investigation uncovered living conditions at one that are so bad, some say it hinders their recovery. and that shelter in shambles is funded with your taxes. plus, a far cry from a house call. employees at a local doctor's office found someone broke in, in the middle of the night. you will never believe what happened after that. news 5 at 6:00 starts in two
5:59 pm
in the morning i would wake up and there would be at least ten bedbugs. >> it is supposed to give
6:00 pm
>> they have been notified of these violations over and over and over and over again. >> instead, it's putting them at risk. only on 5, we investigate complaints of a shelter in shambles. they are facilities tore people with serious mental health issues. licensed to operate by the state. from the outside, a majority of them look like regular homes in your average neighborhood. but in some cases, behind the front door lies a different story. news 5's kristin volk has been investigating adult care facilities for months. kristin, these are vulnerable residents in the worst conditions. >> it certainly is disturbing danita. it's happening right here in our own communities all while your tax dollars line the pocket of the landlords. >> this is the fly droppings on the mattress cover. that's what we had to sleep on.


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